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May 14, 2018 15 mins

Brody,Skeery,Danielle, Nate and Garrett discuss listening to music for "the content/lyrics"??Also we try to determine if Brody a cool dad??

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcasts
Presents show, Good morning, good afternoon, good night, Welcome to
the office, Rand fifteen in the Morning Show. I did
not realize I was gonna be the first one to talk.

You never get to talk first, look at that all
I got a broken mike. Damn it. I'm David Brody.
That's yeah, that's terrible. It's there. It's the troop and
again I'm David Body till my left is Garrett, Danielle Nate.
Oh yeah, it's scary. So I didn't see that by
the gold mic. You didn't see me and see it

gold Mike, by this big giant ass gold mic. Okay,
so I have I have something I want to talk
about microphone bra I know, but everybody else that knows
what scary topic is. It's not a topic. It's an observation. Okay,
we'll get to your observation. But that's not what we're
we're here for. But first of all, why don't you
move on to Greg Ts Mike. You have to, you
have to for the for the listening shake of everybody listening,

because people are probably tapping on their speakers right now.
Like I thought, my headphones are broken. Yeah, yeah, that's
exactly what people think. They're speakers in their car or whatever.
They're listening to their their air pods. Well, they took
my good microphone and brought it to Florida for our trip,
so I'll using that one. And that's the old Danielle
one that everybody complains about. It sounds great, all right.
So one of my daughters is fift and she loves

hip hop, loves it. Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong
with that. She knows all the words to every song,
no matter how fast it is, she can wrap along
with them. The problem is she listens to uncensored versions
of the hip hop songs radio commonplace. Yeah I know, yeah, great, Um,
so we're the only ones. Radio is the only people
that sense or anything. I understand that. Well. So here's

an interesting thing. So in my car we're listening to
FM radio and some of the songs that she likes
on like is a Cardi B song? You know Cardi
B's like in the Mother And to her that sounded
worse because it pointed out all the cursing. But when
she hears it uncut, it's just part of the lyrics
and she's not paying attention, and she sings along but

doesn't really you know, and she kind of doesn't sing
the dirty words, but they don't stand out as much
as when they're beaped, which I hadn't realized it actually
sounds worse to herr by beeping the songs. Anyway, So
she had a party over our house on Saturday, invited
like eight or nine friends over who all love hip hop,
and so I uh set her up with a giant
Bluetooth speaker and they go into the den, which is

like a big enough for the every to hang out,
and I hear again, you know, I'm a cool dad.
I work here, Like okay, I'm just telling you now
the most vile, disgusting lyrics lick this going down on
that banging that I got a salty taste in my mouth.

I mean it was, it was much worse lip you know,
all of it. Listen when I was I used to
listen to heavy metal when I was a kid, and
like if they said, like there was one song it
was an import had the funk word in it, right one,
So like I couldn't play that with my parents at home.
I would like not play that one song. But whatever
else they was singing about my parents, like you're listening

to me. They weren't singing about licking the P word
and sucking the D and and so I. But but
also the N word was flying. It's in every song.
But I've got neighbors, so who might be offended by that?
So I said to my wife, that's going to lower
the music. They're gonna think we're saying those words. I
don't need that. I don't want to walk out of

my house to walk the dog and like, oh, look
at that guy using that word. I wasn't using that word.
So my my question is do you just I mean,
do you roll with it and just go and sign
of the times? I mean, I mean horrific. I think
you have to. I think that's part of growing up
and being a parent and a child and the relationship

you have there. Because get them to stop playing it
was it was audio porn. How old is porn? Not
like she hasn't heard it before though, Yeah, I mean
if she doesn't hear it at your house that night,
she's gonna hear it and all her friends are gonna think,
that's why are you playing the play the Devil's Advocate here?

And that is the other parents that let those children
come to your house. How do they know that they're
you know what I mean? Like they may not think
they're child is a list, I assure you two bad words.
The fact that they knew every word and was singing
along to every word. Parents know, they know, Danielle, it's
all over every it's common. Their parents wouldn't let them

listen to the music, but the only place they could
listen is at Brodie's house. I would leave Brodie's house
as that kid. I would say, you know what, he's
a cool guy. He's not on my ass about listening
to the music like my parents are. I'm more apt
to go over Brodie's house again and hang out because
I know I don't want to be on my cage,
don't want it. But the next see, I'm that king
that goes home and when I have a fight with
my mom say well, Brodie's parents let me listen to it.

I think. I think the only thing you can do
here is fight fire with fire. So start talking like
that like they sing it songs. No. No, here's the
ironic part. If I say, like, oh, clean your ship up, dad,
don't curse, are you? But if I say, oh, really,
yesterday you were listening to a song licking pa and
sucking day. I say it that way, just that's me.

Don't you don't throw my music at me. I get
that crap, like, don't bring my music up. I can't
say ship. Isn't this every generation though? When we were
kids my generation, it was like like Motley Crue was
sing about strip clubs, but they weren't. They weren't saying
about and in the hip hop growing up, you've analyzed

the p in my generation, our generation, and then the
next gen ration absolutely have gotten progressively more honest, parent
and in your face speaking of in your face exactly
the lyrics. What song is this? Like? I don't want
to listen to all of them, but it's accepted and

by the way, they're getting it uncensored everywhere except your house.
If you have to be that guy to be, I'm
gonna I'm gonna have to like turn this off or
or you know, bleep this out. The kids are gonna
think you're so freaking lame. It's like, oh, we don't
want to go over at your house. I don't care.
You can think I'm lame all you want, but those lyrics,

you're not listening, so it's not We had what take
your kids to work day here about like a month ago.
So in the cafeteria where they had the kids like
hang out and like do you sing alongs? They had
the kids get up and sing karaoke. So our bosses
kids wanted to sing Chain Smokers Closer as a family.
So if you know the lyrics to chain Smokers Closer,

having kids that age singing about making out in the
backseat of a rover and doing drugs, we weren't. We
weren't for it. So what do we do We put
on the kids Bob version. Problem is the kids, our
bosses kids knew all the words in the normal song,
so they're they're singing the real song. If I could
have my daughter and her friends sing about making out
in a rover, I would have been thrilled. But instead

they were in the beamer sucking pe and linking. That's right,
that's what they do. They just think how bad it's
going to be when their parents, you know, circle, it'll
go full circle, don't worry. There was lyrics about going
full circle as well. Like sixty years ago, there would
be a book with the word assid in it, and
they'd banned that from those the schools and libraries. Look

not to go to old school. But if you check
your musical history, you all know Elvis Presley as you should.
He got banned from TV because he used to he
used to gyrate his hips, so they used to film
him from his hips up because you couldn't show him
giv hump. That was then he was just shaking his hip.
What I'm saying is every generation has that, like shows

after days, just sleep in separate beds like Madonna had,
like a cone braw like oh my god, like every generation.
So I'm thinking, like, what is how can you get
more over the top than licking the p and sucking
the d in the lyrics? I gotta tell you, I
love it. I hear this. I do too on the weekends.

But the point is, no, I'm talking about the music.
You'll never have kids unless you're dating them. So you
don't understand, guy, you don't get it. Scary you have
did you just say you love licking the d? He
dd up on that charity event, remember Nate? Oh yeah,
that guy that your kids Your kids are like three

and one or zero whatever, zero zero, No, he's yeah,
it's not zero zero years. A couple of months, it's zero.
My my three year old had listened to Wu Tang
and TMX. I can tell you that. Fine, Well I
would kill X three. They don't know what they're listening to.

Remember five years ago, and you're like, oh, you can't
say bitches and hose in a song. I pray for
bitches and hose. Are you kidding? Oh my god? But
so my point is your kids when they're my kid's age,
God help them, God help you. I think they'll be
all right. I'll be I'm fine with it. I got
no problems with it. Thank you. I think you will.
I think you don't have any kids. I just don't

see myself getting that way of Like it's one thing
when you're you're sitting down and watching TV and then
you know they're banging on TV and your kids like, oh,
what's that and you switched the channel on like an
HBO movie. But music it's different because then you wait
till you having a party. A little Hudson wants to
come in and Thanksgiving, I want a thing, a thong.
Oh God, a little little Hudson sing a song toy

bitches what suck them at d But come on, I'll
put it on YouTube and I'll make money off of
this would be great. Actually the word parent ever, I
will find a way to make money off of that.
I mean, that's what they're playing a part, He's what
do you think these DJs are doing? You think they
think these mobile DJs, I'm not talking about like two
year olds at the club. They are not playing playing

edited versions of those songs. Of course, they depends on
the party because the parents are there. Of course, why
would you want to play licking the d at a
religious function? Circumcised d if it's a maybe your communion,
you're doing that not at our butts. I just think

it's funny that it's it's you're you're experiencing this now,
you know. I thought you would have been the cool dad,
the cool dad, but this is pushing me. You have
conversations with other parents of maybe you're they all say
the same thing. They roll their eyes and go, oh
my god. Well they they go what like they don't
they're not paying a mention. I listen to lyrics and

listen to music. We know the artists, like she say, oh,
listening to the CARDI b and Nicki Minaj. Yeah, I
know them, we had them on the show. Is I'm
that I'm in that sense, I'm cool. Likes like she's
listening to logic No logic, right, Yeah, but it doesn't
mean he's filthy. He's filthy. Okay, So that don't Kill
Yourself song, that's a great song. You're like, oh, logic,

he's inspirational and he is. Don't get me wrong, but
boys hate filthy. On the rest of the album, I
wanted to kill myself after You're the rest of the album.
The differences YouTube iTunes, the samples on iTunes, you could
go to the explicit sample or the regular one, or
the or the censored one. They're all there. The YouTube clips.
You think those are sens You're not helping me. I

know I'm not helping you. But what I'm trying to
say is it's all around you. You're drowning in it.
If you can't beat him, join him. How would you
feel if you had neighbors that might be offended by
the N word and you're blasting it through the windows?
Yeah to the chopdown my balls? Yeah that he just
quoted a song lyrics. I'm well aware what the song

is Skeet, Skeet Skeet. That was considered like now they
just they just say it. They just say it. They
don't have to say skeet. They don't just say. They
don't say Superman at Home. They say it. Daniel, what's
the dirtiest song you let your kids listen to? I
don't know. No. By the way, we're going back to

two thousand and four with that song, so that's fifteen
years ago. Now the windows to the walls and you're like,
you can't say the Sweatshop down his balls. But now
now they say licking mom balls. That's what they say.
I can't let my kids listen to his podcast. How
do you know what your kids are listening to when
you're not around? Spend Well, I know Spencer has his

I Heart app and all that stuff, so I mean,
he downloads his own music. But believe me, he knows that.
I can see everything on his phone. But that's all
he has is radio app. You know, has plenty of
your Me and him are in the same he's listening to.
You listen to what he's listening to. He's got the

he has the edited version of stuff. Believe me, I
know you're screwed. Yeah, there's no because it's my boy. Yeah,
And as a parent, if you come down on them
about this, it's just gonna make them want to listen
that much more. Already listen. I was a kid, so
I know what it's like when my parents would say

to me, why you're listening to that, you know, heavy metal,
And I'm like, you don't understand. It's just loud music.
It's not that's saying about anything. Like, no, Azzi's singing
about suicide. No, he's not, you know, I remember that,
But as he wasn't singing about liking the pea, Well,
what's worse looking the pea? Or No, it's not bad
about a song about killing yourself. Like I didn't listen

to songs about drugs and killing yourself. I just listen
to aggressive songs about teenage rebellion, sticking it to the man,
regular holding Caulfield. You are nobody. Get that Red Patcher
and the Rod. Yeah, there you go, all right, Catcher
in the rod even talking about catching her in the
eye and that you Okay. Well, now that I've shared

my topic, goods scary, share yours? No, I'm I gotta
be honest I don't think I think I make an
awful parent. There's no way. You're just really realizing that now, yeah, yeah,
right now in this room, because this conversation about now
you realized I would do? What would I would? I'm
playing what would scary do? You'd show them porn? I would?
I would let them have a party. I would let

them go do the thing they're gonna see any would
you let them have sex? And the thing you're asking
a person who doesn't have children and who will never
have children. By the way, if you're if you're from
a parent, stand if you're a teenager or twenty something,
you don't have to have kids to understand this conversation,
because this is music you listen to your parents. Did
they find it cool that you listen to these lyrics?
What do you hire it from them? I'd be curious.

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