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August 9, 2018 16 mins

Greg T says he has NEWS that we missed out on from TODAY!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
All right, we're rolling into the fifteen minute morning show podcast.
You know, I love you and when I find something
I love, I'm want to share it with you. Brook
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and sheets. They're so breathable, they're so soft. These are
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My favorite married couple, Vicki and Rich. They didn't want
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found a way to bring us five star hotel quality sheets,
luxury sheets without paying luxury markup prices. And what they
do is they cut out the middleman. They go directly

to the people who make these great sheets, and they
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get twenty dollars off and free shipping when you use
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the promo code fifteen at brooklynnon dot com. That's b
R O O KA L I N E N dot
com promo code fifteen. What would you talk about on
your on your podcast? Firms show? All right, we're all here, well,

most of us are here, Scarrett Brody, we're here. Scary
is off doing scary things. See Danielle, I do give
you credit because you, along with Nate, uh, Scary and
Elvis are going to the Iowa State Ferry in out
like less than an hour. Danielle, you're ready to go? Nate,
are you already packed for the Iowa State Fair? I

don't know what credit to you? Scary and Elvis, on
the other hand, not packed. So Scary and pack either.
He's somewhere. He's not here, so so credit to you.
Guys are being ready ready? I'm ready, almost sure. I
think I had my stuff. It's very easy to pack
for the fair. I kind of short sent a T
shirt and a bib. I have a cute tank top
with a little boot on it and my little boots.

And that's the other thing. You're there, You're there for
about a day, so there's not much to pack. Well, no,
I got it back for dinner. We have a dinner,
a dinner. Nate and I go shopping shopping. I can't
wait for the shop. I know we do. There's a
boutique in Iowa that we I always forget to keep it.
It's the cutest little boutique. We finally are you using
shopping with Danielle as your arms day for workouts? Just

carrying her bags? Actually, you know the last time we went,
I had to force you to buy something? You did? Yeah?
I did buy something cute thought a sweatshirt that said love. Yeah,
and I still wear it. Greg T came in and said, hey, guys,
I have some news stories we didn't get to cover.
You know, I get here fairly early, and nobody seems
to ever ask me about the news. Great tea. What

time do you get here? So the show starts at
six am? You Eastern Town, Eastern do something at five am?
What time do you walk into the studio? I was
here today at three forty two at my desk. Why
get up there? And what time do you go to bed?
Around ten o'clock o'clock A crazy yeah, So when Great

teas As sleep at eight am at his desk, we
know why I'm exhausted. Yeah, you know. Notice for real,
I've taken a little bit more responsibility. And I like
the five am pre morning show that we do in
the Tri State area. You know, I like it a lot.
So I come and prepared with things to talk about it.
You know. I never want to let management take it

away and just say what are they doing? So, you know,
and I've talked to Elvis about it, you know, several
years ago what to do and how to freshen it up?
Did I really tried? I would love to be the
lead in show for the big show nationally, but for
some is we can't get it done. But that doesn't matter.
But anyway, So what I do is I go through
several different um, you know, news outlets to get some news. Okay,

here's yeah, what kind of news. Here's the news of
the day. So I do believe that I track a
lot of the stock news because what happens on Wall
Street is really what's what translates to you know, the
middle class and to everybody else. So that's where it starts.
So I go to a lot of these Wall Street,
you know sites to get the news. So for instance, today,

did you guys know about Snapchat and what happened yesterday? Yeah, okay,
you didn't know. What you know? They lost a lot
of money. They lost uh their stock one up, but
they lost a couple of million, three million. We get
three million, three million people using the app because of
the redesign. I love you is about to tell you

this story, and you were like, no, because about dollars.
But he's right. So if if you fall snap Snapchat
like scary love Snapchat. And we actually debated him on
like whether or not it's even relevant anymore. Nate, do
you have Snapchat? I don't use it. I don't use either,
right and bro to use it? No? No, And Garrett
we talked to earlier know so none of us in
the room used Snapshot. I will say this. Once they

redesigned it, I doubly didn't use it. There you go,
and he's right. So yesterday there's there's financial quarters, you know,
in the in the in the year, there's four of them.
Also a game of basketball, there's four quarters. Well that's
on the heels of yesterday when he said there were
two twins four times, because I want to get to
that story. We're gonna get them that. It's always two twins.

That's how many. So they twin, right, So Snapchat likely
two identical twins married to adentical twins. It's a great story. Twins.
People's baby puppy. Baby puppies are so cute when it's
like baby puppy. All right, listen. But anyways, so Snapchat

they lost three million users because of their they're they're criticized, redesigned,
but now they also inherited. A Saudi billionaire has now
bought a stake in the company for two or fifty
million dollars. So now they're gonna resign it again. Do
you have his name? No, they didn't give the name.
Next it's there. He doesn't want to read the name Airbnb.
Anybody in dressed in air I love airbnbi. Well, did

you know that Airbnb they have increased their bookings by
and you know how more businesses are now using Airbnb
because so if you travel for work, they allow you
to use Airbnb, and they also will get a transfer
employee more acquainted with the new city that they're moving to.
It's great, that's a great story. This is GNN breaking news.

So I have an Airbnb question a buddy of mine
who's living with a girl. They're not married, but they're
living together. They share a computer, and so she left
her email open and in the email was an email saying, oh,
due to lack of view, so we've closed your Airbnb account.
But he has no idea why she would need an
airb and be account. So he asked me, He's like, dude,

why would I don't understand why she doesn't? I said,
I don't know because she doesn't travel. And then they
don't rent out their place. He's been living there for
almost three years. And so do you think something you
think you do? It's like a booty call thing. No,
no Airbnb, you rent out someone's apartment? Right, But why
would why would she have an Airbnb account? A lot

of would you need an account she ever used Airbnb? Right? Well,
here's what I don't know, because I know what to
tell him. Do you need an airbb account to rent
someone else's So then she might be like doing hookups
and stuff or was using well, she would have to
have someone that she's hooking up with it. They could
easily just get a motel or a hotel or something.

Advantage your wife, Melissa has an I got a friend
here a little Yes, you do need an Airbnb account
in order to get an Airbnb to stay at. But
it's just it's the same thing as having an account
with Hilton or Marriott or something. When you do Airbnb,

do you pay cash? Like, is there anything? There's no
advantage if you're having an affair, there's no advantage. Find
out if she's using it, there's no Melissa. It's the
same thing as a hotel. I've never used chewing like

scary right now, he's nervous. You know I'm sick, right
So I just took medicine and it tasted like craps,
three pieces of gum in my mouth, and I think
you never scaping me awake. No, I'll chew better. I'm sorry.
The next story. This isn breaking news. So anybody have

Labor day plans, Labor day travel plans, travel on the
Jersey Shore at Wildwood. I'm gonna be in Mexico. I
think nice you might be very good, Brodie, He's going
to be looking on her. Don't think that Nappa nappa.
Al Right, well, listen, what are you doing? Great? Team?

I will be staying local. We're having seafood fest at
my house. A matter of fact, is that what you
and the wife call it? You ever heard referred to
a party of their houses? This is just him and
his wife? Are you going to love? This is like
his barbecue. He's going to lobster and bringing in. I'm
going to a place called Woolies and I'm bringing it in.

That doesn't make it seafood top notch. It's on route night.
How Okay, stop with the plugs. Okay, he doesn't have
the mighty. Enjoy your free scallops. Now. I love lobster. Alright, listen,
I put a conspiracy theory in Greg's head yesterday. He
has this theory about chickens. Right, yeah, How do little

mom and pop restaurants all over the country have lobster?
How many lobster they catch in every day? They don't
have any water? Every restaurant in every safe place, like
how does Oklahoma? Where do they gatto get fresh lobsters made?
There's no oceans by Oklahoma. All right, to your story. Story. So,
if you had travel plans, unfortunately summer has come to

an end. Flight costs over Labor Day are down fourteen
percent from last year. It's also the lowest cost that
it's been in four years. But here it is. If
you want to change your plans right now, you can
some of the cheapest destinations Fort Lauderdale and Chicago. He
wants to cut in August. Who's going to Chicago, Jersey

for Lobster Fest at Great Tea's House. I love going
to Florida. But August and Florida September. Alright, next story,
here we go breaking news. Derek, did you load up
to say down from the Disney calls? I can try
to get it if you do. You have one or no?

Not right the second? All right, Well then I'll just
tell you what it's like anyway, or if you want to,
maybe you want to dial it up Nate or Brody
or anybody. We're good. We're good. I trust you, I
trust your child. All right. Well, if you put the
phone up to the listen this. Are you ready, I'll
call it? All right? Okay, so dial this number. Gave
me a minute, okay, Is this what you can have
your kids talk to a Disney Yes, yes, okay, go ahead.

What's the phone number? All right? So you dial the
number and I'll tell you. How are you so surprised?
I know? News one eight seven seven seven Mickey M
I c k e y Did you really have to
spell Mickey? I don't know if she spelled the e y? Okay,
m I c K. So I didn't forget about the song?

I did. So. They're launching this hotline that Danielle just died.
Launched it, dude, right, it's launched, and it's to promote
their Disney sleep Shop line and kids that have trouble
going to sleep. It's going to kids that have trouble
going to sleep can all this number with their parents,
of course, and by hitting either one, team three or four. Yeah,

sort's okay, potline. Wait, it's okay. So if you dial routine,
follow the prop Here a special bedtime message from some
of your favorite Disney character. It's so cool. Please make
sure a grown up is with you. Send that you
don't have a grown up and grown up from Mickey Mouse.
Don't tell us to hear from Mickey, to hear from

Mini right now donalds hear from Donald Donald four day
or press five to hear from goofy? What about click?
Don't you pick Donald? And it's what you here? It's connecting. Thanks?

So isn't the cool understood? Donald has a crappy cell phone? Donald?
And then you go to bed. That's pretty cool. My
favorite part of that was when you hit three. This
hit three for Donald. You didn't want rap at that's Donald? Really?

Have any of you baby people? Have people really like puppies? Hey?
Have any of you heard of art Vark straws? Well, okay,
I'm I'm getting ready. My partner crime over here, he
knows everything. So the art Vark straws. You know, people
are getting rid of plastic straws. Well, right now art
Vark straws. They cannot keep up the demand because Starbucks, McDonald's,

American Airlines just too mentioned a few are supplying these
new paper straws from art Vark. So now art Vark,
who was just going along their business doing really nothing,
now all of a sudden, has become so relevant. Now
companies are trying to actually buy art Vark the actual
place they're being brought out for billions of dollars begs
your first story, why didn't you invest in Ardvark? I

don't even know they existed because Jim Kramer didn't tell
them too. So then Chris Collins didn't tell him cell
when it was going this is the double twin story.
I find this so fascinating. Twins. Why did you say
double twins? Well, I'm going to live or leave our
listeners with this. I want this is one to think
about today. So there are two twins, girls, two girls,

girls and boys, and they married and they write and
they married each other. So now there's two of the
same couples. So I ask you, when they have children,
are they all going to have the same children? Are
the boys and girls men and women? There are two men,
two girls, two girls. Their sisters are married, the two
identical twin boys, and they married each other their children

not men and women, well, men and women. But when
they have when they have babies, are they going to no?
I think he might. I think there's a greater life
lee hood. You're a twin to have twins yourself. But
it's not a foregone conclusion though. He's asking if both
couples will have the same same looking child, because any
combination of sperm and egg can be more of the

woman or more of the man, more of the grandparents jeans.
So unless they have the exact same mixture of father mother,
then twins. Okay, dude, your kids all aren't identical, right,
You and Trish had sex, he had sex again, and
your other kid doesn't look like the other kid exactly. Correct.
So if a man and a woman who are twins sex,

their kid could look like Trish or Ella, and the
other set of people could have a kid that could
look like You're not listening. You're not listening to me.
A man and a man and a woman, right, I
understand the everyone understands that. But every time you have
a kid doesn't come out looking the same as the
last one. Right. So let's say twin guy and twin

girl have a baby, right, and it looks like looks
like Ella. Then they have another kid and it looks
like Trish. Okay, right, Then the other set has kids, right,
and they might have a kid that looks like Maria.
You know this podcast is gonna end, We're gonna still expede.
Twins look like twins. They always have twins, twins. They
don't have white kid twins the fifteen minute morning show

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