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January 30, 2020 15 mins

We talked about how Brody is having trouble getting a table for his birthday dinner!

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
firm Elvis Represents fifteen minute morning show. Come on Birthday boy. Hello,
welcome to the fifty minute Moody Show. I'm David Brody,
your host birthday and it's my birthday as we record this. Yeah,

Jan your host. Sure, I think we're all hosts right now? Right? Yeah,
let's say so I had I had a fear. I
had just so you could all be witnessed. I had
a piece of the birthday cake that Danielle picked up
for me. You had a fear, well because because when
I hadn't eat a piece yet, You're like, oh, thanks,
no cake for you next year. You didn't even eat

this one, And I said, well, we've been on the air,
I haven't had a chance. Yeah, okay, So I had
a piece that was very good. Oh can I have
a piece? Please do so she'll bring cake next year
for Nate doesn't get cake. Nate likes to chocolate chip cookie.
So that's what right by the way, um, I don't
know who it was in the room, but they suggested
Brodie might like carrot cake next year, and I was
like that I believe that was you. That if you

do I get you that because I never know what
I you know, chocolate, this is, this is this, this
cake is so good? Then I feel like it's it's
one of these very good But it's a white cake
vanilla right when you don't know, you kind of let
go with this one. Well, I got in trouble because Dennis,
our friend Dennis, was in the room and he said, Brodie, uh,
the cake hasn't been cut open yet. I said no, no,

ye han't a chance. He says, what what's your favorite cake?
Were you like chocolate? But I go, yeah, I kind
of a chocolate cake guy, I said, but my guess
is it's vanilla because I think we've had this cake before,
which is totally fine. So then Gandhi says, why can't
you be happy? You already complaining such chocolate? I said,
not complaining such I don't even know what it is.
Dennis asked me what my favorite cake is. So you
guys have a preference, right, you're like cake, Nate, what's

your preference? I love a black and white cake where
it's the chocolate cake with vanilla frost. So now you're
talking what about chocolate cake with like a pudding or
something in well that that's what I was going to say.
That that that vanilla sponge with the chocolate pudding in
between the layers. Favorite vanilla and canoli. My favorite is cheesecake.
Nothing because you get me a blueberry cheesecake that I'm

good for, Like, hold on, what do you want? I mean,
let's let's get this out. What do you want? People
listening to the podcasts are interested. I love a good
carrot cake. I love cheesecake like a black forest, like
the chocolate cake with the cherry in the middle, like
the cakes that are in the diner, the big cake.
I am going to send around a lift and I'm

going to have everybody right with their favorite kind of
so that for the birthday I can go and not
have to stand there and look at the freaking cake.
Like lastly, I almost got a chocolate cake, old chocolate,
and I went, I'm not add percent Brody loves old chocolate,
and I don't want to mess this up. So I
got you. That's fine. Thank you for being the mother

of all. You get everyone everyone. She's the best every time,
except that one year she forgot my and then and
I gotta take a platter of brownies for you. It
was your first year, right, yeah, yeah, but that's okay. Listen,
remember that idea we had a couple of years ago.

It was birthday Fakes where we would have a company
where you'd make cake out of whatever the favorite food was,
to like make a chicken parm cake, right or meat
loaf cake and decorate it. But it was a meat loaf.
I still think we should do that. Nobody's gonna steal
that from us. I trademarked the name, so we own it.
I did were good there, you get a chicken palm cake.

I already have a website. M I re uped about
three weeks. Thank you. By the way, this is another
one of those moments where I'm starting to feel a
little uh, like my mouth was wondering a little bit,
you know, hold on, hold on. We were about to
hear a moment where scary goes I gotta say, and
then we have to judge whether he should have said.
But it was right and I had nothing to do

with the cake. But let me let me go back
to what we're gonna see. I gotta say, I'm are
upset at that restaurant who will not accommodate you and
your family on your birthday for your birthday dinner Saturday night. Okay,
And I'm a very extremely funded by Do you guys
know about what's going on here? Your opinions, media, I
need your opinions because because Yeahani knows, I don't. I

don't handle things to the level of scary. In this
particular case, So my wife and I have birthdays four
days apart. My wife has the same birthday, is scary,
and our birthdays are on the each end of this weekend.
So Saturday is the midpoint and we're like that' and
when it falls that way, we do a joint birthday
with the family. So Saturday night we're doing a birthday, right,
double birthday, big double birthday. So I called this particular

steakhouse that I know my wife loves, and she's like,
you gotta go, we gotta go. So I call them,
I don't know, three weeks ago should be enough time day?
Can I get a table for four for Saturday? Such
a time? No, I said, well can I is it?
Can waiting list? Just yeah, we're not gonna. I said, well,
you know it's a double birthday. I mean a lotch
is right? They right? They had five PM, which is

we can't make it because my daughter has a commit
men kick it out. Five pm at the time I
called there was also right, so I said, well can
you Is that not nothing we do? So they said
there's a waiting list occasionally, we'll let you know. So
I tweeted at them, just to give a little plug,
and I said, hey, guys, sorry, I wanted to go

to you guys from a dual birthday, couldn't get a reservation.
Maybe next time, figuring they'd right back trying to help
you up next time, or or you know what, well,
something like sorry, but you know we love the show.
The week after, we'd be great, we'll lock in something. Nothing.
So then a lot of Elvastrand Morning Show listeners and
a whole lot of Brooklyn Boys listeners were like, you

gotta hop Brody up and tweeting at this place. That right.
It sound like when they see all these tweets, they're
definitely gonna at least reach out to me. Nothing. So
I DM them on Instagram nothing nothing so scary, scaries
like you should call him up, you should tell him
who you are. I'm not anybody. I just want to
take my wife to dinner for our birthday, He's like,
drop her name, tell him, you know Elvis, Like no, no,

there's a better way to do it, but no, no.
So first off, would any of you pull a Scary
and call up and tell him who you are in
this case in a roundabout way? Not like that. I
would never call myself and be like, I'm Gandhi from
the Morning show, blah blah blah. But I would probably
go holler at like Diamond or Alley and be like,
can you act like one of our promotions people call
up and be like, Hi, I'm calling from promotions with
Phil in the blank, and I'd like to make a
reservation for phill in the blank. Huh wow. I think

that even takes it to the next level Americans. American
Express does that for its customers with you. Could you
and you could say, hey, tell them I'm a doctor,
tell them this, tell him that, and they will relate
every message doctor doctors getting everywhere, don't you know the

front of the line. Every time Scary pulled the bait
and switched once it was a long time ago, he
called up and made reservations for Elvis Duran plus one,
then showed up as the plus one and said oh,
Elvis had to cancel at the last minute and showed
up as and I took the resuvation. It was never Elvis.
Who was that? Who was your guest? My girlfriend? He's

like Elvis durand for two Yes, I just want to
result and I got my results. But wait, this is
the person who we were at, like Applebee's or not
even kidding, t G I Friday's, and he said, Danielle,
call ahead and drop our name. They go at T
G I Friday's. Yeah, and you can never ever drop
your own name. It's a fail. If you have to
do it, you have failed because either they know who

you are and don't give a ship, or they didn't
know who you are and now think you're an idiot.
Like I don't think you can ever drop your own name.
It's just silly. But but on this topic, can we
talk about what Brody did when I was about two
d M then please? So I hear this whole thing,
and I'm like, I'm gonna help you out. So I
start typing up a d M to this restaurant to
say I was going to say, hey, I work for one.
As a birthday gift to one of the members of

our show. I would love to give him this is
there anything you can do? Maybe they wouldn't get back
to me whatever. So I turn around, I go, hey, Brodie,
how many people? And you know his response, Well, it's
a little late for you to try. Now. No, no,
it's not what I said. No no, no, no, no,
no no no. What I said was because it's two
days away. I didn't say it's something late, like don't try.
I was saying, you know what, it's kind of late

in the game. We already had reservations in the restaurant,
and I didn't wanted to go to the trouble because
I feel bad. It wasn't like I did. But you
couldn't hear me over the I can't conspiracy theory. I
think they know who you are, and you're like, we're
not gonna serve this guy. He's made complaining that they
didn't know who I was when I called to make
the reservation. He's going to compare every green basis have

a bad social media team that just doesn't check anything
that's possible. I'll have you know that we went to
a really nice steakhouse for New Year's Eve and there
were things wrong to the point where the way to
apologized and gave my wife free wine. And I didn't
say a word. I didn't complain, I did nothing. They
don't want them into the whole movie. He's going to
be banned from place since I tell you, Rail Steakhouse

needs to see if I don't want to mention that,
I don't want to give any props. They don't. They
don't check their social media. Are they in to wako
tweeting me about the pronunciation? I don't get where it's
right by the rail Steakhouse. Yeah. By talking about them,
you're not giving them props. You're just showing the fact
that you listen. I understand this. Look if you're booked

and have no room, legitimately, I get it. Sometimes they
have a table, have an extra table. I have a question.
So they're they're like tweeting out on certain nights. Tonight
it's the speakeasy live music at three questions. I think
they schedule tweets and don't pay attention to the deal.
Say well, I can go tonight. Then that means this
is telling me that I can get a reservation tonight.

Let's discussing to restaurant. Oh my god, let's get the
normal I had the listeners they already did. They tweeted,
they called, let's go around. Remember Peter Luger, why wouldn't
answer the phone? And we had a hundred listeners. So
imagine imagine all the listeners here, and there's ten reservations
for David Brodie, and Brodie can't get a reservation because
David Brodie, I'm sorry, sorry, some of your name has

a reservation. No. Peter Luger, which is one of the
biggest steakhouses in New York, didn't answer their phone for
three weeks, just it ranged. That didn't right, didn't answer
the phone. So we did it on a Brooklyn Boys podcast.
So listeners started calling. So after like another week and
a half, they finally started answering the phone again, and
a listeners started making reservations for me and then tweeting me, going, hey,
I got your table for two on Wednesday. I go,

I don't want a table on Wednesday. I wanted to
go for I think whatever my birthday last year. And
they're like, well, I got your table. I go, I
don't want to miss Lane his day. His face is
definitely at Peter Lugers, by the way up on the Wall. No,
I've never had a problem with Peter Lugan never. Anyway,
the point was any social media company. Okay, so I
remember mill Burn Day was up here. They get they
brought up sandwiches about a month ago. I go there

now on a regular basis, and they have the best sandwiches.
So I had an amazing sandwich yester today and I tweeted,
I put up a picture on on Instagram and I
tagged them. Yeah. But yeah, of course within fifteen minutes
they thanked me please come back any time. They put
me in their Instagram story. That's customer service that somebody's
watching the social media unlike what's saving a place. Danielle.

By the way, fantastic food, just not really going on
because you kidding, Why don't you go to the Roots
Christ one that opens up by Bergintown Center. It's delicious.
We've been to Roots Christ thousand times. Now, that's a
lot of times. Be you. They'll take your reservation. Yeah, well,
who wants to go to a place that's available. Okay,
that's scary. Let me see maybe an open table has

opened up. You holler a Diamond or Alley promo team
and call up to see what's going on? What if
they say who's brody? Have them say who's brody? But
then at that point, you know your promo teams, your agent.
I don't have an agent. Now if this was a
thirty minute sitcom on CB, Scary's birthdays in a few days,
you know where Scary has dinner and Saturday Saturday man

to steak. Here's amazing. You're right, You're just I got
an extra seat. I got an extra seat. Somebody just
took your seat. I had a seat. Music at that point,
your wife's here. I'm here with your wife. This is
for Elvis around plus one. Oh he couldn't make it. Yeah,

you know, Elvis actually did that for me once. Elvis
called a restaurant here in New York City. Uh, my
wife and I were celebrating our first anniversary. We do
this thing where we go to the top restaurants on
there's a gat you know, surveyed uh um, and the
top restaurant wouldn't take my reservation. Elvis called for me,
did the switcheroo forty five minutes before his reservation was booked,

and said, oh, I'm not making it. Can you please
replace me with my friend Garret and that's how we
got our reservation. That's legit. What's scary? Did he did
it on his own? Scary? Was broke like that? Let
me see if real steakhouse. Oh we're sorry, nothing is
available around this time. Please try a different date. I

like that. We started off like no, don't give them
any free parl. We have nailed it, like fifty. I'm
not looking a bad mouth that I'm saying. The social
media is lacking. That's all I get you at ten
o'clock right now? Oh ten pm? Yeah? Oh, so you know,
I find me a place to eat before then, like
around five, so I'm not hungry, and then we'll go back.
I would totally do a ten o'clock reservation. I like
the late night stuff, especially like weekends. I'm like, yeah,

kids would totally love waiting till you go to go
for a drink at the bar, show up at eight thirty.
Oh my god, my kids would totally love to sit
there while my wife. What you do and I leave
the kids home. I've done this before. Listening, I'm about
to tell you. You hang out. You go to the
drink and go hang out the bar for a minute.
You check in with them, and then miraculously a table
open up at Yeah, that happens. But here's the thing.

He has children. They don't wait till nine to feed
their mouths. Can you bring him chicken fingers in a
bag or something? Is going to say that you leave?
Don't they have like lunchables? Don't they're like dinnerables. They
could just eat out of a package the brig and
then you decide like, oh, this wasn't for me. Can

you still drop them off at the fire station? Is
that like a thing? Yes, yeah, you'll be on the news,
but that you can drop off at the police station,
on the fire station, and I think that's when you
won't get in trouble the church. Yeah, but I think
you don't you have to tell them you're dropping the fluff.
You can just leave them. You do what you do
a ring and run. Yeah, okay, so leave it at
the fire station for like an hour, right the closest one,

and then have a move. What if I leave my
kids in the restaurant and they're begging me to come
in eachare like get your kids at table. Yeah, we'll
be at rail steakhouse this weekend. Scary, but twe them anyway.
The fifteen minute more shelf

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