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June 3, 2020 37 mins

We talked to Matthiew from Sweeden and how he found our show. Elvis played a song to kick off the bonus hour that Gandhi never heard before. We ask Danielle a very personal question about her Husband real estate business!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
This is the one hundred Uh yes, this is our
last week were doing the Bonus Hour, So let's go
out with a bang. I'll tell you what what we
should do is we should just we should play music
that's so bad it just runs everyone away and they
won't miss it. Is as a plan. Well, anyway, during
the Bonus hour, I want to take your calls at

eight hundred two one hundred you can text us and
all right, So Danielle and Gandhi and Froggy and Scary
and straight and eight, we think we found a song
suggested to us by a listener that is probably gonna
have everyone run. You're gonna You're gonna run. It's fantastic.

It is pretty bad, daniel Scary, is it ready to play?
Scary because we don't even have this song in our computers.
We're having to play it off of Scary phone because
it's so bad my heart refuses to put it in
their computers. Here we go. It's walk the Dinosaur by
was not was just just give it a second, lead

into it, lean into it. This gonna be good Like
this musical While Little Sick of Bit picked up a
monkey spelled to go the sun was spitting time, just

sky and through the ice. I'm going a little time.
So I watched my every boy. I want to I
want to die. Everybody want everybody want? Everybody wants everybody.

I like like I've been to take you hating love
the loo, I said, I did they follow wherever you go?
That we spread on ronsnake and daftill need to start
fell asleep. I stayed away and watched them back and

saw I want to die to say everybody wanted to
say one of the everybody who want to dine and
say over the done day over everybody want to dinasame o.

Everybody won't say all right, I think you've heard enough.

I just do. I love you. Know what's so funny?
I used to play that on Z one hundred. I
mean a thousand years ago. Scotty B come here. Scotty
Be says he used to listen to it when he
was a kid, when I was doing my show here
at the one hundred. That's how old it is. Gandhi,
you've never heard of that song ever, I don't blame you.
I know I've never heard of it. I'm into it,

but I've never heard it before. Yeah, I used to
listen to was in the band. I used to listen
to you play that, and then a Hole by Dennis
Leary right after it. Yes, I don't even know what
year that was. What year was that I was? Anyway,
Don was was in the band, was not was and

there was the the lead singer Sweet p Atkinson just
passed away last week, So there you go. We played
that for Sweet pe Hey like that? Yes, Gary, Now,
I was watching the music video as it was playing
on my phone. Oh my god, the thin the thin
ties in the in the you know, with the old
eighties suits, and then intercut with yeah, and you cut

with people doing uh it looks like looks like they
were dressed as the flintch don't doing like a bed rocket. Yeah,
it's Those were weird days in music anyway, So we
thought we had starts to show up with the bonus
hour off with something that's really weird, and that was
I don't know, Danielle, Yeah, I love it. Are you
are you thinking about what you want to hear? Um?

I have? I mean, I have a ton of stuff
I'd love to hear. All all right, just think about it,
write it down, don't forget it. Just so much just
said a text, and I have to don't get mad
at me for for agreeing with this texter or eighties
music was terrible. I just have to tell you I agree.
I hated music in the eighties. I really did. I
still do. Am I alone. The other night I was

at uh, we were at a place having dinner, Lisa night,
and Johnny hates jazz came on has Shattered Dreams or whatever.
I'm like, this is such bad music. I'm like, it
all sounds the same Thompson twins. Hold me now, it's
all it's all that same bad sound. I don't know.
I don't want to be mr negative, but I agree.
I'm glad we got we got out of the eighties alive.

So uh. But there was like like the Ghostbusters theme,
you know, where's the stuff come from? Anyway, I do
have some better music coming up for you. Who's Who's
this on the phone? Straight, Nate, It's Matthew. He's listening
all the way in Sweden right now. Oh, let's go
talk to Matthew Whip about your passports. We're going to

Sweden to talk to Matthew. How you doing, Matthew, Welcome
to the show. Hello, My life you are live. Yes,
watch your watch your language, young man? What's going on?
How are you in Sweden? How are you doing? I'm
so good. I can't believe I'm talking to you, guys.
I'm shook. So I listened to every day. I can't

go what else you listen to? You? One single day?
I love hearing that. I love hearing that, love wrapping
around the planet Earth just to see us. Hey, how
did you first hear about us? Matthew? I listening. That's
a serious extent. I love. I mean then so much.
I listened to it since five. That's serious extent. And
then I see one hundred and I listened to it

and I thought in the morning till and I thought,
what's this? Then I listened to it and I was like, whoa,
this is love this? Oh that's so cool. So uh,
let's let's see what. Let's play a game. What did
you have for lunch today? Because you know it's it's
like five in the afternoon there, I think, isn't it
like the time isn't there right now? It's four or seven?

What do you have from ye? What did you have
for lunch today? I had like a mini pizzas, Ok,
it's something something kind of interesting, Matthew. You know, Sweden,
as we've learned, is one of the only countries in
the world that didn't didn't quarantine. How did how did
that go for you? Did you guys do? Okay? Especially

here in my city. I live like two hours from
Gottenburg Is. It's a really small town is and we
don't have that man, we like we have like sixty
sences or something that's nothing like I still still that's
the still for the people like, but it's not compared
to other countries and cities, just like really small. Well,

it's a pleasure hearing from your Matthew. I don't know
how we're gonna get them to you, but we're gonna
send you some Elvis Duran morning show scrubs from our
friends at Hackensack Meridian, so you can wear them all
the way over there in Sweden. And it's nice to
know you're listening to us. I hope you have a
very nice day to day. Okay, Oh my god, thank
you thank you so Mark. I can I can't. I
still can't believe I'm talking to you. Thank you so much.

We're honored to have your Hold on, Hold on one second,
Matthew very cool. Amy is online too. Amy's mad because
we're the this is the last week of the Bonus Hour.
Are you upset? Are you upset at us? Oh? Not mad?
I'm just got to say thank you. That's better than mad.
I appreciate it. Yah, here, I appreciate it so well. Listen.

You know, when we first started doing the Bonus Hour,
it was in the hottest of the days of as
far as COVID goes, and uh, we just thought it
was needed because a lot of our listeners were up
later and not not waking up to the early part
of the show. But now I'm starting to switch back
a little bit, so I don't know, are So what
are you gonna miss most about the Z one hundred
Bonus Hour Everything? I'm gonna be listening for twenty something here.

My husband contracted COVID. He's in the army, so it
really helped me at my fun a lot over the
last few weeks. So how's your how's your husband doing? Um?
We were lucky. Honestly, he was a symptomatic, so other
than being isolated for fourteen days away from our three
year old son, he was fine. I was, you know,
just mess but my husband the fight. Wow. Well, look

it's good to hear you. You sound great. Please give
him our best and thank him for serving our country,
and thank you for listening to us. Well, well, we
have two more days of this, so we're good. We're
not gone yet. Oh. I'll be looking to the replays
until you know, forever. So that's cool. All right, Thank
you so much, Amy, have a safe day to day. Okay,
positive thoughts to you, warm thoughts. Thank you, we love you,

Thank you, thank you so much. Hey, you know what,
I just posted something on my Instagram. Uh, my friend
Kim turned me onto them. It's a fun fridge. Oh
friendly Fridge, So I messed it up. The Friendly Fridge.
You know what they're doing here in New York City
And I know she sent me some pictures from Brooklyn

where they have these food refrigerators and they have people there,
you know, keeping an eye on everything and helping you
out when you arrive if you have fresh food to
donate or if you need fresh food. The Friendly Fridge
popping up all over New York City. If you follow
them at Instagram, the Friendly Fridge, that's the Friendly Fridge. Uh,

they tell you how you can veno into them to
help him out. And you can see all the pictures
from other fridges or that are popping up all around
the city. I think it's just an amazing concept. And
people who come up with ideas like this, Hey, let's
put some refrigerators out there, let's make sure they're safe,
and let's make sure we can get some fresh food
out there to people who need them. And if you
have fresh food, bring it over. So whoever, whoever is

behind the friendly fridge here in New York City, thank
you so much. That is a happy story. I love
seeing that today. Um, so can we go around the room.
I want to see how everyone's feeling today. Come on, Danielle,
what's on your mind? What's happening? Um? I can I
talk about my bearded dragon and how happy I made
him today? Is this? Is this like a euphemism for

some dirty part of your body or something? Is? No?
I have two cats and a bearded dragon named Tonka,
and so normally he gets crickets, but today he got
meal worms. And I never saw bearded dragon be so happy.
It was like a little treat. It was. I said
to my husband, I go, what are you giving him?

He's like meal worms, I'm giving him a little change.
He was his tongue and his head was cocked to
the side, and he was like, what do you got?
Given me? Given me? He was. It was so cute
and he was so excited. I felt bad for the
meal worms a little bit, but he was very happy.
So cheers to my bearded dragon. Yeah. I made some

story about your happy story about your beardy dragon, but
a very sad story about the meal worms. Sorry, sorry,
uh scary. What's on your mind today? What's up? I
was telling you guys off the air about my food fail. Um.
I wanted to make garlic chicken and shrimp stir fry. Hey,
here's a tip. Make sure you have all the ingredients

the list before you start cooking. Because I made the
garlic and I made the chicken and shrimp and I'm like,
oh my god, I don't have any vegetables to put
in here, and even worse, I have no garlic, so
I had like to throw garlic powder at the last.
It was just an awful, awful fail. So if you're
making something, read the recipe ingredients and check the boxes
to make sure you have everything first before proceeding to

light the stove just all right? But I know, but
so what the good news is that you had a
lot of protein chicken. You're good. It's like it's going
to banty Hanna. They only have like a few things
to flip your way. It's like the rest of them.
Where's the rest of it? Where's the mountain of vegetables? Hey? Uh, Froggy,
what's up with you today? So you know, one of
the biggest disagreements couples have is what's for dinner? So

last night we were laying in bed trying to go
to sleep. I said, Hey, what do you want for
dinner tomorrow night? She's like really, I'm like, yeah, let's
start discussing it now, because if we discussed it now,
we'll get an answer by tomorrow dinner time and won't
be sitting there twiddling our thumbs. We still haven't come
up with an answer, by the way, about it though, No,
But we're gonna because I'm doing I'm in the I'm

in the process of another experiment with her. So I'll
let you know how it goes. I'll tell you you're
so bad as we speak right now. I'll tell you
later how it's going. Another heated day at the Froggy House, Gandhi,
what's on your mind today? So I think I have
a new favorite activity, but it's kind of sad because

I'm never going to be able to fulfill the dreams
that I'm pursuing right now. So my boyfriend has decided
he wants to buy a house, so we've been looking
at houses, which is super fun, except I'm never going
to be able to buy a house, so I'm like, oh,
looking for houses is the best. Going to all these
empty places and seeing the way people design things and that, like,
all of it is so super fun. Want Want. I'm

an apartment dweller in New York. It's a different life
though the house thing. I know, you guys all seem
to have houses, but for me, I don't know if
it will ever happen. So it's been really really fruitful
just watching. Yeah, I like, I used to go house
searching just for fun, and there are a lot of
people who do that sometimes you and I don't know

if they have In these days, we have a lot
of open houses. Maybe that will start to open up again.
But if I'm driving on the street I see open us,
I'm like, let's go see how they live. Just check
it up. I do that my neighborhood. Like I want
to see my neighbor's house and they have an open house, Like, hey,
I'll go over there and check that out. I'm not
buying their house. I just want to go look at it.
Oh my gosh, the guys. You know, my husband's a
real estate agent. So I pretend I'm not married to him.

And I do this all the time. I pretend I'm
going to look at the house and I'm like, just
he shows me around and he pretends he's not related
to me, and he's like, and this is this room,
and that's that room. I'm never going to the whole time,
Daniel question, have you and Sheldon ever snuck into one
of his houses and done it in their bedroom? Go never? Never.

He would never do matter. You would never do that.
He would I might, he would never do that. All Right,
we're about to get into the three things we need
to know. I will tell you the earlier curfew New
York City lead to what seemed to be a calmer night.
Uh stores are still on edge. Mom and pop stores
that I tell you they were already hurting before all

the looting started. Let's be there for them as soon
as we can. Your local businesses please keep them in
mind and keeping just always keeping in mind when when
you start to see their doors opening, you see the
ply would coming down. Uh, and you can help out,
please do. It's so important. UM ready to see where
the peaceful protest will be today. I wonder if they're
gonna like they choose really great areas. I mean, like

we're out in front of UM Barclays Center or in
parks and like I said earlier, on the big regal
steps of huge buildings with marble columns. Uh, this is
what's cool about New York. We do being a huge city,
we do have a lot of great open spaces. So
let's keep an eye on the on the positive in
the protest today that are actually going to teach us

something and uh and be safe to good grief. Let's
get into those three things now, Gandhi, what's going on
all right? A top New York City Police official says
that anarchists are trying to hijack protests over the murder
of George George Floyd. Chief Monahan told that Today Show
that the NYPD has made a lot of arrests from
outside the area over the recent days. There were roughly

two and eighty arrests last night and some instances of looting,
but for the most part, everyone is saying it was
a much calmer night than the previous nights. Chief Monahan
also says there's not an officer in America that doesn't
condemn what happened in Minnesota. And there's still a pandemic
going on, and now it seems that the warmer weather
might not be as much of a savior as we

thought it would be. Some people are saying it's unlikely
to slow the spread of the coronavirus. A doctor from
the National Institutes of Health said that the climate would
only matter if a large portion of the population had
built up immunity already or has resistance to the infects
in And finally, on that same note, with social distancing
being so important, we can all expect to see some
new fashion trends. We've seen the dresses with the matching

masks right, and belts with like sanitizer holders, giant hats,
but would you buy these? A Romanian shoemaker has created
size seventy five shoes to help make sure people stay
far away from you, because that's your foot they're stepping on.
That is stupid. I don't even know how you walk.

I feel like you just have to shuffle everywhere and
take everybody off. But the shoes are hilarious, massive clown shoes,
Like what are you gonna do? That's crazy? And then
you just tell people get off my foot all day,
all day long. Howe how large are these shoes? SiGe
seventy five? Like, how long is that? Is that? Six ft? Um? No,

I don't think it's I mean it didn't look like
six ft, but it looks like a giant shoe next
to all the other ones. It's like, oh my goodness,
Hey did you see her new boyfriend? No, what about girl?
He's got a size se well straight and eight straight

eight has big feet. We know that doesn't always alright, Uh,
this is the Bonus hours, the one hundred. We take
a break, see one hundred even more of Elvis d
random to see one morning show. Here's Elvis see one hundred,
the Bonus hour. Our last week doing it, so let's
make it count. Oh I forgot we didn't do the weather.

This is where we listen to Danielle and Scary argue
because he's gonna say something stupid. I know he's gonna,
especially today it's been right, So yeah, first of all,
I'm trying to figure out. I'm trying to figure out
why you guys have this disagreement every single day. The
weather forecast is basically it's the same for everyone, isn't it. Well,

how come you hear it differently because he says because
he says that, he says. Well, that's why I checked
multiple sources for my weather. Ok Okay, scary, okay, scary.
Let's hear what you're saying ours, and then we'll let
Danielle put her two cents. Got a hazy, humid day,
some sun and clouds, high eighty five, with some late
afternoon into tonight heavy thunderstorms of the area, So you

get of chance that of the area will be covered
with damaging winds, hail and flooding. But we don't know
where he's gonna hit. Maybe the northern South. So stupid,
what this is exactly? Thank you. Nobody listens to the
weather the way you say it. You say, hey, guys, listen,

there's a chance we're gonna have some pretty bad weather tonight.
I don't know exactly where it's gonna be but just
in case, you know, watch your local forecast. Be careful out.
There could be some damaging winds and I want to
stay inside, you know whatever. That's how you say it
of us are going to get hit. But you're like,
you're like Henny Penny, the sky is falling. I'm trying
to be Look, you talk like a doctor, talk like

a human. Holds. Let's all try to get along. It's
not doing the weather. Look, we were all adults here.
We understand that there's gonna be good weather days. There's
gonna be bad weather days. It hasn't here's here. It
is a chance of rain. Some of it could be
heavy and you could have some heavy storms. There's a
chance you could hit your area. That's it. Yes, the

best part about the argument before was Scary said, only
fifty are gonna be hit. I said, oh, so there's
only a fifty percent chance. You have to care and
he said, right, exactly. Ware in terms of weatheriness of
the weather, it's it's it will happen. Understand. Okay, okay,
we understand you're scariest planing you scares right, He's right, Yeah,

he's right. There's a chance of rain being half of
our area. We'll see, right, So here's here's the severe
weather risk has been upgraded for the Try state today.
Lightning just okay, this is not gonna be good, Danielle,
so embrace yourself. Lightning, destructive winds, and damaging hail are
also possible with the story isolated. We'll hold on now.

An isolated tornado can't be ruled out either this evening
or this afternoon. The five boroughs are just on the
cusp of the more likely zone for severe weather risk,
while central and southern New Jersey are poised to take
the brunt of the impacts at this point. He didn't
say anything about that exactly thing. I think Scar is

also that in her head, she's convinced that he lies
about the weather to try and please people so they
like him. Yes, forecast, Okay, I think we've we've really
done enough enough for this. This is the bonus hour.
This is why, this is why you have to stop,
because we've lost our minds uh is uh? DJ still

on line? Yes, that's a that's a new line. We
never get lined twenty one? Hi, DJ, what's going on
all this? DJ has a core. We're okay, but we
are ready for your complaints, sir. The stupid Walk your
Dinosaurs song is stuck in my head and I can't
get it out. Yeah it's dumb. I know it's not

a good song I am, but it is. But seriously,
thank you guys so much for doing that bonus hour.
I've been listening at home for since you guys started it,
and it makes my day a little bit better. What
is your situation all about? I mean you you quarantined
down and you're still stuck in the house or what's
going on? Um? So I'm quarantined because my fiance at

Brittany is a nurse practitioner and she's working on a
KOVID unit right now in the hospital, so my work
doesn't want me coming in. But I'm working on and
she's doing good. How is she doing? Yeah, yeah, she's
doing good. Um, a little nervous at first going on
to COVID unit, but she's handling it. Well, wow, that's

running into the fire. Well here's a fire. Let's try
and do that. Uh well, please tell her we said
thank you, and I'm sure she's come home some nights
better than others with stories to tell. So the bet
all the best of both of you, and you know,
thank you for your sacrificing what you're doing because of
what she's doing. You see what's happening here. You're a
good guy. Look at that. We found a good one.

I love you too. Sorry to ruin your day with
Walk the Dinosaur, not thank you, DJ. Have a great day,
all right. I love the text messages. I'm gonna miss
the weather fights when you guys are done with the
Bonner Hour. Also scary is actually correct, but I'm done
because I love Danielle. See people were torn with YouTube.

All right, I think we should take the Let's do
the daniel Report Danielle. Yes, all right, let's see how it.
Let's see how it feels, Danielle. Whateverthing you say scary
gets to come in and say you're wrong. Here we go.
You know, I half of it up anyway, So you know,
to Melissa Garcia from Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy r k A

one one the seniors they're graduating June. Of course, like
a lot of Bronx schools and schools everywhere, it's virtual,
but they listen every day. I know they're listening today.
So congratulations to them. Uh and so all the schools
out there getting ready to graduate. Alright, So some sad
news AMC Theaters, which I drove by yesterday and my

kids said, Mom, I can't wait to go back to
the movies. Well, they're saying they have substantial doubt that
they can remain in business after all of this is
done with the COVID stuff. It's so so sad they're
gonna have to figure out other ways. I guess to
get it done. I now I miss going to the movies.
I really do. Uh, Summer Stay Anywhere. We'll kick off

with a seven pm Saturday with an original performance by
native New Yorker. And what Summer Stage Anywhere? What is
this that Brodie wrote Summer Stage to bring shows online
this coming June. Uh? Max, our friend Max will be
doing Summer Stage on Saturday with an original performance, uh
at seven pm. I'll find out more information for you anyway.

For a full schedule of upcoming programming, please visit Summer
Stage Anywhere dot org. There you go. That's what I
was going to say. I think, Um, Wendy Williams is
back on social media and she is coming back. Her
show will be back. I know we've been missing Wendy.
She doesn't have a return day yet, but she said
it is very soon, so she will keep us posted
on that. UM. The Weekend and Drake made substantial donations

in the wake of George Floyd's death. The Weekend actually
donated five hundred thousand dollars. Two hundred thousand dollars went
to Black Lives Matter Global Network, so that's very awesome.
We love Kelly Clarkson. Her talk shows up for seven
Daytime Emmy Awards. How cool is that the Daytime Emmys
are happening June. If she wins, she will be halfway

to an Egot. She already has three Grammy, so if
she gets the Emmy, she will only need an Oscar
and a Tony and Jennifer Hudson. She is the only
other American Idol winner or contestant who is halfway there
already with an Oscar and a Grammy, so hopefully Kelly
Clarkson will get it as well. UM. If you're interested
in television tonight, UH, Spelling the Dream is on Netflix.

It is a Netflix documentary about Indian Americans who are
finding success in spelling bees. I think there's like one
contestant who won like fifteen spelling bees or something like that.
I can't even imagine the words that they spell, words
that we've never heard before in our lives. You know
that Death to Me is also on Netflix and a
lot of a lot of us are loving that. If
you want to watch a movie up on ABC, Marvel's

Agents of Shield is on as well. And if you
loved Ultimate Tag, that is back as well. And that
is my Danielle report. So if you're playing on hitting
the streets tonight, keep in mind there is a curfew
at eight o'clock. And I know some friends of mine
were at Union Square last night and they said, actually,
it was just a beautiful scene. And then at eight
o'clock they started zip time people and saying curfew is done.
So just you know, be careful out there tonight. Let's

let's make this a safer night than last night and
even safer than the night before. There are so many
great reasons to go out into this great city and
this great area of ours, to let your voice be
heard and listen to the voices of others, and please
be safe in doing so. Uh tell you what, We're
gonna take a break. We're back with the bonus hour
Neck Comets Get Back Show. One man come in the

name of round. One man come, and one man came
the heat to justify, one man to over, one man

come on my lifense, one man rass, one man washed,
one empty each one Macha will real, Mr Angro, four

shun rings all your live for sky freezing fads to
your life. You know, take your see pride in the

name of love. YouTube sounds so good, right, Yeah, you
know some songs were meant for headphones or earphones or
earbuds or whatever. Some songs are and that's one of them.
It just sounds so much better in there, don't you think. Yeah,
all right, that's all I have to say about that.

So you're asking why we we're we're stopping the Bonus
Hour because of this, you're hearing live why we can't
do the Bonus Hour anymore? We were out of steam, man,
we're running on empty. This is the sound of a
show unraveling. Listen, it really is. Some people said they

like that, they like that we take our time finding
our words and thoughts. I will tell you that Today's
today versus Monday's show and Tuesday's show is a lot different. Uh.
This has been a very very very interesting week it's
from our point of view, and I'm not saying everyone

else's point of view as an important but look, you know,
we're here responding and listening and doing everything we can
to do the right thing, and we're making mistakes and
this and that. But this entire time, George Floyd, it's
written right in front of me, and I don't think
I'm gonna take that down for a long time. To
we we have to be reminded because you know, we
we'd are the show that goes off and talks about

five hundred different ways to do egg dishes. But then,
you know, I always want to bring it back to
the center. The center has changed, Our center has moved,
and uh, I just want to let you guys know.
I want everyone listening to know that working with Froggy
and Danielle and Gandhi and Scary and Scotty B and Straighten,

Nate and Garrett and and Diamond and Coaster Boy Josh
and producer Sam and yeah, I know, and and Ali
and Tony Indiana and we've got a lot of people
working here smile and Stephen grow. Of course, Brodie's on hold.

I was gonna go to Brody. That was my uncle
John Brody, Uncle Johnny who's drunk already. Probably Hey, um, Brody, Hey,
don't you want to mention the doorman before you come
to me? Brody? It's not what you think, Brodie, we

were I was going to come to is a we
still a thing? All right? Look, you gotta shout them
out before me. All right? Well, you know what I
was about to say something really nice about the people
I work with, and I'm gonna I'm gonna stay on
that path, uh, working with everyone here and and Brody.

Brody is up at twelve thirty in the morning, at
one o'clock at night and in the morning, whatever I'm
getting email, we're all getting prepped from him all night long.
So I don't think that Brody is not a very
important brick in the foundation of what we do every day.
We love you, Brodie. Thank you. I hope Pittman is
listening this morning. Can't you know? Can't you just say

thank you? Do you have to like put the nighthead
and you're good? Scary has a question for you. I
was I got two hours of sleep less night, and
I appreciate the compliment very much. Sincerely, Yes, Scary, Scary,
what is your question for your Brooklyn boy. Brodie, I'm
just trying to get to the bottom of this. Why
are you the only person that does not want to

be on camera in the Zoom room when we have
Zoom meetings, you dial in your like I'm an audio guy.
Only you you. You don't understand why you don't turn
your camera? You know what you look like? The question
the questions out there. Let him answer you go ahead. Well,
here's the funny thing. I've answered this to Scary seventy
five times privately, so I'm not sure why he's asking

me again. Here's the thing. If I go out to
the pool or I'm doing my wash, uh, you guys
don't see it, so it's perfect. Why would I want
to be on camera? Besides that, I don't I look
like craft in the morning, and you guys are all
pretty people, and so I'm great not being on camera
on a T shirt? Damn stream pretty? Do you think

it's come on, we didn't do our hair, Come on,
broad let's done. You know, let's be honest about the makeup, Daniel,
you and Gandhi you don't need makeup. And secondly, I
think he's just naked. I think Rody is naked, and
he just doesn't want to put a shirt on myself naked,
so that's not a possibility. I don't know what you're doing.
You are you just looking at pooring and jerking it.

What are you doing? I don't even know what you're doing. Look,
that's choking, Brody. We love you, We love you, and
you are such an integral part of this show every

single day, and it would be a crime if we
didn't point that out. And we do appreciate you. Thank
you so much. I appreciate that. Thank you, guys. But no,
but you told me to be appreciative. I'm working on it. Okayay, good,
that's good. This is good news. Well, thank you, Brodie.

We're gonna put you on hold, hold on a second, listen.
Thank you to everyone who I put up with us.
And so again, in answer to your question, why are
we ending the ten o'clock show, this is why. I
hope you have a warm, blessed day, and don't forget it.
Even though you're doing things to keep yourself at ease

and chilled out, keep an eye on the people who
are making a difference. Listen to what they have to say,
and that's that's that gives you a well rounded day.
I love you, I'll have a great one. We'll see
you tomorrow. Till then, say peace, A piece out, peace out,
everybody out, piece out of that

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