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March 17, 2020 15 mins

Eating Solo, social distance , and things we do after the show now that everything is pretty much closed!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
firms show. Here we go. Hey, all right, let's measure
the distance between each other. Scary your way too close
to me. Okay, I'm gonna have to move back. An
I'm gonna move over as well. I think I'm gonna yes,

I think. So we're about six, We're about six okay.
So okay, Danielle, you and Gandhi are how far from
each other? Maybe five? Seven? Maybe? Think? But then you
got Garrett right in the middle. I'm gonna be in
the corner, okay, and then h Rody, you're pretty close
to the scary and Gandhi? Yeah, five ft three inches

away from both? They were saying six feet. I heard
them saying the social distancing has not worked out well
for me in the studio. What do you mean? I
seem to be closer to people than I was before
Nate was over here before. Garrett's all upon me. Now,
But where is from you? Gandhi? I'm good? Yeah, not
so much. Nate literally said I'm out of here, said
there was no room. Hold on, say he's taking an

alcohol bath. Are you going? Where are you? Are you
in the other room? Why are you in the other room.
We reached our limited people in social distancing space. I'm sorry,
one to three, four or five, six seven. We're a
lot three more people. I can't we intellect room. We
don't have a lot of space. What if you went

to another room and turned on the microphone. That would
take some time. We might be out of fifteen minutes
by that. Okay, I'll sit this. I'll be in the borrow.
Don't worry. I'm not. I'm not going anywhere. We can
get the cordless mike and you can stand in the corner.
Really with a ducks cap. Would I just stand outside corner?

I said, you could stay in the corner and kick
him out. Look, this is gonna take some adjusting. We're
gonna figure this out, right, We're gonna figure it out.
This is our time to get a grand studio, big
big one where we can all stay that far apart
from each other. This is the moment we need an
auditorium like one of those King Henry tables, like the
queen was all on one end and the king was
on the other. Face it we're all self contaminating each other,

I mean, one of us it we all got it.
Someone suggested on the text message earlier that we shouldn't
refer to it as social distancing, that we should start
calling it physical distancing because we need social more than
anything in our life right now. So don't don't distance
yourself socially distan yourself. This is a good time to

like take a break from being social. I think this
is a good time to push push yourself to the
limits with just you. I think it's a great time,
on that note, to really get to know yourself. We've
talked about this, like if you are very, very uncomfortable
being alone, that's something to look into. Why is it
that you're uncomfortable being alone? And what can you do
to be better? Right? I have no issue being alone.

I love being alone. Before no way start, you'll say,
I'm I was bored yesterday and I had I literally
had to put myself to sleep on three different occasions.
Because how do you it looked at his Instagram account

to say, how do you put yourself to sleep? I
put myself to sleep by literally laying in my bed.
I do everything from my bed. If I put the
TV on in bed, no matter what time of day,
you're out, I'm done all right, nice out like a light. Okay,
do you have any hobby, Scary, I really don't. Maybe
now's the time, like, think of something that you've always
wanted to do. Can you start doing it at home?
Can you watch YouTube tutorials and try maybe? You know,

I did like my idea earlier of going out by
myself on a nature walk because we do have great dude,
that's going to whole food. I did a nature walk
with you once. I don't think you should try to
make sure you take your phone. Okay, well look running
a bike. Okay, you ride a bike. I'm gonna you
would like to know. I would like to rent a
city bike. And right, haven't. We had a conversation that

Scary is not passionate about any one thing. I'm really not.
He's he's sort of a six on everything. No, he's
passionate about food. Yeah, but like he doesn't really love sports.
He doesn't really love you know, camping or or art
or he just kind of likes it all, which is
so true. Like Gandhi, you're into art, you're into you

you do wonderful paintings or what is oil on canvas
crabs mixed medium? Actually, but yes, that's nice. I mean
that's something. I don't have anything like that in my world.
I don't. Is there something you've been thinking about though, Like, oh,
it would be cool if I was more handy around
the house. Let's see how to hang some things or build? No, nothing,

It would be nice to be able to cook better,
But I don't know. I'm and then you'll be cooking
just for you, so you know who gonna be honest?
When I go home today, I don't really have any
projects ready to go for art projects or building something.
I mean, I'm going to clean out a cabinet. Yeah,

I need to clean up my closet. But when it
comes to like being creative, no, you know, I'm failing
with scary on that one. But don't you think maybe
now would be a good time to drop some ideas
down for your next book. This is just you and
your thoughts at home already, I've got that started. Actually,
this is this, this is a chapter already, Yeah, this
freaking nut post. Well yeah, or the virus. Absolutely. It

is interesting watching observing people and how they are responding
because everyone's responding to this differently. Have you noticed that
Daniel totally don't want to talk about so Elvis my
wife Ali, she's in the medical field and she's not.
She's she has the same nervousness that everybody has, the

unsure of what's going on. So you know what she's
been doing recently, cooking. So Sunday we had meat balls,
sausage and pasta, a pretty much like from Scratched. I'm
getting corned beef as soon as I get home. Yes,
I will be putting on the pounds. But because of
her nervous cooking, I am better from quarantine beef. It's

the quarantine, the quarantine fifteen. It doesn't sound good, quarantine beef.
It doesn't. It's it's the quarantine fifteeney. I've got to
put it in isolation again. I will tell you last
night I started cooking the pia a beautiful pa. It
was gorgeous. And now Alex can eat shrimp. So I

just did chicken thighs and some and dewey sausage and
you know whatever. He's like, Hey, so why don't we
just open a little bottle of wine. It's okay. I'll
have a couple of you know, a couple of SIPs
of wine and kiss the chef. Come on, bring me
some wine. So we've drank before you know it, the
bottle is gone. And I said, Alex, we cannot drink
a bottle of wine every single night. That's gonna He said,

but no we can, and I said, no, maybe we shouldn't.
That's a lot of wine. That's a lot of wine
every single night. I can see doing every once in
a whine. It's so funny. Yesterday I went to get
my blood work done um at my thyroid doctor and
he was talking about one of his patients that was
complaining about gaining weight. And she's just like, I just
do not understand, and she's going through everything, everything, and

then at the end she said, you know, maybe it's
the bottle of wine night during every single night, and
that he goes, okay, here we go. People forget, have
tons of sugar, tons of calories. But also it makes
you make bad decisions about what for dessert totally. Well,
you know, Elvis, I had that same feeling too, because
the last few nights at dinner it doesn't feel like

we have worked the next day day, even though we do.
But has that like Friday night feeling every night so
far this week. Yeah, we're all schedule, Yeah, yeah, because
you have nothing. Afterwards, it's like, there's no there's nothing, Like,
there's nothing on my schedule. Nothing. So Andrew, my assistant,
he's leaving today and he's going to be gone for
a couple of weeks. He's like, I'm just gonna go home.
It's okay, I'll call you Phania. He can write your schedule.

You don't have one. I don't have a schedule. Everything
is canceled, every everything is canceled. When I'm okay with that,
I like canceling things. And we talked about the spelling
of canceled because it's all over the place and everyone's
trying to correct everybody else, and they're both correct. Spell
it both ways with two l once British and one.
What about with a K backwards K is acceptable? Yes,

I didn't know you could spell both ways. Ye, Canceling
with an L L or an L both ways is acceptable.
I've been watching riots erupt online. I'm like, oh my god, really,
really do you start yelling at people people? How would
you spell canceling? Uh? Probably with two l's And it's okay.
By the way, I was I was voice texting some

anger last night on social media that someone was wrong
and I hear from downstairs in the living room. You
can't change people's minds on social media. Stop doing it
from my life. She was monitoring, Yeah for her. Yeah,
I said that, don't worry. It's a stranger like that
doesn't matter. What was the argument doesn't matter. It was

about the virus. Someone was spreading false information and I
let them know they were wrong. What they say, that's
not for here, and it's just gonna get people angry
in conspiracy theories. It was a conspiracy theory that somebody
wrote and I said, you are wrong, and here's why.
But I voice texted it. I should have been quiet
about it was their family and the FBI noon, No,

but last night they were talking about how to know
when you get a scam fact a piece of information.
They were talking about how the Stafford Act was being
spread around that they were going to shut the country down,
and everybody who told that story was like, no, a
friend of mine has a friend in the military, And
they said that that's how you know the story is
fake because it's vague about who they know. But like, oh,

someone in the Pentagon told a friend of mine. But
you know what makes me matter is one of my
best friends did this to me, said heard from and
they have a very dear friend in the Pentagon. Right,
Here's what I learned growing up when people like scary
and I grew up in a very Italian neighborhood, and
people would go, do you know who my uncle is?
He's in the mob. That's how you know they're not

in the mob, because nobody in the mob would ever
let their nephew tell people they were in the mob,
would never tell their story. So when somebody says I
got a friend that the Pentagon, they're lying because they
would kill you. Because I dated a guy who's lies
Here's didn't say where. They wouldn't tell me anything. And
I would ask a lot of questions that I would
get no answers. I was with him when he dropped

off a package once didn't know what we were dropping
for the Pentagon or the Mob? The Mob? Did the
package explode? No idea? What the hell was going on?
As in the dark about everything? You delivered Heroin? I
don't think it was hero Why did you deliver Heroin?
I don't know. Did you deliver it to the Pentagon?
Is that why you broke up with the limitations on heroin.
Was it the virus? Did you create the virus we

did all those years ago? How big was the package?
Very big? Thank you? Okay, so you know, here we go.
I really do think this is day number two of
our new way of life. I really think we actually
pushed the reset button yesterday on Monday. Uh right, I
think that that was our first new way of living day.

Do you agree with that? Yes? Well, I told you
what happened. So the President gave that speech, right, powerful speech.
Around three thirty four o'clock whatever. I went to the
supermarket at five and I was gonna take a woman's spot.
She stopped getting in her car, walked over to my
car and she said about the grocery store, excuse me,
rolled on your window. You don't want to go in there.
So what are you talking about? You don't want to
go in there? And said, what's wrong with somebody killed?

The lines are to the back of the store. Don't
go in there. Yeah, that's the way people are. They're
just everybody's crazy and frightened and and shopping like mad.
I did the same thing. I drove by my little
local spot and I was like, oh, just run in
quickly and getting like a sandwich, a couple of things.
I was like, yeah, and not know. Way go to
the store below Gandhi Yrket. It's the overpriced price couching story.

Best day there couching. No one's going there because it's
a kind of lights. You're not kidding though. I so
that place is like a little booge scary noses. It's
like kind of up at everything they sell. They sell more,
but I don't higher rate the other things. They're frozen.
Food section has no prices on it, so I'm like, wait,
you have to ask. You can't afford it, but it's

a piece of frozen freaking lasagna. I should be able
to afford it. There's a place in our neighborhood called Essentials,
and this old hag that runs this place. But first
of all, she's mean. She's just mean to everyone. Shot
that from this old hag anyway, and uh, and everything
is way over priced in there, and she's ripped me
off a couple of times, and I just looked at herself.
I'm never coming back. She says, good, I don't want
your hair, and then then the other like several days

after that, I hadn't even told that story to Alex
Alex went, and she's like, go shop someone else. So
she's just a mean old bitch anyway. So some of
the TV stations are doing investigative reporting on price couching.
I'm gonna turn her in because their lisol was nineteen dollars.
You can't even chalk that up to New York City. No,

I want her to fry. You can report that for sure.
I'm gonna report in, lady, they're gonna do something. I'm
gonna go in there now. If you report the news,
will you appear on the news segment? Oh yeah, I
will stand out in front of Essentials on Broadway. It
was her and you point the old witch inside. I'm
gonna try something different to be out now, lady, I'm
gonna I'm thinking that if we go see we get,

we get the luxury of of leaving here at a good,
a nice part time in the morning. And I think
that that will be the mid morning, early afternoon good
time to go to a grocery store where you will
not experience the lines that Brodie did at five o'clock.
A lot of Essentials on Broadway, the lower charges, a
lot of people are home those scary from home a lot. Well,
why can't they shop from home? See, I made the

false assumption thinking everyone panicked over the weekend and they
got everything they needed and they overshopped, and so now
they have too much food and they have no reason
to go to the grocery store. But I'm here in
grocery stores are still madhouse. Well, I have my instat
cart order coming tonight. I'll let you know what they did.
Not you ordered? You ordered today? No? No, I ordered, No,
I ordered on I'm want to say Friday night for

delivery on Tuesday. Yeah, hello fresh what does it called
fresh Direct? So this is between three and four pm?
And I already got the Hey, we're running behind, and
we'll let you know what time we'll get to you. Yes,
what months? Yeah, no, it'll be here today. I just
don't know what time, and I don't know what. One
of our favorite restaurants for Leni's of course, and of

course I think they closed last night. And before we
left though, they gave me some some things of sauce.
They had some sauces in the bag. They froze up
some of their for Leni's pastas I can just knelt
them down. Yeah, I'm ready to go I got a
buttload of food at home Fifteen minute Morning Show

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