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February 28, 2023 14 mins

Which seat do you prefer on an airplane? Straight Nate couldn't believe someone actually wanted a middle seat!

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
phone present fifteen minute Morning Show. Welcome to the podcast
fifteen minute Morning show podcast. Are we recording? And real?
Good morning Scotti, Good mornings Gotti. Be's over there and

there's Froggy and Jacksonville. We're about to put him to
the test. Here's Gandhi and Skeary and Garrett and Danielle straightening. Okay,
our boards messed up. So in order to play the
game we're gonna play with Froggy, we have to move
Nate's microphone down to the speaker. Because this place, this
place is so Jane. I thought I thought this place

was built for us, Like didn't then we well, we well,
obviously obviously it is built for us. This is the
tailwet the dog. Hey you White Scotty. There's nothing on
the air right now. Now, why did you think we

were off the air? Well, because normally when my song ends,
like the phone tap would start here or something, but
I didn't hear. I heard very low nothing, So it's
scared me. We're stalling for three minutes on the phone tap.
I'm sorry, you're behind the curtain. We're gonna move forward.
This whole place is just fall into hell? Did the
camera catch catch scary shuffling over run? Okay, Okay, it's

gonna work. Let's move forward. Okay. So it is the
last day of Black History Month and there's a list
out by a very reputable source. We can't tell you
who it is because I don't want I don't frog
you to cheat. Let's see if you can figure out
these songs from the first Okay, frog, Okay, I have
faith in him. I think he's going to do really well.
Are you ready? Ye? Michael Jackson Blacker White? More than

one beat? I was shut up, shut I could have
got it from the actual home about from the first second?
Does that count? Or can you move on? Four beats?
Happy by for I'm with you, Scottie. Every time we

played from the first beat, it's always like seventeen beats.
I'm like, give me true first beat, no matter what.
If it was just one beat, you'd be like this game.
I know, bitchers especially, May I just take control here?
It's a great game. Leave it alone. It's an awesome game.
Leave Gandhi alone. Now, it's an awesome game. But two

seconds ago you just said it was a bad game.
Needs to be retiring Cardia, No, try again, try again,
Cardi by this game is too easy. Wow, okay, so

he's negative. Now are we taking points away? Points away?
Outcast um trying. I don't know the name of it.
This thing went from fun to no fun. This is

the worst day ever. Let's try this one. Yes, poison well,
doing well, doctor dre Nothing but a g there, he
looked out. All right, listen up, listen up yo. No, yeah,

dirty bastard odb um. I don't know the name, but
it's he's a labratarian and yeah, collaborated. He collaborated with right, Harry, Yeah,
all right, all right, victorious b I G and P

did he? Um? Oh yeah? And Mace sorry, um yeah,
come on, Froggy, moment of my problems. Good job one more,
oh Rihanna, we found love one of the songs that

we played into the ground and I never got tired
of it. Yes, we did pretty good job there, Froggie,
Thank you. I think these two idiots around here got
in his head the first beat. I think he did
a good job. From great job you give? Are we
on the air hole? And the real song? She rushes
her cheek with what else you want to talk? About you.

Could you could play the other the talk back of
what someone thought scary should have done the character as
oh this guy, yeah, okayphone, please don't make us do that. Yeah. Yeah,
it's a complicated. Would you like to go in your
office and the thing that you needed to work the

most didn't work? It's happening right now other places like
if I worked at say pizza Hut, Yeah, and the
pizza oven wasn't working. When we just go home, here's one.
How about it. You're a pilot on an airplane. Yeah,
it's a wheatstone. So we'll get out and start there.

This is what happened. Does the plane and the company
basically get a computer. It's all computer. Have they ever
been in the middle of the flight. I guess we
need to restart and rebook unplugged. Can I tell you
a quick great plane story? Control all delete? So when
we were coming back from San Juan on Sunday afternoon,
the you know, some kid was like looking in the cockpit.

They let some kid in there or whatever did they
couldn't get older like maybe nine or ten, and the
flight at ten it gets time says Okay, now Joseph
is going to give you your instructions, go ahead, Joseph Um. Yeah,
so if the plane crashes, just know that it's not
their fault. And he like grabbed the mic and right away,
and and like why do you let some little kids
just say whatever the hell they want because no one

pays attention, really no, but people were scared. You don't
want to hear about planes crashing when you're on a plane.
Dumb kid, Why did they that's redic It is dumb.
You know what when they do these you know, the
safety speech in the beginning, it just give give the
script and turn it off. Like sometimes you'll have someone
to wrap it. I don't even think they do the

whole speech anymore. Nine times that attendants the video they play. Yeah,
it depends on the airline. Yeah. I was on an
American flight and they still did the old school thing
where they do the suction cups over the mouth and
they do them. Yeah, but they're the only ones that
do it to completion that way anymore. I don't know.
You know a lot of them. They'll tell you the

rest later. Don't worry about it. Abbreviated versions, finish me off.
I will do this. I'll be like the only one
paying attention to them because everyone else is like and
they're you know, they're doing their job. They're giving you
the screech, they're giving you the safety speech. And when
they do say look for your exits, they may be

behind you. I always do this me too. Yeah, so
they know. I particularly QUI hot shot asks come down.
What are you supposed to do? You're supposed to put
it over your head and breathe on yourself first. Yeah,
well that's what we just said. And do you guys
take the exit row question seriously? Well, if you're sitting

in an exit row, doesn't if they if they sit
in an exit row, they come to you and they
ask every ball for twelve people. When you're verbal from you,
are you willing to help out in the you know,
in the case of an emergency, because you guys are
sitting in exit rows. And first of all, has anyone
ever said no? And if you say no, do they
move your seat? If basically, if someone's not able to

help the fourth quarter Skiri is sitting there, they go,
you gotta move, sir, But no, but I automatic if
you say yes and don't think about it. So if lying,
he's not gonna help I, and you wouldn't help. Do
you think he would help me there's an emergency? What
am I gonna do? You're supposed to open the door
and help people, not run out. Leave everybody who actually

have to help them before you help yourself. Now, you know,
it's funny, and None is going to be sitting next
to him, and then None's gonna be able to open
the door, and he's just gonna be like, Oh, he's
gonna push her out and use her as a flotation.
I think hell would break loose if there was an
actual emergency. So I'm just saying, is the question kind
of you know, I think you've been surprised. I think
it's they've done studies. They've proven in situations like that,

people are actually very calm. They go about their business
and help other people. It's not bedlam, like if you
had a blameful of scaries. God forbid. Yeah. I've never
been asked that question. Yeah, if you're sitting in usually
ten to eleven and twelve, those all I get those
all the time because room can I write to the

airlines and not allow him to sit in ten eleven
and twelve? No, again, give this guy the front. They
always give you the question all the airlines, all the time.
Get a load of this ship. What So Heather and
I had seats on the plane coming back from Utah,
and she had the aisle and I had the window right.
So I'm like, okay, we'll just ask the person in
the middle to move so we can sit together. So

I go, excuse me, do you mind moving so my
wife can sit next to me? No, I'm not going
to move out of the middle. Out of the middle.
She requested the middle seat? Who seats? Like do you
request them? But she goes, yes, I like to be
I like to feel comfortable. I never have to get up,
so I actually want the middle seat. How fucking unbelievable?

Is never never meant anybody that requested the middle She
likes to touch people. Yeah, maybe it makes her feel
more very small person, But did you just didn't want
to be in the middle? What does she mean I
never have to get up? What if the person on
the inside wants to go to the bottom? But did
you and Heather book those seats knowing like okay, we're
like the person in the middle will switch one middle seat? Thing? What?

Oh god? What is an exit row? Is? What is
ro anyway, but commercial flights, it's kind of like the
front of the plane where you are. They had that
front door when you first walk in the plane, sitting
in first class. They all have parachutes. They they have

their own little planes. They get on wings and we fly.
They say that the people in the back of the
plane have the best chance of survival. I saw, oh
my god, I saw a video by the way, like
simulation You're gonna die. Yeah, that's just an advertisement for

the bathroom seats. Worked at Boeing, and he said, the
greatest likelihood you have is the back of the plane
or the seat that's over the wings, because it has
the most stabilities, the likelihood, the likelihood likelihoods. Look at
that miracle that happened right here on the Hutching River
or in New York City when Solly landed that plane
and not one person was injured and they all survived.

That was a miracle. Was wow. This conversation really makes
me want to get them on an airplane vacation. It's terrible.
You know, they were offering two thousand dollars per person
to get off my flight. No, I had to come
to cash or credit. I'm not like Josh, I think
they give you an AMEX gift card. So wait, you

and the girls? You could have gotten six grand. You're right.
I would have been like, um, I want it's a
lot of money. I'm responsible, I guess. I don't know.
Kids had school, I had work, We had to get home.
Six thousand dollars, stay an extra day in paradise. What
would be your number? You know, I don't know. Maybe
five per person? Yeah, sure, I think they can't. They

can offer, they can a lot of money. Can I
just what you can ask for more? Yeah? But here's
the thing I don't understand. How do you overbook a flight?
You have enough seats, you sell each one and that's it.
Why how do they get overbooked? That was a percentage
of people that don't show up. Who doesn't show up?
People who don't show up? It's the other The other
thing I don't understand is there should be an enough
overhead space for everyone. Yea for one. So this bullshit

when I get on the plane and you're like, all right,
they over I had us taking up Fuck you know
it should not be I know who took up all
the overhead space on the last flight. The Clintons. Hillary,
I'm not even kidding you. I will open my thing.
They were all full. I'm like, really, it's altful. What
is this? They had all their shit in there, and
they had more than one carry on. Mister President is

not cool, I know. On the first class with him. Yeah,
one secret Service was directly next to me and another
one was in front of him. I did, and I
was asking all kinds of questions. I said, do you
know who's sitting around you before you get on the flight.
He said, we ask really, so you let me sit here? Awesome?
I know, And I'm sure he regretted it because he's like,

can you stop asking me questions please? He's like, yeah,
I want to go to bed. The secret service person
told you to shut the phone. You didn't tell me
to shut the funk up. And he gave me the
face every time I asked him something. This was his answer. Yes.
I was like, is that Hillary? He was like, all right,

just wanted one fact check on the story that I
heard really quickly on being offered money on a Delta
flight from Michigan to Minnesota. The airline offered ten thousand
dollars cash to give up the seats on an oversold flight.
How Crazy ran not enough for Scottie, No that I

would take. We're gonna get out of here, The fifteen
Minute Morning Show

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