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July 29, 2019 15 mins

Jake, Sam, Greg T and Garrett talk about their addiction to their phones, plus Greg T learns a few new things!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Let's do it. What would you talk about on yours
on your podcast morning show? That's right, It is not
the ten minute, it is not the twelve minute, is

not the thirteen or fourteen minute, but it is, lady
and gentlemen, the fifteen minute Morning show podcast. Yes, I
am Greg T. And what we always say here is
when you hear Greg's voice kicking off the fifteen minute
Morning Show podcast, that means that there's a bigger name
online to some big celebrity is in studio and they
don't need me. So then I get stuck here in

the studio. But I'm not stuck here alone today because
today I got my partner of crime for the five
am pre show, What Up Garrett? And then of course
Garrett said, hey, guys, come on and help us out.
It's always the two of us. We got producer Sam
in house, and then we of course we've got Jake
a Snake, the auction master. Jake. Almost nice way to

be introduced. Yeah, you backhanded complimented all of us, You
front handed insut You should have already said before he
started the podcast. White one second, how did I give
you guys a backhanded compliment? So when the morning show
has something to do. They throw me in here, and
these other people are now stuck with me. Okay, is

that true? Well, we've already discovered on every podcast that
I'm on that whenever I'm on the fifteen minute morning shows,
it's the B team. Oh for sure team. Yeah. Yeah,
So I'm not offended. Well, I I know where I am.
I'm fully admitting what's going on. We just spread a
little positive positivity. Here we go. This is we need

this sound effect right now. I could feel myself going
all hold on, Sam has positivity, and all of a
sudden like this, I think he means first in Sam,
and Sam goes yes, Sam, give me my positivity. What Sam,
what do you want to say about that? I'm really
happy that, even though we're forced, I get to exchange

ideas and conversations with people I don't usually do except
for exactly now. Let's you know, you're very good at
one thing. You ask for things, and you just ask
for things well, because when you're going to do a
proper show, you need the proper material. A proper show
would would talk about this off the air and not

on the air. No, I believe in full transparency. That
is what America wants now. America wants transparency. We want
to know everything that's going on. And America wants you
to take your T shirt and put it on the
right way. What's wrong with my T shirt that I'm wearing.
It's on inside out? No, No, you did on purpose.
And you did it on purpose, so everyone can go great,
t take your shirt and put it on the right

way if you have certainly did not if you haven't noticed,
he's been dressing away trendier lately. He has. He has
these two new sweatshirts and how zip is on the side.
Let me tell you he got one, and then I
was like, that's an awesome sweatshirt. He comes in the
next week, he's got it in black. You're also wearing

more items of clothing with holes in them, but intentional.
I'm not a trendy person. I don't let me just
all right now, let me just tell you about my shirt. Okay.
So I needed to wear something a little bit like
I like gray, right, So I wear a gray shirt,
and I needed something with like no logo on it
because I felt like I was seeing I'm like a

little little bit of artiste. So I felt like my
sneakers were very like bold colored today green sneakers. Okay,
I like them, right, these are bold green sneakers, right,
I mean there's no logo on them, there's no nothing,
They're just bold green, am I right? Sure? They're like

a hunter green, hunter green, very dark green. Right. So
then I decided, well, it goes with hunter dark green.
I wouldn't have gone with gray, sorry to personally, you
would go with a brown, maybe like more of an
earth tone. That's what my short. Yeah, your shorts were
a good match, and there's no design on my shorts, right, yes,

So then I wanted to continue that by having a
shirt with no design. But why did you go with
gray if it was so intentional? A lot of my
gray shirts have designs like that one you have on
right now. This one doesn't have a design. What's on
the other side of it? It says there's a little
saying on it on the front, and I didn't want
that saying. So I decided to wear it backwards. And
I said, you know what, here I am in New

York City where people don't even care what they wear.
They were crapping. It becomes like a cool trend. So
I'm like, I'm just gonna turning inside out and just
go to work like that. Do you pick out your
clothes the night before because you put a lot of
thought into this and you wake up at like one o'clock.
I swear I legitimately, and I will say this, I
legitimately turned my shirt inside out and I said, I'm

just gonna go like that, because who's gonna see on
the inside. How many people are said, hey, you have
your shirt inside out? You three? Um one of the interns,
she was the first to recognize. Sam was second to
recognize so far Gandhi, Skiary, Elvis, Nate, Danielle, none of
them have recognized. Scotty be he recognized, Um, you didn't

want people to recognize you just wanted it to match.
So basically, basically, all the B team we all we
all you know noticed again with the positivity here for
the record, we're all Someone's eight team because without us,
the show wouldn't be able to run in the background
to each other. We're the Sam could find the worst

of the worst of a situation and find the glimmer
of sunlight that that is poking through and make it.
But hence why we need them. Everybody say it with me. Ready,
go and then we throw it over to Sam. We
should starting mpol. That's the way it goes. You need
to have sound of actually you're doing the show. Okay,

let's go. Now reverse and we reverse back to the shirt. Okay,
now we're back to the shirt. So I intentionally did
the shirt backwards, but not to make it a topic.
I specifically wore it backwards because I felt like it
would go well. Bold color, bold color, bold color, sneakers
shorts shirt. That's what I did. That's it. But yes,

so backwards would mean the tags in the front right,
not backwards inside out. That's what I meant, right. So
the thing is is that I did it on purpose
that way, and I know that people think, oh, we
did it for a topic, but I didn't. I did
it because I just wanted bold colors. Okay, you don't
believe that, not entirely. What are you thinking? But it's
mostly because of how you reacted when I addressed it,

because I didn't want to if it was just something
that was an easy decision. I'm like, how did I
say it to you? I'm like, t you might have
done it on purpose, So I know, sorry if you did,
and then I just kind of you just sat there
and like laughed for ten seconds, like you really indulge
exactly exactly. So now I do think you wanted the conversation.

I laughed because right before said that, the intern set
it as well. Okay, so that's what made me, you know,
cackle a little. Okay, could have just rolled it off. Well,
but here we are talking about on the morning show.
There we go, all right, switching gears. Now we're going
back into the first or second, third year. What's up?
What's our next topic? Well? Have you ever looked at

the screen time on your iPhone? This is very interesting? Okay,
here we're gonna go to Jake. Let's go this. Maybe
want to throw up earlier this millennial Jake, Yes, millennials. Okay,
So if you have an iPhone, for everybody listening, go
to your settings right now. I'm taking my phone out
right now. You do it because I don't want to
know my probably a depressing number. Okay, everybody, take out
your cell phone and got my cell phone? Okay, okay,
go to your settings. Settings now click on the button

that says okay are screen time? Screen time? How far down? Okay?
Now out at the top of that screen, it says,
whatever your iPhone's name is, click on that. How funny
mindsets turn on screen time? So mine's not even on.
But I'll do it right now and see if oh
look it's sea and I have options here, Okay, and
then go click last seven days at the time. But

here's my question, is this though, why this is my iPhone?
Take his mind? Bad? Why do I don't? I don't.
It's it's good. If you spend too much time on
your phone, it will remind you that you spend too
much time on your phone. Okay, So Sam, look at that.
It's ticking right now. Well that's because you just started.

It just started. Look at so over the last seven days,
per day, Sam's screen time is six hours and three
minutes per day. I think I could justify this a
little bit. The fact that ten hours in one week
on Instagram. I think I can justify this a little bit.
I would love to hear this. Please just go for it.

I'm a mindless fiddler, so I will do it unintentionally constantly.
And when I edit audio, it gives me a headache
if I watch the computer while I do it. So
while I'm here at work editing audio. I don't like
to look at the screen because it's too much for me.
When you see me in my studio, I'm always perched
on my phone. Netflix. But it's me just fiddling around

on my phone. Netflix is your number three app. That
makes sense because I fall asleep and wake up every
morning to Netflix on my phone. It tells you what
apps to right, It tells you so the Latin do
you have? I don't want people to know whatever I
might go to it. Yeah, listen to a dirty app.
So you have a dirty app? Well, I want of

your dirty app. I don't want to know. I don't
want to talk about that. But I didn't want anybody
to know that that I didn't want to know. Why
do they have to know? Why do they have to
know all this stuff I'm doing? Well, they don't have
to know. But it's more for your own health to
know how much you're using it. But aren't they What
are they doing with this information? They're using it to

tell you to make you a better person. Well, it's
also more to make you just feel terrible at how
munch time you waste them to day and suspended somewhere else.
Medium through Sam's information. Let's find out her most her
top three used apps. Yeah, actually it's to top five
Instagram number one, messages number two, Netflix, number three. What
do you think number four is? I don't know what's

number five? Okay, that's your porn? So do you watch
Netflix on your phone? Every morning? When I'm going about
my daily routine, I'm watching something on Netflix, carrying my
phone around and every night of fall asleep to it.
But why do you use Netflix on your phone? Why
don't you just watch it on your laptop? Because I'm
walking around and it's I could just carry on my
phone with me. The reason why I'm asking your do

you know? Let me just sidebar switching gears for one second. Yeah,
we gotta make our own sound effects because I can't
use sound effects board right now? Okay, budget the team budget. Um, So,
my daughter Jada, she has a phone, right and shelves,
has a computer and all that stuff, but she chooses
to watch Netflix on her phone, get it instead of

on her laptop? You get that because she can walk around.
You're not want to watch you do want to watch
it on the watch where you're watching you you're moving around,
you don't need to be connected to a TV. That's
the point of Netflix is just the the axis of
wherever you are in the world, whether it be your
your couch, something. She's watching actively because for me it's

just the office on loop, so I'm mindlessly watching. I
can recite every episode, so I'm not really paying attention.
She's watching Dance Moms just the same. She doesn't care
what episode. It is music for us imagining the creator
of a television show or a movie, and that's how
people watch your show, just walking around like not paying attention.
You spend your entire life working on this show. People.

I can recite the entire series, so it's different that
they're fine. Don't feel bad for the can't they leave?
The new generation is just watching Netflix on a little screen.
I don't do that, and they use it like audio.
All right, listen back in the gear, back back at
the Sam's phone. Let's figure out Garrett's time seven hours,

seven hours a day. And what are your stuff? What?
You're mostly the Internet and Instagram. But I can tell
you it justifies me being here at work. No, see,
that's what we all say. But that's such bullshit. It
is it is because Jake, I could tell you I
know more about almost anything than you do. Okay, that's
sound effect for bolt Stad. I would say you're more

know who exactly? Why am I? Here's the thing? Okay, over,
now we're like fighting. That's good. Now we're like boxing
sound effects. Over the last seven days, I've spent eight
total eight and a half hours on Instagram. I admired
Jake for that. No, that's crazy. That so insane, Like
why do I need to be looking to the other

lives insane sound effect effects? I know I need that?
So good. It's been a little more specific, Carrott. You
don't know more than almost anything. Over, it's all very specific,
everything exactly, everything work. You could spend half the amount

of time that you do now and still know just
as much. Not really, it's because how much of your
time is spent just mindlessly scrolling scroll, scroll, scroll stop.
Oh I'm gonna like that, scroll scroll scroll. Who knows
that's me? I'm mindless about it. I wish you could
tell me how much I was active. Yeah, this is interesting.
I'm gonna track this tomorrow. I didn't even know because

have the balls to tell us the app that he
uses that he doesn't want the world to know, show
us in this room at leit sound effect, the tenser
tenser sound effect. Don't, don't, don't, don't do without saying
it the root. I don't want to go into it. No,
come on, don't to you for what my judging you.
I just find that sexuality should be private and contained

in an app with all your information. I so choose
that if I have a dirty site that I like
to go to, that I so choose to have that
as a private thing. That's fine. I respect that. Doesn't
tell you to download the app. You can just go
to the website and put your phone on private. You
can do a lot of how do you know that?
How do I put my phone in private? You go
to Safari and then he is talking about it. He's

holding the front of his against his chest like it's
a baby, Like we're gonna grip it out of your head,
Like the only way we're getting the phone out of
his hands is a sniper with with a laser comes
in and shoots him down. Physically protective. Right now, we
have twenty seconds left, all right, So what do I
real fast? Go to Safari the button on the bottom right,
hold that down and click new were out of time.

Oh come on, let me teen minute morning show. Yeah,

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