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May 5, 2022 12 mins

Diamond wants to have a roller skating birthday party! Also Diamond thinks Scotty B has a "announcer" voice! 

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast fun,
Elvis represents fifteen minute morning show. I don't know if
you guys have heard, but due two cuts around here,

it's the ten minute morning show. How that is that
just today or moving? This is basically whenever Elvis isn't here,
This is an executive decision. Well for the day. But
here's my question. I feel like a couple of times
this week we went over, so I feel like we

might be owed frog. You always keep the time. What
do you think? I agree? You're right? Okay? So is
it what the eight minutes show today? I don't know. See,
here's the thing. It's going to be such a nice day.
I feel like we should all get out there and
enjoy it because up here in the Northeast it's supposed
to be. As somebody just takes me poopy over the weekend,
it's crap. I love Sunday. It might be okay, but

cloudy and rainy Saturday fifties. It's not going to get
much warmer on Sunday. Today is sunshine. Everybody get out
there and enjoy it. What are you gonna do today, Danielle?
So I have a dentist. I have to go to
the hospital to pick something up, and I might be
covering a friend's gig tonight if I have to. And

so I don't know. I don't know how much outside
I'm gonna do. But I'm definitely going for a walk
no matter what. I will go for a walk today
because it's so beautiful. You go for a walk every day?
You do? I try. I try to go for a
walk every day. Doesn't always Happenecial walking shoes. I have
some special sneakers I put on. I mean my walking sneakers.
You're walking sneaker, not walking sneakers. They're just better for
your feet than the crap I normally we can I

ask a question. Yeah, like, okay, I like to go
for bike rides, but I you know, you're talking about walking.
Whatever is it? Okay? If I put on a pair
of roller skate and skate around the name, yes, and
wait a minute, Yeah, that's gonna look a little creepy.
I'm okay. Hang on, hang on, hold on, let's start.
Let's start with the youngest, just based on that kind.

On a second, there's a guy that lives up the
street for me, he puts on a full hockey uniform
and skates and skates up and down the street with that.
Please don't do that. Yeah, but I just I want to.
I don't know. I I feel like if I hit
a twig or something, I'll just go flying. You know,
it's much more controlled when you're in a rink. Possibly
you go to like a park that has like a
path path roller blade on the bike. There could always

be a rock, door, an acorn, and then I'm done, right,
So let's go Diamond. Should Scotty be go roller skating
in his neighbor Absolutely not. That looks a little pervy, Scott. Well,
I mean that's why I don't go to the roller
rink by myself. I always take Cooper with me because, well,
you may have to take Cooper with you on this
trail because and honestly, if I saw a guy like skating,

I'd probably try to trip him. So that is not nice,
trip Scotti. But okay, youngest oldest danielle um No, you're
the next youngest. Hello, all right, that's very nice, actually
very gentlemanly with I don't see anything wrong with it.

I see lots of people rollerblading and roller skating all
around in the neighborhood. Maybe it's the new thing. It's
like hot again. And actually roller blading when I was
growing up was the big thing, but now roller skating
is the big thing. And I think it's easier to
roller escape because there's four wheels instead, right, just that one.
Is it less creepy to roller blade than roller skate?

I think the answer is yes. But I think you
have to also understand. You have to get to the
bottom of why you feel that way, because you know
that's the lad. Yes, the roller blade is harder to
balance rollerblading. You would have wheels, no, you know what
I mean, You wouldn't have a problem with it. If
Scotty was rollerblading, right, I think I'd have a problem.

What are you going to wear? That roller blades round
the path by me and every time he passed you
he slaps you high five? Good question from Froggy. What
do you plan on wearing this seed? That's I honestly,
and I would look stupid. I'd probably wear jeans, seems
but if I wore shorts, I would totally fall and

I would scrape my knees. Sweatpants or you got sat
in seventies shorts and I'll dig the knee pads out
of the closet. You know, I don't use those anymore,
So maybe this is okay. This is It would be
really good at roller bleeding, just like a fun fact.
I could even go backwards. Great. I could do the

swerving in and out of the cones back in the day. Man,
I would rolling. We're going to roller skating is a no,
because I don't think the four wheels that way. No
rollerblading feels intense. Let's go, all of guys, don't do it.
I'm having a roller skating party for my birthday. Yeah,

having hers tomorrow. We're going. We're going to United Skates coming, Yes,
and we're having a roller roller skating party tomorrow. So
I'm coming. I think is it's sketcher that just some
some I don't even know what it is. Steve Madden
just released a line of roller skates because people are
buying roller skates again, and so a lot of the
shoe companies are making really cool looking skates. We just

got we just got Cooper these cosmic skates and they're
all like like iridesiny kind of with stars on that.
She loves them. I would like a pair. I should
have asked for Mother's Day for a pair of roller skates.
It's not too late, Danielle. We can go. I want
to go. It's great exercise, but really hurt that, you know,
Scotty is actually offered to teach me how to roller
skate because I'm forty two and I still don't know how.

But I don't know how. Okay, you guys want to
have a roller skating party? Yes, yes, I'd be so
embarrassed though, because the last time I tried, I lost
my balance and I did one of these things where
you go and I fell backwards and at the back
of one thing. It's easier than ice skating, and we

can we can get you a skatematee, so it's perfect.
That's the walker. It's the walker with wheels on it.
That's so embarrassing, money more embarrassing than falling. I could
I skate as well, but not well. But it's it's
much easier to you. Should your theme should be like
nineteen eighties and nineteen seventies and everybody comes deck down
the lesson I'm talking Jessica. Yes, okay, I don't know.

If I don't know, I just don't want to earned
we should do it, and then Scary will get to
go in the DJ booth at United Skates and because
those let me tell you something, we went there a
couple of weeks ago roller skating and the dude in
the DJ booth is like, has that DJ thing? Andrew
says that I do it, but this guy's like, okay,
it's body, get off to the skate floor. If you
get to the center, and we got our gold skates.
The global party is coming up now, not much different

than a strip club DJ exactly exactly. They wanted the
same comes the skater saurus. This next skate for women
or wait, choose your partner. Go ahead, ladies, choose a
different partner to skate around with. And then you look
around You're like, who am I going to pick? And
then they used to change directions. There's like all right, everybody,

because everyone's going off to the left. Now it's like,
now let's go clockwise. Did you guys ever go see
a roller derby match or whatever? The women that did
it out by me, absolutely it's insane. So it was big. Yeah,
it's it's very violent. It's this big underground thing in
l A. And we go and there was like hidden

roller rink in the middle of this warehouse, and they
built these little stands on the side of it, and
you sit there and you just watch these women beat
the ship out of each other. It was it was crazy.
I mean they were just and they would do this
thing where they grab one like they have one and
then they slingshot her to like knock somebody else like wu.

One of our one of our, one of our former interns, Victoria,
is a professional women's roller derby girl. Yeah, we had
some people on because apparently there's a league, so I
don't one of the I don't know if the league
gets as violent as the underground stuff. I can't imagine.
It's a very highly paid. How do you win, I

donople You have to. You have to get a number
of them past the other team around the rink, like
you you lap the other team, and you get a
point for each member of your team that laps the
other team. So they've got the little the little girls
that that like they move forward, but then there's these
bigger gals that knock them over, like block them. It's crazy.

You got these little honeys, they little ones. Brody, you
don't strike me as much of a roller skater. What
does that mean? But no, he's gonna board. Remember what
exactly what I said? I can roll or skate, I
can ice skate, Yeah, yes do douche bag, douche bag,

I know what you meant in the words. I didn't
know what you're implying the answer the question like you're
the least athletic person in the planet skate though, Yeah, okay, okay,
but you know, for instance, the day that you said
that you're an avid skateboarder, never said I was an
avid skateboarder. I said I own a skateboard and I
can skateboard on it. I'm just saying, let's be honest.

If we're gonna be honest, does Broory strike you as
a skateboarder. It was came as a pleasant surprise to
me that you didn't say it was a skateboarder. At
one point in my life, I was seventeen. I skateboarded.
You were seen. Yeah, believe it or not. Believe it
or not, it makes you a skateboarder. Right. If you

rob a bank, okay, Brodie, if you rob a bank,
you're a bank robber. Yeah, I know, but I had
pimples back in the day. I'm not a pimple face anymore.
Things change, right, Yeah, Diamond's got something to say, go
ahead down. It just that one didn't connect. Like if
you just saw me with a hockey stick in my hand,

he would be like, what the hell are you? I
didn't know that you play hockey, or you know because
you're not athletic. Exactly, here we go, but I am
does Look, I just want to know if I set
up a roller skating party, will you guys come? Yes,

counted out, I'll be there. Will you be that? Will
you do your announcer voice if you want me to know?
I want Scary to do it. He does weddings, but
Scaries announcer voices his actual voice. Yours is different. Fine,
I'll do it. Wait, how is his voice different? He
always gives me ship that I changed my voice when
I chord stuff. Whenever he does the weather, he goes
from talking like this to all of a sudden being like,

it's gonna be a mix us today. Yes, he puts
on a British accent on Saturdays. When you do, like
when you sometimes host a show on the weekend, I
do notice that you do have a little bit more
of a radio voice than your normal It's the processing.
It's not me. I change my voice when I do
the weather and when i'm talking. No, no, you're you

stay the same. He specifically even his spots sometimes when
he was recording something for like a client, It'll be like,
and you can get yours now. It sounds like we
went we went over a ten minute limit. Alright, what

could I do it? In Scotty's announcer voice, to see goodbye,
thank you for joining us on our fifteen minute morning show.
We have to head out a little early today. We'll
see you later. Have a great afternoon. Everyone, tomorrow better tomorrow,
piece outs everybody, M The fifteen Minute Morning SHOWM.

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