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March 23, 2017 16 mins

We all got caught up on some movies and noticed some things, without spoiling them!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
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about on your On your podcast, Elvis represents it feels
like we haven't left, like we're doing back to back podcast.
I feel like whatever. I know, but it feels like

we've first, like we just did yesterday. Yeah, just sitting here, Hi, Hi,
Hi guys. I'm Bethany, last named Watson. Over there is
David Brody. Last name she said it ye, Greg t Yeah,
what's up? And then we have Sam producer Sam last
named Danger. There you go, yeah, Nathaniel Marino. And then

we have a Garrett Garrett on The Ones and twos.
Your last name is on the Ones and two. Yes,
it's really good that you got into this career. I know, ironic.
I want to talk about some feelings that I have today. Um,
you know what about that's the problem with you. It's

a minute podcast kind of time. No, Actually, I had
something really cool happened. Um while we were on break,
I saw a movie starring Paul Walker. Okay, and I know, right,
but um furious. No, it actually wasn't anything. No, it
wasn't Tokyo Drift. It wasn't five, It wasn't Fast and
the Furious, More Fast and More Furious. It wasn't five

Golden Rings, Fast and Furious. It was It was called
The Lazarus Project, and it came out in two thousand eight.
I know, right, yeah, I've heard of it. It was
It was a good movie. I enjoyed it. The thing
that surprised me about it is that I realized I
had never seen Paul Walker act like I had seen
him in Fast and the Furious, and there are moments

in those movies, but like this movie, he had to act.
He um, he had to love his child, he had
to be taken away from his child. Like none of
these are spoilers. And he has those conversations where his
his lips quiver and he has a single tear and
but as a man, he's trying to hold it back,

but it's coming through. He has just like it's a
beautiful love letter. But it's like a thriller. It's like
a good movie. What kind of card drive I don't remember,
but like I mean, it's a thriller. It's a mystery,
it's a great movie, but like he had these moments
of really acting and I realized, holy crap, Paul Walker
was a really good actor. I had no idea how
he gives all the fields. Yeah. The same thing with

Marilyn Monroe. I had no idea she's actually good actor
until I was so good. It was really good. Yeah,
even in her like real life when the camera was off,
because she was always Marilyn Monroe's like she was alone.
Has it ever happened to you, guys where you never
you just kind of took for granted an actor and
then you were like, holy crap, they can actually act,
you know what. Nate and I were talking about this
yesterday because I came back from the weekend. We both

saw Logan. Now, Hugh Jackman is very talented. He's Broadway,
he could sing and day does everything. He's everything. But
really I don't see his romance movies when he does them,
I only see him as Wolverine. And as Wolverine he's
he's pretty good. Fights, you know, fights bad guys and
he stabs them. Logan as a movie is no no spoilers.
He plays he plays an old version of Wolverine of Logan.

He's amazing. It really was. So one of the things
that I look for in an actor is not just
how they deliver the words, but how their body responds.
You know, if you ever take any acting class, is
one of the first lessons they teach you is how
to walk like someone, because if you can imitate them,
you can become them basically, right, and Hugh Jackman in
this movie is an old Logan and old Wolverine. He

is walking like an old man and everything hurts walking away,
and I'm like, oh my god, that looks like my grandfather.
Wants to be able to mimic that is such a
skill that actors strive their whole life to do. He
makes you feel bad for a superhero getting old. He runs,
he's out of breath. I mean, he's he's suffering as

a guy who's had a lifetime of fighting and stabbing
and healing and killing and healing, and and he's so
good at it that you he There's a scene where
there's I did I cried. I cried a couple of times,
but there's a scene that really shows you how amazing
he is. Again not a spoiler, there's a younger version

of him in the movie, so you see him now
and you see him old, and you're like, you don't
realize how old he is until you see him in
the scene with a younger version of himself, that he
is what he really looks like. Well, you're blown away
that he's real because you really think he's He looks
like a sixty five year old man in this movie.
I feel like you gotta give him double props for that,

because it's not like he has a lot of other
movies to pay attention to, Like he really had to
create the first role of an old superhero. He's kind
of still doing his thing, like that's not really something
you can go look up and see how other people
have done it. Good for you, Hugh, And you know what,
it's a superhero movie. So I feel like he won't
get nominated for an Academy Award. But you know, props

to Patrick Stewart, who also plays I meant him okay,
look sir, Sir Patrick Stewart is a Shakespearean legendary actor.
But you still have not seen him act until the
script they gave him for this movie. I'm sure Billy
Shakespeare really appreciates that. No, no, listen, I've seen him Shakespeare.

He they make him look to be in his nineties,
which you know, and it's I'm telling you, like that movie,
that's just a just a microcosm of these these actors
that you don't realize their talents until they're given a
role like that to prove themselves right. And I'm telling you,
I'm sure Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are like, Okay,

finally a change in the character, something that I can
really think my teeth into. Yeah. And same thing with
Paul Walker. I mean he you know, there's this movie
I read about on Reddit with Paul Walker from called
Tammy and the t Rex. Have you guys heard about
this Tammy? It was, um, what what plot? The plot

of the movie, Paul Walker is mauled by a lion
and forced to have his brain transferred into the body
of a giant animatronic t rex. I am not making
this up. Google quite a minute. Did they put his
mind into a t rex? Or was he such a
good actor he became a I'm not google it. Okay,
what's it called Tammy and the t Rex? Please? Tammy?

Deniece Richards? Oh, I think watching movie? If poor guy
has this shitty movie that he has the star and
when he could be playing a father right in the
movie that Beth and he was describing evil scientists Yeah father,
yeah um and evil scientists implants the brain of Michael,
a murdered high school student spoiler alert, into a Tyrannosaurus.

He escapes, reeks vengeance on his high school tormentors, and
is reunited with his sweetheart Tammy. Sorry, when he's a
t rex? Does he wear a name tag? So the
kids in high school remember him, little box? And how
does he beat them up? Can I? Can I rant
for a second? Related to Logan? Okay? So yep. Logan

is an R rated superhero movie. Like Deadpool. There's a
lot of profanity and a lot of gore. Now I
can explain that to my kids. So I took two
of my daughters thirteen and eleven, who love Marvel movies,
and they've heard profanity. They live with me, but you
know they understand they'll be violence. They've seen you know,
The Walking Dead with me. But because it's all rated,

the trailers for other movies playing before it, we're bad.
It was so bad that you know, like the green
screen that says this preview was approved of this movie
they showed red ones that said this of you is
only for this movie. Right, So they before the preview
for Chips, the new cop movie coming out, which is

off the TV show. Right, there was a commercial for
AMC stubs their fan club membership with the two guys
from Chips, and they're talking about parents. If you're listening
to cover your kid's ears, Hey, man, you eat the
ass today. Everybody's eating ass. I love eating ass. Oh well,
if you see baby wipes in a woman's house, then

you know she's clean. Then it's time to eat as.
And and then there's a scene where one of them
carries the other one and his crotches in his face
and he's like, did you lick it was your face
in there? Like okay, So here's here's what I'm saying.
It's one thing to teach my kids about the F
word and and and fake claws going into a guy's head,

But that does not give you carte blanche in a look.
I know the movie is not for kids, but it's
still a Wolverine movie. My kids are going, well, that's
what I'm saying you Also, for your Marvel fans, the
bonus scene is before the movie there is no bonus
scene after don't wait twenty minutes. Yeah, he had the
sex convo with your kids? Have you had the eating
as you have a son? What you have conversation? You

should start earlier, and it was I got wipes at home,
so I should ask was there was there any eating
acid the t rex in the phrase at least, but munching?
Oh my god. Anyway, anyway, that's it. I have a
gripe with AMC. He's coming back in the time to
have this conversation. You had the eating as conversation with

your daughters. He has leave the room. It was just
an awkward moment, very awkward. Speaking of movies too, did
you hear that they're rebooting The Matrix? Well, I heard
what the hell they Well, they shouldn't have even made
a sequel. That's how boring and dull as Hollywood for
them to go, you know what, we should remake a

movie that did very well. Okay, they've done that before though,
so I'm on the Google. It says the upcoming Matrix
film will neither be a remake nor a reboot. According
to writer Zack Penn, it will be a relaunch, which

is a reboot same movie and they're just putting it
back in theaters. They're saying, all I can say this point,
No one could or should reboot the Matrix. People who
know Animatrix and the comics understand. Can't comment yet except
to say the words reboot and remake. We're from an article.
Let's stop responding to a fake news um so. But
they're but they're touching it, they're doing something with it.

Can we talk about a big sequel? Oh, Michael B.
Jordan's is thought to be in it. Michael Jordan is
going to be in the amazing my oh he's so good. Anyway, Yes, sorry, Brodie.
Somebody texted in that Froggy sounds like wreck It Ralph,
which is John c Riley. So I didn't remember it
was John c Riley. So I put in on IMDb
dot com, the greatest website ever. I put in wreck

It to pull up the cast list, and it said
wreck it It sequel, So I clicked on it. It
said wreck Itt Ralph's sequel untitled. They don't have a
title yet for reckord Ralph, the sequel. It's gonna be Ralph?
Is it really a mystery? Well? Finding Finding Dory was

the sequel to finding Nemos. Yeah, but they were finding
somebody else. He's still going to wreck it. I mean,
that's that's what the man does. There's no spoiler. He
wrex it. You did all of this branding with the
first movie and then we're gonna call it what mc
betwna mess it up a little bit? Yeah, messed up? Ralph, Like,
what is that we're talking about? Patrick Stewart. The one

thing I took away from logan seventeen years of him
sitting down in a chair. He had a job. That's
all he did of the chair in a wheelchair. My
my friend Jeremy went to a show at Fashion Week.
I think it was Jay Cruise launched Fashion Week and
they had it sort of where instead of a runway,
it was just a room with the models around the
perimeter and you would just walk around and look at
all the models awkwardly. And he was doing it on

Instagram live, so I was watching him as he was
doing it, and some of the models got to sit
and some of them had to stand in poses and
it was for an hour, And who are the ahole
models to get to sit for an hour and then
dude next to you standing up can you like, tap out,
you sit and I'm going to stand how you can't
tap out? You can't make eye contact because one of
the models was his buddy and he couldn't. He just

stared in front of him and looked at him, and
his buddy could not look at him. Was like being
a queen's guard. So we're going to feel bad for
the hot guy in the expensive clothing who got paid
to do nothing. He still did more than Patrick the
chair the chair for seventeen years, and some of the
you have to do the wheelchair up until the last
movie was motorized in this one too. He's got a

little hand that he had Hugh Jackman carrying him around.
M lazy bastard, cripple letsten thing of the easiest movie
role to be Um the Shark and Jaws, Wenie Bernie.
That's where my first boobs in that movie because Bernie

he was being pulled along by a jet ski and
and the top came off. That's where I saw Kenny
Baker may rest in peace. The guy inside R two
D two he just had a right around somebody else
remote controlled it. We have to makeup, yeah, because it's
like this slots he didn't know where he was going.
He turned, he turned the turret on the top, but

he wasn't the one telling it where to go. And
if he was, I'm sure it wasn't that difficult. Anthony Daniels,
he was c three p oh, yeah, I mean he
still is that. He's gotta walk around. Yeah, that's tough. Bernie, Bernie, Okay,
is it Vin Diesel who does the voice of Grout.
Oh yeah, okay, here's his voice over job. I am Grouted.

That's it. That's all he said. Hey, do a ten
different ways. I am grouped. I have grouted. Agree. How
do you think the negotiations went for that movie? You know,
they come over like, hey, we wanted to play this part.
Let's say three words. How about how about the negotiations
for the sequel. They've already got his voice. I think
he got a half a million dollars for them. Yeah,

that's half. Who got eating on the toilet bowl in
Jurassic Park? All? Wait a minute, are we talking about
eating game the lawyer? All the Spanish guy. No, No,
not the Spanish guy. It was the blood sucking lawyer, right,
sit down, get eaten by a dinosaur. Yeah, but Paul
Walker as the t REGs, because if Paul Walker ate

him on the toilet, that's actually love podcast to come
full circle. You start doing that, that's a callback, folks.
Oh God, alright, let's get out of here. Do it again.
I would love to. Let's do another one right now, Paul.
We could never do two on the same thing. Would
never happen. The fifteen minute Morning Shell

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