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November 5, 2019 15 mins

We can promise that it's long than yesterday podcast. A melting pot of topics.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
Firms Morning Show. Now we're doing this podcast on Tuesday five.
We had a really good show today. Charlie Pooth came in,
performed and sang and how does he do that thing?

How does he do where I go? And he's like,
be flat. Oh, he knows he has perfect pitch. It's
this weird thing. He was struck by lightning as a child.
How does that work? Though? Well, I don't know. And
then that's the whole point. We don't know. We we
don't have perfect pitch, so we we'll look it up.
Let me look it up. Do you think he's lying
to a degree though? No, I think he's like if
I played I knew this kid back in high school

and he had perfect pitch, and we would play this
game where we would press the key on the piano,
he would have his eyes closed and he would walk
from the other side of the room and hit the
same key. Yeah, no, no, no, I have friends who
can do it too. I can tell you a third,
like between a C and E or F A. Well, no,
that's not a third. Would be two different notes in
relation to If two notes in relation to each other,

you can have perfect a C A I have to
take I don't even know nobody texted it correct him,
and I'm sure there's musicians listening. I think see celet's
see yes, you said the world. Hold on, maybe I'm
pulled up with my phone. Hold on, this is what
this has come to. Hold on? You know the dal

tone is an f I did you get to your
guitar to a dual tone and a car horns? E?
I think that's the call. It depends if you have
a toyota, if you have my cards. I'm doing a
c Okay, here are you? This is a perfect pitch. Cee. Yeah,
and he says, okay, here we go. He's gonna do

it again. If you don't hit this. Okay, I'll get
to this in a minute. I'm just downloading an happ
This is stupid. You had it. No, I don't be
it was the YouTube. Wait a minute, isn't Elvis's French
horn under the desk? Soon? What is it? Oh? It's
a baritone. This is the most boring podcast ever, although
yesterday here we go. See mhm, this is you're that's

a third? Is a third? Anyway, it's a perfect pitch.
Charlie Poof that was good. Yeah, where's Gandhi records stuff?
By the way, should we apologize for yesterday's podcast? What happened?
I had to leave early. What happened? We technical difficult
We had technical problems. Okay, I heard that. You didn't
You just said that so you wouldn't have to do

There was technical problems. Technically, Nick didn't want to do
a podcast. Occasions where the music will start playing to
introduce us, and then somehow the music starts trailing us
right back out on a loop within a minute. It
usually happens the day before vacations. Yeah, and Friday's Occasionally
it happened, but then we stopped doing them on Fridays.
So also it happens right after Scary spends about twelve

seconds going hold on, oh what is that? So you're
saying this boring podcast is in line to compete with
yesterday's boring podcast. This is already way better than longer.
Longer would have been longer? How long did you go yesterday?
Including an ad because people were texting you today saying

they got mad at you, Nate, because you ended the
past on early technical problem. I was merely demonstrating to
Gandhi what we used to do Scary took it to
the next level and actually finished the podcast early, which
I'm not upset about, to be honest with you. How
much was that bus you just do scary under No?
I think I could have stopped him and said, well,
that's what it was like when we used to do

the podcast and we didn't want to do it, but
now I didn't. I wanted to be done. I didn't
have anything to say. Yesterday, Hey, let's talk about stuff
that happens back background. People like to hear what happens,
you know, when the songs are on. When the commercials
were playing today with Charlie Pooth here, he had his entourage,
his sister, people from the music label We're here, and
he's he's always so nice to us. His people are

all nice. His bodyguard is also the bodyguard for Harry
Style Mason, big tall guy right who didn't want to
He didn't want to take ship off anyone. You can
just tell it. He's like, just, you know, please don't
hurt Charlie. I'll have to kill you know, one of
those guys. Good, that's what he gets paid to do.
But someone here was so impressed at Mason, Harry Styles
bodyguard was here guarding Charlie Pooth, but they were more

impressed with the fact that he he's a bodyguard for
Harry Styles. And I thought that was kind of interesting, like,
we're so happy Charlie's here because his bodyguard is a
bodyguard for Harry Styles. So we we blew his cover.
So he was telling Charlie and the record label that
his friend is Harry Style's bodyguard until our our friends

here kind of called him out, and Charlie Pooth just
found out after our interns told him, Okay, there you have.
So I went up to him. I said, hey, listen, um,
my interns would love to get a picture with you.
And he went why why would they want a picture
of me? And I said because Batman, Yeah, because, uh,
you bodyguard famous people and one of your other clients.
Although they loved Charlie, they're obsessed with Did he take

it well? He said, who? I said he was? Don't
tell me Harry Styles. Yes, how do they know me?
Because you're seven feet tall and you have a beard
and a man bun and so he said, yeah, they
want a picture. Man bun made him seven to Hey,
did he take a picture. He took a picture. Yeah,
so we welcome to the room. Gone, Hi, gone, Hi,
Danielle's walking through, Danielle, I love you guys. Well at

least you made more of today's podcast than I did yesterday.
We all did. Yeah, yesterday was only a minute long. Hi, Gandhi, Hi,
what's going on? I was just as impressed with this
bodyguard staring out there, standing out there. I was trying
to like sneak a picture because to me, and we
know it, tonight, the Little Mermaid Live is on. That
guy looked like a human king Triton, like this long

gray hair like modern day. Yeah, definitely, yeah, Like if
they were casting that part, it should be this dude.
But I was just looking at him like he has
about a foot and a half taller than everyone. He
looks like a lumberjack. And also I would never mess
with him. So I was trying to take a picture
and he totally something. What is it about the bodyguards
and we see them all the time when we have
for many years, some of them look mad and some
of them aren't mad, and we just assume they're mad

because they're big. I had brought up Big Rob to him,
because he's the Jonas brother's bodyguard. But Big Rob has
been up here a hundred times with almost every artist
we have had, and he goes on stage now and
sings with Jonas brothers. So I said he does. It
was on on the internet last week, so I said, Mason,
would you ever sing with Charlie's That's never gonna happen.
But he's not quite as Big Rob, fun and Teddy Bears.

But Garrett used to only take pictures with bodyguards when
they come up here, not the celebrities. I had an
idea of making a coffee table book me and bodyguards. Okay,
so I have enough to make it happen, it just
hasn't come. I love that come out. You're a great idea,
and if it's a part of this business a lot
of people aren't familiar with exactly. Nate actually got some
advice for his man bun from this the bodyguard, because
he too has a man bun. Are you really going

to pursue this man? But apparently takes three years, though
I don't know if I have that kind of time.
I don't know if you do. He had a lot
and he had a beard because he said he looked
at me and he goes, you're gonna grow the beard too,
and I said I'm gonna try, and he just looked
at me with this look of disgust, like I was
just not worthy for either a beard or a man bun.
And then he walked away beard nor bun. Yeah, like

I just wasn't worthy and he just walked away, say goodbye.
Very elitist about their beards, very and they judge other
guys beards. I had no idea. It was like this
underground club of I wish I could have a regular,
a regular beard. I just can't be good with scruff.
It's but it's all silver. But that's it is. November.
I remember that one time you challenged me to you

just do a mustache. You look like such creep predatory.
You look like a predator to three week Sin. I
had to get rid of it. It was we kept
putting pictures of him with Mario from Nintendo grow a mustache.
I used to be able to grow a better beard
than probably all of you in this world. But I

went to Ideal in med Spa and now I'm hair
I remember. I remember one time November was going to
come on as a client, and Scary agreed to do November,
but with conditions. He's like, well, I have to be
able to shave on November blank. And he gave a
date because he had a very big appearance that day
and he's actually my brother's wedding or something. I didn't

want to be in family pictures. You don't want to commit,
commit to a facial hair. I couldn't do it. Well,
back to this bodyguard thing. You know, I have noticed
in our years of doing this, there are two types
of bodyguards. There are the bodyguards that just are there
to escort the artist from the car to the venue
and then kind of watch him and then escort them.
Then there are other bodyguards that actually show up early
case the joint, look for all the exits, observe everyone

bulges in their pockets when they arrived. Those are the
bodyguards check the toilet and check the toilet like Janet
Jackson's bodyguards did, just to make sure we didn't have
any any much cameras. Remember Britney Spears Britney Spears bodyguards.
They were former Israeli commandos and I was walking around
with him and they weren't the big, stereotypical, huge bodyguards.

They were the ones that would do like ninja moves
if if something happened, like what is it? You say, Yeah,
they just mess you up. I think it's really interesting
that a lot of these people have bodyguards, will never
see that they're just out and about, dressed like normal
people and chasing the place. Yeah, those are the ones
that are scary too. Britney's people came in and cover
it up the coke machine when she was big with PEPSI,
we had coke machine and didn't want anyone to actually

get a picture of her with coke machine, yeah, like
in the background, because that would be scandalous. We didn't
say that. I'm sure there was a contract that said
shout not take pictures of Brittany and coke anyway, So Elvis,
you don't know this. When we're out at events, a
bunch of us kind of act as your bodyguard as
we as we tried to figure out a situation if

something goes wrong, how to get you out of there.
Really you don't know, but we tried. Why would I
ever need to get out of anything? I mean, for
I've seen that situation you had to get out of.
There was definitely one we don't have to talk about it,
but there was Wow. Maybe one day you can tell
me you're a part of it. We were like, oh
my god, make sure he gets back to his room
where he's getting his skin peeled off of the potato pie.
Oh yeah, and you've had fights with bodyguards? Yes? Yes,

Oh should we? I mean the Rihanna one to remember, Yeah,
that was a stage stage manager. Yeah, yeah, he was
an idiot. No, But anyway, so someone else talk. I'm
so at the beginning of the show, we're talking about
catching up on things like Nate scabies. What happened? It
wasn't scabies, thank you, Elvis, even we freaked me out.

Was it nerves? It was cold alticrya. It's an allergy
to cold. Can you believe this shit actually exists? That
I was explaining to the doctor. He goes, I've never
really heard of that. Give me a second. And then
he went and consulted, which is always something you want
to hear your doctors say. And then he went and

consulted somebody else and they come back and they're like, oh,
really could be And he goes, it could be this
thing called cold alticaria, which it's a reaction your body
has to call it's an allergy to the cold? One
does that body got to talk to you like you're
a puss? Yeah? Is there a medicine for And he goes, well,
if it happens again, call me. I'm cold and tolerance

bubble boy could be, which means it also could not be. Okay,
it happens again, let me know. I thought Garrett's gluten
thing was a big deal. Look, Oh you're allergic to cold? Yeah?
Cold God, room full of fragility, and somebody else show
this Below Deck thing. You know, I'm obsessed with Below Deck.

It really, truly just it's great watching. It's watching these
people try to get along while they're dealing with all
these different passengers that come on board, you know, for
a week or two or three days at a time.
It really is. It's a fascinating show. It is. I
could see you and your friends on there though, like
you the Zoo crew, Uncle Johnny. I think that would

be a great episode of Below Deck. Oh he tossed
Uncle Johnny off in a heartbeat. In a heartbeat, the
problem is his wig is buoyant. But the good news
is he's not. But the thing about Below Deck is
it has all the right elements going. You have, you

have the crew who you get to know, and then
they have to interact with a family or some friends
that come on and leave. So you have the people
that you know, then you meet new people, then they
go away, and then they're replaced by other people and
then uh, it's it's fascinating how they run a cruise
ship or a yacht. A charter is what it is.
Is it like the old show love Boat? Nothing like that? Okay, no,

it's it's a yacht that holds like twelve people. Do
you like it enough that it could be your plan? B?
If you ever leave here, you will work for below deck? No, no,
no no, I just like to watch them. Could you
live on a yacht? Yeah? Who couldn't? I couldn't be amazing?
What's wrong? Scary? I could never live on a yacht

on ferry. I get sick very easily. You really are
just like there are the men. Get Alex on the
phone like he's a man talking about what you can't
He can't go on water, Nick, can't go in the cold, garrick,
Katie food, get started on Brody. I'm sick all the time.
I'm the manliest one in the road. I used to

be able to grow the best beard and me, I'm
attracted to other guys, which is a very manly thing.
I'm not taking man away from guys. Okay, listen, I'm
not trying to compare a yacht to a fishing boat.
But I did go fishing once, and after the boat
was out at sea and it was started rocking back
and forth, I'm like, I'm feeling nausty. Let's say that's
you out of your element upstairs and lay flat on

my dad at the top deck because that was the
part that was rocking. The leaf starfished on the poop deck.
It prevented me for vomiting, but I felt so I
went on a cruise and one of my friends came
with me, and she had all these patches and different
things for her seasickness, and the entire time I was like, you, who,
get out of here. You're not primed for anything. I mean,

while I'll puke at the smell of a poop. I
enjoyed the fact that we spent the first forty five
minutes of our show today on the air talking about
how you hate poop. I hate poop. I don't think it.
Must love it, but I just hate smelling it. But
have you seen the video of the guy who's walking
through the Mill Creek Mall in little round turds rolled
down his pant leg and they fall on the floor.

And another guy comes up the escalator and slips and
falls on his poop. It's fifteen minute morning show.

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