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April 6, 2020 47 mins

Day 1 of the EXTRA part of the Elvis Duran Show. We give Thanks to all our heroes out there keepings us safe and healthy .We also tried a group sing along to see how hard it was since the cast of hamilton made it look so easy!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Guns see one hundred us from of the Empire State Building. Okay,
Monday it is and we are at it again another week.
Here we go, serving from the top of the Empire

State Buildings, Elvis Durance. Well, here we are. It's gonna
be home on New York. Hi. Guys. Hello, Hello, So
here we go. This is day number one of us

doing the Extra hour, the bonus Hour, whatever you wanna
call it. So to everyone listening in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,
Long Island, little piece of Pennsylvania to ZE one hundred,
we welcome you everyone across the country and around the world.
Thank you so much for listening to us on the
I Heart radio app or on Serious XM channel twelve. So, uh,
now we have an entire hour. What do you want

to do? We did everything already. No, we've got a
Talente shower or something. Here's what we we have a
whole a whole hour to Phil We okay, okay, So
we have been discussing things we need to be doing
this hour. Uh, let's start off talking to a hero.

Let's go to line and talk to Will. You guys
want to meet Will. Hi, Will. Welcome to Z one hundred.
How you doing, guys, how's everything we're doing? All right?
I'm speaking to everyone. I guess we're doing okay. So
Will is alignman. You're currently up in White Plains setting
up the electricity for a field hospital that they're building

at Westchester County Center. How how amazing is that they
can set up a hospital like that thanks to you? Will?
What do you think about that? It's crazy? Actually, you know,
I gotta give it up for all the utility guys
that are still out here, and obviously you know, keeping
everybody's power on. Why everybody's at home. Um, we have
a hard time trying to do everything why it's live

and without getting electrocunity ourselves. But we have no choice
because people are working from home and stuff like that,
and obviously people with respirators breathing stuff, and we have
to keep the power on. So this way it keeps
them going. You know. Gosh, you know what is is interesting?
How Um, a month or two ago, we're living our
lives a lot do do do? Do? Do? Not really
thinking about every single individual who works to keep everything

on electricity, computers, phones, everything. It's just now we're learning
about you know, Will. I mean, you're a great example,
a lineman who's up in wide plane setting up electricity
to keep ventilators rolling so people can live. I mean
to months ago, sadly we took all that for granted.
You know, you guys know what I'm talking about, right,
It's just like yep, yeah, um if it's all right,

I mean, I gotta, I gotta get running because I gotta,
you know, do all this stuff. But I just wanted
to give our shout out to my brother. Also, my
brother is a X ray technician up in Manhattan Hospital
and he's actually dealing with people who are infected, taking
X rays of them and stuff like that. So I
just want to give a shout out to him. Well, look,
here's what we're gonna do. Then we wait, can't you
just put all of that hole on hold so you

just talk on the radio? Will You're so self kidding?
It's you know, I'm so I want to but I gotta,
you know, obviously works gotta get done. You know, I
got you. We're gonna let you go but it. But first,
thanks to our friends at our c A and Alicia Keys,
our girlfriend who has this new song called Underdog, Uh,

We're going to send you uh one thousand dollars to
spend on your loved ones that need help right now. Okay,
oh roll strike. You appreciate absolutely. Did you know there's
people that you know who really could use the cash.
And thanks to Alicia Keys Uh you are official Z
one Underdog or the day with all the hard work

you're doing, Will is here for Will. Alright, alright, hold
on much second, Nate's gonna get some information. Then you
go back to do the important stuff and we appreciate
it very much. Hold on, Will seriously. Yeah, you know what.
It's all these underdogs and this and thank you Alicia
Keys for giving us this song. It's just the timing
could not be more perfect. Look at all those people

that we just have been taking for granted every day,
people like Will. It's pretty wild. Um, let's play it.
Let's start our show with Underdog Alicia Keys on Z one.
This song is like a prayer. I hope that we

remember how resilious we are and how we defy the odds.
I'd like to dedicate this song to all the first
responders and medical professionals that I risk in their life

to keep us safe. I'm so grateful. Yea, she was

working in the street, looked up and noticed he was nameless.
He was unless she asked Tom his name, man told
him what hers was. He gave her a story by
like with a glinton as I had a corner of
a smile. One conversation, simple moment. The things that change
us if we notice when we look up sometimes, they said,

of game and always better to break the more. The
only dreening a bit, she said, is my own. So
I sing a song for the hustles trading at the
bus stuff single with us weet and on a check
to commun teachers, starting up those people on the front line,
knowing it'll get to run the school's out to the

on the dog, keep on keeping out. You're loving, you'll
find that someday soon in you will raise up raiser.
Yeah yeah, she's trying in a taxi back to the kitchen,

talking to the travel of the children. Their wife, a
first responder who is risking of life to give us
a love and get it right on time. She looked
in his eyes and a mir and he's my own
conversation said for moment, the things that change us if
we notice when we look up sometimes, they said, a

woman game that I was about to break the more.
The only dreaming I've been chasing is my own. So
I sing us all on us and straighten at the
bus stuff, single at the swearing on a check to
come on, teachers, stood it down, those people on the
front line, knowing they don't get to run. This goes

out tony on the door, keep on keeping out, but
you loving your mind that Sunday soon in you will raiser, raiser, Yeah, yeah, yeah,

you're gonna rise, You're gonna make again. So we gonna
mind that. Yeah. I sing the song for the hustlers,

single mothers, young teachers, store adopt those people on the
front and knowing they don't get to run, this goes
out to the other door. Keep on keeping out, you love,
you'll find that so neat you will raise, raise up. Yeah,

oh wow, see you one, d Alicia Keys. That is
from our I Heart Radio concert. That was God? Was
that last week? Has it been that short amount of
time or a long amount of time last Sunday night?
But it's on tonight again. That's right, Danielle, give me

some information. It's on Fox tonight at nine pm. So
you can rewatch it tonight if you didn't get to
see it. Or if you want to watch it again, Wow,
and thank you to Alicia Keys that song and that
version is perfect. And so I tell you what, during
this ten o'clock specialty one version of our show every morning,
another one thousand dollars to the underdogs, the people out

there keeping us rolling. We appreciate it so so much.
Let's go round the roof in the bonus hour. We'll
start with you, Gandhi, what's on your mind this morning? Okay,
So there's a lot of stuff out now saying try
to avoid grocery stores and pharmacies if you can for
the next next two weeks. So I wanted to shout
out what I think are the superheroes in my area
in Jersey City, and that's all of the restaurants that

are staying open and still delivering food because that helps
me out immensely. And every time they show up there
so friendly, they leave it downstairs, but you talk to
him on the phone. And not only that, but the
service has been getting so much better from a lot
of these restaurants where now I'm getting calls back to
verify that the food was good and what could they
do differently to make it better. It's just great. So

if you can support your local restaurants, do it. Do it?
They need your business. What's up with you, Froggy? You
know all of a sudden posted on Twitter at Froggy Radio.
If you cannot get a mask, but yet you still
need to go out and get some essential items. There
are ways you can make a mask if you do
not have a sewing machine, if all you have is
a bandana or just some type of cloth to put

over your face with hair ties. There's a video on there.
It shows you exactly how to do it to keep
yourself safe and others around you when you do have
to leave for those essential items. Excellent, Thank you. Yeah,
you get creative, have some fun with your mask. It's
all good. Yeah, what's up with you today? Scary? It's
funny Froggy that you're talking about face masks and showing

because my father went to his favorite bakery and Bensonhurst,
the Villabante Bakery to get some bread and this woman
was standing too close. At that moment, he decides he
needs a face mask, so he drives over to my
aunt Millie's basement and grabs a sewing machine. And now
my mother is going to relearn sewing and make him
a face covering for time he has to go out

of the house. Diet. That's that's my new thing. I'm
start to me my pie die today. I was so excited.
Daniel what's up with you? Live from the Danielle Basement.
So I want to thank the girl who came the
other day and dropped off my Insta card, because I
know in New York and New Jersey it's been tough
to get an Insta cart order in, like you gotta
check back like every half hour to see if they

handed new times. But because you can't find paper products.
She got so excited to find paper towels for me
the other day that she actually called me while she
was shopping. She goes, You're never gonna believe this. I
found your Bamford towels, screaming on the phone, and she
was so excited. She was so cool and so kind,

And I just wanted to shout out the Instacart people
because I know they're working their asses off and it's
not easy and they're trying to hire more people. So
thank you for doing what you guys do every single day.
I appreciate it. Pay for Dallas, we could actually have
an entire show devoted just to say thank you. It's
the thank You Show because there's so many people who
are working their asses off to keep us rolling on.

Thank you for listening to the bonus hour. A beautiful
day to day. I think we have two days in
a row of beautiful weather, right scary? Oh yeah, it's
gonna be sixty seven degrees for high today, sunny, clear,
and then more the same for tomorrow in a high
of sixty four. And right now it's fifty two. And
let's go talk to Susan online. I love I love

talking to our heroes. Hello, Susan, Welcome to Z one hundred.
How you holding up today? Hi, I'm good. How are
you guys doing? We're doing well. So. Uh, you're an
emergency room nurse. I must assume that you are exhausted
in many ways, emotionally, drained and physically. What do you do?
What do you do not only to keep yourself pumped
up and on the front lines and being effective while

you're also trying to keep your coworkers doing the same.
Um For me personally, I've always been a bookworm. So
God bless the Harry Potter because it's nice to focus
on somebody else's smaller problems like a quidditch tournament. So
that's kind of how me filling. But for work, we've
taken turns bringing in snacks because a lot of places
won't deliver in the hospitals anymore. So we have that

one coffee shop that we've eaten that for five years.
So we just started bringing in snacks for each other.
And it's all the single serves things and winning out.
Wash your hands and if you were not share to
wash them again, wash them again. I know my hands
I look like I look like an old grandmother, hasty,
but you know what it's worth it. We're saving lives,

but you're really saving lives. Susan, thank you for your
time and go get some rest. Thanks for listening to
us on the bonus hour. We appreciate it. You're welcome.
Thank you so much. You guys you let me get
home every morning and while I kind of calm myself
down after a long shift. Thank you well, thank you,
thanks for listening to us. Uh yeah, you know we'll
talk very nice and and like so calm. Thanks for listening.

Victoria is online twenty four. You know we just had
will on at the top of the show, the lineman
going up to Westchester to uh to build that Field hospital.
His fiance Victoria is on the line. Isn't it weird
hearing your fiance? Hi? Um? Yeah, I wasn't expecting that.
It was really excited to listen to the extra hour

and then I was like, oh, that voice sounds really familiar,
and I just, um, I couldn't believe it. I really
appreciate it. Thank you guys so much. I'm just so
excited to talk to you. Well, so, uh, Will is
our hero. What now? How are you and Will doing
through this? Are you together or you separate? How are
you living through this? Um? We lived together. Um. I'm

a special education teacher, so I'm working from home. So um,
it's it's difficult, but you know, we're we have two dogs,
so we've just been taking them for walks and you know,
gardening and just kind of watching Tiger King and everything
on TV. So it's, um, you know, let make you
thank Like my dogs. I get bored, I take them

for a walk. My two dogs look at me like, no, no, no, no,
we're not going on another walk. No more walks. We
want to They're walked out. Yeah. Thanks, to our dogs
are keeping us. They're keeping us uh snapped and ready
to go. Thank you for listening to us, and thanks
for giving us the gift of Will as our hero today. Susan. Hey,
by the way, ask Will when he has a second

if he wants to be our official hero tonight to
help us light up the Empire State Building for Empire
State of Mind and tell him we'll call him later. Okay,
all right, sounds great. Thank you guys so much, and
thank you for doing this extra hour. Really, I appreciate
you guys are absolutely the best good well we're trying.
What we're having fun is because thank you how much.
Victoria appreciate it very much. I got a text than

you do. Thank you so much, text sing thank god
for the I Heart radio app. I'm listening to your
Z one hundred extra hour here in Oregon and we
have to send a big thank you back. Your Governor
Brown sent us a hundred forty ventilators here in New York.
We appreciate that very much. Um, let's take a break.
I don't want to take a break. What the bonus hour.
We're still taking breaks. I gotta keep the lights on.

You pay the bills I'll tell you what. Let's take
a break, but when we come back, let's come live.
We don't we don't have to play a song, do
we Okay? Perfect, We'll be back two hundred. Yeah, we
have a property. Yes we will deal with it. Yes

we will overcome it. But let's find our better selves
in doing it. Now, even more of Elvis, Duran and
the Morning Show. Here's Elvis. Wow. Thank you Governor Cuomo.
You know that would be a score if we could
get the governor on our show. Can straight mate? Go

get Governor Cuomo. Thank you get back to me when
you when you get him on the line. Uh. And
thank you so much to Coasterboard Josh for bringing us
new production to our new bonus hour. You know, when
we first went online and we said we're gonna do
five hours, you should hear the things people said. Did
you guys read some of the responses to our posts
on social nod They say, no, don't do it. Well,

here's what I wrote down. Some well some of them did. Uh,
since you're broadcasting from home, why not spend that hour
you'd spend in traffic on air? Okay? Is it fair
to make Daniel laugh for an extra hour. Uh when
we hit we said, hey, we're staying on for five hours. Now,
you guys work hard enough, thank you. Um if you

work longer, does this mean I get to go to work?
Lay the responses to our now new fifth hour on
ze sounds great? I can't figure out how to download
the podcast. Okay, Uh, four hours sounds great. But if
you go to five you're on your own. Oh god,
that's fun me okay, uh? Will the fourth hour beyond zoom?

They want to see us? Not only that if the
show's are for four hours or five hours? At what
time do you have to put on my pants? Very
very good question. What time do we have to put hours? Yeah,
we're not wearing pants pants? Oh gandhi, what did you
want to say? A second ago? So you were talking

about coaster boy Josh, and I don't know if any
of you guys have seen him. I know scary has
but he's done something fascinating and shaved himself this mustache.
Do we see it? I'm holding it up to the
great he looks like a porn star. That's s of

know how bored I am. And then set me that
picture and I was dying. He came walking towards my
car five o'clock this morning with that mustache, and I
didn't recognize him at first. I wasn't gonna let him.
You know, Josh, there's an amber alert out there because
of people that look just like Josh. We love you,
Jos Anthony. Uh So, Anthony teaches high school and this

distance learning has got to be difficult. I've never really
stopped down to ask a teacher how challenging that is? Anthony?
First of all, where do you teach? Um? I teach
at the Union County Vocational Schools and Scott's Plains, New Jersey.
So how difficult is it to teach online? It's got
to be quite The learning curve. Uh The the learning
curve is the big thing. We got a twenty four

hour notice to pretty much take everything that we know
from the classroom and put it onto a computer. So,
I mean week four, I think we finally got it
under control. But I mean there was a curveball thrown
and us really quick and it's not easy at all.
So are you finding that it's working? I mean, have
you been it long enough to see results? I mean
actually paying attention and and responding yes and no. The

kids we use zoom a lot, and having like the
check ins with the kids have been great and really
giving them feedback as fast as we can is really
what's important. But grades are do today, and we have
some kids that aren't fully grasping Hey, the due date
is now, and it's hard to communicate with them because
you're sending emails and they have also five other classes

they're worrying about two. So it's very hard to really
get those kids to focus on what we need to
focus on. What's that frog, Yeah, I've got it. You know,
if you could do me a favor, if you could
on a Sunday teacher, if you could not send the
email to the parents yesterday, I'm enjoying my Sunday two
o'clock parents. This is the about Sundays, Thank you very much. Yeah,

it is. It's sometimes we don't know what a Sunday
is and what a Monday is anymore. And I will
tell you for this. It's students in anyone learning anything
or doing anything. Everything is like Manyanna. I mean, i
feel like I'm living in the world of Mehana. To
things I can do today, I'll do it tomorrow, you know. So, yeah,
they know something's do. It's like, Wow, it's do sometime soon. Well,

thank you for what you're doing, Anthony, and best of
luck to you. Thanks for listening to see one. Oh,
you're absolutely welcome. We have a lot of people texting
in a uh they want to know where the Brooklyn
Boys podcast is located. Did you guys do one the
other day? Scary? Yes, we did one on Saturday and
it's available on I Heart Radio and everywhere you get

your podcasts. And by the way, Brooklyn Boys podcast number
seven in the world's number I love that line is Nick?
Nick is an e m T. He wants to thank
us for staying on. We should be thanking Nick for
being an e m T. Don't you think? Hey, Nick,
welcome to the Hey how is it going? Uh, We're okay.

We decided to do this extra hour and now we're
doing it. We're like, now what do we do? I
think they're just talking, just hanging out with our friends.
We'll have a fart joke coming up soon. This is
can someone pull up a fart joke? A fart joke?
My mom loves fart joke? Really, so, as an e
m T, are you relaxing today? Is your is it

your day off. Are you going in later? What's your
schedule like? No, Um, I'm blessed with two jobs that
are considered essential. I am now at my other potential job,
and uh, I'm just feel so lucky, uh that my
fiance and I both are considered essentially we're both working.
We have a little one at home that we're supporting. Uh.

I just want to give a shot with everyone that's
not working, because that those are the tough ones, those
people who are really making it work somehow or another. UM,
and you guys, just thank you so much for doing
an extra hour. You guys are from home doing your
thing every day and it is just incredible and it
is more appreciated than you guys could ever know. Nick
is an E M T SO saying thank you to someone.

We and we've just send that thank you back to
you tenfold. We can't let you win this one. We're
gonna win this one. We're gonna thank you more. But
I will tell you this, UM, you were talking about
you and your fiance, you're both out their essential workers.
And there are a lot of people at home, uh,
some because they have nowhere else to go. Some of
them are furloughed. Some of them are out of work

right now. Some of them are working at home. So
we just assume if you're at home, you're at home.
It doesn't matter why. And there's no reason to be
embarrassed if you're furloughed or or your have been let go,
because it's just the way it is right now, and
we're here for you. I want to hear a fart joke, Nick,
I would love to. Okay, Frog get here in charge
of this hour's fart joke. Did you hear about the

teacher that never farted in public? I haven't. He was
a private tutor. Oh yeah, Oh no, okay, okay. Why
should you never in the Apple store in the app

store because they don't they don't have windows. Hello, Nick,
thank you for all you do, and stay safe and
stay distanced if you will, take care. Thanks for listening.
I know. I mean, it can't be all doom and gloom.
We got a little fart joke in there. Every once

in a while you go like shoot it in there.
You know what I'm saying. Scary Scary is on your phone,
scaries on his phone? What are you doing on your phone?
Is the problem? People are trained to contact me after
ten o'clock because that's when we go off the air.
But now, so it's now ten thirty and people are
starting to business of the day is starting to unravel,
and I'm trying to text people back, Hey, we're on

an extra hour for now, and he deals to close.
He's closing. I'm telling people, don't call me until after
eleven o'clock. So this is gonna be a learning curve
for people in my life and all of our lives
for that matter. You got your phone, Scary the new
butt cream, we want you to advertise. We want to
talk about that blowing up people are you know, do

you know they're they're trained to call you have to
tend Okay, Scary So okay, didn't take all of them.
I'm sorry. Do you hear the elephants in my my
house running up and down upstairs because my kids are
on spring break right now, so they're spring breaking up
in the living room very loudly. I'm like, hey, it's

their house too, you know, we got to you have
to share your house. I'm out here by myself. All
I have is a schnauzer and I have a pheasant.
Trying to breathe out in the front yard. I don't know. Um,
we m say thank you. And one of the reasons
we wanted to do a Z one local show every
day because we know how how it is in this

the Northeast and New York and New Jersey, especially in Connecticut.
It's it's on fire and everyone who's going in and
running into the fire rather rather than away from it.
We want to say thank you. A lot of people
are waking up late because they have a shift later today. Whatever,
whatever reason, you need to hear us one more hour.
It's the least we can do. Thank you so much.
Let's go talk to Mary Beeth on line. Uh. Mary

Beth is a hospice nurse. You're dealing directly with COVID patients.
How is your health doing, Mary Beth? Are you Are
you feeling okay? You're good? Oh? Yeah, I'm great. I
feel very good. We have we've got the protective gear
that we need. Oh good, thank god. You know what,
It's so unusual to hear someone say that. Usually people
are scrambling trying to find what they need. Yeah, I'm

fortunately my system actually has has you know, the supplies
that we need. Um, we could use a little bit more.
But we're you know, we're not going without. But um, yeah,
we're admitting patients in the hospitals who were positive and
patients who are out in the field who are positive. Um,
but you know we're here to take care of them.
This is what we do. You know, every day we
get up and go to work and you know, as nurses,
and this is you know, this is just part of

the job for us. I must I must equite that
with someone serving in the military. You know, the people
men and women who are serving in our military are
asked of, asked things of to do, things that are
like scary as hell, but they do it. They do
it and and they in there they're honored and proud
to be able to do it. And I must, I
must assume it's like that with with your business people

in healthcare. Oh definitely. I mean every day all of
us go home and you know, Luisafreds have garages. Um,
we decontaminate in our garage. We you know, the scrubs
go right into a hot water wash. We jump into
the shower and know, unfortunate, my husband is super super helpful.
He's retired police officer, so he meets me with his
gloves on and he's um, he's great. So we're getting

a lot of support from our friends and families too well.
Mary Beth, thank you so much. Thank you for your service.
And if there's anything you need to give us a
holla okayan being on because you make me laugh so much.
I love you guys, been listening to you forever. I
love how we can go talking from talking to a
merry Beth, a hospice nurse nurse, and then into another

fart joke. Possibly, I don't know, it's just I don't know,
hell this works. I don't know if this is the
right thing to do or not. Thank you, Mary Beth,
have a safe day, okay, thank you, Thank you to
take care Okay. I don't know. You know what times
I wonder us why because they're silent but deadly. Thank you.

Frog is the new Uncle Johnny. Oh you know what
I gotta tell you. I had a great, a great
FaceTime with Uncle Johnny. Uh last night or the night before,
I don't even know what night it is anymore. And
he's asking me, do you and we're not jokes, absolutely, Johnny,
are you getting out and exercise? And he says I.

I'm you old, I'm nicely supposed to go outside, so
I stay in and watch a price is right, I mean, okay, okay,
just stay in and be safe. And Uncle Johnny is
he's he lives over by Madagson Square Garden, which is
typically the most busy part of her city, and now
it's just a ghost town. And I'm thinking, and I
said this on the on the show the other day,
I'm thinking, you have more traffic in people milling around

in the suburbs than you do in New York City
right now. It's crazy. It really is people texting thank you.
I'm a hospital worker. Our hours have been cut back
starting this week because hospitals are struggling financially from COVID.
I'm thankful to be healthy and safe and keep praying
for our front liners, and thankful for this bonus hour.

We're thankful for you be custodian's housekeepers, hospital maintenance workers.
You're all a part of the hospital family. Thank you
so much for all you're doing. So I'm listening in
Iowa on the series at channel twelve. I do believe you.
Thank you guys so much for what you're doing. I'm
working from home and home schooling, and you really helped
me out. So listen, guys, thank you for the thank yous.
But we're just doing what we're supposed to do, right.

I don't know. Uh, can I play a little little pink? Yeah, dude,
do it? Do it? We started the show this morning
because of the pink news, which we'll get from Gandhi
after it's over. This is such a fantastic song. It's
pink Come z one. I closed my eyes and I

can see the world that's waiting for me that I
call my home through the dark, through the dark through
and no one's been before, but it feeds like home.

They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy,
they could say, and I could say, I've lost my mind.
I don't care. I don't care if they come crazy.
We can live in a world that be design Every

night by this colors feel my head A million dreams
again me, I think a one. The world could be
phenough to one. I see a million dreams designs. It's

gonna take a million dreams of the world we're gonna make.
There's a house we can build. Every room inside is

feel with things from far away, special things. I compile
each one there to make you smile on a rainy day.
They could say, they could say it all sounds crazy.

They could say, they can say we've lost our minds.
See I don't care. I don't care if they call
it's crazy. Run away to the world that we desire.
Every night I made to by this colors feel might

have a million dreams for kid, even me. The one
the work could be shown up to what I see
billion names, is that it's gonna tell for a million

dreams of the world We're gonna may, however, be however small.
Let me be a part of it all. Share your
dreams with me. We may be right, we may be wrong,
but I want to bring you to the world I see.

So we close ours to see. We close ours to see.
Every night alive the brightest colors. Feel my a million
dreams are keeping me up for the world We're gonna

mate z one. Pink in the News today, as we
get into the three things you need to know at
a fourth wise, Pink in the News today. So Pink
actually just revealed over the weekend that she and her
three year old son Jamison, both tested positive for the
coronavirus and they have recovered from it, but she said

she wanted to do something about it and help other people.
She donated five thousand doll dollars to Temple University's hospital
in honor of her mother. Her mom worked there for
eighteen years. Then she donated another half million to California
as well. So she's really trying to do her pardon.
We love pink, Wow, we do love pinks. One hundred.
Your weather gorgeous today and tomorrow. We really do want
to send a thank you to the sun. Thank you

Mr Sunshine or Mrs Sunshine. We appreciate We need you
desperately into the three things. What do you have gandhi? Well,
we know that New York is the epicenter of this
pandemic and as of last night, we passed one hundred
and twenty two thousand cases of COVID nineteen with a
death toll over. Now. There is good news though, because
places are getting the equipment that they need. Um Joe

Si who owns the Brooklyn Nets. Did you guys see
what he did? He is, yes, all kinds of stuff.
So he's a gazillionaire. He has plenty of money, but
he's doing something really nice so far, he and his
wife have donated two point six million masks, one hundred
and seventy thousand goggles, and two thousand ventilators to the
hospitals in the area and need them. So we love

him for that, Thank you very much. And finally, we've
all seen this. I'm sure you've seen memes. At the
very least, a four year old Milan tiger at the
Bronx Zoo does have COVID nineteen and was exposed to
it by an asymptomatic worker. So this tiger, along with
three other tigers and three African lions, have all developed
a dry cough. But the good news is they're all

expected to recover. And yes, now que all the tiger
king names, we've seen them, and those are your three things.
By the way, the Bronzoo is wide open at bronx
zoo dot com. It's so cool. You can take virtual
tours and go to different different exhibits right their online.
We love everyone who is still working at Bronxoon, and
of course I have personal reasons for loving everyone working
at stan Island Zoo because this is closed for us,

but it's open to keep the animals and everything up
and running. So when they're open for us. It'll be
the same zoo you remember to be all right, we've
got to take a break. We'll be back around. Bureau Girl,
even more of Elvis durandom to see one morning show.

Here's Elvis. Oh my god, Cardi b Do you see
somebody gattude her face on them? Of the face she
makes when she did the coronavirus thing. Yeah, she couldn't believe.
She's like, are you kidding me? Z one hundred? This
is the bonus hour. Thank you for listening to us.
The one hundred cash relief funds up and running. We're

gonna give you another keyword to text in to win
a thousand dollars with Seacrest. But does Seacrest know he's
not on right now? Does anyone is Ryan in her
room right now doing a show? And that was listening?
This is this is the worst joke ever. Speaking of

paying the bills? What is the landlord's name from Brooklyn?
Is it Brooklyn who said, no, forget it, you don't
have to pay rent, I'll pay it for you. His
name is Mario Salerno. And talk about an awesome person.
So he owns about eighty apartments between Williamsburg and Greenpoint,
and he posted notices on all of the doors saying,

due to the recent pandemic of coronavirus affecting all of us,
please note that I am waving rent for the month
of April. He said it's really important to him that
all of his tenants stay healthy, and that's all he
cares about. So April rent gone. He doesn't care, and
he's not postponing it. He waved it. You know, would
be awful. It'd be awful if someone printed all those
up and started putting everyone's doors don't pay month ull

be terrible. It's a terrible Oh my god. Also on
the New Jersey Volunteer Fire Department, uh, that's actually offering
fire truck birthday celebrations for kids to throw parties Upper
Saddle River. I believe it's a volunteer fire department. There's
like they're like, well, look, you can't invite kids to
the house for birthdays. We'll drive by and will wave

and the fire truck comes by. They did five drive
by birthdays stur Day, and they've been inundated from requests.
They're gonna do forty five more this month. It's things
like that are bigger than don't do that. No, don't
do that that knocks little kids over for children like
can the adults have it? Because all of those firefighters

are kind of fine, you know what I'm telling their kids. Uh,
dr Amanda, we talked to Dr Amanda on line twenty
four the other day. Uh she's an one in the
middle of a twenty four hour shift, twenty four hours
of being an ob gyn. Uh, you're welcome, thanks for listening,

she says. She wants to thank us for an extra hour. Please,
you're the one pushing No. I just you know I
I always love listening to you guys. When I heard
you're gonna do the extra hour, it really helps whenever
I'm off and at home and uh, you know, both
my husband and I listen to you guys, and we
love you guys. So, um, things are going okay down
here so far. Sorry, you can't hear me very well.

And I'll suit it up in some ppe waiting for
a potential delivery. But yeah, but um, I just so
you have do you have someone you have someone that's
actually cocked and ready to shoot right now? The miracle
don't stop babies, do not you know, thanks to you

and every everyone working in your department for keeping these
babies in their wars nice and safe. And the dad's
calmed down, you know, calm down down. I just wanted
to office say thank you. A lot of people are
doing random acts of kindness and I and I'm super
pumped about it. I went to go pick up a
curbside grocery order and they found out I was a doctor,
so they told me it was on the house the

other day. So it was like little things like that,
Like I wasn't expecting that at all, and it just
made my whole day. So little acts of kindness keep
going and we'll get through this, all right, dr Amanda,
thank you you stay safe. Now go go get that
baby out there. We'll do how the good day guys,
you too. I can't imagine what it's like having a child.

I was thinking this the other day. Uh, not only
the physical pushing it out of your vagina and everything,
but it's like there's more to it than that. Uh,
thinking about the world you're bringing a child into. What
what kind of world? What kind of world is my
child going to grow up in? And how can I
be how can I meet the challenges of keeping this

kid on track and cool and and feeling safe, and
I just can't imagine what it's like being a parent
right now. To the parents of the Morning Show, if
I had a glass of wine, I would I would
give you cheers. Speaking of Uh, Scary is already drinking wine.
It's mine time for Scary and straight Nate, very awesome.
Our engineer Jeff is here and he brought in some

wine for us. And this, Nate, isn't it? This is
not the best wine you've ever tasted. It's excellent. I
gotta say. I don't know if it's drop the fact
that it's ten in the morning or what time is
I don't even know what time it is, but it's excellent, Jeff,
Jeff wanted to take Yeah, where did you get this
this wine? Jeff? This is from the Finger Lakes region
of New York. It's from a winery called Heron Hill

and it's their cab Frommo. In the morning, we're gonna
have a little wine. Yeah, it's wine time every morning
around this time. Oh gosh, Okay, don't get mad at
me for being uh, for being like but you know
this could cause serious problems. So yes, I mean, this

isn't going to end this weekend. I mean you're gonna
be on a You're gonna be doing this every day
for quite some time, so be careful. I'm actually I
drank so much as pecial weekend by myself. I'm actually
drawing out this week. So I'm gonna wait till till
Wednesday you start drinking. We started with hard liquor, with whiskey,
and now we've moved on to wine, so I think
we're a better place. Danielle, is a great story that

has to do with Broadway. You know all of our
friends that work on Broadway, off Broadway, off off Broadway,
not only on the stage, but behind the house and
back to the house. Uh, we know you're dying to
get back to the theater to do your thing. Tell
everyone what John Krasinski did. This is a great story. Well,
we know he's doing his new podcast or you know
it's really uh it's televised kind of the John Krasinski

Some Good News podcast. It's the second episode. It came
out Sunday night. And what he did was he had
this girl. She's nine, her name was Aubrey. She was
supposed to go see Hamilton's but obviously that's not gonna happen.
So what did he do? He got the cast of
Hamilton's together to perform for her. Lynn Manuel Miranda, the
whole cast was there. They did Alexander Hamilton's for her.

And now when uh Broadway gets back to normal, I
guess she's going to get to actually go and see
the show. How cool is that? And you can see
it on his uh his? Oh yeah, I think we
do have this sound, don't we do? Singing back? Having

a private performance of Hamilton? How can I watch John
Krasinski's podcast? I would love to see it. I think
you can just go to his his Instagram page. Can't
you just see it? I think that's where he does it,
or on his YouTube channel or something. I gotta check.

Let me check find out it's on YouTube. According to Brody, yeah,
he's right. How do they do? That's asking like, how
do they do that without a delay and everything? Like
we have right now and asked us to sing along?
You know how terrible that would sound? How did they
do it? We need to get their technology. Do we

have a second? I want you to hear how we
are so delayed? Like? Is there a song we can
sing along to? Like real quick, and I want you
just yes, okay ready, well, no, no, no, no, it
needs to be It needs to be a recorded song. Second,
if you wonder why we're over each other more than
you like right now, it's because we're so delayed. We

don't know when to start talking. Now. Wait, they did
this on a zoom session, though we're not. We're not
doing this on a zoom session. Well, I don't know
what I'm watching you on zoom now, Danielle, and your
lips aren't matching your I don't know your mouth. What
you Okay? What song do you have? Scary? How about

Happy by Farrell? Okay, okay, okay, okay, we're all going
to sing along to the song we hear in our headphones,
and you just tell me what this sounds like at
the end, because we have no idea, right wreck, wait till, wait,
till the course the words okay, come, It makes sure

you have hit nice and scary. Okay. This is how
delay ruins away, because because I'm happy with you happy,

just all right, keep just going, keep just scary scary?
Where's the song? Where's the song? All right? We gotta
get out of here. We'll have the bonus hour again
for you tomorrow until you die. Everybody's E one hundred

play us out for I'll play us out. I don't
can't baby, by the way, because I'm happy alone. If
you feel out, because alone, if you feel like happiness

is the truth, because that is I've known. If you
know what happiness, can you because I'm not alone. If
you feel like that's what you want to do.

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