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August 12, 2021 14 mins

Are Bikes taking over the world ? Also what kind of unique parking spots have you come across?!?!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
Firm show. It is the fifteen minute morning show podcast.
Hill Nate is not here. He's off doing work. Really

he ever did that that? Now? I don't know, um anyway,
but Froggy's here, Gandhi's in a hotel room in Michigan.
We'll get to that in a minute. There's Scarrett Master
Control along with Scotty B Danielle in the basement, and
there's Dave Brody and the Dead and there's Garrett at
Master Control. And there you have it. So here we go,
an opportunity to change the world in fifteen minutes. I

think we could do it. What do we do? How
do we start? Well, you know what, So yesterday I
did something that I literally should have done maybe about
twenty five years ago. So I don't know if you
all have that one thing in life that you always
put off just because. But um, so, I'm a Type
one diabetic, which means, you know, I'm insulin dependent and
I have to check my blood sugar constantly. So ever

since I've been diagnosed as a diabetic, I had to.
People have been telling me, hey, put this thing on you.
It watches you, and I was very stubborn in the
sense of just getting you know, putting this thing on.
It's like some sort of monitor correct monitoring your blood
sugar or whatever. You're So I have this this patch on.
It kind of looks like a nicotine patch right there. Um,

but it monitors me seven and it's the easiest thing ever.
But I was so stubborn thinking that like I was
going to be some like robot, you know, tied down
to something. Um. So I finally did it, and it
was one of those things, goes, son of a bitch,
I probably should I worry about it? You got vaccinating,
you already have the chip in. Yeah, well yeah, well
I'm double chip. I'm double chipping your double chip. I'm

double so that thing reports back to what your phone
the WiFi. Yeah, I scan it on my phone and
then it's also connected to like my doctors and stuff
like that, so they could like my like it's very
high text. You don't have to prick your finger anymore
or anything at all. Yes, so no more like I did.
I did the math yesterday. I've probably pricked my finger
over five thousand times, like easily. Um, But now I

just got to scam my phone but it was one
of those things that I was like, a son of
a bitch, Why was I so stubborn in life? And
I just couldn't listen to everybody else and doing What
were your concerns about having that? Did you think they're
gonna have to like bury it inside and make an
incision or something? Well, it was one of those things.
It was like, is this going to like make me
different than anything else? You know, just like I will

personally mentally feel like I'm not an outcast, but like
not normal in the sense because I have something you know,
attached to me seven and I know a lot of
people do, but that that's how I was. I just
was convinced and then you know, we never would have
known it. And it's kind of cool. I wish I
had one. Don't you think we should all be living
with one of those on us so we can always

monitor everything, or as much as they can on you
could tell us if we need more water, because how
many of us don't drinking of water? Like, okay, time
to drink your water. I know, I mean, but there
are some people to think, well, no, that's just another
way they're following us. Well, of course, you know, and
that's when when the when the conspiracy theory came out,
that when they were putting chips in us keeping an
eye on every movie make I'll tell you again, see

how fucking boring my life is. So when the Pentagon
is watching, it's like, oh, there's Elvis, he's just sitting there.
They did turn your camera off. They're like, no, but
we all voluntarily do it. What I said that we
all voluntarily do it anyway by carrying around these phones.

We have chipped ourselves a long time ago. We did it.
Then when you sign up for Facebook or Instagram or whatever,
you then agree to them watching all the things that
you do. So even if there was a chip, which
we all know there's not in this vaccine, you already
signed your life away. Anyway, What do you care? Did
you see that? I think it was a TikTok video
about like iPhones that then when you're not using the

camera itself, it takes photos within the the camera itself,
So you could be just typing and then it will
take an infra red type photo and then send it
to It doesn't go to your phone, It just gets
sent somewhere. What do you mean a photo? Whoa whoa, whoa, whoa.
I just watching you all the time, Froggy. Do you
know you're the you're the iPhone specialist here and what's

going on? Everybody? The video and the what's that? Frog?
Go ahead for an hour now, No, you've never heard
of this. No, I've never heard of that. So is
this a conspiracy theory? Now, Garrett? Are you starting ship
on our show? No? I promise you. I've I watched
the video and then I've watched people do it too.
It's it's it's not one of those like, oh look,
I'm pulling a fast one over on you. Like the

phone actually does take infrared type photos of what of you. Like,
so if you're watching your your your phone, you're on
your phone and it will take three second photos of
you every couple of seconds. Well that's not good because
I'm always laying down on my back in my bed
on my phone. So you get dish. There's a lot
of pictures of this. Well, they're not gonna be like

posting them anywhere. Scary. I don't like this, But what
do they use them for? Like to see what you're searching? Me?
Probably marketing and searching and and who knows, like things
around you too, So like as much as we say,
like when we talk about like, oh, it's just talking
about chicken, and I got internet ads about chicken. Same thing.
Like if you're around you know car dealerships, you know

they'll and they'll see it and know you'll get forced
car dealership ads. You know what makes me nervous because
I'm in the house and we share the internet and everything.
So I'll search something on my computer, like a new
shirt or a new pair of shoes. And I noticed
on Shelton's computer all of a sudden it pops up
on the side and I'm like, ship, he knows what
I'm searching. Here's what's going on. Apparently Brody is not

turned on. We can't hear him here. He's there, you're
saying you need him to flip your That was like,
by the way, Gandhi looks like the person on the
other end that is flipping through all these pictures at
the camera is taking you look so ominous and what
is going on? Light and everything. It's the lighting. I

mean you can see outside. It's it's about ten am
here now and the sun is still missing because the
storms here are so bad right now, looks like she's
on dateline alright, So how much long are you gonna
have to live in a hotel room? Because of all
the power outages in Michigan. They're saying I will not

have power back until Saturday morning around eight am. I
am hoping and praying that it actually is sooner than
that because my fish need their air filter to work.
So I'm not positive what to do. I may have
to just go home today and get them and bring
them to the hotel and plug them in here. Get
a straw, just blow into the water for an hour.
Oh if you don't think I did that yesterday, think again, Carbone.

Though that could be bad carbon dioxide, which one of you.
There's still some oxygen that leaves your lungs, so I'm
hoping that they're okay with that. I don't know. Hey, Brody,
you're so quiet. Talk about what's on your mind today?
What's going on? Well? I was talking to Scary yesterday.
I have a complaint and guys like Froggy who got
a lot of strip malls, or maybe Daniel maybe everybody.
Have you noticed that more and more unusual you can't

park here signs are showing up in all parking lots,
So like this one's like, you can't pokureless you have
a kid, you can't pop unless you order online. You
can't park here unless you're you know, never mind the
handicapped ones. Those are legitimate. But yesterday I was, I was,
I was a call. I was calls on Monday, and
there was a sign that said reserved for our best employees.
And there was nobody parked there us. So there's a

reason I wouldn't go to calls that day because the
good employees aren't there. I was just wondering, like if
if the sign sets does like shop right where I
get my groceries, the sign says reserve for moms with kids,
right or parents moms with kids? Right? If I'm with
my wife and I've got a sixteen year old in
the car, that counts right in my bucket? Would But

I think I think they mean little kids. But I
let's say that moms with kids question, does that mean
I can't go? How can they police that? I mean? Right?
And you know this with this, it's the honor system.
I'm there with my son and tell them I identify
as a mom with a kid. My my wife's out
of town. I'm mom and dad today, I'm parking here right. Well,

they're not gonna argue with You're like, okay, hit your car.
Yeah that's true, but then it says like parking for
grocery pick up only, parking for online orders only, and
there's no place to park anymore because every sign is signed. Yeah.
I didn't know if you guys have seen that in
your your malls. You know, Brodie, have you driven through Manhattan,
through New York City lately? There are they have taken

away half of the lanes already crowded city because they
and they're closing down the whole streets. I mean down
in the in the meatpacking district. They're closing down streets.
What's that. That is where our conversation ended up leading. Uh,
it is so true. They're they're they're they're doing that.
But then they're taking away lanes, bike lanes. They're they're

adding bike lanes for now. I like the green idea.
I like the idea of people riding bikes to encourage that,
but now they're taking away entire city blocks with city
bike racks where all the bikes are parked, so there's
even less parking. And then everyone's everyone driving is forced
to squeeze into like less lanes to make way for bikers,

who I guess you see once every I don't know,
ten minutes, like, I just feel like the cars outweighed
the bikes. So I don't know. I just I I
got really, you know, we we got flipped off. Sam
and I got flipped off by a biker because we
were walking to the out gun. He was with us
that day. We were walking to my car and I,

god forbid, I stepped into the bike lane and a
guy whizzes buying me on a bike. You're in the
fucking bike lane. Get out of the bike. Lie. It's
probably a good idea not to walk into the bike
lane because you could die. But that's like, where can
I go anymore? I feel like we're being infiltrated by
no parking and more bike and more bikers. I don't
know whatever it is. I just you know, I have

a problem with it. And this is then just going
on in New York City a lot of cities around
the country. You're doing that well. You would also never
get your fatass on a bike, so you don't understand.
Just wake up hello in this room riding a bike
around the city. No, not around the city. I can't

take a city bike every once in a while to
ride a couple of blocks, just you know, because it's
dangerous and I like to be dangerous. Oh yeah, Lane,
last time we did a city bike, we had been
drinking and it was the biggest going to take every yea,
never again, never again ever. So no, you know, we're
living in a world where things are shifting, things are changing.

You know. The European bike model in in uh in
the in centers of cities has become the model we're
following here now, you know. But I feel like it's
being forced upon it. I don't think this is something
that we need or people are demanding. I don't hear
a clamoring for it by the people. I just it's
my take on it. We keep in mind, we don't

I don't think we know the data yet. We don't
see if it has eliminated automobile traffic yet. If it has,
then maybe it is working. It's just a pain in
your ask because you're driving a car right right. I
just feel like the car people out number the bike scurity.
Wait till they start charging you to enter the city
that's coming soon too in your car. Yeah. Yeah. Congestion

pricing is on the way. It's another it's another thing
they've already started in Europe, Like you drive through London
or Paris. I believe Paris has it as well. That's
why I don't drive through Paris. Yeah, that makes no sense.
Like they're saying, like, hey, New York has been hurting
and we want you to come back and enjoy the
city and come to life again, but we're going to
charge you to do it. Like it's kind of counterproductive

to where they were. New York City is in a
bad space right now. You need space for the band space.
I don't want to be the mayor. I don't even
I'm not even a New Yorker anymore. I mean I
live in New Jersey now. So but keep in mind
there are a lot of people who have moved out
of New York City because of things like this, and
because it's the city is real. By the way, if
you're watching this, you're not living in New York City

and you're oh, let's take a trip to New York City.
Would I would put that on hold. You bring your bike?
Bring your bike? Yeah, bike here, I don't know. I
think that works well for European cities where you could
walk around and it's like two or three four square miles,
but Manhattan is huge, and you know, I don't know.
I just I'm team old school for this one. Of

course you are, because you're in a car. Yeah, exactly.
When we were Nashville, they have scooters that you get
around on like you rent a school, like on the
side of the road, just like you rent a city bike.
It's like rent a scooter. Remember those ones at Miami
we saw obvious they were like strown in the middle
of the street, knocked over. Like the whole city is
littered with scooters just on their sides, on sidewalks and
ship and you're like, what the so Nate's walking in

Do you think Nate bikes? Do you think he's a biker? No? No, No,
pants are tight like biker pants's back. Okay, are you
talking about road cycling or mountain biking? Talking about city
bicyclist city biking? Well, you know, I used to live
in the city and I did have a bike, but um,
it's very dangerous riding a bike through New York City. Yeah,

very What about a skateboard. A lot of people use
their skateboard. Scary you get a skateboard, remember scary heading,
scary head, the razor scooter. Remember the scooter. Yeah absolutely
I did, and I mastered that thing a modern Tony
Hawk skateboard. Gary and the Olympics are skateboarding. No, no thanks,

so chuck hoonery board. Now do your barking. Okay, thanks,
you get thirty seconds. All right, Well there you go.
We bitched and moaned about driving in New York City.
We accomplished a lot. How was your meeting Straighten eight?
It was wonderful, elevis. I'll fill you in in five

four three? Is that the timer? Froggy? Okay, bye The
fifteen minute Morning Show

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