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September 29, 2020 16 mins

A deadly show and tell and why does Elvis have all these fans in his house??

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
Firm Presents Morning Show. Oh, it's show until today. It's
a fifteen minute morning show podcast. Huzza. All right, well,

welcome to the podcast. There's Froggy in his guest bedroom
and beautiful Jacks, Florida. There's Scotty be over there in
the serial filled serial library. There's Gandhi with all that
beautiful light through your hair and the artwork in the
background of the plant. It's a beautiful shot there. Yeah,
looks right there. There's our master control facilities. Scary us

arrived with more food. He's having another feeding. No, no,
I'm getting ready for my show and tell. And there's
Danielle in her basement in suburban New Jersey. You're straight
and Nate out there. Uh. And there in our tribeck
is videos. There's Garrett in his kitchen and then I've
ah And there's Brody. Who is that with us today? Brodie?
That's Drew, Hi, Drew there he is? Hey boy, Hey,

do you have furry pups? Do you ever get little
dingleberries on your dons? Uh? Not on him? On on
my other dog, Mutsy. She sometimes we call him chocolate chips.
You know she goes, you go, look, she's got chocolate
chips on her but and I got it. Sometimes like
I either have to paper towel them off, in which
case someone has to hold her backwards, or I have

to hold her upside down under one arm and snipper
and we have to scissor it off. The all the
variations of snipping the chocolate chips off your dog's ass. Hey,
we'll start with you, Brodie with Show and tell. What
do you have today? Well, my first job, if I'm
a real company, we were forced to wear a uniform.
I'll see you, boy, We're forced to wear a uniform

and a hat. I was only seventeen. I needed the job,
so I did what I had to do, was my
Chuck E Cheese hat, put it on the head to
wear its goot. If you look, it's got straps to
make sure it didn't fall off my head. Did it
for us? Of some of the put it off frog
gield on. There you hello, welcome to Chuck E Cheese.

So you could work at Shaky Remember Shaky. No, But
I was seventeen when I had this hat, and I
still have it, so I think we're very proud. The
day they handed you that, You're like, yes, I was.
I was more pulled on. I was more proud when
I got the Valor one. Yeah, so this is the

original one. Then they replaced it with the cheap one.
But if you did well, they found one in the
back and gave you the good one. Does the manager
pull you into the office and like hand you the
hat like a ceremony? Yep, exactly what happened that brody?
We got you one of the Felt ones. Oh nice,
I'd have dooting sexual either. I just got it. There
something just so rewarding about Felt. All right, very nice.

I love it. A piece of a brody history. We're
witnessing here. What about you, straight Nate? What'd you bring
for show and tell? Oh boy, my My show and
tell is in several parts. There's several parts to this story.
So as a kid, I really enjoyed go Bots. Does
anybody know what gobots? Bots were the original transformers, and

it was even that they then turned into toys. So
I had all these go bots, but I didn't have
the Gobot mobile command center. So I always wanted it.
And then years later, I'm nineteen years old working at
a radio station w j E T and R Pennsylvania
Jet and Jet Photo two and we were moving buildings,
so we were moving from one location to the next,

and because I was low man on the totem pole,
I had to help move the music library, which was
tons of CDs and it was in the basement of
the radio station. This is a long story, and I'm
down in the basement of the radio station. I'm going
through all of these CDs and then I moved some
and I see this rack of toys and they're they're
all wrapped toys that have never been opened. And I

find the Gobot command Center bill sealed with its original tape.
And I come to find out that John Kansas, the
owner of w j E. T and Jet Broadcasting, would
just send his assistant out to go buy toys at
Toys r Us in case one of his grandkids ever

needed a toy. They would just go into the basement
and get a toy. So there was like the Barbie
doll House, the Barbie Dream Corvette, why don't you get
why don't you steal? Because everybody else I was with
were like, oh my god, these are vintage toys still originally,
so well, that was the idea. So I grabbed the

gobat command center, thinking, oh my god, I've always wanted this,
and then I realized what the funk am I gonna
do with com Scotty is going to tell you? Can
we interrupt your very short story? Hey, yes, Scott, what
did you find out about the the go bot command center?
They're currently going for two d fifty dollars on eBay?
Oh how much? Two fifty dollars? You probably all right?

I'll sell it? Yeah, give the money to your boss's grandkids.
Thank you, stealing from the toys. Stealing kids? Grandkids were
like thirty five at that point. What about you, Daniel?
What's your show in tell today? So yesterday I told
you I went to Big Lots and I bought a

couple of things for Christmas already, so I bought this?
What is that? Okay? Wait wait what makes noise? You ready? Yes, Chris?
Oh yeah, scary? How much was that actual retail price was? Whoa,

that's a bargain? Oh yeah? The chair for Big Lots.
Sheldon said to me, waste of your money? You have
so much fun stuff. Nate thinks that was a waste
of your money. No, it's just a cute look of cutious.
What say you could have just flushed that money down

your toto toilet? Were they out of shoes? Think? What
about you? Garrett? What's your show and tell today? All right,
So earlier in the week, I send everybody these bean
boozel beans. They're brand new, their Fiery five challenge, and
you know we didn't end up doing it, so I
just figured I'll eat them all. Now, Garrett, this is

not a good idea. Don't do it. How about you
gonna eat it once? Wait? Hold on, these are like
super spicy hot. Yeah we're talking in jalapeno, kayene, habanero, calorine,
carolina reaper inacha in your mouth. I wouldn't do this here,
do it? Do it? Do it? Uh? It was hot?

Why are you doing this? And somebody get him some
polland spring. I bet they have sugar in them. I'm fine.
Oh god, it just shot the bottom of his hand.

When we run out and get more of those, yeah, yeah, name,
this is not a commercial. Why would you do that?
You didn't You didn't need to put your life on
the line like that. No, you don't have to. Okay,
how about you, Froggy. We gotta move on, so you
step away from the speaking of vomiting, so speaking of

wasting money, my wife without yesterday wasting money. This is
what she comes home with. Yeah, what I can't see
its head. It's like me if I was dead and
brought it all the way. Mr Skelly Bones, that's gandhi. Yeah.
So Lisa comes home yesterday with this. She says, Oh,

we're gonna have so much fun with this. We're gonna
put it in the front yard and put it in
compromising positions, and we're gonna put it on on this
and then and we're just gonna This is what she does.
Waste of money? Have you slept with it? Yet? Much money?
How much? How much was that? Thirty dollars? And it
doesn't even sing un d m. It is a waste

of money. Why don't we waste money on this ship?
That's not a waste that it brings her pleasure? Look,
that was more than thirty dollars to right, and Lisa
is full of ship. She's lives. How much was it?
How much? Was it? Very much? Plus? How much? All right?
So where are we going to keep this Lodhi for her?

She's buying accessories now. But my question is where are
we going to keep this ship when it's done. We
have No, we don't have storage for this. Keep it
out year round. Baby Skelton is getting a proud of bag. Froggy.
If you want to see a waste of money, I
don't know. Alex decides, well, you know, when we have
company come over, which we don't because we're in the
middle of a pandemic. When we have company coming over,
well we should have fans in their rooms. So he

gets drunk it starts buying vintage fans. Oh my god,
I thought he meant fans of the show, like old school.
How many did he buy? He bought four? This red
one of them I used to put together. But where
did you go there? You are this one? That's a beauty,

And why would company want to see that? No, they
need it. They need a fan in case they get
warm in summer. But we don't have company during a pandemic, right,
that's my point. But we have fans just in case
the pandemic decides to end. Planning ahead, he's going to
blow the pandemic away with the fans. If you want
to get blown this weekend, come on over just in

time for the winter. Mine was simple and to the point.
And I'm moving on to us, Scotty B. What do
you have? I have to push a button to keep
us on the air. One second, Let's go to Gandhi. Gandhi,
show us your show and tell. Okay, So you know
I love plants. They're like one of my favorite things,
next to the actual real life critters. Yes, this giant
one behind me. But I have a desert rose and

they're kind of tricky. They lose leaves a lot, and
then once they start to come back, they look very pretty.
And she's starting to get her leaves back and I'm
waiting for the flowers to come in. But at what
she looks like. I need to repot her also, but
how dirty is this? Look at that bush? It looks

like a nice, beautiful female form blossoming. I know, I
love her so much. She's one of my favorite things
I know, and I got her a little friend. There's
a guy plant. I think he's a guy. Looks like um,
he has got one leg propped up in is doing
something dirty from the back. I like him to like
far more anal insertion plant. Man. Let's check in with Garrett. Garrett,

how you doing or you're surviving your the aftermath of
the everything like my nose is running. Well, you know
what you deserve it. You knew what you were getting
into the rest of the day. Your taste pots are
going to be so messed up. Can I ask a
follow up question to Garrett? Is this jelly bean company
a client or a potential client? No, I said, saw

it on the internet. That's why I send everybody wanted.
I thought would be fun to everyone tastes. I received
them here at the house. I didn't know who sent them.
Who's Sympty's not tossed him like you dog? You should
you hate when you get a ship but you don't
know who it's from. Or yeah, but we got them
and my kids tasted them, and when these are disgusting
and threw them ount talk about that real quick. There's

been many times Scottie or I have saved you something
from the radio station and then you call me later
in the day that I know it was delivering, Like
did you send me like the bania whatever, you know,
whatever the product is, And I'm like, yeah, we sent
it to you one of the clients. Well I threw
it away. It's you said, you send me stuff. First
of all at the beginning of the pandemic, you would

send something. I'm like, I don't want to open up
packages from you from the city. This is when everyone
in the city was really, really sick, you know, and
it was shut down. So you send me packages. It's
like sending a bomb to my house. You you were
meant at you use your brain. Don't send me your droplets.
I just it was so funny how you would call
it so angry and like, well, I threw it away.

I don't want to open it. It's all usually shit.
How I forward you all the letters that come from jail.
You should be getting a package. Thanks for the they
brewed it up in their kitchen. Uh scary do you do? UM?
Long before MP three's and even like freaking iPods and

CDs and all that. Yeah, the days of going to
a record store or a CD store. UM radio stations
would put out these local hit lists you could like
get at the front counter so you could see, oh,
the top songs of the week, the top song. So
I was an avid collector of the year end Z
one hundreds, top songs of filling the year. So I

have the lists from the record stores from the like
you know five and eighties six, like every year did
the top the year end songs from all those years ago?
When you get them like what record store, Sam Goody,
uh the Whiz three all in Brooklyn. And later on
we got a little we got a little crazy here

at the and you know we started making him in
like a more of a cardboard situation. We had money
then that it was the year two thousand was the
last one? Business is good back then. I'll tell you
the top of the number one song for that year,
uh nine nine that was my first year. Number one
song was I'll Be There for You by bond Jovi.

But yeah, I was I'm afraid to ask what st show?
And tell us Scotty last Scotti, what is your show?
And don't be afraid. I what I wanted to bring
I left in my car and I didn't bring it. No.
I was a member of the Alpha Fan Club when
I was a little kid, and I still and I
found a pad from the ALF Fan Club. But since

I couldn't bring that in, I just want to show
you this really limited but you're disappointing us with what
could have been. Damn if only I could see that
ALF pad. I have the record record of the bing.
But but a listener actually said this to me, this
is a very limited order. Bro is a very limited

edition cereal from from Buffalo here. I guess he's a
Buffalo bill, right, Froggy. I know nothing about but you
know they they the company put out the Mahomes Magic
Crunch last year and now that what's this guy's name,
even Josh Allen? So yes, it's very limited edition, Josh Jack. Yeah,
it's only available up in the Buffalo area. And Patricia,
our listeners sent it to us, so we're gonna try

it on Serial Killers in a week or two. Thank
you for sending me a box of cereal and taking
the prize out, no problem. I had no use for
the cereal. We just want did you hand jam the
cereal and sent it to him? Because nowadays they just
slipped the prize on the side of the box. It's
not in the cereal. They cheat, you know. But we
were looking for the prize and I'm like, I don't
I don't get it, and I go Scotty to Pride.

All right, Well that was that was a dangerous little show.
And tell Garrett almost lost his life. He threw up
a couple of times time is up. There's your fifteen
minute morning show podcast, Love You Guys by Hu Hu
The fifteen Minute Morning Show

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