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March 11, 2021 14 mins

What do we ll have to do after the show today? Why is Nate having some trouble and what's Gandhi doing with her hair?

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
firms show? Oh come on, let's have a fifteen minute
morning show podcast. What do you say, Let's do the
last one of the week. Let's go. It is the
last one of the week. Thank you for reminding means

it's got to be good. Well, no, no promises. Here
on the podcast is Froggy and They're Scary, And there's Danielle,
and there's Garrett and Straight and Nate and his man
Bun there it is, and there's Gandhi and Scotty b
and in the den, it's the one and only Dave Brody.
Here we go. Hey, you know two episodes ago you

told us that you would and bought your own hack
saw so you can get a door knob off a door. Right,
so you'll see that the cardboard is back on and
it's going back to home. Deep bow he returning. That
didn't work. They told me it would cut right through
like butter. It did not do that. So they got
me to buy this, which is if you see, that's
a dramal drill, right right, So sponsor, I used an

electric saw and I cut that sucker in half. Yeah
you did it, But now you're gonna return the saw too. No, yeah,
they said I could do that. I'm not gonna do that.
So I had to wear my protective goggles, you know,
the ones I wore a Scary's house when I went
to visit him. Familiar. Yeah, COVID. In my eyes, he's

a water fountain of covid. Right, he's like the lord
sprayer of COVID. Get a face shield over that. Like
he was like welding something. Yeah. So, so the door
knob is now out. Are you going to replace that
with a new door knob? Yes, I've been told that's
as frog you would say. It's on my to do
list today to get the new door knob. So that's

what I get for removing the old one. So now
we know what's on your to do list, and let's
go around the room. What's on your to do list today?
Do you have one? Well? Number one, my wife knows
I have things that I have to do today. I'm
going to the Player's golf tournament with our buddy Rod
phillipsusan Town, so I'm not going to be home at all.
She still left a list on the counter of stuff.

She said, if you can get to this, it would
be great. She knows I have no time. She asked
me if I would do the laundry. She asked me
if I would if I would wipe down a couple
of things with some lightsol wipes. What's the point and
why would she ask you if she knows that you're
not going to do it? You know what you just
read my mind, Elvis Duran setting up for failure. That's right,
that's exactly what. Okay, you can't yell if I'm not

doing it, if you don't have the opportunity to not
do it. I'm gonna do a couple of things on
there and just say, hey, I really tried. I'm really sorry.
I didn't get to it all all right, Well, at
least she tried. Hey, scary, what's on your to do
list today? I do not have the luxuries of a
walk in closet. My closet has a front, front bars
and back bars. So I'm going to take all the
clothes from winter and move them to the back bar

and move to my summer shirts and stuff and such
to the front bars so they're more easily accessible. Because
there will be seventy degrees and sunny today, Today's that day. Yeah,
it is. It's gonna be a great day, Daniel. What's
on your list? Oh my gosh. So I have to
finish laundry after we're done here, because that's in the
dryer right now. I need to go to Party City
because I want to check on some stuff for Easter. Um,

Monday's my anniversary and there's something I wanted to pick
up from my husband that I saw somewhere, so I
have to go and do that. I have to pick
out pick up some materials for my kids at their
school that they need for home schooling. I have a
bunch of videos I have to do for sales. I
got my go I could keep going. It goes on
and on. How many years your anniversary? How many years
we will be together? Eighteen years on Monday? Good for you? Yeah,

I mean not together, but we'll be married. We all,
we all knew it wasn't gonna last. Hey, Daniel, wasn't
it a year that your husband, Sheldon made the basement
into like a restaurant and your boys last year before
for my birthday, actually your birthday birthday, we couldn't go anywhere,
so we had the birthday bistro was so nice. What's

on your list today? All right, So, uh, with all
the snow pretty much gone in our area, I have
to go pick up all the dog poop that has
been frozen for the last four months because it's been
buried under snow. So I'll get that out of the way,
and then I have to go to the gym, and
then I promised everybody on the block that I would
play some whiffleball later on this afternoon. So except for

the dog the frozen dog poop, it actually it's the
best time to pick up It's the best time to
pick up dog poop because it's frozen. Scotty and I
talked about this all the time because I think I
think mine's all thawed. Uh, straight, Nate, what are you
doing today? What's on your list? Okay? Well, Danielle and
thanks Scary, and no, Scotty, maybe have added to my
to do list because we were talking about Krispykreme Donuts

and I found out that shop right apparently has Krispy
Kreme Donuts in shop right location tower. I just mapped
a shop right on my Don't you Love Googles near
me right. But while I'm there, I have to pick
up some coal ace I have a coupon you wait, wait,

back up, Why why do you have to pick up coal? A?
Things aren't moving along the way they should? Yeah, well
did No, we're not getting into it. Christy in one
purchase coming. Wait for people who don't know what that is.
It's a stool soft If I told you, wellvis'd you
should try some smooth moves tea. It works like that.

I'm not having a problem going. I'm having another problem
down there. He's got the roids again. We got to
google all the things you would need the he's got
the roids again. No, I don't have any hamorrhoids. Okay, okay,
donuts and sounds like something Chris Hanson would say, donuts

so you'd sit on it and be soft O kind
of bad idea. And then more, Oh, it's a date night.
I'm going out with Heather. We found a restaurant in Westchester.
We're gonna go sit outside. I have a nice it's
supposed to yourself a favor on while on date night.
Don't talk about your stool softener. Right, ruins the mood?
Did did I start taking? That's not healthy? Gandhi, what's

moving along? My hair is in braids? Today because I'm
going to see our friend Dina with the pink hair
and get this mess handled, and so I'll be a
different color tomorrow. I will do that. And that's like
a whole day process for me when I go see Dina,
because I have a lot of hair and it's curly.
She changes the color takes a while. And then I'm
going to work out, and then this evening I have

a dinner date with someone. But I don't know if
that person remembered because it was not on his to
do list today. Scary. Oh no, no, no, I make
your vegation. No, we are going to dinner. We're going
to dinner tonight. We're gonna have a steak dinner, are we? Okay,
I don't know if on hold on, don't you owe
Brody a steak dinner? He's getting your steak tonight. Damn it,

that is on my list. I did not forget. Okay, Okay,
say it in my bad. Well, yes you did. You
didn't have to say the word steak. You could have
said dinner. You've owned him this steak dinner for half years. Man.
What's on your list today? Well, my anniversary is also
coming up, so I have to stop off on the

way home from work to pick something up for said anniversary. Um,
and then I'm going on no, then a bike ride,
and then I have to install eighteen door stoppers. We
just got new doors all around the house, so I
have to put the little door stops in because the
kids bashed them into the wall and not holes in
the wall. There's nothing worse than the door that doesn't stop.

Do you still have the tandem bike? Wait? Wait, you
have eighteen doors at your house. We have more than that,
but we just got eighteen new ones. Nate's got a
backdoor stop. What's on my list? Absolutely nothing. I have
a ton of options, and I just I don't know.

I mean, I want to get outside because the weather
is beautiful today. I want to go get go for
a walk, or I want a jog. I want to
do something. Come join us, free steak dinner, come little
far for me to drive it. Thank you. Scial Treat
still doesn't get the invite. I just I gotta tell you, guys,

I've read it once and I'm I just finished reading
it for the second time. These subtle art of not
giving a fuck. I have that this book is fabulous
and it's so fabulous. I rarely read a book twice.
I did twice for that. Can you tell this working?
I don't give it's import I shared this with some
friends in the night, and they think that I'm really creepy.
So here in New York City there's an gay bar

up on the East Side called the town House. It's
famous for old It's like walking into a funeral home.
I mean it smells like from aaldehyde. All the old,
the old gay guys are in there, and then they
have the hustler boys coming in, and the old gay
guys pick up the hustler boys. Well, year ago, years
and years ago in the eighties, back when age was
a huge thing here in New York City and crime

was really really worse than we'll probably as bad as
it is now. Again. Um, there was a guy they
called him the Last Call Killer, and he would go
by the piano bar at the town House and at
Last Call he would pick someone up, take them home
and kill them. Oh my gosh, it's in this book,
The true story of Love, Lust and Murder in Queer

New York, Last Call? Did anyone else see Nate perk
Up were killing old gay guys at the Townhouse. I'm
just so I'm so excited to read this because it
involves several things and I love I love New York
City history, and I love murder. And uh, it is
happening in a bar that I've been to back in

my hustler days. I'm kidding him the Netflix. This is
a Netflix movie by the rights now, just the right
or maybe by the moment. And I have something I'm
going to say here and I'm not. Don't ask me
to go any further. And I think only Nate knows.

I have to finalize something that I'm doing next week.
I'm doing something very cool next week, and we're going
to be in touch with our people today to finalize it.
And it's going to it's going to it's gonna car
your ass up when you're really yeah, it's cool. I'm
so excited. Yes, I'd like to get a little cocky
here for a minute. I also know, and I'm not

gonna say anything. Oh I did tell you did, ha ha. Everyone,
I finally know something you have. Brody knows. I needed
to tell him that only Brody and straight, Nate and
Alex are the only three people that really know anyone
finds out it's as Alex told you two dollars off.
Cox is moving along good. He's never had to take it.

I want to know what this thing is. It's going
to tear our asses up. Elvishouse, scary. Go to the
townhouse bar You'll find out there at the town I
want to tell you, but I want you to be surprised.
So there's a thin line. What should I do? Nate,
should I tell him say no, don't, don't? What about hints? Hints? Hints?

If I give you the hints, you'll know exactly what
it is. And Brody is saying I shouldn't. Okay, I'm
gonna leave it alone. It's happening next Tuesday. I may
actually I may have to take the day off Tuesday.
You getting another dog? You getting another dog? No? If
you think you know what it is, don't, don't don't.
If he ever gets another dog, I'm gonna be like,
I'm gonna lock him up number baby this time. Oh

frogg he knows what it is. I think you're finally
going to get that penileand enlargement that you've been looking
at for ye yes, the guy shows up as don't work?
That would tears someone's ass up though, for sure. Scotty
just says, those don't work. Back a little bit, those pills.
I had a pump one time in advertising advertisement. It

was a picture. It doesn't work. You didn't try the
pills from the Canadian pharmacy that they kept offering you
an email, so I won't put anything in me the
Canadian not that's not true. Scotty going to a gas
station and go, you know, give me some of that
horny goat wheed. You know I just need some horny
goat wheat right now. I don't know all right, um,
speaking of Wieners this morning, you know every morning I

talked to Froggy before I come downstairs and my show
this Why not go ahead? He says, have you taken
your shower yet? I said no, I got a rush
and get into the shower and running late. He says, okay,
when you're scrubbing your ween or think of me. Froggie
was in a weird place this morning because I thought.
I thought, then he's gonna go take a shower and

while he's doing he's gonna inadvertently go I hate him.
He's not He's gonna think about me, right, then a question, Elvis,
did you Yes, I did. Okay, scrubbing commission accomplished, right,
that's it with what do you scrub it with? Well, no,
I'm not. I was taking a shower, Scotty. I'm curious,

by the way, I had to tell my sun last
night that you don't use a lufa on the back
back area because there's no there's no woy to clean
that and it rips it. Yeah, that doesn't it hurt?
It rips it? It does? Yeah, exactly. How did you know?
He's you know, way too much about way too much?
Why I have an asshole just like you guys do? Yeah,

have another daughter? You wanted to know what my problem
was while I'm getting cold as lufa? The lufa? What
tears your ass up? They's got a tall ask why's
your asshold torn up? I don't know. It was very hard.
I was trying. I was trying to be very gentle
with you. Nate. On that note, do not buy dude

wipes and mint. Just do the regular one dude white burn.
They burger it out. Danielle. Second, just in case anybody
who off with wipes, how much time do we have
from fifteen seconds? Oh? Thank you sweet Jesus, it's over

record the record. No, Nate already did that. He said,
problems all right, well I think we've said enough. Yeah,
we've done enough. Okay, Bye bye bye fifteen minute morning

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