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October 10, 2021 30 mins

Ep.201 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down S2 EP1 "Konsekans"  

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
Here are welcome to episode two hundred and one. Well
we survived two hundred and there's your bonus episode for
the week. Um, you'll be getting this hopefully this is
Saturday when I'm posting it. What you know, listen, who
knows when you're listening to it what day it'll be.

But you get two episodes this week, two d and
two oh one. A quick reminder. I'll probably remind you
again at the end of the podcast, although it's a podcast,
so you can just back up if you miss the information.
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and what a what an easy Halloween costume. I'm going
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good zombie, any good person in the zombie Apocalypse is
gonna die wearing our shirt as well. So there you go.

So they're done. Okay, so we'll beyond Jamie. Did you
like this episode better than anything from last season? Yes?
I did? Okay, good, I thought it was better, as
I mentioned on last week's episode, or actually the last episode.
It wasn't last week that it was better. Although the
clip from next week we're you hear Irish say this

is war. It's not very believable sounding. She's like, this
is war. Yeah, it's it's it's almost like somebody wrote
on a locker in high school and she's mad, or
someone dated her boyfriend, you know, like this is war.
I'm not even I'm not even joking. That's how threatening

she's out. We'll get to her. Irish stepped up a
little bit this week, did she did? So? Okay? So
the episode starts off with a flashback to six weeks
ago and Elizabeth and her right man right hand man
set up explosives around the wall that goes around Omaha,
which they showed us population nine seven thousands. She said,

they go out of their way to attract a massive
horde and they blow the walls open so the horde
can go in and kill everyone. Oh my god. Now
they don't show it, so we don't know if some
people got out. You have to assume ninety seven people.
Some people got out, some people maybe, probably not a lot.
Though they tell you later that everyone's dead or the
colony was wiped out. They don't tell you why they're

doing it, right, They didn't tell you why they knocked
off campus colony. They didn't tell you why they knocked
off Omaha. Did they feel like they were becoming too
independent and wouldn't play ball? I have to feel like
nine thousand. There were some multible kids there, like they
have organized a kid's trip. Hey, we're taking all the
kids for a trip to the main office. How fun
will that be? Get them the hell out of there.

I don't get it. I'm sure they're gonna explain it.
It just seems like whatever the explanation is they're wrong.
Oh yeah, you've already killed over a hundred thousand people.
When you want to rebuild the world, don't you need them?
Is precious? Yeah, there's a it's a little bit of
fascist dictatorship there, all right. Elizabeth takes Hope and Hook

to a burned out Albany. I guess if you're gonna party,
that's the place to go. When they land, there's a
walker on the roof that Elizabeth has to kill. What
she does very machine like. Now this is where I
call bullshit. I know you want to show how tough
she is that you can kill a walker and nothing
twice about it. But how is there a walker on
the top of a building? I thought the same thing.

I'm like, well, they can't really claimb stairs unless they
were up there died and turned into a walker, right,
that's your expence. They haven't eaten in how long? And
why haven't they walked over the side and fallen? True?
Because any sound from below they which is okay? All right?

So that I'm calling I'm calling uh rooftop walker bullshit.
So Elizabeth tells a story to Hope, but not a
story of hope, a story to hope where there are
massive herds or hordes or columns, depending on what you
call them. She says, different people call them different things
around the world. Her group was leaving Campus Colony, they

saw one of these hordes, bigger than they've ever seen before,
something so big, and then a second one almost as big,
joined up with them, and they were right, you had
to be there was It was unbelievable, just a coincidence
that the large, just two herds we've ever seen, just
came upon Campus Colony. She said, there had to have

been over a hundred thousand walkers. We tried to save
as many lives as we could, but Campus Colony and
Omaha are gone. Really, who did you say from campus Colony?
I don't think right, So where are those survivors? You
couldn't helicopter in. You have helicopters, seriously, and they have weapons.

A horde just happened to becoming body come on. The
whole time Campus Colony was there, No horde ever came
by before the lasted, and now all of a sudden
they don't. So Elizabeth says, we're in Albany because this
is where I'm from. Very exciting, She says, I want
you to be optimistic, Hope, and that's why we took

you on this journey to realize it again. Hope asks
to see your father like she was promised. Elizabeth says
to her, you're a young genius who's a rebel and
has her own goals. It would be terrible to bring
you into a community. You're not ready yet. You can
join us, or you can leave on your own. Because
Hopes pitched like I want to see my father. Yeah,
that was a remind of like, you're not ready, right,

So Hope decides to leave. She's I'm out. They give
her a backpack and a weapon and send her on
her way. Elizabeth says, you won't make it out of
the city alive to find your friends. You don't have
to like us, and you don't have to believe in
what we're fighting for. But we're fighting, you know, we're
fighting so the other communities don't get wiped out like
Omaha and your friends did. Oh well, you you wiped

them out. Your lying by Felix and Iris are talking
to Will. Flashback now, Will is telling them why he
was being chased. So flashback to Will is to Will
talking to a supervisor asking why there's been no communication
between CRM and Omaha because they normally have like a

regular routine. So they told Will, well, it must be
some kind of communication problem, and I'm thinking, well, we
know that's a lie because Omaha's gone. It's gone. So
he and his friend volunteer to go on a mission
to check the communication satellites and the equipment to make
sure that you know there's a problem, so you already
know the people and that they're going with know that

the colony is gone. But for whatever reason, Will and
his friend are not CRM right. They're wearing regular clothes,
they put hoods on their heads, and everybody else is
in black like they're part of the team. So I
don't know why Will and his friend are not in
on it, or at least like wearing black. They don't know.
So they get into a truck with five or six

other CRM guys and Will notice is there's not there's
not enough supplies for a three day run. He kind
of tapped that back with his foot and it was empty.
He's like, if we're going on a three day mission, right,
wouldn't we need more supplies? Yeah, exactly, where's all our stuff?
So this seems silly they were able to do this,
but it's a show. They grab guns that are on

the floor and shoot almost everyone in the truck. Right.
They somehow managed to shoot the brake line from inside
the truck. I don't know how they did that. We're
out the back. Maybe they leaned out the back opening
and shot the brake line. I don't know. But the
truck crashes. They get out and run and walkers are
immediately hitting, immediately eating the bodies of all the guards

that flew out of the truck. I don't know how
walkers could have gotten here so quickly and already started eating.
That was super fast, but all of the bodies flew
out of the truck. Yep. So as they're running away
and ugly um one of the CRM guys gets out
of the truck and shoots the ugly white guy that's
with Will. That's how you knew he was gonna die

because because he's ugly. Because Will's a good looking guy.
He had Felix have a relationship. So they bring in
some ugly red shirt like he's dying and Will makes
it into the woods. He says he saw a helicopter
dropping off containers full of computers and generators from Omahawk,
and he said some of them were covered in blood,
So he knows, like why would why would they be blood?

And why are they taking all these supplies some Oma.
So he said he overheard the other men saying it
was a salvage mission and that a giant column of
Walkers ran through them. But again they had walls up
and there were people. Will and his people take Felix
and Iris on a horse drawing cart into a farm
town that they've secured to live in and meet their
leader in Deira. I want to point something out. The

two stars of the show, Iris and Hope female, Elizabeth,
the head of CRM, female, the woman in charge of
this town right now, it just seems like they're overcompensating
for past mistakes. Maybe a yeah, because Oceanside was all females.

But other than that, has there been a female led
community on The Walking Dead that I'm not thinking of
besides Oceanside Pamela, But other than that, Pamela right well now,
but just now, right so now Pamela is leading it.
What about Fear, the redheaded what's her name? The cal girl? Right? So,
I feel like because there were men running every think
at the beginning of Walking Dead Again, I don't have

a problem with it. I'm just pointing out that it
seems like everyone in power now is a female, which
seems like, you know, with the odds at least be
like it's a little female heavy in world beyond and
as a female, you're noticing that. Yeah, and I it's
not quite realistic. Well, I mean in the Zombie Apocalypse

the dynamic may have changed. I still think, like you said,
would be a little bit more balanced, though, I feel
like you know, yeah, remember that Rick had the questions.
He would ask people how many be killed? Right? He
would ask his questions before you could get in Dianna
had she had the video where she filmed people, right,

and Aaron had questions for people. So in Deara's only
question is what do you live for? So Felix says
he lives for the two or three people with him
and a couple other people. Irish says, I live for Hope,
meaning her sister, and the woman's yeah. The woman says
the world is nothing without Hope. I know, I laughed
a lot. I'm like, oh boy, she's this is not

what you're giving her more credit than she deserves. Oh
and also jadis Oh yeah, okay, so jadis to the list.
Felix asks Will why the CRM hasn't found them and
wipe them out, and Will explains, Now, I thought this
was good that they explained how they could possibly have
a village so close, because he points out that they're

on the perimeter of where CRM is, right, Yeah, he
says in dear H struck a deal with them, and
we keep their areas safe around the perimeter of the
compound and we remain neutral with them. So I'm thinking, Okay,
I guess that's like barnacles. I mean, what do they
call them? Like um, barnacles that eat the crud off

of the fish that like latch on and like clean
the sharks and the and the sides of ships and everything.
It's a symbiotic relationship of parasites that live on them, right,
But CRM can't clear the area around them with their weapons.
They need a flutt farm town. Maybe they're being nice.

I don't know, it seems it seems odd. I was
glad that they explained it, though my other thought was
how do Will and Felix have time or tools to
keep their necks and beards perfectly shaved. That is such
a true statement. It's always perfect. It's one thing for
Will to have some little scruff, I mean Felix, but

Will has like a razor thin outline of a beard
that looks like you have to keep up on it
every day. And he's been in the woods for days
running away from the CRM. Seriously, how do you look?
You want to tell me like you shaved once in
a while. How does he not have stubble at this
point he's been on the run. I feel like there's

got to be some continuity. Oh, he's one of those
guys that you know, as hard as they try, that's
all they can grow. But it's perfectly shaped. It's actually
got cutouts. Well, that is true. It is perfectly shaved.
That's a calling beard bullshit. It looks like an electric
razor bullshit right there. Yes, he's using an electric razor,
like on a one setting. It's not realistic. I know

it's the Walking Dead, but you have to be realistic
within the world you've created. Very true, right, Yes, are
you with me? I'm with you? Is your beard shaved?
I don't have one, but if I did, it would
be Okay, all right, more of this stupidity when we
come back right after this. Okay, you're back. You finished giggling.
I'm back. I'm laughing alright. Cut to Hope in the

I guess it's a high school. She's in a school
at night, which means we missed everything that happened when
she left creepy roof top right, She's just it's just
nighttime now. She approaches a set of window panes that
are frosted, and just as she gets close to one
of them, two hands of a walker I guess, slam
up against them little bit of a jump. Scared did up.

At the split second after that, a walker comes out
of nowhere that she didn't hear or see a second ago. Right,
where'd that walker come from? I you would have heard
that thing. It's it comes out of nowhere. So the
two of them wrestle and fall down a flight of stairs,
and miraculously she's okay, at least she appears to be okay,
and the walkers. The walker's neck is snapped somehow. It's

dead already just landed perfectly. She must have hit her
head because it's bleeding, and she wakes up in the
kitchen looking for her family, which was getting weird, like
what is she in the kitchen for? She looks around
and starts calling her family members, and a herd of
walkers comes into the kitchen. She snaps back to reality. Oops,

there goes gravity and she's wrestling with the walker from
the staircase. She kills it, and now she imagines she
sees Elizabeth. She's shere pretty hard, she did. She looks
over the wall with hundreds of pin ups and signs
and focuses on a missing girl named Candice Reader. Yeah, Read,

who happens to have red hair. You know, when there's
a redhead, you're going to see them again in a capacity,
so you easily know it's them. Yeah, it's the red
hair right. Oh, let's give the girl in the post
of red hair so that when you see her later,
even if you don't recognize, you're like, oh, it's the
redhead girl. Right. And of course redheaded people die on

the show. They don't. There's no redheads. That's the red
shirts and the redheads. So you know you're going to
see this girl again in some capacity. Hawk, whose real
name is Jennifer, asks some mother if she really wants
Hope to work with them, and Elizabeth says, if she's
going to go with us, um, you know, remember if

it doesn't work out, it was your idea to bring
her Core country and you said it would change her
and you know, like, I don't think it's changed her.
And Elizabeth says, you know, Hope reminds me of you
Jennifer at her age and is that she was? Is
that why you took her on? Because she's so much
like you? And I'm gonna call her hawk i' I'll
call her. Jennifer says she's lost and angry and needed

someone to look up to and I can relate to
her like you're a bitch, Mom. Here be mom. Hope
is now wandering the streets with a head injury. She's
stumbling around and everything's a little blurry, which is perfect.
Is now You've made it hard of her survive. She's
having flashbacks hallucinations, and she keeps seeing a hooded figure

in the distance like a ninja. Yeah, that's what I'm like,
Who the hell is this? She's headed towards the bridge
that Elizabeth told her she should go to as the
only way to get out of the city. Elizabeth tells
Huck somebody who I don't remember was interrogated and are
looking for the rest of his group. She I don't
remember who she was talking about, but she says, so

and so was interrogated. Did you remember Do you know
who she was talking about? Um? Right, I don't know. Okay,
so so, oh you know what it must have been? Cyrus? Oh, yes,
Cyrus and Nelton? Right, Okay, that's who it was. I
didn't realize until just now. Yes, you're right. So Silas
was arrested. Remember remember the fat kid? Yes, long here, Yeah,

he got arrested because he gave himself up to protect Alton.
Remember Alton with the crazy pants Elton. See, that's how
much I care about fix or whatever the like crazy clothes, Yeah,
the crazy clothes, the polyester, the what was it? You
didn't have to bite three the walkers couldn't bite there
it right? It was Poplin or sear Sucker, something like that,

whatever it was. Anyway, she says, they're interrogating Silas and
trying to find the rest of the group. Elizabeth says, well,
how much did they know about the mission? You know?
How much do they? Meaning the rest of the people
on the show. And and so Huk has a flashback
of all the things that they do. Know everything almost right,
and she ignores the question. She's like, you know, I'm

not answering that question. And that Hope runs into a
building after being chased by walkers again. She doesn't close
the door behind her for some reason, and she goes
into a room that looks like a jail cell, but
it's not a jail cell. It's a big room with
a gated door, and on the wall she sees graffiti
that says feed feed Feed Die Die Die, which we

also saw in the school a few minutes earlier. Yes,
I've written all over the walls. So the walkers are
all come in and they're trying to get through the
gated fence, pulling their arms through, like reaching for them.
She goes to open a curtain and someone jumps out
from behind the curtain and tries to stab her. I
wonder who it could be, redhead girl. I don't know.

So we come back from commercial Hope is fighting with
the woman. Now, I thought, is it the woman that
she said that she saw twice than Injia woman? Right?
Is it the same person? That's what I thought at first?
And how the hell did this person get in the building. Yeah,
because Hope just got in there. So she got in
the building and hit behind the curtain. Yeah, and hoping
that Hope would just come right in that room. It's

like the reaper that was waiting for Maggie at the
top of the staircase, just hoping she would come with
that staircase. So Hope knocks it to the ground and says,
while you're doing this, and the woman says, I want
to have what you have, you have to take what
you want. She uncovers her head and of course it's
the redhead, which you might not have recognized because she's
got a dirty, you know, face like she's been living

in squalor. Yes, very dirty. She says, your horror. And
she says, I'm not her, And she says, I saw
you a picture. It's you. I know it's you. Who
talks like that. I know it's you. Well, everyone is you.
The point is, nobody speaks that way. It's you. I
know it's you. You'd say you're Candace. Right. Finally she

says you're Candace and the girl says, I'm not her.
You're her. Doesn't make any sense. Yeah, when she said,
I was like, what Hope says, Please don't make me
kill you? And the redheaded Candice runs at Hope and
Hope slashes the back of her ankle. How she got
behind her, I don't know. Okay, now the girl trips.

Candice trips because her ankle was cut. She turns around
for some reason and then stumbles back slowly into the gate,
where the walkers start like patting her on the back.
Oh my god, reached in through and touching her. But
they weren't clawing at her. And She's like, but they
weren't doing anything. I was waiting for her face to

be ripped off, and then it wasn't happening. I was like, wait,
what it seems like she could have easily broken away
from them. Yeah, fallen to her knees and crawled away.
Something pushed off of the fence, and then they eat her.
Hope is sort of like not looking like so you
don't really see the killing. It's blurry. Yeah, you just
kind of hear it. At this point, I thought the
whole scene was stupid, It agreed. However, on Talking Dead, Alexis,

who plays Hope, said that always a figment of her imagination.
She had a concussion, that everything, everything after she fell
down the steps was a dream sequence? Was it was fake? Well?
How do we know that? That's what I thought when
she said that, I'm like, well, how is I supposed
to know that? Shouldn't she have snapped out of it
and then you could have seen that there was no

dead body, yes, that the gate door was shut or whatever,
no one was in the room. Okay, Then she imagined
she's back at campus colony. Now, look, I know that
she imagined she was in a kitchen earlier, right, and
I know she's imagining she's a campus colony. But it
doesn't mean that the fight wasn't real because she was
exhibiting dizziness in the fight. Yeah, exactly. It was just bizarre.

Wouldn't you have if you had an um figment of
your imagination, wouldn't you figment yourself? Not not dizzy? Yeah,
not injured? Yeah, Anyway, she imagined she's back at his colony.
She picks up her walkie talkie and calls Elizabeth and
Hawk to come get her. She's given up. It's too hard.
I can't go on. I'm concussed. Hope tells Elizabeth she

wants more out of life than this, because Elizabeth is
now questioning her again, like why should I take you in?
And she says, I want more out of life, I
want more out of this world. I'll work for it.
And she says, well, you've passed the test. So basically,
Hope knew what to bullshit. So she tells her she
can go see your father now, and we can go
get Iris and Felix because they have no place to

go home either, because there's no campus colony. Go. We'll
go get your friends now too. How great is this, huh?
Because because you said what I wanted to hear, I'm
gonna go get your friends. Won't that be wonderful? Yes,
she's full of absolutely, full of shit bullish. Elizabeth tells

the doctor her father the bad news about campus colony,
but the good news is we've got your family. You know.
On the one hand, everyone you know is dead. On
your other hand, the only people important to you and
a couple of weirdo nerd kids made it out alive. Yeah.
I wonder if she mentioned the nerd kids because they
may try to kill them, but I didn't sound like

she mentioned them. Huck visits Hope in a hospital bed,
which is also it's a cell of some kind. So
she's locked in and says, if you ever want to
see your family again, you need to get on the
same page with me. I don't care if you hate me.
We sent your friends to a farming community where they
will be safe. She says to Hope, as long as
you don't start shipped up and play by the rules,

this is a good place. It's a safe place to live,
and we are just a small piece of the picture
of what's going to happen over the next hundred years.
Hope says, there's no way I'm gonna work with you assholes.
I knew it wasn't going to I wasn't gonna make
it outside. That's why I called you people. You will
might ticket out of there. She's not STI no, so
Hawk says, well, starts walking away and says it's after midnight,

Happy Birthday, and leaves how many episodes left are there? Fifteen? Okay? Uh?
Probably whatever it is. Yeah, so it'd be nice to
see Jadis. I can't imagine we're gonna see Rick. What
we might see like a silhouette, we might seem as
shown like her sword or something something we gotta see something.

All right, back at the farm You know what, before
we get to the farm town, we're gonna take one
more break and then we'll be done. We'll be back
after this. All right, we are back at farmtown. Iris
tells feel like she doesn't believe the story. She's why
would they cover up a hord killing everyone in campus colony? Right?
They never mentioned it earlier? Why would they be afraid

to tell us that exactly? So after that scene, it's
nighttime and Iris is outside in the woods with a
with a metallic crossbow. I'm like, where the hell did
she one get the crossbow? And two where did you learn?
What did you train on this little girl? Yeah? We
have we did we miss something? Were they off training

in the whatever time skip it was since last season?
She had like the two third horn tied to a stick.
That's what she was, that's and we saw that in
the episode. Yeah, so where did she get this fancy? Right?
And it's not like an old wooden one that kicks back,
it seems not an electronic one that just goes. There's
a CRM guard walking in the forest with a rifle

with a light on it, coming towards her. A walker
conveniency walker comes out of nowhere. He turns the to
fight it, and while he turns, she shoots him in
the shoulder with the crossbow bolt. She's obviously not that
good with the crossbowt because she shut him in the shoulder.
A lot of shoulder injuries on the walking either with
a crossbow in his arm bolt, he defeats the walker,

but then he fights with Hope hand to hand. Now
this is a grown man who's in a military organization. Yes,
he has a thing in his shoulder. Somehow Hope manages
to overpower him and stabs him. What I don't know,
I risk how she got it. She got herself in
that position and to overpower him completely. I was like, okay,

and where'd you learn these skills? And by the way,
did you notice when she killed the walker she killed
a walker first, and she shot it right between the eyes.
But yet she only got his shoulder right. But again,
how did she shoot him between the eyes in one shot? Yeah,
she stabs him, and you cut to Hope meeting her
father and lots of hogs and kisses and crying, blah

blah blah blah blah. Back to Iris in the woods.
She takes the mask off the soldier and it's a
young young man, don't know, teens twenties, with blood coming
through his teeth, struggling to breathe. Hm, and so did
you did you understand what she said to him that
it was Yeah, she said it wasn't empties, meaning it
wasn't we're gonna call him walkers. I'm not calling it empties.

She says, it wasn't empties, it was you, meaning people
like you. You guys killed everybody. You're a team, your organization,
and she plunges the knife into him. It reminded me
of a scene in Saving Private Ryan where somebody gets
stabbed just like that and they pushed the knife in
slowly and watched them. It's a horrifically uncomfortable scene. I'm

not going to tell you any more details. Saving Private
Ryan is twenty three years old. You should have seen
it by now, but I'm still not going to spoil
it for you. She clearly has figured out it wasn't
the dead that wiped out campus colony, it was the CRM.
So she's she's she's at least caught up now. She
is angry too. Scenes for next week Irish tells someone

she killed a soldier because they're the enemy. Silas has
a hood over his head because he was arrested, and
then later on we see him swinging a bat killing walkers.
Thanks trailer guy, unless they put him in like a
death tournament where's got to like prove his his worth

his battle. Elizabeth goes to talk too the father's wife
about something, the one that looked like she was going
to poison the husband the scientist. Yes, yes, yes, they
showed Jadis. They show Felix fighting with some guy with
a whole herd of walkers behind him. Iris is in

a hallway with Hope running away. It looks like they're
trying to break the father out of wherever they are,
so that's part of it. And then on Talking Dead,
there was another scene Iris shoots a walker dead in
the center of its head with the crossbow. That's right.
I thought the scene was from last next week, and
I thought how much time has passed exactly since she

became this competent because she was an incompetent buffoon who
couldn't kill a walker and she was when he first
did she get the crossbow? None of this makes sense,
that's none of it. I'm calling bullshit on the whole
crossboat thing and it's the same timeline. How come Dal
hasn't found an electronic cross exactly? All right? Next week

Talking Dead, We've got the actor who plays Pope, the
actress who plays Iris Can't Wait, and Scott Gimble. So
it should. It should be a decent episode, which I
most I can say about this profis to Chris Hardwig,
because it is tough going back and forth. I'm Talking Dead,
you know, like IM, that's the World Beyond. And here's

what I think is what's happening. I think they're putting
World Beyond on the Walking Dead ones, so we'll watch
them and then Fear the Walking Dead comes back, and
if Chris is doing Talking deads, he'll probably have some
Fear people on. But there is I can't imagine other
than the season finale, the series finale, that he does
a talking Walking World Beyond. It's it's a lot. My

guess is in the finale of World Beyond will be
the kickoff of the next Walking Dead, right, or you'll
see something so big at the end it'll be worth
doing the Talking Dead over worth talking about. Otherwise, I
think we're gonna go some weeks without a talking dead
that's okay, But Fear don't you like talking about? Well,
I mean about Yeah, well, Fear is coming back like

next week, right, Fear comes back to seventeenth or whatever
it is. So I feel like there's no pun intended
hope that will get some fear talking. Tad's yeah, that's
what I'm assuming is going to happen. As I meant,
it's okay with no world beyond all right. I hope
you enjoyed your bonus episode, your second two one, two

hundred first episode, and we're not taking a break. We're
back next week. Remember, now's your chance. We'd appreciate and
we think you'd enjoy your Walkers and Talkers T shirt
Brooklyn Boys dot Big Cartel dot com. And with that said, Jamie,
it's time. What time is it? It's time time to
shut that ship down
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