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October 16, 2021 51 mins

Ep.202! - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down S 11 episode 8 "FOR BLOOD"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
She believes in charge. Here the rules are Welcome to
Walkers and Talkers Episode two. Oh to Jamie, can you
believe it? We are only episodes away from episode give
it Up? Yes, yes, welcome. I'm David Brodie Melvins dur

in the Morning show. That of course is Jamie from
Light FM. And we've got a review of the mid
third season finale. So eleven, part A, the A block
is done a block. Yes, people, people are so confused.
I've seen it called the season finale, the mid season finale.

Not a lot of news sources have gotten it right,
but we are here to get it right. Uh, and
forgive Jamie. She's got Legionnaire's disease. What do you got? Yeah,
something like that. Some of my voices bubonic plague. It's
a little funky today. I apologize arthritis, something like that.

Her ass is not broken, which is good. If you
don't know what that means, go back and listen to episodes.
I don't know fifty to a hundred. Somewhere in there.
I think Jamie broke her ass. I literally tore it.
She did. Okay, so we have a lot of news.
I'm gonna go easy on Jamie. Keep her stories to
a minimum because she's all poorting there. Okay, so big news.

The Walking Dead anthology spinoff series Tales of the Walking
Dead is officially green lighted or green lit by a
MC and the premier summer of two. So it will
be six episodes, each an hour long, each a standalone episode,
and they will focus on new and formally established characters

set in the world of the original Walking Dead series. So, Jamie,
we're gonna see new characters, which is fine, but who
who would you want to see that is no longer
with us? Or maybe it is with us? Well, the
show is going to end around the same time. But
who would you like to see a standalone episode? A
little backstory? I would like to see one. I'm on Erin. Yeah,

you mean when he was boring quiet and had Eric
as his boyfriend. I'm kind of curious about him a
little bit, all right, I'm not also Pope well yeah, yeah,
crazy crazy. I would like to see like the Reapers,
you know, in combat, or at least when the Wolf
first broke out they were killing people. Also Beta Beta Yeah,
as a country western singer. Yeah, I want to see
that because we already saw his history. But but I

want to see him up on stage. Okay, you just
want to see Ryan Harrist. That's I think. I think
Eastman is scheduled to be one of the episodes, or
at least it was a rumor he might be the
guy who trained Morgan to use his stick. I just
really quick, So do you know the show Big Sky
on ABC? You love that show and he's on it? Yes?

And do you know interesting though, so he was on
that He's on that show. Spoiler, his character was killed off.
He came back as his twin brother and his his
thing on that show now that just premiered this week
is the exact stick that Eastman holds and he uses it,
uses it as a weapon on just like Eastman. I

was like, oh, I think that's a not I'm not
going to say what I just saw in the movies. Well,
I'm sorry, it wasn't in the It was in the
movies and it was on HBO. Max. If that's a
that's a clue. A character dies and then the rest
of the movie you deal with his twin brother. You
didn't know he had so the actor gets to keep
the job. No, he knew he had it. We didn't know. Oh, Okay,

that's very interesting. Well no different than what you just
told me. Well, yeah, but the same thing. It's the same. Yeah, Okay.
I did see James Bond No Time to Die, and
I was reminded that Rommy Malick was good in Bohemian Rhapsody.
Oh yeah, he was fantastic and he was very good.
Mr Robot. Yeah, I didn't see that, but I definitely,

but this movie reminded me. I liked him in those movies.
I don't like him in this one, and I don't
like him in anything I've seen after Bohemian Rhapsody. He
was okay a night at the museum because he played
a weird guy. I So here's what I'll say about
about the Bond film. It was two hours and forty
something minutes. It was long. It seems like it should

have been three hours and thirty minutes three and a
half hours. And if they cut out a lot of
good parts, and if they cut out plot points, because
there's a lot going on in that movie. And this
is a Walking Dead podcast, I apologize, but there's a
lot going on in that movie. Will you go? I
don't understand why that other guy would do that? What
what was why would he care and why would he
No spoilers, I'm not giving in the way. It just
seems like they took out the explanation parts. Does that

make sense? But don't get there late because they're opening
fifteen minutes. Is fantastic? Really? Okay, that's that's on my list. Well, okay,
this is this is movie related. We can talk about
movies here on on the podcast. We're in our We're
in our third No, we're a one a third centennial
of episodes, right, third century? That century? No? Yeah, yeah, right,

third century zero, the hundred and two, third century. So
I was running late to the movies and my friend
what the tickets and the movie started, let's say at
nine o'clock on a weekend, and my knav said, so,
I said, look, go in, leave my ticket at the
front with whoever ticket take or whoever or just tell

him whatever, tell him my name, and I'll check in
and just go. And if I'm late, i'm late, you'll
tell me what I missed. And I didn't want to
be late because I know I knew that the opening
scene was going to be extravagant. I got into my
seat at the trailers was still going stop Are you serious? Yes,
I mean rarely Am I serious? But I'm serious. But

that's that's a lot of trailer a lot of trailers.
So I still saw a couple of trailers. Oh, we'll
talk about trailer guy this way. Oh my god. All right,
So let me say what else is going on in
The Walking Dead this season? See in eleven you're going
to see, especially in the first eight episodes that were
filmed during the hardcore part of the pandemic or the
initial part when they started filming again, a lot of

digital enhancements have been made to the Walkers and large
crowds because they couldn't have a lot of people crammed together. Yeah,
some of the masks are screen printed, so I guess
they like put the ink in the blood in the coloring. Yeah. So,
Angela Kang says, anytime you're seeing stuff with crowds, even
when it's human crowds at the Commonwealth, there's often digital

enhancement happening that we wouldn't always have done normally. Interesting,
that's fascinating behind the scenes, behind in fact, yes, behind
the scenes, this is big, Angela. I don't want to
you know what, I'm gonna say this because it's an
Angela can comment about the episode. Remind me. Remind me
when we talk about right after Pope is killed spoiler

Pope is killed. Angela commented on what happened next, and
I want to talk about that later. Okay. Insider dot
com my good friend who have never met Kursten Akuna
interviewed Angela Kang about Sebastian, Pamela Milton's son, who I
told you plays a big role in the comics, and
she asked her, just like he is in the comics,

he's obnoxious, but you can't do an exact adaptation of
his comic arc, which I mentioned, because the people involved
are on the show anymore. Yes, he used to say that.
She said, should we expect his story to follow a
lot of the comic or no? I guess I'm wondering
why introduced Sebastian If his comic foil is no longer
on the show, should our heroes who aren't the person

that was uh being referenced be concerned about being in
scenes with him. I'm not sure how much you guys
are veering away from the comics. Angela Kang responded, just
because a certain person is out of the picture. You
can't do an exact adaptation of it. But we really
love Sebastian and his shittiness, So there's definitely going to

be an ark for his character. He's clearly an antagonist.
Oh completely already he is. Yeah, so he even if
he doesn't do the thing he did or he does
something similar, he's still going to be a vital asshole
to the plot. He's still a shitty person. He's a
shitty person exactly. You know what, Jamie, I'm gonna give
you a voice a break. You don't have anything. Did
you have anything? No, you didn't because you sent me

your stories. I just did them. Oh, yes, thank you,
I forgot You gave me the two stories already there's
spin off story and the uh the shittiness Sebastian story. Yes, yeah,
sorry about that. Like I knew you had stories. Would
you gave me my bed? I stole him even though
you wanted me to tell the audience you wanted me
to Otherwise they're gonna be like, oh he stole, he stole.

I didn't steal. It helped me out, Okay, I don't
sound steal steal all right, So a lot came out
this week. If you have AMC. Plus you've got The
Walking Dead the finale, but the mid season part one finale. Yes,
World Beyond episodes two and three were available, and Fear

came out already, a lot came out. That's what she said.
My god, I have not watched episode three of World Beyond,
and I have not watched Fear yet. So just watching
episode two of World Beyond, which I'm hoping to do
in our bonus episode this week if we have time.
If not, what we'll do is we'll review it next week. Late.

And I apologize, but it's just it's a hectic week
and poor Jamie's not feeling well. I apologize. Did you
like the World Beyond episode? Um, it was a little slow,
but it was I feel like you kind of needed
some of that story. Yeah, And I feel like with
such a small cast, none of the stars of the
show can die yet. No, not yet, right, even though

it's only a two season show. I feel like one
of the sisters may die. They may all die, you know,
like wipe them all out, which is why the show
doesn't continue, you know, dying for the cause or something
I don't know, like shutting down, cr im blowing the
place up. With them in it. Something heroic. They deserve it. CRM. Yeah,
all right, so let's talk about the Walking Dead and

we'll talk about Talking Dead because there was a bombshell
announced unofficially by Scott and Gimbel. Okay, the Walking Dead
episode for Blood, We're at Meridian and the Reapers are
watching Maggie's heard of walkers circling in a weird pattern.
They say they've never seen that before, and Pope says
there's a reason for everything, and he asks Darryl if

he ever saw anything like that, anything like that with
the Rotters, he calls them rodgers. He doesn't miss a beep.
He's like, something's up and I'm not just buying it,
although he misses Daryl's lies completely. He does so. Daryl
says some lies that he saw some walkers act like
that in the South somewhere, which is the way to
explain it and go no, sometimes they do that, which

you're the only one that's ever seen them do that.
Apparently that Daryl volunteers to lead them away. He's like,
I've done that before. I lead them away, and Carver says, uh,
well that's less balls, meaning like Card wanted to fight him,
Pope says to them, we're gonna do We're gonna do
this his way, Daryl's way, and then says, wells should
do it sacrificial. Wells, yes, Daryl's like, I want to go.

He says no, he can handle it, and uh and
I said to myself, Uh no, no we can't, No,
we can't. He's not gonna We're know he's gonna die.
Thanks trailer guy. We saw him surrounded by walkers and
they don't have a mike, they don't have a motorcycle
to lead them away, and apparently they have no vehicles
to lead them away. Nothing not ad something, nothing, bicycle something.

So he leads them into the woods down a very
narrow path. For some reason, why you wouldn't lead them
into the woods where you could like duck away. You're
down a path where they have to follow you, right,
and they're gonna see you if you try to get away.
So he's on the walkie talking and he says, everything's good,
everything's good. To follow me, ha ha ha. Very cocky
for a moment there, yes, And just as he starts
to get cocky, another herd comes up and behind him.

Because Maggie and Egan are lead into two halves. Now
how he'd and see the other half circled back around
and cut him off, I don't know. Also, he left
in right to just run, and he didn't write why
he didn't run to like, run to the other side,
run into the forest, get away. So for some reason
he doesn't run away, and he thinks he can kill

them all by himself. I don't think so. Too many
there he killed. Yeah, he killed about six of them,
and then he got he got Jesus. Not yes, I
said the same thing. I was watching it, and I
said to my mom and like, oh my god, just
like when Jesus died. Yea, our whisperers stabbed the crap

out of him and threw him to the walkers and
they ate him. And then Niget and Maggie walk away
like yeah, badass, nige mad. So that was before the
credits come back. After the credits, there's a storm at Alexandria.
But of course there is, and it's a bad story,
bad storm. Of course. The door to the house, now

this is where I have to call bullshit. Now there's
people in all the houses, right right, there's a lot
of people at Alexandria. Decent amount they might like, Jerry's
family must be in a house, right, there's other people,
but we only see the house that has a bad door,
and they sit as a bad door, and Magna goes, oh, yeah,
the doors doors riding away? Well, first of all, how's
the door riding away? These are new it's new construction.

There's the door rotting away. But even if it was,
if you knew the door was rotting away, why wouldn't
you all play like the little piggies and run to
the next house, right, Why wouln't you just go to
Jerry's house? Go to Jerry's house, but there's a solid door, Jerry, Yeah,
why would you stay there with the broken door? I don't.
I don't get that. So the wind blows the door
open and a tree limb comes through the window and

they see a piece of the wall of Alexandria flying
down the street. Row like that better, my walkers, I
do Scooby rents okay, wow, Ruby Rack. I'm an only child.
I just sat in front of the TV and did

cartoon voices. You know that. That's really good. I did
Scooby and I Scoob and I do uh Grover, you
know this is dear. Oh, I love a Grover. He's
my favorite. Four. This is near He's four. He's my
favorite estime. She's my favorite too. You don't you probably
know this people listening to the voice The voice actor

and original puppet of Grover, Frank oz Is. We've talked
about this, haven't we. Is also the voice actor for
Miss Piggy and Yoda. Yes, yes, you did say that, right,
it's coming back, right, So you can do Grover, you
can do Ms Piggy, and you can do Yoda because
it's very slight variations of Frank. Oh my god, I

love it. There you go. So back to the Reapers.
They can't get Wells on Milwaukee because Maggie and Negan
took the Walkee. He did, he did. Leah wants to
go after him, and Pope says it's no use. He's
already dead. Pope don't care. Pope don't care about anybody?
Are you not ashamed? He actually he cares, but I
don't really care. Y He really doesn't give gas right now.

Leah says she sees Wells often killed dozens of Rotters
at a time, and Pope says they didn't kill him.
She did my enemy. Leah then realizes what just happened
and says, you knew she was out there, and you
sent Wells out there to die. He says he was
a soldier, and she says he was family, which is

a constant theme with her. By the way, Pope says
God decided his fate and she says, no, you did, Like,
don't blame, don't pull his God card on me. You
sent him out there, he says. Leah has an awful
lot to say since her boyfriend arrived, Pope says to her,
because of my brother's bravery, we now know the enemies
close and they will not escape this time. You couldn't

figure out the enemy was close. You couldn't figure out
the horde of walkers coming at you. Seriously, right yeah.
Back at Alexandra, Aaron says, they need three teams. Want
to put out the fire that's burning by the windmill,
want to repair the wall, which I don't know how
you do that in a storm with walker's coming through it.
And one team to protect everyone in the house, the
kids and whatnot. And there's a woman that I didn't recognize,

so I thought she'd be dead. That's Barbara. Barbara is
an original Alexandrian who when they arrived, she said, Oh,
I was hoping you guys had a dentist with you.
Oh my, I can't even place her. Isn't that she
had red her hair? But the article I read she's
been in twenty episodes, so she may. Maybe she dies

protecting Judith and Gracie. But how much longer can she
stay on? Seriously? And Diane too? Yeah, and Diana? And
what's Diane was? Diane was from Alexandria. She was with
the Kingdom, I think, and she oh, Kingdom, king Kingdom, Kingdom,
she was Kingdom, Kingdom. You know who's been around also,
who's been around a long time from Alexandria is uh
Sinegalbatan Green's husband. Yes, he has been around. His name

I cannot remember right now. It's Scott he played. Yeah,
he's still alive. He can't possibly make it to the
end of season eleven, right, he's got to go. Maybe
he flies under the radar. I mean they've kept him
her around this long exactly. Judith says she wants to
go and help. I want to go help, right, little Brett,
and Carol tells her to stay, and she says I'm
not afraid, and Carol says, I need you to stay

with the kids and keep them safe and make them
not afraid. That is the equivalent of Carl stay in
the house. Oh yeah, Judith had to look on her
face like you're treating me like old child. On the
flip side, Gracie says she doesn't want Aaron nego. She's scared.
She didn't want to leave, right. So Judith offers to
stay with Gracie, which is what that's what they wanted
her to do, because Gracie is not the smartest. But

she's not the smartest. I have a feeling, you know,
I'd hate anything to happen to her that Aaron comes
back and something. I hope he would be destroyed. He's
lost everybody. I think you could kill Gracie. I think
the last time you killed little girls was look at
the Flowers, right and right. Look at the Flowers was
way after Carol's Daughter's Season two We'll look at the

Flowers was four five five because four yeah, Lizzie's dead,
by the way, and so is her sister. Spoiler, a
scout comes back for the Reapers and tells them the
Rotters are all gone. And Pope says, but she's not,
and then asked Starrow what he knows about Maggie again,
he says not much. Pope says to him, then why

am I keeping you around? And Daryl says, you said
God chose me, Like remember that whole God thing. That
was a pretty good answer, because yeah, yeah. Pope tells
Darrel a story about how he took in a stray dog,
and the thing about straight dogs is they will either
lick your hand or bite it. Darryl says, don't worry,
I'm not gonna lick you, and Pope laughs. He says, well,

one day the dog bit me and it hurt like hell,
and it wasn't very pleasant when I had to strangle
him to death. He those, He tells Daryl, don't bite
me either, I out loud. Darrel says, Maggie's a great shot,
and that's how she probably took out wells she usually
has a lookout in the trees, so that's all a lie.

We don't know. Maggie's a great shot. We don't know.
He doesn't know Maggi's great. He also said, don't worry,
I'm not gonna lick you either. He didn't lick him though.
It's so funny the way he said, Yeah, are you
telling me that you're just repeating it. No, I'm just
saying that's what he said to Pope. But I said
he said that. I didn't hear you say it. Yeah,
I said, that's why I said. Pope laughed, Oh, sorry,

I miss that. You're that You're I'm a little under
the weather. I'm fine, I'm just hallucinating. That's okay, you're
like you're like I hope from last week. Yeah, the
whole scene was illustation. There's a little redheaded girl standing
under my vace. With that, the herd comes back. Pope
laughs and says Maggie. He says she, but he means
Maggie has figured out a way to turn the dead

against the living, which is weird because the debtor already
gets the living. But he means like, use them as
a weapon, Yes, exactly. Darryl asked how strong the fences are,
and he says strong enough, but they won't get that
far and explosives land mines start going off. Some walkers
are blown to bits, but obviously the leads of the
show aren't. Uh nope, And I thought at this point

I'm like, Darrel's probably some my shooting his pants right now,
right because he's like, oh my god, my friends are
He's seen the show. He knows they're not gonna get hurt.
Gracie tells Judith she wishes she was more like her
because she's never scared, and Judith says, I'm scared. Sometimes
you can use fear the way you run faster when
you're scared. It also makes you fight better. I'm thinking

to myself, it's gonna get Gracie killed. You're gonna pump
her up with a lot of false bravado. Oh no,
and you're gonna get her killed. I'm not saying that's
gonna happen. I'm just saying that seems like that's what
you're doing, Like Judith, let her be afraid. Virgil tells
Judith that her mom would be proud of her, and
when she asked where her mom went, he says, I
don't know. Now. Did he tell Judith she went to

look for Rick? No? I don't think so. Right, he
still hasn't told her. He no, She and I was like,
what are you not saying anything for? Although I think
if he tells Judith that she went to look for Rick.
She'd have every reason to kill him, because if he
tells anyone else, they'll leave, like uncle Daryl will go
looking right, And she doesn't want him to do that,

so he might say, like, shut your mouth, don't say
on the on the Rick thing, shut up on the
on the on the what was that? She calls him
the good man? She no, she calls Rick. Oh yeah,
oh god that she doesn't call her father. Oh, I
think it's the good Man, doesn't don't anyway, Judith says

she wishes her mom was there, and Virgil says, she
is the way you hold your sword, the way you're
willing to run into the storm, the way you help
the other kids. And you can bet wherever she is
you were with her. Okay, Disney Channel, alright, you know what,
I thought that for a minute, like, all right, this
is kind of sap, right, it was right World Beyond.
I actually had that in my head too. I'm like,

this is a little Disney. A walker reaches through the
window and grabs Gracie, and Judith cuts his hand off.
She and Virgil kill the two walkers by the window,
so Gracie is safe for the moment. For the moment
back to the reapers, Pope gives some insane speech about
how every war has sacrifice and they are still there

and they will win. They are the chosen ones, blah
blah blah. At some point I'm like, shut up. He
likes to hear himself talk. You're the chosen ones, but
your people are dropping like flies. Dude, you're a leader.
You killed your own guy in the fire after he
let another guy die. Then then Father Gabriel killed the guy.

Nobody even mentions, right, Nobody mentions that guy because Father
Gabriel cut that guy's neck right, cut his throat the
hell out. So it wasn't the same guy from the
shopping mall. So that's a that's a plot hole right there.
That's like the James Bond movie where they just took
out something. You're like, whoa whatever, where's the explanation. Darryl

spots what looks like two people in whisperer masks, which
turned out to be Maggie and Father Gabriel in the
herd going off to the side. So Darryl goes and
walks the perimeter of the fence, where he thinks Maggie
and Father Gabriel are and he runs into his old
cigarette buddy, the guy who was by the supply shack,
and he says, hey, man, you want a cigarette? They
gotta nowhere. I'm walking the perimeter. They told me to

walk the perimeter, They told me to come here. No
they didn't, and nobody notices he walked off where he went.
They only noticed when he comes back. Right, So he
offered the down on the cigarette and guys like, yeah,
I quit? How many times have I quit? I got
quit again? You're addicting me to these cigarettes again. And
Daryl's like, what does it matter? Come on, yeah, you know, no,
I wouldn't worry about it. Smoke it up. The guy

smokes that goes to take smoke a cigarette and Daryl
the really drops the matches, and when the guy goes
to pick him up, Darrel takes out his serrated knife
and stabs him in the neck and then throws the
body over the fence. Daryl tells Maggie and Father Gabriel
which way to go. Dal breaks the lock off the ammunition.
Don't know the building that they have to go into

so they can get in. A land mine goes off
and Nigan and Elijah are hit with trapnel, and of
course Elijah is hit worse. I know he's not Jeffrey
Dean Morgan. No he's not. Poor guy's gotten hung and
he's gotten strap. No, not that kind of hung, Jamie. Okay, yeah, again,

not that kind. So Darrel comes back holding arrows, and
LEAs says, where have you been? Here's a I was
gonna get some arrows, but she didn't say. He didn't
tell anybody was going to get arrows. So for this
I had to, uh, I had to put the subtitles
on again because they mumble. The subtitles are still a
second and a half roughly ahead of the action. Really,

it's horrible. So when like when Maggie's in the car,
she's gonna start the car, which is gonna hot wire
the car. Yeah, and the Reaper walks by, she's still fundling,
fumbling under the car, and it says car starts. So
here's what Pope was saying to Leah at that point.
He says, tell him to get ready to to ready

the Watcher. The Watcher, but he says, come to ready
the water. I know I could like, what the hell
does he saying? But it was one of the more
scenes where you could not make out what they're mumbling.
Maggie mumbled to Father Gabriel when they first came in
through the garbage hole. So I had to put the
subtitles on there too. So the watcher is that weapon?
It's a multi rocket or arrow launcher firework looking things. Yeah,

Darryl has no idea what a watches and Leah says,
that's how we're gonna end this thing. Well, I don't
know if there's enough rockets there to end this thing,
but okay, Maggie confirms the father gave he knows where
he's going. Right, second floor, make a left, blah blah.
She says, go get the food and then we'll get
out of here. How is he single handedly supposed to

carry all that food alone? I don't know. I do
not have a clue. How like a bad sack of food.
I'm like, well, what the hell is he getting for
all those people, the whole community, You single handed leaser
supposed to get all this? I don't know. And they
have no mode of transportation. She hadn't hot wired the
car yet. All right, So Maggie, Father Gabriel come up

through the garbage hole, and he says it spells awful,
and she says, which you had to put the captioning
on something to the effect of, this is all the
crap they can't use. It's it's garbage. That's why it
smells so bad. That's why nobody's here. So I guess
that was like the unwanted food I haven't thrown out

yet down the shoot that just come out of. Let's
take a break. We'll get back to Rosita going going
ham so to speak. Oh, she did, she did, and
we'll do that. We'll come back right after this. Hey,
it's Sarah Wayne Calley's I played Lorie on The Walking
Dead and you're listening to Walkers and Talkers with David
Brodie and Jamie. Be safe, everybody stay in the house

like Carl should have. All Right, the door, the rusted outdoor,
the rotted outdoor rather, is not holding up well as
as as predicted. So Rosita says, I'm gonna go buy
us some time, and she grabs her weapon, which is
a flat spike. It's just like a chainsaw blade. Yeah,
that's like it looks like a chain subway with a
handle or something. And there's a lot of walkers on

the porch. She kills all of them. Then she sees
more approaching the porch and jumps in like I'm going
like Rosita, badass Rosita. She's fighting like Iris now on
the world beyond. That's how badass she is. She's almost
Iris loft. She comes back in a couple of minutes later.
The door opens and she's sort of like almost silhouetted

and strikes a superhero pose, you know, like like a
horror movie like stance. It did look very like a
horror movie. Stands like I just got him. I just
killed them all. I got like a clin Eastwood nineteen seventies,
kind of that's exactly what it looked like. They're all dead.
Some kind of catchphrase, you know, I saw them and

then I sawed them. I wish she said that. Great,
I just right just made that up, so that thought
of it, okay. Father Gabriel is limping around upstairs in
that building. He finds a secret compartment in a closet.
They never show again what was in the closet. In
case you're wondering, remember Meridian used to be Maggie's group's place.

That secret door in that room Maggie hid the rifle
that father Gabriel has later, Oh, I was wondering what
was in there? Right, It wasn't food. They made it
look like that's where the food was hidden. But why
would you hide food in the closet if you're the reapers?
So what was in the closet? It was the weapon.
Now they probably have time to take the weapon because
they had chased out. But why didn't they use the
weapon to protect themselves? Huh? Yeah, you think they would?

And how did the reapers get in over the wall?
And how did they get out? I need to many questions,
so many questions. Okay, the Watcher has hundreds of steel
tipped arrows with explosives on them. Darryl asks Leah if
she believes that God chose them, like, do you believe
that muck and muck that he's talking about? She says,
he gave us something to believe in, thanks poison. We

had nothing to hold on to. He gave us something.
And Daryl says, well what about now? She says, doesn't
matter what I believe now, and he says it matters
to me because I love you. He didn't set up
his eyes said it. She gets googly eyes for him
and says, do you ever think about what it would
have been like if we never left the cabin? Clearly
he does. He thinks about all the time. Now, at

that point, did you think, Okay, she's she's gonna be
back with Daryll soon? For a hot second, I thought,
what's happening here? Are you playing her? Are you trying
to get her to be nostalgic and reminisce? And I
was like, but I think it's a tactical move. I
think it was tactical. But she seemed to be like, Oh,
do you ever wonder what wuld have been like? Yeah,
all the time, because you're hot and he could have

been having sex with you, but instead he's getting his
friends killed by your maniac friends. I wasn't rush she meant,
this is what I mean. Leah says it's hard to
watch the people you love change, especially when the people
they love are hurting. It sounds like she meant Leah's
watching her people die, But I think she also means
did she mean Darryl is watching his friends die? Did

she think Daryl's friends were dying out there? That she
thinks Daryl knows they're out there? And I think it
could be both because Daryl's changed and his people are
dying and her people are dying. She looks at him
like she's going to say something important to him, and
of course the walkie talkie goes off. That is the
new side impact bullshit. By the way, walkie talkie convenient

timing bullshit. And I'm telling you now, they did it
on World Beyond. We'll talk about it maybe if we
do another episode. There was walkie talkie timing bullshit. The
writers like, you know what we'll do. We'll have the
walkie talkies go off at the right moment, at the
exact time. Every time Darryl stops Leah, who's about to
walk off, and says, I have something to tell you,
he just blurts. He's a blurter. I know what in

the wood, Daryl, He says, there are people down there
with the walkers, my people. They're here for the food
you took and they just wanted back. There are people
back home that will starve without it. They are good
people with families. You can't let them die like this.
So now, not only is she saying, the people that
have been murdering your friends they're here. I'm friends with them,

and they're coming to take back the food so your
friends can starve. And they're my family now. So then
she says, you lied to me, and he says, to
protect my family. I'm sure you can understand that. Oh yeah,
she understands it. She says, Carver told me not to
trust you, but I wanted to so badly. What do
you think is gonna happen when Pope finds out? And

he says, Pope doesn't need to know. I'm Darryl. I'm
hot you can come with me. So then Pope comes
out onto the roof, perfect Pope timing. The two of
them look awfully guilty, and Pope says, oh my, what
are you to talking about? They look super guilty. They
look they just did it or something, and Leah says family,

and Pope says, ain't nothing more important. It's the only
real thing we got left in this world than Pope
says to Darryl when this is done, I want you
to find that woman and bring her to me, meaning Maggie,
and Leah is staring him down and not saying anything.
Cut to Maggie. She gets in a pickup truck and
she can't find a key, so she hot wires it
and that's when the closed captioning says, the car starts,

Reaper walks by, but I already know the car starts.
Now is in the middle of nowhere, right, She's behind
a building, nobody's there. A Reaper comes by coincidentally, even
though there's a herd of walkers coming by the gate.
He's back there doing what right? What's he there for?
She starts the car, which has been sitting there for

a hundred years until this guy walks by and engine
starts up. The Reaper jumps on the pickup truck right
before she can get away, and of course he falls
off the truck. He's not a hero. She drives the
truck at a relatively fast rate of speed, points it

towards the gate and jumps out at the last second
so the walkers can get in the breached walls. That's
pretty smart of her. She's badass again. For some reason,
the handful of Reapers think they can fight the Horde
and kill them. One of the time, Pope orders his
man on the roof to fire the arrows from the
Hord job into the courtyard. So Leah says, hey, hey man,

our people are down there, and he says I'm well aware,
but we can't let the enemy know our plans and
we can't retreat. Yeah, you can tell your men to
run on account of three after you lit the fuse,
and they'll run, and they'll be like, wait, why those
guys running. If he's a tactical expert, he could have
figured that out. Yeah, they're on military. If he says run,
you run, she says, please call our people back. And

he says God will protect them, and she says, what
if he doesn't, So then typical I don't have an answer.
I can't explain the Lord kind of thing. He says,
then it's there time to die. You're sending them to die.
You are Pope is snapped right, it's not God saying
yes or no. He's playing God. Right, Okay. She says

you can't kill them, and he says I can. The
Lord speaks through me. That's when it's time to go.
This and I was like, oh, ship, this man is
truly deranged. He says, you don't question the Lord. You
don't question me. When you think you're the word of God,
you gotta go. It is now your time. The guy

lights the fuse on the arrows on the Daryl pulls
out his double knives. Pope turns around like he's gonna
fight him, and Leah runs up and stabs him in
the neck. Ship. This was a big stab him in
the neck episode. A cigarette guy down in the neck, right,
Pope got it in the neck. So here's where there's

a problem. The guy who lit the watcher starts to
run at Leah and Darryl. Now do you think he
was gonna kill Darryl or Leah or both? I think
both because they both were in on it. So Darryl
throws a knife at him and hits him in the shoulder.
I guess he killed him. I think what to believe
he killed him? I think he did too. Darryl cuts

the fuse to keep the arrows from going off, so
at the moment the watch has been deactivated. That do
you know? Angela Kang was asked if Daryl didn't throw
that knife into one of Leah's reaper brothers after she
killed Pope, do you think she still would have turned

on Darryl, and Angela Kang said Darryl made a strategic
mistake by killing a reaper in front of Leah. Sure,
Leah does kill Pope and Daryl was right about Pope.
Leah was at a place where she was willing to
help because she saw Pope was too far gone. So
Leah wasn't taken Darryl's side, at least she might have.

But once he killed the guy in front of her,
she said, when he threw the knife into the heart
and chat his heart, I guess she eat him in
the heart. It became this reminder for Leah that yes,
I was right about Pope. But how many of my
people have died because of Maggie coming back into the
walls and Darryl apparently helping her. How many more of
my people are going to die. And at the end

of the day, they both will always choose their families
over each other. So do you think Lea made the
right move by by realizing that she's got to protect
the rest of her family the five or six people
are still alive. I think she's so brainwashed from Pope
and being in that mentality, in that environment that she

wouldn't be able to choose Darrel as much as she
maybe have wanted to in her heart. I think she's
she she had to pick. Now she's choosing these dirtbed
eggs like bag who treats her like cras ship right? Who?
Who of her brothers? Like her favorite people are dead? Yeah,
and no one truly ever protected her. Right, but the
people she claimed that she liked were killed episodes ago.

Smoking guy is dead already, Pope's dead. Her friend that
was killed by in the in the shopping mall, her guy,
he's dead. So I'm not sure why she wouldn't pick
you picked out. I wouldn't, Well, I would. I would
never save Carver's ass, right, but you you'd save Darryl's ass?
I would, And the rest of them. Maggie runs into

the only reaper by himself. Right, there's one reaper by himself.
She runs into them, into him, and although he overpowers her,
Father Gabriel shoots him with the sniper rifle from the window.
Oh that was awesome. I actually clapped, did you so?
The same way that Maggie saved Father Gabriel. In the
last episode of season ten, Father Gabriel has returned the

favor I know you did. Pope is struggling for breath.
He was standing in the neck, but he's not dead yet.
Leah pushes him to the ground with her foot of
the damn. I would have thought she had some words
for him, like I gotta protect our family because you
wouldn't boom. So I thought she was going to have
a final line, but she really didn't say anything, you know,
Or maybe she would have, like had white smoke come

out of the chimney symbolizing a new pope. Oh my God,
throwing the religion down, throw it down, wrote it down
that knowledge. I know that I'm not even Catholic. I
know because that's that's an awesome to me. That's an
awesome visual, that would be Yeah, well I'm saying I'm

real life. It's awesome. Yes, yes, yeah, exactly. Daryl tells
Leah to come with him, and she doesn't. She gets
on the walkie and says Pope is dead and Dixon
murdered him. He's like the enemy thrown under the bus.
Daryl says, why would you do that? Girl? He didn't
really say the girl part. I threw that in. Damn
says he forgot what was important, not war people. You

would do anything to protect your people, and so would I.
Of course she really wouldn't because she's not killing Darryl.
She knows Dary's gonna run out and come back and
try to kill them. She wouldn't do anything to contect
your people. She would have killed him right then and there.
Carver and another idiot show up on the rooftop. Carver says,
I should have killed him when I had the chance.
She says, close the gates. We're gonna kill everything inside

while we have the chance to. That could be Darryl
also right, Oh, absolutely, let's take a quick break here,
we'll come back, we'll wrap up the episode and we'll
tell you what the big news is from Talking Dead
and that I'll be that how about that? And we
can go rest your voice, so we'll we're right back
after this. Hi, This is Polly Anna Mackintosh. Jadis a
k a. And on The Walking Dead, And you're listening

to David Brody and Jamie on the Walkers and Talkers podcast.
I listened to them on the up up. Here we
go the final stretch back at Alexandria. The doors and
windows are not holding, so they start sending everyone upstairs.
Judith can't find Gracey. She's in the basement and the
basement is flooding for some reason. She's down there alone.
Lydia is the last person to be holding the door.

Now there were four people holding the door. They all
ran upstairs, and Lydia is holding the door by herself,
by herself, I don't think so. If she had a
whisperer mask, she could have led them away, but she
doesn't do. Gracie's downstairs. Judith runs down there after her,
and she said, I came down here to find a
weapon so I can protect myself. And Judith grabs a

broomstick handle and says, here, use this stupid I'm adding
the stupid card. Meanwhile, there's knives all over the table,
and she gives her a blunt instrument that needs to
be sharpened. It's not gonna go into any walkers didn't
do anything. By the time they come back upstairs, everyone
has abandoned the first floor. Lydia is gone, and they
run into all of the walkers that have come in

the door. Because the walkers, for some reason, even though
they could walk down the street, have decided to come
to this house. Why would the walkers go to the door,
Because it was rattling a little bit right up two
steps into the door. When they walked into a massive
community with like a good neighbor, the herd is there.

So the girls run down back into the basement and
they locked the door behind them and one of those
slide locks, not the strongest lock on the door. But
Maggie and Nigan are fighting the Walkers alongside the Reapers
because there's a horde and they're trying to kill some
of them also, and the Reapers get the call to
fall back, and Maggie and Negan are like, why are
they fallen back? Why would they retreat? Have you ever

seen any movie where people fall back for a reason
that's anything other than they're about to set a bomb
off and they don't want to be there when they
don't want to be right, I mean, there's always something
like retreat, But why would they retreat? Like, why would
they fall back? Wait a minute, what are we doing?
Maybe they're going to blow us up? They could have guns.
What up to all the automatic weapons that they were

carrying when they went into town looking for the people
in the Yellow House? Exactly, we're all the guns. Nobody
has any guns. They didn't shoot any of the Whispers
or the Walkers. Okay, So they both look up and
they noticed Leah is on the wall about to fire
the rockets. Out of the So the two of them
aren't moving and they're staring at the arrows like deer

in the headlights. They're right in the front row. So
the rockets start firing one at a time. As the
fuses reached the rockets, they start firing. Now we don't
know if Maggie and Egan made a run for it,
like look out and they made a run, but they
make it look like they stood there like idiots. They
did deer in the headlights. You know that, that's exactly

they're like. Uh, now I want to make sure I
think trailer guy because and I'm not gonna tell you
what they show. But now we have how many cliffhangers
do we have? We've got? We don't know if Aaron
put out the fire. We don't know if um, Carol
and Connie were able to fix the wall. And by
the way, quick reminder of two things. Remember Carol didn't

want to fix the wall. Do you want to go
looking for horses? And remember she thought that Connie hated
her because because of what Carol did with Alpha and
setting off the bomb, she caused the collapse that trapped Connie.
And they both are into Darryl sort of so when
Connie said I'll go with Carol, it sort of made

it look like no hard feelings here. Yeah, that's what
I thought. So we've got that cliffhanger, We've got the
arrows cliffhanger, We've got the Gracie and um Judie and
the basement cliffhanger. And T. White Senior on Twitter that's
T White five six eight nine. He says, Darryl hasn't
told a believable lie in several episodes these folks, and

there was no payoff to the whole Frost thing or whichever.
In the change Red Shirt guy, he was right. Yeah,
so we don't know if he told Pope anything. That's right.
We never found out. I guess not because Pope treated
him like he was one of his own stuff. Here's
what I'll tell you, T White Senior number one. I'm
not going to reference the trailer, but the trailer does
show a few of the people who you weren't show

would make it out of their situation. We do see them,
so thanks trailer guy number two. In Talking Dead, I'll
jump ahead here, the actor who plays Pope was asked
if Frost gave up any information, and he says no,
because had he told me anything, I would have killed
Darryl immediately, and I didn't, and I kept confiding in him.

Frost did not give up the beans. I think he
just wanted Darrentle think something was up. Yeah, he was
fucking with him, or he just excuse me, young lady
talking explicit talking dead a Leah Royal. Fancy name, that's Iris.

That sounds like that James Bond film. It really royal. Yeah,
well it's Casino royal, but that's why it sounds like it.
Richie Costa played Pope. Scott and Gimple and Seth gilliam
were on the show. Seth Williams says Father Gabriel is
no longer listening for the voice of God and realizes

he must rely on himself. Now. A lot of people
online we're hoping that Father Gabriel got to meet Pope
so they could be religious together. But that didn't happen.
So did you notice we didn't see the the Reaper priest? Yeah,
what happened to him? Well, did Father Gabriel happen to him?
Very well? Could be was hiding in the bush and

we don't know, and he was he was weird with Maggie. Remember,
I didn't anything nothing. Richie Coster said this was his
fourth character playing Pope that he auditioned for. He said,
he auditioned for Bob. I don't know if that means
Bob the cop that Rick killed or I assume right,
you should have just shut up Bob like you should

have later. Is it tainted meet Bob? That's what I
was thinking. I only thought of Bob the cop because
he is white. I know they can cast whoever they cast,
but they set up Yeah, I listen. I'm just that's
what it made me think of Bob. First, was the
cop Bob, But then I thought, oh no, tainted meat Bob. Yeah,
that's what I was thinking first. But then I thought
he was too old to play tainted meat Bob. Yeah

he was, which is why I thought he was Bob
the Cop Bob, And that was such a small role,
Bob the cop that was on a couple episodes. Yeah,
but like Pope is like really well he ended up
Oh but he wait wait wait wait wait this movie.
He also auditioned for Abraham and Megan. WHOA did you
not watch Talking Dead? Jamie? Um? I part of it, okay,

not this part which was the beginning. Okay, uh. The
Walking Dead returns February two two. They put up a poll.
Why you were you surprised that Leah turned on? Daryl said, yes,
they were surprised. I wasn't surprised. You weren't surprised, No,
I wasn't. Chris Hardwick asked Scott Gimple if the CRM

knows about Commonwealth, and he said, I can't really comment
on that, but I think we'll find out later in
the season if they do. And then he said, I
guess I kind of just told you because you can't
find out they don't know each other, right, what are
they gonna say? Boy, I know for a fact there's
no other big communities out east around the Pittsburgh area

exactly exactly, or we don't have any clue about some
military organization out west or north right, so they obviously
know about each other, and we're going to find out
they maybe they're going to have a war. I feel
like I feel like the Commonwealth is where everyone's gonna
end up. I don't know, we'll see what they do
or where Macheon was and who all those people were.

We don't know who those people were either. We don't know.
We do not. Kimhil says, Jadis is still Jadis on
the show, but she has new motivation and new loyalties,
and we will get a background story on the Scavengers.
Oh maybe they'll explain why she's spoke that way on

the up up Up. That's gonna be exciting. We'll find
out why Jada spoke like that and how that whole
group got together and if they were like the farming
community where they were accepted to go out. If you
bring us back, people will let you live kind of
thing and we'll give you food. You you go on
the outskirts and bring us people, because remember, they need
live subjects, as referenced on the World Beyond This Week

when Lila asks for a pre mortem subject. Pre mortem
the opposite of postmortem. So alive right now, What if
they bring Rick in? I mean they're not gonna bring
Rick in. They're not gonna bring because they't have they
have him escape. He's gonna be on the show. It
would be a thing, It would be a thing, be
a thing. It's gonna be thing. Not that kind of thing.

What was he that? It was the hero man, the nobleman,
the Nobleman, the Nobleman, Nobleman. Everyone's going crazy screaming at
their phones. Noble Man by Noble Jamie, don't you listen
to this podcast? I do. That's how saying today was saying, yeah,
you didn't watch Talking Dead though, Okay, well you listen
to podcast. When I talked about Daryll said he doesn't
lick him, You're like, I don't forget what about didn't

hear you say that part? It's okay. I forgive you
either way, Jamie, your voice is in bad shape. Thanks
for putting up with the podcast. Thanks for putting up
with Jamie. I know you're listening. Going point. Jamie just
brought everything down. I'm so sorry, guys, I love you,
but thank you for putting up with me today. You know,
luckily I was here to save the day and do
Scooby voices and Grover's Piggy and Y. I could do

Tigger if you want. I've done Tagger, haven't I from
t I've done Taker, haven't I? I don't remember? That's
what best. He's my favorite character. Jamie, You're a big
fan of mine. I love it. We should just do
a podcast in that in different voices. Tier well that

would be scrump to Leason's to be careful. I don't
not doing Daffy Duck, which is, uh, you're despicable. That's
hard to speak like that. It's hard to speak like
Donald Duck. I can do that, but I can't well
look at all this hidden talent. Oh. I can do
a lot of characters, cartoon voices. I just can't do.

I can't do Donald Duck speaking speaking. I can just
do him like it gets water Port. Yes, that's exactly
what I was thinking. When I can do that, I
can do I can do Mr space Lee from the Jetsons.
I can do Rastro because Astro is very similar scooping. Yeah,

when I thought his name was trol Faz. That's a
throwback right there. That is I saw a lot of episodes,
but I don't remember that. Gee Bert, Okay, we gotta go.
Uh that On that note, it's time, Jamie, what time
is it? Time to shut that ship down? It is, well,
you're not gonna do that? This Yoda just me. I
was no, I'm gonna let that like ride right there,

because that was amazing the way you just send to that. Goodbye, everybody,
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