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October 30, 2021 53 mins

Ep.204! - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down FEAR S7 EP2 "Six Hours"  

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:12):
Welcome to Walkers and Talkers episode two oh four. There
was one time, if I if I can just peel
back the curtain here before we get started, that Jamie
didn't send me the beginning of her recording because um,
I record on my end and she records on her end,
and then she sends me the audio and we were

missing like the first I don't know, thirty seconds, so
I didn't have a woo. So I had to take
a woo from an old episode, yeah, to make it
sound like I had the audio from that episode flawless. Flawless.
So if you're joining us for the first time, welcome.
I'm David Rodye F Melvist in the Morning show, and
that other person I'm speaking to is Jamie from light

FM in New York. Hi, Jamie. We're only going to
be doing an episode recap of Fear the Walking Said,
season seven, episode two. We're not going to be talking
about world Beyond this week as far as the episode
because I jumped ahead an episode last week. I apologize
a special apology and to thank you to Casey Miller

on Twitter. The Sacksman sixty four. I don't know if
that means you play the sacks, Casey and you were
born in n But whatever the case, you wrote your
last episode recap both exit wounds and family is a
full letter word. I did, I did. I don't. In fact,
I don't. I'm not even sure I recapt exit wounds
so much as I just kind of blurred through it.

We kind of like did a mishmash of all the
episodes together. When when the show gets great, I'll spend
more time on it. Right now, it's so, that's all right.
If you guys want more world beyond, let me know,
But right now I think we're doing the right amount,
especially with fear and correct me if I'm wrong, Jamie,
there was no talking Dead this week. Correct, Okay, So
it's not just me. I was looking for it, and
I'm like, I don't see it. So I don't know

if it's one of those where they're only going to
do the first few episodes and then well they took
the week. I didn't see any notificational. I didn't look.
I have to bounce. I did not look carefully enough,
and so I could search Twitter right now, maybe I
should do that and just see if if they mentioned it,
but I don't. I just went to watch it and

it wasn't there same same as Right, that's weird. What
did you find out about Talking Dead? So Talking Dead
actually will not be back until November. Oh that's bullshit, Hardwick,
What are you doing? I know? And he didn't even
give us a heads up. Oh hey guys, I'm gone
for over a month by all right? Hold on? Oh yeah,

on Twitter, it's last week they tweeted we'll be back novemby.
That's not month and a half. Like, come on, I
don't know if that was planned. I mean, there must
have been planned with they didn't say anything on the
end of the episode. I don't think they did last
week or we've gone for a month and a half. Yeah,
that's totally turning your back on Fear of the Walking
Dead and World Beyond. That's that's doings. Yeah that you know,

that's like nobody's watching it because nobody cares about these shows.
That's that's heartful. That's like it's not doing an episode.
That's what we're here, Hardwak, let's go, yeah, we're here.
I'm sure it's not Chris's decision. He didn't just have
a baby this week where he's taken off like a month,
had a baby a few months ago, a couple of
months ago. No, she's only five and a half months pregnant.

All right, right, she's pregnant. She didn't have the baby,
so what Yeah, so what are you doing? I hope
everything's all right? But I would think so, I hope,
I hope so well. Not everything is all right? This
is no new episodes of talking bad? My god? Is
this how you guys feel when we don't do new
episodes of Walkers and Talkers? Like like, we're freaking out? Yeah?
I feel I feel bad now we miss episodes. As
a fan, I'm on the fan side now going where

are new episodes? You guys always like, hey, where are
you new episodes? And I always say, oh, we'll try
and are we're taken off? There's gonna be a week
or so will we take off? I'm I know, the
week of Thanksgiving. We're not gonna work. It happens, Yeah,
it happens. So I don't. Okay, there you go. Sorry everyone,
I feel your pain. Okay, we have a lot of

news to talk about. If you don't mind, I will
kick off the news of that. Sorry. Jamie was the
World Beyond showrunner Matt Nigrady confirmed that since the Civic
Republic Military the CRM has appeared on all three shows,
we can expect to see a little something by the
show's end that connects to Fear the Walking Dead. He
says in an interview, there's something with Fear that could

be a little bit of a tie in towards the
end of the season. I won't give too much away.
It's something that isn't a huge thing, but it really
is something else that we put into the end to
make sure that it really felt like we're honoring the
connectivity between all of the shows. The CRM is a
larger organization, but they're not so large that different soldiers
may or may not even know each other. So people

may know each other. Okay, there's definitely some connections there.
I won't say too much more about it other than
will honor some of those connections with Walking Dead and Fear.
So I'm telling you now here's my prediction in order
for there to be the crossover of some kind, because
remember we've discussed this World Beyond is in the same
time frame as The Walking Dead, which is almost eight

years ahead of Fear. But we've seen the CRM in
eight years ago only twice the season finale of Fear,
when because because Isabel well not to see. But Isabel
is in the CRM. She's Al's buddy girlfriend, and we've
seen CRM eight years ago. When else when Jadis rescued

Rick eight years ago? Okay, So the only way that
could be a crossover with the CRM and Fear is
if Isabel runs into Jadis eight years ago. Isabel is
A wait a minute, I just thought of something. Isabel
is a helicopter pilot. I don't remember if we saw
the helicopter pilot that saved Rick. No, we never saw

a face. How cool would it be if it was,
Oh my god, that's crazy. No, you're right, we never
actually saw who took him, right, I don't think it
was a man. I don't remember them showing who it was.
So what if it was Isabelle as the pilot from
the Walking Dead episode? Or what about what they land
Isabelle is there to meet the helicopter because she's part

of the helicopter team, But we don't helicopter or we
see Jadis walking into like the airport or the hangar
or something, having just dropped off Rick, And maybe we
see the helicopter but not Rick, and we see Jadis
and isabel Right, that would be Fear crossing over well
beyond and the walking dead right, because he says, we're

going to see Fear, which would be Isabelle crossing over
the world beyond, which would have to be Jadis, but
it would have to be to eight years ago, haircut Jadis,
not new shaved head Jadi. It would be it would
be right, it would be well, what's her real name?
And it would be a right, it would be post Jadis.
So how about that? That's my prediction? Mind blown alight? Well,

Fear considered actually showing the zombie baby from this past episode,
but then and they didn't. So this is what show
runner Ean Goldberg said. He said, Ultimately it came down to,
and this is just our personal sensibility. We thought it
was more powerful to kind of imply rather than show.
We thought that just seeing the bag move and hear

the growl inside, let the characters, let the audience imagine
for themselves what might be inside the case for our taste,
that was even more powerful than showing the actual baby.
I kind of want to just I'm a sick, Oh,
I just kind of wanted to see it a little bit,
but we didn't. We still haven't. I mean we still
have for some reason. I've never seen a walker baby.

Never not. If a walker baby crawls than the walker,
the walker we crawl. I want to see that. I
want to see that. I was hoping Grace gave birth
to a walker but she did not. I know I was.
I was waiting for that, but that did not happen.
Give us that, Give us just one time, one time,

bass Stards. I say it's not fair. I think we
deserve Walker Baby at least, out of all the seasons,
just at least one to peek at walker Baby. Texas Ranger.
About that, so many visuals in my head. Yeah, the
little baby kicking acid Texas. They're in Texas. They are
so walker Baby Texas Ranger. It's all right there in

front of them. That's the new their new show, Texas.
I'm okay. So a character from World Beyond from the
CRM from one of the recent episodes, Dr Ellis who's
working with He's one of the teachers. He's the gray
haired guy that was with Hope. He taught Hopes class

and he's part of the Dr Bennett team right working
on trying to find a your Do you remember when
he was mentioned on The Walking Dead? Actually, well it
was on a bus ride to Washington, d C. And
season five of The Walking Dead, Eugene mentioned Dr ellis
the smartest man I ever know. Happened to love my hair,
my old boss T Brooks. Ellis the director of the

Human Genome Project. He said, my hair made me look
like and I quote, a fun guy. That's the worst
Eugene impression ever. But that's got it that that this
guy was a superstar with genetics, and so they actually,
since he exists in the world, they made him part
of the team at CRM. Whoa And by the way,

it's technically cr the Civic Republic. I keep saying they're
at CRM. They're at cr which they've mentioned on the show.
I just keep saying CRM because the military is also there.
So I'm gonna go both both types, both descriptions. So
don't don't get all you know, will be mad. Yeah,
don't get mad at me. I know it's cr but

I just I'm I'm saying CRM for as a catchole
because the CRM is at the cr the Civic Republic.
He's at the Civic Republic. What do you got, Jamie?
Keep going well. From Insider dot Com, there was an
interview with Lenny James. So your friend Kristin Acuna, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Kirsten, she I know how she gets. Kirsten

Akuna asked him, since you were the only person right
now in the Walkingdon universe who was on the series
pilot when you heard this news, what did you think, Oh,
they may want to have me back for the final season.
And then she asked him, would you want to be
back at all? This is about the show being canceled.
The show being canceled. So then Lenny James said, I
did have that conversation. Yes, but that's all that is.

That's about as much as I can say, which is
a non a non answer. Okay. So in order for
Lenny James to be on The Walking Dead, it would
either have to be a ashback or it would have
to be eight years in the in the future, which
means he can't die on Fear because he'd have to

live long enough to make it to The Walking Dead
eight years later. Well, he doesn't die, so that that
would make sense. I did with an interview with him,
I think on Comic book dot Com where he said,
you know, he's committed to Grace and the baby, but
if he found out Rick was in trouble, he would
have a hard time not leaving. Oh, I agree with
that statement. Remember Fear is roughly in the timeline of

when Rick disappeared, because it's all roughly the same period. Roughly,
give would take a couple of months there, Happy anniversary, Jamie.
Oh what October today's as we're recording this October five
years ago the episode season seven premier, The day will

come when you won't be That's when Nigan was a
shually officially introduced and he introduced Lucille to Abraham and Glen. Spoiler. Oh,
oh you had to go there five years man? Five?
What the hell? Alright, let's not harp on that. What
else you got? So? You know in in Fear, people

are stripping the walkers. So who is stripping the walker? Yes?
So showmenner Andrew Chambla said, we will learn who has
been stripping the dead, and we will learn why they're
doing it. He said, I will say it is not
the CRM, and the reason for stripping the dead is
driven by reasons that are much more personal than anything

under which the c m RM operates. Oh so that perverts,
that's what I said. Well, it's personal, whatever it is,
it's got to be one of these freaky groups that,
you know, they need to take their clothing off so
that they're no longer they're no longer tied to their
human you know who they are, or these people know
them and they don't want them walking around in the

clothing thats them to who they were when they were live.
It's got to be some freak who just can't like
accept the fact that they can't accept it. Yeah, oh no, stomach,
you got anything else, because I don't have any more news. Well,
Beta is actually the first Walking Dead character to appear
on all three shows. So I know you're wondering. Yeah, yeah,

he's kind of good. I know this one, but go ahead,
I know this one. Okay, So some of you may
be wondering, well, where did he turn up? So this
week on World Beyond, Silas and Dennis are working in
the CRM decontamination center, and Eagle Eye fans spotted a
copy of Beta's album Half Moon Live in Concert, which
also appeared on The Walking Dead. Also and then also

in the season ten flashback episode, we haf see Nigan's
wife Lucille shout out to Hillary Burton Morgan wearing a
half Moon concert t shirt when she was in bed,
when she was in bed and she was sick. And
in the fifth season of Fear, we see his face
maskliss on the cover of a vinyl record owned by
country music fan none other than Daniel so right when

they dropped the records on the ground. Yes, that was
the first time where I was like, that's Beta. Yeah,
look look look at him. Yeah, no one from World Beyond.
Uh yeah, because Jadis hasn't been on Fear. She's been
on two shows. Dwight has been on two shows, Sherry's
been on two shows. Morgan has been on two shows.

So yeah, So I do have a little bit of news.
There's a sneak trailer, a sneak peak trailer for season
eleven of The Walking Dead from the from from the
second part of the three parts season. A sneak peek.
But fuck you trailer guy. Unless they're faking it, unless
they're they're trying to trick us, I'm not gonna tell

you the details because if you don't want to see.
You don't have to. I'm not gonna spoil anything, but
they show a lot of scenes of like filming, So
they show scenes being played out with the cameras like
you see behind, like you're behind the cameras watching it
being filmed. But then they show a cup the scenes
from the episode where Daryl's talking Aaliyah. So obviously they
meet after the big arrow firing situation. Those firework things

they don't show Nigan, but I'm pretty sure they show. Well,
I'm not gonna say what they show, but there's a
scene where they show a regular cast member who's not
a Commonwealth and then they show a bunch of Commonwealth
soldiers on horses riding towards something, and they make it
look like they're riding towards wherever the regular character from

The Walking Dead is located. Oh, but you don't see
them both in the same shots. So they showed that.
They showed the person, then they showed the Sierra'm on horses.
Then they showed the person saying something's coming. But you
don't know if it's the same scene, same scene, which
they did like to do that to us. They liked
it could be if it could be right. It could
be it could be one of those fakes, or it

could be that Eugene gave up the beans, which case,
fuck you, Trail, don't know if he gave up the beans.
I'm very curious. Well, this sort of imply he's a
little bit a little he gave him up. Maybe, I
don't know. I'm not saying, I'm gonna get no details.
He may have you know, and albody, uh the family Jewels,

they may have coughed him up. He may he is
a selfish man. Well, he's he's out for his own safety.
But remember they promised him the world. They promised him.
If that his people would be safe. And plus he
was about to get punished again for punching the Brady
son of Pamela. Milton was not going to end well, No,
I'm not gonna end well, okay, let's talk about fear.

Uh the episode six Hours. I know the episode after
that is available, but I'm not reviewing that yet because
a lot of you haven't seen it yet. So six
Hours did you like it? I thought it was a
little much and like a little unrealistic, but overall I
did like it well. Which part was unrealistic? The part
that kept taking their masks off in a nuclear holocaust

and they and die. Yeah, they let their dog run around,
or the fact that they shot out I'll tell you
what they shot out later. But there was so much bullshit.
The dog. The dog must be immune to radiation the
same way the horses are. I know when I saw
the dog, and like the horses that you talked about,
I think the whole point is for them that they
just want us to go, just play along, just play along.

No one's gonna notice the dog. I'm sure the dog
is fine. The dog, Yeah, I noticed the dog. Bastards
all right. Okay, So Morgan and Grace are in the
submarine again. Somehow they survived the radiation along with the dog.
When they were outside when the bomb went off. The radiation,
I guess, did not travel fast enough even though the

wind did. Remember the wind. That's okay, because they hid.
They hid behind the tire. Oh and there's there's lots
of tire bullshit. By the way in this episode. Before
I get to that, I'm gonna take uh, I'm gonna
backtrack of second I forgot a couple of shout outs.

Juan Vasquez, a regular listener of this podcast, The Ovist
Morning Show, and of course the Brooklyn Boys noticed that
on the October yesterday's episode October you can see it
on at Elvis Durand show of the Fifteen Minute Morning Show.
I wore my new Walkers and Talkers t shirt. Oh
you did, I did, oh, to which Nelson Acazio replied,

I received mine today, So thank you yesterday. I know
you did because you were away. Marcus d C love you, buddy.
He sent me a picture. I got mine, where's yours?
Brooklyn Boys dot Big Hortel dot com and Frank Malttalvo
d M to me a picture loving my new shirty.

Thank you guys for ordering, and he said, the picture
of his Walkers and Talkers shirt. And I'm going to
post that on my Instagram story at some point. Remember
if you buy merchants, send us a picture of it
posted on your social media. I will, he posted on
mine and the walking Dead account, the Walkers and Talkers account,
not the walking Dead account, our Walkers Underscore Talkers and

of course at David Brody uh and at the Talking Jamie.
So thank you for your support. Again, if you have
the shirt, I know there's more people because I know
how many sold and it was a bunch of them.
Let's get those pictures posted. Let's go yeah, let's let's
add Okay, back to the episode. So Grace goes out
looking for food in her nuclear has matt suit. Everything
is yellow and dreary. I'm sorry as a fan watching

the show, it's depressing me. Yes, I normally never get
super depressed on the show, but today watching that episode
was like, this is really it's not close to phobia.
It's sort of that feeling of like your chest gets
a little heavy and you're like total defeat. You know
how the ratings went down for The Walking Dead after
Glenn and Abraham five years ago. Then there was that

feeling of like the Saviors just crapping on our fan
favorites are people, and it was like, that's what this rate.
They better get rid of this radiation fast. I need
to see more scenes with Strand where they're safe. Yeah.
If everything's gonna be indoors and bottled up, I'm not
I'm not loving that, not loving it. Everything outside is orange,
orange are yellow. That she finds a strip mall and

she goes into some store where there's actually a mouse alive.
She sees fresh blood on a pole, right, But they
never explained where the blood came from. And there's noise
coming from the back room. She tries to catch the
mouse and fails, so the mouse gets away. She finds
containers a baby food, and here's the noise again, and
so she she panics, and the whole it's one of

these shelves that you can tilt down and take out
of the wall. She can adjust to hide his shelves.
The whole shelf tilts down. Could she have made any
more noise on the planet? Right? The man and woman
come running in. Now they don't see her, right, They
walk right up, they glean on, they get down on
the on the floor to pick up baby food, and

they don't see her. Oh my god. And of course
they take the baby food. And I'm thinking to myself,
this baby food has been sitting there for months, right,
And there's there's a nuclear holocaust. People are dying for food.
It's even in the zombie apocalypse. Why would there ever
be any food left in the store after so many years?

But in an apocalypse like this, how is their food left? Apocalypse?
I can't say the word apocary table, it's apothecary table.
Yeah from days of yore, shout out friends. Okay, so
I'm calling coincidence bullshit. So we've already established that they've

been in that submarine at least a couple of months, right,
I mean the baby is not huge, but right, and
the baby crawls to the babies at least a few
months old. Rights, they crawl after like three months because
they can turn over and uh yeah, yeah, and I've
had three kids, but if I'm off, it's more than me.

I I have had none. You've had three, You have none?
You know of none that I don't know. I would know,
I would think. Yeah, So here's my coincidence bullshit on
this ducal holocaust, right, zombie apocalypse. Nobody has walked in
there looking for food, and and at the same moment
that Grace goes out in the storm, these people are
in the same building of all the buildings, in all

the directions you could possibly go taking the baby food.
Right now, this is the part I'm not sure about.
I don't know how far Grace was when she walked.
If she drove the distance, it probably was a fifteen
inte car ride. But she walked like two hours to
this place, which would be like a fifteen in a
car ride. Maybe I could do the math, but they're

roughly twenty. Whatever it is these men and women had
from what they had gas masks on right, you're looking
for baby food. That's not the couple we see later
that that that doesn't have a baby anymore. That's when
I first thought, but it's not right. It's another Randall couple.
So they don't see her. They shoot the rat because
they're afraid of it, rather than think to eat it. Well,

it's probably contaminated, so well, wouldn't the baby food also
became timid? Yes, because when they leave and they don't
see Grace there, she uses her Geiger counter on the
one bait. There's one cannon baby food they didn't take.
I'm much of while you wouldn't take all of them,
and it's high in radiation, of course it is. She
runs up, she starts yelling, I'm here, I'm right here,

like you found me, Come get me, come kill me,
and she runs outside and they're gone. Now there's no car.
There was no car. There was no car tire, there
was no tire tracks, And so I was thinking to myself,
did she imagine them? I think with those gas masks
on and the way it covers their head. They probably
were far into the way they just didn't hear. Maybe maybe.

Then she starts screaming she doesn't want to be here anymore,
and she's playing with the hood of her jacket and
for a second, did you think she's gonna pull her
mask off? Like, oh, here it comes. Yeah, they totally
wanted us to think that, all right, So she gets
back to the submarine, and that's when we learned that
six hours is the longest they can be outside for.
I guess the radiation suits don't hold up well enough

or they don't filter enough air. Yeah, that's their time limit. Yeah,
so that's why the episodes called six hours shocker. Morgan
says it's his turn. He heads out, and he's back
in exactly six hours. While he's gone, Grace very awkwardly
tries to shut the baby up. It's crying like crazy.
She's not bonding with it. He tells him to sing

to to the kid because that's what Dwayne liked, but
she doesn't sing to it. She's just sort of not
good with the baby. We find out later why. But
that's what they're trying to show you anyway. She says,
did you find any food? And he says, I didn't
find any food, but I wasn't looking for it. Now
the baby is starving. They're starving. He wasn't not looking
for food, he goes, but I'd be like, what the

hell are you doing? He says, I was working on
something else. So they go outside, and I don't. I
don't know how this is possible. I really don't. I'm
calling bullshit. The whole thing. He got a car. It's
an old Pinto, which in and of itself is at
least forty years old, and now it's gone through a
zombie apocalypse where it's been sitting outside and and there's

a nuclear explosion, and the car is still running now,
and somehow he puts these huge metal bumper guards on
the front of it, if in fact he did, and
he seals up the whole car. He says, right, did
he did? He? First of all, did he weld them
onto the front with what blowtorch? How did he get
those things to stay on there? Exactly? So many questions.

So he says he's sealed up the car, So he
plastic wraps the car and he duct tapes the car
so that the air inside is safe for the baby. Okay,
but unless you did that in an air tight room
and sucked the radiation out of the car, that's what
I thought. I thought, where did where did you do this?
And how did you get the air inside clean? Simply
by sealing it up? The inside would still have radiation,

That's what I when he managed to do this when
there's no garage around, He built a car, souped it up,
got diesel fuel from the submarine with what how why
did you go over the the gas tank of the
submarine and and get gas out and you chea didn't
notice it out? And the Pinto runs on diesel fuel? What? Yeah,

you're just gonna brush over that. Oh, the Pinto, the
Ford Pinto is running on the same fuel the submarine,
the nuclear submarine is running on. And isn't it nuclear powered?
Isn't it running a nuclear energy? Don't tweet me. I
don't really care enough. I'm just saying it out loud.
I can go look it up. But it just seems
weird to me that the sub runs on How much

diesel fuel can you have on a submarine that it
wouldn't sink the sub sub the sinc sub I have
so many questions, he says, Look, we can we can
take the call are and drive out of this nuclear
fallout area. We should leave the submarine where we're safe,

and rather than go looking for food, just drive out
of this. Let's just find some new place to live.
I have I have all the coordinates from the submarine
of where the nuclear missiles fired and landed. We'll just
go where they didn't land. It seems like a good plan, right, Hey, yeah,
Now this is the Walking Dead universe, is it not?
And what happens when you go on a car right Jamie?

Trees in the road, bodies in the road, the rails, walkers,
the brake cable snaps. Something is going to happen. They
can't drive to their destiny. It runs out of gas.
Something is gonna happen where you're not getting to your destination.
How do you not know that? How do you not
know that? You're on the show like you're you're in

the world of Walking Dead. You know in the past
how many years? Not since the days of Glenn driving
his challenger into Atlanta and out of Atlanta. Rather that
that anyone gets they're going You're not gonna make it. Oh,
I'm gonna call major bullshit when when they don't, when
they don't make it, I gotta, I gotta, Oh my god,
Oh I can't wait. We'll get to all of that more.

But right now, I'm gonna play the Chris Hardwick idea
he did for us, a really long one, because we
don't get Talking Dead. So here's a little Chris Hardwick.
Will play some commercials right back after this. Hey it's
Chris Hardwick. I was talking dead and talking preacher and
talking and talking talking and talking things. And you're listening
to Walkers and Talkers, the only talking show I don't
host with David Brody and Jamie all right, so we
got to see we got to listen to Chris Hardwick

a couple of minutes ago. Yeah, you're all welcome, everybody,
little taste of Chris Hardwick. All right. So they're in
the car. Everything's fine. So you know that that's not
gonna last. Morgan has a great idea. Let's put the
cassette from her Walkman that she used to do with
the baby all the time, and she used to play
it for the baby. Let's put the cassette for a
road trip into the cassette player. Right, the car is

so old as a cassette player. It might have an
eight track player in it, but it's got a set player.
And it's her unborn baby tape and it's her talking
to the baby, and she freaks out. Now I am
not a mother who lost the child, so I can't
comment on the way she reacted. But she got very
upset and she starts fumbling, get the tape out, stop it,

get the tape out. I know she's panicked, but has
she never seen a cassette player in a car before
that she can't push the eject button. I was thinking,
I'm like, where the hell's the eject button, lady. He's
hitting it like she's blind, and she's trying to feel
up the face of it. Like I said, she was
having a spass. But then Morgan can't seem to eject

the tape. He is like, I understand, I'll object the
tape for you, but he also can't eject it. You've
driven a car before, Jamie, I've driven many cars before.
When you're fumbling over the radio and you're fighting with
your partner, even if it's not a negative fight, well
you should stop the car, right, you're driving in the
fog and the haze of a nuclear fallout. Your windows

aren't exactly clean on the car. You should probably stop
fiddle with the radio. Has anyone heard of the volume button?
The volume off? Stop the car and turn the car
off and open the door. The radio will go off
unless it's hard wired to the battery. I understand that.
So there's lots of ways they could have handled it,

but they don't. So let's handle it the worst possible.
The way they're walking dead handles it. Morgan crashes the
car because he sees something up ahead. I don't see
him hit the brakes, by the way. He turns the
wheel hard and goes right into a wall of stuff.
Oh my god. And he runs over something that they
focus in on so that you could see it bent

the pipe, It bent the tire river, the rim of
the tire right the wheel. So good thing you put
those giant bumper guards on the front of the car,
because they did no good except to plow the box
they did. He still ran over something, so then he says,
the rim is bent. I think I saw a body shop.
Of course you did. Of course I was screaming bullshit

when he goes, oh, I think I saw a body shop.
Oh did you now the minute you drove into town? Right?
You were going slowly? Why? First of all, why would
you drive into a town? What were you hoping to do?
Stop and stay the night? You already know you can't
be outside for more than six hours. Why were they
in the town. Why were they slowing down on a highway? Honey,
So he saw a body shop. Now unless you know

how to work the vice scripts or whatever they use
to heat and mold and fix a bent rim. But no,
I'll get to the bullshit because okay, she takes her
mask off and says, go on without me. She says
the car will get like basically implies, the car get
better gas mileage and the supplies will last longer. Without me.

I'm okay to die. I never wanted the baby. It's
not my baby. Never wanted the baby. Because Morgan's like,
what about the baby, It's like, it's not my baby.
So while they're arguing perfect timing bullshit, a crazy couple
with guns comes up on them. Because that's what happens
when you drive into a town, there's gonna be people
there hiding. They tell them that baby mow is in

the car and be careful and that let's get our
baby because obviously they want to take the car and
their belongings. And she says immediately, that's our baby, that's
our emma. Now we already know the history of the baby.
We know who the mother and father were. I was like, also,
I know that people adopt, and when I said adopt,
I mean find babies and take them. But I'm just

gonna point this out. And I know she's crazy. I
understand that, but for us, there's no chance that we
think it's their baby. Now. No, She's like, I want
a baby, so it's my baby. I get that, but
it just seemed like, come on, come on. So they're
clearly insane at this point, I'm thinking, how long before
they're dead? Can we just kill them already? So they

forced Morgan to fix the tire on the car, and
he does this by putting a new rim and a
new tire on the car. Now a couple of things
have to happen, Jamie. I don't know how much you
know about fixing cars and tires either. Morgan found a
rim that happened to be the exact same size as
a Nighties Pinto and a tire that fit on it,

and he knows how to work the machinery to get
a tire back on a tire rim that he found
the tire the same size as a rim from Aties
Pinto or somehow he fixed the rim. Morgan fixed the
rim of a car that's bent. Well, the car has
not bent, the room was bent. So now Gray says, look,

I'm gonna help you. I'm here to help you. I
don't want you guys to die, so let's let's take
care of the situation. So now she's back on board
good things. People came by. There are walkers outside the
glass doors of the garage and they're oozing something. The guy,
the father, tells Morgan there from the crater, I guess
we're a missile hit and if you hit them, they

fall apart, and you don't want that stuff on you.
Grace goes over to the mom and starts bonding with her,
like mom to mom plays music, so the baby stops crying.
Because the father is not loving the noise that walkers
are making, and he's not loving the noise that the
baby's crying. It's already there are signs the guy doesn't
like noise very much. Morgan says, look, why don't we

all go together in the car. I know a safe
way to get out of there, and you guys have supplies,
And the woman says, oh, you know about padre. Remember
from last week with Will Morgan. Uh tricks the guy
to be distracted for a second and takes the gun away. Um,

because the guy is an idiot. But as he takes
the gun away, he falls down, giving the guy enough
time to run to the back of the car and
jump in hatchback. God of the Pinto pull it closed
before Morgan can get up and shoot them. The wife
is in the driver's seat. She stunt drives the car

backwards through the garage door that splinters. Luckily the garage
door wasn't s thirty because most of them would have
just bounced her ass. Yeah, Morgan yells at Grace, you're
just scared. You're just scared, right like now, now is
really the time to tell her that she's This is

not the time, so he shoots out the back window
of the car. Now, Lo, it's no longer air tight, right, Nope,
not anymore. Don't tell me later that you managed to
airtight the car again. Because you the doors have been
open already, right, they've got in it. Oh yeah, and
they're infected too. Now they're they're off in the distance,
now a hundred yards away. Morgan manages with the rifle

because he's a marksman, to shoot the car and it stops.
We find out later he shot the tire and they stopped.
I would have kept going keeping the tire were shot,
because what's the difference from Apocalypse. You ruin the tire,
big deal, You're riding on dirt. You could have kept going.
You wouldn't have to stop. Short. So Morgan grabs the
guy from the car and throws him on the ground.

Then the woman jumps on him, and then the guy
grabs the baby and runs off. Morrigan slams her to
the ground, but then walkers are coming, so he saves
her and they all run towards some building that they barricade.
There's wood planks and somehow they have a hammer and
nails and they barricade the window up because you know,
they had a hammer, nails, you know, of course, you know.

In which, by the way, the producers of the show
said was supposed to be a tribute to Mad Max
and the Apocalypse of mad Max was a Mad Max
looking vehicle, and so the two of them have badly
burned faces. And they said they were in a bomb
shelter when the bomb went off. And I'm thinking of myself,
did you run to a bomb shelter? Were you guys

like preppers ready to go or were you already in
the bomb shelter waiting for the day when a bomb
went off? Yeah? Because she was missing. The two of
them explained how they guessed up a car and drove
east to Louisiana because Morgan wants to drive east, but
a storm brought the fall out in that direction and
they didn't make it. Morgan asks where were you going,

and so they show them where Padre was. It's near
a city called Victoria, which seems to be near the
water in Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico on the
eastern side. They said, we heard it was safe on
the radio, so maybe they heard Alicia talking about it,
or or whoever Alicia heard on the radio was talking
about it. This strikes me as Terminus A Part two.
By the way, you know, the community, we everybody heard

was safe. Oh we heard it, We're safe. So we
all headed there and it's you know, it's not you know,
Padre has to be I have a feeling like Padre
is a cult leader, like he's he's the old father,
like he's the he's he's the guy. He's the David
Koresh or the teddy guy. Yeah, no good is coming
from Padre. I'm sorry. So they say to them, look,

bring your supplies and you guys can come back with
us to the submarine. And so I'm thinking to myself,
if the car was drivable, why did they stop the
car short right? Why did they stop? Cut two? Morgan
putting another new tire on the car, and it fits
a perfectly. Now I know that tire sizes haven't changed, you.

I mean, the tires could be the same, but a
little body shop is first of all, body shops don't
stock thousands of tires. They don't. So you're telling me
that a car was being repaired at the body shop
that happened to have the wheels taken off all right,
of the same size tire you happen to need. Oh god, bullshit.

Morgan says, I want to go to Padre, not the submarine.
You can come with us. Grace wants to go back
to the sub A car pulls up in the distance
with its lights on, with lights on the roof, kind
of creepy, and a per steps out of the car,
looking like they're wearing some kind of body armor, like
military gear or something. Morgan yells, don't come any closer.
I'll shoot you, and the person keeps walking. He shot

him twice, and on the third shot the guy fell down.
Maybe because whatever you're wearing, even if it's kevl are,
you still feel the brunt of the of the bullk
not from personal experience, I just know still, you just
know these things. Right. We don't see him again for
a while. They leave the crazy father with the baby,
and I don't know why, but he's in the room
with Grace and the baby, and he's outside with the

woman putting the tire on the car, and he says
to her, your baby is dead. You have to admit
like your baby's gone, and it will help you with
the trauma of you thinking that their baby is our baby.
You have to come to grips with the baby being dead.
Morgan notices there's something alive in the suitcase. Oh, and
here it is baby walking. That's like sadly cute, thank

you acutely sad sad. So Morgan gets out of the
car and shoots into the suitcase and kills it and
tells her she needs to move on and get over
the fact that Emma is dead because now Emma is
doubly dead. Emma, Emma dead for sure. She's rambling how
the baby wouldn't stop crying, the baby wouldn't stop crying.

So then she says, you know, Fred couldn't Fred. I
think he's the husband. Couldn't handle it. He couldn't handle
the crying. He wanted to make the baby stop crying.
Then Morgan realizes this psychopathic bastard killed the baby, killed
the baby, and he realizes, of course, Grace is back
across the street in the building with the father and

does his which is driving the father insane. Now Morgan
can't get back to the house because all of a
sudden there are walkers there between between the building and Morgan,
so he kills an off of them, and then he
I can't deal with this. Um. Morgan finds a tin

can attached to a string. I saw this. I was
like this, stop it right now, and he yells through
the tin can to Grace who First of all, I
know it's a small town, but why is there a
tin can on a string for people outside to talk
to people inside? I mean, coincidence, tin can? Coincidence bullshit.

We've never called tin can never, it's never with the
tin can. I don't know how she hears him over
the little tin can because the baby is crying. The
father is trying to get the baby to shut up,
but she hears him whispering in the tin can. Yeah,
so she picks up the tin can, and I guess
Morgan must have said he killed his own baby because
it was crying. Stop him. Cut to him about to

slow motion, Yes, slow motion walking creeping up on the baby.
Wouldn't you like just go boom, put you ends on
the baby. It was really creepy the way he was like, okay,
now it'll it'll, it's going to be better now. I mean,
what kind of killer is like slow motion so you
can be stopped? Oh my god. So we have to
assume that that he got the message to Grace because

she shoots him dead. Why she didn't yell get away
from the baby or all shoot, I don't know. It
wasn't like he could have grabbed the baby fast that
he could have shot him, She could have shot him,
but she shoots him, not in the leg, She shoots
him and kills him. Now she realizes her motherly instincts
have kicked in and she now loves the baby. She
picks up Mo and sings to her. They bob. She's

finally accepted the baby. That's all it took. Remember, she
wanted to kill herself, but then the bad guys showed up,
so then she changed her mind. She hated the baby.
The bad guy was about to kill it, not just
changed her mind. Grace is a woman of conviction. So
Morgan kills all the walkers. He miraculously gets the car
ready and somehow fixes the back window. Come on now

shield laying around the body shop that he knew how
to install in the nineties was safely repair there Yeah,
safe flight repair, safelight replace, not a commercial, not a sponsor.
He uh. He notices the lights on the truck go out,
So whoever it was he shot got back in the truck,
but decided to turn the lights off because that's not creepy.

Later on we learned this is somebody bad. We'll get
to that in a minute. Yes, he leaves the woman
the mother, and drives off. I mean she's dying at
where her face is gone. She's not she's not long
for this world. But she has no food and no
protective care. And at no point did they try to
take the masks from Morgan and Grace. I guess they
figured they were too far gone with They were way

too far gone, so they're driving off. Morgan says he
feels bad about leaving her, and Grace says it's okay.
She wants to spend what little time she has left
with her husband and child. I'm thinking, and now the
baby has a bullet hole in it. The baby is dead, dead,
and the and at this point, the husband's a walker
unless Grace shot him in head. Yep, right, She's gonna
spend time with the dead family members. That's what I thought.

I was like, Oh, you know what this was. This
was a way for Grace to say it out loud
that she really wants to spend time with her man
and baby for what little time she has left. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
all right, I'm I'm done being the soothsayer and figuring
all this out. Let's let's play another commercial. Should I play?
Cross Hardwick again, Sure, why not? Or should I play

Michael Cutlets because it's the fifth anniversary of him getting
Oh yeah, it's a fifth anniversary. I think we need
to do and I'll play Michael Cutlets, one of the
ones I haven't played in a while. Okay, yep, maybe
the one he couldn't get. Right, here we go, Michael Cutlets.
We'll bright back. Hey, guys, if Michael Covert from Walking Dead, Abraham,
you are listening to Walkers? What the answer? Okay? Back

on the submarine, Morgan and Grace come back and they're
surrounded by a bunch of guys in really cool nuclear
safety suits and the one guy. Now, okay, they were
gone and they happened to come back at the same time.
This again coincidence. Bullshit. The guy takes off his headgear
and it's Howard. It's nerdy Howard from the apartment. Bulls

Grace for some reason because Morgan is about to approach them,
and she says, Morgan, Now, of course that's all you needed,
because that Howard, says Morgan Jones, as if there could
not be another Morgan in the apocalypse. So he tells
him who he is, and then he's with strand and
it Strand is alive, and Morgan's like Strands alive, and
he says, yeah, I know all about you guys. He says,

Grace is welcome to come to the tower where Strand
has developed a society. But Morgan, you are not. You
didn't make the cut. So Strand has already made a
list of people who, if they find them, are allowed
in the building. Alicia not allowed, Morgan not allowed. Damn
on this in a minute. But because it's coming on,

I'm teasing the bullshit. Okay, So Howard, the way he
talks about Strand is now completely in Strand's cult. He's
doing something you couldn't. He's given us food and water
and security, and he's he's sort of has an attitude
towards Morgan, like he hates Morgan, but he has no
reason to hate Morgan. Morgan is not a bad guy. Now.
Strand may have told the Morgan's a bad guy, but

he's acted like Morgan's a piece of ship. Grace says,
I know what Strand did to Morgan, and I have
no interest in going with you guys. I'm not gonna happen.
Morgan offers to give the baby to them, so the
baby will have a safe place to live, and Grace says, no, no,
I'm no baby is staying with us, and I'm not
going I'm turning down the offer. So now Morgan realizes, okay,

she doesn't think the baby anymore. She's team baby. So
then they're like, why did you guys attack us on
the road, And he's like, we didn't, you know we did.
That wasn't us. We were on a scouting mission. They
basically imply it wasn't them on the road to attack them.
So these pricks went through all the cabinets and took
all the supplies, and they turn and notice the baby

is crawling. For the first time, the baby is crawling
on a rubber mat, and Grace, looking at the mat, says,
there's something under the mat. Now at this point, you
cannot see there's something under the mat. You can't. You can't.
And why have they never looked under the mats? And
all the months to living in a submarine? Seriously rip

it up. Maybe there's a trapdoor or something. So they
lifted up and for some reason, there's storage in the
floor of a submarine. I've never been on a nuclear submarine.
I just would imagine they'd be in cabinets. I don't know,
but it's the pantry, so maybe this whole floor, I
don't know. Maybe that's where you put it. Maybe that's
where they put it. So they find all this food,
and Grace says, oh my god, there's there's months worth

of food here. And he says, and powdered milk. I
have to assume they've got water on the nuclear side. Yeah,
I guess there was enough war for the whole crew
still on on the ship. Okay, they can mix the
water and make milk for the baby. Cut to a campfire.
There's a guy and a dog, and the dog looks
awfully familiar. It looks like the dog that a meal

the bounty hunter from one episode, episode one, season six,
his his noble steed, his a little doggie, his doggie, Yes,
and just called him a horse. But either way there
but there's no mask. He's loyal. He looks down on
the ground by the campfire. He sees the box, the
head box that says Morgan Jones on it, and he

reaches in the box and pulls out the head of
a meal the bounty on her. The guy takes off
his mask. Why I thought for a second, maybe he
wants to get a closer look at the walker, But
then he says to the walker, I'm sorry, brother, but
the guy got the best to me today. This is
the guy that was in that truck that was coming
after Morgan. Yes, but if you look closely at him,

it's the same actor. It's a Meal's twin brother, it is.
And at first it took me in every wound. I go, heait,
what am I watching? If you remember when a Meal
killed the first guy by the campfire, he gave him
beans to eat, and he says, oh, what's your recipe?
He says, it's my brother's secret recipe. Twin brother. That is,

so the two of them survived the apocalypse living in
the same region, and I guess we're both bounty hunters
or both men of kick ass ability, men of the land,
men of the land. So somehow he found his brother's
head in a box. I found a head in the box.
Where the hell did he find this? Because didn't they
put the head in the box. Didn't they give the

head in the box to Jinny? They certainly did, But
then from there, where the hell did this guy find it?
That's what I'm saying, wouldn't Jinny have just disposed of
the head, you would think, so that's weird. Or was
a Meal's brother part of Jenny's group which we never saw,
and wouldn't they have sent both of them out after Morgan?
How did you get the box? That's That's what I
was wondering. I don't know. Okay, So scenes from next

week seems to be or next episode. A lot of
John Senior and June and some woman strapped to a table.
They're all inside the bunker. Remember they climbed down into
the bunker on the hill, not to be confused with
Castle on a Hill from Ed Sheeran, who, by the way,
has COVID speedy recovery. Oh I know he does feel better.
Ed Morgan calls Strand on a walkie talkie that somehow

works during a nuclear fallout from a huge distance and
it's the same frequency, and he tells Strand, I'm coming
for you better than a tin can. Yeah right, thank you.
We got walkie talkie bullshit called Jane Vic a regular
regular regular both of my podcast or two of all
of my podcasts. I'm calling radio bs between Morgan and Victor.

He's calling bullshit. On the use of walkie talkies, he said,
you can't interrupt someone talking on the radio. If both
parties pressed the talk button on the radio, they won't
hear each other. Gonna say they cancel each other out.
Very good, Very good, jene Vic. I did not catch that,
so you get points for catching that. I was calling
radio distance bullshit. But maybe they explain where you got

the radio from. Maybe they go after Howard and take
his radio. I don't know, But somehow they got a
radio to what. Maybe they jump back in the car.
I don't know, but somehow they got a radio to
talk to. They have to have gotten a radio from somebody.
Maybe they outside and they I don't know. I give up.
We'll have to see. Okay. Bonus material on a m
C plus. Ian Goldberg, the showrunner, said the season is

going to be about Morgan versus Strand, and will show
how much Strand wants to rub it in Morgan's face
that has he succeeded. Okay, then riddle me this, batman.
If you can't wait to show Morgan that you succeeded,
why didn't you invite him to the tower. That's the thing.
How are you going to show off. If you won't
let him in, all you have to do was invite

all three of them to the tower. Right. Then you
get there, you show off the tower, you take him
on a tour, you make him feel stupid, and then
you kick him out on the street. That would be
the way to do it, right. And if you're worried
about upsetting Grace, you're setting Grace but not letting him
in the tower. And now she's not coming either. Right,
how are you going to show you how successful you
are if you don't bring him to the tower? Oh boy,

I uh, that's what I say. Believe it or not.
I do like the show, I really do. But you
have to call out the call out the BS. That's
if there was a lot. If you don't love us
for the b S, I know you love us for
the SP, which is the snappy panther. So you get

you get BS and SP. You get both SP snappy
Speth nappy banner. SP said SP. I don't know what
I'm saying. Oh, we're not talking about we knew it's after.
You don't want snappy p You don't want snappy, whether
you're talking about PS and aviation or PS in Urine.

You don't want your p to be snappy, Jamie, if
you ever had has your PM been snappy? Thankfully, No,
mydea has not been snappy. All was time to move on,
Jamie's definitely time to stop talking about letters. Let's let's go.
It's time, Jamie. What time is it? It's time you stink.
That was terrible, that was bad. It's fine. I won't

touch it. I promise you're going to leave it in.
I know it, you know it.
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