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November 13, 2021 74 mins

Ep.205 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down FEAR S7 EPs 3&4 World Beyond S2 eps 5&6  

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
Here are welcome to Walkers and Talkers episode two oh five.
Hi Jamie, two oh five, Here we go. Nice um
David Brodie for Melvin drur in the morning show, that
is Jamie from Light FM in New York. I paused

because I had to think about whether or not I
wanted to mention you guys are playing Christmas music around
the clock almost almost not not full time, not yet.
We haven't started yet. Oh I thought you switched this week. No,
not yet. Oh some other stations are in the country
have switched. So you're not rocking around the Christmas tree yet.
We are not rocking around the tree yet. Okay, so

this is okay, So back to there's no reason to
listen to n FM other than other than the morning
show and Jamie and Cobby and Christine because they when
when the Elfice trand shows on vacation. Because you know,
I love you guys, but I gotta kids to feed.
You don't have kids, I know, I have two roommates
and a and a dog, that's right, or two roommates

who are dogs or their dogs. All right, hopefully all right. Well,
so we took off last week because Jamie said, screw
those people. I'm not doing it. No, I did for
the people. I didn't say those things. No, she did not,
did not. So I promised some people on on social
media who wanted free dessert, I would give them an

extra thick episode today. Okay, with extra thick, Jamie, extra thick,
extra whip cream. Oh oh boy. All right, it's a
whole other podcast we're doing. Okay, so let's talk about
Lauren Riddloff. She was away from The Walking Dead for
quite a while. She was filming The Eternals, Marvel's latest movie,

which critics have said is not great and audiences have
said it is great. As an audience member, I thought
was fantastic. I loved it. Lauren Ridlof is great in
the movie. She uses sign language, as do the other
members of the movie who's who interact with her, and
there are subtitles when she signs. And I thought the
movie was great. So it's fun, it's exciting, and there

are two mid credit scenes. You know, Jamie, I went
opening night, Well, I went opening weekends, so open on Thursday,
one Friday. Yeah, I tweet this every time. I don't
get it. Why would you go see a Marvel movie
on opening night? Opening weekend and then not know that
there are bonus scenes to stay for. I hardly watched
these movies, and I know from you to say, so,

let's go to Marvel movie. But then people were booing
like they're going where are you going? And they're looking
like why what are you to? What? Who? Why? They
had no clue. But then there were people that got
up after the first bonus scene, and then other people
a saying, hey, there's two bonus scenes. Sit down. First
of all, when the credits are going, you don't leave.
You have to expect at least one scene. And then

it's very easy to google how many bonus scenes are
there in the movie? There's two, all right. Speaking of
Lauren Ridloff, she said in the interview that Norman Redis
is the reason she sent an audition tape into The
Walking Dead. Did you know that, Jamie Oh? I did not,
But I don't blame her. She's got a good taste.
She said. I love the show, but really, what I
think I like most about the series in the beginning

was Norman his character Darryl. I mean, come on, but
as I watched I really love how they represent the
real world and a diversity it's there and it's a
part of the story, but it's not pushing it. It's
not driving the story. It's not the point of the story.
The point is about a group of people trying to
survive and also trying to rediscover what it means to
be human. I love that. She also said, I think

that's why the series has been so successful and has
impacted so many people throughout the world, because everyone has
someone to connect with in the series, and because Darryl
oh I knew. I loved her. Yeah. Uh, speaking of Darryl, Jamie,
you have some Darrel news for us, which I am.
I saw it on Instagram and I was blown away

me too. So the headline is Darryl Dixon was going
to have his arm cut off by blank. So you
can see the photos from norman social media post and
Gimbal's retweet and reply confirming a different story for Darryl.
This is crazy. Are you ready? The pitch was for
Darryl to have his arm chopped off by Rick Grimes

for in the face. Wow, so when he caused Glenn's
death spoiler yes, Rick was dar Okay. So now, so
they don't really get into into details. So www, big
bald head. That's his that's his toy. That's not me
adding w is like an old persons, that's his Instagram.

He says a little, a little behind the scenes fact,
Daryl was originally possibly maybe getting his arm caught off
by Rick for one word in the face I love
in the face. Now, what I don't know is remember
Rick almost cut his son's arm off. Yes, so would

the scene have been like Carl not have been in
the scene and Rick holding down Darryl and then deliberately
cutting his arm off because Nigan told him to do it,
or he punished Darryl for punching him. And you know
what's funny. In the picture, it's clearly Darryl's left arm right,
because you wouldn't want the actor to have to struggle
with his dominant arm being in a metal filing. Isn't

Aron's left arm the one that was cut off? Well,
I'm gonna look up a picture real quick. No, it's
his left arm, ok. Yeah, because you don't want to
cut the dominant arm, even though you want to have realism,
you don't want to the act of struggling with his
arm cut off. But in the comics, Rick had his
right hand cut off. Correct. Yes, remember that, because it's
because you can make the car to the comic book
character to whatever you want. So yes. So there's a

picture of of Darryl with a metal lower arm, and
again you know, his fingers would move and it would
just really be his arm in glove, but they would
make it like his armors cut off. So they don't
really tell you what the rest of the story is.
They just say he might have might have gotten his
arm cut off in one of the original storylines. Then

you have to wonder would Rick and Darrell have been
friends after that? Probably not? Yeah, And would Maggie have
more blamed Darryl for Glenn's death because Rick thought so
it would have been bad. Speaking of everything is a segue. Today,
Jeffrey Dean Morgan donated as Signed Lucille for a Wounded

Veterans auction. The auction supports Home for Our Troops, the
fifth annual Veterans Day celebrity auction. The auction page shows
photos of Jeffrey Dean signing the barbed wire bat and
writing his name Nigan on it as well. The auction
items are live right now as we're taping this on
the ninth through November. There's over items up for auction,

with proceeds going to build homes for post nine eleven veterans.
There's sung Mark Hamill, staff and some sports stuff. The list,
it's a long list. I'm not gonna read them all. However,
there's two ways to get to the auction. The first
is on eBay search for Home for our Troops. The
long version is you don't have to write this down,
but it's like eBay dot com, so it doesn't matter

Home for our our Troops. Or you can go to
I'm gonna explain what it's spells so you can easily
remember it. H f O t USA dot org. That's
Home for our Troops h f O t USA dot org.
And there's probably a link there for the eBay page
that'll probably be easier for you. And that's it for

the news because we have a lot to go over
because we are we were behind on the world beyond.
I'm gonna catch us up a little bit, which is
gonna then leave us one episode behind because we're a
couple episodes behind. Episode seven is already out. We're gonna
do five and six, maybe kind of wrap to get
your caught up. Wrap those up quickly, and then we're

gonna do Fear the Walking Dead from last week and
this week, giving you super thick and no Talking Dead
because Chris Hardwick is still on hiatus. And a reminder,
when you tweet me and walkers, tweet the Talking Jamie please, yes, please.
Jamie likes despite the fact that she didn't do an
episode last week because she hates all of you, she

likes when you tweet that. I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding,
just kidding, all right, So we'll be on episode five.
It's quite a wa what I don't know, it's like
r of what it's quote the walk will Felix, Percy, Elton,
and Iris are on a mission. They all kill a

bunch of Walkers, and I think the whole point of
that scene was to show that Elton and Iris can
now kill walkers and they've got signature weapons, which I
said was the problem with Fear originally. These guys are smart,
They've already got big hooks on sticks and uh, and
they're killing they're killing the walkers, so they're not as
nauseatingly ridiculously unprepared as they were. Yeah, so they're going

to the Junkyard place where Cyrus where Silas is, you know,
the walker killing place. Now that place is a giant
like Junkyard place, right, like decontamination Junkyard, right, but it's
a large, four sided place that none of them have
ever been to. As they creep up to the side,
one of the four sides, at the exact spot on

this giant facility, Silas comes out with a couple of
the guys who then leave him outside the fence by himself.
Go clear some walkers. It has to be let's say,
a football field on each side, so four football field
size walls, and he walks out where they are in
the woods standing point eight seven. Bullshit, bullshit. It has

to be when he sees Iris come of the woods.
This was a This was a thing that was going
on through the whole episode. They played dramatic soap opera
music throughout the whole episode. It was like, it doesn't
feel like a horror show. It feels like a soap opera,
which I really it was really annoying. I hope nobody else.
I wonder if anyone else, if you guys heard that

too and thought the same thing. It was very dramatic,
like boom boom. So they tell Cyrus that everyone back
home is dead and that Irish says she thinks it
was genocide by by CRM. I think Silence is in
total shock. He's like yeah, yeah, yeah, he just stood there.
I'm like, hello, say something. They tell him the only

way in is through a facility that Dennis has a
key card for. They want Silas to steal that card,
then steal a truck, then drive them to CRM so
that they can run through CRM and run to Portland
so they can warn the people in the Portland community
that they may get wiped out. We find out that

Dennis and Jennifer are they're married. They're married, Apocalypse married.
You know when you say you're married, you exchange rings.
Felix and Iris have a plan. They want to get captured,
and they ask Indira to pretend they that she caught
them so they can get taken to the CRM. That's
give me their way in the have them arrested. That's smart.

They put him in a wagon and then Percy follows
the wagon even though he wasn't supposed to go. He's
an idiot, and he says, please, you gonna take me
I'm a pickpocket. I can pick door locks. And for
some reason, he's wearing Elton's clothing, the tough stch that's
his disguise. He's gonna pretend he's Elton. So they tell
Percy get out of here. We're not taking you, and

of course, before Percy can leave, the guards from CRM
show up. Elizabeth has the for them in a big
detention center and she thinks something's wrong. She's suspicious about something.
She doesn't realize that Percy is, you know, Percy's Elton,
Elton's Percy. She never met Percy living at the you
know the ten well, there was ten thousand people living

at campus colony, so she didn't know everybody. Meanwhile, Jennifer
Hawk is going through mom's drawers in in her office
looking for evidence of wrongdoing. She opens the safe she
figures out it's her father's birthday and she comes across
documentation that upset her. We find out later it's documentation
of all the people they've been experimenting on right that

they killed. They bring Dr Bennett and Hope in to
see the prisoners, and Hope was smart enough not to yell, hey, Percy,
because that was that was Elton. Somehow she knew. I
don't know how she knew, but she didn't, you know.
I mean, not that she was friends with Percy, but
the last she knew Percy was I don't know if
she remembers, I don't remember the timeline, but at some

point they all thought Percy was a killer. Yeah, they did.
So I guess she realizes person is not a killer
and that Hawk was the killer. She just went with
it because she recognized Elton's clothes. I'm sure. Yeah. So
Silas gets the truck and the key and some official
I D from Dennis, and he drives off in the truck. Okay.
Jennifer has lunch with her mom. Elizabeth tells her she

hopes when she has children, someday she's tough enough to
do the things that need to be done to keep
the world moving forward and to keep her safe. Blah
blah blah blah blah. She gives it at speech like please,
you have to remember whatever I've done, I've done for
the world. Okay, you're a murderer, ye. Felix and the
daughters try to get Dr Bennett in on the plan
to leave. At two. They're going to escape and go

to Portland by foot. They're gonna walk to Portland. That
seems like a good move. Yeah, I'm not sure why
they all want to leave when they're all together now
as a family and they're in a safe place. I
understand they want to protect Portland. But you've got it
good here, you know, and they're all together. They're all together,
which were the first time in the show that they
were all together, because they started off separated. If you

remember correctly, Dr Bennett was already there was Hope agrees
that she'll leave, and then Dr Bennett, their dad, says, okay,
I just need to say goodbye to Layla, which you know,
we know she's hardcore. That's probably not the best move.
And then of course there's dramatic soap opera music. Elton
and Asha, the sister, have a long talk and she

confesses that her mom is the one that's sick and
that's gonna come up in the next episode. That's important.
They say goodbye, and this is what I okay, So
I wrote this a week ago when we were gonna
do an episode last week. It's foreshadowing because I'm gonna
I'm gonna spoil it, sort of spoils what happens the
next episode, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. So I wrote,

Elton and Asha have a long walk, she confesses, and
then they say goodbye to each other, as if they're
never going to see each other again. And I wrote,
but you know they're going to see each other again,
probably after her brother dies. Oh my god, you wrote
that spoiler will end up well in the next episode.
But yeah, so that's what I wrote. Before Dad can

go into the teacher's lounge to tell Layla, Jennifer Hawk
whatever you wanna call her, stops him and says, it's
a matter of life and death. You need to come
talk to me, and she shows them the papers she
stole from a mother's office. She says, by the way,
her mother is not going to notice all these papers
are missing from her safe. She says, it's proof they
brought walkers into communities and some of the people are

being used as test subjects, and she needs to help
him stop it. There's evidence that they let the Remember
they let the walkers in. Yep, oh yeah, but that
was a cover because they wanted either the live people
to to up to test on or they wanted a
lot of them to be bitten so they could test
on them. God, either way, it's more dramatic music. Right.

Silas gets captured by CRM guards while he's waiting for
them to come running out. Good lord, they ran well,
they ran late because they're having this meeting about the paperwork.
And she did say if we're not there by two,
d get out, right, but at ten minutes to two
we got arrested, so it didn't really matter. They have
a bonus scene much like Marvel movies. Layla gets a

new test subjec. It's a twenty four year old CRM
soldier and she's not happy about it. Now, if you
remember who this guy is, he's the soldier that last
season told Elizabeth he didn't approve of her methods in
Elizabeth's apartment and she had him escorted out. That's him
now being sacrificed for this, uh this testing row. A

guard comes in to tell Layla that Elizabeth has left
the CRM for an undisclosed amount of time and until
her return. She answers to herror and it's Jadis. Jadis Is.
Now she's a big shot, she's in charge. She out
of nowhere. Now, keep in mind, she's been there six
years The helicopter thing was six years ago. And by

the way, speaking helicopter things, I'm still predicting there a
crossover with the helicopters. But then but Fear the Walking
Dead and we'll talk about it later. Really like glossed
over the whole helicopter ride thing. Really it was a
light glass too. Yeah, so we'll talk about that later.
World Beyond Who Are You? Episode six? Okay, we're moving now,

We're we're rolling, moving on, thank you. Jefferson's Dr Bennett
decides to have dinner with By the way, I'm gonna
I'm gonna shorten the description of this episode, but I'm
gonna try to hit all the main points, okay, So okay,
we'll move it along a little bit. Dr Bennett says
he decides he should have dinner with Leyla and his
daughters so he can distract her while Felix and Hawk

break into her lab. Then Felix and Hawk realized that
that the stuff they're looking for, anything top secret, is
probably not in the lab, so they do a search
for World. She's used her key card and it's a
lab in the basement that no one ever goes there.
She says during dinner, Irisk goes off on Layla for

her previous job working uh for an infectious disease company,
because she tested on animals, mostly rats, I guess. And
she said, I didn't have a choice. Uh, we had
to do testing because testing on some mice and rats
or whatever could save millions of lives. And I was
got indignant and kept attacking her, like, you had a choice,
you had a choice, and uh, I've At some point

the father was like, you know, let's let's lighten up
here at hope, get her out of here. So Layla
is so disturbed by this she breaks down and confesses
to Dr Bennett that the reason she's so dedicated to
her work is that her kids were killed by walkers.
Her daughter was bitten and at one point or was
it kids or kid, but she had a daughter. Her

daughter was bitten by the neighbor who turned right, okay,
she got super sick overnight and she was and so
the father decided it was a good idea, not knowing better,
to sleep in the bed with his own daughter, which,
by the way, don't do that anyway when the mom,
I guess, the mom was in her own room when
she woke up and opened the door. The daughter had

eaten the father. Yep, he was dead on the floor.
And and so she she killed both of them. She
put them both down. So she said, I can't save them,
but I've dedicated my life to finding a cure, no
matter what, to save the rest of the world, no
matter what the cost, which I guess is why she's
killing humans. I guess the humans are her mice. Like

you gotta do what you gotta do. Hawk is now
definitely on the side of the good guys. Jadis runs
into her in the hallway and they catch up, and
we find out that Jadis's last name is Stokes. She's
kind of really scary and intimidating in this conversation. Now
does the name Stokes remind you anything? Stokes, It's the
last name of her old boyfriend, father Gabriel Stokes. Mind blown.

She took the last name from father Gabriel as a
way to remember him and to remind herself she doesn't
want a boyfriend again. Oh m g. That's what Poll
said in a recent interview. So how about that. She's
not Jadis and she's not Stokes. But as far as
the CRM is concerned, she's Stokes because she's been there

for six years as Jadis Stokes. Whoa. She said she
wants to go by Jadis because that's the name of
the person she had to become to survive. Yeah, that's
who she is now. Very awkward conversation with Hawk where
she implies she's looking for spies and she's in charge
while Elizabeth is gone, and she keeps implying that Hawk
might be up to no good and uh, She's like,

but you would never be that way, right, You're still
hardcore And she says, I broke my arm and cut
my face. You know I'm hardcore. And so she says, well, well,
let's have lunch. Yeah, let's have lunch. Ladies who lunch?
Hawk helps Felix break into Lila's secret storage room in
the basement by cutting the generator, which gives him two
minutes to get in there. So Hawk helps Felix break

into Laylah's secret storage room in the basement, which is
like cold storage, so there's frozen walkers and frozen test
tubes and uh, he grabs a test tube, which we're
gonna find out later from what I've read. I don't
know anything about it yet because I'm a little behind
is very important. It's a very important thing that people
get very upset that it's missing. So of course he
doesn't get out in time, and he's locked in there

for a while, and he thinks Hawk betrayed him, and
he's not. She's not answering on the walkie talkie to
die in there for a hot minute he was. Eventually
Hawk shows up and explains what happened. That door was
closed too early. I was on the run, I couldn't
call you, blah blah blah blah. So Hawk goes to
have lunch with Jadis, where again she's acting like she

doesn't trust Hawk, but confides in her that if you
want to get people to trust you and bond quickly,
create your own language that will give them something in
common and make them and make them feel like they
are in an exclusive club. So thank God for this
show because it explains where all that bullshit language came
from from. She said, I earned on my way back

to CRM because I gave them something very valuable six
years ago, meaning Rick. But we don't know why Rick
is particularly valuable, just that he is. In a recent interview,
Pollyanna Macintosh says, so I think you can take it
your own way and imagine what you would want Rick
to have gone through or done, or reacted or however

in this world that Jadis is talking about. But I
like that they put in that line about him being very,
very valuable, because Jadis did care about Rick and respected
the hell out of him and appreciated what he'd done
for her. So yeah, when she says valuable, she doesn't
just mean to CRM, she also means valuable to her. Yes,

very interesting. Cyrus is still being held by guards because
they're like, where's Cyrus. They don't know where he is.
He was trespassing and he claims he was lost. Iris
wants to burn down CRM, and Hope says, look, they're
doing good work here and there are a lot of
great scientists and young people working here that deserve a
chance to succeed. And Deira and her people don't want
them to burn down CRM because they have peace right now.

They know it will start a war they aren't prepared
for and we already know and dear and needs the
medicine from them, and if they burn the place down,
you want have medicine. She'll die. So Will says he's
going to break into CRM with Dev the brother, and
they are gonna tell them that they need the medicine.
He said, I'll make sure whatever happens, you get your medicine.

But I have to warn them about that because they
need to know that before they do whatever they're gonna do.
So they're heading off to CRM. They're outside the area
and Will says, here, you should take my father's gun.
You should have it. This was his gun before he died.
I guess the plan was that Dev escorted him the
CRM and was going to leave. Yeah, and then it

was also additional safety and respect. Right now, I don't
know why Dev went Will Will he used to be
part of CRM. You think he'd know how to get
there or just tell him go in that direction. So
he gives him the gun, and just as he gives
him the gun, he gets shot and killed by CRM
guards and we'll runs off. We'll have blood all overseas.

I was like, okay, so we are. We are now
one episode of Whale World beyond uh and then as
a second episode that's an advanced episode. So there are
two episodes out we haven't watched the one that aired
Sunday to seven and the one that's now available a
week early. So we'll we'll we'll do at least one

next week. We're caught up for this week, Yeah are we? Were?
We ever really caught up? Never so much work to
provide a thick episode for the people for the p
extra thick, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra extra. Okay, let's
take a quick break here. I'll play a Pollyanna Macintosh

I d because it makes sense here and we'll be
right back after this. Hi, this is Pollyanna Macintosh. Jadis
on The Walking Dead and you're listening to David Brody
and Jamie on the Walkers and Talkers podcast. I listened
to them on the up. Okay, it's time to talk
about two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead. Do you
need a snack break? Oh? Maybe like a drink of

water or something just like stretch it out? Great? Alright, Fear,
Let's talk about the episode we didn't do last week.
Because Jamie hates you people, no, I love you guys.
I want to give a special shout out to the
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Let's get to the Fear episode. So the episode is
all about John SR and June living in an underground

bunker Teddy's Bunker. Remember at the end of last season,
they climbed down into a bunker hole that just happened
to be there, just happened to be the exactly where
they were standing. They climbed into the bunker, right, I guess.
I guess Teddy was going to run into the bunker,
but he wanted to see the world end. So is
he not going to run into the bunker or is
he going to watch the warheads land and then run

into the bunker. I think he was going to watch
and run in. So they're counting off the days on
a chalkboard. They've been down there almost seventy days, and
I think the plan is they're gonna be down there
for a year, so that's when the air will be
safe enough to come up. They have plenty of food
and water and coffee and alcohol, and a working radio
that they power with a with a bicycle like they

used to do in the old show Gilligan's Island. John
calls on the radio every day for help and no
one answers. Every morning he wakes up, the ceiling is
a little more corroded. You don't know if it's gonna
last the whole year. Spoiler, it doesn't. There's some kind
of earthquake or they think it's an earthquake, and a

shelf falls and they find look coincidence, they find a
hidden room where Teddy did all the killing of the women.
So not only is this bunker in the middle of nowhere,
right this bunker is in the middle. They were in
like a deserted area of Texas. There was nothing around.
This is the bunker where allegedly Teddy took all twenty

three of his women and killed them and then drove
them back to wherever he dumped the bodies. John says,
you know, we never found the twenty three victim, Cindy Hawkins,
so right right away, you know, up, I guarantee they're
gonna find Cyndy Hawkins. June is using a pamphlet to
teach herself how to make radiation suits. John's hand is

shaking because he finds out that when the shelf fell,
the alcohol was smashed along with some other food, so
he doesn't have any alcohol. So he's going into the
d t S the detox freaking out he's got he's
got no alcohol left because that was on the shelf.
Conveniently that also revealed the secret room. He can't sleep.
He's completely obsessed with the murder room, right because of

all the places in the world that they went underground
for a nuclear missiles going on in the murder room
that he spent like what twenty years looking for. He
half his life and left his family to find it.
To find Heady and the murder room, it all comes
full circle. John, here's a noise at the top of
the steps where the latches. He decides, while June is sleeping,

to put the hazmat suit on and the gas mask.
Uh and uh, he starts imagining he hears voices. Now
he thinks he hears Cindy Hawkins up at the top.
Isn't it funny that he goes through the hallucinations at
the same time as he's reminded he wants to find
this woman. They made it a point to say that
they couldn't just open up the air lock at the

top because then the radiation would come in and there's
no way to like. It wasn't like there was one
latch and you went into the second latch and opened
another latch. There was no like decompression radiation chamber no,
it just gets so he just opens up the latch
at the top and he ignores all of that and

he leaves the latch open to go walk around. My god,
he didn't close the latch behind him. What what a
dead man. He finds a skeleton of Teddy because you
remember Teddy was shot in the nuclear blasted him, and
a burnt walker laying on the ground crawling and it's Dakota.
She finds that. He finds DA code his knife and

he kills Dakota. Well, he kills the walker Dakota. Now
he's hallucinating. He sees Cindy Hawkins, but it's a walker.
Then June shoots the walker and yells at him like hey,
old man, get inside. And then off in the distance
the three men that we're banging before, they have has
mat suits and they're in the distance. They see all
us go on, but they don't rush him. John tells

Junie heard a voice and he saw her, and she's
looking at him like he's insane, because he is pretty
much she's She realizes he has a drinking problem and
at this point his hands are really shaking badly. Right.
She tells him he's gonna get night sweats and probably
hallucinate even more while he's trying to come down from
not drinking. Meanwhile, the three guys are trying to break in,

and they call him on the radio and they tell
him you better open the or we're gonna uff and
puff and blow your house in. So he goes into
the kill room and he's imagining Cindy laying on the
upperating table, and then he's imagining she's telling him to
solve the crime. And then June walks in and he
pulls the gun on June because he's out of right.

June has medication and suggests that he takes some of
the medication to knock himself out for a few days
and this way the alcohol will take its course and
he'll wake up and miss the bad part. Hell, that's
what I would do. But now again all coincidence, bullshit.
This is the wrong time to do that, because there's

three guys trying to break in. Yeah, that would John
is completely freaking out at this point, and June boarded
up the murder room while he was not around. I
don't know how she had time to do that. And
he tries to open it, and he's freaking out and
while he's freaking out pulling these boards off the wall.
June stabs him in the arm with a medication to

calm him down, but of course he was pulling on
the wall and the ceiling collapses on them, because you know,
the guys upstairs is still hammering. He's pulling at the wall,
and June is knocked unconscious and she's trapped under the
under the wood planks, and John figures out by looking
at maps that there's an empty lot near her boyfriend's house,

and he tells June, I want to go upstairs because
he realizes she lied about the safety upstairs, that it
wasn't as bad as she said it was, because those
three guys are surviving, and if those three guys are surviving,
then people can survive up there. And he trusted June
that they couldn't go up there, right, He's like, I

thought we couldn't go up there. Those men are fine.
She said, I just made it up, basically, yeah, because
I was scared. I didn't want to go back up there,
so I just said that it was really bad up there.
And so she says to him, either those men are
gonna kill you, or the dead are going to kill you,
but you shouldn't go up there, and he says, I
don't care. I'm already living six ft under. Yeah, but
you're living six under like making a comparison. But you're

not dead, No, not even close. So of course he
goes up anyway, not listening to her, and those men
are gone right the moment he opens the gate, they're gone,
even though they were just up there banging demanding he
opened thet He's wearing a gas mask. It looks like
you're looking through little binocular holes, so his vision is
not very good, no peripheral vision. It would seem obvious

that the men could sneak up on him and beat
him up because his hands are shaking and he could
barely see in front of him. He would be such
an easy target. Okay, Now he takes out the map
because he's gonna go find the yard next to her
boyfriend's house to dig up the body. My god, it's
been like thirty years. Let's think about this for a minute.
It's been many, many, many, many, many many years. Nuclear

weapons have gone off and leveled everything. There's no streets, laugh,
you're in the middle of nowhere. You have no transportation
and no shovel. But you are gonna somehow with the
map find streets that are destroyed and find a lot
next to all the other lots where the houses are
gone and now there's just lots there, and then dig
up an entire lot looking for bones that are there

from thirty years ago. It was the d T s.
He wasn't thinking straight right, But but June didn't say
to him, like you, this is you. Meanwhile, he left
June pinned under the beam. John sees the three guys
now trying to dig a hole. I guess they're gonna
try to dig a hole into the bunker. What would

be the point of that. Obviously, it's a bunker. It's
not like dirt you're gonna do. It's a sealed bunker,
and once you dig a hole into it, it's no
longer safe. So I don't understand what they're trying to do.
Then suddenly they're back trying to open the latch, and
they didn't see him. He's wandering around aimlessly, but they
didn't see him, so he starts shooting them, even though

his hands are shaking and he could barely see out
the holes of his mask. I don't know how you
have any aim with that mask, but you can't see ship.
They somehow miss him. He shoots two of them, and
the third one climbs down into the bunker. He starts
hallucinating again. He thinks that all the walkers are women,

that the victims, But then he snaps out of it
kills all of them. Meanwhile, the guys already downstairs about
to shoot June. Now you're the guy. You're down in
the bunker, right, You know that the guy up up
on the top, John, it just shot your buddies. He
didn't close the latch behind him. You would think he would.
You know, the guy's got a gun, right right, Why

wouldn't you lock the latch from inside the same way
you were locked out? Why didn't you lock it? Because
bad writing. Now you're alone in a bunker with a
beautiful woman who's trapped under a beam, and your first instincts,
you know, but your first instinct is to shoot her. Yeah,

I'm not going to suggest anything awful of perverted or offensive.
I'm not gonna do that. But wouldn't you want to
try to make friends with her? Or maybe you know,
ask her where like the valuables are, talk to her?
Maybe it, dear yourself to hers as she falls in
love with you, make nice. You have no reason to
kill her. You don't know her, you don't know me.

You don't know me, you know so. Of course, before
he can shoot her, John shoots the guy at the
last moment, and he frees June. Another beam falls, conveniently
revealing Cindy in the wall. Really really yeah, really yeah
really So the first earthquake reveals the murder room, and

then the next collapsing roof opens up the wall exactly
where the body has been buried for thirty years. Convenience burial, bullshit,
thank you, thank you for calling that. So as they
try to climb up the staircase to get out, everything
collapses on them. So you figure they're dead, right, Well, yeah,
that's a lot of dirt, I mean, ship, How do

you get out of there? They wake up in beautiful
beds and what looks like a hospital room. June tells
him he's been out for a while, but that he
saved her by forcing her to try to go up
and having a hazmat suit on. Had they stayed, they
would have been killed. She says, we were saved by
someone who heard our calls on the radio, and of
course Strand walks in. Now. I don't remember them calling

on the radio giving their coordinates, so I don't know
how Strand new where they were, or that Strand new
to go on that day to help them when they've
been calling for help every day and now they're being
helped on the day of the collapse. Is when Strands
people show up to go down in a hole filled
with dirt, they would have had to dig thirt, whatever,

the whole lot, whatever the latter was, to find them
in their hazmat suits. Oh Man John says he has
no interest in joining all on Fired Up. He says
he has no interest in joining Strand after what he
did to Morgan in the submarine, and Strand says, I
did what I did, but I'm here and he's out there.
He says he hopes that John's incredible detective skills that
he hurts so much about will help them figure out

together who those people are outside that are trying to
kill them and a stripping the walkers. He offers John
a drink and John turns it down, which is surprising
because Strand is aware that he's been sleeping for two
days and that he was sleeping off the DTS. You know,
June must have told him. Look, I medicated the guy
because he has a drinking problem. But Strand like to

mind funk you and you know, manipulate you and pull
the strings. Right. So the first thing Strand does is like, oh,
would you like a drink? Would you like temptation? And
of course John John thankfully says no, no, I do
not if yeah. So then Strand leaves, and John says,
I want to leave, and June shows him the window

outside and says, look, there's a horde of walkers outside.
We can't leave. There's nowhere we can go. Cut back
to the hatch. Somehow Morgan is there. Morgan heard them
on the radio also the same day. The same day.
My head hurts from the bullshit, painful head. Bullshit is
what I'm getting right now. Morgan shows up on the

same day. I don't remember them calling for help, but
maybe they did. I don't know Morgan. Who is where
is Morgan? Morgan was was at the submarine. Somehow Morgan
went from the submarine and in whatever vehicle he had
found a hatch in the middle of nowhere, covered covered,

found the hatch and calls them on the radio, Hey,
I'm here to help, And of course the other walkee
Strand has John and June's Waukee must have taken it
when they got there, and Strands on the other side
and says Morgan is a loser and a failure and
that he Strand is going to rebuild the world the
way Morgan couldn't, and he's gonna save the people he
feels worth saving. Morgan says, that's great. I want you

to rebuild the world. But if I find out that's
not what you're doing, if you heard anybody I care about,
I'm coming for you and I won't miss the way
you did on the submarine. I think we called walkie
Talkie bullshit last week because in the walkie talkie scene,
Strand and Morgan are cutting each other off, and you
can't do that on Walkie's because exactly I thought the

same thing of like somebody is a let go of
the button. If you watch the scene again, Morgan stops talking.
Morgan did one of those I swear to God if
you hurt anybody, and then Strand talks as if he
knew Morgan was gonna do half sentence. They didn't actually
interrupt each other. They did half sentences, so I have

to take back waukie bullshit, so I apologize. But it
looked like it might have been waukie bullshit, I think
in there. All right, let's let's take a break here.
I need to catch my breath. Jamie, you need to
um get some more whip cream, and we'll be right
back after this. Hey, this is Seth Gilliam. I play

Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead, and you're listening to
Walkers and Talkers with David Brody and Jamie. All right,
it's the home stretch, Jamie. Oh, we got this the
fourth episode of this thick, thick, thick, thick episode that
we promised everybody extra thick. It's not only and it's
also long. It's long and thick. This is a girthy episode.

Extra cream. Okay, breathe with me, which is what we
both need to do because I'm almost out of breath.
Was the name of the episode, Sarah. Remember her? She
wakes up in a fancy room. Everyone's waking up in
a fancy room newse Days. She walks down a staircase
towards a basement in this house made of stone. A

walker comes through some kind of tarp wall and before
she can kill it, Al shoots it from up in
the rafters and everyone is surprised that Sarah is awake
and they come running. Yeah, Sarah is finally awake. Apparently
she's been out cold for two days. No, she didn't
get medicine from June. No, she doesn't have a drinking problem.
But we find out later that she banged her head

on the harsh helicopter landing because the helicopter had to
make an emergency landing. Why because it's the Walking Dead
universe and no mode of transportation will ever arrive at
its destination no matter what. So they breaze by it.
They're like, oh, yeah, you hit your head on the

helicopter landed. The only reason they knocked her out for
two days was to say a breeze by the helicopter part,
not show it, and then explain that the helicopter made
an emergency landing without having the film it because it
was during the pandemic. Rights, they can tell the backstory
by saying, oh, right, rather than like having to like

explain it to us, they can just go, remember you
bang your head doing the hard landing. Yeah, Because they
weren't able to film it. It's cheaper this way. There
was the only reason they hadn't knocked out, the only reason. Plus,
she could say, after two days, where's Wendell? Why hasn't
he Why hasn't he been here? Now Wendell has been
gone for months. Wendell never Wendell was at one of

allegedly one of Jinny's many locations, right, ye never saw him?
Why because in real life he's filming n c I
S New Orleans, Yes, and he doesn't have time to
film two shows, especially during a pandemic. So nobody's seen
Wendel's sake, where's Wendell? Nobody's seen Wendell since we left

the damn Okay, so they all agree nobody's seen Wendell.
But they found his baseball hat? Where where did they
find the baseball hat? Well, the hell knows. They haven't
seen him forever. Like, that's weird that they were looking
for him at some point. When did they go looking
for him? Right? But they found his hat. Now normally
you'd think, oh, no, big eel, they found his hat.

That's a minor plot point. Oh no, oh no, it's
a major plot point because the rest of the episode
doesn't happen if they don't find that hat such. Okay,
I'll explain what I mean by that in a minute.
So Sarah says, I'm gonna go look for my brother immediately.
And they say you can't go out there, it's too

much radiation. She says, you don't understand. I will look
for that. I will look for him twice as hard
as you did. And they're like, you have you have
to calm down. You You just can't go out there,
you know, And she said, I'm going anyway. So she
goes out as far as she can before the radiations
is around. And she's up on a hill and she's
trying to call him on a walkie talkie, the same

way Rick tried to call Morrigan, you know, like, hey,
out there. Every day she's calling him, call him, no answer,
no answer, no answer. We do we have any idea
how far the helicopter flew, because the way everybody keeps
showing up, you think it was and see you would
you would think it hopped away like a quarter mile
and landed. What they said was it? It was? It

fell a little bit short of its destination. Wasn't the destination?
CRM or was the destination outside the blast zone? Big outside,
So they obviously haven't gone very far. But who knows
how far Wendell got in his wheelchair unless he got
into a vehicle. But at some point Morgan answers, on Milwaukee,

how is anyone charging Wakie talking? I keep thinking that
they keep having them ready to go? Especially is he
charging them on the submarine? Because I understand that, But
then how are the helicopter people charging the walks in
the helicopter? Anyway, they talked just long enough for her
to tell him where they are, but then she tries

to warn him about a warhead that's leaking radiation, and
of course Dilwaukee dies and he doesn't hear that part.
She sees a dog in an suv from a distance
and goes to say Hi. Of course it's the bounty hunt.
His twin brother now the bounty hunter, right Rufus, Right,
the bounty hunter. His brother was looking for Morgan. Morgan

was in the ghost town, right, the western town shot
him with his bulletproof armer. He fell down and Morgan
drove off. So if you're such a great tracker, you
would have followed the wheel marks and gone to Morgan,
but instead this great tracker ends up on a road
somewhere near where the helicopter landed in a different direction. Miraculously,

she goes into the front seat of the car, not
realizing it must be somebody's car, and she sees the
box that says Morgan Jones on top of it, and
the bounty hunter his brother's head in it. And he
shows up. His name is Josiah, we find out, and
holds her gunpoint I don't I still don't know how
the hell is anywhere near the helicopter. She asks him,

why the hell is brother's heads in a box? I
got his head in a box with with my friend's
name on it, and he says because his head his
head was supposed to be in it. So now this
guy is a killer, right, You've now told him that
Morgan Jones is your friend. So he says, I want
to know where Morgan is, and she says, I don't

write out my friends, and you're gonna have to shoot me.
What couldn't you have just at first she says, I
don't know where he is, right, and then he's like,
I heard you on the walkie talkie, you dumbass. Yeah,
he says, well, I don't write out my friends. You're
gonna have to shoot me. Now. She's willing to die
for Morgan, right, willing to die for Morgan. And he says,

I'm the only hope you have of finding your brother.
And she says, how do you know about my brother?
And he says, I heard you talking on the walkie.
Every day you've been asking for your brother. I heard
you talking to Morgan. Now, where is the Pennsylvania because
Morgan said, I'm in Pennsylvania? Which is the hotel? I
mean the the submarine right the the s spent the
submarine Pennsylvania. He says, I'm a tracker and I could

find my brother, so I can find your brother. He says,
you tell me where Morgan is. I'll help you find
your brother. Set up a meeting at such and such place.
He tells her where, and if Morgan shows up, I'll
kill him, but I'll help you find your brother. I said,
how the hell are you gonna find a guy in
a wheelchair has been missing for months prior to multiple

nuclear explosions, but you're gonna find him? There's no scent.
How can it be a sent after all these nuclear explosions,
how do you know which direction he went? Even if
he's alive, He could have gone towards Padre, He could
have gone any which direction. We don't know where he's
been for two and a half months, not a clue.
She agrees to the deal. A minute ago she was
gonna die for Morgan, but now she's like, well, to

save Wendell, all right, you can kill Morgan. So they
go for a ride and he says, how do you
know which which direction will going? And she says, it's
the only direction. I haven't looked for him. Really, three
d and sixty degrees? You went three d and fifty
nine of them. You don't look for someone in four
directions if you count your northeast and your southwest, etcetera.

And he wasn't any of those. And when the bounty
hunter shows up, you've only got one direction left. Now,
how far did you go in every direction? The earth
is round, not very far, I don't think, right, wouldn't
you even if you went ten miles in every direction?
Wendell could be a hundred miles away more. He says,
my name is Josiah, and she says, I'm Sarah Benowitz. Listen,

I've known my share of Sarah Benowitz is in my time.
She's no Sarah Rabinowitz. That's all I'm saying, not getting
the impression she's Sarah Benwitz. Take that as well. I'm Jewish,
so I'm saying she's not very Sarah or Benowitz is,
although in real life I think she's Jewish, so maybe
that's she says, Wendell has been missing for seventy eight days.
By the way, where's the rabbi? Where is he? Didn't

they say he was off looking for something? Was looking for?
Did they say Jacob's off looking for something? I think
that's how they kept him from being in the episode. Okay,
they're like, oh Jacob because he's rabbed by Jacob. Right,
Oh Jacob is off looking for supplies or something. Yeah,
that's how they keep writing people out. You'll be right back.
So here's where the bullshit comes in. He decides, again,

we don't know where they are in relation to Wendel, Right,
they could be anywhere. They take out the hat, Wendell's
hat that she just got. They just found the hat,
and they use the hat for the dog to find
Wendel sent are you kidding me? The hat you just
found that. Luckily you have, so the dog you just met,

who happens to be a bloodhound, can track your brother.
Day he goes running off into the Great Beyond, and
Josiah makes the two of them bury the two walkers.
They just killed two walkers by the way, and they
have to kill the two walkers because Josiah says everything
deserves a proper burial, and Sarah says, we'd cover a

up more ground if we weren't burying all these things.
And how come you didn't bury your brother if you
give a shit about burying everything? And he says, I
made a promise to my brother I wouldn't bury him
until I finished a job, meaning killing Morgan. Uh, spoiler,
you should have buried the head. So she says you're
crazy and a killer, and he says, I'm crazy. I'm crazy.

I offered you a trade your brother from Morgan, and
you took it. She says, what makes you think you
can do what your brother couldn't write You didn't he
couldn't kill Morgan. And he says, I've been through a lot,
and she says, you don't know anything about Morgan. You
have no clue he's a short, little old British guy.
He's gonna the dog starts barking, and they run down

to see where the dog is, and he's he's with
some guy who's wearing like nine layers of clothing and
a gas mask and a truck full of naked walkers.
He says, I don't want any trouble. I'm just supposed
to spread these walkers around. So he's obviously part of
the group that strips the walkers, right the bad guys
they're looking for. So Josiah says, why would the dog
bark if you're the only one here that's alive, And

they look at all the walkers, none of them are
are are So Josiah tells the guy to stripped down
because obviously something is on him that has Wendell sent
on it. The odds, of all of these bad guys,
he's the one. He is of this army of bad

guys that's there hundred yards away from where Sarah runs
into the bounty Hunter in the middle of a post
zombie nuclear apocalypse. We're a helicopter randomly crash landed. So
he says, take off your clothes. So the guy starts
stripping and he takes off like ten layers of clothing,

lots of underwear, shirts, sweaters, whatever. The dog starts sniffing
the jack it and Josiah reaches in the pocket and
it's a red do rag. Sarah confirms it's Wendell's. I
in capital letters wrote, bullshit, bullshit. This may be the
most bullshittiest bullshit. And I don't know how many episodes

and we view and I are professional bullshit callers, we are,
but this is a big bad one. The odds I
can't I astronomical. I tell you. Here's what I wrote
on my notes. This random guy is driving around randomly
on a random day and happens to be in an
area near where the helicopter crash landed and where she
randomly went to look at the exact same day she

saw the bounty hunter in a vehicle with a dog.
Of all the days she was up on the mountaintop
calling him, and he happens to have, of all the
clothing out of the thousands of bodies, he's stripped a
do rag handkerchief from Wendell. Uh he They say to him,
take us to where you found the rag, as if

he's gonna remember where he found the rag, but he remembers.
They go back to a stable and she looks at
I don't know ten, there's there's gotta be a thousand
walkers there. She looks at one pen of ten of
them and goes, man, my brother's not here. I know,
I was like, that was a quick glance, honey, you
didn't even check the corners. Now I have a question.
If you can't walk in real life, you can't walk

as a walker, right, you can't not? So why is
she looking at walkers that are standing up? Exactly? Wouldn't
you like just bend down and look for a crawling walker,
And wouldn't he remember a handicapped walker? It would be
hard to forget. So she looks around, doesn't see him,
and then sees his wheelchair covered in blood, and asks

where he is? Where is my brother? Foolishly, he says,
you mean that skin bag that crawled away from here.
I have no idea. There must have been a different
handicapped person in the chair, right, because we know it's not.
When we know Wendell is most likely alive, or we
have to see him dead. We have to see him
as a say, we have to see him. What this

these two people want to kill you, and you refer
to her beloved brother as a skin bag. So Sarah
goes to stab him, and he opens up one of
the corrals and walkers flood the area, and he runs off.
Sarah gets in the suv. Morgan calls at the exact
time she gets to the suv and she doesn't answer.
He's yelling, what's going on? What's this about? What's wrong? Why?

Why did you want to have have a meet up. She
doesn't answer him, and she's sitting there when she could
have driven off. She waits long enough for Josiah to
run to the suv, and then she decides to drive off.
Then she peels out what the hell, but she doesn't
lock the doors, so of course he opens the door,
jumps in. No one locks the hatch, no one locks

the doors. She tries to push him out of the
moving vehicle because she says, my brother is dead, our
deal is over. Naturally, he's a giant man. She can't
push him out of the car, so she tries to
do a thumbt Louise and drives off a random cliff
into a flat area, but somehow lands where there's rocks

now on both sides of the car, and they can't
open the window, can't open the doors. Rather, because this
is what happens, you don't make it to your destination. Yeah,
the back of the truck is the suv is sticking up,
and there's walkers banging on the back window. The front window.
Her window, Sarah's window has a giant piece missing in

the window. The rest of the window is completely like
crystallized and shattered, but still intact. Okay, he wakes up
because he was dazed for a minute. She wakes up.
Her face was slammed against the steering wheel. The air
bags don't go off, but her face isn't damaged it all,
even though she drove off a cliff, landed nose first.

Her face landed on the steering wheel. But she's fine.
A surprised her nose didn't go through her brain with
that kind of impact. Yeah, so she's fine. It was
like they hit a deer or something, which can also
kill you, but it's like they hit a little bump,
they hit a bush. She tries to kill the two
of them, something like, I don't know what her plan was.
I don't know what the plan was at all. Driving
off the cliff. Right, she's on the live for nothing

to live and she doesn't care if he dies. She
almost kills him, right, He's like, hey, ha's it going.
She's fine, she's he's not mad at her? How is
he not mad at He's like? What he wasn't like?
What the hell was that? She looks out the window
of a random cliff she drove off of random. The

window is crystallized. Normally you wouldn't be able to see
how a crystallized window, but guess what. The part by
her head is missing, so she can clearly look out
the window. There's no walkers there, even though there's a
window open. But get what does she see out the
window that she wouldn't have been able to see if
the window wasn't missing a piece? The warhead? The warhead

that is randomly somewhere is right outside her car. Of
course it is warhead. Bullshit? So she has a panic attack. Yeah,
she hasn't starting having a panic attack as her brother's dead.
She almost killed herself in a car crash sort of,
and there's a warhead right outside the vehicle. Why does
she care she tried to kill herself? Why she said

about a warhead that's what she wanted. Now she's having
a panic attack and and Josiah is not manager. He
calms her down. He tells her a story. He says,
I want you to call Morgan, have him come rescue us.
How would Morgan find where they are? How old we're
on a random cliff? We drove off a cliff yep,

he So he tells her a story that he used
to work in search and rescue. He was a good
guy and his brother needed to be rescued once and
his brother told him he could feel his heart beat
across the forest, that he knew he was brother was okay,
but then when his brother died, he knew it because
he felt his own heart stopped for second. And that
Sarah wouldn't be looking for her own twin brother unless

she knew he was alive. He says, we can still
find him, call Morgan. So she calls Morgan. Now, we've
always questioned whether or not they are twins. Look, you
can have mixed parents and you can be fraternal twins. Right, Well,
you're not identical twins, and you come from two different eggs.
So it is possible that he could be black and

she could be white. Not likely but possible. We find
out that's all bullshit later on in the episode as
far as the story, so she would not have sensed
him technically, but all right, So she calls Morgan. At
this point. He says, it's time to get out of here.
It's now or never, even though Morgan is on the way,
you know, hopefully. So he goes out and starts killing walkers,

and then Morgan shows up. Did he teleport there? Seriously?
All of a sudden, he's just there. I'm like, how
at least show me the car, show me the car.
Fas So it's like, oh, I called Morgan. He shows
up at the hatch. He shows up at the at

the ditch. How did you get down in the ditch?
How did you know the driving directions to get down
in the ditch? How buried down there? I don't know.
Did he see it didn't explode. There was no smoke,
there was no flames. Unfreaking believable. Anyway, no one has
reliable transportation, but he does. He must have taken a helicopter.
Morgan kills a walker and tells the guy, wait a minute,

I killed you. I cut your head off. You don't
know the situation you do know that's not the guy
you killed. You you're not smart enough to figure out
that must be his twin brother. But now you've just
admitted you killed his brother. Now he knew it, but
he didn't know he knew it right, and he very
much admitted to it it. I killed your brother. I
cut your head off sometime in the car by the way,

Sarah says to Josiah, I know you're not gonna kill Morgan,
but you're still gonna help me find my brother. And
he says, how do you know that she was? I
know you're not a killer. I know you're not. Really
you know him for how long? He told you some
story about being a search and rescue guy, and now
you know he's not a killer. And then later they
make it a point where I'm gonna jump ahead. He says,

my brother wasn't always like this, right, We used to
be good people. And Morgan says, we all used to
be good people. None of us were like this. So
if a meal his brother could turn into a bounty
hunting killer, then why wouldn't Josiah turn into a bounty
hunting Killer's no, but Sarah knows him. Sarah knows in
her heart. You're not a he yelled. He's crazy. He's

a killer. Now you're like, you're not a killer. So
the two of them are going at it, trying to
kill each other. But if you notice, shortly before Morgan
showed up to run away from the walkers, Sarah jumped
on the roof of the suv and the walker. The
suv is now surrounded by walkers. Why is this important
because now she can't break the fight up. Now she's
written out of the scene and all she can do

is yell, you're not a killer. Oh my god. Josiah
pins Morgan to the ground. Why because he's a football player.
He's a giant, muscular man. He's huge. And keep in mind,
Morgan beat up his twin brother when he had one
arm work in an infected wound in his chest. So
now he throws him off. Now, look, if you guys

know martial arts, you can tell me leverage and he
at the stick and all that. He threw a giant
man off of him. I'm sorry, okay, And Morgan doesn't move,
he stays on the ground even though he's now throwing
him off. Josiah says, I'm not a killer. I'm not
gonna kill him, My brother is. And he goes to
get the head out of the box. The head must
have flown out of the suv perfectly in the box, right, somehow,

even though there's no open windows, it flew out of
the suv. I didn't notice if the wind show was
cracked by the way, if the wind show was gone,
I didn't notice. And maybe it was. But the box
jumped off the seat, flew out and landed perfectly on
the ground. So he gets the head, and the point
of the head is to bring it over to Morgan
and have his brother bite Morgan. Even though you're not

a killer, he clearly is gonna try to kill him. Yeah,
he was gonna certainly try. So a fight ensues, right
because Morgan Morgan throws him off. This is when Morgan
throws him off. He manages to throw him off with
the head in his hand, and as he throws him,
he drops the head of his brother. The dog, which

we learned earlier, was a cadaver dog, which is why
it's so good at hunting dead things and dead bodies
and finding bodies in the woods. Of course, runs to
the dead body. Remember he licked the guy's face when
he killed him after eight the beans in the first
episode lessons right, he cut his head off and he
licked his face. Well that guy, remember, hadn't turned into
a walker yet. Yeah, so they will lick his face.

The dog comes over to lick a Meal's face and
it bites the dog, which is terrible. I'm not a
dog's gonna die. Josiah breaks down in tears. What have
I done? What have I done? Anyway, he feeds him
beans with tabasco sauce his secret recipe. Somehow He's got
a can of beans and a bottle of Tabasco sauce,

open cannabans, ready to go, Ready to go to feed
the dog. Morgan comes over and apologizes for the loss
of the dog, and Josiah apologize and says it's my fault.
And he says, the whole time, I thought it was
about a meal, but it was about me not wanting
to let my brother go. Let my brother go. Sarah

tells a story about when she was born prematurely. She
couldn't breathe, but every time they put her next to
the other baby born that day, Wendell, she was able
to breathe. She says, Wendell taught me to breathe. Okay,
that's not what happened, she says. Every moment, every moment
he's not with her brother, she feels like she can't
catch her breath. But she was fine when she was

yelling at everybody to find my brother us. She's fine now.
They didn't explain how she and Wendell grew up together.
Were they neighbors and they became best friends. I think
she said her mother died, so Wendell's family raised her.
I think that we took her in. So they're only

twins by the fact they were born the same day
in the same hospital, Yes, and that they grew up
together basically from so now we find out it's all
but a lie. Actually, Yet they buried the dog. Thankfully
we didn't have to watch him shoot the dog, because
he was gonna shoot the dog. I did not want
to see that. Joe's this is what jos I apologizes
for his brother did and says he wasn't always like that,

which I find hard to believe. By the way, Emil
wasn't just some guy like trying to survive. He was
beheading people professionally. He was crazy. Morgan says without his chair,
meaning Wendell, he would have needed someone to help him. Well,
why couldn't have found another chair? There's more than one
chair and zombie apocalypse, there must be wheelchairs all over

the place. And how many times was Wendell in the truck?
He didn't need help, but he says, someone must have
helped them. Maybe Victor found them and helped them. Now
we don't even know where he Wasn't he in one
of them? He was in one of the communities. Is
that it was one of Jenny's communities? The damn? Did
she have a damn? I don't remember. Now they figured

maybe Victor has him at the tower. Josiah says, would
it be okay if I go with you? So okay?
Now he wants to befriend them and stay with them. Okay,
how does he care about Wendell. His dog's dead, his
brother's dog's dead, and he's a loner, right, somehow he
survived the zombie apocalypse as a loner, not with his brother,

and he wants to go with them. Okay, fine, you
want to go with them. Welcome to the show. You're
now a regular on the show. Welcome to the show.
Two seconds later, they teleport and they're outside Victor's office building.
Can you explain to me how Morgan knew where the
office building was? No clue, no clue. None of those
people have been to the office building, none of them.

And Victor never said it on the radio where it was. Again,
they never show a vehicle, and somehow they're over by
Victor's office building a few seconds later that surrounded by Howard.
Now it's Howard's apartment, right, It was Howard's place to
begin with. They built an army, right, Why is Howard
out at the sub by with with a task force?

Why is Howard out now he's a little whimpy guy
in an apartment building. Why is he the guy? Now
he got tough all of a sudden. You know what
they're trying. They're trying to save on actors. So they're
were using the same actors. That's got to be what
it is. So he and a female soldier surround them,
and of course Strand shows up and says, we saw
you guys coming from all away. How did they get

out of the place with all those walkers? They must
be secret exit, there must be I thought the same
thing is that, how did you get up here with
that whole wall of walkers, right, did you go out
the back and if there's a back, they anywhere else
can get in the back? Sarah says, is Wendell there?
Did you have Wendell? And he says yes, and he's thriving.

He has a real knack for supplies and logistics. And
I thought to myself, you're full of ship. Wendell's not there.
You just wanted to feel bad. So then he says,
you can't go in and see him. If you want,
he can come out and see you, but then he
can't come back in. Why because he's not there. Yeah,
Strand says, you you you you mentioned you almost died

getting here, and it'll be just as hard getting back
to wherever you have to go. You can't come in,
and he said, this is not a revolving door here.
You'll leave, you'll leave. There's nothing else out there. Morgan
and Grace and the baby are struggling. They have nothing.
They're barely getting by. And how it says, I saw it,
I saw it, so the whole thing. He's right, Well,
that's because you stole everything from them. But he didn't

see the food in the floor. So Howard doesn't know
what the food in the floor. No, that's right, he doesn't,
and they have a lot of it. Sarah shocked and
overwhelmed and now disillusioned that Morgan is poor. There was
a nuclear blood like bombs went off. Yeah, what did
you expect? Oh, the damn? I just remember the damn.

The damn is where the baby was born. The damn.
There was no water there, but it was Remember the wall.
They were living behind, the damn wall, That damn wall.
That's the last time they claimed to have seen Wendell.
But I don't even remember seeing Wendell there. Do you
remember seeing Wendell there? I think they mentioned Wendell was there,
but we never actually saw him there because he hasn't

been on the show. Now, I remember the day. I
didn't think of it as a damn, but it was
a damn. The damn damn. Okay, So Sarah has a
panic attack when Strand leaves, and Josiah calms her down,
so he's like her new sidekick, and then asks her
and Morgan thanks, thanks her and Morgan for what you've
done for me. Right, but I'm gonna go head off

on my own and more, and says you guys can
both come back to the submarine. And he says, I
was exposed to the warhead for too long? Really what warhead?
He was out there in the wilderness, right, so I
guess he says he was exposed. He says, you don't
want a sick man coming back to wherever you live.
And Sarah says, remember those pills that were mentioned earlier

in the episode that David Brody didn't mention in this review.
I had those for Wendell, but he doesn't need them
because he's safe, which we know he's not because strands
a liar. So why don't you take these pills and
you'll be fine. They'll fight off the radiation. So now
you're thinking, okay, great, he wanted to join them. He
has no excuse not to join them. He's like, well,
I would come, but I have radiation. She's like, well

now you don't. He's like, ah funk, and I have
no excuses explicit, you know, like he's like, oh I
haven't I have to go to them, pick up the mail.
Already got the mail, so now right, So now he's like,
you know what, I need time to find myself. But
he takes the pills anyway and leaves. Now, what was

the point of wanting to go with them? If you
wanted to leave, I don't understand that part. I was like, wait,
you came with him all this way and I was
just going back. If the point of going was to
show them where the office building was, then you should
have said, I know where the office building is, that
I'll help you. That would have explained why he was there,
right Or he just wanted to be able to get

in there right, Well, he wasn't gonna get in, but
he should have said something like, oh, I'll go with
you and I bet we can get in an office building,
or if nothing else, I'll help you because you helped me.
None of that. There must have been a scene they
took out and didn't realize it. Morgan says, the rest
of the group is living to the rest of Sarah's
group is living too close to the warhead. We need
to bring them back to the submarine. So they flew

on a helicopter to safety, but they landed where there
happens to be a warhead, and Morgan's gonna take them
back to an area where everything is orange so they
can live in a submarine. And they don't have enough
gas masks for everybody because they flew off A helicopter
cut to the Freaks with the naked walkers. One of
them says to another one, I found something we need
to show the leader and he says what is it?

And he says, it's something that's going to get us
exactly what we want. Well, I don't know what they
want because we don't know why they're stripping people. No,
we don't, right, we don't know why they have clothing?
But is it for some way to get to take
over Morgan's building? Why the naked walkers? We have to
figure someone that to Eventually. I guess they're gonna explain
that unless they're donating the clothing the goodwill for the money,

i'd sell it. I don't know. Anyway. The guy's got
the warhead in the back of his cart thing, So
he picked up a warhead that's leaking, and he wasn't
worried he would he picked up a warhead? How is
he not dead? Scenes from next week Dwight and Sherry.
Dwight and Sherry are approached by two guys on on
horses wearing black Straight says it's a new world. Let

me show you around or something like that. Aisha Tyler,
who told you she was being added to the show.
She's holed up in a house with a gun. Dwight
tells the two people who he's been living in a
storm shelter in the ground. Uh, they're gonna find Padre,
so now they know what padre is. Someone with a
gas mask on is walking in the middle of a

herd of walkers. There's a place called the Grapple Chapel
which has a wrestling ring, and it looks like Dwight
and Sherry are in the ring and the ring is
surrounded by walkers. It also looks like Sherry in another
scene is walking away from Dwight. I'm leaving again again.
Then there's walkers outside Strand's building and another scene where

someone's putting a bag over Sherry's head. Then Sherry's pushing
a walker or a bad guy, and then Dwight takes
down her one of the walkers with a wrestling move
in the wrestling ring. Are you kidding me? He's wrestling
them down in a wrestling rank. That is the worst. Sorry,
I the two writers need to be fired and never

allowed to write television shows again. There was lots of
good stuff in the two episodes. Yeah, but there are
some things. Yeah, so much bullshit. Oh my god, I'm
out of breath. We gave you thick, we gave you cream,
and I'm worn out. I need at least twenty minutes
to recuperate. Jamie. Yes, it's time. What time is it?

Do we even have the strength to do this? We
better muster it up, all right, Jamie, it's time. What
time is it? It's time shut this ship down.
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