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November 21, 2021 76 mins

Ep.206 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down FEAR S7 EP 5 World Beyond S2 ep 7 

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
Here. The rules are Welcome to Walkers and Talkers, episode
two oh six. I believe it. Oh wait a minute,
you can't believe it. You're so shocked. Didn't even let
me say who I was. Who. I'm so sorry. That's okay. Yeah,
we're so far past two hundred. I feel like I
was just teasing you at one. We were so close.

That was that was nine episodes ago, roughly, you're right
times three. Well, anyway, I'm David Brodie Nelvis during the
morning show. Welcome to Walkers and Talkers. That's Jamie from
Light FM in New York. Are you playing Christmas music yet?
We flipped the switch already at Radio Citty Music Hall,
actually on stage with the rockheads. It was really fine.
That's really cool. I should have known that, but I

wasn't listening at the time. But that's right, it's fine,
that's fine. Turned us on. Now you can hear all
the Christmas music. Yes, as long as it's not during
Elves during the morning show, it's fine. Yeah. We we
love to support our sister stations, so that's good. Anyway,
we are here after a extra thick and long episode
oh boy, last week, which was it was I had to.

I had to edit a little bit of it, and
I'm sorry I had to listen back to some of it.
You could hear I could hear myself out of breath
halfway through it. I guess it's such a long episode.
It was very long. Four episodes we talked about, we did.
We're only gonna do two because we're all caught up,
except for the fact we can watch next week's episodes already.
We're not doing those yet, not yet. But we are
up to episode seven of the World Beyond, Blood and Lies.

And something I didn't realize, which I should consider I
do a Walking Dead podcast, is that there's only ten episodes. Yeah,
I was surprised. Technically we could be watching eight already.
Have you watched da already? Fear Now World Beyond, I'm
halfway through it. We were talking about, well Beyond. You
should listen to this podcast. I know. I'm sorry I
blinked for a moment. Yes, I'm halfway through. It isn't

blank fear moment? Was that you nickname in high school? Oh?
Here come? Is blank? For a moment? Yeah? Episode seven?
So which whenever I watched episode eight, we'll have two
episodes left. So I'm so used to like eight episodes
and to take a break and then come back to
eighty four episodes. They didn't even do a break after five, really,
so they're just speeding through. I think they're just trying
to get them out season because they're not in a

hurry to get them out because of the Rick movies.
Because there's still no word of the Rick movies being
filmed being written. The guys off the show now for
three years. That does three years, But I think here
we are. You're right right, and we talked about that
a couple of a couple episodes ago. So you've gone
for three years. Let's, uh, let's start a film here.

It was middle of season nine, but that was you know,
with COVID everything backed everything up and we're in season eleven.
But it was whatever was whatever many years ago. It
was they haven't you know, they weren't prepared. Rick wanted
off before they had written a script that they were
happy with. So anyway, let's talk about world beyond. Jamie.
You and I were talking briefly before I hit record.
You liked this episode more than previous episodes, to be correct,

to say that is very correct, and I actually thought
to myself. I was like, Wow, this episode is really good.
I was really into it. I was surprised because you know, listen,
you guys, listen to the podcast. You know that we've
been a little critical the world beyond just a little bit. Yeah,
if they started off this good, we wouldn't have been
so critical of the show. Yeah, this, I think this
is probably one of the best episodes. So it's like

so so it's like, oh, we're we're enjoying the show
and it's ending, and we're I'm I'm not saying keep it.
I'm not saying going on the season because truthfully, I
still don't like half the characters. But the show is better,
you know why, because it featured adults. It was definitely
more about adults this time, agreed, and I think that
was a big part of it. We had some hope
and some iris, but there was a lot less toughy stitch. Yeah,

there was hardly any toughie sitch. Just the smidge a
little too much percy for my money, keep keep your
shirt on, kids, and there was some cyrus. But for
the most part, it was about the adults and the
kids were sort of a side note, which they are
in the other Walking Too episodes, and look, if you
are a fan of the kids, I apologize. If you
are team Iris team Hope, that's fine. Just for me.

I think they're acting is bad and their lines are bad.
The writing is bad for them, but they don't writing
seemed a little bit better, and Jadis has certainly explained
a lot of what was left hanging from her time
on The Walking Dead, wouldn't you agree? I agree? And
it was awesome to have her on and just hear
what she had to say. Yeah, so let's let's talk
about the episode. Lilah is experimenting on the twenty year

old soldier we talked about last episode. He's begging her
not to kill him and telling her that whatever their
plan is, it's not gonna work. Meanwhile, Dr Bennett and
his daughters are examining whatever Felix gave them from what
he stole from the lab, and they've discovered it's a
kind of nerve gas that attacks the moisture in your
body and makes you drown from the inside. Awful death.

Awful death. Shortly after that, Layla exposes the guide to
the gas we just learned about and kills them and
then mutters to herself, that's the way we're gonna have
a future. So again, she has little compassion. She's a machine,
you know, she's desensitized to it all and realizes, I
gotta do what I gotta doesn't he didn't even like

tear and I'm like, oh, I couldn't watch that. No.
Jadis interrogates Cyrus because he was captured last week of
the week before. She asks him if he likes living
in the facility where they kill the Walkers, and he says, well,
it's okay, it's kind of like living in a junkyard,
which was hilarious. She laughs. She laughs and says, you're

saying that like it's a bad thing, which was a
huge nod to The Walking Dead. But that was a
very good writing there. Yeah. He says he got lost
and he was afraid to ask for directions. He thought
he might get in too much trouble, which is believable
because you know, he's a shy kid. He's still the
new kid, right, Plus he's also had a lot of
problems with authority and getting in trouble. It's understandable and

believable if you know him, right. They bring Dennis in
because Jadis still doesn't really believe him, and Dennis vouches
for him and says, yeah, he's the type not desk
for directions. He's a good kid, you know, he's fine.
She lets them go. What she says to him, you'd
make a good soldier. But don't get lost again in
that way, like we're not going to believe you next time,

exactly like you got away with it this time, but
next time. Lila gets stopped by security about the missing
vial that Felix took. Hope is removing a speaker downstairs
in the basement where she's hiding the vial. We find
out later she's hiding the vial. We didn't know what
she was doing, or at least I didn't notice what
she was doing besides removing a speaker, But that's what
she was doing. She was putting the vile bond speaker.

That Mason kid interrupts her as she's doing it, and
she says, oh, I was just looking for you. Really,
you were looking for her behind like a big boiler machine,
like a big it looks like a craft brewery tower.
And he was like, oh cool, you know, because she's pretty.
She's like, we should hang out later. He's like, oh, yeah, yeah,
I won't. I won't notice at all what you're doing
because you like me. Who boys, am I right? Ah?

Teenage boys? You are right, thank you. Lila comes to
Dr Bennett's room, you know, Leo, and she tries to
warn him that they're coming to take him in for questioning,
and he plays dumb, like, I don't know anything about
the vile we're talking about? What vile? Vile? She says,
I told them I misplaced it and that if um,
you just give it back to me, your daughters, you know,

will be fine. But they're in danger right now. I
didn't know if I believed her. At that point. I
was on the fence. I was like, oh, ship, I
don't excuse really believable bull. But I was like, ah,
I don't know if I can trust her. CRM guards
come to take him, and she's hiding in the closet
wherever she went, another room whatever. Felix tries to stop
them from taking Dr Bennett. They arrest him. Also, Iris
runs back to her apartment, her dad's apartment, to warn

her sister, and when she gets their, Hope and Lila
are there waiting for her. Lila says I'll make you deal.
Give me back the vial, and uh, I will tell
you what you want to know about what we're working on,
like the mysteries here, I will unveil the mysteries. Just
give me the vile Back cut to Jadis talking to Huck.
She tells Huck about the break in. She says something
is missing and she would like her help to get

it back. At this point, you know, Jadis is suspicious
of her. Oh she is no fool. Yeah, it's like, oh,
you know something's missing, So of all the thousands and
thousands of CRM guards, I'm gonna ask you for help.
And yeah, I don't know if you knew there was
a break in, but you know there was a break in.
And Huck is like, oh really, how interesting. She says,

you are going to lead the investigation into how the
vial disappeared. So again, it's because she doesn't trust her
that she wants to lead the investigation. Lila takes the
girls down to the room where she studies people who reanimate,
and Hope says, you kill these people to watch them die,
and Lila says, no, most of them were bitten on

the road or out in the real world. And we
bring them here, and I was, says most. Lila tells
them she developed an algae based chemical that slows down
the time between getting bitten and turning into a walker.
But she needs more test subjects, so the CRM killed
a hundred thousand people in Omah to give him more

test subjects. Yeah, she said. There was nothing I could
do to stop it. She says. When I asked them
why all those people had to die, they told me
not to ask again. Like x Nay, it's a new business. Aye.
The girls are upset, but Lila says dr Abbot tried
to stop them. And look at him now, and they

show him in a in a room. He's a walker. Now.
Remember we saw his photograph on her desk last season.
Oh yeah, that him, you're right, right, And then he
was dead but we didn't know how he died. And
he's in a room chasing a rat. And she says,
the interesting thing is the rat will eventually get tired,
but the walker never will. Walkers don't tire, they don't sleep,

and they will win. We can't beat them because eventually
we'll tire her out. Now, I mean that's true, that
may be true, that they never tire her out. But
how many episodes have we seen on The Walking Dead
where they're sleeping in the field. What do they call them?
Um sleepers, sleepwalkers, sleeper cells or something, sleepwalkers, um, oh

something with the sea they call them columns. Columns are
you're talking about when they said as a herd? No,
when they when they're when they're like laying in a field,
not animated, they're just like sleeping. I don't know, but
I like to name sleepwalkers sleepwalkers. I guess you didn't
hear it the first few times. Sorry that Lila says,

I'm putting your father's life ahead of my own and
I need to vial back. And Irash says no way,
And Hope tells her it's behind the speaker downstairs. Whatever, right,
And Lila says, all right, wait here, so we're not
seen together. I thought I thought for a second she
was gonna go get guards to arrest them because they

know too much. I actually believed her in that moment.
I was like, this is pretty serious, Steaks. I'm hoping
she's telling the truth here, all right, Very good? So
I thought, well, at that moment, Hope just throw everyone
under the bus. How would you explain having the vile
even if you have it? So it could have easily
gone that way for sure. Though Cyrus tells Dennis he
wasn't lost, and Dennis says, I know you were looking

for your friends, and Cyrus like, wow, okay, all right.
He says, look the CRM is and what you think
it is, and Dennis got offended by that, like, how
dare you I've devoted my life to this place. What
are you talking about? Because he's still teams CRM at
that point, silence is right though. Dr Bennett tells Jadison
Hawk that his alibi where he was when the vial

was stolen was having dinner with Lila and his daughters,
but she showed up an hour late because she said
she had work to do. So now he's covering for her,
explaining why she may have lost the vial. Who reported
the viole missing? That's why I don't stand. No one
goes in that lab. But but with Lila so well,
when that power went out, I guess I kind of
did a permanent super check and they noticed it was gone.

But it is a little sus that they specifically went
to that room and realize that it's gone because it's
kind of hidden, buried, like there'd be no record of
the door opening exactly exactly right, But I like that. Yeah,
it's definitely sauce. Jamie Very Supersus Super super Supersuss gets
to interrogate Bennett. She asked him why he loves Lila,

and he goes on to say, well, she she supportive
and she's there for me, And he said I used
to love Lila something like that, so he implied he
doesn't love her anymore. Jadis and Hawke walk outside, and
Jadis says, why would he fall out of love with her? Right? Well,
what that's about? She says, Well, the stories match up
that they were having dinner and that she was late,

and Huck says she must be covering for him. M h.
Jadis tells security to go get her. The sisters who
are still in Lila's office see that security on the
camera is coming for them, right, They're like, oh, we're
we're in big trouble here, Like they are about to
come in that door right now, right where all the
dead where all the dead people are. So Jadis tells

Leo that as soon as he confided in Lila about
his daughter's gifts. In other words, that as soon as
he told Lila that his daughter was was brilliant, Just
so you know, she went right to Elizabeth with that information. Yes,
that's right, she says, you don't really know her, like,
don't come it for her. She ratted you out like
she ratted your daughter out. You can't trust her. I

can't trust her, dude. The security guards come into Lila's
office or research lab with all the walkers. The girls
go running behind cage, the cages of the walkers, and
the noise covers up their movements. I thought when they
were right by one of the walkers that they would
untie one of the walkers, so the walkers might go

after the guards. Oh my god, I had the exact
same thought. I thought, they're gonna unclip them or untie them,
and then they're going to be loose, right, But then
I thought, Mather, just shoot one of them. They have guns,
so that one, you know, unless they do the whole
of the walker jumps out at the perfect timing and
gets them on the shoulder. But that didn't happen. So
perfect timing bullshit. Just as the security guards. It's every

episode with the walkie talkies. It's walkie bullshit again, saved
by the walkie. Just as the security guards are about
to turn the corner and see the sisters, perfect timing bullshit,
they get a call on the walks that the suspect
has been located, which means they were looking for Lilah
and not the girls, right okay. Lila gets brought in

for into the interrogation room. Jadis asks her what she uh,
says she found? Well, what's going on? And she says, oh,
I found the vial. Really, look what I found. I
just happened to find it. Look at that with no
real explanation as to where it was. She says, but
I have to be honest. Dr Bennett and his daughters
and his security detailed Felix stole it. Now at that point,

did you feel like she was on the wrong side
of history right there? Being a bad guy? I was like,
I literally I like go, oh my god, oh my god,
because I thought she had me folds and now she's
through and Leo under the bus. I was like, this
is not gonna end well, right she but then she
tells Jadis, but you're gonna let him go? She said,
I've been studying reanimation on live test subjects, and I

just had a breakthrough where one subject took eight hours
to turn into a walker, and I desperately need his
help on Project Votics, and whatever information we come up with,
we'll pass on to his daughter. They're all too valuable
to punish. Now, I guess that was her plan to
say that that he did it, but he's too valuable. Yeah,
but even though he committed a crime, you can't right.

I guess that was in her thought process. I have
to come up with a way. I can't say I
took it. But at that point she'd already said she
misplaced it. So now she's already lied to cover for him.
And she never really apologized for lying. She said, oh,
I can't really lie, But she didn't say, Look, I'm sorry.
I was trying to put pieces together. She should have said,
I was trying to stall to figure out what happened.

I didn't know what, and I thought, maybe he confess
what she should have said if i'm if I'm Lila,
here's what I say. Look, I told you that it
was missing because I knew he'd be only you know,
I'd be the only person he can fight in and
I left it like it was my fault, figuring the
guilt and his love of me would make him tell
the truth, and it did. But instead she doesn't do that,

and she just says, yeah, I was covering for him,
but it was him. But you know, she's already lied.
I'm wondering if that's going to come back to bite
her in the end. Oh so then, uh spoiler. Jadis
walks off to the side, talking to herself that I
got where I am by making the right deals and
at the right time. And you know what, this is

a good deal because this project is too important. And
so she says, Okay, I agree. Dr Bennett can work
with Lila. So everything's hunky dory, right, thinks great, they
got away with it. Well, we'll talk about that and
whether or not they got away with it right after this. Hi,
this is Pollyanna Mackintosh Jadis on The Walking Dead and

you're listening to David Brody and Jamie on the Walkers
and Talkers podcast. They take they don't bother. Do you
need to take a break or anything? You're good good.
Jadis takes Huck and Lila down to Lilah's laboratory. We're
to see the test subject that lasted eight hours, and
Jadis was like, well eight hours is you know, it's nice,
but it's not unheard of. Sometimes it's oppressive, but it's

not the best. Anyway, the guy, the clock on the
wall says seven hours and whatever many minutes, and he's
already turned. Yeah, it was less. It was like seven
hours and forty eight minutes or something like that. And
I'm like, ah, ship, he animated. So now you've lied
again because the clock shows he wasn't eight hours. You
should have said six hours. You should have said so

she says eight hours so it would sound more impressive
that she needs Dr Bennett's help. And then when she
gets there, the clock clearly says like seven thirty, you know,
and he's already turned, which means he probably didn't last
more than seven hours. Reality, probably lasted like one hour maybe.
So they walk into the room, the airtight room where

they locked this guy in, and Jadas tells Hawk to
unstrap the test subject. The walker. Oh my god. When
she said t S, I was like, unstrapped the ts.
I'm like, oh my god, they aren't going to do it.
You mean the subject the subject or test subject or
Taylor Swift. Yeah, so released Taylor's version. It's Taylor's red.

Huk pulls a gun on Lila. She says, we're going
to go with Dr Joe. Jada says, We're going to
go with Dr Bennett. He's smarter on you, and he's
he has two pressure points to hold him in line,
meaning his daughter's. He lied to us and said, you
misplaced it. You are the vial. You are a security risk.
And then Jadis locks her in and she's screaming, you

don't lock me in here. See if Lila was a
badass like Daryl, he would just crack the thing's neck.
That's what I thought I was watching in there. I
was like, okay, what if I put myself in the situation,
because that's what I do. And I'm like, okay, what
cauld I bash its head into to, you know, make
the brain I sho knock it down, chef your high

heel in its eyes, flip it over right, put your
hang down and and smash his head against the machinery.
Like there was equipment there. You could have bashed his
head against the equipment. But she's like frail a little.
And then let's just think like climbing event. Oh my god,

she like let it under her neck, and I'm like,
this is the worst I hope to say. I love
the episode, but this is a really bad death. It
was just like it was a bad horror film. Jadis
puts the microphone on into the room and says the
rat will eventually get tired, but the walker never does,
which is what you know they said about Dr Bennett

and the mouse, not Dr Bennett dr Abbott in the mouse. Right,
what was she spying or has she used that term
many times? Is that a clinical term that she's used
in in lectures or is that like a thing everybody says? Right?
Is that like a thing? I don't know, she's it
was the way she quoted it was creepy, yeah, but
it was like we've heard those words before. So she's

banging on the door after pushing it a couple of times.
I guess she's tired, right like the mouse after a
couple of times, and she just turns her back to
the thing knowing it's gonna like and it rips her
throat out. Ah, just blood spraying all over. So ultimately
she died protecting Leo. Right, she didn't didn't really do

anything wrong. She didn't steal the vial, and Huck knew
the whole time and let it happen because you know,
for the greater good. She died and now the family
is saved. How could be dead me if she didn't?
She could She could have shot Jadis. She could have
pushed Jadis into the walker like there was a way out,
like Lab accident. That's what they said, right, yeah, Lab accident. Well,

Jadis could have been part of that would have been
a smart thing to do. Actually, that would have been
pretty genius to make Jadis a part of the air
quote accident. Now, I don't know who else Jadis told
about her plan. In other words, did other guards know
that her intent was to kill Lila and go with
Bennett or was that something she cooked up on her own?
Think she just cooked that up because she's like a

tragic accident. These things happen. Look, I know you want
to ja Jadis is in charge, so obviously you want
to win her over because you don't know if the
next person in charge will be worse. I think maybe
that was part of it. At least she knows Jadis
and she knows I can win her over and we're
old friends sort of, and and you know the devil,
you know, is better than the devil. You don't know

which she could have killed Jadis at that point, but
who knows who would have been in charge next and
done an investigation and you know this way Hawk is
now you know safe, because Jada says to her, you
proved you're loyalty. I'll be sure to tell you mother.
And Huck says, so this is all a test for me,
and Jada says, no, only part of it. But you
helped me install Dr Bennett in the program. You know

what's mother, She says, you need to know all of it.
Omaha Campus, colony, all part of a military procedure, and
there's more to come to protect our future. In other words, yeah,
we killed all of them. We did it. We ordered
the Code Red, We did that. Huck goes, now here's
road similar bullshit. Huck goes back to her room, doesn't

turn the light on. Who walks into your room? They'll
turn the light on. And that was weird. I'm like,
and you're like de robing. I'm like, what are you
doing in the d even if you you you know,
you're familiar with your house and you're tired. You turn
the light on at night. I do, right. So it's
the first thing she does is take her holster off
with her gun and puts it on the ottoman. And

of course the ottoman falls off and hits the floor.
I mean the gun. Of course, the gun holster falls off,
the course, it falls on the floor. I'm telling you,
she's probably put that holster on that ottoman every day
for years. Never fallen off onto the floor. Holster ottoman, bullshit,
thank you. When she turns the light on, Percy is

sitting in a chair with a giant knife. Your creeper
sitting then it's just waiting for So he grabs the
gun off the ground because it's within his reach because
it fell off the ottoman. Lucky for him, he was
in the right spot, and he puts the He makes
her sit down on the couch and she says, go
ahead and shoot me. It's the gun, now what. Look,

you don't want to die, right, You're you're hawk. You
don't want to die. You want to talk your way
out of it. So you do the old gun ahead
and shoot me. I deserve it. But sometimes you don't
get the butt out. Sometimes they shoot you right, very true.
Remember when Egan said to Maggie this season, I don't
want to die on the ground like gravel, like a dog,

like lended. Yes, I do remember that. So here's where
Huck says, you might as well shoot me with that gun.
It's the one I used to kill your uncle and
to shoot you. Why would you make it worse? Do
you want to go? That was like the most fucked
up statement. I'm like, oh my god, why would you
tell him that? Then she says, I probably deserve it,
but you won't get out of this building alive, and
there's nothing you or anyone can do to stop what

their plan is. And he says, stop, what what do
you mean? So now he's like, do tell me, even
though I want to kill you, there's a plan. Yeah, tell,
do tell. She should have been dead already. We find
out later that why Percy didn't kill her, but most
people would have. When she spoke to I killed your
uncle with that gun, I would have shot her at
that point. Oh yeah, I would have been triggered and

she'd be dead literally triggered. Yeah, actually trigger yeah, actually
trigger and trigger yeah. Felix in the Bennett family decide
that they have to escape before Dr Bennett has to
start work on Monday. Now they don't know Lyla is dead.
They just think he's gonna start work working with Leila.
Percy knocks on the door. He looks awful. Was supposed

to think that he killed Huck? Why would he kill Hawk?
Off camera and Iris, Iris is what what did you do? Right?
And You're like, oh, because he's crying right exactly. He
looks distraught. Huck is talking to Dennis at his garage
about what's going on. Percy tells the Bennett family that

there's not going to be any alliance of the three.
They're gonna wipe out Portland's with gas as well, because
that's what Huck told him, so, you know, and then
you see you saw hawks. You know Hook's not dead.
Is telling Dennis everything and that the plan is to
kill eighty seven thousand people in Portland. The Bennett family agrees,
we have to take this place down, store the gas safely,
and Hopes as okay, but I want to save all

the scientists in the research. You're gonna try to overthrow
the place but protect people at the same time. That's
not gonna work. Good luck with that. Hope is with Mason,
her little cutie. He says, you know, I'm not behind
what the military is doing, but it's tough for me
because my father is Major General Beale. He's the guy
that I think was mentioned a couple of times as
the big muckety muck who we have not seen yet.

We have not seen muckety muck Major General Bale. So
now Hope knows she probably can't confide in this guy,
or now she has a way in, like maybe she
can get on Bill's good side. You could see the
wheels turning in her head. She was thinking about it, right,
Is this a good thing? Or am I screwed? Yes?
Do I need to avoid Mason now? I can't trust

him because although he we already know he's not a
big fan of the CRM, his father is one of
the big shots, right, he's because he's a major There
was a theory online that Rick is Major Bill, but
they said Major Bill. Yeah, but he can't be because
he doesn't. He didn't have a son that old, right,

And and according to what they said, Major Bill was
that he joined CRM ten years ago, two years into
the apocalypse. Well, Rick two years of the apocalypse was
not at CRM. Now he's not. He's not major Bill,
definitely not. There's gonna be no Bill reveal in the
final episode. I feel like Rick's not gonna be in

the finale, even though he should be. And if it's
a surprise appearance, that makes for a shocking moment, but
it doesn't help the ratings, Like people are watching after
the fact, but it doesn't help the initial ratings. No,
you're right, it won't not initially, for sure, not initially.
That's correct. That's correct. Okay, let's talk about Fear the
Walking Dead. So before we get into the episode, I

have some walking some Fear of the Walking Dead news
that's pretty big and may or may not have some
crossover implicate atians that. Keep in mind, The Walking Dead
is ending as we know it, right, Okay, it's the
final season. However, this news may lead to us seeing

some more characters stick around. The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear
is what the article says, is exiting Texas after this
season and relocating production to Savannah, Georgia for its eighth season.
Who as you remember, Fear the Walking Dead started off
in southern California and Mexico and Texas and now the

studios where they film in Austin have reported that December
will be the last day when they wrapped for the season.
Here's what I'm wondering. When they head towards Padre, which
is south. Is Padre going to be filmed in Savannah,
Georgia and so that's where the new location is? Or

is Padre not really a thing? And they head on,
He's like, let's go meet my friends in Alexandria. The
problem is The Walking Dead is still seven years ahead. Yeah,
there's no jump there, there's no jump, and we already
know they didn't show up seven years ago. Well Lenny
James left right, so so this would be like, I
don't know, a year after Rick James. This would be sorry,

I'm gonna this would be like a year after Rick
Rhymes left in the helicopter. And we already know they
never showed up. So they can't be an overlap. There
can't be. So there that have to be if they so,
because The Walking Dead is no longer filming in Savannah,
depending on where Darryl and Carol film. If Darren Calf,

you know, roam out west to Nebraska, do they they
wouldn't go through Texas, so they wouldn't go to Padre
unless they also because again they're seven years ahead. Padre
could be long gone by now, right, So they're not
going to run into Morgan's group unless Morgan's group has
a massive time jump living at Padre, and then it

maybe ends up in the Commonwealth, or something like Fear
could end up in Commonwealth that I could see happening
at some point, or Fear could eventually end up back
in Alexandria and everyone's gone, because at that point, maybe
everyone has left to go live at Commonwealth, in which
case they could then use all the sets for the

Fear cast and they would be like, Oh, where did
everybody go? But again, they have to be a time
jump of seven years, So maybe they live at Padre
for seven years there's a time jump, and then they
go to Alexandria when everyone's gone. I guess we'll find out,
but I'm thinking Padre will be located in Texas but
filmed in Savannah, Georgia and Savannah that makes sense. The

episodes called till Death, which we find out is a
reference to a character who played a bride and her
groom husband not exact will explain as we get two
guys with gas masks in the middle of town eating
we find out dragon fruit. I knew it was dragon fruit,
but they didn't know. One guy didn't know guys like

idiots dragon fruit. It's a short guy and a big,
tall guy. Two people ride up in black outfits and
gas masks on on black horses and shoot. One of
them shoots the fruit out of the guy's hand. Okay,
you're telling me. So you're telling me that two people
I don't know. I who was Dwighter Sherry doesn't really matter.

Neither one of them is a trick shooter like John Dorry.
They're they're on horseback, They're riding on horses, moving on horses,
and she shoots the fruit out of his hand. Other
than it looked cool on television, what is the point
of that? What what is the point of risking shooting
the guy you didn't want to shoot from a moving

horse for piece of fruit. I mean, I thought there
was a little weird. Yeah. So they are known as
the dark Riders. They say stealing is wrong, and we
live by a code that two of them don't seem
very intimidated by. These Dark Riders lived by a code.
It would seemed out of place, like all of a sudden,

these two they were saviors, they were criminals. Dwight was
a piece of crap. Oh yeah, it was horrible. He
killed Dr Denise spoiler. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Look.
Even though Nigan made him do stuff, he relished a
lot of it. He's a newborn character and he's he's
reborn as a as a good guy. But now they

have a code. Come on, come on. Anyway, somehow they
were told, I guess, on a walkie talkie by somebody
that they stole the fruit from some guy, but they
killed the guy. Did they kill the guy to take
his fruit? Oh? He's dead? And so explain to me
how this fruit on a on a on a on

a rack on a restaurant rack, I know, just rolling
it out in the road. I'm like, what is going
on here? Yeah? Two of them start walking towards them.
They're holding guns on them right, and I haven't figured
out why they didn't shoot them yet. But one of
them grabs for a gun. How do you let a
guy grab for your gun when he's ten feet away
walking towards you? Seriously? So the fight ensues, and of

course they shoot the little weak one and the big guy.
So walkers start coming out of you know, walker bullshit timing.
They hear the gunshot, and the big guy gets away
and they don't shoot him as he's running. Obviously a
big mistake that they didn't kill that guy, because whenever
you let the guy go, inevitably he kills people. Right

if you if you have watched the show Dexter, there's
an episode where he has a chance to kill a
serial killer, a particular one, because that's what he does.
He kills mass murderers. He lets one of them go,
and then big mistake because now I don't know if
it was before that happened, whatever the case, he ends
up killing a lot of people that are important to Dexter,

not the new Dexter that's back. I'm talking about Dexter.
This episode was like seven years ago, eight years ago.
I'm not spoiling anything, but it's not part of the relaunch.
But there's plenty of examples of Oh, for instance, remember
saving Private Ryano. So I'm gonna I don't want to
spoil it, but at won't. I'm not gonna say anything
that ruins the movie. You should see it. You should

have seen it. By now, but I'm not gonna ruin
I promise. There's a scene in the movie where they
don't kill a bad guy and then the bad guy
comes back to do something bad because they trusted him
and they let him live, And how does he repay
them by doing something bad because that's what they do.
So rather than go after this bad guy that they
know is a bad guy, they let him run off. Now,
I still have no idea how this guy ends up later,

how he ended up, But we'll get to that lots
of bullshit later, I promise. So Dwight says, I didn't
want to kill anybody today, Like, that's not why we
you know, I don't like killing people. Did you notice
they took their gas masks off. Yeah, both of them
just stood there and wearing a gas mask. I mean,
I know, you want to cover your face. I get that.
Maybe that's why they were the masks and they're not
really in a bad zone. Well, the two bad guys

had masks on the fruit man, so they must be
in an area where radiation is still a problem. Yeah,
they didn't even take out their little thing that starts
clicking to measure it, right, the Geiger counter to write
that down. Jamie Geiger counter, Yeah, so Sherry says, the
more people we take care of, you know, the more
other people will be kept in line and it won't

be stealing, and we don't have to kill as many people.
But we did what we had to do. And this
guy was a crook. He killed someone for fruit. He
deserves what he got. They don't explain how they knew
that those people killed the guy that Maybe was there
a body in the street. I don't remember, Maybe there was, Yeah, Okay,
Dwight signals for the horses to come, who were not touched,
of course by the walker. Herd of the walkers never

bothered the horses. But in the first remember the walking
Dead horses didn't do so well. Buttons and the horse
in the first episode, oh well, oh my god, well
that one too. There's been several horses that I've been
traumatized by and right, So Dwight is still shell shocked
right from what happened, and she says, look, look, d

it was a clean kill, and you're not going to
turn into into him, meaning Negan like that. You're not
You're you're you're doing a good thing here. That's not
what Nigan was doing okay. The credits roll and Dwight
and Sherry returned to the seller where the family is
that they were staying with when the bombs went off,
the Larsons. We found out the later their names of
the Larsons and their daughter, whose name is briggagger trigger.

I think it was Brigga Brigga Dune. I don't know.
They didn't strike me as Swedish, but those name is
Brigger and they're monitoring the radio for information about Padre,
so they know about Padre. Also, the couple says, look,
this place is run down, running out of food. We
want to leave. I want to go somewhere else. You

guys could stay here, but we want to get out
of here, and Dwight and Sherry talked him into staying.
Now we good, we can get some food. Here's some fruit. Now.
Did you notice when they said where'd you get the
fruit from? They told the family, oh, we we uncovered
fruit from bandits. We returned the fruit to its rightful
owner and he gave us a reward. Uh no, didn't

you say that the guy owned the fruit was dead.
He's dead in the street, honey. So it seemed incongruous.
Something was wrong there, unless I heard it wrong. That's
what she said. That's what she said. Dwight and Sherry
talked him into staying. Just stay a little longer, Just
stay a little longer. And Dwight gives her what looks
like a broken old Nintendo looking thing. Yeah, like a

little uh right, but it didn't look like it worked.
It was devoid of logos, by the way, if you noticed,
like it was a pink toy and it looked like
the screen was broken. Here a little girl push some
buttons on a broken toy that couldn't possibly have working
batteries in it, right, It couldn't possibly, no way, right?

How is she going to play that this was anything? Right? Right?
Game boy? What are you talking about? It's not solar powered?
The f out of here? Someone calls on the walkie
looking for help. They go out looking for them into
the area where everything is yellow and it's you know,
looks like crap. They get ambushed by Howard and his

crew and he doesn't know who they are yet other
than they're the Doc Riders, right, they've been looking for
the Doc Riders. You notice again, like I mentioned last week,
Howard is in charge of every mission Yeah, what in
the hell he just all of a sudden, was this
like week little guy that never went outside, and now
he's like the boss and like running did you send
out other other porge lubs, like let the red Shirts

go out? Why would you do? It's always Howard? What
the hell? Yeah? He says, we were sent out to
capture you because somebody admires what you do. And I'm
thinking it must be Strand. Obviously it's Howard. They cover
their heads with hoods and bring them to the office building. Uh.
And Strand is very happy to see them. He says,
he laughs, like I can't believe it's you guys. He's like,

I cannot believe you're the dark horses? Are you kidding me?
Right now? And he says, I have a proposal. He
shows them around. He says, we can hold up to
two hundred people here. Now. He says, we've got June
and John Dorry's father, which you'd think they'd want to see.
Wouldn't they want to say hi to them? You would think,
oh my god, they didn't really react over any names, right,

And he says, oh, Wendell's here also, he said, and
Wendell's here. Why would he lie to them about Wendell.
If Wendell wasn't there, So is Wendell there, maybe if
they ran into Sarah out out there, you know, they
his story would match. Yeah, I guess I guess that's right, Jamie.
I think that's a good a good angle that they
said Wendell was there in case they run into her
and they can go. No, he said, Wendell's there. Yeah,

we it there, and he said he was right in
the other room. And you know, Dwight asks about Morgan,
and he says, we've crossed path we've crossed paths, but
no Morrigan, Gracie, Sarah, they're not here. He says, we have,
we're particular and who we take in and and then
he says, look, I need your help. I've got some

woman named Mickey that I need your help with. And
Dwight says, there's no Morgan, no Gracie, no Sarah. You
can stick this deal up your ass, like if you
didn't help our friends exactly by yeah, I'm not helping you.
And Strand says, look, Mickey recovered from her wounds, but
we're not looking for her husband, who we assume is dead.
And we've sent people to her house. Somehow they knew

where she went. And again, how do they know where
she lives? They don't really. Yeah, he says, anyone we
send out comes back bruised or injured in some way,
if they come back at all, because she beats them up.
She was a wrestler. We find out later she was
a wrestling That's that's why he must have said bruised.
That makes sense now, he said, Look, I've gone and
fifty directions, fifty miles in every direction. There are no

habitable areas around here except this place. But she was
obsessed with some transmission she heard. And you're like, oh,
she means means Prodrey. So so strands like this, you
know someplace she heard of, But I know there's no
place because we looked, obviously, padres further than fifty miles.
Dwight says, well, what's in it for us? And Strand says, well,

I'll grant you access to the building you could you
can live here, And Sherry says, we live in a
place like this. I'm sorry. Sherry says, we lived in
a place like this before and it didn't end very well.
And at some point, I guess Strand reference did as
a sanctuary where people can come. She says, the fact
that you're referring to this place as a sanctuary makes
me sure that it's anything but a sanctuary and makes

her skin crawl. Right, Cherry says, no, thank you. We
have a code, and this goes against our code, which
is to keep people safe from assholes like you and
he's and so she They try to walk off, like
dropped the mic moment and get out of there. Security
stops them, and Strand says, it's assholes like me that

keep people like you safe these days. He says, think
about it, sleep on it. Let me know the next
thing we see. I don't know if they slept on it.
The next day, Dwight and Sherry are outside with hoods on.
They walked them out and Howard again, Howard removes the
hoods and I wrote, Howard is in every damn scene.

They probably were so COVID covided up that they got
to use the same actor. Oh yeah, you're right, He says,
I'm giving you horses and keep them as a down
payment on your mission of bringing Mickey back. Now, why
didn't they just give them back their own horses? What
happened to the dark colored horses, the black horses, where

are they? Why wouldn't you get back their own horses
because they're assholes? Yes, I don't get that. Something happened
in filming where the horses weren't available or they just
didn't want they wanted to keep him Dwight the right.
Dwight asks how we got outside here, you know, and

we get past all the walkers, and Howard says, we
have our ways, but don't follow us because we have
to keep this place safe. In other words, don't go
looking for how we get out of the building. We
got out. Dwight ask Sherry, Hey, you think Strand would
let the Larsons in and their daughter if we do
what he asks, and she gives him a look like

I don't know, like you know, which was now at
that point, did you think like that was gonna work out.
Everyone's gonna be happy. Oh nope, because it's the Walking
Dead universe is unhinged, right right, Well, we'll find out
how poorly that ended for the Larsons when we come
back right after this. Hey, now, what is going on?

Beautiful people? My name is Sebastian's Susie a k A.
Mips I play Cole on Fear of the Walking Dead,
and you were listening to my pals David Brody and
Jamie on the Walkers and Talkers podcast. Peace and Love Everybody. Okay,
we are introduced to Mickey, who's played by Aisha Tyler.
You know, I think I don't if she directed the episode,

but she's starring in the episode. She's in her house
and she's putting duct tape around phone books to where
as protection when she goes out there. Pretty smart, not
to not tough stitch, but she's trying. Yeah, not exactly.
Dwight and Sherry show up at her house and she
shoots at them before they can, uh, you know, explain

who they are. And then out of nowhere, Dwight just
walks into her house with his hands up and she
doesn't shoot him. She doesn't. He's like, hey, hey, don't
shoot me. How is her door not barricaded better than
him walking in? She didn't hear me literally strolled sho

didn't hear him open a door climbing a window. He
drops his gun and she puts him in an arm lock,
Like all right, how does she how to do that?
And he says, look, we're not with Strand, and she says, well,
how did you know my name? And before she can
do anything to him, Sherry comes in with our gun
and says, look, we're here to help you find your husband.

Now get your hands off mine. Next thing you know,
they're sharing beers at the table. They're old buddies. Dwighte says,
I haven't met you before she says, no, I you know, No,
I haven't met you. He's looking at it like I
think I know you. She says, I walked out the
front door through the herd wearing my suit of padding,

and Strand wants me back before anyone else finds out
how I escaped. I have I have a couple of
questions here. You might have some questions here. Yes, somehow
she managed to steal enough phone books from where? Who
has phone books? Seriously? I thought that too, Like, where
the hell is she getting now? I guess the office

building may have had phone books like old school phone books. Okay,
So let's say she gets the phone books. Let's say
she finds duct tape. Let's say she finds armor that
she had some armor on, right, how did she sneak
out of the building through security? Was everyone sleeping. Did
they think no one's gonna go out that door because
of all the walkers and and she was just able

to walk out. Okay, that's that's my first question. My
second question. They don't know how she got out, right,
They just know she got out. They just know she
got out, Okay. They don't know about the phone books,
and according the Horror, they want her back, so she
doesn't tell anyone how she escaped. She doesn't want to

come back ever, So you explain this to me. If
she never comes back, how do the people in the
tower find out how she escaped? They don't write. The
only way they do is if she tells someone else
how she escaped, randomly, like, hey, just in case you're
ever taken by strand and put an office building, here's
how I escaped. And then that person somehow is granted

access into the building and then wants to escape. So
your plan is your plan is to bring her back
to the office building to be near the people you
don't want it to be near. Why wouldn't you just
kill her? Why wouldn't you just set fire to the
house she's in. You've already proven you're a killer, right,
You've already proven a strand you threw the guy off

the roof. You're not scared of killing, so why wouldn't
you just kill Mickey, Send twenty people with guns, blast
the house apart and burn it down to the ground,
or just leave her alone. Right, she's not trying to
get back in no interest in coming back, but you
want to bring it back, so she doesn't tell the people.

I don't. It didn't make any sense to me. I
could go on for twenty minutes. I'm not gonna do that, do.
I asks her again, are you sure we've never met?
And she says, no offense, but I remember guy with
a face like yours. Oh yeah, she oh sickburn. Sickburn.
That's twice now we've triggered and sick burn for it.

I didn't even mean to say it. Unbelievable. Dwight realizes
where he knows it from. She and her husband were
professional wrestlers a long time ago, and he said, I
used to watch you when you were a kid. You
were the bride and he was the groom. There was
their character names, right, which is why the episode is
called till Death, Death Death. She said, look, we were

tired a long time ago, and we agreed if we
ever got split up, we would meet back at the
wrestling training jim that we opened up. So you're figuring
I they gave up wrestling. They must have made some
money and they probably found a great location for a
wrestling jim to make money. Yeah, I can't wait to
see where the wrestling jim is. Can't wait, can't wait,

she says. When the bomb went off, we got split up,
and I got taken to Strand's office tower and I
haven't seen him since. So where Why wouldn't she say,
please find my husband? You know, like, how do you
get split up? If you were together? You know, you
want were you separated looking for food and the bomb
went off and you didn't find each other? I mean,
Sharon Dwight, good lord? How many times did they split up?
But who? We didn't know what their stores? But you

think they would have stayed together, right? And she has
no gas mask? But she's fine, Yeah, no gas mask,
she says. I look, there's a herd of pete walkers
by the training facility, and I no longer have enough
protection or weapons to get through the herd if there's
a big herd there. And so they say, well, we'll
help you, right, well, we'll go you will help you. Yeah.

Mickey says our finishing move was called Till Death Do
Us Part because I played a character called Abroad. He
was the groom. But I can't do that move without him,
Like I'm lost withou him. I don't know my move
m because because I think Dwight was like, you gotta
do the move, gotta do the move, and she's like,
I can't because I don't have him her her partner's gone. Right.

They go back to the seller where the where the
family is, and the couple is shot dead in the
head and the little girls a walker. Ah. That was
really hard to watch. That was like Sophia, was it Sofia? Yeah,
she came out of the barn. Yeah, spoiler, Sofia's dead. Spoiler.
So at this point, who did you immediately think it was?
Who did you think it was? I thought it probably

it would be strands people somehow, But then I was like,
how do they know about these people? The Larsen's, Like,
I didn't really know what I thought it was the
people stripping the walkers down. Very good guess. Also, I
just I was like, God, who the who would do this? Right,
even though who knows where the seller is in in
relation to the stripping walker people. But you know, everybody
seems to find each other. Everybody seems to be like you, right,

So I did it didn't make sense to me. I
couldn't figure out who did it. So then I thought,
is it the guy that got away at the beginning
of the show, because that that crossed my mind for
a minute two I'm like, did he follow them? Did
he know where they were staying? Well, he couldn't have
followed them because he ran off. Well, oh yeah, he
did run in the other and had horses, so there's

no way he followed them. Okay, So Dwight starts to
question everything and says, you know what, maybe the safe
places is to go with Strand. You know, maybe maybe
Strand's tower is the best place for all of us.
And she says, your chicken shit, And Dwight thinks says
to her, I think you're gonna die if you go
out there alone, and she says, if I go back,

Strand will lock me up because he doesn't again, he
doesn't want anyone to find out how I escaped. Well,
why wouldn't he just kill you? That's insane, doesn't it's
a dumb plot point. Sherry, after spending the entire episode
talking about how nothing will have to separate us again.
We found each other against all odds. Right, it's true love.

You'll find your husband. I found my husband, my man,
You'll find yours. And it's like that, gotta go. Sherry
is the worst. She is the worst. On the drop
of a hat, she will just leave your ass. Now,
he wanted to go back to the tower to keep
her safe, right, We find out later that's he says. Well,

I wanted to raise a family with you. Right, I'm spoiler,
that's what he says later. If you want to raise
a family with this woman, why why would she leave
him alone in the woods and say go back to
the seller? Why would he let her go off without him?
That's what I thought. I'm like, go with him, you, Dodo,
What are you doing If you feel like the right

move is to go with Strand, fine, but go with
her and then go to Strand. But you're not together.
You're not going to Strand without her, So now you
have to help she gets back alive. You're let her
go with somebody you just met. H h And by
the way thanks to trailer guy. We already know he's
gonna trip walkers, and and and and you know he's

going to be in the ring in the in the
in the scene, we've already seen that. He goes back
to them, trailer guy, you had one job, one job,
She says to her, to Mickey, I'll help you find
your husband, Cliff, and then she says to Darryl down
then says to Dwight, I'll come back for you and
we'll figure things out. She leaves him right okay, And

what is wrong with these people in general Zombie Apocalypse
specifically her? Mickey says, just like Sherry did to Dwight
when she wrote him a note saying don't follow me,
Cliff said not to come looking for him. It would
be too dangerous. But I'm doing it anyway like you did,
like like Dwight did. And then she says, by the way,

I lied to you, I don't know for a fact
he's at the gym, but I can't think of any
other place I knew you'd help me if I said
I knew where he was. At that point, I go,
you know what, go go with yourself, go off yourself.
I'm out I'm out you, thank you, thank you said that.

In a while, they show up to a building called
the Grapple Chapel, which I guess is a clever name
if they were the bride and groom, Right, the Grapple Chapel. Yeah,
that's a cute name. Did you notice where it was located? Uh,
in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, I was gonna, okay,
that's all right. Right, there's a tiny little town with
like four little shacks that even if they were open

and bustling, there's no houses anywhere. So you all, I
guess the land was cheap. You opened up a wrestling
ring in the middle of bum F, Texas with nowhere
nobody around for miles nobody. So the sign, the metal
sign is blowing in the wind and it's slamming against

the building, and she says that's why the walkers keep coming.
They're drawn to the building because of the slamming sign
the sound. Sherry asks her how long her suit will
keep her safe, and she says not very long as
last time. But Sherry says, I have an idea. I
have I have an idea. Now you're on horses, right,
why wouldn't you just make noises and raw the walkers

away with the horses from the door, right, and then
just go in. We've seen it a hundred times, Yes,
we have. Dwight finds his horse randomly in the yellow zone,
you know, where the radiation is. Again, the horse is fine.
He goes to get on the horse by the way,
finding horse in the radiation zone. Bullshit. Now, uh, I

guess which horses this? I guess one of their two
black horses is one of them? So is that what happened?
That why they didn't get their horses back when they
captured Dwight and Sherry? They just left the horses. Either
that or why I guess they guess they had to
kill or my guess is they had to have Dwight
and Sherry ride on other people's horses while they were

tied up, So they left the horses. But why wouldn't
you tie a rope around the horse and drag the
horse with you? Like, there's way as you could tow
a horse. Oh, for sure, just grab a piece of
rope and yeah. So in the middle of nowhere, in
the middle of Texas, post post nuclear apocalypse, the bad

guy who they've never run into before, pulls a gun
on Dwight tells him to take off his mask, not
that it matters, He's not gonna die from radiation. He said, look,
I found the horse before, so it's mine now. And
then he says he admits to killing the couple and
their daughter. And then braggs and says, look, I have
the toy, then the Superintendo toy. What a sick mother, right,

what a piece of sh it. Yeah, there's no explanation
how the guy found them in the cellar? How did
he know where the seller was? He could have no idea.
He says, he wants to leave on the horse, and
I'm not gonna waste a bullet on you. Dwight's on
the ground. If you're not gonna kill Dwight, you're not
gonna kill him. Why would you tell him you kill

the Larsons. Isn't that the kind of thing you you
tell somebody before you kill him. Yeah, because then they
take that secret literally the right. Well, but if you tell,
if you tell Dwight, he's gonna come after you for it.
I mean, if the guy had gotten right. So the
guy is standing directly behind the horse, even though he

wasn't behind the horse a second ago. The horse was
ten feet away. He at least ten because Dwight walked
away from the horse, and the guy threw Dwight on
the floor when they fought, and he pulled the gun
on Dwight. So how is the guy directly bond the horse?
Dwight makes a sound with his teeth, and the horse,

somehow is trained to do this, kicks the guy in
the back, knocking him on the ground and injuring him
so badly he can't get up. Now, I watched that
three times. Coincidentally, the polaroids fly out of the guy's
coat right all face off airborne airborne, the horse kicks him,
the pictures fly out of his pocket. Really does that happen?

And then I guess if you're kicked that hard, I
think it and they all fall face up, and it's
pictures of the girl as a walker and the dead
couple at the table. That was, Oh my god, that photo. Now,
that wouldn't have meant anything except Strand made it a
point to show him the wall of dead people exactly,

specifically showed him that. Dwight now realizes Strand must have
put him up to it, because he took pictures of
the dead, and he says. The guy says, I took
the deal because it got me what I wanted. Plus
I got to screw you over and he says, he says,
Now when he says, who put you up to it?
Did Strand put you up to it? And he says

the guy, I don't know the guy's name, but he
promised me I could live at the tower. Now, nothing
in this world in this show gets said for no reason.
Very accurate statement. There is a reason he didn't say
Strand put me up to it, you know why? Because
if Strand put him up to it, then Strand has

to die. Then Strand is a heartless killer. Right he
killed another guy, he killed the guy on the roof
because of Alicia. But he's not. He's not a cold
blooded killer where he would kill a couple in their baby. Now,
a couple of things before I reveal my theory, how
did anyone know where they lived? Unless, as my theory

is about to tell you, my theory explains how they
knew they lived because this guy didn't know they were
living in the shelter, Strand didn't know, and also Strand
didn't know that they were living with the Larsons. Because
they never said we're living with the Larsons. No, they
never said that. I was learning. How the hell did
he know? They were outside and said, do you think

if if we do this to let the Larsons live here? Also,
but there was no scene where he said we're living
with a family. We're doing okay. He said we're doing okay,
we're living okay, But he never said we're living with
a family. Okay. What's your theory at this point before
I give you mine? Oh my god, I I really
didn't know what to think. Okay, So let me finish

up this scene. Dwight walks away from the guy laying
on the ground and walker coincidence, bullshit, walkers come out
of nowhere. By the way, none of the walkers came
for the horse. Now they're coming, well you know what.
He was kind of screaming at that point, and they
eat the guy. The guy's yelling what about the code?
The code? You have to ask yourself, why was this

guy on a horse right in the middle of nowhere.
So let's say this guy killed the family. Why would
you be off your horse in the in the zone,
in the radiation zone, and why would you be so
far away from your horse. That Dwight could walk up
to the horse and not see you when your mission
was to go back to the to the office tower.

It doesn't even make sense. So you didn't know Dwight
was gonna be there by himself. Way on planet Earth.
This guy could have known that, just no way. Total.
Here's my theory. Here's why he didn't say strand because
Howard put him up to it. Oh, oh my god,

I have legit chi because it's got it. It's gotta
be because Howard was out exploring. He knew and Morgan
lived right and Howard captured the two of them, the
dark Riders. Yeah, which means he was out there and
had some idea where they lived because he knew what
area they were living in, and he dropped him back off. Well,

no he didn't. He dropped them outside the tower. Oh,
I thought that he took him quite a bit of ways,
like away. Well, he took them a little bit away,
but the tower was in the distance. It wasn't that
far right. They took him away from the walkers, they cleared,
you know, but they he didn't go near the you
know down there. Oh my god. Now, if it was
Howard why would you want to picture proof if you
didn't want like if you think Strand wouldn't have wanted

that unless you just wanted proof they were dead, and
then you'd let the guy in the tower. So my theory,
because there's no coming back from this. If Strand did it,
they have to kill Strand. Yeah, because like you said,
that's just cold blooded. The only way out of this
for Strand is if, like, as they're about to kill Strand,
he finds out Howard did it, and he kills Howard

for betraying him, then they would he would redeem himself. Okay,
there's my there's my David Brodie theory for the day.
I love it. I love it, I support it, and
I think you're complete sense. Okay. Sherry has Mickey put
on her suit of armor and phone books and she
covers it and hard with walker guts because apparently Mickey

didn't know this trick. Apparently it's only a trick that
people in fear of walking on the walking Dead note
and fear, because wouldn't you cover yourself in walker guts
to get out of the tower. Yeah, Mickey walks away
through the walkers, but the place is chained from the inside.
How is that possible? Well, remember she couldn't open the doors.

Oh that's right. The only way it's chained from the inside.
There's two ways. One is if somebody jumped out the window,
and if they did, why wouldn't you go in the window.
Or Two, somebody is still in there, alive or dead.
Somebody chained those doors. At that point, I said to myself,
her husband's dead, because once they go in there, if

he was alive, whoever chained the doors would still be
in there right exactly, because if they left, like you said,
either they've been out of window of their dead inside.
So she's now trying to get back away from the
door because it's locked and a walker that coincidentally has
a knife through his hand. Walker with knife in your hand? Bullshit.

Now we've seen walkers with guns in their hand. We've
seen walkers with other weapons. But this walker has a knife,
like remember the walker with the grenades on them? Yes, yes, exactly,
whead right right through his hand. He swings I guess
the actor, did you know the stunt stunt man swings
his arm around like he's swatting at her and stabs

her leg maybe and gets caught on the book, maybe
on the phone, whatever the case. She yells out, and
now the walkers are like, oh wait a minute, and
they jump her. They're they're all like pulling at her.
She's making noise. Now, she's making human noise. Right, Sherry
shoots the glass door out and they both run in

and try to barricade themselves in of a Florida ceiling
glass door. You just shut out, I thought that. I'm like,
you idiot. I mean, I guess, I mean it worked out,
but right, So, the barricades of punching bags aren't keeping
the walkers out, so they run to the ring and
decide we'll go in the ring and we'll pick them
off one at the time. We'll get to her to
come stand around the ropes, and we'll kill them because

they won't be able to get to us. It's then
she sees her fake ass husband, Cliff, as a walker.
She holds Cliff by his head as if to like
cradle him, and Sherry walks over and stabs him in
the head like you know what, that's not your husband
and he's about to bite you. So now they're trapped
in the ring and they realize the walkers the rings
falling apart. The Ring's gonna not gonna save them because

it's a shitty ring. Wasn't it a new ring? I
mean they're they're in the they're only in the apocalypse
a couple of years. At this point, it sounds like
they had just built this gym and started it together, yeah,
before the apocalypse, So how old is the ring? A
couple of years collapse? So they decided we're gonna call
Strand for help, and they're like, okay, he'll he'll save us,

and it's better than dying here in the ring. So
you know, you guys rode off on horses. You're gonna
call Strand and say we're at the place you don't
know and give him directions. And even if he decides
to come get you, he's got to take the time
to load up pack ups. And some men get on horses,

it's gonna be hours before they get there. So what
are you doing with at Dwight shows up done today
in the nick of time and says, don't call Strand.
He killed the Larsons and somehow, and he says, um,
he said the guy's name catch that he says like
arrows or oh, how did he did he even say, Yes,

he said the guy's name. He said such and such
killed him? So did they know that guy's name? Have
they met? But that's what I'm saying. I meant my question.
I sorry, I meant to say, as he got kicked
by the horse and they're fighting, like, did he even say,
I'm blah blah blah? How did he? How didn't you
know his name? No idea. He didn't say the guy
that got away shot him. He said the guy's name,

which is weird to me, right, because how are they
going to know who he is? They don't know who
that guy is. Dwight has enough guns for everybody, and
he throws guns at the at the women in the ring,
and they shoot everybody. They shoot all the walkers, all
of them dead, dead, dead. Now Mickey is using wrestling
moves on the ones that get in the ring. She's

tripping him. She picks up a walker and flips it
upside down, and then pile drives him into the race.
So stupid, Are you kidding me? I was laughing, are
you kidding? Cartoon? At this point, the pile driver and
the music in the background, it was ridiculous, ridiculous, And
then Dwight hits a couple of them with a folding chair,

like that's a wrestling move, Are you kidding me? Well,
they talk about like if you have amc PLASID, They're
like inside the episode and I didn't watch what they
say was the reason they made They're like, yeah, because
it's a wrestling episode. That was the most fun part
of the episode for us, and we made sure to
do the signature wrestling moves like the pile driver and
the chair over their head. Right, and then she started.

Mickey starts slamming a walker's head into the turn buckle poles. Yes, yes,
that was another one they mentioned too. Now there's one
walker left, one walker left, and Dwight decides he's gonna
move it right in front of a spot where she
where Mickey can climb up on the top turn buckle
and jumped down and kill it in the big move,

a big finishing move like she used to Are you
kidding me? I literally thought, I cannot wait to hear
your reaction to this because this was just out of control.
You know, these things can kill you if she doesn't
jump right. This thing bites her, scratches her. She jumps
down and kills it like she's a wrestler. M Uh yeah,

they didn't really need that. They didn't they didn't need
that part. Yeah. So, now that all the Walkers are
dead and Dwight says, I brought your husband outside. I
cleaned up his body as best I could, and I
found this note. At some point, she confesses, by the way,
they weren't really married, but they had talked about it,
but she put it off. They put it off, and

she well regrets we put it off. We should have
done it. Yeah, blah blah blah blah blah. The note says,
if you're reading this, I didn't make it. Well that's original.
I love you blah blah blah blah blah blah. Find
someone else that will make you happy, that will stand
in your corner till death do us apart. She says,
I've got to find Padre for him. I've got to
do it for him. Well, he's dead. E didn't know.

He's not gonna know. Then there's an awkward scene where
Sherry says, um, we will now go back and watch this.
Everyone listening, all you guys. Sherry says, we will. We
will find Padre. But they showed the back of her
head right and her mouth is still moving. They cut
out audio. They cut out audio of something she was

saying to Mickey, and then Dwight starts talking because his
voice was overdubbed in to cover up the fact that
they cut lines out of Sherry. Sherry then apologizes the
Dwight for leaving him and says, and he says, I'm sorry.
I was a dick, And she says, no, I get it.
You were trying to protect me. He says, no, I wasn't.

I was thinking about my father and thinking about how
I want us to start a family. Well, then you
sort they can about her. She's part of the family. Yeah,
and it kind of has to go through her a
little bit. She says, do you think we could really
have it all someday? Maybe we could Maybe we could
have it all someday. And he's like, oh, so you
do want to have a baby with me? I don't

think having a baby right now is the right thing
to do. Anyway, di Walkee goes off because somebody needs help.
So now the three of them are the dark Riders.
Mickey's got a dark coat on. I guess she went shopping.
And they ride into this area, and I'm thinking to myself,
Mickey's not going to survive. I should tell I was
not gonna be regular on the show. Yeah, I I

don't know, Yeah, I don't think. So they're surrounded by
some crazy man Max looking people who say, we aren't
going to kill you. It's not an ambush. We want
to find Padre and you're going to help us find it.
So they're kind of taking them hostage. So it is
kind of an ambush, isn't it at that point? Total ambush?
Come out guys, Right, We're not gonna kill you, but

still an ambush. You ambush them, shangh, hide them, and
you're gonna You're gonna make them take you to Padre.
As if the Dark Riders no where Padre is right,
what the hell will they can find anything? Apparently? So,
but now are these are these people the naked walker Strippers?
Are there are other people? When they started talking, I

had no freaking I don't know who the hell they
belong to, Yeah, because I thought they wanted to get
into the tower, but they said no, we want to
go to Padre. So this isn't the Walker Strippers because
the Walker Strippers are over by Sarah and you know
those people. Yeah, but they're in the air. Excuse me,
they're in the area because because strands run into them.
But these aren't the Walker Strippers apparently because they have

a nuclear warhead, and they don't need a nuclear warhead
to go to Padre, so this must be another group alright.
Scenes from next week, Morgan is with Al. They're being
attacked by someone who Al says is part of a
team of people trying to erase any evidence that Morgan
and Al were there. And then they show it CRM soldiers,
but it's seven year old CRM soldiers that use those tridents.

The three proNT Grace shows up in the car and
with the door open to drive somebody to safety, but
you don't see who. They're about to kill somebody. The
CRM is about to kill somebody because someone's on the
ground and they're holding the electrocution thing to them. We
don't know who. My guess is it's Al because Al's

not in the credits anymore. And I'm pretty sure Al's
gonna die, that's my prediction. Yeah, she's running a risky
game here. Either she's going to leave the show willingly
like she's she runs off with Elizabeth in helicopter, never
to be seen again, or they capture her as an
asset and take her to CRM, in which case we
will see her in the finale. See that would make sense.

If they capture Al, then we would see her seven
years later on the World Beyond as some member of
that of that community or as part of Portland. We're
gonna see her at some point, so she may not die,
but I'm convinced that it's her last episode. But remember
we said we're gonna see a crossover it. That's my

prediction that they capture her because she maybe because what's
her what's her girlfriend's name Isabel, Isabella. Maybe they capture
Isabella with Al and now Al knows too much, so
they have to take both of them back to CRM,
in which case we'll never see her on Fear again,
but we will see her on World Beyond at least

for two episodes. I was gonna say for all of
the two episodes that are left. Yeah, Now we don't
know if anyone from World Beyond spins off, because if
Rick is alive in CRM, then we would see some
of these people at CRM if they overthrow and burn
CRM to the ground. Where is Rick? Is he in Portland?
Because he was brought there as an asset? Right, Jadis

brought him there as an asset, But that means he's
somebody of authority. Now he's an asset. Seven years later,
if he's alive, he's an asset. He probably is a
pretty big title now, right, unless well, we don't know
what's going to happen, because if Rick doesn't show up
in the finale, does the movie start while CRM is
burning down and he's running for safety. No, we would

have to see him at CRM and show what he
did for seven years. Yeah, we need some backstory here.
We need to know what's going on. Is going to
find him? She won't find him till the least roughly now,
so does a machine shop in the finale? We don't know. Okay,
that's the scenes for next week or next episode because
it's already out. So there you go. Uh, two pretty

good episodes, lots lots of bullshit, lots of bullshit. But
I still say I should be in the writer's room
going right. That's no good. That's that's level seven. You
can you can give me level two bullshit. Level three bullshit.
I'll believe level full bullshit. But when you get up
to level seven, eight, nine, ten bullshit, I'm out. At
least we haven't seen side impact bullshit. And while we

have not, which means we're do you know why because
they've replaced it with Walkie Convenience. Yeah? Absolutely, Okay, all right, Jamie.
It's so next week we're off. It's Thanksgiving week and
we're not we might have time to do an episode.
I don't. I'm gonna be Yeah, we have a lot
going on. I'm sorry, I apologize. So we'll do We'll
do maybe an extra thick episode after Thanksgiving. So I'm

not shore when you guys are listening to this episode,
but if this is before Thanksgiving, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Yes,
happy Thanksgiving guys. If you're listening to us. As soon
as I post it, go out and get your cranberry sauce.
And you're stuffing now because apparently there's gonna be a
rush and a hoarding and a and a shortage. And
I heard you can't get the can jelly, so I
got it already. You want it in the can? You
like in the can? I like it in the can? Alright,

very good. Well that's how you break a can, all right.
So I've got my candy, my canadas of cranberry sauce already,
and my bags is stuffing, so I'm good to go.
So with that, um, it's not time to stuff this
thing down. What time is it, Jamie. It's time to
just say it, Jamie, say it, say it, just say it, Jamie.

Do you know what time it is? Yes, okay, what
time is it? It's time to shut that shut down? Yeah, goodbye.
Oh my god, I got like thrown for a minute.
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