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December 15, 2021 104 mins

Ep.207 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down FEAR S7 EPs 7&8 + World Beyond Finale 

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
Here are welcome to Walkers and Talkers Supersized Episode two
oh seven Jamie Thick, super Thick, another girthy episode. Well,
we missed last week. We uh you and I couldn't
pick a day, and our schedules are getting very hectic

as we get closer to the end of the year.
Crazy times, crazy times. It's just the life of a
radio person. Yes, we get very busy, very busy, so
a lot of year end stuff. So we didn't have
a chance last week. So people were tweeting us saying, well,
I hope we're getting another extra thick episode. I think
we are. I think we have to. I think we're
gonna do that now. So here's what I what I

messed up one thing. I have to be honest. But
first first, you know what, let's introduce ourselves or all
introduce us. I'm David Berdy Melis during the Morning Show,
Jamie go and introduce self that I have done this
in a while. Who are you? I am Jamie from
the Light from Morning Show, New Year Right. All Christmas music,
all the time. Christmas It's official. We are officially. Depending
on when you're listening to this, this is December. So

for the archives. If there's actually a zombie apocalypse and
you'll find this recording and you're trying to find any
sign of civilization or how it all happened it went bad,
just know that it happened because of Christmas music twenty
four hours a day, seven days a week. Yes, speaking
of Christmas music, did you hear Jimmy Fallon's Christmas song?
I did not get a chance to listen to it yet,

but I know, I know you guys had him on
this morning. Yeah, it's a mask Christmas. That effect it's
either was a Mass Christmas, it is a mass Christmas,
and whatever it is, it's something we'll do a mass Christmas.
We had him in this morning. I love Jimmy Fallon.
He sees everybody hugs them. He's like, man, nice to
see you again, like he remembers everybody. Just a really

down to earth, sweet guy, really really nice. So we
played his song like seventeen times this morning. But did
you said you guys played it? You didn't? Didn't You
really should it? You're playing Christmas music, that's a Christmas song.
Break tell tell Cubby your boy, your host, to break
with whatever rules are and and just play the damn thing.

It's good. The only problem with it is and it's
got Megan the Stallion on it. She doesn't curse and
uh an ariana grande. It's good, it's really good. Here's
the problem. Unless the pandemic continues to next year, it
won't have the same relevance as it does now because
it talks about last Christmas being a mask Christmas, and
it's it's good. It's just eventually the whole pandemic thing,

not sadly happily, will be over. But the song won't
have the same resonance. You'll have to write a new one.
So I messed up because we didn't do last week. Normally,
what I do is I make notes on the episode
and then I emailed them to myself, copy and paste
onto a word doc on my laptop, and then we record.
I was going through my notepad notes and deleting some old,

you know, old notes. I didn't need a shopping list
or whatever, TV watching list, whatever notes that, and I
was like, oh, this is an old world beyond recap,
So I hit the lead. It was actually the the
finale episode and maybe the one before it, So I'm
gonna try to recap in my mind. What happened on

World Beyond and give you the big the big points
spoiler if you haven't watched World Beyond, Jamie overall, now
that World Beyond is over, and then we'll do the
two episodes of Fear we have to do now that
World Beyond is over and there is news about the
World Beyond characters and where they're going, but the show
is over. Overall, what did you think of the show?
First off, Scalo want to tend on the whole thing,

I'd say a six, a six. I gave it a six. Also,
how how did you like the ending? How did you
like the last couple episodes Scalo one to ten. Well,
when it first started, I was like, oh man, I
don't know if I can get through this. And then
now that it's over the last few episode, I don't.
I wanted to keep going. I it didn't end horribly.

It didn't and I really enjoyed it, and I thought
it got really good and I wanted more. That's what
she said, Yeah, yeah, I agree that. Look, there was
a lot of a lot you know again, I'm sorry
I deleted my notes. There was a lot of bullshit,
a lot like okay, so it's over. They killed off.

So here's what they did. They didn't kill off the
main characters, and they didn't kill off red Shirts. They
killed whatever in between a red Shirt and uh star.
So well, let's see what happened. They tried Dennis and
Hawk or Jennifer tried to destroy the palettes of gas

that they were going to use against Portland to save
the Portland community. And then they were going to go
to the Civic Republic and snitch on the Civic Republic
military to to know what was going on. In the process,
Jadis proved to be the worst leader imaginable, Oh my god, awful,

the worst. She was responsible for everything bad that happened.
She lost control, She lost the scientists, she lost prisoners,
she lost her top doctors. She she killed Lilah. All
of this going on while Elizabeth Kublick Huck's mother is.
I don't remember why she left town. It spiraled quickly.

It was like a comedy of errors. Everything she did
was the wrong move, but she kept acting like she's
the Savior and she's not really. Savor was the wrong
show that she kept fixing everything like good thing, I
was here to allow this to happen. But everything she
did was the was the wrong. They played her like
a violin. Everything she touched turned to ship. I mean

it was really bad. The CRM fell apart, right, everything
just mutiny. They couldn't capture people. Everyone got away, everyone
got away with anything. She totally felt everything Cyrus was saying,
like he was lying to horror, and she believed it
just couldn't be um, couldn't be stupider, you know, just awful.

So at some point Jadis realizes what Hook's doing. Dennis
gets shot in the gut. He's dying slowly. Huck is
discovered by Jadis where Dennis works, and she jumps Jadis
knocks the gun out of her hand, which you know,
it's so hack. The gun goes under the table, you know,
like it slides under the tables. Now the gun is

not an option. Now they're gonna have a fight, because
if there's a gun, there's really no fight. Yeah, right.
She takes away jadis Is long stick because for some reason,
Hook has no weapon. She has no weapon. She had
a gun, she doesn't have the gun anymore. So she's
got the this long stick that she takes away from Jadis.
She's given her ship and Jadis like you're weak and uh,

this this place need to go on. It's the Saviors
of the world. We're gonna save everybody. And Hawk says,
you don't get to decide who dies, and Jadis says,
they would have used all our resources. By the way,
I'm going out of order. I'm trying to remember everything.
So Hawk decides it's a wise move to give Jadis
back her long stick. I thought, I was like, what

the hell, right, so they can have a long stick fight? Stupid?
Just kill her, right, kill her. She's gonna kill you.
She's she is for sure going to kill you, Like
I thought that was the dumbest move. So they fight,
and of course you get the cliche of the close
up of their faces, and one of them gets stabbed
and you don't know which one, and they both make
a face like either I'm in pain or I can't

believe what I just did, So you still don't know
who stabbed. Then the camera pulls back and its Hawk
she stabbed. Inside, Jadis notices she's not wearing her father's
watch because she made some comment about the watch brought
us together, and Jadis realizes the watch is being used
as a timer to blow up the bombs because the
remotes have been jam because Jadis blocked all communications and

frequencies so that the remote remote debtonator won't work. So
Jadis says, how long do I have and runs out,
So Hawk is there to die. Eventually, the bomb goes off,
blows up all the gas. I would think with the explosion,
the gas would go into the air and blow in
the wind and kill a lot of people. You would
think so, because they said I think nothing was safe

within the three mile radius. Yes, and now they have
to get the hell out of that because the bombs
going off. Jadis runs to the helicopter to get the
hell out of there. So and then the bomb goes
off and Hook dies. Yeah. At some point in the episode,
Hope lures what's that kid's name Jason, oh God, the
good looking young kid that she's been flirty with, whatever

his name is twitter. She tricks him into coming into
the room where the doctors have all hold up in
this big room and they and they, because there's a
security breach, all the doors locked down. He does, yeah,
and all the doctors realize during the lockdown, the steel
doors will come down and lock them in this giant room.

They trick him into meeting her in the basement, and
then take him as a hostage because they know that
General Beale or Colonel Beale, I think his General Beale
is his father, and even though he doesn't agree with
everything his father does, they're now going to hold him hostage.
They dig it. They dig a tunnel into the ground,
and that's their escape. Yeah, thank you, thank you very much.

So the scientists dig a hole or blast a hole
in the floor and escape through the tunnels. Jadis again
ft up. They can't get in to save anybody, and
so they make demands that they want. Oh and the
and the doctors leave booby traps in all the tunnels
and kill a lot of the guards who are trying
to stop them because they don't know which tunnel are
coming out of. They tell Jada's they've got Beal's kid,

and they want trucks and a way out. So of
course they give him the trucks, and they don't get
out because they just don't for some reason. They just
don't get into trucks and drive away. They allow j
This to stop them and then talk it out. In
the process. In the process of talking it out, they're snipers.
Setting up on the lawn to try to take out
the good guys, right, the stars of the show who

were holding the hostage kid, not really the proper way.
He's exposed. They're exposed. You can take a shot in
the head to get they give would be free in
a minute. So she tells them how that resources running
thin again, and she's got she had to kill. They
had to kill everybody, and it's for the greater good,
it's for the cause. And the kid decides to head
butt whoever was holding him hostage, Felix Percy, I don't know.

He runs and Percy runs after him, and of course
Percy is now out in the open, and they shoot
Percy in the head and Percy's dead. Iris is devastated.
Whatever blah blah blah. Nobody shoots Jadis. You'd think they
would shoot Jadis. I think they shot one of the guards.
Then Hawk comes out, puts Jadis at gunpoint. Jadis is
like your trader, your mother be so ashamed. And then

they all drive away, the scientists and the doctors go
one way, and some of them going another truck, And
then later the truck breaks down. Did they explain why
the scientists just stopped the truck on the roads in
the road, blew the tires out right right, because you
can't go anywhere and get anywhere exactly because it's a
tree or it's like, even with the tires blown out,

you could ride on flat tires on the rims and
put the truck into the woods. But they leave it
on the road a little I mean, yeah, you could
thump it off the road a little bit. They leave
it on the on the road, and then of course
the guards followed them. I don't know why the guards
followed them at a hostage, but they follow them. Then
they jump out of their car and they realized that
how far could the doctors have gone? Well, not very far,

because they ran about thirty feet into the woods and
stood there. So there's a shootout somehow the doctors hold
their own against the CRM military. Yeah, then they fight them.
They kill one of them, and then the leader what's
his face, the sergeant, the lieutenant guy, He runs off
after Felix because Felix is not great ideas to run

off and he'll follow him. Felix runs into a dead
end a walker pen, and the guy has a gun,
but he uses it to shoot walkers for some reason
and waste bullets. Then he has no bullets left to
shoot Felix. Felix opens the door to the pen of walkers.
He only lets out five or six for some reason,
and the guy kills all five or six. Now the

guy wants to fight him with a stick. Went back
to stick fighting. Oh boy, Felix has a stick, but
then finds another half of a stick somewhere. Now he's
a double ended stick like Darth Ball did in Phantom
Menace when a double ended lightsaber. So there's stick fighting now.
Now there's more walkers. Even though I didn't see him
open the pen full of walkers, there's now walkers everywhere.

So they're killing he's killing. They both killing walkers as
they're trying to kill each other. They fight, they fight,
they fight, and Felix kills the bad guy. Okay, it
was a pretty good fight. What do you think of
the fight? I thought it was a pretty good fight,
and uh, lieutenant that for him, But he was he
was so cocky. He's like, oh he was. I wanted

to have my team for this episode is if you
want someone dead, shoot them, don't talk about it, don't wait,
don't right don't wait for walkers to come. They gotta
waste your bullets on because they did a lot of
that in fear, which we'll get to. Just just kill
the person, don't. Don't do the old Batman sixties TV
show where they put him on a contraption. They used

to tie Batman and Robbing up on a contraption where
when the coffee pot stops dripping into the cup, the
scales will tip, and then the knife will be the
guillotine will be lowered, and like in an hour and
a half, you'll be dead, and I'll be at the
bank on Third Street while you're slowly dying. So, of
course Batman would find a way to get out. They
would escape, and the knew where exactly they were because

they told him, Oh man, you want someone dead, kill
them right then and there. Don't take them back to
your leader. Don't give them a speech, don't tell them
why they're wrong, don't tell him why your view of
the world is better. Just kill them. Kill them. So
he doesn't kill Felix, of course he ends up dead.
Percy's dead, Some other people died. Who else died? Huck died,

Dennis died, Oh so Dennis and and uh Cyrus Silas
Silas go walf they try to escape, CRM finds them
in the house, and before they could run into the house,
Dennis convinced his Silas the only way he can survive
is to kill Dennis, who's not going to survive anyway,
and this way he can say he was a hostage
and the CRM will take him in and think he's

a hero for killing the bad guy. He doesn't want
to do it, but he realizes his only chance, so
he shoots Dennis in the head. Spoiler, Dennis is dead now.
Dennis and Huck the dead. At some point they did
see the explosion, so they had to assume that Huck
died or Dennis said she's dead. She's not coming back, right,
So then he knew. He was like, what I have

to live for is nothing to live and he was
dying anyway. He was bleeding out right. So Silas gets
taken to a big office or a conference room with Jadis,
who doesn't really believe him that he was a hostage
and he saved his life. But she's like, I don't
care you killed him. You stepped up what you had
to do, your merciless We want you in the army
you wanted, He's like, yeah, you're sure. Yeah. Now, if

you noticed in the background of that scene there was
a skyline of a city. Did you have to notice
that they was standing in front of a giant picture.
Here's what they were standing in front of. If you
know the city of Philadelphia. It was the two towers
that forget what they're called bank one tower and the
two towers. I think, don't correct, don't tweet me, you
know what I'm talking about. Anyway, there in the background, Well,

if you remember a year and a half ago, a
year and ago, whatever it was, they had a teaser
for the Rick movies and they showed a helicopter flying
to Philadelphia where they showed those buildings, which means Rick
is there with Jadis, or at least he was. He
was brought to that area. Well that's where he was.
We know if he's still there. He could be in
Portland for all we know. But he was brought to
Philadelphia and they're in Philadelphia. So there you go. There's

still people who think he's beal. I don't believe that
to be the case, because then Mason is not his kid. Yeah,
but what if you adopted the kid, unless Judith isn't
his kid, but he calls him dad. Judith isn't Machean,
she calls her mom, so it theoretically could be Rick. Also,
there's a theory Hope and Iris at the end of
the episode, they say they're going off to Portland to

warn people and bring back help. They're gonna bring back
like an army of people from Portland. So you remember
when Michelan left The Walking Dead and she joined up
with a group in the north, somewhere north of New
Jersey or somewhere in New Jersey area. Maybe people think,
maybe that's Portland that she joined up with Hope and
Iris's group of the Portland people who are marching south, Yeah,

to Philadelphia, and she bumped into them New Jersey on
their way to Philadelphia. How about that? How about that?
The episode ends. The show ends with a couple of
things happening. I may be out of order, so again
I apologize. Hope and Elton and a couple of the people.
They're on the road to Portland. They leave the doctors

in a mall and they tell Bennett and the other doctors,
you should stay here and set up your lab. You
have all the research you need. No, I don't think
they have the equipment or like the refrigeration or whatever.
But wherever they are, they're like, stay here, we're gonna
go to Portland. So they let they let Uh Hope, Hope,
Iris went to right. No one of them stayed. I Uh,

Iris went. At some point, Hope and Iris and Elton
are on the road, but maybe not before they left
there on the road at some point that's right before
they got to the mall building. They're on the road
and India shows up in a vehicle to save them, right,
And as they're walking towards the truck, they don't hear
a walker. They walk really slowly. At least the walkers

that we know of walked slowly. I'll address that later.
They don't hear a walker coming up, and the walker
goes to bite Iris, and Elton jumps in front of
Iris Hope rather and saves Hope and the walker bites
his arm, which they then have to amputate when they
get back to the office building, shopping mall area whatever
that is. Yeah, he took off the toughie stitch and

his arm because it was hot out, dumbass and got
his arm bitten. Off. But if you notice it was
his right arm, because it's always the right arm. We'll
address that later as well. He goes off with Hope
because he believes in a world of exploration and finding people,
and he's gonna go to Portland. My guess is we'll
see them again. And I say my guests because I'm
talking dead. Matt and Gretty, who's the showrunner on the

On the World Beyond, blatantly said we may see these
characters again. Scott Gimpel said, we may see these characters again.
Hardwick said, we might see these characters again. So my
guess is maybe they're all in the Rick movies if
the movies take place eventually, like the third movie. They
may be in spinoffs, in shorts. They may make like
The Portland's Thing, a mini series with them on their

way to Portland, or they may tied into They may
tied into The Walking Dead and show them with machean
because they said at some point Michelle is gonna be
back in the Walking Dead universe. Well, we don't know
if it's on The Walking Dead or a Walking Dead
show or spinoff. A mini series. Cut to Jadis sitting
on a park bench with Elizabeth, who is now finally returned,

now that all the doctors and scientists are gone the
places of mess her daughter is dead. Jadis says, in essence,
you were the strongest woman I've ever seen. And Elizabeth says,
you know, I brought you in here to find corruption,
and Jada says, no, you you found me here. You
brought me and I found incompetence. And I looked at
you as the strongest woman I've ever known, and I

watched you, and I studied you, and I found your weakness,
meaning her daughter. And when trouble happened, you ran off,
You abandoned us, and this is all your fault. You
brought the Bennett's in here. They're the ones that did
all this. Meanwhile, Jadis is the one who let the
Bennetts get away with everything, and she's she's blaming, like
will you let the Bennett's in Like I'm an incompetent asshole,

But nobody knows that. She said, I've already spun it
where it's all your fault. There needs to be a scapegoat,
and you're the scapegoat, and you're under arrest, and she's
I'm under arrest. Oh please, I'm Elizabeth Koblick. You can't.
You can't arrest me. She's, oh, yeah, I can. She said, Well,
Bale is never gonna allow it. She says, who do
you think gave me permission? Bale? Which is why I

also think that maybe Rick is Beale, because Rick would
have loyalty to Jadis for saving his life. So the
guards come and they arrest Elizabeth, and now Jadis is
running ship at CRMA. This woman, this woman. The Rick
movies take place six years ago, at least that's when

he disappeared, so it's possible they take place six years ago,
four years ago, two years ago. Who knows. So Jadis
we may never see Jadis again in the future, but
we're definitely going to see her in the past. We're
gonna see in the Rick movies when she first brought
Rick to CRM. We'll see that. We'll probably get two
movies of the past, and then eventually Machine and the

girls and the port and people will come back to
overthrow CRM, find out Rick is running CRM, you know, maybe,
and then maybe he leads them to Commonwealth. Who knows.
There's a lot going on, but you know, the movies
have to actually be made and haven't even started filming yet.
It's two and a half years. Get on that ship.
So there may be stuff in the world beyond I missed,

but that's the gist of it. Who survived, Yeah, the
sister to survived. Oh, the brother died at some point
that we talked about that. I don't know what episode
it was, but in Dear's son died. He got shot
by CRM. He's gone, Percy's gone, Lilah's gone, Hawk is dead,
Dennis is dead, Elizabeth is in jail. Jadis is in charge,

and I don't know if anyone else died, if anyone
else died, to forgive me, but that's the gist of it.
Nobody Major died out and lost his right arm, because
that's how the show do you lose your right on
So he lost his right arm. Aaron lost his right arm.
And we'll talk about Fear the Walking Dead. It's now
a trifecta another right arm lost. Anyway, we'll get to

that and so much more Fear the Walking Dead stuff
right after this. Hi, this is Pollyanna Mackintosh. Jadis on
the Walking Dead, and you're listening to David Brody and
Jamie on the Walkers and Talkers podcast. Okay, let's talk
about Fear the Walking Dead. The portrait, which focuses around
strands painting that he has one of his people paint.

So the episode opens up with him sitting and posing
in the tower for a painting, and he tells the painter,
paint who I am, not what you see. In other words,
don't make the painting look like me. Necessarily, paint what
your image of me is. My guess is which he
sounds like a deranged leader, like the North Korean leader,
like he's just psycho, power hunging and crazy. What he's

hoping for. He's hoping for a regal, powerful, noble savior
of a man that they that they they hero worship.
He wants a painting that shows he is hero worship worthy.
Howard knocks on the door or the wall rather than
says there's a call on the call box for the

sake of remember reminding you guys, the call box is
that area outside the office tower. Now, I don't know
why you'd have a call box. I guess maybe the
fire department put it there in the middle of nowhere
on a like a wooden I don't know who would
have built that who would have wired it? Why it's there?
But that's how you communicate into the tower. And so
somebody's calling in the way I think Morgan called in,

or somebody called in previously, right when Morgan called in
a few episodes ago, Sarah, Yeah, yeah. And the guy
who and the twin brother who didn't want to be around,
But he's around. He's somewhere we don't We haven't seen
him in a while. You don't know where he went,
but I have feeling he'll pop up again because they
liked the actor, which is why they brought him back.
He says. It's a guy named Arno, who we find

we see a lot later. So Arnold says, hi, I
followed the bright light. It took me a long time
to come. I used to be a carpenter, and Strand says,
that's great. I just admitted some of your skill. Settings
up on him. So he doesn't want a carpenter. He's
got that again. Next day and he's still getting painted
and person on the phone as a woman, she said, Hi,
I'd like to come in. I was a medic with

my battalion. He hangs up on him. Then he hangs
up on a bunch of another bunch of people who
called the next day. One of them says he's a firefighter,
hangs up on him. Howard says, you know everybody. Howard
says to him, you know you've hung up on every
single person this week, and some of them had skill
sets that we could use. Strang goes on a rant
about how he can just tell over the phone if
people are good or not, and you need to trust

my instincts. That's how we got this far. So now
he's doing this whole I'm the only one. I'm the greatest.
Look what I did. Every decision I make is the
right one. So if I say that I'm right, well,
you are an asshole. The next day, Howard knocks on
the wall again to tell him he as a call,
and Strand says tell them to go away, and doesn't
even bother picking up the phone, and Howard says, you're

gonna want to see this one. So they go to
the roof the got the window rather and it's Morgan
and the baby, baby Mo. And Morgan says on the
call box there's something wrong with his daughter and he
needs to see June. And he said, I know what
I said before but this little girl hasn't done anything wrong,
and whatever is between you and me, this shouldn't affect her.

And Strand tells Howard tell him to take a walk.
Strand wants no part of it, doesn't want to help.
The baby's like I got him out of here. Howard says,
you heard him and hangs up on Morgan. The painter
shows Strand the painting of himself and it looks exactly
like him, exactly like him, sitting in a chair with
a sword. Yeah. Strand gets mad at her, drags her

to the roof and throws the painting off the roof
into the walker herd And says, you can't see me.
No one can see me for who I am, and
how It says, I don't get it. He said, that's
the problem. You don't see me either, and Strand says,
now go get Morgan, send a search party to bring
him in. Did now, did you understand that why that
was happening, why he wanted to go get more? Yeah,

and while he threw the painting over the wall, I
just thought he was mad that they didn't see his vision. Yes, well,
specifically he wanted to look like a kind, benevolent leader
and she painted him like a powerful, mean dictator, which
is exactly the face he had on. Yeah, but he
said to her, don't paint what you see. Paint how

you think of me. But she thinks of him exactly,
like looks exactly. And then he looks there and he goes,
you're you better be glad that it wasn't you that
I threw over. Okay, the walkers walked all over the
painting and ruin it. That's all happening before the credits.
After the credits, Morgan sees the Wall of Death because
they invite Morgan and they've captured him. Now he sees

the Wall of Death, all the pictures on the wall,
and he's clearly not a fan. He says this I
don't like this is it is not good and says
we have to see who's dead. Morgan tells him the
list of people they found, in other words, who's living
with Morgan. He's like, we have this one, that one,
another one, we have Dwight and Sherry and and Strand says, well,
I've got Wendell, June and John. And at that point

we still didn't know if he really had Wendell. Did
you think at that point. I thought. I was like,
wait a minute, we seen him yet, right, I thought
he was still lying because we did talk. Morgan asks
about Alicia and Strand says, I don't know where she is.
Morgan asks Strand why you let him in? Why did
you let me in? And he says, well, why did
you come in? And Morgan says I had no choice.

I told you my baby needs help. I needed to
come in. We need your help. Howard comes in to
tell Strand they have detected some kind of movement north
of the tower, and he and Morgan give each other
dirty looks. They clearly do not want to be working together.
June says living there is better than outside to Morgan
because I can help people here and they have medicine,

and Morgan says, is this any better than the deal
you took with Virginia. Remember Virginia was gonna build her
a hospital and John Dorry wanted no part of it,
so he drew of off and of course ended up dying.
Spoiler John Dory's dead. June gets pissy and says, John
ran and he's dead. I'm going to play by the rules,
and Morgan says John died because and then Strand walks

in and interrupts them. Well, John died because Dakotas shot him.
Was a little psychopath. Right. June says, the baby has
a double ear infection, but I have the medicine for it.
But I suggest the baby stays here thirty six to
forty eight hours so we can monitor her. Strand says, well,
it looks like the baby just got your holiday because
you get to stay here, and then says, have a

drink with me, Morgan. So Morgan goes to his office.
Morgan says, it's very impressive what you've accomplished here, and
Strand says it's more than that, it's a miracle. Morgan says,
let's cut the ship. Why did you bring me here?
Just rob my face in it? And Strand says, no,
I did that while you were outside the building. Oh
sick burn, he did that. There's something I need from you.

So whatever it is, he you know, he and uh,
he can't do it, and no one else can do
about Morgan. Right. Strand tells Morgan, I can't tell you
exactly what it is I need you to do, but
I need you to do it. And Morgan says, how
can I agree to a deal if I don't know
what you're asking me, Strand pulls a gun on him
and says, here's the deal. You'll do what I ask
or you'll never see that little girl again. Well, he's

just really spiraling down. So of course Morgan agrees to
the deal because he doesn't want his kid to be killed.
But by the way, there's another example. You know, he
says that Morgan that the little baby is his baby,
which it is, so by that reasoning, Beale's father, Mason's father,
could be wreck Theoretically that is very true. And also

Iris and Hope that's not the real dad, is it? Well,
isn't it? Well? They adopted, right, they adopted both of them,
adopted both of them. While they're sitting there, of course,
perfect timing, a walker gets flung up on a catapult
type thing with a fan name doesn't matter what it's called.
Looking up, the walker gets flung up against the glass

slides down the outside of the building. When they look outside,
they see the stalker group led by Arno, which we
don't know it's on, No, yeah, but it was on,
and they're catapulting walkers at them. And the next one
what what perfect aim? They have a catapult and and
different size weighted walkers. They managed to sling it at
the window where Morgan and Strand are where they have

they have no idea Morgan and stranded there. I was
going to say, how did they know that was the
window they were in? All the way that high up?
There's no way. Okay, here is a first on Walking
Dead podcast. Walker catapult window, no idea? What window you're
gonna be shooting at? Perfect timing in a meeting? Bullshit?

The so the walker comes busting in, Strand kicks it
out the window and you know it throws it out,
uh and it lands. There's a giant explosion. So there
may have been explosives in the walkers. Well, they had
radiation and the so he exploded. Howard tells Strand the

leader is on the call box and wants to talk.
The guy says, I can't believe it. Don't recognize my voice.
My name is Arno. So the carpenter he wanted to
let in. But you know what, he was right though,
not to let him in, wasn't he because he was
not actually coming in. He I mean, he wanted to
come in for his people, but not not the kind
of guy that you want to trust. No, he says,

I asked for a safe place for my people to
have a fresh start, and you said no. Strand says,
the answer is still no, and the guy says, okay,
then I'm gonna destroy your tower. He said, oh, by
the way, we have a warhead and everyone who's touched
the warhead has died. Immediately, they say, well, have the
walkers touched it? And Strand says, did you launch any
contaminated walkers at the building and Arno says not yet. Well,

Strand says, if you destroy the building, you won't have it.
So you're not going to destroy the building, and Arnold
tells him he has an hour or whatever. He said
something like they have an hour to make up your mind.
And Morgan says, let me help. Let me use your radio.
We've got the m wrapped vehicle. We found some AMMO.
Oh isn't that convenient? And we can take care of
this for you. You can trust me, and Strand says, no,

I can't. And Morgan says, so you think I would
fire explosives at a building that I'm in and my
daughter is here. And Strand says, I can't trust you
and he walks away. He yells for John and then
starts choking. So he wants John Dorry the Father to come,
because you know, he was a cop, he might have
some detective skills. Strand drops to the ground. He's choking

on something. He was knocked out for about ten minutes,
and he's screaming, somebody poisoned me. Somebody poisoned me. John
has a sniper rifle and he has them in his sights,
but he's afraid if he shoots them, the warhead might
go off. I'm not really sure how that works. You
shoot a guy in the head unless the warheads behind
his head. I think you're okay, But that was his explanation,

not shooting right. Yeah. Then they show Wendell. Holy shit,
I know, I couldn't believe it. They try to call
down to the armrie, but the line is dead or
the guy down there is dead. He says, we have
forty three minutes left to Arnold's our deadline. The guy
launches another walker into the building. There's an explosion in
the elevator shaft and Victor says, I don't want to

help from you. So then Victor throws up in some
blue anti freeze looking stuff comes up and June says,
that blue stuff. I asked the rangers to bring some
of that back with them. Where would they have gotten
that from that? She's like, oh, I know, go get
some of that blue stuff. She says, you are right,
you are poisoned. Someone must have put it in your food,
the blue stuff put it in your food, right. John says, look,

let me negotiate. I've done some hostage negotiating. I've got
experience with this. Let me help. I think I can
maybe get us out of this situation. And Strand says,
really is so good at negotiations. How to go with
Teddy burn Burn? Strand says, nobody speaks for his tower
but me. Strand says, we have to get to the
armory and call Grace. So now he's in on the plan.

Now he's like, let's call Grace. He can hardly walk.
He says, I'm going down to the base with myself
because I don't trust anyone. He can't stand up. Yeah,
he tells his guards, I want everyone interrogated to see
you poisoned me. And John says that's not a good idea.
Now people are panicked, and Strand pulls out his sword
and tells everyone get back. I don't trust anybody. Get back,

get away from my own my lord. He's hallucinating, he's sweating.
He then starts accusing everyone, you did it, you did it,
And June says, why would I have poisoned you? Right,
I'm the one that's gonna have to save you, and
Howard says, hey, man, I've been with you since the beginning. Actually, yeah,
it's his place, he says to Wendell, and maybe it's you.

You're mad at me. I didn't let your sister in,
and when was like my sister. He had no idea
so strange, just let out a little secret that his
sister was there and need it let her in. So
Morgan says, yeah, he wouldn't let Sarah in, but don't worry.
She's fine. She's with me, and Wendell says, why would
you do that? Why wouldn't you let my sister in.
June again tells him he can't go down there by himself,
so he says, well, I'm taking Morgan with me, and

I trust Morgan as long as I have his daughter.
So he takes the baby away from Morgan and he
puts the baby in and like a baby biorn and
straps the baby onto himself and they go together. They've
got to climb down the elevator shaft because the explosion
ruined the elevator, I guess, or there was the elevator,
I don't know, whatever the case. There's no staircase because

they have to take the elevator. I don't know why
that it used the staircase, I don't remember, but whatever.
So there's walkers on ledges on the sides of the
elevator shaft. I guess it's one of those, you know,
one of those elevators that is just free standing and
has ledges next to it. And I guess the elevator

was at the top floor because it's not below them.
But these are dead people who must have gotten injured
in the walker attack, the flinging walkers that all managed
to go into the building and cause explosions, because you know,
he had the one exploding walker, so they must have
died because he wrecked. Strand recognized them and said, oh,
those were people living in the tower. But again their

red shirts, so he didn't care. He was like, oh
my god, Mike, He's like, yeah, they lived here. I
didn't care. Morgan says, I'm the one who should lower
myself down because you are weak, you're not feeling well.
Yeah yeah, Morgan says, take care of my daughter. But
if you don't, I will do worse to him than
the people outside want to do to you. Strand seems

to be bonding with the little girls, saying she's lucky
that Morgan loves her the way he does. His father
didn't love him. Really, big surprise there, big surprise, your
father didn't love you. Morgan demands at that point that
Strand lowers the baby down because he's getting weaker, and
he says, if you turn into a walker, you're gonna
kill my baby. I want my baby. So Strand doesn't

think he's coming back. He's like, I don't have an
leverage anymore. He took the baby. He tells them that
if Alicia is alive, I want you, Morgan, I want
you to find her. He's yelling down to the elevator shaft.
Morgan says, why don't you find her, and he says,
I don't think she'd want me to find her. She
likes you. You go find her because you know he's
a dick. But when he left the You know, he

was a little bit of a dick when he left
Jennie area, But he didn't do anything awful that Alicia
would have not wanted to see him. She doesn't know
what Strand did. Oh, she probably knows about the submarine.
That's right, when he tried to kill Morgan, right, I
guess cut too. They don't show Morgan going to the
armory and calling Grace right and Sarah. They just show

him walking towards the armory. Wake up Wizard of Oz
style strands on the ground, and Morgan says, we got
rid of everybody. You missed it all, but we got
rid of him. We killed them all, and Grace and
Sarah did all the work, and they're the ones that
should be thanked at this point. We didn't. We didn't
get what happened to the warhead. Right now, June's heading upstairs.

She says to Strand, we got most of the poison
out of your system, and Morgan says, I'll stay with
him while he recovers. So June worked on him. They
pumped his stomach. Whatever they did, they got the poison
out of out of Strand. He threw it off, he
pooped it out. Whatever the case, he didn't die. Strand
thanks June for helping him, and she snaps at him
and says, don't you have you used my medical skills

again to help you get what you want? Don't you ever?
Strand asks Morgan how the baby is, and Morgan says
she's fine, and Strand says, you brought June here to
help me. You could have kicked me off the legend
to the elevator chaft, but you had her saved me,
and Morgan says, well, the thought did cross my mind.
But if I pushed you over the edge, Alicia wouldn't

want me finding her either. Really, who would know if
no one was around that he killed Strand? Nobody? Yeah,
Strand fell, he passed out. He was weak, he stumbled.
He had a fever. So yeah, it sounds good, it
sounds heroic. Well, I didn't kill you because Alicia wouldn't. Meanwhile,
where do we find out? In a minute, Morgan tells Strand.

If he finds Alicia, Strand needs to make this building
a place where she'd want to live, right, you want
to make this a place where she'd be happy, and
Strand says, I know you will find her. We will
find her. Morgan reaches down to help him up. They
shake hands, and then Strand notices Morgan's fingernails are blue,
like the chemical he was poisoned with. So I have

a couple of questions, because Strand immediately thinks Morgan's the
one who poisoned him. So a couple of treat things here.
Number one, why why wouldn't Morgan wash his hands? I know,
my god, captain obvious. Why didn't you und your fingers?
Second of all, he very easily could have said, yeah,
I got the blue stuff on me when you threw up, right,

or when more when Strand was unconscious. He could have said,
you threw up more of the blue stuff, and I
tried to right, and I got it on my hands. Right,
you puked it on the ground. There was no blue
stuff on the ground. But still he could have said,
I you know, I wiped it up, cleaned up your puke.
You spilled a little, I got it up right, I
got it on my you puked on the wall, I

touched the whatever. We could have said something, so Strand.
The two of them wrestled to the floor, and Morgan admits, yes,
I tried to kill you. You You gave me no choice.
You left me to die outside. But meanwhile, really, because straight,
we know that Morgan had a submarine full of food,
so he didn't really leave him outside to die. Also,

why would you seriously though at that point, why would
you admit it? Then? Perfect timing? Bullshit. Howard and the
girl with the gun have him at gunpoint and heard
him a mid to it. Strand says, take him to
the roof, take him to the course. You know what
that is, you know what that's from. It's it's timber
Lake bringing Sexy back. Take him to the bridge. So

they hold Morgan's head over the ledge, which is not
how you throw someone over. You you stand them back
a foot or two and then you throw them over
the side. You don't push their head. You don't push
them over the side by their head. So that was
a visual thing that was to make it look like
they were going to do it, which imediately told me
they're about to get interrupted somebody again. You want someone dead,

kill them immediately, someone's gonna interrupt them. But you know
that he wasn't gonna die. I don't die, he doesn't die.
The phone rings. Perfect timing, Perfect freaking timing. Strand tells
Howard to answer the phone. It's Grace. She says, many
of the radioactive walkers have mixed them with the other
walkers and they're going to be leaking radiation. But I

can pick them out and eliminate them because I'm an
expert at radiation. If you let Morgan and our daughter
go and Strand says, he'll agree to a deal, but
she and the daughter have to live there under his
rules and can never leave. Oh my god, now, because
he wants to have a baby so he can start civilization.
I get is hurt Morgan? Yeah, because he's going to

be kicked to the right. He lets Morgan talk to
her on the phone. I don't know why he would
do that, knowing Morgan would try to talk out of it,
and of course Morgan tells her. He says, we'll find
a way, and Strand hangs up the phone and says, no,
you won't. I'm gonna give her everything you couldn't. What
an asshole? What an asshole. He then tells the guards

to show Morgan the exit and then tells Howard to
find someone to go get the painting because I guess
now he's realized he is an asshole like he is
in the painting. Now, how did they get the painting
if it was under a herd of walkers? Do you
trampled on? So they bring the painting in and it's shredded.
You could see his face, but there's nothing much left

to the painting, and he's staring at it. Howard says,
I'm worried about you, man, and Strand says, I was
wrong about Morgan, right, I thought I could trust him.
Who else was I wrong about? And Howard says, I'll
get the painter back here to fix up this painting,
and he says, no, I want people to see me
like this. So Strand now wants to be the asshole

in the painting. Strand tells Howard to bring me the baby.
I want to spend time with her. And how It
says I didn't know you like children, and Strand says
she's got to get used to her new father sometime.
That line made my skin crawl. Yeah, so again we've
got another one of these examples we were talking about before.
He's gonna say he's the baby's father. This poor baby.

He's had three dad's already, Yeah right, yeah, three dads
so far yeah, absolutely real and psycho. So the only
way Morgan is gonna be able to stop Strand at
this point is to find Alicia and bring her back, right,
that's his that's what's gonna be his mission. Is Morgan
is out wandering on his own with his axe and
a gas mask on, and he freezes and he says,

I know you're out there, show yourselves. And two people
dressed like stalkers come out of the fog, and of
course it's Twite and Sherry. Now how did they know
to find Morgan wandering in the desert. They didn't know
Morgan was going to be there. And will he get
kicked out of the fact, the factory, the tower, These
two people, these dark horses, they find people. I am sorry,

I didn't seek bullshit, right, right, So they take Morgan
back to their camp. They don't tell him the good news,
which seems odd. They don't tell him the good news.
Dwight and Sherry say they've been with these people for
a couple of weeks, right, they're still being mysterious. And
their leader wants to meet with you, Morgan, and he says,
who are no, and they say, no, it's not it's

a she she wants to meet with you. Come on, now,
why are you playing mystery games? You don't have the
audience to know. I get so I wrote here is
what I wrote. No way, it's Alicia right, Like it
can't be Alicia, Like how could I'm calling Alicia bullshit?
The leader comes out of the tent and it's in
fact Alicia. She tells Morgan he looks like ship and

he says, I feel like shit, And she says, I
need your help. Everyone needs Morgan's help. She says, that's
why I asked White and Sherry to find you. Okay,
so you're admitting you asked White and Sherry to find
him because you need something, not because you missed him
or you wanted to save his life. You needed Morgan.
There's a zombie. There's a zombie apocalypse. You haven't been

above ground in water a year and a half whatever
it's been, and you don't know who's alive who's not.
But I guess Morgan and Sherry know that Morgan's alive.
And she's like, oh, we'll find Morgan. Go go get Morgan.
Find him in Texas after a nuclear holocaust. Okay, she says,
they're all desperate there's not much out there, and Morgan says,

I know. He says, were those your people at the
tower and she says not anymore, which we see in
a flashback Arno was part of the group living in
Teddy's plate. He says, I'm not sure how I can
help you. And they spot three walkers approaching the camp,
which has a small fence around it. The guards get
ready to shoot them with the automatic weapons, and Morgan
terms of flashlight on them and he's to see if

they have blosives, if they're radioactive, and he says, don't
shoot them. But of course they shoot them and they
explode and there's a red cloud of radio activity now
in the air. So Morgan tells everyone to run. And
so here's my question. If Morgan was walking from the
tower because they let him out of the tower, you're
telling me these walkers followed him all this time. When

they walk half speed and they found them, he couldn't
lose them in the fog. You think that would walker
following bullshit, That's what I'm saying. Yeah, talking dead had
Nico Tortorella who plays Felix, Karen David who plays Grace,
and Deborah, Joe Winens, who was a big fan of
the show. They had a pole. How do you feel

about new Strand? Love him eighteen percent? Loathe him? What
do you think Alicia will do when she sees Strand
forgive him, fight with him? Well we find out later
in this podcast and on the show. Who was right? Right? Right?
So this was the tease next week, a surprise guest

from the Walking Dead universe that will blow your mind.
Who did you think it was gonna be? Um? I
had a feeling it was who it was? Okay, are
we saying, did you really I had? I had a
feeling that I thought. It's been so long, I don't
know if it really could be. Yeah, well it was.

Well we get we'll get to, ok Okay, before we
get to our last of three episodes being reviewed, which
is Fear the Walking Dead the Padre mid season finale.
Let's play one more, a little bit of commercial time here,
and we'll be right back after this. Okay, So the
episodes called Padre flashback to an Alicia was trapped in
the basement of the hotel by Teddy. She goes exploring

and some freaky, skinny guy who I don't know. She
was locked in but she wasn't locked in. Did you
figure that out? She was banging on the door trying
to get out, and then she just opened up a
door and like left. I don't really know how she
got out. I was a little confused with that. All
of a sudden, she's out and wandering around. She couldn't
get through the door she wanted to. Maybe that was

the door to the exit of the hotel, but she
was allowed to wander around the bow. She turned around
and went down to play the stairs and wandered and
had access to other places. It looked like yeah, but
we don't know how long she was down there struggling
to get out. A day, A couple of days, I
don't know. So the skinny guy pulls a gun on her.

Somehow he knew to go looking for her that day,
and he said. He starts walking her towards a walker
attached to a tree and tells her she's about to
become compost return her to the earth. Coincidence timing, bullshit?
Ar No, Now we see are noo back in the day,
he's the leader of these crazy people. He walks in

with a bunch of other crazy people. They tell the
guy with the gun to stop that she's the one
we've been waiting for. She's the one Teddy told us about.
She's gonna lead us now. While the skinny guy is distracted,
Alicia leads him by spinning him, taking the gun away
from him, and shoving his neck into the mouth of
the walker, who then rips his neck out. That was

pretty awesome, and nobody reacts to that. I know, everybody
just was like, alright, he's returned to the earth. The Earth.
So she grabs his gun and she said, I'm out
of here. I'm getting out, And they don't seem too concerned,
like she's not going anywhere. So there's no way out.

They know already there's no way out. There's no unlocked doors,
at least that she's not going to figure out that
maybe they have the keys. I don't know. Present day
Morgan and Alicia and the group have escaped the three
exploding Walkers, and they're now in the yellow area, right
that area where the sky is awful looking, and yet
they can take their masks off even though everything's yellow.

Are cold Play? Thank you Coldplay. So Morgan tells Alicia, look,
your whole camp is ruined by the gas by the walkers,
all your food AMMO was ruined. Really, how does how
does he know that they ran? How does he know
that the radiation permanently ruined all? I mean, the food maybe,
but the ammunition. So now conveniently they no longer have

the food to live and the AMMO to fight back, right,
because that would have worked. We gotta figured a way
take away their ammo, he says to her. Look, Strand
likes you. He'll let you and your people into the building, right.
He needs you. He's gonna want you guys in there,
he said. But I've got unfinished business with him, and
he has Grace and the baby. And so I thought

to myself, was do you remember was Alicia around when
they got the baby. I don't think so, no, right,
because I think she was already locked up in the hotel.
She was already locked up when they when they got mo. Right,
she wasn't at the submarine. She was not. So when
he says the baby, she might think it was Grace's baby.

I don't remember if she knew. I had that thought too,
I'm like, Alicia's gonna think this is Grace's baby, like
her real baby. I don't remember it. And I can
look it up, but I don't remember if she was
there when the baby died, the stillborn, because that happened
a while before they all got captured. I think she
was already in the bunker, or or Teddy had already

taken her someplace else. Yeah, all right, because if she
didn't know about the baby, then wouldn't she have said
what baby? If she knew the baby died, then she
would be like, what the baby? But as the actress,
she should have said to like she should have said
to the directors. I never met the baby. I don't
know about the baby, but I guess that was they
didn't have the time for more going to say, long,

we had this baby because the woman uh tied the
the baby to the back of a walker, well back
of herself, and she became a walker and had the
dog pull them, the dog lead them. Yes, but if
the dog ever got tired, he would have eaten the dog.
Right now that I think about it, I may may
have said that back in the day. She says, I

don't want to see Strand right, she isn't. She doesn't
want anything to do with him. Yeah, she said, I
asked why and share to find you because I need
your help again. She tells them the same thing. Dwight
comes by, comes up out of the forest with a
walker on a leash, and brings him up to Alicia.
Morgan's confused, and Dwight says Arnold didn't want her finding
this one, and Alicia says, get him ready, so they

already know what her plan is to get them ready
to get this this walk already. Flashback, Alicia is trying
to open up yet another steel door and will her
the guy who loved her who got thrown off the building.
Spoiler stops her and says, you can't go out that way.
It's rigged with explosives, and she puts an axe to
his neck and says, how do you know that? He says,

I lived here before these assholes, and I've been trying
to sneak out of here ever since. You can't get
out of here. He tells her the story about how
the Senator and they were all living there, which we heard,
you know, back a couple episodes ago. We heard this
whole story. And he says, Teddy's group was banging on
the windows. They were outside and we weren't letting anybody in.
But the senator didn't want to see The Senator didn't

want to see people die outside, so he let them
in and they killed everyone. Oh my god, he said, lucky.
I was up in the air vent and I've stayed
hidden ever since. And he's living in some living room
down the hallway where he has lights and is a pond.
It looked like a romantic movie. I was like, what
is this? And where did he get food from? How

long has it been down there? I mean Teddy's people,
We're there for years? Yeah? How did they not find
this romantic little How is he eating? Yeah? Right, because
Teddy's people didn't. Teddy's people build all those food boxes,
and they had the tree Walker and they had a
whole community down there for years. He's been hiding for years.

What how he never got not caught? Bullshit? Seriously, there's
no way, no where, and and and and and where
the food come from. He basically admits to Alicia that
he's really never been outside since the apocalypse started, and
he's sort of afraid of the Walkers. He has no
clue what to do. He promises her he'll find a
way out and tells her to go back to the people.

They're upstairs looking for you. Go back to them. I'll
work on a way out. Present day, Alicia has them
pour white paint or white pancake batter on the walker's
head to mark him's they can spot him in the crowd.
But where do you get that white stuff from? You
go to the hard rest store. Okay, where'd you get

pancake batter from? I'm calling bat a bullshit? Bat a
bat a bullshit. Alicia tells Morgan she wants help finding Padre.
That's her big help. I want you to find so
she's in the bunker for a year, two years whatever.
We already know what happened to her in the basement.
We'll talk about that later because it's out of order.

She gets out. She's like, you know what, I want
you to find me, Morgan. He's gonna help me find Padre.
He says, what's the deal with the walker that you
poured white shit on? She says, you wouldn't understand, nobody does.
You're gonna have to trust me, Okay, but wouldn't wouldn't
Wouldn't the trust be easier if you explain it to him? Right? Yeah?
Just film, you've known him for a very long time.

Just tell the man right. Sherry comes running up on horseback,
running up. She comes riding up on horseback and says,
we were fired on by rangers and Morgan says it's
strands people, yeah, because they missed. Also, they have stormtrooper
Aim Pew p pew. He says, you guys are dressed
the same way Arnol's group addressed, and they attacked his tower.
They think you're with him, and so they all decided

to split up. And at some point was it Grace
said One of them says, oh, by the way, Mickey
wanted no part of this, So like that's the way
they wrote Mickey off the show or temporarily. Maybe she's
banging the bounty hunter the brother, but that's I guess.
Maybe Mickey wasn't available and Mickey's not on in the episode. Today.

We was just like, oh, yeah, Mickey doesn't want to
be part of this. It was like what Yeah, she
was like, yeah, Mickey wants no part of this. Okay,
does Morgan even know who Mickey is? Ah? No, right,
because I don't think he does. Yeah, so she's letting
us know that Mickey's not in the episode. It was

like a few episodes ago and They're like, oh, the
rabbis out gathering supplies. Yeah, because the rabbi wasn't on
the episode. You haven't seen him. It was like Wendell, Oh, yeah,
Wendel's in the tower. He's fine. So Mickey's not on
the show and maybe she'll pop up later. But for
whatever reason, they didn't want to bother writing her into
this script. Yeah. Alicia cuts open one of the walkers, who,

by the way, it was used to be one of
her tribe, and covers a couple of ponchos with the guts.
Now she's never done this guts trip before, but now
she's doing it. And Morgan says, be careful. I've seen
people get sick from less. Yeah. Father Gabriel got sick,
he lost an eye. Yeah. Meanwhile, Alicia's brother used to
cover himself with the guts all the time and the blood.

Nothing ever happened to him. Yeah. Nick never got sick. Yeah,
Nick never got sick. Flashback, another one, flashback with another one.
Arno gives Alicia back her weapon, you know, the end
of the rifle with the holes in it, that piece
of metal. She hasn't been able to find a better
weapon since Arnold gets a call on Milwaukee. They found

one of the senators people, and we're gonna return him
to the Earth. So they finally find Will. He's been
living there for what twenty years? Forty years? They now
they find him. They couldn't find him all that time.
They're about to shove him into the tree walker and
let the walker bite him in the neck, but a

cost perfect timing bullshit. Alicia shows up, throws her new
weapon that she just up back into the shoulder of
the Walker and makes everyone stop and says, Teddy was right.
I'm gonna lead you guys, and no one is gonna
be returned to the earth again. We're not doing that ship.
That ship's weird. I said that. She didn't say that,
but I'm saying that. She says, let him go. I'm

in charge. Now. They're like, all right, well, Teddy said right.
So she makes everyone leave. It's just horror and Will.
And he asks Alicia do walkers remember anything? And she
says why? And he says, because that's Senator Vasquez. So
that's the senator that we heard so much about. That's
the walker you follow. She says, they don't remember anything.

They're just walking corpses. And if you forget that, that's
when things become dangerous. Right. She should have listened to
her own advice, by the way, because that comes back
to bite her literally literally. He says, I don't know
where Padre is. Only the Senator did. And he's the
only one that even knew it was real. He said,

I don't even know if if anyone's ever made it
there alive. The Senator wasn't there, right, She says, the
Senator wasn't there. He does say, though, look, if you're
gonna make it out of here, I'm going with you.
And he looks terrified, and she says, look, oh, I'm sorry.
He says, look, if you make it out of here,
I'm not going with you. He looks like he's terrified
to go up there and face the real world. And

she says, if you don't go with me, they'll kill you.
And she takes off her necklace and gives it to him.
That's another, by the way, a reminder in case you forgot,
he's got the necklace right, right, They right exactly. So
they are so present day and she's walking with Morgan
and Alicia says she's weak, and he's like, are you Okay,

it's like, well, you know how, I haven't slapped, I
haven't eaten. I'm fine. But it's hot out here. And
they're following the white the senator with the white stuff
on him, he's the white Walker, right, So there's your
Game of Thrones reference. A couple of men on horses
come up behind them. How they found them? I have
no idea, right, I have no idea how they found them.

Can you explain to me how they found them? In
a vast waste land of nothingness? Don't even ask me, right,
is Daryl? They're tracking them? Oh? I wish, but no,
he's not. Of course, they missed them completely. Stormtrooper Aim
Morgan tells Alicia, if they know you're here, they'll stop firing,
because you know, Strand loves you. And Morgan yells, hey, now,

he just said to Alicia, if they know you're here,
they'll stop firing. Right. What's the first thing he yells?
These aren't the people that attacked you, right? He doesn't
say I'm here with Alicia. He says, these aren't the
people that your plan was let them know you're here, Alicia.
But then what does he yelled? Oh, these aren't the

droid you're looking for. These aren't the people that attacked
your tower, and so they so they say back, we
aren't here for the people that attack the tower. We're
here for you, Mr Jones. He says, Strand and I
have a deal. The guy yells back, you tried to
kill him in his own house, like what yeah? And
then Morgan says, it's not what you think x ny X.

They don't pay no attention to the man behind the
curtain with the gun. Don't worry about him the curtain.
Now they know Morgan doesn't have a weapon, right because
they let him out there on his own. They know
he has no weapon. The six of them now have
him surrounded. So what do they do? He and Alicia
are ducked behind a giant boulder. They keep firing at

the rock. Why not just walk up to the rock
and shoot him? Seriously, they have nothing in their hands
and they're helpless. Even if you think he's got a gun, right,
which he would have fired at this point. Right if
you all run up with the guns firing at him
and keep firing and move closer, he's not gonna be
able to stand up and shoot at you because the
bullets keep firing ah. The walker starts running away. They

again they have their guns pointed at them. Alicia runs
after the walker. They shoot at her and miss really.
Then Morgan runs after her. They shooted him and miss. Really.
They shoot the Walker but not in the head. So
the two of them grabbed the walker and they're carrying
the walker off. They're helping the walker. I've never seen

anything so stupid. Morgan has no idea why, but they're
carrying him like Weekend at Bernie's Love that by the way, right,
they're carrying the dead walker like he's Bernie Walker. Of course, now,
like every bad written movie, they end up at the
edge of a cliff. They were just shooting at them, right.

Why were they shooting at Morgan to kill him? Well, yeah,
to kill him, sham him dead. They don't know it's Alicia,
so they're trying to kill her too, because she's with
Morgan exactly. They yell, don't move or we'll shoot. You've
been shooting at them, Just shoot the don't move, don't

threaten it, just do it. Don't move. Why you want
them dead? Were you just trying to scare them into
not moving? Don't move, will shoot. So the cliff is
over a river, and so she pushes the walker into
the waters over the cliff, and now Strand is with them.
He's the leader. What general goes into battle like that?

He keeps being the one to show up. He has
generals so he doesn't have to go risk his life.
He takes his mask off and says to Alicia, I
didn't know you were with him. Well, that's what you
say to a woman you've been looking for for a year.
You haven't seen her. She's been in a basement of
a hotel. You wouldn't say, Alicia, my god, I have
missed you. Oh I know you're with him. You're banging him,

you're tapping that. So she sees him. She already knows
he funked up the submarine situation because Will completely filled
I glossed over this, but Will completely fill Alicia and
about how Strand fucked everything up. Yeah, right, So she
jumps off the cliff. Now she's the only one that

could keep Morgan alive, right, because more he wants to
kill Morgan. Alicia stays she could have bargained with him
and said, look, whatever you want, leave Morgan alone. He's
my buddy. But she doesn't give a fuck. She wants
to follow the walk of the podre So yeah, she goes,
So Morgan, I'm from Morgan. I'm pissed. I'm like you listen,

be well, you just left me here with Morgan on
the cliff. I went to Strand on the cliff. Listen.
So now there's five or six guys with guns pointed
at Morgan. Strand has a gun pointed at Morgan. Am
I wrong? You're You're not wrong? Strand says you found her,
and Morgan says, you're right. She really didn't want to
see you. For a split second, it looked like Strand

was gonna forgive Morgan like you found her. That's what
I thought for a hot second. But who blew it?
Morgan So, with nicks guns pointed at him, he doesn't
steal the bacon maneuver. If you've ever played that game
as a child, right, He swoops down to the ground,
grabs his axe stick, stands up, jumps off the cliff

before Strand or the other five guys with guns can
shoot him. What they jump. He jumps about forty ft
into the water, and yet Strand and his man with
high powered rifles don't try shooting him in the water.
Oh my god. Now they weren't trying to take Morgan hostage.

They want him dead. Why wouldn't you shoot at him
from the hill, from the cliff, the three of them,
And I'm referring to, of course, Alicia, Morgan and Weekend
at Bernie's wash up down the river. So they follow
the river down down the stream right merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

And they go up on the shore like a rock
bed or like whatever, like a beach of rock. And
that means all of their blood is off of them,
off their ponchos, the white the white stuff is for
the most part, off of the walker. And Alicia says,
did you really try to kill Strand? And Morgan says, yes,

but he tried to kill me. Really, Morgan, aren't you
better than that? Well, I tried to kill him, but
then he tried to kill me. He tried to kill
me first, but then he didn't kill him with the
elevator shaft. It doesn't make any sense. He tried to
kill him, but then he's like, I can't kill you.
Alicia'll be mad at me, But you did try to
kill him, right, He should just push that shaft. So
Morgan says to Alicia, I need you to help me

make something of nothing. I'm tired of trying to make
something out of nothing. I need your help to find
a real place where everyone can be safe. She said,
I can't be that person for you, Morgan, He says, Look,
all we have is a walker who's been dead a
really long time. And she says there's an echo of
a person that used to be there and has to
be there. And Morgan said, is I thought that too

until my son was killed. Yeah, because he thought his
wife was still in there, and his wife wasn't still
in there, and she killed Dwayne. He says to her,
don't that doesn't work that way. They're dead now. Remember
she's the one who said, don't forget that they're just
shells of humans. Yeah, there's nothing left. There's no memory,
there's no recall, there's nothing left. Morgan puts the axe

to the throat of the walker and says, tell me
why you think this is the only walker that can
help us, or I'm gonna kill it. And that's when
strands men y'all freeze again and again. I say to you,
why not just shoot Morgan? Unless now you don't want
to shoot Morgan because that would upset Alicia. Flashback to Will,

Alicia and the Senator, Senator Bernie not Bernie Sanders though
in the basement right there's rats everywhere, and Will says,
if we could find out how the rats are getting in,
we could find a way out. Why if the rats
are getting in through a one inch hole, you're not
going through the one hole. You're not going to fit.
Did that and the rats aren't necessarily coming through a doorway.
Alicia throws the walker on the ground, cuts its stomach open,

and starts pulling the guts onto Horror and tells him
to do the same. Now he has no idea what's
going on. Will apologize it to the Senator and says,
I'm going to find your family. No, you're not there
was you know, you're not at that point the nuclear
bombs hadn't gone off. But you're not going to find
his family. It's been so long dead not out there.

So Alicia says, I've forgot. I've been up there so long.
I forgot that these people used to be people. So
now she's trying to remember now what the world used
to be like, that this was a Senator, this was
a person because Will is like, hey man, I'm sorry
to cut your guts open and throw them all over myself.
He says to her, I will try to help you.

Remember how things used to be noticed. They didn't put
any guts on their face. I thought you had to
do that, but they didn't putts on there. Fair. The
walker crawls through a tunnel and they allow him. So
the walker is smart enough to know to to military
crawl on its belly. He was kind of following the rats,
you know. Yeah, but how does he go to crawl

like that? Wouldn't he crawl on all fours gets That's
the only way he could fit. So here's what I wrote,
not knowing what was going to happen. The walker had
a rope in its mouth, right, so he couldn't bite? Yeah,
he had They had a rope in his mouth like
the harness the noose. Remember I had a noose around

his neck from when Dwight had him on the rope.
They put the rope in his mouth so would bite
down on the rope. But at that point I wrote,
not sure why they wouldn't cut his jaw off the
way machine did a Yeah, what's the point, you're gonna
use this as a pet. Right, you're planning on following
this thing all the way to Podre Exactly, You don't, right,

you don't need it to bite anything. You're not playing
on using him as a weapon, cut his jaw off.
But no, they don't think of that. So they get
halfway through the tunnel and nuclear bombs must have landed
at the exact same time climbing bullshit, and the tunnel collapses.
Naturally they get separated. Of course they get separated. You
gotta keep him separated. Uh, present day, Morgan says to Strand,

we had a deal. You gave me your word. Now,
didn't Morgan already get the answer about this, didn't already
tell him you had a deal. But he tried to
kill you. He says. Words don't mean much out here anymore,
and Strand says, I want to know why you're trying
to protect this walker. It's already dead. She says, don't
kill it. It'll just make things worse for you, Like

if you funk with my walker, I'm gonna sunk with you.
Was not having it, he says, Alicia. I thought I
could do it alone, but I can't you're the only
person on the planet basically I can trust, which is
a slap and faced all the people around him, by
the way, Yeah, he doesn't trust Howard, he doesn't trust
the Guard, his military. That's right there with him, Howie June. Yeah.

She says, I don't need your tower, and it needs you,
stupid tower, and Strand says, well, you're gonna find Padre.
It doesn't exist. It's a myth. Many people have ended
up on my door ne your death because they couldn't
find that place. Don't make the same mistake again. She says,
I don't need you. I don't need you now. Look,

I'm a big fan. I'm a big fan, Jamie. If
you are at gunpoint, be nice to the people with
the guns. Yeah, I'll think about it. You know, maybe
I'm not ready to come there now, but yeah, maybe
I can do that. I'll consider it. She knows he's crazy,
and she's like, I don't need you. Go after yourself, Strand.

You're not at least bit worried he would kill you, right,
So Strand tells his men to kill the walker, and
then he says, even better, kill Morgan. Did he tell
them to take Morgan to the walker. I don't recall
that he said something like with the walker. He said

some phrase that insinuated, like use the worker to kill him.
Whatever the case, they grabbed Morgan and they drag him
over to the walks to to Bernie's face and Alicia.
By the way, Alicia could have jumped in at any
time when they walked the ten feet with Morgan over
to the walker, right, she could have intervened at any point.
But no. At the last second, she sticks her arm

in to save him, and the walker appears to bite
Alicia's arm, but she doesn't freak out. Yeah, I thought once.
She's not screaming too. She's not freaking out. Why is
She's so calm. There's also no blood. Now, it could
have been a bite mark and not a chew at
that point, but there was no blood. And she says, everybody,

get away and get away, strand get out of here,
get away, and he clearly feels terrible. He's like, oh
my god, I'm so sorry, and he leaves. They all leave.
It was like the first moment of genuineness I saw
in him in a very long time. Was like, oh
my god, Alicia. Except here's here's the here's the problem
with that. You know, you have to cut her on
off at this point if you believe she was bitten, yes, okay,

why would you leave them there? She didn't get like
her neck ripped out, She's not bleeding to death. Why
would you leave? Because she was really mad and she
was like, get the hell out of here. Yeah, so
he leaves. Flashback, Alicia wakes up in the tunnel where
the ceiling uh landed on her head like the cave
thing the tunnel, the tunnel collapse right, and the walker

Senator Bernie, he's crawling away. First of all, how far
is he gonna get his crawling? Okay, she uh shines
a flashlight on him to draw his attention. So she said,
come here, come back, come back, shark. Here's some here's
some chum, the only of But she hasn't thought this

through because so now again I thought the walker had
a rope in its mouth. But the walker turns around
and starts crawling towards her. So now she starts building
a rock wall of the boulders to make sure he
doesn't attack her. Okay, again, you have to ask yourself
why they didn't cut his jaw off. Will Is the

opposite of her. She's trapped, but in front of her
is the Walker, and there's no Rubble, the guy who
could save her or help her, he's trapped behind Rubble.
So the rubble happened to fall between them, but not
in front of her and the Walker. Boulder bullshit. The
Walker knocks down the rock wall. How it just does? Why?

Because she's yelling to Will She's like, I'll get you
out of there, and he's like, I'll got you, I'll
help you'll save you. They're yelling, right, so of course
even if so, if the Walker would have just crawled
to the wall and been discouraged, would have just sat there.
But she's screaming at him, so of course the Walker
is gonna go berserk. She draws his attention. She she
she somehow now she had it the weapon, right, she

has her weapon with her, but she doesn't want to
kill the senator. So the Walker bites her arm, her
wrist really badly for a chunk out. She hit the
thing in the head with a rock, but it still
bit her. She had the weapon, what but she wouldn't
kill him? Come on, at this point I realized she

must have cut her arm off in the past, which
is why when she was bitten now she wasn't really bitten.
It didn't really, it didn't matter. And again, which which
arm was bitten? This time her left arm. It's always
the left arm. So Alicia tells Will it's over. I
can't leave, I can't lead anybody, and he says it

can't be over. There's gotta be some way to stop,
to spread. I want to be a part of a
world that you change, and you don't have to do
it in Teddy's image. Those people will follow you whatever
you decide, and they show her wrist is a big
chunk of her wrist missing. Back to the present, it's
nighttime and Alicia still hasn't shown Morgan her arm. And

why would he wait hours to to let her get
away with that doesn't make sense to me. No, it's
no exactly. I would have been like immediately he would
have cut her on off like they did everybody. Yeah,
he would have did grab his ax. And and why
does he take her five six hours? Why didn't you
just go, Oh, by the way, I have a prosthetic.

By the way, I'm fine be sitting there till sundown
worrying about her. It doesn't make sense. Yeah, it just
it doesn't make any sense, right, Okay, So she takes
the covering off of her her arm and you could
see that her elbow down is gone, and she used
her own bones and some metal to frame out the

lower part of her arm. Yeah, so that means she
de fleshed her arm and are exposed bones. Really, that's
thirty what I don't know. I have no idea, but again,
of course it's a left um calling left arm bullshit. Flashback.
Alicia has her weapon, which by the way, again I

rewind you she did not use to kill the walker,
and she hit the walker with a rock. Right, So
the walkers unconscious at this point, obviously, because where's the walker?
He bit her? But now where's the walker? He knocked him?
She knocked him out with a rock? Can you do
that to a walker? Can you? Can you knock a
walker unconscious? No? I don't think you can. So where

do walker go? Right? Or did she kick it and
then it escaped out the tunnel? I don't remember, But
either way, the walker's gone. She says to Will. It's
too late, right, but I'm gonna I'm gonna cut my
arm off. But if it's too late, and it spreads
to the rest of my body. If I starting a
fever and sick, you need to kill me before I
hurt anybody. You have promised me that. He's like, I

don't really want to do that, but all right, I'll
do it, all right, Okay. So she cuts her own
arm off, and I don't I don't know how she's
going to stop the bleeding. You cut your arm off,
You didn't have a tourniquet ready, No, and with that
freaking metal thing, holy ship on a shingle. I mean
that thing would have been spurting blood. And you know

it was rusty and dirty. Oh my god. Talk about tetanus.
I mean, every infection you could possibly have, she'd have. Okay,
So the next thing we see is she's recovering in
their makeshift hospital and they've sewn up her arm. That
was the most disgusting thing. Will couldn't get through the
rock wall. But in the time it took him to

finally get through the rock wall and drag her back
through the tunnel, drag her back through the tunnel that's collapsed,
and get her to safety, she didn't bleed out. I'm
assuming he turned a kid in her arm or wrapped
his shirt around the right. Well, like I said, the
walker must think I don't remember. I don't. I'll look

it up. I'll watch the episode again, but but I
don't remember where the walker went. Alicia wakes up and
Will says, let me tell you what's going on. The
bombs went off, and some people above ground who were
above ground are people. They know what happened. Your friends
tried to stop Teddy, but Strand got in the way.
Now I don't think anybody was on that. Teddy must

have said what happened? Right, Teddy must have run back
to the two people and told him what happened. That
Strand gotten the way. Will says, you've been out for
about a week. You had a bad fever. But the
fever broke, and Alicia yelled at him and said, I
had a fever. Then I didn't cut my arm off
in time. I must be like ready to turn into
a walker. So Will says, you know it could have

been an infection. Sepsis could have been anything. Didn't have
to be from a walker infection. You cut your own
on wolf could have been tetness or whatever exactly. And
it broke, so to show her appreciation. She says, you
were supposed to kill me, he said, but I didn't.
And you're here now, and you can leave these people,
you can lead these people and I'll help you. And
she says, you can't help me. Present day, Alicia and

Morgan covered themselves, and walker guts again and are following
the Senator again. The walkers up and running again. We
don't at this point, Padre could be thousands of miles away.
We have no idea. No one has any idea. This
is in the history of the Walking Dead, following this
walker the dumbest thing. This is the dumbest fucking idea

you have established ever seen, multiple times, that there are
a shell of themselves. They have no member. This is
the gymnist. I think she's hallucinating from no food or something.
Will told her that the Senator was never at Padre.
He sent his family there a legend. Yeah, maybe, and
he doesn't even know if they've made it right. Okay,

let's say the Senator that walker has a little little
bit of brain cells left from its previous life, right,
a little bit. Let's just say you've already established the
Senator was never at Padre, so less the walker has
a built in um compass and knows what direction to
walk in. Even if it knew on a map where

Padre was, it doesn't know where it is. It's a walker,
or it doesn't know I'm gonna go towards Florida, doesn't
know north, south, eather, east or west or do They
turn a corner and they see a light in the
distance and Alicia is like, oh, we found it, and

Morgan says, you, Dumby, that's right, that's that's trans light you.
Oh my god, Now, Jamie, how far away from that light?
Would you say? They were? Miles? A mile at least? Yeah,

not that far. Well, I think further, to be honest
with you, the light was way out in the distance.
I'm going with a couple of miles. Let's just say
let's be let's say it's a mile, right, but I'm
gonna say it was a few miles because it was
really far, no compromising. The next time we see them,
Morgan and Alicia are using binoculars to look at the

office tower from the call box stand. So why would
you go back? Why would you go back to the
tower if you're looking for Padre? You just walked in
a circle. Well, I don't understand that. Why wouldn't you
turn around and go back to your people and say, oops,
we didn't find Padre. We found the same fucking office tower.

Because she's never been there, but Morgan has. But maybe
she just wanted to see it for sure. Okay, So
maybe she wanted to see what the office tower looks like. Okay, yeah,
maybe she wanted to just know. Oh maybe, Okay, that's
that's really not it that this is the walker walks
into the herd. So the so Strand says, well, he's

he's mixed him with diired Now we're never gonna find them. Right,
You followed him for the last mile two miles, three
miles watching the light. Why didn't you tackle him? Mhm, right,
Why wouldn't you turn him and make him walk in
the direction you wanted him to walk? You followed him, Yeah,
and you don't even know which way he's supposed to go.

Alicia tells Morgan, Look, I didn't cut my arm off
in time. The infection spread and my body has been
trying to fight it all this time. They've tried everything.
It's only a matter of time. Well, they're in the
zombie apocalypse. Why three or four years. Three years. Nobody
fights off a walker infection. It's not a thing. She's like,

my body is trying to fight it off. Really, how
many other people have you met that were bitten and
I'm just trying to fight it off. None. Morgan says,
we will get you to June. She can maybe take
a look because she knows walker infections. She's gonna get
something out of out of her bloodstream. June is going
to find a cure for the walker bite. Yeah, she says,

we tried everything. There's nothing she can do. So I thought,
maybe that's why Alicia hasn't been on the show all
season number one. They wanted to save the reveal of
her arm, but also maybe she wants off the show.
Maybe she's tired of playing second fiddle to Morgan and
she's only be on a couple of episodes and they're
gonna kill her off just to the character can be done.
They could write her off, right, And I thought, like,

that's terrible. She's one of the good ones. We don't
want her to die. A bunch of Walkers approached the
phone area where they're sitting. Why because there's a light
on the call box tower? Why they wouldn't break the light.
If you're gonna hide under a little thing with a light,
why wouldn't you're literally sitting under it? Like, are you
kidding me? However, the towers in the distance with a
more bright light, wouldn't they follow the big light light?

So Morgan jumps out from into the tower. He kills
them all. It's the Okay, it's the middle of the night,
am I right? Yes? Okay? They have no idea where
Morgan and Alicia are. They saw them go off in
one direction, chasing a walker. They jumped off a cliff,
and last they saw Alicia's arm was bitten. Why are
they out there on patrol in the middle of the night.

There's no need to be I mean, there shouldn't be
a need to be right and perfect timing. They show
up right when Morgan is by the call box fighting walkers,
Strand gives Alicia to look like he said, I'm really sorry.
I feel terrible about your arm. Meanwhile, why doesn't Strand
notice they didn't cut her arm off? Wouldn't that be
the first thing they would have done? And it's nighttime right, right?

How come you have an arm? Yeah? Plus that happened
during the day and it's the middle of the night.
Wouldn't she have turned into a walker? Oh for sure.
If they didn't cut it, if she's still at her
arm and she was really bit, she'd be dead. And
she says it's not your fault and owes him the
arms stub and Strand says it doesn't really like comment

on the arm. He gets the impression. Now they were
following the walker. He says, the walker leads you here
because this is where you belong. Really, the walker did
that on purpose. The walker new to leader there. So
originally my theory was that she would go into the
tower knowing she's dying, and then like turn into a
walker and kill Strand. That sounds like that would be cool,

going like espionage, like oh, I'm fine. You know there's
no nasal swabs there, there's no COVID tests. I thought that,
or that she would go into the tower and make
a deal. Let Morgan go free, and I'll go in
the tower with you. And then because she knows she's
gonna die, Strand tells her, look, all of your people
can come in and be safe, and I will make
sure of it. And she says, even if I'm out

here anymore. Promise me. He says, what do you mean
you'll be here? She says, promise me, and he says, okay,
I promise you. And Morgan says his words useless. Why
would you believe Strand? Strand's gonna promise you straight doesn't
keep his Alicia knows better than anybody right that he
doesn't keep his word. Coincidence bullshit. After she agrees to

go to the tower, possibly with to let all her
people move in with Morgan, Alicia sees a walker on
the ground crawling. Now there's thousands of walkers, there's walkers
in every direction. It's Will. She walks up and sees
its Will. He's got the necklace around his neck. Will
died how many weeks ago. It could have crawled anywhere

at any time, but it crawls there in the middle
of the night to go where Alicia happens to be
right at that moment. That's just awesome. They wandered to
the tower by accident and ran into Walker Will. Flashback.
Oh by the way. She kills Walker Will. She stabs
him with her stubby sharp arm hand thing flashback. Alicia

wakes up in bed and she says, I know what
we need to do, and Will is gone. At this
point she woke up from from her fever dream or whatever.
He's gone. He wrote her a note and he says,
you need to move on without me, and I'm gonna
go up and try to find my way on my own.
If I stay here, I'm a reminder of the way
the world used to be, and you need to build

something better. Really, why wouldn't she want to build a
world with people like him who care about her and
he's one of the good guys. It's so Romeo and Juliettish.
It's so like, oh, I can't be here, you need
a better world. It's such bullshit prose. I'm sorry. I'm
sorry guys listening to the podcast. I'm sorry, but it's

just so silly. I'm afraid of walkers. I've never fought one.
But I'm gonna go up alone after a nuclear apocalypse,
and I'm gonna build a life of myself even though
you're laying here with no allies and half an arm.
Now is my time to leave. You couldn't have waited
a year six months until she gave the game the strength,

and then while she's rebuilt the world like he felt
for that, like, you're gonna rebuild the world. She's a
twentysomething girl with with a one arm. What world? There's
people with military trying to rebuild the world. The CRM
is trying to rebuild the world. You're not rebuilding the world, Alicia,
the funk out of here. Sorry, explicit. Maybe one day

I'll get to see the world you built. Oh my god,
that's this isn't like Willy Wonka on the chocolate factory.
You'll take over the factory. Present day, Alicia stands up
and says to Strand, did you do this? Did you
kill him? Now? All you have to say was no,
I know what a dip shit he could have died.

She already knows. She already knows he's not good at
fighting walkers. All he had to say was no, I
don't know who that is. I have no clue that is.
YE know who is that? So he says, yes, I
did what. She says, did you know he knew me?
Did you know where he came from? Why would you
do that? Again? He could have said, I had no idea.

He tried to break in. I killed him. Strand says,
I knew I needed to build this tower without you
in my way. Okay, but he already built the tower
when he threw wol off the roof, the towers already built.
Then he says, I wanted to hurt you, to keep
you away. Yeah, but how had that hurt her? He
didn't know where she was, and if he didn't crawl
up there just now, she never would have known. He

killed Will Again, it doesn't make any sense, and she says,
I still understand why you'd kill him. How would that
keep me away? He says, because he told me that
he loved you. Okay, but Atlicia didn't know that. Yeah,
she had no clue, no clue. All she knew is
he was some helpful guy who helped save her arm.

Alicia sister Morgan, how long can we survive at the
submarine with everybody? He says, I don't know, maybe a
week or two. She So she turns to Strand and
she says, you took so much from me. I'm gonna
take from you the only thing you care about. I'm
taking your tower, okay, all right, okay. So he says
I'm going to defend it, and she says, remember remember when, um,

when I said this then we're going to war. Yes
she did. Okay, Strand is there with two soldiers with guns.
She's there with half an arm and Morgan with an
axe stick. Why would he let her run off and
go get reinforcements? Just kill her. They can shoot her
from behind and shoot her in the leg, or hold

her at gunpoint, tie her up. What are you doing?
I She's like, okay, this is war, all right? Did
she ride away on horseback? Did you jump in a
car and right away? No, she's standing there going all right,
we're gonna come back and kill you. Just don't move,
stay right here and watching you stay right here. I
want to drink mother, may I know you cannot phrase tag.

So that didn't make any sense to me. Right at
that point, I wrote, maybe she just has an infection, right,
because she's not gonna die. She'd be dead already. I
don't think she remember when Grace was gonna die. Oh
I'm dying right, Grace had radiation poisoning the Yeah, Alicia

wants to take the tower down. What about all the
people live in the tower, They are happy living there.
Just kill Strand? Yeah he killed Will you kill him?
That's how it works? Yeah, I don't. I don't. I
don't get it. All right, let's zip through talking dead
real quick and uh and then well we'll let everybody
relax and and uh and live your lives. People will

zip right after this. Okay, Lenny, James, Polly and Macintosh,
we're on the show. Ian Goldberg, the showrunner for Fear,
one of the two Matt mcgretty World, the showrunner from
World Beyond. Ian Goldberg discusses the fact that Alicia may
not have the Walker virus. She may have sepsis or
anything else that would suggest um that she's not dying,
but we don't know yet. Really, you just told us.

You just told us you had one job, had one job.
Fear returns April twenty two of next year, which I
assume is when The Walking Dead will be in its
second break of the two breaks for the three pot season. Yeah, okay.
Special guest on the show Kim Dickens, who played Clark.
She says, I'm back and I gotta bounced with you.

I don't care. Oh you do you know? I don't
like her. I think it's a terrible monotone actress. Yeah,
you know what's she really was so flash like she
always looked like she smelled something bad, like she the
ratings were in the toilet when she was on the show.

So then I thought, are they bringing Madison back so
she can watch Alicia die? Or bringing her back to
give Alicia hope again and motivation to live and like
joining her in the war? Right, Like, are you gonna
bring her back to find out Nick's dead? And now
your daughter is dead? Because she doesn't know Nick is
dead and you know they're suffering ratings. Wise, otherwise they
would have had her just reappear. But now you've told me,

like five months in advance, six months in advance, there's
no shock value now, like I want to be surprised,
And now she's gonna come back and I'll be like, oh,
is that so I come back in April. I would
have come back anyway if I cared about the show.
I'm coming back, Yeah, Scott, Yeah, says oh no, sorry,
so Chris, because Chris Hardwick says to her, so what

do you think of the show? Since you're left have
been following along? Keep in mind she was on season
four all in flashbacks, she wasn't on season five and six.
She says, I tuned, I I jumped into season seven. Yeah,
I watched some episode of season seven, so so look,
I'm not saying you have to watch the show he
used to be on, but she clearly said that. She's like, no,

I don't watch it that ship. I'm not watching that show. Right,
Why would I watch that show? And think about it, Jamie,
if you lost your job at light FM, would you
tune in every morning? I'd be a little angry, right,
I wouldn't listen. I wouldn't would be too hurtful to listen. Yeah,
a little painful. She just she just because some people
on The Walking Dead like tea dog and they'll go, oh, no,

it's my family. I love the show. I watched it
every week. Kim Dickens was like that. And then the
show runner, Ian Goldberg sort of alluded to the fact
that they you know, they never showed a body and
it was it was always the plan to bring her
back at the right time. No, it wasn't. You killed
her off and brought a whole new cast in because
the show was suffering, had Morgan crossover. You're brought in

John Dorry and Yeah and Sherry eventually all these people
because Madison couldn't lead the show, but your goal was
to bring it back in a couple of years. You
had no idea it's still be on the air. We
were just looking for the right time to bring it back. No,
you weren't very flat, which you know if you know
what that means. That says to me, I think either
Strand's gonna die or Alicia is gonna die, and they

gotta bring back another old timer. They must They must
have said, like Strand wants off the show or Alicia
wants off the show, and we're gonna bring back an o.
G open up because you can't have you can't have
Morgan and Alicia and Madison all being leaders. Right now.
It's Morgan and Alicia. Yeah, so Madison's gonna come back,

and then Strand's gonna want to be a leader. Someone's dying.
Someone's got to right now. The only other explanation that
can happen is that Morgan leaves and takes seven years
to get back to Virginia to catch up with the
Walking Dead. Do you think they're and then is going

to leave? Yea, or Morgan leaves and we find out
when the Walking Dead returns that he's been living at
Commonwealth for six years and all of a sudden he
shows up in the crowd. Right, how cool would that be?
That would be awesome. But i mean, listen, Lenny James
ain't getting any younger. If they try to like him
seven more years. Oh man, you're right, they gonna have

to spray paint his hair gray. Yeah, okay, all right,
So Scott M. Gimpel sent in a statement regarding the
French scene, or we didn't talk about the French scene.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Okay, we're almost done.
So post credit scene. Alla. Marvel Movies. They show a
woman we find out is a doctor or scientist in

an old, abandoned building with the windows blown out. I'm
telling you it's France. It's it's not Canada, because Trevis Chan,
our buddy Trevor, who's from Canada, said it's not Canadian French.
It's French French, which is different. It's French French French.
So she pulls out, she goes, and she pulls out,

She goes to a safe or a locked cabinet, takes
out DVDs. Ride movies is something a laptop, so she's
watching a DVD now or the video on a little laptop.
It's Jenner, the doctor from season one of the c
d C with The Walking Dead who told Rick that
the virus was in everybody, and then he blew up
the c d C because a few people wanted to die.

God amber that shit. Yeah, okay, good, alright, good, okay,
you're like what that sounds? But I like, I just
I didn't really I knew, I knew, but that I
couldn't play. Oh you forgot. That's Dr Jennifer. God he
grew up the CDC. Yes, I was staring at him, like,
why do I know this guy? So that's the that's
the big crossover. Remember I thought it was gonna be

the pilot. I had all these staries. This was also interesting.
So he's talking to the French doctors. He's leaving a
message for the French doctors and he says, I hope
you guys have made some discoveries. We did some testing.
We didn't we didn't find any results, not much we
could do, right, I hope, I hope you guys have
found a cure and we could all, like you know,

have happy lives, live happily after. And so he's basically
comparing notes with the French doctors. He sent them a
video to say, you know, this is what we've tried.
It's not working. I hope you had better luck with that.
A guy with a gun comes in and it's all subtitles,
but it's French, so I'm just telling what French. And

he says to her he's got a gun to the
back of her head from across the room, and he says,
are you a doctor? She says yeah. He says, are
you part of the Violet team? She says, non, part
of the other team whatever. She's I was part of
the team that went to Ohio in America. So they
must have gone to America to lecture and share information
on the Walker virus. Okay, And he says, I'm surprised

you came back And she said, well, I was hoping
there were people here I could work on ending this problem.
And she said why. He says to her, you started it.
You guys made it worse after you started it. He said,
we arrested all the other doctors for coming back, but
you're not gonna be so lucky, and he shoots her.
He kills her on the wall, spray painted it says
less morts saunt ness. Now morts is like mortal, like

morta where they it's French for death. What it's said
in the spray paint was the dead were born here.
So now we know how the virus started. A bunch
of French doctors created the mess and made it worse,
you know, like they were experimenting. They fucked up. It's spread.

Now I don't know how it spreads continents. How did
the virus you know, was it on a plane? But
but any plane would have the person would have turned
and they would have eventually killed the thing on the plane.
Even if the plane, if you ate everyone on the plane,
it would have landed. They would have killed people. And
it doesn't make sense to me that theople were sick
and had fevers and then landed and then they turned

and then they started biting people and then they went
to their destination, you know, right, But the flight is
seven hours from Europe, so we already know from the
CRM they couldn't get any in the last seven hours usually,
So okay, the woman turns into a walker. She doesn't
exactly make it sounds, she sounds different. She sees the door.

The walker sees the door that she must have come
in that the guy left the gun, and she runs
towards the door as a walker and starts pounding on
the door like a regular woman would, but she's a walker.
So whatever is going on in France? They've got fast
running walkers like this is world World War Z. And

if you remember the first season of The Walking Dead
when they ran after Glenn and Rick, Yeah, and also
remember they took uh rocks and started banging them on
the glass, yeah, to get into the department store. So
whatever was about those walkers is in France, right. So
here's what Gimple said regarding the French scene with the

fast running walker. She's he said, that woman has everything
to do with the past and the future, and they
hope to tell that story and expand on it in
the future of the Walking Dead universe. It's not the
last we have seen of Jadis and the CRM and
the world beyond people. Oh my god, Ian said, Al

played by Maggie Grace, is off of Fear for the
foreseeable future. They gave her a happy ending and who
knows what will be, but for now she's gone. So
did she want off the show? Will she come crawling back?
Will they Madison her ass and bring her back who
the hell knows. And then to wrap up the episode,
they said they showed a scene from The Walking Dead

Judith and Gracie standing on a table in a flooded basement.
Remember remember they ran to the basement for help an idiot.
There are walkers coming down the steps, and for some reason,
they're blowing a whistle to draw more walkers down there.
They're not yelling help, right like, walk up and we'll

kill you. Walk up and we'll kill you. So Judith
stabs a couple of them as they're grabbing at their legs,
but then she drops her sword into I don't know
about five ft of water. Gracie is a scaredy cat,
and my guess is Judith is going to have to
dive under the water and get her sword back and
hope that Gracie doesn't get pulled under in the meantime
because they're grabbing there and then summer in the water

pulling at their legs. Now, Hardwick says no Talking Dead
until February, which is true because The Walking Dead comes
back in February, so there are no Walking Dead shows
between now in February. That is about two months. Wow,

yes it is, which leads us to this podcast. Jamie
and I will do massive news updates when they happen,
even if they're short little news update episodes. But we're
on vacation the last couple of weeks in December, so
we will let you enjoy your holidays as we enjoy
our time off and Jamie enjoys our holiday and New
Year's and meet them have a wonderful time. We will

be back in the new year as soon as possible,
but I believe unless there's a major breaking news, we
may do one more episode before the end of the year.
I just can't promise anything. But we appreciate your loyalty,
and we appreciate two hundred and seven episodes with you,
and we appreciate that even when we take a couple
of weeks off, you make light of it and demand
free dessert and extra thick, girthy episodes and don't get

mad at us, And so thank you. What a great
opportunity to buy Walkers and Talkers shirts for the holidays,
for your loved ones or selfishly for yourself. I don't
know how many are left. It's not a lot, so
buy them now. Uh And that's it. Thank you for everything,
uh and have a wonderful new year. If we don't
talk to you and we'll see on the other side, Jamie,

I believe unless borrowing some big news, it's time. What
time is it? It's time to shut this ship down.
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