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February 25, 2022 70 mins

Ep.208 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down TWD S11 ep 9 "No Other Way"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
Charge. Here the rules are, Jamie, I'm supposed to say
something here, right, Yes, it's been so long, I forget what.
Let me check my notes. Hold on a second, Oh yeah,
here it is here, it is. I have to say.
Welcome to Walkers. Okay, welcome to Walkers and Talkers, episode
two oh eight. Day. We were officially caught up by

the Brooklyn Boys podcast, which got to two oh seven
last week. We were stuck on two oh seven since
what year I don't even remember, but now this is
two oh eight. We are now one episode ahead of
the Brooklyn Boys podcast. So yeah, I guess yeah, I'm
on both of them, so I'm just keeping track. You're
a busy man. Well, we started like how many years
before the Brooklyn Boys year? We we we Unfortunately we

take off some time when there's no show and there's
no episodes. However, this being the end of February, I
think we're gonna go straight through April with part two
of season eleven, and then before you know it, Fear
the Walking Dead will be back. The World Beyond will
not be back, but there's new shows coming out, so
we'll talk about those. We have lots of news before

we break down. The episode Before we break down the episode.
Did you like the episode very much? By the way,
I'm David Brody from a Light of feminin York. I'm not, No,
I'm not. I'm David Brody from il R in the
morning show. That's Jamie even Light of femin Or that's
how long it's been. I don't work at light FM.
I mean I was. It's great station. But are you
guys playing Christmas music yet? No night yet? And so

it's February you guys. Starts sprinkle it in sometimes sprinkle
it in. Yeah, yeah, okay. There was a massive bullshit
on one scene, which I will, of course, I will
call bullshit. I already know what you're gonna say, do
you all right? Well, all right, all right, hold on,
hold on, I think and then Marcus one of our
loyal listeners. Okay, so Marcus questions that's at Marcus DC

are very similar to the bullshit I called. Oh you
wrote same, so you know you already know. Oh yeah,
that's what I was thinking in my head too. Yeah yeah, yeah, okay,
that what. So let's get let's get to the news.
First of all, the big story this week is that
Andrew Lincoln has been spotted on set and in Snoya,
Georgia during the Walking deads filming the last episodes. Now

we don't know if he's directing some episodes, if he's
doing a flashback scene, you know, where they want to
film like someone's dying and they think of Rick the
way Rick thought of certain people when he was allegedly dying.
But then didn't you know, So we don't know why
he's there. I don't think it's a welcome back Rick scene.
I don't think he's gonna be at the I don't

think he's gonna show up in the Commonwealth right like
he's the because I still think he was with the CRM,
with World Beyond. I think he was that kid's stepfather.
That that's you know, he's the general. Well he changed
his name maybe as amnesia doesn't remember who he is,
one of those things. So we don't know why he's there,
but he is there. I didn't want to not mention
it because then you guys will go, what what you

guys didn't mention Angela? We don't know, We don't know.
We don't know. Okay, Ross Maka, who was related to
the bullshit in this episode, Yes, he was very sad
to learn about the show's final season, because before he
went away on break, he said everyone was discussing plans
for a season twelve and beyond, which says to me,

let's see, he says, just a short time before, we
were talking about plans for season twelve and beyond. This
is what he told Insider. He said he was very
sad the show would be ending, but there was one
thing that made him feel a little bit better. Quote.
I was buoyed by the fact that they were gonna
be adding eight additional episodes and really telling the story
the best way they knew how with this extra elongated season,

which is what we're in the middle of now. Based
on everything they told me, I was actually excited by
the end of the phone call, as opposed to being
very crestfallen. Nice use of the word at the beginning.
But yeah, it hit me like a ton of bricks
when I first got the call. So it's clear to
me AMC canceled the show. Yeah, we've talked about this before,

whether it was contracts, money. I think you know, if
you if you cancel the show and then rebrand it,
call it something else, have a spin off, then all
of the original deals, the contracts, any any deal with
the network that would all go away. You'd have to
renegotiate a restarted unless you had a personal services contract

that said whatever I do, frame C, I get paid,
you know, like Darryln Carroll may have had longer contracts.
Who knows. But the Red look, we know the ratings
were down since uh, you know, season eight, and I
think maybe the show got too expensive because it sounds
like the writers were there's more news about that we'll
get to, but it sounds like the writers were full
steam ahead for season twelve and thirteen and whatever else,

and they were, uh, speaking of which, Jamie, you have
some news about that. Yes, yes, So if the final
season of Walking Dead wasn't announced, the Reapers probably would
have been around for a lot longer. So in the
pandemic hit plans changed. AMC announced in July they would
extend this series tenth season by additional six episodes. When

that happens, the Reaper's interjection was moved up, so Angela
that the Reapers were originally supposed to be one of
the villains for season eleven, Yes, for the whole season,
and then season in twelve and beyond, like you said
that would have focused more on the Commonwealth story. So

when the plans changed in the final season, with both
of those stories now had to be told across the
twenty four episodes for this season, so they rushed it.
So now the writers had to make the Reapers story
start in the bonus season ten episodes and wrap up
with enough time to tell the Commonwealth story properly. And

we'll see the common story will be the main focus
for the show's final fifteen episodes. I know, see we
could have had because the look, as far as the
Reapers go, they were pitched as these badass militia. You know,
these um these militarily trained killing professionals, and they were

killing people like crazy, right, and then the remember in
the woods they killed they slaughtered everybody, at least everybody
that wasn't the star of the show. Hanging people from
trees are crazy, right. They were running by people and
cutting their you know, cutting their throats, and I mean
they were badass, and then all of a sudden, they're
not so bad assid Nigan beats the guy with a bell,

father Gabriel sneaks up on a guy, and I mean,
we'll get to that, but father, Gabriel's limping and he
beats a militarily trained sniper on the roof of It
just seemed like they were like, all right, let's go
wrap it up. Let's go wrap it up. Everybody, you're
dad and okay, speaking of wrapping it up, a spoiler,

Alden dies in this episode, and you just see him.
So Maggie will will get more into detail. But Alden,
you know what, I'll talk more about this when we
get to the part in the episode where he actually
is found by Maggie at the end, as I realized now,
I kind of want to save what we learned off screen,

which I thought again again, I think it was rushed
what they didn't show it, but they assumed we'd figure
it out. I didn't know what happened until I noticed
the big bloody scar, but I I assumed, you know,
maybe he did it to himself, you know, I didn't
know it was one of those Oh, by the way,
his what happened. So I'm gonna skip that and I'll

get back to it. And we breaked down the episode.
Speaking of rushing, you have a normal reada's story about
something being rushed. I do so murmur Rina's things. Leah
and Darrell's relationship was a little rushed, so Insider asidermanritez
if there was anything he wished they would have that
would have played out differently with his character. One of
the moments he brought up was Darryl's relationship with Leah,

and he said, the relationship with Leah was kind of
thrown at us during those COVID episodes. So the Walking
Dead boss Scott and Gimble previously told Inside they were
written with producibility and mind, were smaller in scale and scope,
and featured limited cast members on screen. In other words,
they did what they could while they were wearing masks
and shields and you know all the COVID precautions exactly,

So that relationship was kind of crammed together in a
way that fit with our shooting schedule and storyline for
those two people. Norman also pointed out that the show's
safety protocols also made it difficult, and he said, everyone's
got nine layers of plastic on the face, and we're
all kind of very hesitant to get close to one another.
So I mean that makes sense, I get it all right. Again,

We'll jump in ahead at the end of the episode
Nigan leaves right now. In the comics, he leaves, and so,
I I'm wondering if they do something similar to what
they did in the comics. So Jeffrey Dean Morrigan was
interviewed again by The Insider. We got a lot of
our stuff from from them, and he teased what's gonna
happen that he has a hell when he returns, he'll
have a mysterious friend with him. Now. In one of

the trailers for season eleven, Part two, which came out
in January, j d M was with a black woman.
Negan was with a black woman who we haven't seen before,
so we didn't know who that was. In the comics,
Neigan disappears and then he comes back for the last
episode of the comics, but they don't really say what
he what he was doing, where he was And so
a couple of years ago, Robert Kirkman, the creative Walking

Down of Course, released a one off comic book called
Negan Lives, which showed him meeting a woman named Lucy.
So this woman could be Lucy, and he invites her
to go with him to the hospital to recover his
wife Lucille's body and bury her. So she may be
an adapted version of Lucy that he finds along the way.

So we don't know how long he'll be gone. If
there's a time jump, he could be gone, you know.
Well we know there's a time jump because in the
trailer for next week it says six months later. Yes,
Sonigan could be gone six months. He could be gone
longer than that, we don't know. And what a time
jump it was? Oh yes, it was, Oh my god,
what else you got, Jamie um So when Insider asked

j d M Jeffredy Morgan if there is anything, anything
that he wished would have played out differently with his character,
he said, I wouldn't have killed Glenn. Wow, And he goes, yeah,
that was probably a bad decision. Now, I wonder if
he say okay, So he says he's the thing that
he wasn't clear about. He's saying his character shouldn't have

killed Glenn. Or is he saying the show shouldn't have
killed Glenn? Oh? I think he means both, because if
if Nigan shouldn't have killed Glenn, right, that means like,
you know, because he screwed up Maggie, he piste off
a lot of people. There was more of like, there's
more people who wanted revenge because of Glenn. Let that
they didn't want to defend Abraham. But the Glenn thing
was freaking brutal, right. I think as a show, they

lost a lot of followers, a lot of watchers, a
lot of years because of the way Glenn was killed,
even though it was exactly the way he died in
the comic books talked about. We talked about this four
years ago. It's not the same seeing it on and
and hearing him you you know, that was brutal. So
I wonder if he meant both or I wonder if
he meant one or the other, I wouldn't have killed Glenn,

I guess. I guess he's saying if he was a writer,
he wouldn't have killed Glenn. But he didn't say Nigan
shouldn't have killed Glenn, so maybe he means both. I
don't know. I had mentioned earlier that The World Beyond
is not coming back, but there's another spin off coming
in addition to the Darryl and Carroll show. The Tales

of the Walking Dead, will debut this summer, which we've
talked about, and it's gonna be an anthology show. Individual episodes.
So they announced some of the cast a few weeks
ago while we were on hiatus, and we're gonna see
Terry Crews from Brooklyn nine nine, Anthony Edwards, Parker, Posey,
Poppy Lou believe that's how you pronounced your name, and

Jillian Bell I believe that's how you pronounced Bell b
E l L Bell. Yes. And it came out last
week that there will be an episode featuring Alpha Alpha.
I'm Alpha. There will be conflict. Now here's the thing
about the Alpha, Samantha Morton being in the show. There's

no reports of Ryan Hurst, Beta, being on the show,
and there's no reports of Lydia, her daughter, being on
the show. The actress who plays McClatchy, mcclinty, mcclinty. Yeah, anyway, Um,
so we don't know if this is a Alpha before
she got married, Alpha, before the basement scene, because we've

already seen her origin with her husband. We already saw
when she meets Beta. And so if it's gonna be
during the period of the Walkers. In other words, if
it's gonna be I'm sorry, the Whispers, it's gonna be
a Whisperers episode, then you have to have Beta and
and her daughter unless there was an episode where she
for some reason goes off on her own to recruit
more like. So, we don't know when it's gonna be,

just that there's gonna be an Alpha episode, Ryan, So
Beta and Lydia mayor may not be in the show.
We don't know yet. And I don't know if you
saw this, but just last week they added more people
to tell They're walking dead. Still no sign of Michael Cutlets,
by the way, Still no sign of anyone that was

on the show before. And I have to imagine there
will be people who are on the show before. Keep
in mind it's only it's only six episodes, so some
of these episodes may have the people I just read
and some of the people I'm about three in other words,
not all stars of their own show. There may be
multiple celebrities in an episode. So here's who they added,
Olivia maun Oh, Danny Ramirez who was He was in

the Falcon and the Wind a soldier. I think he
was the arms expert. He was the guy that worked
with Falcon on building him cool gear. Let's see Loan
Chapinole from Dating Jigglow. Don't know who that is, don't
know if I pronounce the right, don't care, don't tweet me?
And Beth Davits, David's from Ray Donovan and Jesse t Usher,

Who's who plays a train in one of my favorite shows,
The Boys. So very Excited and The Boys comes back soon?
Cannot wait? Cannot wait, Jamie, what do you so? Link?
Collins teases what's next for her character after the Walking
Dead premiere and Leah So. She said in a recent interview,
I always think a woman scorned scorned is a mighty,

mighty force, like any sort of revenge eye for an eye,
and I think that's where she's at. I'm scared of her.
I'm scared of what she's gonna do. Collins added, She's
got nothing to lose, literally nothing to lose. It's gonna
be interesting to see how she comes back if she does.
If she does, I liked the way she throws that in,
like I don't want to get in trouble. If she does,

she's back. She's in the trailer. Trailer trailer got yeah
for so? I think was the trailer for next week's up. No,
I think it was coming up on The Walking Dead.
One of them was. It was a montage of clips
and it was horror, you know, And it was Nigan
was a bunch of different people. We'll get to the
trailers later. So let's let's talk about The Walking Dead.

You said you liked it. I liked it. I thought
it was It was fairly well written, a lot of
good action. Uh. The only real Walker scene was the
was the bullshit scene we'll talk about, right. There wasn't
any other major Walker scenes. It was all Reaper stuff, right, yes, Okay,
So in the last episode, way back in October, Leah

had just fired the Watcher full of arrows and we saw,
I thought we saw from the perspective of Nigan and
Maggie that they were coming right at them. Right, That's
how it ended, like the arrows, oh, fireworks into the crowd. Okay,
So no sign of Negan, and Maggie apparently could duck

speeding flaming bolts, arrows and stuff. She ducks for covering
some alcove and one of the Reapers just happens to
be right there and they start fighting again. I know,
Maggie's a tough woman, I get it, but this guy
is a commando. He's a big dude, Yes, I know

she trained, and she she learned some knife skills and
some bow and arrows. He's a militarily trained commando. His
arms could be registered weapons for all we know. Okay,
So he pushes Maggie's head out into the open as
arrow arrows are whistling by her but don't hit her.
She somehow manages to get back up uh from a

guy holding her like head outside and fights our way back,
shoves the guy into out in the open space, and
of course this second he's out there and floating arrow
hits him in the abdomen and blows him up. I
call that coincidence timing and coincidence aiming bullshit. That was
just it was right. Didn't you feel like the second
he went at boom, he's dead. It was like instantaneous.

And wouldn't he jumped like flow throw himself to the ground.
I mean, obviously I was can hit you on the
ground at an angle, but he just stood there like
what am I doing here? You don't hear the whole
watch firing the weapons. Maggie after that runs into a
building and runs upstairs. Now randomly she just runs into
a building, runs upstairs. Megan just happens to been the

same floor of the building and comes out with a
badly wounded Elijah. Remember he got hit with trapped in
the last episode. It's like a year, it's like four
years ago, so if you don't remember, you So, since
this used to be where Maggie's people lived, she knows
of a secret door in the infirmary they could hide behind. Now,

I don't know why anyone would have built a secret
door in the infirmary prior to the apocalypse, during the apocalypse, why,
but there is Let's just we'll suspend disbelief. There's a
there's a secret door there. Okay. Maggie says they should
wait until the morning and then pick everybody off one
at a time. Again, these are trained military people, and

Nigan says we should just leave, get out of here alive,
and get the hell out. Maggie says, I'm not leaving
Darryl and Father Gabriel. So Carver, our favorite reaper, comes by,
and he doesn't see them because they're behind the wall.
But of course Maggie has a cut out in the
wall so she could see him. I was thinking this
whole time, the reapers are there. They didn't discover this door.

Come on right, and they don't see the big hole
that looks like six by four, like it's not like
a peep hole. Oh my god. Okay, credits roll and
we come back. We're at Alexandria. Rosita and Lydia are
fighting off a herd of walkers trying to come up
the steps in the house. Remember they were all all
the women were in the house. Yeah, I don't remember

why they put all the women in the house, but
put all the women in the kids in the house.
And Rosita was beaten, was killing walkers on the steps.
And there's this huge storm and the Willen windmill is
gonna blow over, and there's a fire outside and uh
and Judith and graci are in the basement that's filling
with water. Oh good lord. Yes, Diane comes out of nowhere,

runs down the steps and says, I can't we can't
find Judith and Gracie. Now we know they've been in
the basement, right, and we've already seen the scene from
Coming Attractions that Judith is gonna drop her knife and
Gracie is gonna be completely helpless. Oh my god. Yes,
So the two girls walk back upstairs because they don't
think the door is gonna hold with the with the
rod they put in the door, And of course, just

as they get to the door, a walker puts its
fist through the door. Now, of course, now here's a thing.
The walkers are coming into the house, right, They don't
really know a door from a wall, and they didn't
see anybody run downstairs. They were kind of screaming, so
they may have followed the noise. Maybe maybe that's the case.

All right, so the walkers are busting through the door. Um,
the adults are worried. The windmill is about to fall
and create a massive hole in the existing fence that
won't be able to fix. We don't ever hear anything
about that. After that, they don't mention the windmill again. Yeah,
they're also dealing with fire. They don't mention the fire again.
After that. Aaron, here is an emergency dog whistle kind

of thing, Like emergency wasn't a dog whist, you wouldn't
hear it, but it was an emergency signal and wants
to go help. At that point, I'm like, oh, it
must be the girls. They have a whistle. They they
have a help whistle. Yes, back at Meridian, Father Gabriel
is sneaking around and limping outside, out in the open.
He's out in the open. There's militia everywhere. The reapers
are everywhere. He's outside limping. He's about to get shot

by some guy in a window, and of course, out
of nowhere, Dallas sneaks up on the guy. Daryl's there.
They have a knife fight. Dal stabs him in the abdomen.
The guy looks at his own abdomen like, WHOA got
a knife in my belly? Right? Like, well, I guess,
I guess I better limp away fast. Now, don't you
take the knife out of your abdomen and then go

after Darrel again. You're not gonna get away from him
by running. No, the door is locked right on the
for some reason, he can't open the door from the inside.
It's a classroom. It looks like it looks like a
yeah something, So the door is locked from the outside.
He can't open the door. That seems odd to me
that you can't open the door from the inside. But okay,

a walker comes from the outside. You can see the
walker through the glass, like through the shadow through the glass.
And then the head explodes. So now Darl knows someone's outside,
but it doesn't know who it is, so he quickly
chokes the guy to death so he can't make any
noise and throws him on the floor. Leah and some
reaper come in and noticed that that Austin is dead, right,

they're like Austin or there. They're for Austin, they think
they because they figured Austin was there. He was the
sniper in the window. They don't see Daryl. We don't
know where Daryl went. Now there was again, there was
a hallway that Daryl could have run down the hallway
and gotten out of there. That's what I thought he did.
So Leah says no more, as if she's gonna kill
Daryl and we're not gonna lose anybody else. She doesn't

know it was Daryl, but she's like, no, that's it,
no more of this, no more messing around. Darryl is
hiding in the closet of the classroom behind a blackboard
on wheels. I managed to figure that out instantly, so
good for him. Yeah, Okay, they leave and he sneaks out,
all right, and before we get to the basement where
Aaron is, Let's take a quick break and Jamie will

be right back after this, back at Alexandria, we find
out it was Judith blowing the whistle. The two girls
are on a table, killing the walkers one at a time.
As they approached the table. Isn't that nice of the
walkers to come in the line line, a walker grabs
Gracie's and she panics, and Judith drops the sword into
the wall, into the water. So Gracie is not only

completely helpless, she's like This reminded me of like the
Glenn and Nicholas on top of the dumpster scene. Oh
my god, yes, where one of them is completely capable
and the other ones that crying baby. I was hoping
Gracie went over and you know, they did a fake
out death with Judith, but it was Gracie. Oh, by
the way, spoiler, Nicholas is dead. Yes, So one of

them grabs Gracie's arm again and she screams and stands
like an idiot. But the walker doesn't pull her down,
it's just touching her arm. Did you notice that I
thought she was gonna get sucked under the water. I
thought she was gonna pull her under the water, and
then Judith have to go get the knife or something.
I thought they have to go into water and stab
them underwater with a knife with the sword, but never
see the sword again. Nope, all right, So Gracie's screaming

her father, who has a mace for a hand, has
still not trained her well enough to do something in
the face of the walkers. I mean, you can't train
fear out of somebody. But maybe you know, explain her.
You know, you gotta fight a little bit, You gotta
find a little bit. Aaron breaks to one of the
little basement windows and draws the walker's attention away as

he climbs through the window and starts bashing skulls with
his mace hand nice. One of the walkers pins him
down under the water. He has no weapon and it
looks like he's gonna die at that point. Did you
think he was gonna die? Uh? It was questionable for sure.
So they show the two girls are in the corner
of the basement. The water is not so deep that

they can't stand mhm. Neither one of them bothers to
help Aaron. You know what I said that, I said,
what the hell? They're just like not helping him at all.
Judith knows there's a sword on the underwater. There's a
catal under there. Come on, go under and get the
sword and help Aaron out. Yeah, okay, all right, cut

him a Ridian and Father the Gabriel. He runs into
the church and finds the reaper priest. He tells. The
priest tells Father Gabriel he saw him out by the
trees the other day, but the Lord told him he
had nothing to fear. So now we know he did
see him. Right now, if the Lord told him that,
that was a mistake, because he should have had fear
of Father Gabrielause, Father Gabriel wanted to kill him, so

if God spoke to him, God lied to him. So
Father Gabriel says, they're monsters. They wipe out entire towns.
How do you defend these people? They killed women and
children and you pray for them, and the reaper the
priest says, this is not the question, and Father Gabriel says.
He says, oh, mine is not the question. He says,
mine is not the question, right, And Father Gabriel says, oh, no,

you're just following orders. Wherever I heard that before. Now
that's an obvious reference to Nazi Germany, where all the
Nazi soldiers when they were arrested, said we were just
following orders. Were just followings on us, say with the accent.
The priest says, look, blood has always been old in
the name of religion. But I don't choose violence, he says,

Father Gabriel, he goes, you don't hear God anymore? He says,
then you weren't listening. You need to listen. He's all
around us, he's here now. And that The priest puts
his knife away and tries to talk Father Gabriel, uh,
you know, down and into believing. Right. It's kind of
a real mind of like he was like, you don't
hear anymore, do you? And I'm like, oh God, he's

gonna trigger him, right. So he says, you wouldn't cut
down a man who stood unarmed, right, And he puts
out his hands to help Father Gabriel, and he says,
there's no man beyond forgiveness. Let me help you, and
Father Gabriel, here's something up on the roof, which we
learned later as a sniper. He turns back to the

priest and he stabs him right in the abdomen and
he says, I don't believe that, meaning that I don't
believe everyone could be forgiven. Mm hmm. So when God
told us Reaper Priest had nothing to fear, maybe he
meant back in the woods, because clearly he had something
to fear. Father Gabriel is not a man of the
cloth much anymore. No, okay, now he is. I have

to call bullshit. I have to call bullshit because it
was one of those things where they just did it
and you're supposed to just go along with it. Remember
that they were hiding in the infirmary in the hidden closet. Yes, okay,
First of all, why was their closet there, like there
was a little room. I don't understand why there'd be
a room there. But anyway, the plan was to wait
until morning and pick them off one at a time,

right and Mean said I want to get out of here,
and she says, I'm not leaving without Father Gabriel and Daryl.
But she didn't say anything about going to look for them.
Right there, she said, we'll wait until morning. For some reason,
Maggie is running down the hall all by herself, and Carver,
who wants her dead, is doing it. Jason uh slash
Michael Myers from Halloween. He's walking slowly behind her. Oh my,

gotta hate that, and they always catch up. How did
they do it? But he's not shooting her, you know,
He's not like bow and rowing her in the legs
so she can't get away. She gets to the end
of the hallway. All the doors are locked. Uh, he
didn't know that. He didn't know she could What if
she opened the door right down the stairs. He's walking
after her. First of all, where where were they that

she spotted her? And he's running down the hall. Oh,
she's running down the hall and he's walking after her.
How did that scene happen? I'm calling bullshit on the
whole scene. So Maggie gets to the end of the hallway,
all the doors are locked. Carver's getting cocky, like you're
not getting away from me now. Then Elijah comes out
of one of the doors and says, you killed my sister,

and Carver says, okay, I killed you sister, No kidding,
I was there. And then Negan comes out of the
door from behind. They set up a trap, but that
only works if you knew he'd walk slowly behind Maggie.
How they even know he was gonna walk by it? All? Right?
How did Negan know to be in that doorway. Show

me the scene where Maggie tricks him to follow her,
and why wouldn't he like run after and stab her.
What military man is gonna like walk, I'm gonna catch
up to you, young lady. So he's like, bring it on.
I'm not afraid of the three. You'll bring it on
because you got one guy who's limping, who doesn't have
his his his uh his. He had his sword knives

with him, his curved knives, but he didn't seem very
good at using them all of a sudden, and Maggie's Maggie.
She got her ass kicked, but he has what I
want to bring up about Nigan. Uh. When Nigan fought Beta,
he got his ass knocked on the ground, right he was.
He's frail, I mean, j jefty. Morgan's a thin guy.
He's not a muscular guy. Swings a bat, but he's
not a tough guy. In the comics, Negan is a

is a muscular, huge man. He's intimidating. But every time
Negan now gets into a fight, he kind of gets
thrown to the side. When he was with Rick, they
fought evenly, but now he's sort of gets like flung
around like he's got nothing. So this brings me to Preacher.
I'm sorry, not Preacher, Reacher. This brings me to Reacher.

It's a new show on Amazon Prime now. In the
movies that Tom Cruise starting called Reacher, Tom Cruise is
short and thin, but in the books the movies are
based on much like Nigan in the comics, Reacher is
a mountain of a man. So a lot of fans
of the books were disappointed that they picked little Tom

Cruise to play the role of Reacher, especially that in
the books, Reacher crushes people. He does things to people
that a little Tom Cruise really can't do exactly. So
Reacher is now a TV show on Amazon Prime one
season so far, based on the books. I'm telling you now,

it's fantastic. But the man they got to play him,
m have you seen him? I haven't. Okay, So he
played Uh, he was in the Hunger Games. I don't
know if he was Turbo. He was one of the
guy the guys in Hunger Games from one of the
other districts. And it doesn't matter who he was. He
was one of the guys. And look on IMDb and

he played Hawk on Um on Disney c W TV
shows and in Teen Titans, Hawk not hawk Man, but
Hawk and Dove are duo. He played Hawk six five
and ripped and shredded and massive, and it's so much
more like the books because he crushes people and he

just walks up to them and intimidates them and just
brutalizes people and it's fun and funny and the fight scenes. Look,
I don't get paid for this. It's just awesome. So
it reminded me of how this might be different if
Jeffrey Dean Morrigan or the whoever was playing Nigan looked
like Nigan in the comics. Yeah, that's all. It just

reminded me of Reacher. So go watch Reacher. You will
love it. And if you don't have Amazon Prime, I'm
not spending your money, but get it if you can. Okay, anyway,
Carver manages to fight all three of them off. Elijah
is down on the ground and Carver kicks him in
the leg where he's wounded. That's not nice. I thought
Carver was nice. Legan Uh sees something in the staircase

and goes to look for it and leaves Maggie alone
one on one with Carver, who beats Maggie up pretty badly.
Then comes Negan comes out of the staircase with something
that we saw earlier when they were running up the stairs.
It was a bell and and so it was a
fire alarm bell, and there was a bucket of sand
next to the bell, which you would use, I guess

to put out a grease fire maybe, or you know whatever.
So so he's got the bell and the sand and
uh again Carver militarily trained, he distracts him with the bell.
He throws sand in his face like it was a
three Stooges episode, and then smashes him in the face

with the bell. Carver's down. Darryl shows up. Maggie's about
to kill Carver with an axe, and Darryl stops her.
Thanks dal for showing up. After the fight, Carver says
something stupid like you should kill Darling. We had a
chance earlier. So Daryl knocks him out. You're not gonna
kill him. He says, Look, we need Carver alive to

get out of this place because Leo will protect him.
Otherwise we can trade him for our safety. Elijah says, Now,
Elijah had all his friends wiped out, so he has
no interest in in in, you know, uh, letting them
these people live. So he says, we can't let them

get away at what they did. And then Maggie says
we will get them, just not today. And that reminded
me of Rick when he's in the lineup and uh
he says, I'm you know, I'm gonna get you Negan.
Not today, that went tomorrow, but right same thing. So
that reminded me that, like, man, we'll be today, we'll
come back, we'll get or don't you worry. We'll put

it in our planner, we'll put it in iPhone, put
it in the calendar, go back and get them. Darl
calls Leon Milwaukee talking and says we need to talk. No,
she could have been like, oh, relationship problems back at Alexandria,
Rosita and Diane send Lydia to the basement, go help
the girls. Wherever they all go up the girls. We

got this. It seems like if the girls were in trouble,
why would you send the youngest and smallest of the bunch,
exact all of you. Rosina should have jumped out the window. Yeah,
or Rosina let Diane go. And Rosina is good at
killing let her do the killing on the stair. So
we get back to the basement. By the way, they
shout had the film the basement scene. It was in
a giant water tank like in a in a studio

or you know, whatever the water tank was, and they
just filmed like three sides of They built three sides
of this space smith and so it was in a
giant water tank. That was cool. They didn't want to
I guess they didn't want to flood of basement. So
it was temperature controlled and they said it was filtered water.
I mean, they had a boogie in there. It didn't
look like it, but they did. Right. Okay, So Lydia
is off to go to the basement. Aaron is hanging

on a pipe above the walkers. Now, one thing I
think I skipped over is that earlier on when he
when he rescued the girls, he pushed them up through
the basement window. And then that left him in the
basement alone with no way to get out of the basement,
because they certainly couldn't pull them up. And then the
door broke at the top of the stairs and all
the walkers fell down the stairs and broke the stairs.

They all came to flying down right, So another the
basements filled with walkers. Sorry I left that part out.
Uh So luckily I'm calling pipe pipe height, pipe pipe bullshit.
The pipe on the ceiling is just the right height
that the walkers can't reach him as he's hanging from
the pipe, shimmying across the basement. He's got a ace arm,

but somehow he's going onto the pipe with a mace
hand and one arm a wet pipe shimming on the pipe,
all right. They're trying to grab his legs, but they
don't bite his feet. So because his feet the pipe
that you know the pipe was gonna break, right, because
it has to break. These are in a real home.
These are like two three inch steel pipes that were

welded fifty years ago that can certainly support the weight.
But no, he's on one of those tin pipes, and
you know it's gonna break, because every rope breaks, every
pipe breaks, it never works. And so the pipe breaks.
So he's hanging down and the walkers are grabbing at
his legs like a pinata, but they're not biting his legs.

They're just kind of like pinata and his legs. Then,
of course he manages to get back up. Okay, Lydia arrives.
She says, I'll be right back. She goes to get
a rope. She goes to get the rope. He's hanging
from the pipe. He can't drop down into the water
because there's walkers under him. Yeah, he can't let go

of the pipe because he's got one and a half arms.
The next thing we see, please, is she's pulling him
out of the window. He's got like just like two
left of his body. We only see like his bodies
out of the window already. Somehow, somehow she got a rope,

she tied it to whatever she tied it to outside.
I can't believe that part. She threw the rope to
aaron who caught the rope with one hands. Right, she
must have leaned in through the rope across the room
in one try. He caught the rope with what his
one hand while he held onto the pipe with his

mace hand. You can't do that. Then, it's somehow he
tied the rope to what And then with a mace
hand and his feet and his one hand, he shimmied
on the rope across the rope to the window and
there's no way he could get the rope as tout
as it was, like it was so tight and perfectly

and then hang out. And then how did he get
his body the rope the I mean, the rope would
have been as high as the pipe, right. How did
he get out of the window. She pulled him out
of the window. The whole thing is just we we
want to save him. Let's just put him on a rope.
You have to make it somewhat. You needed to shoot

an arrow. She needed to have an arrow with the
rope and then shoot the arrow rope at him and
hopefully it lands and she catches or it sticks in
the wall. But even that wouldn't support him. How did
the like did he find another pipe to tie the
rope around? And how did he get off the pipe
onto the rope? It was just all so bad. I
can't so marcusing, Yeah, that's I can't. Yeah it was

I call three hundred and seventy eight bullshit on that scene.
Same again, the smallest if it was Diane, which who
shoots arrows and she's kind of muscular, big, big woman,
she had to strength maybe to pull him Lydia is
the smallest of the three women that could have saved him.
And where are Judith and Gracie? Why aren't they there? Yeah,

they link ran away. They didn't see them. They didn't
go and get help because Lydia showed up on her own.
So where did they go? They ran off. They ran off,
left him there offering no assistance. They didn't get a rope. Somehow,
Lydia knew where there was a rope. I'll go to
the rope closet. It was just the right length. But

the girls could have been by the window yelling like
trying to draw the walkers away from Aaron. Instead, he's
in the basement alone. They didn't think to do anything. Gracie, Gracie,
go get help. I'll stay here and try to help,
you know, Aaron. I'll try to pull him up something. Nothing.
They just left them. So I'm calling a little crumple ship.

Let's take a break. We'll be right back after this,
back to Meridian. Daryl and the other three survivors are
now no sign of Father Gabriel at this point. They're
walking Carver out now. They had every intention of leaving
right then and there, but without fall the Gabriel. Gabriel right,
Elijah says, look, leave me here. If you can't make

it out with me, then leave me here. And they're like,
we're not leaving you no matter what. So there's no
sign of father Gabriel. Leah wants to see Carver before
she comes out of hiding before, she says, my mental
come out, but I want to see Carver, make sure
he's alive. So Daryl puts a knife to Carver's neck
and and it walks him out into the open. Now again,
any any marksman and he trained military person will just

shoot Daryl in the head. Oh exactly right there, right there.
Darryl says, they're gonna leave. And when we get far
enough away, we're released Carver. We'll let him go. Now,
if you release Carver, wouldn't he just attack you right
then and there? He then says to Leah, look, you
could join us. We shouldn't be fighting. Look, we survived
all these years. Join us. I can help save your family,

what you have left of it, save our family. It's
a win win. She gets uh. She gets on the walkie.
She calls for Jensen. He's a sniper who shoots, who
shoots at Darrel's feet. She then says, everyone needs to
come out. And I'm not sure why they listened, like
she said, everyone needs to come out. I guess they
were afraid the sniper was gonna shoot somebody. So Leah says,

release Carver, or the sniper is gonna shoot Maggie, oh
my god, yeah, or kill the woman, something like that.
So I wrote, I'm assuming at this point, Father Gabriel
is gonna save the day. Now. I didn't know how,
but I figured he's the only one not there. He's
gotta save today. So they release Carver and now they're
all out in the open with no weapons, except Maggie

has a gun in her back. Right, she has the
gun in her back her butt crack. Yeah, I'm like,
good thing Daryl gave her the gun because now she's
got the gun to do what she's gonna do. A
little bit later, a lie just says, I'm not letting
Carver get away with what he did. Now, Carver may
have killed his sister, but they were all guilty of
killing everybody. And he starts limping. He's got a crutch.

They must have gotten a crutch in the infirmary, and
he's got his carved axe thing. And Leah says, if
you take one more step, I'm gonna have to have
you shot by Jensen like I'm gonna I'm gonna have
you shot. He takes like two or three more steps.
He's oh my god, I know, but Jensen doesn't shoot,
and then Elijah falls to the ground. Then the sniper
shoots Carver in the leg. Leah yells Jensen Jenson. Nobody answers. Uh. So,

Father Gabriel says, call me Gabriel. He says, there's no
Jensen here, Call me Gabriel. So he's badass. So he
took He overpowered Jensen, who didn't hear him limping on
the roof with nothing but a sword. Jensen had a
sniper rifle. He snuck up on Jensen. Now I could

see him killing him with the Knight with the sword
if he was able to sneak up on Jensen. I'm
not sure how he snuck up on Jensen, especially when
it was in the zone and he just got him. Yeah,
Jensen was so loud. Father Gabriel hurt him on the roof.
So how quiet is the roof if it's creaky? Okay,
Leah says, your guy can't take us all out before

we take some of you with us. Now she doesn't
know who's on the roof of what his talent is.
But okay, so let us leave. Maggie says, Daryl, what
do you think? And Daryl says, darks to look like,
you know, just hot I banged her, you know, come on,
And then Maggie asked Negan what his vote is. I
was surprised him. He was like, what do you think, Negan?
And he's like, you know what I think because because

Matt Neigan already said my one mistake was not killing
all of you because they'll just come back to haunt you.
So Maggie says, drop your weapons and get out of here.
Then Leah says, not without Carver. Although no one told
her at that point she couldn't take Carver. Yeah, they
didn't say leave it out Carver. So that Maggie says,

well you can't take Carver. Well, what you put the
idea in her head? She was She wasn't saying you
couldn't take Carver. Oh yeah. So Leah looks at Daryl
like she wants him to intervene or something, but Darryl doesn't, right,
because how many times has Lea's like turned her back
on every time. He's like, let's let's try to work together.
Let's and she she rated him out that and and
claimed he killed uh Pope, which he didn't. And now

he's like, why don't we, you know, come with us,
And she's like, I got a sniper on the roof.
So she tells one of her guys to uh to
do it, meaning dropped their weapons. I thought she meant
kill Carver. She's like, just do it. So the three
of them walk away and leave Carver on the ground,
but she says goodbye to Carver. At that point, you
had to know she knew they were gonna kill Carver, right,

Oh yeah, I mean there was kind of no way
around it, I think, right, So he's family, but she's
leaving Carver because she's gonna save the other two guys
and her. So Maggie goes to see if Elijah is okay,
and a lie just says, you got to kill them
for all all all they did, right you have? You
got to kill them because Elijah is not the forgiving type.

No he's not. He is mad. Maggie gets up and
goes behind all three of them and takes the gun
out of her and Darryl does his he can't stop her.
She shoots the guy on the right, she shoots the
guy on the left, and then she shoots Lee and
the shoulder. Now that's plot armor. That's like, don't shoot
the star of the show. Don't shoot the main actress.
If you're Maggie, wouldn't you have shot her first? Now,

maybe she thought the two guys had guns and was
more armed, and that maybe Leah was the only one reasonable,
or maybe she was the one who runs slowest. I
don't know. She was your leader, though, you need to
take her out. Yeah, So she shoots the two guys.
At this point, she shoots Leah. Darryl has not done
anything to intervene yet at this point, and one of
the guys isn't dead. So when Daryl starts walking over,

she shoots one of the guys who wasn't dead yet.
Now on talking dead, someone asked Maggie Lauren Cohen if
which was a stupid question. He's like, did Maggie shoot
her because she missed or because she only wanted to
wound her, you know, for Daryl, Like for Darryl's sake.

I'm thinking Lauren Cohen knows why she shot her in
the shoulder because she's gonna be on other episodes. Exactly.
She didn't shoot her like as a favorite of Darryl,
you know, because obviously, I mean, look, her aim was
good enough. She shot the two guys, but one of
them didn't die. She did have to shoot the second
guy again with the first guy again. It wasn't like
she shot them both in the head and then missed

Leah running exactly. So Nigan's watching the whole thing like, okay,
so we had a deal to let them go, right,
She's like, we had a we had a deal to
let them go, and Maggie did what I would have done,
which is shoot them. Anyway, she picks up one of

Elijah's weapons because now Darrel has gone off looking for Leah,
and Nigan's just standing there watching Maggie, and of course
she kills Carver. Nigan's just looking like, okay, all right,
oh shit. I found it interesting that although Maggie hadn't
forgiven Negan, she's able to work with him, fight with him,

planned that that that alleged trap in the hallway, and
she clearly must respect him a little bit because she
asked his opinion on the reapers, right, even though Nigangan
killed her husband. Mhm spoiler Glenstead. Yes, yes, Daryl's looking
for Leah. He doesn't see her. She's hiding in like

a garbage pile. He says, that's not what I wanted.
You got a second chance. You know, we both could
have been together. And she's got the you know, the
shot and the shoulder thing. Daryl doesn't find her because
he's not looking very hard. He's a tracker, right, he
knows she's there. That's why I made the speech. Yeah,
you know, right, because if he brings her out, Maggie's

gonna kill her. Oh yeah, because he'd be able to
follow the blood drips. He's a tracker. But he made
it like I can't find Joe. But all right, so
he says what he says, you better go, you know,
go before before we change our mind. Let get out
of here. Now that did you notice who showed up
at that point? Perfect timing? Nope? Dog? Oh where was he?

No idea first of all, no idea, no idea other
than dog was like saved the day once. Why you
would bring a dog on a on a on a
war like you're going to war against the reapers. Why
would you bring your dog? So dog has been safe
this whole time, even with the watcha shooting arrows all
over the place. Dog was fine. Now dog shows up dogs.

I'm ready to go. We leave him. I'm ready to
go here, I am ready to go. So Maggie tells Father,
Gabriel and Elijah, I'm gonna go on by myself. I'll
be back soon, and and leaves. Nigan watches her walk
away again like he I don't know if he thought
maybe she was going after Leah, but she she leaves.

She goes back to the church to find Alden. Right,
we forgot about him. It disappeared like seven episodes ago,
they left him at the church. At this point, I'm like,
there's no way he's alive. She goes into the church.
A walker attacks her, but it's not Olden. She continues
into the church and she's looking for Alden. But now,
if Alden was in there after all this time, wounded

and bloody, how could he be alive if the walker
was in there with him? Exactly? At first, I was like,
who is that. She finds him. He's crawling on the floor.
He's a walker. He's dead. Now she starts caressing his face, right,
because she cared about him. It's a little much for me. Yeah,
because she was putting her hands right by his mouth.

I know, my girl, you're gonna get bit. And then
he crawled into her lap and then you heard a crunch.
Was there a split second where you thought he bit
Maggie like she let him, She let herself get bitten.
It almost looked like it was going to leave there,
and like, no, she has herschel She's not gonna let
herself get in that situation. But it was kind of weird, right,
So then the crunch was she stabbed him in the head.

She killed him. Now, let me go back to my
notes because I wanted to read the quote from all
from the actor who played Alden, because what we learned
on Talking Dead is that Alden didn't die from his wounds.
We didn't see it because they rushed the show, but
reapers tracked him down or found him in the church,
and they broke his legs and they split his throat.

That's why he couldn't walk because his legs were broken.
And if you looked when he first like lifted his
head up, his neck was a complete red line. And bleeding,
so they cut his throat and let him run into
a walker and broke his legs. So they not only
did they find them, and he was dying, so we
don't we don't. I doubt he would have survived anyway,

but I mean as far as had they not found
him and made him worse. But they decided to kill him.
So in case you're wondering, that's what happened to old
and if you didn't watch Talking Dead, to which I say,
why aren't you watching Talking Dead? So she goes outside
and she buries him. Now she had to have I
don't know, doug a hole, which takes an hour, right,

that's a lot of work, a lot of work. And
then she put the dirt back. She built across somehow
she had rope or whatever to build across at a
two sticks. And she buries him and a nigan comes along,
perfect timing with a pipe in his hand like you know,
holding it like Lucille. They're right, and she's on the

ground now. He says, you were always going to do
what you did, meaning to kill them. That wasn't spurred
the moment. You always to do that, Because I don't
blame you, really but you see, when it comes to
me promise from you or not, it's a matter of
time before you make the same call. In other words,
you promised you wouldn't kill me, but you promised them

you wouldn't kill them, and he killed him. So Maggie
slowly starts reaching for her knife. Where where's her gun?
Remember remember down? No, she shot all the three people
and then when she went to shoot car Okay, So
now she's got the knife on her hip and she's

reaching for our knife, like if Nigan's gonna try and
Snigan says, I'm not going to give you a chance
to do that, and he's still got that pipe, like,
you know, she's crazy. Why would you stand there giving
her the thought? And I know it's for our benefit.
Were supposed to think he's going to do something. Well,
he's crazy too. He says, I'm gonna be on my
way and he walks away. Now I think Angela Kang

mentioned on Talking Dead that there was a scene in
the comics where Nigan is burying Lucille the bat. Yeah,
Maggie comes up on him and it looks like he's gonna,
you know, kill him, and doesn't. So they reversed it,
and this time Neigan came up on her to grave
didn't reversed it. Yeah, Daryl and Father Gabriel are talking

in the woods as they're cookings I don't know a
raccoon to eat. Whatever it was about safe choices and uh,
Father Gabriel says, I'm trying to believe, you know, I'm
trying to do the right thing. I'm trying to find faith.
A walker, of course, out of nowhere, from the perfect

angle comes out of the woods and an arrow takes
out the walker and it's Maggie. Maggie shows up, she
kills the walker. She tells them all that is dead.
Father Gabriel asks about Nigan, and she says he left. Well,
wouldn't Negan have left them exactly unless he just snucked
in Irish exit? What they why? How would they know

that she knew what happened to Nigan. Maybe they thought
she ran into him or he followed her, or I
don't know. Did he say I'm going to get Maggie.
We didn't see how he ended up there. He just
kind of snuck off in the in the quiet, unless
he said I'm gonna go find Alden. Because it was
Nigan knew about the church and Maggie brat on there,
so that could be it. So maybe he said, I'm

she must have gone to the church. I'm going there. Also,
maybe he must have seen something all right? All right,
So they get back to Alexandria and they fixed the wall,
they put out the fire. Everything's hunky, Dorry again. Carol
and Jerry are on the wall. They see Darryl and
the gang approaching. Jerry says, where is everyone else? Meaning
all of Maggie's people and Alden. They're all dead. They're

all dead. Herschel and Judith come running and say hi.
They bring back food. Lydia asks where Nigan is. Daryl says,
you know, coming back. Here's the scene. Okay, be honest
with me, Jamie. Darryl sees Connie for the first time, right,
because this is she's just came. Yes, he's never seen her,

and he's like, oh, you're kidding me, right, And he
sees Connie. How did you feel then? How are you feeling?
I was. I was a little, uh, a little jealous,
but I was actually really happy for them that they
were united. It was nice and I came back with
Connie then Leah, Okay, but you didn't get emotional. I'm surprised.
Oh I cried like I did, cry like a baby
when Maggie found all the him now so hard it

was embarrassing. I had that cute up on my phone.
I haven't brought Yeah, I know you were like, I
was happy, Jamie. You know, I think she's better Jamie.
Get to the part where you're like, but it was
a nice Jamie. I was crying. I always cry at least,

what's an episode? As soon as I saw that, I'm like, up,
Jamie's crying, crying. AIM's Caryl, Let's we do. I have
a little more of the song's for a little song. No, okay,
I can't play any more than that for legal reasons. Okay, okay, okay,
hold on, hold on, I got okay, okay. Father Gabriel

tells Aaron that Alden is gone and that so many
gave their lives so that they could survive. That sounds nice,
but as people are dead, I wish that big man
mountain of a guy who didn't die. That that that
the the guy with the beard, the giant that Maggie
brought from her group. Oh god, yeah, what was Duncan? Yeah? Duncan.
He had a cool name. Do you remind me of

Michael Clark Duncan, just the name Duncan. Yeah, And I
was like, oh they killed him right away immediately, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah yeah. All right. So back to Jerry on the wall.
I have to call perfect timing bullshit. Darryl and the
group have been gone fighting the reapers for how long,

I don't know, A few days, a couple of days,
whatever it's been. It's maybe they come back and the
fires out and the storm's over, right, perfect timing. The
Commonwealth show up as soon as the reapers are done. Now,
the Commonwealth showed up. They didn't show up when it
was a fire. They could have helped. They didn't show
up when the walls were being torn down. As soon

as there's no reason for them show up. They shop
Thanks a lot, Commonwealth even seek Father Gabriel they mentioned
I'm talking to He's like puts his hand down, like
you've got to be kidding me, Like, can we have
like one minute? Yeah? And then Eugene comes running out
of the back because they're like Daryl, because Daryl says,
everybody arm up. Now, everybody the Commonwealth has automatic weapons

and Daryl's getting like a crossbow and some bow and arrows,
some bows and arrows against automatic weapons, and and a
wall that could fall down any moment. So then Eugene
comes running out of the middle of the pack. Well,
it's me, it's me. The two things here, number one.
The last time Eugene showed up with a bunch of people,
he was with the Saviors. Oh my lord, yes he was.
I couldn't trust him then, right, So we don't know

if he's turned he's turned coat, like he's We don't
know what's going on now if if you know, walking
up First of all, shouldn't you be in the front
telling people where to go? Oh? My god, absolutely, and
you should. They should see Eugene before anybody hanging out
in the back like he was eating grapes. What was
he doing back exactly? Please? Anyway, Eugene says, hold on,

hold on, hold on. They are here to help. So
they let them in. They call a town meeting, and
uh so you see the soldiers, the stormtroopers already like
fixing stuff. They're helping out their unloading supplies. And Eugene
tells tells the story of what happened, and then he says, um,
you know what before I let me, let me bring
the guy out who's gonna tell you about give you

all the details. And he calls out Lance Hornsby, who
already knows a sneaky bastard. Don't trust Lance Hornsby. Hornsby
doesn't sound like a trustworthy name. Yeah, and Lance, no
offense if your name is Lance, but Lance is like Lances, Like,
he's not the guy you trust. Yeah, like Lance, Lances
like Lance. You don't trust Lance. Now if you're a Lance,

I apologize you probably, but yeah, but you know what,
if your name is Hornsby, I'm sorry, I don't trust
you now have your name is Lance Hornsby, definitely don't
trust you. Don't trust you. I double don't trust you.
All right, so uh, he says, uh, it's very impressive
what you've built here with your communities. Well, I understand
that you may have told him about the other communities,

but let's look at the other communities. Hilltops burnt out
to the ground right the the the kingdom is destroyed.
They had to leave the kingdom. The pipes were bursting.
So what do they have left? They don't know about
the girls yet, right at um what's this ocean side?

So what communities have they built? There's only one community
left and it just burned and it's there's literally behind
him as he's speaking, it's all on fire and there's
dead bodies everywhere. Check Walker's bodies. The church is destroyed.
He's like, God, look if they had if he had
been there six months earlier when they were farming. Oh yeah,
and right that this is impressive. But he's looking, he's going, oh,

you guys managed to burn everything down inside these walls
that have fallen down. Good job, good job, guys. He says. Uh.
He says, look, we'd be more than happy to give
you guys supplies whatever you need to rebuild this area.
He's I've got a better option if you'd like. So. So,

first of all, what would be the motivation of giving
them stuff to rebuild if it was if it wasn't
to help the commonwealth? Right, what were you thinking, Jamie?
I thought, why would they help them for what? Unless?
And then I thought he was gonna say, if you
give us craps and supplies back, like once you get
on your feet, like I thought there had to be
a trade off. No, I think he says that so

you'll think he's a trustworthy guy. Oh, he's willing to
help us for no reason. He'll just give us supplies
and uh, we don't do anything right, just promised not
to attack and we get to keep Eugene. And you
guys can come visit if you want, but we'll we'll
give you thousands of dollars you know, as far as
you know value whatever, don't big deal. I'm Lancewans but

you can trust me. I'm Lance. I get a nice
suit exactly. I'm gonna hope people listening, you guys, you
guys listening that you're thinking to yourself, I'm gonna I'm
gonna tweet these guys at David Brody at the Talking
Jamie at Walkers Underscore Talkers, you're thinking to yourself, Uh,
you know what I'm gonna tweet them? Yeah, I know
a Lance. I don't trust him. Right and again, if

your name is Lance, we apologize. But if you guys
know a Lance, you know you know what I'm talking about.
I knew a Lance. I knew a Lance. That's all
I'm saying. Okay, So the Commonwealth, so so flash Fowards
says six months six months later, what did you think
they were gonna show six months later that they were

either all still at a Elexandria or they were all
at Commonwealth, right, I thought Alexandra be rebuilt. Nope. We
see Maggie and Elijah on the fence on the wall
at Hilltop, so we don't know how many people are
at Hilltop. But they managed to rebuild the walls that
were burned and destroyed. I guess some of them just fell.

They put them back up. I guess they managed to
repair all the walls and make it safe. I guess
now this Commonwealth troopers. The Stormtroopers are outside the fence.
Maggie's up on top of the fence and the lead,
the lead stormtrooper says, open up, and she says, it
doesn't have to be like this, and then uh reminiscent

of Luke and Han taking their helmets off outside the
trash compactor area when they're trying to free Princess Leiah
in Star Wars the Original one, episode four, The New Hope,
A New Hope I believe, which, by the way, the
anniversaries coming up, Yes, big deal? Many is uh Yoda

not in in the first Star Wars movie? Not not? No,
that was what Chewbacca was anyway, So, so who takes
off their helmet? Darryl takes off his helmet. He's a
freaking stormtrooper. Now in the hell I've literally got I
was like, what, what is going on? What? In six months?

Unless they like they threatened to kill dog? What is
going on? What? What? What? Kyle's mother on South Park? What? What? What?
I think it's Kyle's mother. Yeah, anyway, So seen from
next week, Maggie saying to somebody she doesn't trust, to Darryl,
I don't trust these people, and Darryl says, I'm asking

you to trust me. There's a missing a missing persons
sign for fake Stephanie on the bulletin board. I think
they killed fake Stephanie or put her in jail because
she was helping Eugene get to the communications in the building.
Unless you write him out, we don't know. But she's missing,

but we know she's not really Stephanie. So why would
she have her name Stephanie on the sign? If only
for that's for Eugene to see that knows her knows
her name isn't Stephanie. And that reminds me of another thing.
Exactly how did no one in town woke up to
and go, hey, Mary, thank you that what do they
alert the whole town? By the way, call me Stephanie?

Or is her name also Stephanie but not the same Stephanie.
We already know Stephanie's the black woman who works in
as Hornsby's office or no, the governor's office. He's the secretary.
That's Stephanie. So fans se right, what right? Real Stephanie? Right? Okay? Um,

you see Eugene sneaking around Stormtrooper Darryl is walking, Father
Gabriel and Aaron as if they're prisoners. I don't know
what's going on there. Maybe they held back, maybe they
don't they don't want to conform, but it looks like
he's arresting them. I can't tell. Nigan's looking at something.
They showed him in the trail looking at something. Leah
all dirty and grubby, but her hair looks awesome and

her balloon looks like it was sewn up. So wherever
she ended up? Now, The Insider had an interesting theory
that maybe Leah ended up with crm Oh and that
maybe she goes to the movies, or well she doesn't,
because we see it on the show, or maybe she's
she finds Rick or something. That's the theory is that

maybe she's helpful in finding Rick. I don't see that happening.
I think the insider is is uh is on crack
on that one. Aaron is shooting something. Elijah, Diane, Lydia
and Maggie are running in the woods killing walkers, and
a cop is a Commonwealth soldier on the ground, bloody
and crawling on the ground, and then you cut to

Mercer holding one of his curb sword knife things covered
in blood. He's covered in blood. Now, did he kill
the Commonwealth soldier or did he just kill a bunch
of walkers. I think they're misleading us. We don't know
a lot. Yeah, okay, all right, before we break down
talking dead, let's take a break. We'll be right back
after this, all right. So we just took a break,

and uh, we're finishing, we're wrapping up. There's not a
lot going on, but we just took a break late
because I was on a roll, Jennie. I was on
a roll, you know, I was on a roll. We've
had some we have snappy banter that's been building up
since God Christmas. Was it Christmas. It was I think
because we did fear the Walking Dead. Right, it's been

a while, maybe early December, extra thick. Remember, I'll take
your word for it. So Talking Dead, Lauren Cohen, Lynn Collins,
Angela Kang, they were working from home again. Uh, we
talked about what they talked about. The listener asked Lauren
Cohen why she shot the guy? Why she shot Lee
in the shoulder. Angela Kang h you know, talked about

Alden being uh killed by the reapers and Lynn Collins
is goofy. Do you realize that she's dizzy? Like she's
not serious, she's not seriously a character. And I know
she's an actress, but she's kind of dizzy, you know,
in a good way. I like it, she did see
a good way. But she's so serious on the show,

Like she's never fun she's never funny on the show.
In your life, she's kind of like she's kind of goofy,
you know, like she stuck her finger in the socket.
I don't know, I can't figure it out. Scenes from
next week. This was kind of weird. Well, so Darryl,
Judith and r J are in a haunted house. You
don't know, it's a haunted house. But they show a
zombie coming at them, a walker coming at them, and
Dary was like, oh, it's close enough because I guess

r J was getting scared because you know, Judith wasn't
getting scared. Yeah, because at first I thought like, is
he smirking? Like Daryl kind of looked different his vibe,
and and then I'm like, okay, all right, right, so
he's so the zombies like, oh man, no problem. They
were No, they weren't house house. And rather than go stave,
Walker's right, and Jerry's there walking around the carnival. They're

all having a great time a commonwealth like like the fair,
like yeah, it was like it was literally a Halloween fair.
It was like, oh, look at this, this is great.
Life is great. Life is great. Life will not be great.
I'm telling you they're not gonna spend fifteen episodes with
life is perfect. Nothing works out. Either they're gonna be
cannibals or they're gonna torture them and get them to work.
Someone's gonna die. You know they're bad people. You know

they're bad people. Right, it's gonna happen. Yeah, And and
and didn't didn't what's her face? His brother get arrested.
MS brother got arrested because he's lining up in a
doctor And they're not good people. Not good people. We look,
we already know from the comics that they're not the
best people. And Sebastian the kid braddy, son of a bitch.

He does he does some not nice things in the
in the comics, I tell you, but he does. It's
not nice. So well, let's enjoy the next fifteen episodes.
The Reapers are gone. Leah is not so she's a reap.
She's just a reaper by herself, reaping. She's reap girl.
So that's it. Well, we're back. I hope we can

do an episode every week. I don't know, you know,
life gets in a way sometimes, and look, I'm working
on vacations, so who the hell knows. Anyway, thanks for
being patient, Thanks for waiting for us. If you didn't
wait for us, we don't know, because you're not here
to tell us you didn't wait, and and you want
you're not hearing us tell you to tell us if
you didn't wait, But hopefully you're You're glad we're back.
Are you glad we're back? Jamie? I am? Thank you,

and you know what, all this time it's been on,
we haven't been able to shut it down. It's been
all the whole time. The electric bills are going to
be extremely high, so I think it's time, Jamie, what
time is it. It's time shut down
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