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March 5, 2022 80 mins

Ep.209 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down TWD S11 ep 10 "NEW HAUNTS"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
Charge here the rules are Welcome to Walkers and Talkers.
Episode two oh nine. Jamie. I'm David Brodie from Elvis
dur in the Morning show. That's Jamie from Light FM
in New York. I remembered to say it up front
this time. I think I'm back in a rhythm now,
although who knows what will happen next week. I recorded

the Brooklyn Boys Podcast episode two eight this afternoon earlier
to so for a little bit of time we were
tied at two oh eight, but this will put us
to two oh nine before before they get to two
oh nine. And but some when I say that, I
mean yeah, so it's a race I cannot believe I've done.

At this point four hundred nineteen, this will be the
four hundred and seventeenth episode of a podcast. I guess right,
four the four hundred and seventeenth episode, including the fifty
minute morning show that I do put the morning show
four days a week for about five years. Now, that's true,
you do it. You're on that one too, So figure
like seven hours of six hundred hours maybe of just

rambling about whatever. We don't get paid by the word,
although it would sound like we do sometimes because we
talk so much. Anyway. If this is your first time
with us, welcome, We always talk a lot in the beginning.
This is not this is not a fluke. So how's
your life, Jamie. How is your weekend? Um? I actually
moved back into my apartment for the first time in
two years, right, I was, yeah, Um, but I still

was paying for my apartment. Um, which I am glad
I kept it. But I was a lot of two
years of my life bringing back to my apartment this
past weekend and unpacking and cleaning. So I'm getting settled. Now.
Did you two sloppy roommates make a mess while you
were gone? Um? There was only one here during the
whole pandemic. Um, and she was pretty good about it. Okay,

all right, And where's your dog? Oh? My little boy?
He's so my old room mate. Um, he moved out,
but he moved back in our building by himself. So
Tex is a few floors below me, and I will
be seeing him tomorrow. Oh very good, Yeah, very good.
I met the dog that used to live with you.
I know it's not your doing. Oh yeah, yeah, that's
that's him. And I now get to see him whatever

I want. So that's the best part about living here. Wonderful, wonderful. Um.
I went to New Haven, Connecticut, which I talked about
on the Brooklyn Boys podcast, which a lot of people
consider the pizza capital of of America. It is not,
but it's very good pizza. Here my full review on
the Brooklyn Boys episode to await, it's very good. It's
just not it's not New York. I'm sorry. I don't
want to get into a fight with New Haveners, but

it was very good. And then, uh, this Friday, well
today is Wednesday. As we record this Friday, March fourth,
I'll be seeing The Batman. Oh. I heard it was awesome.
The reviews are excellent. I've seen a lot of reviews
from comic book dorks on like myself on YouTube, who
are like big accounts on YouTube. Loved it. So it
could be the best of the Batman movies. So I'm

excited and listen, most of the Batman movies were very good,
most of them. Most of them. Is it that George
Clooney one wasn't great, but you know anyway, so Pattinson, yeah,
well yeah, hello, yeah, hello, Okay, so let's get onto
talking about the Walking Dead. We have some news before
we get started. So let me kick that off. Something

you may have missed in the episode, we've got confirmation
that the Commonwealth is in fact in Ohio, just like
it is in the comics. We weren't sure if it
was Pittsburgh or somewhere in West Virginia. We we didn't know.
They didn't really say, but there's two mentions of it.
Once on the invoice that Carol takes out of the
garbage for the wine, it's there's an Ohio address on

the invoice, and at one point Carol walks by a
Commonwealth plaque that mentions Ohio. So it's in Ohio. So
we're good. Yeah, I can sleep now I know what.
We know where they are exactly what what do you have, Jamie,
Pamla Milton's father and the painting, you know we saw
that and yeah, that was supposed to be the president.

We'll get to that later, but we'll get to that.
So it's actually a painting of one of the show's
executive producers. Um Tom Loose. Oh, look at that, he
got his face on the show. He got in a painting.
No less, I like that. I like when they slept
they slip in the names of people on the shop it. Yeah, right,
they did. Um, what was I think, Batman, I'm trying

remember what show. I just watched something where the character's
name or there was a book or something was in
the show, and it was the comic book artist's name. Like, yeah,
it's nice. It's nice when the behind the scenes people get,
you know, on screen in some way. So good for him, Well,
that's nice to know. Apparently he's been talking. I guess

his interview with with Insider dot com was very lengthy
because they quoted him again talking about how the show
will handle the way the comic book ended, and he
said they might not be visiting some of the stuff
towards the end of the comics series. And he said, well,
does that mean they're gonna shorten the rest of the
comics series? And he said, I don't think so. So

I don't know what that means. Now. I don't want
to give anything away, but you know, naturally more people
die at some point in the comics. There's a very
twenty five year time jump. But in the comics I'm
not gonna give anything specific away. The people who are
around in twenty five years, a lot of them are dead.
On the show, so they couldn't do that. They couldn't
do that anyway. And uh, and Rick of course is

dead on the show. Spoiler, Well, he's allegedly dead on
the show's missing. He's missing, but we don't know if
you know. Again, we talked the last episode that he's
been seen in Georgia on on set, but we don't
know what that means. We don't know if there's going
to be Maybe the flash forward shows him in twenty
five years um found right. But I still think if

you show him in any way, it ruins the movies.
I think the only way you show him is if
at the end of the show, like on the final episode,
you show him. I guess you show him seven years
later at CRM like current day. This is why you say, Okay,
this is where Rick is as the show is ending.
Whether there's a time jump or not, we don't know.

But don't forget the show is with with the six
month Darrell time jump and the Stormtroopers. It's maybe eight
years since he left the show in Walking Dead time,
so we may see him eight years later like they like.
We may see like a like a like a fade
to black and then like a post credit scene of
Rick as the general at CRM, you know, or something,

or because at some point, you know, maybe maybe, just
maybe the Carol and Darrel spinoff starts with them going
to look for Rick, like because we know that they
want to go out west, but may Judith mentions Machine
is on the hunt like he she may have found
them because at this point with the time jump, Machine
left at least a year ago or about a year ago, right,

because we see the six month time jump plus time
actually passed about it. That sounds right. It's got to
be some time because she wasn't there for the end
of the whisper A War. Yeah, oh yeah, you're right,
you're right. So let's say she's gone at least a year.
And so so who knows if if when we see Rick,

do they show Rick and Machine or do we show
what were they? They show Machine finding out about the CRM,
and then she's on still on her journey after a
year trying to find Rick. And did they show Jadison Rick?
Oh my god, yeah, that would be wild, right, or
or Elizabeth and elizabeths in jail maybe, but yeah, Jadison Rick.
So I think we're gonna see I don't think we're

gonna see Rick back on The Walking Dead. I think
we're gonna see where Rick is at eight years later.
That's yeah, that makes sense. That's well, that's why I'm
one of the hosts of this podcast. Yeah, and you're
usually always right, uh, Jamie your next. Insider dot Com
had the seventy three most shocking death on The Walking Dead,
ranked by Insider. You could check out the entire list

on Insider dot COM's Walking Dead page, but here at
the top three. Al right, county backwards. Number three, the
most shocking death was Abraham Ford. Yeah, all right, I'll
give you that. I'll give you that. Yeah. Number two
Andrea Yeah, because she lived a long time in the comics. Yes,
she did, and she was cut very short. And then

number one was Beth Green suddenly shot just as she
was being safe from her kid. Never. Oh. Yeah, I
would say that was shocking because it wasn't like a
walker was coming after her and saw a bitten. It
was like human did it. She's like, I'm you know, look,
she she she kind of deserved it. She was she
was looking to kill the cop. Yeah, but uh, and

then the gun went off, it did, and she was
she was trying to save Noah, right, she was trying
to save Noah. Oh yes, But to me, Noah had
one of the worst deests I've ever seen in my Yeah,
but it wasn't shocking. You just saw it coming. Like,
but I mean, Beth died because of Noah because the
cops wanted well she did that was I don't member

her name, Debbie, whatever her name was. She wanted no
where to stay. She's like, you guys could leave, but
Noah has to stay, which was a dick move on
her part, right, Like she was he was sort of
like her slave, like you know, and Beth was literally
on the way out the door at the hospital and
this happened, and you're like, oh my god. You know,
I wasn't so shocked Maggie, because Maggie doesn't seem to

remember she had a sister rarely. I mean, didn't she
like last year very quickly mentioned her sister or there
was she put a painting of her sister on the wall. Yeah, like,
oh yeah, I had a sister. Yeah, I mean she did.
She named your kid after her shol right, right, her father,
but she did, you know, I guess his name is herschel.
I don't want his middle name is maybe glind who knows,

but she doesn't. I don't no mention of Beth, you know,
like it could be herschel B Greene Maggarie. Alright, if
you're the Walking Dead, will be back April seventeen, which
means that's when the Walking Dead eight episode are part two,

but probably over we're right before that or overlap by
a week. But April seventeen is when Fear comes back
and we get to see uh Strand's gotta die. I'm
done with him. They made the character unlikable. He's yeah,
he was already unlikable, but it made him more likable.
So all right, what do you got, Jamie. So Norman

Rita said he wishes he had more scenes with Melissa McBride,
Carol and Laura would love Connie in the Walking Dead
season finale, Norman said to Inside Finale, I don't want
to tell us what's happening in the finale. So Merman
said to Insider in a recent interview his relationship with Connie.

I think he would have liked to see a little
bit more of that. Daryl is a very guarded guy.
There's reasons why he attaches himself to certain people. I
would have really liked to see more of bad Oh
so so so Connie's back after being gone all that time,
and then he becomes a stormtrooper and and she's she's
a reporter, and I guess, yeah, they don't have any
scenes a lot of scenes together. He's like, oh, I waited,

like you know, six, eight ten, a year, a full season.
Haven't seen you because she was off filming The Eternals.
I hope she made Yeah, she made a lot of money.
It wasn't a great film. Oh it was. It's on
Disney Plus. It's on Disney Plus and if you want
to watch it anyway, she was fine. I think she
played McCary was a character's name. All right, So that's it.

That's the news. The episode, Uh was pretty good. I
think last week's was better. Did you like this week's episode?
You know what I did? It was? It was fun
because it was a different setting, different vibe. The episodes
called new Haunts. We will we will break that down.
We'll call some bullshit and we'll get to all of
that right after this. Hi, this is Emily kinny Beth

on The Walking Dead and you're listening to David Brody
and Jamie on the Walkers and Talkers podcast. Okay, we're back, Jamie,
How was that was that fun for you? Did you
go to the bathroom in the in the minute and
a half, I'm quick, yes, over good, but probably wash
your hands so good thing. We're not always washed my hands. Alright, alright,
Now there's a chance next week you and I will

see each other in the studios. Possibly it's in real life.
I r L. It's over. Only been two years. Yeah,
that's hard to go. You don't return my phone calls.
You stand me up three times. I waited at a
rest you didn't show up. Alright, alright. Uh. The episode
is called New Haunts. It starts off in the Haunted

Maze that we talked about last week when we talked
about what the scenes from next episode were. And Darryl
and r J and Judith are in a haunted maze
and there's real walkers behind the glass, right, So a
a fake walker comes in and scares them and was like,
all right, let's let's be good. Now we're good. R

J is getting a little scared, and so he's like,
all right, man, no problem, and uh, you know, he
gives that a little fist bump and they walk outside
and Judia tells r J, you was so brave, you know.
I remember she refers to Rick as the brave man,
So I guess you know, brave is an important word
to use for r J larger. You was so brave.
He was like, yeah, it was yeah, yeah, he looked
right cocky. It's a full blown carnival. They're celebrating Halloween

at the Commonwealth, which Angela King confirmed on Twitter this
week that it was a nod to when the survivors
first showed up at Alexandria, they were celebrating Halloween and
they didn't show that on the TV show, so they
decided to do that when they arrived at Commonwealth. How
about that at that there's a petting zoo, which of

us King Ezekiel's in charge of since he's work used
to work at a zoo. It's nice that they have
similar jobs available, Like they didn't have anyone running the
zoo prior. Like all the jobs that these people have taken,
there was no main, main, main lawyer until you showed up,
I know, and like there was no one to watch
the animals, or maybe they did, but they were yes.

The last we saw from last episode, Lance Hornsby proposed
a new idea, I've got another option, right, and then
all of a sudden they're there. I want to see
a flashback of how Darryl was convinced to go, since
he's so negative about everything, you know, I need to

see uh Carol telling him, come on, man, you got
to go, come on please, Right, I want to see Connie,
you know, like convinced. I want to see something. But
we just assumed they showed up, like they took the offer,
Like wouldn't till be like, yeah, we don't need this crap.
We don't need these people. I don't trust them. But
all of a sudden they're like, yeah, let's go, let's

gonna have a party. I don't know, And I want
to see Maggie saying hell no, I'm standing back here. Yeah,
well Maggie and um Lydia apparently stay back. They mentioned
that briefly on the show, which we'll get to. That
was the only thing related took place before the credits
other than well, no, that's it. It was just that
little carnival part. It's day thirty in the Commonwealth, Like

I said, the celebrating Halloween, cow's baking cookies. Now. I
don't know if that if they just made her a
happy homemaker because she said I can bake, or she's
pretending to be a happy homemaker and not letting on
that she's a killer, like she's done a number two
right like she did at Alexandria was like, oh hello,

So I don't know why she's doing that, if they
have an idea that she's a crazy killer or not,
but I guess we'll find out. A young girl named
May introduces herself to Judith and uh and asks about
living outside, right, what's that like out there? She said, Uh,
you're probably not afraid of anything, you know, and uh,
Jude's give that look like there's something's not afraid of.

I guess to me, that's that's our way of showing
you that that's the first clue that May is gonna
get eaten by a walker or that Judith is gonna
have to save what because they're friends now they're friends.
Now the walls are coming down, or they're gonna go
on a mission and they're gonna be outside, and May
is gonna freak out because clearly she's never been outside, right,

She's probably not old enough. They probably were born there,
or she's too young to remember what life was like.
So that's that's my first clue. That's something. She's gonna
be terrified if a walker breaks out of the maze,
you know. I mean there's other walkers on the show.
They're in that other area where they're building houses and
they're doing the tests, so I think may may maybe

maybe uh Gracie number two. Oh. Carol asks Darryl how
he's doing with everything, which is weird. She waited a
month to ask him. Uh. He says it's an adjustment.
And she says this place has been running smoothly for
long before we got here. We don't even have to
do anything to make it work right. And Daryl says,
we always gotta do something to make it work right.
So he's already thinking what do I have to change?

You know, like the way they took over Alexandria and
every other place they've been. Daryl's like got his eye
out for like what can I do? How can I
take charge here? Governor Milton. Governor Milton comes out of
her building or wherever, and everybody applauds her. They love her.
She's a hero. So far she's a hero. The episode
doesn't end with her being a hero, but she's a hero.
At the moment, Carol says to Darrel about Pamela, I

always thought she was so classy, And Daryl says, I
knew nothing about her, and Carol says, because you didn't
read the tabloids. So at this point we know Pamela
is somebody famous, but we don't know why. Now, what
did you think she was famous for? She was in
the tabloid. So did you think she was like a Kardashian? Mom,
what did you think? I thought something even though she's

a mayor, I get her. Whatever she's there, I get
I think I got a politic vibe from her. Okay,
So you thought politics and not not husband or something
like that. Okay. I wasn't sure if maybe she was
like she was rich, you know, like a Kardashian, or
she married somebody famous, you know, because she otherwise you know. Anyway,

so she's so she's not famous for being famous. She's
famous and she was in the tabloids because somebody else
was famous. Because at that point they don't reference her,
like I haven't seen her movies. They don't say why
we find out why Connie's working as a reporter for
the Commonwealth. Now, I understand she was a reporter. They
referenced that on the show earlier. I get that they

made her a reporter again. But we find out something
later that makes me curious as to why Pamela made
her her reporter again. So remind me. I'll bring that
up later. Darryl asked if she had a chance to Oh,
here it is. Darryl asked her if she had a
chance to interview Pamela, and Connie says yes before the
world fell. And Connie says yeah. And she also got

her uncle kicked out of Congress. So at that point
her uncle was a senator or a representative, was a
member of Congress in some some way, shape or form,
probably a congressman, because even though the senate's part of
the Congress, she would have said senator anyway, So her
uncle was somebody famous. That's one piece of the puzzle.
Carol notices Ezekiel holding his chest where the tumor is.

He's obviously in pain. Father Gabriel offers to take care
of Rosie's kid. Now, so Rosine's walking with the baby right, Yes,
that was Sadiq's kid said yes, father Gabriel bumps in
her in the street and says, I'll take care of
the kid if you want, because you're working, you're working late,

and she says, uh. He says, I'll take it. I'll
take care of the kid in my place. So they
they're not together, I don't think, so they have like
a strained vibe between that. I thought they were together,
but I think his dark side came out. I think
they broke up back in the day. Yeah, he's definitely
on the dark side. Yeah, okay, all right, maybe I'm
forgetting something, but they're obviously not living together. And then

she said something like, I'll pick the kid up after
you you teach Bible studies. So I guess, now here's
the thing. He's teaching Bible again and he had his
collar on. Is that because he wants to be a
man of the cloth again because he had second thoughts
about trying to find God? Or is the commonwealth forcing

him to be a priest because that's what he was
Probably the ladder And then oh, that's funny, you say
the ladder. Oh, because in the comics he dies on
the ladder. I know it's a different ladder. It's a
hominym I get it, okay, all right, Darryl and Rosita
are living in apartments that have staircases off the back.

It's where they put all the rookies when they're in training. Now,
in the trailer they showed in the coming up this season,
in part two of Walking Dead, they showed stormtroopers running
into those buildings. Yes, Rosita says it's weird having to
worry about money again because you have to pay for things. Yes,
And Darryl says it's not permanent. Now, does that mean

he's planning on leaving or does he plan on overthrowing
the system? I think in his head he wants to
be in charge. Yeah, maybe not like the guy, but
like up there right, all right. Jerry's daughter was at
the petting zoo with the Jerry family and she had

Shiva's collar, the tiger's collar. She was playing with it,
and she was dressed like a tiger for Halloween. So
I guess they gave her the collar. You know, Jerry
had had saved the collar when she had Achieva died
and he gave the collar back to Ezekiel. Right, here's
collar back. And then the little girls like the color,

and she gives the you know, the tears and the
well the cat the kitty cat eyes because she just
and so Ezekiel says, you can have it. I know
this would mean a lot to you, right, And uh
I thought, okay, well, that was nice of him. I
didn't think much of it until later on in the show.

I'll reference that later on. Carol stops by to see
how he's doing, and he lies and says he feels great,
which we already know he doesn't. Yeah, they talked about going.
They're finding out how Maggie and Lydia were. So it's
been what we say, thirty days, yet days into them
that Maggie and Lydia haven't come. We saw a hilltop

right in one of the one of the coming attractions.
There's other people living there, but notice they only care
about the two people like get stars of the show.
Nobody cares about the right the Red Shirts. Nobody makes
friends with them. They're just there in the background to
die in a war or when the wall collapses. But
nobody's friends with um. Like, you can't just break into

the inner circle. You can't be like, hey, um, I
know I'm just the farmer in the corner there. But Maggie,
wanta you want to be friends? She's like, no, I'm Maggie, ree,
get on my face. Carol goes to a big office building.
She pickpockets the janitor. She just walks by with flowers
and thank you Michael Jackson and alien and farm and yeah,

and she takes the keys and goes into the records office.
Somehow she knows exactly which filing cabinet to go to
to find King Ezekiel's medical records. She goes right there
as if she had gone to the doctor with him
and watched them put the records in that filing cabinet.
So I'm calling filling cabinet bullshit unless it was labeled alphabetically.

But even still, she walked right in and like went
to the cabinet that wasn't even facing the door. So
she when we've seen the letters, speaking of alphabetical, speaking
of alphabetical, did you notice the name on the You
know what, I didn't pause. I didn't catch it. Ezekiel Sutton.
So that is either his real name or the name
he gave them when they asked him what his name was.

But he did not live long enough in the comics
to get a last name, he was just Ezekiel. Oh
spoiler he died in the comics. Sorry he got piked.
Another spoiler. I shouldn't have said that one. Sorry. And
today's word all was um rupie, which is Indian form
of currency, a Native American form of currency, I should say, which,
by the way, didn't ruin anything, because by the time

you hear this, it's over word all ended. Right. But
marks second, that's what I can do in the Brooklyn Boys.
From now, I can just spoil the word you won't
you won't, well, Brooklyn Boys, we post the same day
usually right right, but right this one, I have to
edit it down a little bit sometimes and I gotta
put in commercials and all that stuff. Scary those all
that stuff, so for the Brooklyn Boys, so I don't

always have it righty to day we finished recording. Anyway,
enough of that, MS brother walks in Lucky for a carol.
Of all the people who walk in, it's Humico's brother.
And this is where we find out he's back as
a surgeon in the medical field. So I guess when
they took him away and they arrested him, they gave
him the riot act like, you're not working in the
in the donut shop anymore, the pastry shop whatever. You're

going back in the medical field, thanks thanks to Humico,
shoot the mouth off when she's like, he's not in
jail for him lying today. Yeah, but he's too important.
He's a doctor, that's true, but he's he's should be lucky,
all right. He offers to help her, which he spots
Carol trying to hide, which is in a really good

job hiding, and he says, you know, what do you
need and she says, look, I'm just looking at the records.
She sees his diagnosis as not being very good, and
he says, well, there's a surgery list and he's number
one forty seven in line for surgery. And Carol's like, well, okay,
when will that be? And he gives the impression he
won't live long enough to get to number one because

there's only one surgeon you out, which, by the way,
there was no surgeons there when he was working in
the facetry shop. Actually that's what I was thinking, was like,
he's the only guy, so he let people die. Rather
than identify who it was, I punched him in the face,
punch him in the face anyway, He says, Ezekiel knows
that things don't look good, but has no idea that

he has no chance of getting surgery unless by some miracle.
He moves up the line. Well, there you go. That's
a spoiler because you know what that means. Carol's performed
some miracle. Oh, she's gonna do it. She's gonna do something.
And he gets Zekil moved up the line. Once you
open the door in the plot in the script, well,
unless the miracle happens, Oh, cue the miracle, get the America,

you know what, unless it unless it rains, you know,
and hail on the fourth of July, and heard a
baby Zebras runs by. Here comes to Zabras. By the way,
that's a bugs Bunny reference for anyone who gets that. Yeah, anyway.
Uh So, Mercer is giving a training class to new recruits,
including Rosita and Darryl, and he says, I'm gonna split

you guys up in teams at two to go into
the houses to kill rotters, you know, walkers. Each team
gets one small knife. He tells him to work as
a team and whoever wins, whoever gets through the house
fastest and gets to the final walker, we'll move much
closer to moving on and getting promoted, getting in other words,
getting out of training. He says, failed to work as

a unit. He makes like a stink face. He goes
and see what you get. Oh, they split up into
two teams of two right, and Darryl asks if he
can go with Rosida. He's with Jake right, and he's like,
can I go at Rosisa? Well, now listen, he puts
you in teams. He's not gonna let you work with Rosia.

The whole point is to learn team work with somebody new.
He already knows, you know, team work with Rosiday. Mercy
is like, I didn't ask for your opinion. To shut up,
and he makes stink face at him again, like that
curled lip, like that Elvis Presley curb lipting, hey hey man. Yeah.
So Jake is like, hey man, I'm Jake, and he's
kind of like whoosy, Like I'm Jake. I was starting

to wonder where are all these new recruits coming from? Right,
all these people that aren't part of Alexandria, where they
come from? What community were they living west of Ohio
that our people never saw them? So then I'm thinking, well,
Jake must be a pretty good fighter because they're training
him to be a guard and he's lived this long
in the apocalypse, so you're like, oh, Daryl must have

a good partner, right, Okay, So Daryl gives Jake the knife.
They head in. Rosita gets jumped by a walker and
while she's fighting with the walker, her partner really doesn't
do very much. He kind of pats the walker on
the back, he stands there, doesn't really help. I don't
have you noticed that. Let's be working as a team.

Darryl and Jake come across two walkers that are on
the ground eating. Daryl kicks one of them in the
head and grabs the other one and expecting that Jake
will stab it. Jake's like, he'd take the knife. It
sounds like I got both hands on the walker. Kill
the walker. So then he's like, well, if you're not
gonna take the knife, I'm gonna run off, and he
runs off. Hey, So that I'm thinking, how is this

guy in a group of potential soldiers and how was
he lasted this long in the apocalypse If he's basically Eugene,
like Eugene had Abraham, but nobody would have put Eugene
in the in the Imperial Guard, they wouldn't have made
him a stormtrooper, Like where where was round one of
the tests? Can you kill a walker? He obviously can't
kill a walker. He can't. So I felt that was

that was bullshit. That was a bad, bad plot moment
because it made no sense, Like if at least if
he tried to stab it in the head and he
was bad at it, like Sebastian, But but what's your
why would he be? Like? Okay, right, Rosie's partner Green
is losing a fight with a walker and Rosia has
to save him, so they worked as a team. Then

they're walking and he sees the final Walker with a
red ex and so he goes to fight the final
Walker with the knife, and then another Walker comes out
of nowhere. She doesn't hear it. She doesn't hear tiptoeing.
They're not silent. So he the walker grabs her from behind,
and so she beats it up and she cracked. She

she breaks his leg, She stomps his kneecap, breaks his legs,
and the walker falls to the ground. I don't know
if we've seen this before. This is a good move.
She rips his leg off and with the bone sticking
out of the leg, stabs him in the head with it.
I rewound it twice because I was like, that was
so badass, was like it took him eleven seasons, but

that was a very original. Walker. Jake is losing a
fight with a walker even though he has a knife.
The walkers on top of him. Daryl's fighting with a
Walker and smashes his head onto a spike and then
goes to help Jake, but before he can, Mercer shoots
the walker attacking Jake, and Daryl is pissed. Oh he's mad.

Mercer congratulates Rosita and Green and tells Dixon to go
with him. He's like, you you with me? Right? Meanwhile,
Jake's not there because he, you know, he failed the test.
And now at that point, did you think Daryl did
anything wrong? I didn't, but I thought Mercer had it
out for him and he was gonna fun with him.

So I was like waiting to say, I'm like, oh god,
where is he taking? Right? So he's later on, we'll
get to it. He blames Darryl for not working as
a team, but it's not his fault that Jake ran
off that Jake sucks right. He kicked a walker, he
grabbed a walker and as a team he wanted Jake
to stab up the walker. It's not Darya's fault. He

ran off and then Darald did not help him. He
was fighting another walker with no weapon with yeah, with
no knife nothing. All right, Well, that all leads up
to major hypocrisy bullshit coming up, which I will I
will gladly point out right after this play Aaron on
The Walking Dead and you're listening to Walkers and Tuckers

with David Brody and Jamie. Okay, Judith and May her
new friend are shopping at the at a record store
with like records. So cute. Here, here's what I'm wondering,
Zombie Apocalypse. I get it. Aren't you more likely to
have CDs? I know, you want to have a record

player and show the needle on the record, the needle
on the record, you know. And we've seen a couple
of record players in the Apocalypse. I'm fine with that,
but it seems like after what is it ten twelve
years of the Apocalypse, records would break. Daniel had records
and one of them was was the country and Western
singer that Beta was right. Yes, so we've seen records before.

I just don't know why we haven't seen c d
s unless they like showing the album artwork and being
like larger to look at. But it seems like c
d s would last longer and not get scratched and
cracked and broken when you're on the on. You know,
you can put CDs in your backpack, you know, it
in or get a plug in a record player. Jamie, Well,

what about a grafanola? You wind it up and you
put the record on it. But none of those, none
of those were None of those were wind up, I
guess not. I don't know the one Darrell had. What
I think they have power, I guess so right, I don't.
I don't think. I definitely didn't wind anything out for sure. Right.

It was definitely not a grafanola, So no, it's not
right right, it didn't have the big, you know, curly thing.
So I think that I'm calling record album bullshit, That's
what I'm calling. I just don't see why they. I
don't understand why they're choosing records anyway. May tells Judith
she really needs to get this album and it's a

I think it's the rock and roll album by motor Head. Yes,
the motor Head Is is a heavy metal band from seventies, eighties,
and nineties. I guess through the two thousand's Lemmy died
the lead singer. Um, but it's I guess if the
girls really never heard music before, were not a lot
of music, I would think Motorhead is shocking, like it's

it's so, it's just it's different and the singers like
very gruff sounding, you know, they different little little girls,
which they played a decent amount of. One of the
songs in the episode. He's got like a growledy voice
like this. I'm not a fan of Motorhead. Music is fine.
I don't like his singing. I don't don't don't hate
me for it, but I thought Motorhead was an interesting choice.

Darryl knew Motorhead. Daryl is a biker, like Daryl was
like Motorhead. Yeah. Absolutely. Judith says I don't have any money,
and May says, well, don't you get an allowance? And
I'm like, hey man, they've been there thirty days and
Daryl doesn't even have a paying job yet, so she
probably doesn't even know what the word allowance means, yeah, exactly,
May border the record with her own money, and Judith says,

can I have the receipt as a reminder, right, which
I thought was nice, like of our friendship whatever. But
then I thought to myself, do we see the receipt
again when May dies? That's my second inclination that that
May May like she'll look at the re seat on
the wall and like, I remember when May brought me
this record, and she'll put motorhead on and she's like
locking out the motorhead in honor of May dying. I'm

predicting it. Now. They're putting all the markers down right,
like all we need now is made to say like
I know him safe by these walls and I'll never die,
like I. She's gonna say something like that, got this,
that's all we're missing. Lance hornsbyat that Now we find
out later what this was about. But the big costume

ball that all the elites get to go to, lance
Hornsby brings a crate of wine as a gift to
Pamela and r s real. Stephanie says that's not good enough,
try harder, and and he throws the stuff in the
garbage like he's so upset he wastes bottles of wine.
I didn't like many bottles. That's the life of rich

people like me. I'm taking the wine back and selling
it or drinking it like I don't. But you're not
gonna waste it. I don't drink red wine, but I'm
not you know what I mean. I'm not gonna waste it.
I'm gonna trade it for something like a shishka bab,
like at the cart, like's go cart. Yeah. I don't
like the cookies I want to I want some meat
on a stick I don't like. I want a turkey

leg at the corner. I always turkey legs, always number one.
I go to Disney World for Space Mountain and turkey legs.
That's it. That's why I go Great Adventure, six Flags
Great Adventure here in New Jersey. If they have them,
I'm buying them. That's why you go to amusement parks
turkey legs. I don't know if six Flags at Turkey
Legs anymore, it doesn't matter. But the Disney World, Turkula,
Hershey Park. Hershey Park has turkey legs. Google that if

you don't know where Hershey Park is. H Hershey Park,
I think is my favorite non Disney World amusement park.
Best roller coasters for me. I like the wooden roller
coasters there because they were built by this A manufactured
two of them, and they the first hill curves. It
doesn't go straight down, it curves, and I like that
curve because you get the speed with a little less

of the stomach drop. I like the curve. It makes
you feel like you're in a race. Call I digress.
That's what I do. I digress. So Carol is perfect timing,
perfect timing. Carol just happens to see this transaction go on,
and she goes in the garbage and she sees the
bottles of wine that were broken, and she goes to

a wine store. Now I don't know where the wine
store is. And I don't know how she knows where
the wine store is unless they passed it when they
when they were on their way in or in thirty like, well,
how did she know where the wine store was? That's
what I was And I was like, how did she
know to go in there? The reason I asked because
later when she gives the wine to Lance Hornsby, I'm

jumping ahead here. He says oh, I see, you figure
out a way to get outside the walls, right. Oh,
I just remember how she figured it out, now, I remember, Okay,
she went to the wine store. I guess the invoice
had the address of the wine store, and she looked
at the wine in the garbage, I mean the receipt

in the garbage, and it's showed very expensive wine on
the receipt. Is that where she went to the wine
cellar in the wine store? I yeah, she was right,
but I I don't remember now if that if she
went somewhere that had a wine cellar, or she went
to the wine store. So I don't know how she
knew where the wine store was because the wine store

was not in Commonwealth, you know what I mean? Yeah,
it was Look, I don't know, I just all of
a sudden, she was in a wine cellar. The only thing. Oh,
you know what I think happened. Now I know what happened.
I gotta figure it out now Now it makes sense.
She went to the Commonwealth wine store and looked for
an invoice of wine they bought. Oh, and that wine

store bought the wine from the address on the invoice head,
and so she went to that address to get the
expensive wine. That must be what happened. Luckily it was
within walking distance. Conven convenienced bullshit right, um, And anyway,
the receipt was for wine that was over two thousand dollars.

So she's in the basement in the wine cellar somewhere
and she goes take a bottle of wine and three
walkers attack her and knock over the wine shelf. Oh
my god. She kills two of them with a knife,
and then the third one gets her on the ground. Luckily, huh.
She manages to reach up on top of the counter
that she can't see and doesn't know what's up there,

and grabs a wine cork, a deep corker. Right, how
would she know who was there? Did she happen to
see it? When before the walker's attacked she noticed it?
Possibly a corkscrew, a deep corker, a corkscrew, and the
corkscrew goes in the brain far enough to kill right,

So good for Darryln Sebastian are with Mercer and Rosita.
Um well, actually Rosita joins them now. She was like, oh,
I want to I wanna be with you guys. Now.
Rosita doesn't do anything in that scene, there's no reason
for her to be there, really, right, No, she doesn't help,
she didn't do anything. Here's why she was there. She

shows up and she says Mercer says, you're not in
this thing. She says, well, I'm gonna volunteer, and then
Sebastian is like, Sebastian makes a really obnoxious sexist comment like, well,
if she's gonna look like that, you know, she can
show up anytime she wanted volunteer if she wants, you know.
She he sounded like, um like our friend Gregory. Oh yes,

Jamie in your gameham dress. Yeah. Oh so I think
Rosita was only there so Sebastian could make a sexual
comment about her appearance because she didn't. She didn't really
add to the scene. She didn't do anything. Right, So
Mercer has three bags of weapons and and tells him

he can choose his weapons. But I guess they're all
going there to practice killing walkers, as if Daryl and
Rosida need any practice Jake needs, Jake needs some damn
practice over there. Yeah, they opened up the bags of
weapons and Daryl's crossbow is in there, and he's like,
are you serious? Dirty was like, you're letting Sebastian, that's

my damn crossbow. Yeah, that's wrong. Wrong. So Sebastian starts
practicing with all the weapons and he's awkward with all
of them, all of them. He uh, I'm sorry, I
just dropped something. He um, he can't use the mace
on the hand. That the mace on the chain, right,

And Daryl's like, you have to extend your arm all
the way because he's swinging like he doesn't he's never
like swung anything before. He's still there. Yeah, oh sorry,
you've been quie for a second. Hold on. So he's
swinging the mace like he's never swung anything before, and
he's not. And then he takes the crossbow out, and
the crossbow you just shoot the thing and the bolt

goes flying. He can't use that either. Darl's trying to
give him advice and Sebastian's look at him like, you
don't tell me. I'm Pamela Milton's son, I don't tell me.
So Darl was like, all right, Dick, I don't give
you die whatever by ass you know. I I listen,
I know what happens to him in the comics. Um,
I I hope things don't end well for him on

the show. You know, I just saying bad things should
happen him, bad bad things. Um Mercer tells Daryl to
release the walkers from the storage crate container. Sebastian kills
one of them with a sword like like an axe
handle thing, and then he gets cocky like, oh, I
just killed the first one. So then he goes for
a smaller knife for some reason, and he stabs He

stabs the second walker in the neck. Yeah, I saw that.
What are you doing? How do you miss rule one
on one in the head? Right? Right? Rule? Yes? Rule
one on one? Yes? Uh well yeah, well rule one technically,
don't wait, a hundred one rules nothining like English one
on one exactly what are the first rules? If? Okay,

So he's struggling with the walker. He can't beat the walker.
His knife is stuck in the neck of the walker.
What he should have done was let go with a
knife and step back because he's got all those other weapons.
So it's clear he's not gonna beat this walker, and
so Daryl takes out his crossbow. Mercer says nothing. Daryl

stares at him, fighting the walker and losing. Mercer says nothing.
So Finally, Daryl shoots the crossbow and kills the walker. Yeah,
Sebastian is annoyed, how dare you? How dare you? This
guy's just going to be a trooper, right, He's annoyed
as if it's Daryl's fault, and he yells at him

for for killing them. He's like, this is this guy
is gonna be the future soldier of the Commonwealth. Right.
Then his mother walks by Pamela and he and gives
him an unapproving look, and he gets all ashamed, like sorry, mother,
and he rans after the mother right because he's a
big puss. So here's there the hypocrisy comes in. Mercer

tells Darryl, you shouldn't have helped. He would have been fine.
And Darryl says, did I fail another team building exercise?
And Mercer says, I understand you used to take care
of taking care of things on your own, but that's
not the way things work around here, right, we do
things as a team. Well, didn't he do something as
a team by killing him? Exactly? You're supposed to have

each other's back and he stepped in. Okay, So here's
what I call ridiculous hypocrisy. Bullshit. So Mercer is upset
that a guy I struggling to kill a walker needed help,
and Daryl decided not to let him kill him, uh
fight him anymore, and killed the walker for him. Right.

Mercer says, you have to set people up to succeed,
and Daryl says, what the heck does that have to
do with this little prick's ego? Right? Like, wouldn't like
he's a douche bag, you know. Now here's the hypocrisy.
Mercer says, you shouldn't have jumped in. He would have
been fine. You have to set people up to succeed. Right,
What did Mercer do five minutes ago? Jake was struggling

with the walker and he didn't and he didn't set
him up to succeed. He shot the walker knowing that
Jake was struggling. Daryl does the same thing. He's an asshole. Yep.
I'm calling more bad writing bullshit because I understand if
this was a real, real world Mercer could be a hypocrite.
But the writers just made Mercer hypocrite. And you're trying

to make Mercer look badass, but you just made him
look like a hypocrite. Very true. If the walk her
was about to bite Jake in the neck, like just
about to bite Jake in the neck, and Daryl wasn't there.
I understand why you shoot him. But he was holding
the walker back, struggling, no different than Sebastian, and he

decided to shoot him even though Daryl was coming running
around the wall. So Daryl learns from that, emulates him,
and it gets yelled at for doing it. Not right,
not right. If I see Mercer, if we see him
in a comic con so I kind of convention. I'm
gonna say to him, Mr Mercer, Sir, Mr Mercer, sir,
My friend Jamie here thinks you're a hypocrite me. No,

I'm not gonna huge. I'm not gonna say that. You're
gonna set me up. I'm gonna set you up to succeed.
I'm gonna set you up to succeed. So I don't
set myself up for failure. You see that works. I'm
learning from Mercer, don't learn from him. Yeah, Mercer says,
listen to Daryl, this place is as good as anything

I've seen, and I want you to succeed if you
can get out of your own damn way, and he
walks off, like, I'm trying to help you here, but
you're being an asshole man. Poor Dall can't do anything
right right well, because yeah, even when he does something right,
he's like, yeah, you're wrong, Yeah, you're wrong. Do you
work as a team, don't work as a team. I
worked as a team. Don't do that. Don't do as

I do, do as I sort of say, I don't know.
Daryl goes home to their apartment. He brings dinner home
to the family, and Judith says, by the way, do
you notice his food and that he gave his food
to the dog. I love him for that and dogs
put his face up. Dog is the best, dogs the best. Yeah,

Daryl comes home with dinner, right, Judah says, Dad not dead? Daryl,
can I have an allowance? And Daryl says, hey, give
it a little while till my job kicks in. And
that is if we stay. Second reference to right and right,
Well we already, I mean, we know they're gonna leave
because Daryl and Carroll get a spin off. But he's
thinking he's leaving Commonwealth now one He's like, why do

you want to stay? And Judith and r J both
said they want to stay as long as Michelle knows
where they are to find them, as if Michelle's coming back. Oh, yes,
she's coming back, She's coming back. Yeah. Hornsby is still
stressing out in his office because he doesn't have a
nice enough gift to bring to the to the party
for as a gift to Pamela. Carol walks in at
that exact same moment that he's stressing out of not

having a right gift, and she brings six bottles a
very expensive wine and he says, how did you know?
And she says, I was raised to be observant and
he says, I see you found a way to get
outside the walls. So yeah, yes she did, and she
she she obviously got the good wine again. And he

didn't ask her where. He didn't, you know, he didn't say, like,
can't you tell me which what you get the wine?
Hornsby says, okay, what do you want? And she says,
I have a friend waiting for surgery and it needs
you to move him up to the front of the line.
You have connections. And he says that's a very big gasque.
And uh, he says, all right, first things first, let's

let's make sure the wine goes over well, you know,
like I'll give the wine and see if she likes it.
Cut to the party, Magna is working as a waitress
at the fancy masquerade hall and she's not happy. Now.
If you remember, prior to the zombie Apocalypse, Magna told
Alexandria's leaders when they put her on trial, right, they

wanted her to prove her value. She said, I used
to be a waitress at a truck stop, so this
is a step up at least. But she's not happy
that she has to be a waitress again simply because
she used to be a waitress. She's not happy. This
is gonna play into something that pops up later in
the episode. So she serves wine at the party on
a tray and she happens to bring the wine to

you Muco and her brother and she gives it a
look like here's your wine, bitch, Like I'm a waitress,
look at you high society as a lawyer, and the
brother is like, I don't want any part of this
fancy life. I liked it better on the other side,
so he liked working at the pastry shop and not
hanging out with the with the big shots. His hands

are shaking. Yeah, yeah, I wouldn't want him operating on
me if I was thee me. You know what, I
thought the same thing. I'm like, my god, this man
is this nervous under control? Yeah, I'm a little worried
about him. There, Darryl and Rosita are working security at
the front door, right each each of them have a door,
I guess because they prove themselves. Although Green proved himself,
but he's not at the door because he doesn't. He's

he has no value. Hornsby walks up the red carpet
up the steps and they start applauding, and he thinks
it's for him, but it's not. It's because Mercer is
behind him, embarrassing and yeah, but listen, this can be
the first time this has happened. Oh definitely not. But
still it's kind of sting every time. But he's like, oh,
you're cheering from and they're all like, sir, sir, and

princesses there dressed like she was at the Halloween party,
like like like poor Cinderella before the ball, and she
stops him again. I remember she flir to with him
when he was going in the train station to arrest you.
MCO's brother, and she was trying to stall right now
when Eugene and fake Stephanie we're looking at the records
they were trying to use the radio. That's it's all
coming back to me now, So coming back to him. Okay,

So she says, oh, you look handsome, all dressed. Joe
flirty with him, and he says, I hate these kind
of things. They're boring, but why don't you join me?
And he opens up, he takes he opens up the
velvet rope and lets her in. At that point, you
must have been like, oh yeah, So the guy at
the door with the clipboard. Of course there's a guy

at the door to clipboard. He asks for her name
and Mercers says, she's with me. Now that should have
been enough because he's Mercer. And the guy says, guy
says what about her dress code? And he locks arms.
He locks arms with her and gives him the look
like listen, you wanna go to jail. You don't question Mercer.
And of course they let them in and she's like, oh,
I'm with the big guy. Uh. Lance enters the room,

walk right up to Pamela. Now you know, you know
he's a sniveling weasel because he's like, hey, Pama, how's
the wine? Like, hey, like that gift I gave you.
How's the wine? Huh? And she's like it's fun. Okay,
it's good, it's fun. Yeah. Her reaction was so just like,
it's fine. I have to imagine this is some of
the best wine she's had her well, maybe not in

her life, but at least six thousand dollars or whatever
it was. It's allow. But she's the daughter. Will we
find out later wh her father was. But she's a
famous person. I'm sure she's been to like Gallas before,
but the way she's but not since the apocalypse. She
was mine niffing him hard. Yeah, She's like, well, that's fine.
And it's like, you know what, I have to go
deal with something that guy can't talk to, you know, Hornsby.

I gotta leave. So she totally like pisces on him
and walks away. And she was, oh, by the way,
I have a lot of questions about Alexandria. I'd like
to have a meeting. He's like all right, yeah, okay, yeah,
meetings good. Yeah. What questions about Alexandra? Does she have? Right? Like,
does she want to know if everybody came like, does
she want to Oh, that must be it. She might

want to know if there's any holdouts, like why does
she find that? Maybe why Darrel shows up as the stormtrooper,
because she may have he may right, he may have said, well,
a couple of people stayed back at Hilltop. Oh, no,
unacceptable to be here. Yeah. Pamela goes over to Connie
and Kelly and they make small talk and she makes
mention of the fact that she finds holidays. She says, oh,

you do do all the holidays, And Pamela says, I,
I find holidays in structure important to people, and my
father always felt the same way when he was in
the White House. So I'm like, oh, okay, So her
father worked in the White House. Was he in the
cabinet or was he the president? Right? Was he the
President of States? We don't know. We just know at

that particular moment he was in the White House. But
the way she said it, she didn't say like worked
in the white House. She said when he was in
the White House. So at that point I'm thinking her
father was the damp is in the United States. Damn.
Connie asked how her father would feel about the class
system here at Commonwealth. And she's a typical politician, and

she says we value everyone, but she doesn't say she
values everyone equally. She says we value everyone. She's She
then says, Connie, let me introduce you to some people. Now,
I have a question if Connie had your uncle kicked
out of all of Congress. And if you remember in
season nine, I think Connie said that she and Kelly,

or at least Connie at one point was investigating corrupt
politicians when she was a reporter for the Apocalypse. So
Pamela knows that Connie is an investigative reporter who uncovers
dirt on politicians, and you're the local politician. I wouldn't
make her a reporter again either, right, I'd ever work

like in the newsroom maybe, but not not as an
investigative reporter. So Pamela introduces Connie to some woman who
was last year's lottery winner. Do you know what that means?
It means a year ago they said one loser can
show up at the at the gala next year. She
probably had a raffle and they said, like you you
can win a chance to hang out with the rich people. Right,

and so she's Connie, this is the woman who won
the lottery last year, and then walks away like she's like, oh,
go talk to these people bye bye. Yeah, like talk
to this other common by right, A creepy waiter walks
in that if you remember, he was Tyler from the
train car that that princess beat up, right, she tied
him up, beat him up right. So he walks in

acting creepy, and he goes right up to Pamela to
ask her a question, and Stephanie jumps in in front
of him. Now, now, look, if you wanted to ask
her a question, why wouldn't you just do it on
the street when she's out handing out cotton, candy or
ice cream. Yeah, this is not the moment Tyler right
when his limited people around, there's no one who agrees
with you because everyone there is rich except the waite staff. Yea,

So it just seemed like the rong and mercer is there.
It's the wrong wrong time unless your hope was that
the other rich people would agree with you, and all
of a sudden, like this guy's right, but they're all rich.
Why would they give that up? The Stephanie says, she's
very busy tonight, and he looks like he wants the
killer and you mco and Princess noticed this. They're like, oh,

keep it one, that guy. Why because only people on
the show know what the hell are doing, right, They're
the ones that have to like make sure Nicholas doesn't
get hurt, and Gracie doesn't get hurt, and and all
the you know, Sebastian doesn't get hurt, and all the
people Alexandria that didn't know anything about anything. Everyone, they
always have to help everybody, like they're the only ones

that could do anything. So they're the only ones that
noticed this creepy guy. Princess remembers, hey, he was one
of the soldiers in the train car. I wonder why
he's serving food now, right, Either he got demoded or
he's up to no good. So Manly gives a speech
about unity and wonderful it is at the Commonwealth, how

great we are safe behind these walls, and she unveils
a painting of her father and then announces the artist
who painted it took nine months to paint the painting
because of the injury she sustained out in the real world. Right,
but thanks to my father, we are rebuilding society brick
by brick. That's a good way to remind people that
they better be happy they live in in Commonwealth, because

people die outside or get injured. Right. The other thing
we learned on Fear the Walking Dead is that once
they tell you how long and laborious something a painting
was to paint, it's not going to survive. We learned that.
We learned that a few episodes ago on Fear the
Walking Dead. Oh, this painting, she she painted it how
many times? And you know it's glorious painting it so

many failed attempts, it wasn't gonna survive. So I already
knew that painting was not long for this world. Pamela says,
the Commonwealth provides sanctuary, which I thought was a funny
nod to the sanctuary for anyone who wants it. And
by the way, I don't forget the din. They provide
sanctuary at the cannibals terminus. They provide a sanctuary for all.

So sanctuary is a bad so I'm thinking. So then
the waiter yells out, oh, she says, we provide sanctuary
for anyone who wants it, and we value everyone there.
But again she doesn't say equally, and the waiter yells out,
that's bullshit, as if he was at the State of
the Union or something. She says to her, does anyone

really believe this woman that we're all equal? He says,
you care about everyone? What's my name? Now there's fifty
people allegedly living at the Commonwealth, even if there's five thousand,
How would she ever know everybody's names? Wouldn't right? She
doesn't mean she doesn't value his opinion or his life.

So they tell him to calm down, which is which
never works. By the way, he grabs a knife off
the table and puts it to Stephanie's throat. Real Stephanie
rs rs. So was he really going to attack with
no weapon prior to grabbing the knife or was this
like spur of the moment? That's what I'm wondering. So
Mercer goes for his gun, and he has the knife

at Stephanie's throat, and he says to to Pamela again,
what my what's my name? And she says, I don't know,
but I'd like to know, which is not very believable. No,
it was so vague. She tries to calm him down,
and he says, we are nothing to you. I was
a trooper, I made one mistake and now I'm nothing.
Now did you notice that Stephanie was mumbling to him

like yeah, I was like, what is she saying to him?
She says, I'm like you, I'm like you. I'm like you,
meaning I also a commoner who feels like shit. Because
maybe she was a secretary before the apocalypse, right, which
is why she was on the walkie looking to make
new friends. She was lost. Also, that's why she met

Eugene because she's not happy. So she's saying like, don't
kill me. I'm with you. I'm like, I'm down with this,
Like I get you, I get you. You complete me? Yeah, exactly.
So they could be like, uh Styler or uh could
be there the couple name Styler right or telephony perfect.

It's like talk, I'm with you, I'm with you. So
he goes to I thought he was gonna slash her
across the throat because he brings the knife from left
to right on the screen across in front of her,
like he's gonna kill her, but then he slashes the painting. Yes,
so who did you punish? You punished the painter? You
punished the laborer. I know that poor lady in the corner.

I was like, oh my god, this poor woman. That's
how I felt bad for right, So he backs his
way out of the of the room and drops Stephanie
and runs out. So you had the hostage. Now, where
are you gonna run? You're you're in a small You're
in the Commonwealth, which I'm sure it's a decent sized community.
But right, unless you're gonna run outside the walls with

no weapon, where are you gonna go? Who are you
gonna call? Ghostbusters? Were going nowhere? So Mercer checks on Stephanie.
She's fine, and then Sebastian Shell yells at him and says,
are you going to just stand there? Get him? Get him? Bratt.
Mercer looks like he wants to punch Sebastian at this point,
but he gets on the walkie and tells his men
to go get him. Now here's what I don't understand.

All he says is get him. But if his men
weren't in there, they don't know who to get, right,
That's true. He never said, hey, Tyler is on the list.
And since it was Tyler and they know Tyler, why
didn't he just go, hey, if you see Tyler get him,
that would have been easy enough. If you see Tyler
pick him up. He just says, get him. Yeah, you're right,

they're not gonna know who the hell they get. Poor
writing of ship right there, that's kind of thing that
would bother Marcus. I know that. I know that. By
the way, T White, having heard from T White, and
there's a couple other people, I'm gonna I'm gonna read
off a list of people we haven't heard from in
a while, because there were a bunch of people that
were regular tweeters and if not tweeted us in a while.

And I'm saying, I'm saying and I and and they
know who they are. If they're if they're not listening anymore,
very sad. But if they're still listening and they're not
tweeting anymore, I'm very upset. Right Like like team Leader
the dog trainer, she's off social media, she's not. I
tweeted at him like are you okay? And she's like, Wow,
I don't really tweet anymore. And I'm behind on the podcast.

I've been busy. I'm like, hey, you worry us, right,
wasn't it? Ruise was one of our regulars. Yeah, shout
out to my friend Blair, who's caught up like crazy
and binged all our episodes and now he's caught up
on everything. Very good, All right, very good? Okay, Um.
Darl runs outside, and of course he sees Tyler run

into the Haunted Maze. Wouldn't you just keep running? Yeah?
Now you're really you're are you telling me the town
is only as big as that little circle where we
see on television, right, I know, I know they don't.
I mean, the set's not big enough, I guess to
show more than the square of streets that we see.
But allegedly it's big enough a fifty people or thousands

of people. It's certainly bigger than Alexandria, which had multiple streets.
This guy runs into the Haunted Maze, which is a
dead end. Does he think they'll just stop looking for
him in the morning, he'll just walk away and he'll
get he get lost in and go to the next town.
Where's he gonna go? And I was thinking this walkers
in there, aren't you worried they might like get loose? Yeah? Okay,

So Daryl doesn't have a walkie talkie to tell anybody
but by the way, couldn't he just like run back
inside and go dude, right into the maze. So he
goes in there with He goes in there with no weapon,
going in after of the guy who has a knife
in his hand. Dal finds him. Guy stars the knife.
He has him trapped in the hallway right. The guy
backs his way into the end of the hallway and

Darl's like, come on, man, just turn yourself and let's go.
And the guy's like, I feel terrible. I just wanted
to talk to her. I didn't mean for this to happen,
you know, And uh, he says, you know, I got arrested,
I got beaten up in jail, I got demoted. I
can't help my sister and her family because I don't
I don't have a job now. And he's like, I
don't know what to do. When he puts the knife

by his throat and Daryl says, hey, man, you know,
don't kill yourself. Basically, you have family. A lot of
us don't get to have family. Don't take that away
from her, right like she gets to have you. And
the guy's like, you're right, and he hands the knife
over to Darryl. Daryl puts him in handcuffs or what
his zip ties, whatever he's got, and he's walking him out,

and Sebastian somehow knows he's in the maze. How does
he know he's there? How could he? He couldn't possibly,
but he's standing by the door waiting, right. So Sebastian
says to Daryl, you caught him. You finally did something right.
Finally he's had no interactions with Daryl because he finally

did something right. He saved your life. Oh my god,
and he says, nah, na, man, you caught him. I
thought for a second Sebastian was going to cut his throat,
like like after the guy said don't like after Darya said,
don't kill yourself. I thought Sebastian was would just kill him. Oh,
I wouldn't be surprised, right, but I think even he'd
get in trouble for that. So he says, he says, no,

you caught him. Take him to your mother. And so
Sebastian is like, all right, I'll take credit, and he
walks him right through the party and into the back room.
Somehow he knew his mother was in the back room. Okay, fine,
and he and he messed up his hair and undid
his tie like I would like, I got him like
a fight, right, come on, So Pamela and hornsby there

and she says well done, Sebastian and Merca looks over
Daryl like, come on, man, you caught him, like you know,
so I don't know if he was like, okay, you're
playing the game. I get it now. The guards take
him away and he starts yelling in front of everyone
there are thousands more like me, Equity for everyone, rights
for the workers. Right. And Pamela was like, right, what

there's thousands of us and she looks She looks over
the Lance and says other thousands more and Lance says
Len says no, and she says make sure, which is
probably why they want Maggie and anyone else outside. So
there's no overthrow, you know, Let's take one more quick
break and uh and we'll get back to the end

of the show. We're talking about Talking Dead and uh
and we'll be back right after this. Hey, Xander Berkeley
Gregory from The Walking Dead, and you're listening to David
Brody and Jamie on the Walkers and Tuckers podcast. Okay,
outside of the party, there's people nd up and people

there was there's a woman there handing them envelopes of cash.
Did you notice that? Yeah? What the what? I don't
know why they were getting money unless they were like bonuses.
So Connie and Kelly are outside, of course, and they
see this and they're making notes and um, one of
the stormtroopers says, I get back inside. So obviously they

know something's going on here. Carol approaches the outside of
the party and perfect timing, Hornsby comes out to meet her.
He tells her the wine went over well, and it's
a good first step. In other words, I'm not moving
your boy up on. I'm gonna use you before I
move Ezekiel up on the list. And me, now, I

thought she was gonna say the funk out of here
explicit sorry. I thought she was gonna say, like, get
the hell out of here. I did what you wanted,
Like she didn't tell Nigan after he killed Alpha spoiler
Alpha's dead, Like, Okay, now here's the next thing I
want you to do. But instead of how getting upset,
she goes what's next and kind of gives him like
a smile, like I'm up for it. What do you need?

What brand? And he says, I'm glad you asked. So
he's got himself a new favorite mercer is Piste. He
tells his guards to find out how that guy gained
access to the party, and then tells Rosita to go
ask your friend Magna if she knows anything, because she's
a waitress. Go interrogate Magna. Boy, So, I guess mercer

knows what all the new people are doing for a living, right, Okay,
you would think. So he has to keep So Rosita
goes and interrogates Magna, and she says, I never met him.
I didn't see him. I don't know the guy. And
Rosita says it's a small staff. That's strange, and Magna says,
figure it out. He said to him, are like him,
and that's probably true. This place is like the way

cities used to be before, meaning divided. Right. Magna is
not happy about it, right and right. She says, you
know I'm doing this, and obviously you're doing security. You
know you're doing this now, like she touches her uniforms,
like oh you're yeah, you look at you a big shot,
right because Rosita was a soldier if you remember, right,

Rosita says to her again, so you didn't know him,
you don't know how he got in, and she says no,
My guests. About Magna, a couple of things. Number One,
we know that she sucked over Connie in some way
that some someday we need to see that flashback of
what Magna did. That Connie was trapped and she got

out like I think she she left her at a die.
Number two about Magna is she's clearly unhappy about being
a waitress again because she was a tough guy. She
was a killer right in the apocalypse. She was like
the badass. She's a waitress again. Well, if you thought
the p bullet Commonwealth, we're bonding together to get vote

like a union going or like to end the way
things are being done, you you would probably support that
guy and maybe you turn your back if he snuck
in or said listen, I'm just trying to sneak in
here and talk to Pamela. I'm part of this organization
or this movement. I've gotta believe Magna knows about it.

Ye Ezekiel comes to visit Carol at her house, at
her apartment. He takes a box out of his bag
and it's the Henry Box. What was in the box,
do you remember? It's probably right, but wasn't there a
gun in there or something? Or there was something in
there back in the day. I'll look it up after
this podcast. But it was Henry's box. There was things

in the box that were for Henry and it looks
like so she says, no, you should keep the box.
He says, no, I want you to have it. I
think you're ready now. I think enough time has passed
that you're ready to have the box. Here's I think.
I think he knows he's dying. He gave the leash
away and now he's giving the box to Carol. I

think he's given away and and tying up loose ends
before he dies. And she says, you're feeling okay? And
he's like, yeah, I feel great, and she knows he
doesn't feel great. Uh. Day thirty three. So all that
happened is three days later and Darryl has stormtrooper gear
on and Judith is an address. So she's all dressed up.

He's all dressed up for his job. He must have
gotten promoted. A couple of days later, Darryl gives her
a record player. He bought Judith a record player and
she puts on motor Head and motor Head. It becomes
the soundtrack to the rest of the episode where we
see from the we saw the scene in the trailer,
a bunch of stormtroopers raid the trainee apartments and go

into Tyler's apartment. I don't think they made it. Obviously
was Tyler's apartment. But it's Tyler's apartment. Rosida sees a fake.
Of course it's Rosita. Rosita sees a fake backing to
one of the closets that had like a red line,
like they cut right here along the red line, wasn't
really well hidden, Like wouldn't you put more clothing in
and block the wall? But she's like up, fake, fake closet,

Fake closet. Now, anyone who lives in those apartments would
know they're all the same, right, the one below it,
Like apartment buildings work, the one below it's exactly the same.
So if she lived below it, I think Daryl lived
below it. But either way, you know there's no there
wasn't a closet there, and and you know that the
room was bigger. So she knocks the thing out and

there's a whole room back there. Now I don't know
how no one's ever been in his apartment before. Well
how we got all that stuff in there? But inside
the room is a resistance room. It's all painted with
anti government slogans and and uh and signs and shirts
and banners all anti government and workers rights and resist

and all that stuff. So he's obviously it can't be
just him. There must be other people. He was going
to hand the banners too. That helped him paint the
room and build the fake closet because he was a
stormtrooper a month ago. Right, they've only been living at
the count Well, Eugene and Rosita maybe were there a
month in a couple of weeks, but he wasn't there

that long. Well, he was a stormtrooper, so he's been there. Yeah,
but so how long? So he's how long has he
been upset? If he because he wasn't demoted, only a
long time, because that was he's only been he's only
been up. He couldn't he only got demoted. Maybe he
was in jail for a little while, so a month
and a half maybe, because works fast, right, all right,

I guess scenes from next week for next week, Well,
it's already he's probably already seen it on a MC
plus if you have it. Rosia and another guard are
banging on someone's door to open up. I think it
was fake Stephanie's door because Eugene is outside and they
tell him she didn't answer, So they're obviously going to
look for fake Stephanie because she disappears in this episode.

Princess says, do you think she was kidnapped by the government?
So maybe I've watched the episode yet. Maybe they found
out that she was communicating with Eugene, or maybe they're
so mad at her for helping him get into the
office where the radio was that there, that she's been kidnapped.
She's disappeared in some way, who knows what, or maybe
she's working undercover. Who knows. Stormtroopers are grabbing up some

father of two teenage girls who look like Amish people.
Hornsby tells Carol he'd like it to be part of
the government. She's really good at what she does. We
see some stormtroopers wounded in the forest in a fight
with walkers. One of them is carrying the other one.
Can't tell who they are. One of them can be Daryl,
we don't know, can't tell. Connie Connie and Kelly are

trying to get information from one of the guards on
the same day, um and they say that, so he's
it looks like a guard is either blocking a hospital
room or there's a meeting going on off the guards,
and he's outside and they say, look, something happened out there,
meaning in the woods. We want to know what happened.
Obviously somebody got brought in or killed, and they don't
want to tell her what happened, but she's an investigative reporter.

Eugene and Princess are going through steph somebody's belongings when
it starts to rain, and Eugene says, do you think
the rain is gonna interrupt his run? And she says,
well yeah, because here he comes. So they broke into
somebody's room. I don't know who was Lance Hornsby's room
because it wasn't that nice of a room, but maybe
it was. And they she he says, well, let me know.

When he's close, and he opens up a briefcase or
suitcase of some kind and there's something shocking in the suitcase.
She's like, we gotta go. He's he's already by the door,
like he's here right something in there are shocking, either
body parts or something. And I think he must have
made the missing signs. He must have drawn the missing
signs or had someone draw them, because if if the

government took her, would they have put up a sign
that she's missing. Then as they're running out of the building,
they see someone. My guess is it's whoever as a
part it is, but we don't know. A stormtrooper who's
bloody and frazzled. Is uh up against a wall. We
don't know if that's the same guy we saw crawling
in the trailer for for next week from last week

that said, you know upcoming. We remember we saw a
guy crawling on the ground like he was bleeding the
death or trying to get away from somebody. We don't
know if this is the same guy, but it's a
bloody Walker, bloody stormtrooper. Then we see Mercer completely covered
in blood. Now, was Mercer killing some of the Stormtroopers
who failed their test? Was he killing his own guards

or was he covered in Walker blood and he had
to save them because they failed and they lost to
the Walkers. That's what I was, right. So we don't
know yet, but we will because I'm gonna watch the
episode tomorrow night, so went off. It's the same guy
or not. I think it's the same guy, and my
guess is at least at least he dies. Someone's dying.

Talking Dead Michael James Shaw, Mercer, Teo Rapolson, who plays Saba,
and Nicole. You've got Nicole Brown. They're all still working
from home. Carry Payton was interviewed. He said his proudest,
most memorable moment in his whole time on The Walking
Dead was seeing his daughter on set. She played the

little girl who dressed up like Mercer and won the
costume contest. I recognized her immediately because I followed him
on Instagram and like, oh my god, this is real
life kids. I did not know. I didn't know what
she looked like. I knew that you should have called me.
Uh Not much discussed on The Walking Dead that was
worth mentioning on this podcast. I mean, on Talking Dead
it was fine. It was yeah, but there was no

like groundbreaking. It was fine, although, um Chris Hardwick asked
Mercer what his ship name is with Princess, and he
had no clue what that meant, right, So they were
like Minsess Purser. He's like oh my couple name Like

he didn't know what shipping scene from next week. Oh,
I already said what seat was? Yeah? There. The scene
for next week was they find a suitcase under the
bed and they open it and they looked shocked. That
was the scene next week on Talking Dead. Josh McDermott
will be on because obviously he's in the whole episode
next to this new episode, and Michael Cutlets is directing
the episode, so he's I wonder now, I wonder what

he's gonna give away about, you know, him being on
the anthology show. Something. He's gonna say something about the finale.
Oh yeah, I was on set film and some flashback scenes.
He's gonna say something. It was so good to see everybody.
It was so good one. It was nice to step
back into character again. But what I mean? We love

Michael Cutlets. Okay, uh well, Jamie two weeks in a row. Yeah,
us we did it. Yeah, babo to the Walkers and
Talkers crew were crew. We're not really crue a crew.
If you haven't tweeted us in a while, I know
I always say, don't tweet us. Let us know you're
still listening, let us know you're no. I mean, I

know you're still listening. I see the numbers. I know
you're still listening. But let us know that you're still
like involved, and know that we know that you're not
tweeting us and that we notice. Okay, and we have marched. Yes,
go buy some walking Death Walks and Talking shirts at
at Brooklyn Boys dot big Cartel dot com. How about that?

When I believe, I believe, I think everything is fifteen
percent off on the site. So I'm gonna go, and
I think the shirts are included if we have any
Walkers and Talkers shirts left. Um, the code is the
letters F and you the name ABE and seventy seven.
F you Abe seventy seven. If you listen to the
Brooklyn Boys, you know what that means. But that's the

code off everything you purchase. So by some Brooklyn Boys
merch by the Walkers and Talkers shirts and uh look cool,
and I'm like, we do. Yeah, it's time, Jamie, what
time is it? It's time to shut this ship down
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