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March 12, 2022 90 mins

Ep.210 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down TWD S11 ep 11 "ROGUE ELEMENT"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
Here the rules are Welcome to Walkers and Talkers, Episode
two ten, Jamie, can you believe it? Yes? I like
to like like where were two ten? I don't know
what else to say. Well, we're so close to two twelve.
Well two on two was used to be the main

I still is the main area code of New York.
So yeah, I'm very exciting. Almost the two almost a
two twelve. So it means nothing to anybody, but I
just thought i'd share that. I'm David Brodie Melvins, Dray
in the Morning show. That's Jamie from Light FM. Hi Jamie, Hello,
how are you? Today was a big day, big day.
Despite the fact Jamie lied to me, she lied to

be in person, we saw each other for the first
time in two years. I walked into jamie studio. Jamie
was sitting in her chair, never got up. I'm sorry,
made no effort other than the wave and say hi.
I would have thought, you know, after two years you
get a stand up. At least I'm not saying run
across the room and uh, make it a movie moment.

But it was like, oh, hey, sorry, we're in the
verse show. So next time I see I'm going to
give you a big hug. I'm not kilting for a hug.
I just wanted I wanted our listeners. I wanted the
Walking Dead fans who love our podcast to know we
said we were gonna meet. I wanted to give you
a fair update. And then Jamie said, oh, I'll see

you later. I'll stop by your studios down the hall
where I work. I said, fantastic, I'll see you later,
and she never came by. So she lied to me,
and she lied to me, and I would say she
stood me up, but she sat me down. She stayed
in the seat. So big moment. It's like a cliffhanger.
It's like when um, we came back to the lineup.

It's as if Megan killed no One and came back.
Who didn't Megan kill no one? Hired He put his
back back on his shoulder. He said, I'll kill one
guys later, and then never showed up. That's what it
was like. Imagine you waited all summer to see who
you get killed, and you're like, nobody spoiler. I didn't

say any spoilers. I'd tell you who he'd be killed. Hey,
Bramond Glen spoilers. Okay, so we have some major, major news,
but also a spoiler for the sort of a spoiler
for the main show. And so it's look, it's gonna
it's all over the place. It doesn't ruin the main show.

But do you remember when The Walking Dead was hush hush.
Oh yeah, there was no leaks, no spoilers. People would
die on the show. You had no idea. You didn't
see it coming. It was like, oh my god, right,
yes that's true. You didn't see like something online and
like there wasn't They didn't release a statement that, oh
it was so great, you know, having a go away,

going away party for the actors who played Beth Emily
Kenny spoiler Betstead, you didn't know, right, well, no clue.
Almost as bad as telling you who's going to die
is telling you who's getting a spinoff show. Oh, then
they're automatically out, you know, if they are in a situation,
they're going to make it out because they have a

spin off. And it's not like you could make it's
not this is not a situation where it could be
a flashback, right, So it's not like, oh, Rosie is
getting her own show, but it's actually a prequel that
Eugene and Abraham are going to be in No, it's
not like that. This is a sequel, so you know
it's Apocalypse. So I feel sort of bad, but I

have to tell you, right, Maggie and Negan are getting
a spinoff show. Shocking. I All of the Dead well
shocking because you know Carol and Dowell makes sense. Yeah,
but these two what so not only are they getting
a spinoff show, but it's it's gonna be filmed while
I don't know if it's gona a film, but it's
gonna take place in slash on the island of Manhattan.

To me, that's almost more exciting than that's the two
of them. Yes, that's why. That's why I'm telling you
before the title, which is which is? Which is where
we work? By the way, Manhattan, Isle of the Dead.
That's that's I s l E. Not a I s
l E like supermarket, right, It's not like you know,
the canned goods or like where the metal musel is

in Walmart, that where you know older people hang out. No, No,
this is I'll like as an island and uh, it's
gonna be a six episode first season. No, we don't
know if there's a second season. I imagine if two
big names sign up for it. Now, wait a minute,
if it's only one season, they one or both could
die at the end. Like Maggie could kill Nigan, she

still could write if I could come to it, even
if it goes two or three seasons. Okay, So here's
what the description is. I All of the Dead envisions
the popular Maggie and Nigan characters traveling into a post
apocalyptic Manhattan long ago off from the mainland, meaning the
bridges are blocked or somebody blew up the bridges to
trap the walkers on the island. We don't know. The

crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who
have made New York City their own world, full of anarchy, danger, beauty,
and terror. So it'll be interesting to see how they
see g I everything I know. I can't wait on
the Like the poster for it, there's like a sign
to the Lincoln Tunnel on the ground. I'm like, oh
my god, by the way, people are like, I wonder
if that's a nod to Angel Lincoln. No, it's the tunnel.

It's Lincoln, the actual Lincoln Tunnel, Like it's real. Here's
what's going to upset me. I'm telling you now, AMC
you film this son of a Bit show in Vancouver,
I'm going to be upset because listen, I know most
of the country is not from New York and more
than I would say maybe have never been to New York.

But you know you've seen it on television, but you
might not know it, Like if you saw it on TV,
you might not know right away that's not New York. Yeah,
so filming in Vancouver saves money and you really can't
shut down New York streets to have walkers roaming the
neighborhood because New Yorkers will literally kill you if you
block our streets like you can get You can get
away with one scene in a couple of scenes of

law and order, but you can't do it like a
full blown series in Manhattan with walkers walking. Like you
can do sex in the city and a restaurant and
an apartment building, but you can't shut down and have
like blown up buildings and cars for blocks mayhem. You
can't write, you can't. I'm interested to see the fake

storefronts that that you know that that are in uh,
Vancouver or Edmonton or or Toronto where they I guess
they don't mind as much. It is what it is.
New York's great. So if you can't film there, it's
you know, we don't want your film in there, but
we do. We don't want your filming there, but we
want to see that you filmed there. Does that make sense?
We want to know that you filmed there. We don't
want to know you are filming unless we can come,

and we don't want you block in traffic. We don't
want taking up parking spaces, but we don't want your
filming in Vancouver. Nope. Man And because it's Manhattan, you
might get people saying there from Brooklyn, but they're not
gonna show. Well, you could technically see Brooklyn across the water.
I want to make sure my home, my home Borrow,
is represented somewhere. But you know what, maybe I wonder

if they'll show and they wouldn't show our building where
we work. They'll probably stick to Midtown. But you know,
here's the thing we don't We don't know if Maggie
and Egan are going to go there and be adversaries,
like run two different neighborhoods, like two gang members. We
also don't know why they would go to Manhattan. So
if they If Maggie and Egan go to Manhattan, what
do you what's the problem with that? What is Maggie forgetting?

That's not mentioned in this uh this release? Right? If
the boy is in New York, does she just tell
him to stay in the house, Carl, does Jesus stay
stay in the house. Herschel stel right, right, stay in
the building. So do you have him there? And he's
part of the danger occasionally, but for the most part,

they got a nanny and they take air of him
and he grows up? Or is there a time jump
and now he's old enough to fend for himself, Like Judith,
I think that. I think you have to do it
maybe a one or two year time jump where he's
sort of old enough to a tween tween Herschel, Yeah,
not so much where you have to age Maggie and
Negan to look like it's ten years later. But maybe

make him old enough he can fight on his own,
because otherwise are they going to Manhattan to find him?
Was he kidnapped and brought to Manhattan and they followed
the clue? Right? Did the CRM capture him or did Commonwealth?
Because otherwise why would they team up together, but that
would make sense. He likes kids. He killed the kid's father.

So I'm trying to figure out why they go to
Manhattan and and what you do with Herschel and are
they going to look for Rick? Because why would Negan
go to look for Rick? And why would go Maggie?
Exactly like if Glenn was lost, I could see, you know,
if Nigan had injured him, go and look. I owe
the guy, I help you go find him, but he
would he killed Glen. And so here's my problem. I'm

excited about the spinoff, but I don't understand why they're
releasing spinoff information because it's a it's a year and
it's at least a year away figure summer of at least,
So you're not gonna get me to subscribe to AMC
Plus now, So there's no reason to tell me now.
But all you've done is taken away some of the

some of the emphasis and unknown vibe of the Walking Dead,
because now we know Darryl, Carol, Maggie and Negan are
all going to survive yep an in better what predicament
there in? We know they're going to be alive, right,
no matter how many Walkers are on top of them.
They're gonna listen. It would be a stroke of absolute
genius if they announced this spinoff and then Maggie Killsgan.

What and then there's no spinoff? Like if this is
a ruse, Oh my god, I don't think so. It'd
be brilliant. Who would be? But that's crazy. But they
can't make it a flashback because there has been no
time when Maggie Negan will off screen. Even when Negan
goes away, Maggie's not with him. It's not like they
could have gone in New York for a month. Yeah,
that's true. There's no gap. When Maggie left the show

for two years. Nigan was in jail the whole time.
He certainly didn't go to New York. And they having
a reference having reference being in New York together, So
that's not a possibility. Before you tweet as you're like, whoa,
what could be a flat? No it can't be. No,
it can't be. You know what else could be? Again?
In the comic book, there's a twenty five year flash forward.
What if there's a flash What if there's a flash

forward and the two of them coincidentally bump into each
other in Manhattan. Now, I don't know why Negan would
go to Manhattan and why Maggie would go to Mahattan.
She's from Yeah, Maggie's from a farm in Georgia. She's
not going to It's not like she grew up in
New York, right, She's like, Oh, I gotta go back
to where I'm from. It's not from there. They're all
most of the cast, I mean, Glenn and Maggie were

from the you know, Georgia. So it's not like she
wants to bring her kid back to where his father
was born. So we don't know why. Except the post
is cool, you can google it. I still can't post
on Instagram. Um um, it's over a week. I can't.
I don't know. I have my have our people checking
with the people over at the Graham, but I can't upload.

Only with my main account at David Brody. By the way,
I'm at David Brody and all social media, and Jamie
is the talking Jamie And of course you could follow
our Walking Dead podcast account at Walkers Underscore Talkers on
Twitter and Instagram. So yeah, as of last Sunday, So
that's so weird. I didn't know that. Yeah, And I have,

and and by the way, I've tried all the things
you guys are thinking I should try. It's not the phone,
it's not the cash, it's not the ideleted it's trying
to the phones on my computer. It's the account. It's
locked from posting. And it is no indication that I'm
in I'm in Instagram jail. There's no alerts. I didn't
do anything. I posted food like I did. There's nothing

bad on my account, anything naughty on there yet, right right,
I saved that for my only fans pick. So I
can't post pictures, so we may, you know, go ahead
and post the Isisle of the Dead logo Jamie on
the Walkers and Talkers page, so that should be up
by the time you're hearing this. And yeah, so I'm excited,

but I'm also like, you know, look, I didn't think
Maggie was gonna die. I didn't think Neigan was gonna die.
It's just don't don't fill me any suspenseful scenes then,
because I already know they're not gonna die, right Like,
I know they're not gonna die. So don't think I
was like trailer trailer guy, you had one job, Like
now we really know, like these people are staying and
stays sticking around. Now, if the show time jumps twenty

five years and you want to say that that Maggie
killed Nigan fifteen years from now, that's fine, but then
you ruin the spin off because then you know they're
not gonna die on the show unless the showtime jumps
to fifteen years and Inch kills them. I'm so interested
how it's gonna end if they're I just don't announce
spinoffs you want you want to announce, Like when Fear
of Walking Dead was announced, there was no one on

the show from The Walking Dead at the time, so
it's no big deal, like a new show is coming.
But when you're telling me which characters are going to
survive the final season where you think it's gonna be
a blood bath, anyone could go at any moment. Now,
word for Jerry after eleven years, Oh Jerry, No, he's
got a huge family. Well someone's gonna well they they
eat a lot, but someone's gonna know. But no, no,

they can't. It can't be in Okay. My point is
people have to die. So now you've you've narrowed the
group of possible people to die in the main cast
that we care about to. You know, does Aaron die,
does Gracie die? You know, Judith isn't gonna die. She's
got to see her father and Michewn again. And you know, Mom,
I don't know. I'm just taking bets. I think maybe

I don't know. I guess Eugene could die. I guess
they're gonna kill people who they don't think it have
their own series, like Magna might die. Yeah, I mean
she's kind of just there now. And what's his favor
Where's Luke? Oh my god? Yeah, where is he? Well?
He was he's filming Fantastic Beast three, or he was
because it's he's in it. So my guess is he
was film But how do you explain he's nowhere to

be found? Are you're just gonna see? Are you just
gonna say he stayed at Hilltop and he just wasn't
on camera. Maybe when he's done filming will just pop
back in and be like, oh hip, oh do you
think this one episode? Will maggiell turt her ahead and
say Luke bring that what over there? Just there? No,
he's not there. She just it's just their way of
saying he's oh yeah, like they put Connie in a cave,

but they really have an addressed Luke. Some of you
might be going, who's Luke the little chubby gay with
curly here right right? Nothing to do with Star Wars,
Dan Fogler, Yeah, Dan Fogler, speaking of movies. If I
my digress for a moment again, it's what I do.
I did seem how is it? I think I'm going tomorrow.

So it's three hours to make sure you pay before
you get in. It's not a boring like, it's not
a boring three hours that you could put up at
three hours, and it's just enjoyable visually, it's it's a
good looking movie. I will tell you the car, the
Batmobile is a nine Dodge Charger they converted, which is
my all time favorite car. So yes, uh and so

when I when I went to the movie theater my
black Dodge Charger, I was feeling pretty good. When I left,
I'm like, I'm getting in a updated version of the Batmobile.
It's not quite so my review, I give it an eight.
I liked it. I thought he was great as Batman.
No spoilers, you know me. I don't spoil things. I'm
not going to tell you that The Riddler gets a

spin off. You know that's not that's not indicating anything
about the Riddler. I was just making a joke. The
movie is really good. I thought Robert Pattinson was better
than I thought he was gonna be. I was reminded.
I have an ID from him that says, this is
Robert Pattinson and you're listening to David Brody. But I
don't want to. Yeah, I got it when he was
maybe one of the Twilight ones. You see if I

have it here, I'm I don't know if I could
play it over the play it over the over the
system here, hold on, let me see. That's so cool
it isn't it? Though? Yeah? It was. It was like
ten years ago. It was like two ten. I don't
know what he was moting. It doesn't really matter. But
he had him recorded at a time when I didn't
have a podcast or anything. And so let me see

where are my ideas. It's not much. It's very quick. Oh.
I also have him doing an answering machine message, what hello,
this is Robert Patton. And see I'll see how I
played for you. No one comes to the phone right now,
so ze one hundred. The radio station that I work
for where we broadcast the Ovist Trade Morning show from
used to have an I D sheet. I think I've

explained ideas before. It's when you hear like it is
Michael Cutlet's I played Apam forward. It's it's those identifications, right,
They identify who they are and what you're listening to
and so on that I D sheet. When an artist
would come in, they would read like, hey, this is
uh Mariah Carry and you're listening to Mike on zero
one hundred. Hey, this is Mariah Carry and you're listening
to Maria on zero one hundred, you know, And they

would do the whole sheet, and then at the bottom
it would say, hey, I'll see you a jingle bowl,
Hey calling out for the phrase that pays. They would
do all the things we might need over the course
of the year, and then they this is a long
time ago when answering machines was still sort of a thing.
They would say, hey, this is Mariah Carey. No one
comes to the phone right now, darling, but please leave
a message and someone will call you back. And they
would use it on the air and but then you know,

we would take some of them, So like for a while,
I've had I've had I had John bon Jovi answering
my phone. Oh my god, I don't know what to
do with that audio. But you know, so, sir Robert
Pattins said, did that sheet? And I grabbed it figuring,
you know, you never know. I'm trying to figure out
who else I have. That's uh, that's worthwhile. Pat So,
Batman was good. It's very dark. And here's what I
what I've decided. And you guys are listening. You guys

are mostly sci fi fans, right, and Walking Dead fans.
I still prefer Marvel movies. The joy and the humor
and the brightness and the interconnecting of movies, you know,
all the plots are part of a bigger story and
characters are referenced and crossovers and everything. But this Batman
is a standalone. It's not part of the Robert, it's
not part of the Ben Affleck. Oh okay, well it's

a younger Batman, so he's not Ben Affleck. So it's
an it's another universe where Batman's Batman, and he's good.
He's very good. But this it's just it's a good movie.
It looks if you worship Batman, it's a very good movie.
They did a great job with Batman. I'm saying for me,
I still prefer Marvel movies because I like the lightness
and the funny and so here's okay, let's see like

this Joker, they were very dark. Yeah, let me see.
I can play this while I'm recording. I can. I
can play my headphones into the microphone because it's playing
through my computer. So here we go. Hold him. This
is Robert Pattinson. You listen to David Brodie. I love Yeah,
that's nice. Okay, so let me let me play you
the voicemail message. Hold on, Hey, this is Rob Pattinson
Edward coming from Twilight. No one comes to the phone

right now, but please leave a message and someone call
you back as soon as the sun goes down. I
love that well, and I think I have an Oh
my god, please leave me a message. Wow, please leave
me a message. I'd love to hear from me. Who
wouldn't call him back? Different? So whoever recorded him told

him to do it in the character of Twilight. Anyway,
if you if Jamie didn't talk over them completely, you
can grab them. I'm sorry it was Yeah, Hello. So
there you go. You guys can grab that audio if
you want and put him on your voicemail. But yeah,
I had I had no idea at that point I
would have the Batman. Yeah, that's right. You never know.

You never know, like when you meet people. I've I've
met some celebrities that they were really and really nobody
at the time, and then you get a picture with
them or you know, like audio like that, like not that.
I mean, Robert Pattinson was huge back then. He was
in Twilight, but he wasn't in my world. I wasn't
Twilight fan. Now he's Batman. Batman. It's like I met

Sandia I don't know five seven, eight, five seven, eight,
nine years ago. Maybe she was promoting something, but she wasn't.
I knew her from like whatever Disney channel she was
on whatever. She was really a young maybe it was
five years ago, was before the Spider Man movies, and
so I was like, oh, he's in days. She was
in our studio recording an interview, promoting whatever she had

going on in her life. At that point, I was
like I know who she was because my kids liked
They'm like hi, But I didn't get a picture with
her because she had to go, and I was like,
I'm not really a fan of hers at the time,
you know, but now it's like, oh my god, yeah,
now it matters. So my point is get a picture
with everybody, yeah if you can. Yeah. So all right, Jamie,

what do you have for me? Well, the list of
names Connie is given belonged to people who have worked
on The Walking Dead. What list of names? Remember when
she gets finds a list of names with Kelly and
there's all those under Door in the episode Door in
the episode Very Suspicious Various. So that list of people
is actually people that have worked on The Walking Dead

or the show's network, Yes, Easter Eggs. So the quote
who said it, but it said almost every name belongs
to someone who works on The Walking Dead. The list
contains the Walking Dead crew members and AMC employees, which
is really cool because now I want to go back
on to pause and look and see if, like, who
else is on there? It's probably nobody, you know, I mean,

shout out to those people Brian Cranston in there, Today's Birthday.
It's not people who are on TV shows. It's like
Mike Smith, the key Grip. It's not gonna be. It's
not gonna shout out. They're not gonna No, they're not.
I read the article. I saw the name is listed.
I'm telling you in advance. Oh man, not one breaking
bad person. No, No, it's people who work at AMC
Corporate that are oversee the Walking Dead show, you know,

like the big executive people. It's not gonna be Brian Cranston. Well,
breaking Bad wasn't a MC show. Yeah, you know, but
he's not. They're not gonna They don't need to shout
him out. This is a moment for the people in
the background, for the producers like us. Jamis like us,
the little bit people. We talked about that last week.
We want to give props to the the little people

in the background and do all the work, a lot
of the work. Not all the work, but a lot
of the work to make a successful product. And now
you're like, oh, put a celebrity in. No, that defeats
the whole purpose. They're Easter eggs. You don't actually put
like Jesus. Then it's like more Easter than Easter egg.
You gotta put the little people. All right, this is
in the episode recap, but I'm gonna jump x I

want to play audio the character motto the guy running
the drug farm when he was mad, and we'll get
to why he was mad. He called Lance a puss bucket,
a mother puss bucket mother. But yeah, I'm like, what, well,
let me tell you what that's from Hush Bucket. That
is Bill Murray's character and Ghostbusters. Dr Peter Bankman, Oh,

you're right. At the end of the episode, at the
end of the movie, he's uh, he's insulting, goes are
hush And that was a nod to that line. They're
wondering why they why they would like were they? Was
he not trying to say? Mother? Effer, the writer who
wrote that, admitted it was a trip. You too, Peter Bankman.

When the greatest movie characters of all time played by Bill,
I'm disappointed to myself pick up on that. I love Ghostbusters.
I have Ghostbusters shoes, even you have Ghostbuster shoes. Oh yeah,
they look like a proton back on the back. They
have these wires. They only come out when it's very
nice weather, so you'll see them at some point. You're single, right, clearly?

Do you hear the ship I talk about? And then
I own that's what I'm saying, oh my god, Oh,
it's so nice to meet you, Michael. I'm like showing
you my Ghostbusters. What are the ugs? No, they're rebox.
They were sold out, and they were sold out almost immediately.
I'm like two halloweens ago and across the belt ghost Trap.

It looks like the ghost Trap, and then the back
and that This is how much I'm a nerd. I am.
I love Ghostbusters on the back and has like it
looks like a pro toon back with the wires coming out.
And yes, when I saw the new Ghostbusters movie, I
did wear them and a Ghostbuster T shirt. Now did
you wear that to the Lady Ghostbusters or the last? Oh? No,
that was that doesn't count. The afterlife that is phenomenal.

I've watched it three times. It was good. So as
we record this, it's um International Women's Day. So but
I still feel comfortable saying the lady the female Ghostbuster cast,
that movie was not good. No, it was really not.
And I say that having only watched a few scenes
that were just terrible looking. I won't sit through the movie.
You're not getting me to sit through it. I know
you're saying, well, how can you possibly say it's a

bad movie. The reviews and the scenes I've seen have
been terrible. Yeah, it wasn't. And they changed they changed
the classic characters, names and who they were. That's not
how you have a nod to the past. What the new?
But the movie no movie did after life? That was
what you do that. That is how it's done the new.
Now aren't they getting there on TV? Show or movie?

The kids know the original Ghostbusters? Didn't hear that? Yeah, yeah,
I'm gonna google it. But I do pass hook and
Ladder eight hook and Ladder every day when I go
to work, and it's yeah, it's right there. You know
that the Ecto one has been out there a bunch
of times. Man, I can't hear it because every time

it's there, I have missed it. And I'm so upset.
I want to see that car in real life so badly.
It's not even funny. Well, you know what. It was
there for the movie filming, but a couple of times,
a couple of times it was just parked. It was
just there. I don't know. Why did you see it? Yeah?

I took a picture with it. Oh man, you we're
so lucky. I don't I have not. I've taken pictures
before they redid it, and then they redid it and
like repaintings have it. Took pictures of that and the
stuff on the ground logos, but I have not seen
ECTO one out there. M somebody sent me a picture.
Let me see what was that car? Didn't google the

Chrysler Magnum. It was. It was the precursor to the charger.
They used the same based so for your early two thousand's.
But it was a it was a cool looking car,
but it was it was a station wagon. Oh yeah,
it's a friend of mine sent me a picture of somebody.
Yet it's that's what she said. You're waiting a long

time for that. Uh yeah, So a friend of mine
sent it to me, and that what they did was,
I'm gonna send you the picture right now so you
can you can see what they did. Share to Jamie,
I'm gonna give out your phone number now if that's okay.
Oh no, no, no, no, no, I shouldn't give up
you phone number. No, thank you? All right? If you
want me to give your phone number, DM, no' I'm

gonna give me okay, So I'm gonna send to you
right now. Here comes to picture and they turned their
white magnum. Let me know when you get it into
a a cheesy it's like your shoes, a cheesy version
of the Ghostbusters. Oh yeah, I see it. Don't you
post that? Also on Underscore Talkers on the Graham you

know what. I can't find the story, but um yeah,
Bill Murray and and Ak Royd. Did I ever tell
you I actually met a Ghostbuster? I r L. I
met Ernie Hudson who plays Winston zed Moore, and I
fan girled. Why why wouldn't you fan girl? Oh my god.
I the pictures my friend took of me talking to him,

so embarrassed. I am smiling so hard. Did you show
me shoes I didn't have? They didn't exist yet. This
was a few years ago, but I couldn't. I was like,
oh my god, I'm meeting a Ghostbuster. Like I say
to him, if there's ever Ghostbuster shoes, I'm gonna get him.
I didn't. Now you recently bought a Jeep right a Wrangler.

I bought a Ruby. I bought I ordered a Jeep
Rubicon Wrangler and it's being built right now. And I
just went on today. The estimated shipping day is March
twenty twods, so it's it's happening nice. But I like,
do you name drop rubicon because for those that don't know,
that's the top with a line. You know what, yolo,
I'm not married, I don't have kids, and I worked
my ass off during the pandemic three job. You know

what I'm getting you deserve. I'm just saying the way
you were like. I know you're like, listen, I paid
extra for it. I'm gonna say it. Oh, it had
to be a Rubicon and send Maybe if I get
my next YEPI a Sahara or Willie or whatever sport.
But this one, I'm like, rubicon. That's that's what it is. No,
it's totally fine. I just want to know if you're
gonna paint it white and then make it like a
mini Ghostbusters vehicle. Actually, I really wanted the pink one

that was out. I wanted a pink cheep. Well you
can still paint. They made a pink cheep that wasn't
for um Uh, what's the makeup company? Mary Kay? Mary Kay?
He did? It was called Tuscan Arrow Pink after pinky
swear to God from the Happy Days and when I
went to order it. They didn't tell me it was
an option, and I found out a week later. I

could have ordered the pink one, but they closed it
out January one, and they ordered it in December and
I missed out. That's terrible. I know. I'm like, but
did order it in time? They're like, yeah, but you
you didn't ask for pink. I'm like, God, I didn't
know you had pink. Oh my god. It's okay. All right,
all right, let's let's stop digressing, because we we digress

so much. We digress in the digressions. No more Ghostbusters.
All right, let's talk about the episode rogue element, which
is a reference to Eugene's theory about what was going on.
Did you like the episode? I did, good call. I
was sad though, all right, we'll talk about talk about
the sadness as we come up. I've I thought it

was really good. It certainly covered the whole fake Stephanie
real Stephanie thing we've been talking about for months, um,
I would say almost a year at this point. Correct
R s F S. Yes, I mean we called it.
Margot Bingham, who's the actress who plays Max, who, by
the way, her real name is not Stephanie. That's the
name she used on the radio and the comic books
at Stephanie, I believe, But that was her pretend name

on the radio. So it's not like she's pretending to
be Max. She is Max, but she pretended to be Stephanie,
as did the other woman who uh Shira, tended to
be Stephanie as well. We called it, we knew it.
I mean again, spoiler. They announced Margot Bingham would be
playing Stephanie on The Walking Dead a year ago, and
again in the comics Stephanie's black, so I mean, look,

they could always change it up. But Max looks a
little like the character in the comics. She does, she does.
She's much prettier than the comics. Because you have to
make everybody attractive on the show. Yeah, yeah, ugly people
used to be on the show. They were ugly people dying.
I'm not going to mention who they are, but they
who will. Yeah, there were people who are who are

who are less attractive who died, but you know, all right. Anyway,
The episode starts with Eugene waking up in bed with
fake Stephanie in our apartment. It's clear they slept together.
Would you say that, it's clear they slept together. It's
clear even though when he sat up, I was like, oh, crimy,
what are you wearing? Based on based on what we
learned later in the episode, she went all the I

mean literally went all the way in her room. She
she was willing to sleep with you. I mean, look, you,
Jean is a good guy and all. It's not like
you know, you know what I mean. You know he's
not hot. I mean some people might find it's like you, guys,
I'm sure you're gonna tweet us and say it's fine,
you can tweet us. He's always adorable. He's so tweet.

He's smart, he's funny, he's a little strange, and he's
so She slept with him for the cause spoilers. She
reads something which we find out later it's his sci
fi novel. We didn't know what it was. She says, oh,
this is really good. She's reading the pages of his
sci fi novel. Right, I'm not gonna wait till the

middle of the episode to tell you, but that's what
it was. He's all smitten by her, and he says,
I got this key to my apartment, and I love you.
You can have I want you to move in with me,
or at least have a key to my apartment. And
I love you, and she pauses for a second and
says I love you too. Now at that point, did
you believe it? Oh? I was really questioning that. I'll

tell you with glasses. With glasses, she's adorable, she's so cute,
she's adorably cute. But without the glasses, she's badass looking. Yes,
she's pretty. She's pretty pretty, so I'm not saying I
don't know. The glasses made her look cutey like like
like like a non dangerous, non threatening yes, yes, yes, yes. Anyway,

we know she's not the real Stephanie, right a spoiler
she's uh we find later she's a spy. So what
I want to know is did she did she? Did
they interview real really like Max, real Stephanie and find
out everything they spoke about? Because how would fake Stephanie?

And I've asked this question before, wouldn't he wouldn't he
say to her, remember that story you told me about
your aunt. Yeah, you would think their past conversation asians
would kind of come into present conversations, but they seemed
to never happen, right, They talked, right, They talked about
their favorite ice cream flavors. She would have to know

every single thing that was mentioned, right, She would have
to be basically briefed. Right. It wasn't okay, it wasn't like, well,
here's the thing. Eugene later says, well, I don't want
to jump ahead that part. I want to jump ahead.
But the real Max was on the radio. But at
some point was fake Stephanie on the radio and he

couldn't tell the voice was different. You would think he
would be able to tell their voice, or at some
point was she they're listening in, like, did Stephanie? Did
real Stephanie have the conversations? They caught her at some
point and then made her continue the conversations and lure
him into the train yard. That or RS was taking

notes in a journal and briefed f S or they
they stole her journal very well. Could be because Eugene
says stuff to her later I'm gonna I'll bring it
up later where he says, you did this, You did
all this, but in order for I to have done it,
she had to be on the radio. So I'll ask
you about that later. That's quick, okay, So he meets

Princess at her store and tells her what's going on,
and then he's gonna meet Stephanie at five thirty. So
this is I guess, you know, around noon. Maybe she's
so cute by the way, like normal looking, like she's address. Yes,
but I missed the pink coat. I missed the pink coat,
and she's like so cute. Well, Paolo, the actress is adorable,
she's beautiful, but why would she stop being princess. I

understand that she has friends now she doesn't need to pretend,
but I think she needs to whip out the coat
when it gets cold. The jacket's seen some things. So
Eugene is waiting with two ice cream cones for or
Stephanie to show up and looking at other happy couples.
And then the scene gets dark and the camera lens

gets great out and the ice cream has melted. Everyone's
gone and she never up. So what were you thinking
at this point when she didn't show up? Because we
know someone's gonna disappear. We knew she was going to
disappear because I tease the missing posters in the trailer.
I just thought My first thought was like this, poor
s O. B. Is gonna bath to get his heart

so broken, and it's not funny, It's like that was
my first thought. I just felt so bad for him
because he finally had hope, a relationship, love in his eyes.
And I'm like, oh, it's awful. So he goes to
our apartment building and a bald guy with a beard
walks out as he's ready to knock on the door.
This is to the lobby, not the apartment, and the

guy leaves and as the doors closing, he sneaks in.
He gets in before the door closes, and he knocks
on the door that we already saw in the trailer
that uh Rosita and her partner knock on the door
later looking for her. So where you know she's not
gonna answer the door. Well, of course, camera shows the

apartment is empty, but there was a light on in
the bathroom in the bedroom rather and they show in
the crack of the door. You tell me if you
ever done this. I understand it's for television, but have
you ever gone into your room and close the door?
We're didn't close all the way when you're in a hurry.
Why would you close the door? Yeah? Why? Yeah, you're right,

like just leave it open. What doesn't matter because in
ten minutes you're gonna be running out of there anyway, right,
So unless there was something on the back of the
door she wanted to get. Sorry, I'm overthinking it. So
she's packing up a suitcase, right, she's packing up her apartment. Okay,
that's fine. But she was meeting Eugene at five thirty right,
m hm. He waited at least two hours it got dark,

so yeah, six thirty hour and a half seven. She
left him at noon eleven am, early in the morning. Girl,
how long does it take get to pass? What the hell?
Why is she packing so late that she's still in
the apartment when she knows Eugene's gonna come looking for
her seven hours later? Seriously, why wouldn't Why wouldn't some
of the people pack for her? Why risk him getting

into the like seeing her apartment or waiting for her,
like if he stood there and waited outside the door,
How is she ever going to get out down the
fire escape? That's true? Yeah? What was she? She was
lolligagon all day? So I understand you want us to
see her packing. It just seemed weird to me, That's
all I'm calling timing bullshit. Even if she went to

her bosses, her boss and said, hey, listen, he loves me.
It's getting serious. Would it really have taken them five
hours to figure out they wanted her pack? I don't
think so. And wouldn't they have had someone to go
there and help her, just for her? Yeah, it all
just seems Uh, this all happens before the it's the credits.

The logo is getting more and more beat up, you know,
the Walking Dead logo, more decayed. All right, So we
come back from the credits. Connie is in her boss's office.
Her boss's name is jan right, we learned at the newspaper,
and Kelly's trying to get their boss to believe them
that Tyler Davis, the guy who took a hostage last week,

has something important to say about what happened to him.
And her boss is a stereotypical boss, you know, the
police captain that doesn't believe you. You know, the first
hundred times Garcia come back and get me some real evidence. Right,
it's always it's always they have to be convinced. It's
always the habody. You're crazy. Just stick to the job

I gave you. Don't read more it's every newspaper TV
show where like, I think I've uncovered it. Just stick
to reporting on the lake. Just go back to the
lake and find out why the ducks left. Yeah, but
there was a murder. Yeah, the l being murdered. That's
where the ducks are leaving. No, you don't understand. Get
out of my office, Garcia. Apparently Garcia is also a
reporter on a cop He's both. So yeah, so Jan

was just this typical editor, you know, like j Jonah Jamison.
Get out of this, Parker, tell me who Spiderman is.
I take Garcia with you. He's going through it. Yeah.
So so they try and they try, and and uh,
they're like not, I'm not I'm not buying it. And
so Connie says, um, you know in your article, you

shouldn't paraphrase what Governor Milton said at a press conference.
We should tell the full story. And the editor says,
I don't want to have to paraphrase what Governor Milton said.
I want you to paraphrase. It's I don't have to.
In other words, don't make me rewrite your work. Yeah,
just do your job. Don't cause a stink. You want
to go back out in the world with the with

the zombies, like shut up, just you know, you know,
it's like Russia, it's prob upaganda, like just just write
what what the governor putin says, right, like, you know,
just x n A on the Tyler thing, No, nobody
really cares, No one needs to know, pay no attention
to that. That guy behind the behind the wall being shot.
So Connie and Kelly go to the hospital room where

Tyler is to try to interview him and find out
what he thinks Pamela did to him. You know, it's
maybe she didn't, but we'd like to know what he's
claiming happened to him. And the big guard won't open
the door, and then they they're like, hey, we want
to see what's going on. And then Mercer comes out
gives them his dirty stink face. Oh yeah, like that
I smell a fart face, So he gives him fart face.

That's what we can call it right from now on,
far face far Like what was that smell? That's a fart?
And then it goes back in the room like get
out of here. So Rosine and our partners show up
to form a wellness check on Stephanie Uh and use
their keys to go in her apartment. Now here's the
thing we find out later spoiler Stephanie's real name is
is Shira? Yeah? Is the whole hound in on it?

They would have to be because what was somebody walk
up to her and say hi, Shara, Hey Shara. Now
the only thing I could think of is that he
brings people in and keeps them secret forever, you know,
Like what was his name, um Dante? Like Dante Infiltrated
and everyone knew him as Dante. They didn't, they didn't
know he was a bad guy. So did Lance find her?

Did Lance find these people and say, Okay, you're gonna
be undercover for me? Right? Like maybe they came into
the Commonwealth and part of the interview process was they
were actors, or they were police officers, or they were spies,
and he's like, all right, you're gonna be spies. But
now that she's been out in public as Stephanie, she

can't be somebody else. It has to be like like
you said the Dante reference, like he came in as
Dante Infiltrated, and he entered as that name. She had
entered Stefanie, right, But even if she entered his Stephanie. Right.
Let's say he's like, okay, I have your first off
for you. You're gonna do this radio thing whatever. She
has to be Stephanie from now on unless she tells people, oh, well,

Stephanie is my middle name. It's my first name is
really Shira, and you know, you know what, I'm now
going by the name Shira. But even then, she can't
be spy anymore. I don't know, unless they assign her
to other cases that come in. But when people are like, oh,
there's a there's older Sierra Stephanie again, or is she Stephanie?

Is she always Stephanie? In other words, she's Stephanie the
radio girl, and she, you know, is to Stephanie. I
don't know, like confused, because I think it was like
a Dante situation. She came in and everybody thought she
was definitely from the get go, right, But now she
has to remain Stephanie, even though in her little like
behind the doors pod, then she's Shira. Yeah right, But

then the word she has to be Sheer in public.
She had to have been Shearra previously. Otherwise people are
come up down the street, Hey, Shira, why haven't you
called me back. Well, first of all, there's no phones
and uh Dayton Garcia. Now okay. Uh so they that

Rosita and Green leave the apartment building and they tell
Eugene she's not there, And you know, I'm thinking Eugene
deserves happiness, even if it's with fake Stephanie, because at
this point I didn't think she was evil. I thought
maybe they she knew too much, or she was being
interrogated or something. I didn't realize that I wasn't, you know,
I didn't well, I knew she was a fake Stephanie.

I just didn't think that kidnapper, you know what I mean?
Like I thought, oh, he fall in love with hard
meat Stephanie be like, oh, I like you two. Stephanie't
have like a three way. Oh my god. I didn't
think she was this deeply involved in such a bad way. Right,
Lance and Carol are out for a carriage ride and
they're being protected by a bunch of stormtroopers. Lance tells
Carol he'd like her to be part of the government

with him and help him run things. He says, you know,
there's two types of people in the world, those who
want military power and authority and those who are true
believers who work for the cause, and she says, do
you think I'm a true believer? You trying to make
me a true believer? And uh. He tells Carol that
she's smart and then says he'd like her help dealing
with this asshole. Are going to see now at this
point he doesn't know how much of an asshole he is.

So they go to a farm and and it's a
it's a poppy farm, which made me think I was
watching Ozark. I know, I thought of Ozark immediately. It
was like Ozark. Now, poppy fields poppy plants, as you
probably know, are used to make heroin opium opium, right, opium? Yeah,
And so um Lance tells Carol, Look, these people aren't

part of the Commonwealth, but we need each other. They
provide opium for the hospital and we provide them food
or whatever, and we pay them. And if we ever
ran out of opium, things would look would be pretty
bad back home at Commonwealth. And so we have to
deal with these people, you know, if there's a problem,
we have to make sure things run right, that we

never run out of opium. He says. Uh. He says
hi to he says, you know, assholes like this guy Moto. Now,
of all the mottos I've ever met, all assholes. So
Moto tells Lance they're finishing up the last batch of opium,
but that whoever they are, they are going to let

the net expatch rot if they don't get a raise.
And Lance says, all right, let's let's see what we
can do. Let's go talk. So I was like, you
know this is gonna get louvely, this is not gonna end. Well,
Lance hasn't given him a raise. They're blackmailing him. You're
not gonna blackmail the Commonwealth and cut off their opium supply.

That's why you don't deal drugs because nothing good comes
of it. All bad kids, kids say no to dealing drugs.
All we'll get back to the rest of the episode
after this word from our sponsors. We'll be right back. Hi,
does Dan Fogler Luke on The Walking Dead and you're
listening to Walkers and Talkers with David Brody and Jane Me.

All right, Jamie, Connie and Carol we're sent on a
ride along with the Stormtroopers and Mercer. Now right along.
If you never heard that term before, it's like when
a reporter will sit in the backseat of a police
car and and watch what they do, or they ride
on a fire engine and watch they do and write
a story about them. So you ride along with the
people doing the job. You're right, You go with the

E M. S. And you cover a day in the
life of an E M. S Uh person they've been assigned.
You know. Jan was like, you know what, go do
a ride along, which is basically way of getting them
out of the office. Get out of here, Garcia, keeping
them off the Tyler thing, right, Scarcia, come back here
with some real evidence. You gotta hit it the whole

thing and slam it and they slam the door. Right,
give me your badge and gun Garcia. You're done here. Yeah,
I'm taking you off. I'm taking you off the Hodges case.
You can't do that. I've been working the case. You're
off the case. Scarcia. Don't let me catch you're working
on your free time on this case either, like you're
gonna do anyway. I know how you are, Garcia. Then

they arrest Garcia at the at the scene. What are
you doing? I couldn't I just couldn't turn away. I
couldn't turn away we're talking about this, and then then
the captain eventually goes, listen, we found it. We followed
up on a couple of your leads, and you might
have been right. So you're back on the case. Hilarious, hilarious.
Garcia is always back on the case eventually, So don't worry. Caroline, Connie,

I mean Connie and Kelly, Kelly, they're gonna blow the
lid off whatever it is they gotta lit on. They're
definitely talking. They go on the ride along, and of
course it's Mercy's ride along, and Mercy's driving the lead
truck back to Princess. She goes to visit Eugene's apartment

and she's so funny. She brings food. She says, I
got a lasagna, and she sees on the in his
his apartment does the the the the stereotypical red string
evidence boards. Oh my god, that I was like Eugene,
Oh my god, that was quick he formulated that. And
he's got the picture of Stephanie on the board. And

so she gives him the plate with the lasagna and
he says, hey, there's no food is empty. She says, yes, sorry,
I lied, I didn't bring any food. But people have
to let you in if they think you're bringing them food.
That was hilarious. Yeah, Eugene says, I gotta talk to you,
and he recounts the story of what happened earlier in
the evening or the night before. They show him drunk

and pissing against the dumpster covered with covered with Missing
Stephanie signs. I don't think you should be pissing on
a dumpster covered with signs of the girls. And then coincidence,
bullshit in this town of fifty thou people in the
middle of the night, in the middle of the night,
Bill Joe, Yeah, off of the storm Front album. So no,

it's a River of Dreams album album, right, So that's
River Dreams. I'm singing, you're singing literally the title track. Yeah,
remember James his last album, He's so sad, his last
pop album anyway, So the one guy at a fifty
thousand whoever many people live at the Commonwealth on the
TV show, he just happens to walk by, drunk Eugene

pissing against the dumpster in the middle of nowhere. It
wasn't like the main street. He's walking behind a truck
and a dumpster. It was just one of those. Yeah,
come on now. Look, if Eugene had seen him across
the street in the middle of the town and like
he's up to no good and he's on his way
to a meeting, maybe, but it was still definitely coincidence. Bullshit.

If he had side impacted him like that would have
been just the cherry on top. Anyway, he says to
the guy, Hey, were you at such and such address?
You know where Stephanie lives? And uh, because I saw
you there and the guy says I don't remember. He says, look, man,
I lost someone dear to me. He went missing. Maybe
you saw something. The guy's like, god, yeah, I was

there to fix a clock sink. So now he's a plumber.
It's plam gonna be a plumber. The Eugene points to
the missing posters and says, does she look familiar? Did
you see it there? Just see anything? The guy's like,
I said no, and he walks away. I don't have
to be a detective. The guy walked out of the
building and he had no plumbing equipment, nothing, nothing. Didn't

have a truck. I mean none of him have trucks,
but he had nothing. Would he have like a wrench
in his back pocket. We didn't see, so, Eugene tells Princess.
There was no truck, no tools, no I d nothing
that night. So, uh, it was a flimsy alibi. And
he says, So I followed him. He says, the guy's
name is Roman Calhoun and he is definitely not a plumber.

I followed him to a plumbing place where no one
has any equipment, no one takes any calls. The same
four people keep going in and out at all hours
of the night. He says. They meet in groups of
two or three, but one night they met in a
group of four and a fifth guy. I think he's
the head honcho. Well, did you notice the silhouette was
blatantly lance hornsby. It was like if the rock was there.

That's how obvious it was, like if it was a giant. Yeah,
he said, there's one guy, I'll call him Beanie Man.
He oversaw the moving company move of all the furniture
and put in storage. So he saw a Beanie man
moving all the Stephanie stuff. He was I then found
a transfer request in her file at work, even though
her co worker said she didn't come in and left

without any notice. So how could she put in a
transfer form? Now, if this is a big cover up
and you're Stephanie, wouldn't you call in and tell your
co workers or have the boss say, oh, Stephanie put
in for a transfer. She make it look real. You
see him as trouble. They went to come up with
documents and cover up everything. Why wouldn't they cover up

and just say, oh, yeah, she quit. She called in
and said I quit. But instead they make it like, oh,
is a transfer notice? But but but the co worker said, no,
she quit with no notice. He says, um, because they
must to know when we were coming for her, and
now they're trying to cover it up. I find it
awfully coincidental that she disappeared, Oh, so I wrote, So,

I wrote, so I was like I found I found
it awfully coincidental that she disappeared after he gave him,
gave her a key to his apartment and he loves
her like that seems like weird timing. So if I
knew that had to be a part of it, she
could have disappeared at any point, but at the I
love you part. Now she's fake Stephanie. So if she
was real Stephanie, well, she got scared off. She's got

cold feet. But I know she's fake Stephanie, So now
I know all something's up. M hmm. So Eugene says,
our only hope is for me to expose the rogue
element of the government before they find her. So he
thinks he's hiding from the government. So Lance tell it
back to the farm. Lance tells Moto, that's a great,
great name for character on the TV show Motto. Lance

tells Moto that he can't give the people what they
want as far as a raise, but if they produce more,
he'll pay them more. And Moto is like, all right, Well,
here's the thing. Working more and getting paid more is
not a raise, it's a second. It's the same same thing,
like you have more money in your bank account. But
the whole point of getting a raise is to make

more money for the same work. And Moto is the boss, right,
He's not doing the work, so what does he care
if they work more to give him more kickback? Because
we find out later he gives kickback. Carol looked over
her shoulder and she saw a very stern faced looking
woman looking at them. Carol kind of was like, ah, now,
did you notice what she noticed. M The woman's wrist

was bandaged, and she covered up. She covered up her
bandage with her other hands like she was ashamed of
it at right, And that immediately triggered Carol because as
an abused woman previously, she knew how you embarrassingly covered
up your wounds. And that face you get, that look
of shame. That's what triggered Carol, of all the women

to come down to the lake. The woman in question
was there are you're doing dishes? That's my roommate and
I can't do anything about well, at least then I
putting dishes in the oven. I had had a roommate
who's to putting dishes in the oven? Dirty dishes. Yeah.
He'd have like a party or something, and then all
the dishes would be in the sink, and I'd like,

you're doing something about that sinking, like you'll take care
of it today. I would come home in the sink
will be clean, like, oh man, thanks. But then like
a week later, I want to put something in the oven,
and it was all the dishes when when they oh
my god, I would kill them. Yeah, well he was
my best friend at the time, so I didn't kill well,
does you have a dishwasher him? No, dish would put

him in a dishwash put him Then that's a one
I never heard of. Wherever there was room, I found
him in cabinets. All right. Two stormtroopers are in the forest.
One of them is limping badly and the other one
is trying to help him walk, and they run away
from a We find out later it's about eighteen walkers.
The healthy one puts the injured one inside of a car.

There's a band in car there. But then he can't
get in the car himself. Why he doesn't go around
to the other side. Did you feel it out? He's like, oh,
I can't get it open, and he like, I'm like,
just you just put a guy in the car. Now
the door doesn't open. Now it was the other guy
holding the door closed. I couldn't get in. I thought
this was ridiculous. I was like, what the hell? He

can't He can't get in the car to join the
other guy, and the one walker overcomes him. Now, wouldn't
you turn around before the walker grabbed you? You had
enough time and you're in armor, right, You're you're completely
in armor except for a couple of black spaces, I guess,
but you were like the the pieces formed together, but
for the most part you're covered. Right, So the other

walker gets the best to him and throws him to
the ground. He can't get him off of him, and
in the background, you faintly hear other walkers being slashed. Yeah,
then Mercer splits the walker's head in half, and then
you see walker Mercer looking down through the walkers split
head at that, So apparently Mercer killed them, all right,

that's what they insinuated. Well, all right, so when we
talk about let's talk about the Walking Dead at this point,
I mean not talking dead on talking dead. The actor
who plays Mercer said that he loved filming that scene
because he finally got to let loose as Mercer with
his double axes and let loose on eight he killed

eighteen walkers. But he has the problem they didn't show
any of it the last one, which means which means
they edited the clip. There must have been a fight
scene showing Mercer being badass that Mercer wasn't aware got edited.
So he's telling you the great the greatest scene he's
filmed was that it's not there. And then Michael cutlets

starts talking about how, oh yeah, he was great. He
was killing all these walkers. You get to see that
he's a killing machine. In addition to being a tactician
and a brilliant man and a leader, he's also uh
like Abraham, he's a war machine. He's a crazy killer.
But then he says, you know, but in this scene,
you just hear him in the background and then you

see him split the head open. And I knew after
such an epic scene, we needed to honor it with
a with a great scene like the head splitting open.
I think Michael Cutlet's edited the scene out, or he's
aware as the director they edited out, but I don't
think they told Mercer. Oh. I don't think they did either.
So that was weird. So Mercer's Covenant blood. Wouldn't you

have liked to have seen him kill eighteen walkers? Hell? Yes, yeah,
it's like but his double swords was his double knife? Yeah,
So Bloody Mercer walks back. Bloody Mercer walks back to
Connie and Kelly and says, did you see everything you
needed to see? Like? Are we good? Now? This is
the part where you asked me the questions they gave you,

So yeah, they gave you. Was he saying it like,
you know the propaganda newspaper, you know you have questions
written out? Or did he say it like, make sure
you ask me the prepared questions. I don't want you
to ask me anything that's not on the list. Was
he saying it like he knew what was coming, was
saying it like, you better not ask me any questions
on that list. I think it was you better not
ask me any questions not on this list. Stick to

the script woman. See. I think he realizes it's propaganda.
He's not a fan of it. I think he was saying,
go ahead, read me the questions on the sheet, because
I you know, I don't think I don't think he
likes the role he's in, at least certain parts of it.
I don't think it. So Connie signs to Kelly a

question and Kelly looks at her like I don't want
to ask him that question, but kind of gives him
the I think that the like, better get give him
the question, so Kelly. Kelly says, it's been a month
since Tyler has been in custody, what's he being charged with?
And what does Mercer do? He makes fart, face. Yeah,
he does, and he says that's not one of the

questions because he assumes they would never ask a question
like that. Then they asked him if if it has
anything to do with the fact that the woman that
was taking hostage Max is his sister, so real Stephanie
is his sister. Would not not his sister in the comics,
by the way, And he says, I was wondering when
you were going to find that out. Mercers says, for

the record, my sister doesn't have a goddamn thing to
do with it. So she says, but Tyler was loyal,
and you recommended him for an earlier an early promotion.
That was you. You did that. Yeah, Connie says, it
looks like the military is being manipulated by the politicians.
And if I was you, I would be very interested

in who I was working for. And Mercers says, if
I were you, I would wonder why we are both
digging for answers that will never see the light of day.
And he walks away. He's like, this is bigger on
both of us. Come on, Garcia. Kelly calls him an
asshole after he walks away, which is a good move.
You wouldn't want to call him an asshole while he's there.

I'm a right, you're right, all right? Uh? More of
us being right? Uh. In a couple of minutes, we'll
talk about Princess and Eugene breaking into an apartment and
Motto getting his come upance and mother Puss bucket and
we'll be right back after this. Hey guys, it's Michael
Covert from Walking Dead. Abraham, you are listening to Walkers?

What you go to use that all? Here? We got
walkers and talkers, David and Jamie. Okay, Jamie, we're back.
Princess and Eugene are plotting. Eugene tells Princess that he
told Stephan his dream was to write a science fiction novel,
and she gave him the confidence to do it, so
that's what she was reading. We talked about that. They

are hiding and waiting for the bald guy to leave,
and they feel like, based on eugene research, they've got
ninety minutes to search his apartment because they've been watching
him and he goes for his run every day at
the same time. It's always good when the bad guy
had does something the same same time every day. Here's
a routine, like if there was. People are spine on me.

I don't have the same routine every day. Sure as hell,
don't go to the gym every day. At three o'clock,
we'll go, we'll go for a jog. I'm on the
couch watching television. You're not you're not figuring out what.
You don't know what time. I'm crazy like that. So
Eugene says, I want to lift you up over this wall,
and Princess says, look, I don't want to do anything
to get in trouble because you know, I've got a

little job and a little apartment. I don't want to
get a little cat so cute, you know. And and
he's like, but I'll love her, you know, you know.
So he eaves it at the puppy dog eyes, and
she's like, i'd fine, and she climbs over the wall
or up into his window. Whatever magic you know, wave
your hands, the YadA YadA YadA there in the apartment.

I guess she went around and let him in because
no one's gonna lift him up. Back to the Opium Farm,
Motto and Lance are parting as friends, like, oh see
again soon, You're glad we could work it out and
he walks over to talk to the two women. Now, thanks,
trailer guy, we already know he's going to get arrested

because we saw it in the trailer. Remember I said
that they were arresting the father of two teenage girls.
It was this. It was this guy, and and and
the same scene by the by the the wooden fence.
So lancis to Carol, what do you think? And I'm like,
I think the trailer guy sucks, is what I think.

So Carol says, listen, I spoke to one of the
lieutenants and Motto is pocketing the extra money he gives
them that you give him for raises, and he beats
them if they talk. And apparently one of the beatings
got out of hand the other night, which is why
they are on strike. So apparently the beatings weren't good
enough because they were at them out if the whole

point of the beatings was to keep them out shut.
The first people that show up, they're like, hey, he
did it. He wouldn't. Really, he went too far and
he deserved to be read it out right. So it
just seems odd to me that you know it went
too far. I guess because he must have, you know,
sprained her wrist or broke, broke her wrist whatever, and uh,
you know it's when Carol shows up to the Only

Carol would have noticed that, right, Carol is the only
person that would have noticed the bandage on her wrist
and put two and two together. Anyone else would have
been like, oh, she heard herself, you know, hunting her
a walker, you know, stabbing a walker. So coincidence, woman
with a history, that's what I'm calling bullshit. Yeah, yeah,
So they arrest Motto and that's when, of course he

yells and calls him a mother puff bucket, and the
woman that had the bandage wrist nods over to Carol
like thank you, like a little lot of approval. If
there's one thing Carol will not tolerate is a using women. Yeah,
I'm not gonna happen, not on her watch. Eugene and
Princess searching the guy's apartment, they found keys hidden in

a can, and uh, it starts to rain, which we
saw in the trailer. This whole scene we saw in
the trailer. Princess says, the guy's on his way back,
we gotta get out of here now, and he says, well,
let me know how much time I have? She goes, no,
he's here, So he quickly takes the keys from the can,
opens up the suitcase under the bed. Now, did you
think it was the suitcase that was saw Stephanie packing? Yes, yes,

that's what I thought. I thought he had her hidden somewhere,
decapitated or did something, or she's like his girlfriend. Oh
I thought we'd darker than that, Okay to serial killer. Well,
they opened up the suitcase and it's full of knives
and was a guns and ammo like all kinds of
like all this weaponry. Yeah, Princess called at the kidnapper. Kid.

The guy walks in his apartment and in typical TV
show fashion, Eugene and Princess are already out of the
apartment and hiding in the stairwell across the hall. They
make a run for it, and when they get to
the end of the hallway, some old lady screams that
that's them. Well, if she went in the window, what
does she mean that's them? Did she see Princess let

Eugene in the apartment and she happened to be at
her head out in the hallway like a typically them
climbing in and how did how did the old lady
survive the apocalypse? Who knows, as have we seen an
old person like not really that sense, like herschel right,
but Herschel was on his farm early in the apocalypse,

that's true. How did this old lady survive the apocalypse?
That's that was my big question from the episode. That's
them officer. And how did she call the guy? Did
she run down the street? Maybe she had a walkie?
Did they all have Walki's I don't know, but that's
the only other way unless she has a good set

of legs and she ran to tell somebody. Yeah, okay,
so old lady riding them out. Mercer goes a visit
Tyler in the hospital room and he's not in his room.
He looks pissed. He asks the nurse. He asks the
nurse at the desk where the patient is, and she says,
there's no one in that room. And he says, I
know that. That's why I'm here. He can't be moving

out my authorization, and she says, apparently he can. Him said,
did she mean she was moved? He was? He was
moved by Pamela Milton, like somebody above you moved him?
Or was he moved by the resistance And now Mercer's
piste like, was he was he mad that Pamela maybe

like like wanting to cover it up and kill him
so he can't talk? Or is he mad that the
resistance took him to protect him? Who do you think
took him? I got the vibe that it was somebody
above him and he didn't like it. That's but that's
just the vibe. I god right, Well, if he thought
it as the resistance, would he arrest the nurse? Can't
prove anything, you would? I think he dig a little

bit deeper. He just punched a hole in the wall
and walked out. He punched a hole in the in
the cabinet and walked away. Eugene and Princess or in jail,
and Eugene says, look, I'll take the wrap. I'll say
you had no part of it. Uh, you know, stand
up guy, Eugene Lance Hornsby shows up, shows them proof
that he is in fact, that the Calhoun is a
plumber and he was called to fix a sink in

a work area, And Princess asked about the weapons in
the suitcase and says, aren't those illegal? He says no,
he says, he's a full time citizen here, right, he
has full privileges and we all have we all have
go bags, like if something happened, we all yeah, like
we're ready to go. Yeah, Lance says, I told Calhoun everything, Eugene,
about what you've been through and the anguish of missing Stephanie,

and he's agreed not to press charges. At this point,
I'm I wrote, this is definitely a major cover up,
like all, oh, everything's taken care of. He has all
the forms, everything was planned out. He still had no tools.
Here's the deal. You gotta leave him alone. He has
signed this paperwork, you know, back up what we just

agreed to, what you just said, and that you need
to leave him alone otherwise I'm not gonna be able
to help you. Right, Like this is uh, this is
just something to say that you're you're stressed. You didn't
mean it, you're out of your mind, and you'll keep
your distance never you're going through a little bit of
a crisis. Yeah, well it's crisis. So Eugene goes back

to his apartment and the first thing he says is
this conspiracy is bigger than I thought. The princess says, dude,
maybe she just broke up with you. I know, like,
maybe it's that simple. She quit her job, she had
a stuff move somewhere else. Now. Earlier in the episode,
she said to Eugene, when a woman says she loves you,
believe it. So, Eugene says, but you told me that.

When a woman says she loves you, believe it. And
Princess says, yeah, But when she packs up and leaves,
you believe that too. Yeah. I love Princess. But poor
Eugene is heartbroken. I know he's devastating. He says, you
make sense, Princess, except for one thing. I know how
it felt, meaning you know, she loved me. I loved
her like I that. Maybe that may be what you're

saying true in the real world, but she loved me.
After Princess walks away, Eugene grabs the drawing of the
alleged plumbing building, and it looks like he's not given up,
like he's gonna show up there at some point. He
won't let it go. Let it go. Connie and Kelly
are talking and Kelly says, tour, look, I know today
didn't go like you thought it would, but we said

we would make the best of it while we were here.
This isn't permanent. So they're also talking, like Daryl is talking, right,
Daryl's talking. Remember when Darrel last week was talking to Judith.
He's like, this isn't permanent. Oh yeah, that's how they're
all said. Yeah, they all say that they're all in sinuating.
Oh this is just temporary. Right. Then the lights flashed
like there was a power outage, But that is, of

course a doorbell in a deaf person's house. The lights flash,
so you know someone's at the door. So there's a
letter slipped under the door waiting for her. It's a
piece of paper that we mentioned before with a long
list of names on it, and the last name on
the list is Tyler Davis. So whatever is going on,
Whether it's a list of people that Pamela got rid

of that have disappeared, I've never been heard from again,
that's the list. That's what I think it is. I
think it's a list of people who have never been
heard from again. What do you think the master list?
That's what sounds exactly what it's, Or it's a list
of yeah, it's a list of traders or whatever. So
that her wrong exactly exactly. Uh. Some woman walks into

Ruby's plumbing building and she's clearly not a plumber, and
Eugene was hiding in the shadows. He follows her, she
goes up the stairs, and again I wrote here for
the record. At this point, I'm saying the shadowy fifth
member of the group is definitely Lance Hornsby. So I
wrote that some guy walks out, Eugene jumps hids Beanie Man,

not the singer, and he sprays him with some kind
of irritant like bad dog, bad dog, bad dog, and so.
And then some woman kicks Eugene's asked to the ground,
and it's Stephanie without glasses. See. Then Lance Hornsby comes
down the step by the way, she had no problem

beating him up. Oh my god, she was like kicking
him in the ripe kids. She says, like she didn't
give him a look like I'm so sorry I attached
to you. He's like, I slept with you. Lancehorns becomes dominicom.
Lance Lance comes down the stairs with Calhoun. He says,
I'll handle it, And Stephanie and Beanie Man go upstairs,

and so does a bald guy and Eugene says, I
should have realized it. There was never a Stephanie. Is
she an undercover agent? Well, if she is, she's very
good at it. You used to pull on my heart
strings to get me to tell you everything about our communities,
and it worked. He should I should have trusted Okham's razor,
which is the simplest explanation, is probably the right one

in case you didn't know what okams razor was. And
then then I gotta say, Josh McDermott a great bit
of acting over the next couple of It's very emotional,
very loud, and passionate and animated. So this is what
confused me a little, he says. She led me to
the train yard where we were captured by you, and
then you split us all up into train cars, and

you thought I was the weakest, that I would break,
but I didn't, and then we got captured again in
the radio room. She told me I could trust you,
so clearly he's like going through his mind all the
time she screwed him over, He says, now that you've
got everything you need, is no longer need to continue
the ruse. I just thought Josh was great. There, Lance
stands there defiant, not even blinking, and Eugene makes a

massive mistake. Well, I thought it was a massive mistake
and says, here's the twist, man, you didn't anticipate. I'm
going to make sure everybody knows who and what you are.
What an idiot? I was like, what the hell are you?
Just shutty? Don't say anything. We never tell the bad guy.
You're gonna go. That's the worst thing you could say.
As it turns out, Lance didn't care, so he says, Okay,

what is that exactly? Going to tell people that I'm
the Boogeyman or the best goddamn thing that ever happened
to you? He says, yes, I lied to you, Eugene,
but so did your friends through their teeth to get
in here. You all should be thanking me. You're all
too stupid to know a good thing when it landed
in your laps. Eugene says, so you're just admitting it.
I fell in love with her, and Lance says, yeah.

We tried to rip the bandit off and things were
getting too close between you you two. I try to
get you to stop looking for her, but you wouldn't.
And here we are, so he says at least you
can stop now right looking for her. It wasn't gonna
get better for your people, Eugene. They were about to starve.
Your home is getting fixed. Your people have everything. They
have concerts, cancer, surgery, and literally the only thing we

asked is that you guys could be productive members of
society for as long as you choose to stay, meaning
you guys can leave. So they're fixing up Alexandria, at
least to our knowledge, so that while the other people
work there and become society, maybe they stay if they don't.
The investment was they fixed Alexandria. And it doesn't seem

to me like you'd fix up the communities and not
want something, which I think is why Pamela Milton goes
to visit the properties of Hilltop, Ocean Side, and Alexandria. Yes,
by the way, Ocean Side makes a return in the
new episode because Pamela allegedly is going there to check
it out. So Lance says to him, so tell whoever

you want, But remember you signed a piece of paper
saying you were suffering from paranoia as a result of
nervous strain. Look at your Eugene. This is obviously taking
a toll. I'm sorry your heart's broken, and I'm sure
your friends will be too. But in the balance of things,
I still think it worked out and every in everyone's favor,
you probably will too. And he puts his hand on
Eugene's shoulder, like, oh my god, my man, go get

some ice cream. Yeah, excellent gelato. He heads up the stairs.
He turns around. Halfway up the stairs, he says, oh,
by the way, Stephanie's real name is Shira. She hates
Iron Maiden, but she genuinely enjoyed your book. You should
stick with it. Now. I have a question. You guys

can tweet us because I don't remember. Obviously on the radio,
I remember, I think we talked about this. Let me
see it in my notes. I'm gonna check my notes.
How about that? Check my notes and see if I
made in my in my um in my notes, if
I made any any Iron Maiden references. Didn't he play

the record for her well over the radio? I vaguely
remember that being an Iron made in reference and so,
But here's the thing. Does that mean that Sharra was
on the radio, that Shara said she liked Iron Maiden.
I can't keep them trying I don't. I don't know
if they switched roles on the radio. I don't know. So, um,

that's the pot I need clarity on here. It is
the Walking Dead. See Iron Maiden here it is. Let
me see what's going on here, you know, and you
can hear hold on what they said on the news
to He sang it right, yes, I remember that the
world as we know it will be coming to you. Okay,

so let me see if Later in the scene, Stephanie
says in the scene, she sings the next part of
the song. Yeah, okay, So riddle me this batman. That
Iron Maiden song is from twenty years ago at least, right, No,

it's from thirty years ago whatever, whatever it's been. It's
a long time ago Iron Maiden. And so she didn't
google the lyrics, right, So whoever's on that radio obviously
new Iron Maiden. Yeah, and he saw Judith By records,
so they clearly had records there, and that's how she
heard it. Must have liked it some maybe at that
moment it was rs So that's what I'm thinking, was it?

But then so so did Shira when they met, say yeah,
I love Iron Maiden. Well, she had to go along
with it, right, whatever, wouldn't they have gone over to
um Princesses record shop and see if there was an
Iron Maiden record there or talk about, Like, wouldn't they like, say,
let's let's sing Iron Maiden together. Fake Stephanie wouldn't know,

so she must have said, yeah, I like Ourn Maiden.
And now he's saying she, uh, she didn't like Iron
Maiden right exactly, So I think whatever RS said f
S had to go along with so she says, she says,
she said she hates Iron Maiden, which, by the way,
I don't know I can hate Iron Maiden. They're awesome,
but real Stephanie Max must like Iron Maiden, although she

doesn't strike me as the Iron Maiden type. Well presidentll
she's very proper. Also, she seems too young. I mean,
I listen, Eugene could be I don't know. I don't
know how old Max is in the show, and I
don't know if there's an agent Iron Maiden. But their
heyday was a while ago. Uh. You know, I guess
if your parents like dron Maiden or like fifties music,
you know, because I heard my parents listen to Yeah

it's what your music? You grow up around an, right,
so she knew the now listen, that's not one of
Iron Maiden's biggest hits, so she knew that sort of
obscure Iron Maiden song lyrics on the radio. I don't
know which Stephanie that was on the radio because they
both have soft spoken girl voices, female voices, so I

don't know they have the girly voices. Yeah, so I
don't know. I don't know which one it was. But
maybe they switched in the middle. I don't know. So
the next thing we see they alternated or one filled
in the other on everything they talked about. Yeah, I
want to know the back story there. I hope they
cover it. I hope Max explains in the next episode
what exactly happened, all right. The next scene, Eugene is

burning all over the pages of his book. Remember there's
no hard drive. He doesn't have another copy of it.
So that's sad because you know what, maybe real Stephanie
would have encouraged him and would have liked it also,
but at least we know she're liked the like the writing.
So I'm wondering if he burned the pages because she
eara liked it or because she motivated him, and she

was fake. I think he's so angry about the situation.
He's not thinking clearly. He's just like it reminds me
of her. I'm done, I'm burning it. So he happens
to be sitting in a small alleyway with a gate
fence behind him. Seems like an odd place to sit
in the middle of the night and burn your papers,
Like you couldn't burn the papers like outside your house.
You're in an alleyway. A woman comes up behind him.

She says, Eugene, need to speak to you. He ignores her.
She calls him again and ignores her. She says, blue
Eagle to tator Bug, come in. He turns around slowly
and said, and says, who are you? Because this woman
was the woman on the radio, and it's real Stephanie
or Max She and and so she says it's me.

I'm the one you were talking to on the radio.
If Eugene is so smart, how did he get fooled
by fake Stephanie? I don't and I still don't know.
In the trailer we see him walking away from her.
So I can't imagine on the first attempt he's gonna
believe who she is sane. Please, they think I'm stupid.

They're just gonna keep sending women and glasses like I'm
the real Stephanie. No, I'm the real Stephanie. It's me.
I don't get it. That's the episode. So all in all,
it looks good. Scenes for next week we'll talk about
in a minute, and we'll talk about the Talking Dead.
We've got to take one last break. I promised one
last break, and then we'll finish up. We'll be right back,
all right, So scenes for next week or next episode,

since a lot of you guys have a m C
plus it's already out. Pamela goes to inspect Alexandria Hilltop,
an ocean side. The house in Alexandria that was on
fire by the windmill is now rebuilt and beautifully white again.
Everyone's farming, the land has been repaired. And it's only
been about a month, right, because they said Tyler was
had disappeared. He's been gone a month. He's been in custody,

so it was a month. It was a month when
Carol asked Daryl how things were going, and then another
month that Tyler was in custody. So it's been two
months at this point since they left, which means for
whatever happens in this new episode, four months later, Daryl's

gonna show up because remember it was like six months later,
six months down the road he came up to the
Gay as a s So whatever happens, doesn't. Maggie stays
at hill Top thanks trailer guy. Maggie's people are fighting
in the woods. They're fighting walkers. Lance is talking to someone,
maybe Darryl, and says if Maggie says no, Alexandria is

cut off from our help. So what is what do
they want to What do they do farm? Provide food,
money or come live in commonwealth? Like? What what do
they want from Maggie? Lance shoots a walker in the
head while Aaron watches. By the way, I forgot Aaron
stayed back to Yes he did. Mercer and his stormtroopers
are with them, of course. Outside the walls of Alexandria,

Pamela has set up a tent with a rug and
some other tents like a little city. Um. They have
a little little areas set up by the stormtroopers. I
guess to have meetings. She's a high class that Pamela.
She's gotta gonna be pampering wherever she goes. Maggie asks
Daryl why she trusts why he trusts these people? And
he says, who says we do m Eugene walks away

from Max. He asks Rosita if she regrets coming there?
Do you regret coming here? Uh? You know what? You know?
Your people would be starving. Darryl is shooting walkers with
his crossbows, so I guess they gave it back to him.
That's nice. He helps Maggie up. Uh. In this. In
a later scene from Talking Dead, we see that Maggie
was wrestling with a walker and stabbed in the head,

and when Darryl helps her up, Pamela and her people
are all perfectly spaced out, like they were standing there waiting.
Did you notice that like he shot them with the
shot the walker with a crossbow. Maggie kills someone on
one of the walkers on the ground. Dal runs over
her and hugs her because he hasn't seen her in
two months. I guess it's a minute. And then she

stands up and right behind him, everybody's in formation. Let
me take your places, and I was just thinking positions.
Let's go, Mercer tells Darryl. Remember everything I taught you
whatever that means. And Eugene goes to visit Max in
her apartment and Ezekiel is in the hospital. So either

he got either he had a setback, or he got
moved off. Because now Carol's helped Lance out twice. Let's
let's wrap up by talking about Talking Dead Josh McDermott,
Michael Cutlets, and Clark Wolf. Clark Wolf used to be
the Twitch channel host for Talking for the Walking Dead.

Now it's just day General Sci Fi Channel. I guess
the Walking Dead channel didn't get enough umtraction when there
was no show, like much like our podcast, and so
it is hard to write a live thing when if
you had to choose one and never see the other
one again, who would you choose? Clark Wolf or a

vete Nicole Brown? Oh, clark Wolf, you like her. I
would get rid of her, get rid of her, never
see her again? Yeah, because you have Nicole Brown makes
me laugh. That's funny. Clark Wolf is like, she acts
like she's part of the cast, but she's just hosting
a Twitch channel. It's it's too much. She's over the
top with her excitement and her theories. Like us, so

many like the way she talks to them, like, oh,
you know, I was talking to Cutlets. It's just it's
too comfortable for me. I know your role girls, step
back a little bit. Yeah, so I already talked about
the actor who plays Mercer saying it was the best
scene he's filmed, and yet we didn't see it. Maybe
it's gonna be on the DVD or it'll show up

on YouTube extended scenes. Yeah, again, we talked about this, Cutlets.
Cutlets talks about this great scene, but that you hear
in the background, how awesome it sounds in the background.
And there weren't a lot of walkers in the episode
except for the one that attacked the stormtrooper. Um, yeah,
I want to see that scene. I don't know what's

going on, So all right, Um, next week, Cary Peyton
is on the show. So my guess is he had
surgery or something dramatic happened him more. They wouldn't have
They wouldn't advertise he was on. It would be in
a special guest. No. I think I think Carry Payton
has a major a major episode. Look, he may die

because the show's ending and he doesn't have a spinoff yet.
You gotta have a spinoff. You know, the people have spinoffs.
They're safe, they're alive, they're staying alive. I still think
that thanks PEG's. I think they're going to absolutely give
one more spinoff, and it's gonna be someone who dies.
Like they're going to announce that Eugene is gonna be
on the Carol and Darrel thing or that, you know,

and and and he's gonna die. Like someone's gonna have
to die that we don't expect. I mean, there's this
is what is eight well thirteen more episodes roughly, so
I can't imagine some of the cast dies and not
just Red Shirts. Someone's got to die. Yeah, I'm a

major player has to go. I feel like the Luke
doesn't want to die, but they should have killed him.
He's not on the show, so my guesses he comes back.
Maybe he comes back and he dies, well maybe like
they just find his body being ripped apart, and like
that's like not major though, I mean, but it isn't.

I I think if there's no time jump at the end,
at least two decent sized characters need to die. If
you kill if you kill um Aaron, you gotta do
something with his kid. Yeah, poor Gracie unless you kill
him both, unless you do, like, um uh, what was
the kid with the cookies? Oh? Sam? Yeah, if you

sam her, you know, like there's a herd of walkers
and she cries, I pay to see that. Oh man,
look at the cookie, Sam, Like Judith has that. Judith
has to end up somewhere. I guess maybe she gets
to spin off like a time jump and she's like that.
She's twenty three and she's badass's bad. Yeah, I like it.
I like it right, And maybe, you know, maybe she

does something in the movies with Rick. He goes to
look for Rick and Michelle, and like, who knows, Gracie's
gotta go, and maybe Gracie and Aaron both help. She's
raised in the apocalypse. How is she such a whimp?
It wasn't like she lived in in a behind walls.
I mean they stole her from the saviorsby training. Yea,

she has a savior baby, that is true, but since
they took her out, it's Rick stole it from the crib.
She's been in a zombie apocalypse. You think her father
would want to you know, listen, everyone could be afraid.
But it's as if she knows nothing. Aaron's a fire
you think, you teacher? Hey, you think so? Who else?
Who else? A Jerry's wife? I know you like her.
She's not a big enough not a big enough loss.

Father Gabriel, maybe Rosita, maybe Magna maybe. Yeah. I think
Father Gabriel is going to get it at some point. Yeah,
she's boring though. I think she's gonna be the Michel lawyer.
And I don't think. I think Magna may die. Luke
is gonna die. Connie and Kelly, maybe Kelly goes, Maybe

Kelly goes. Yeah, but then you'd have to film a
Connie scene screaming, and I think that would be that
would be awkward. So I don't know. You can't have
Connie without Kelly. I don't know. Maybe not Connie Kelly.
Those two go together. Well, I was she's saying they
die together. So maybe they will die together. Not that
I want that because I really love their characters, but
maybe they will die together unless they get a spinoff. Also,

I don't know. I don't know. I'm gonna go watch.
I'm gonna go watch the new episode on AMC Plus
early because now now I'm all in the Walking Dead.
I'm gonna watch it now that it's a Tuesday night
when I'm when we're recording this, I'm gonna go. Letna
go watch it. I pay for the thing. I m
as well watch it early. And uh and oh by
the way, uh um, we got a tweet from Oh

my god, let me let me pull it up because
I want to. I wanna. I want to pull the
pull the curtain back on this. On this tweet, We're
gonna go one tweet. Remember we talked last week about
people who haven't tweeted us in a while. Yeah, what
about that? It ain't tweet us? Oh, come on, because
they're not listening. I don't know, I don't know. I
hope this still listening. Okay. So Michael south Maid, who's

a new listener to both of my podcasts, he said,
another great podcast and you both were in sync at
the end. Oh we did it now, I I I
moved your audio and lined it up. Oh yeah, it
was when we do it. I'm sorry, Michael, I hate
to to uh pull back the curtain, but on that one,

we will line it up. So let's try it now.
Let's try it now. I'm gonna say it, but I'm
gonna wait. You you do it when you would normally
do it. Ready, wait, so you're not doing it. You
just do it, you just do it. I'm gonna delay myself. Ready, Jamie,
you know what time it is? What time is it?
It's it's time to down, Jamie. That threw me. This

is why we can't have nice things to Jamie. What
time is it, It's time down. We'll keep trying. Goodbye, Okay,
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