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March 20, 2022 72 mins

Ep.211 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down TWD S11 ep 12 "THE LUCKY ONES"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
Here are welcome to another episode of Walkers and Talkers.
I'm David Brodie from Elvistre in the morning show. That's
Jamie from light FM. Hi Jamie, Hello, how are you good?
This is episode to eleven. We are only a hundred
episodes away from three eleven, which is a band, and
four eleven, which is information, and five eleven, which is

the I don't know what five one one is. That
doesn't matter anyway. We're we're we're we're two eleven. I
got were getting there. I got to see Jamie again today, Yes,
we did. This is becoming a habit. Now that's two
weeks in a row that I've seen you in person.
I like it. This time you had pants on, which
is nice because the last time I think that's why

you didn't want to get up from your chair at
light FMAN. Oh you did, okay? Well today you definitely
did because you were standing up and I saw you
in our garage where we park our cars. Yes, and
so you know we reconnected. So we'll see if we
see each other next week. Who knows. I'll be there
every day, Yeah, I will not be. So Jamie's going

in every day to work. I'm working sporadically depends on
when My Morning Show goes back in and what days
they are there, and Jamie Show is told you will
be there every day, so they are there every day
we are. It's it's exhausting. It is definitely a life change.
It is we get up so much earlier to go
Oh my god, you get up even earlier than I
do to go in. But it is I am yep,

I'm in my car by that's most time. So yes, yes,
I I and I'm in my car much later than that.
Oh look, you're you're snoreing away when I buckled my seatbelt.
I'm snort when you're at work. Oh man. Sorry, Well,
Jamie suffers from the tunnel is closed itis. So Jamie

goes through the same tunnel I do, but that tunnel
is closed for construt auction until five thirty. Jamie has
to be at work at five thirty, so she has
to go far out of her way north to go
to a different tunnel to go into the city and
then go back down south to get to our offices.
Might just literally tripled. Yeah, I just don't go in

until after five thirty. I'm smarter than that, oh man. Yeah,
you gotta renegotiate your contract. You gotta an agent or something. Well,
I had to be at my desk by four, so
the tunnel is so not an option for me. Right,
you guys playing Christmas music yet? No? Not yet? Okay,
just checking. I gotta check in every once in a while.

We're throwing a song in July. Once in a while,
I carry hello for Christmas? Right, what else are you playing? Right?
Of course? All right, walking dead. We have some news.
We'll get to that. We'll break down the episode. If
this is your first time listening, welcome aboard. We make
the big switch of the platform that we upload the

podcast too. I think in two weeks we're one of
the last ones in the company to switch over. The
Brooklyn Boys switched over and there's been nothing but problems.
So I'm hoping there's nothing but problems, nothing but no
problems when we upload starting in two weeks. Yeah, there's
no there's well, good for the listeners, but there's no
commercials because that there's a glitch with the commercials in

So if you listen to the Brooklyn Boys podcast, which
we hope you do on all your platforms, Episodes two
oh nine and to ten and maybe two eleven don't
have any commercials. So yeah, good for you guys, bad
for us. We're not making any money, But what are
you gonna We're here for the people. Let's get to
some news. Apparently Jeffrey Dean Morrigan, who of course plays Nigan.

If you didn't know that, you probably wouldn't be listening
to this podcast, he said in a recent episode of
The Rich Eisenshow Rich Eisen, of course a sportscaster and
podcast host. He told rich Eisen he would have preferred
that his spin off with Maggie not have been spoiled.
He wishes they did not release the Isle of the
Dead news with him and and Uh and Maggie until

after the original series was over. Like we talked about,
I get that it doesn't make any sense. What are
you promoting? What? What is the point are you trying to?
Are you? The only thing I can think of is
you're trying to get people to put The Walking Dead
back on so that you'll know what's going on for
the spinoff, Like if you wanted to join the spinoff.
Maybe they want people to watch the last season of

The Walking Dead to see their relationship and then springboard
into the spinoff. That's all I could think of, because,
as J. D. M said, spoiler alert folks. Sorry, um,
I'm still not sure why we announced that early. It
was sort of a shocker to me. I guess we
don't need to die. Well, they won't write. In other words,

we now know they're not going to die now. Look,
I told you there could be a time jump and
they could die twenty years from now, but they're not
going to die in this current timeline on the Walking
Dead because they have a spinoff. Yeah, speaking of spinoffs,
Strand Calman Domingo or Domingo Coleman if you prefer to
reverse the name at work, see the way Calman Domingo

said he's been pitching a spinoff called Strand for Fear
the Walking Dead if and when they want to either
write off his character or he wants to get his
own show. He is one of the executive producers on
Fear the Walking Dead, And uh so, I don't know
if that's a clue he'd like to stay alive. Maybe
it's a clue he's dying and this is a spinoff
to show. I don't know why we haven't really lost

track of him that they could show a spinoff of
his Uh so, I assume he's gonna survive, or again,
there could be a time jump and then he dies,
but then we get to see what happened. But in
the times, I don't know, but he again, he could
be pitching that as a Red Herring. Yeah, you know, like,
oh yeah, I wanna have a spinoff, and then he
dies next week and you're like, wow, I'm got a spinoff.

I guess I still feel there's going to be a
spinoff Red Herring where someone's gonna die. And you know
what happened to the spinoff? Oh yeah, we just said
that to throw you guys for a loop. Yeah, all right, Jamie.
I heard there was an injury on the set of
The Walking Dead. Your boy, I'm very upset. I think
I need to fly down there and take care of
him because Norman Reads suffered a concussion on the Walking

Dead set. It happened on March eleven, and the injury
will set production for the final episode of The Walking
Dead back just a few days. Production for the last
episode of the series began on March seven, but he
was in the hospital. No, I'm worried, and you didn't
fly down there and see his tennant Stile Dixon. I mean,

you know, I probably has the same the same toy
that you have. You could compare them, That's what I meant. Okay,
I'm picking up what you're putting down. But are you
picking up what he's putting up? I wish? Okay, you
know you have a dirty mind. I can't. You're hard
to deal with everything with you as a sex joke,
I don't. I never't even needed to be that way. Yeah,

it just it just was in there and it comes
out there. Yeah, it just happens. Laurie Holder Holden, Sorry, hey,
Laurie Holden, who played Andrea many seasons ago. Spoiler Andrew's dead.
She is. She's got a big role, or at least
a good job, just announced in the Amazon Prime TV

show The Boys, which I love. I love that show.
Season three just came The trailer for season three just
came out, and she plays so um. The Boys is
based loosely, at least the characters the heroes are based
loosely on the Justice League of America, which is Superman

and Batman and the Flash and so on and so forth. Right,
They're loosely based, however, there's a another I'm not gonna
give too much away from the show, there's another group
in the comics. Because The Boys is based on a
comic book that's based on The Avengers, and so Laurie
is playing the Crimson Countess, who is basically a spoof

on the Scarlet Witch, as in Wanda and Vision and
Wanda Vision and the Scarlet Witch. So if you know,
you know, and if you don't know, you should watch
the three season the two seasons of The Boys. Go
read the comics if you want. It's fantastic and bloody
and funny and awful and terrific and wonderful. Oh it's

violent and just nasty, but in the best way possible.
I've talked about it before, I'll talk about it again.
It's great. Also, if I'm recommending things, and I am,
I just watched last night The Adam Project. That's a
D A M. If you voice text that comes up
a T O M. But Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds, Bryan
Reynolds my my current favorite actor along with Harrison Ford.

He is look he plays Ryan Reynolds in the movie
and not the way Nicolas Cage plays Nicholas Cage in
his new movie. But Ryan Reynolds is Ryan Reynolds. He's
snarky and quick witted and fast dialogue, but he's he's
really good. The movie's fun. The kid who I'm not
gonna tell you anything about the movie. The kid in
the movie is excellent, excellent. He plays a he plays

uh someone in a way related to Ryan Reynolds. And
he looks a little like Ryan Reynolds. His snappy banters
like Ryan Reynolds. He's really I think he's like three
years old or eleven and something like that. He's eleven
or twice, I don't know. But he's really good for
his age, and you really believe who he is. And
he's really good. And there's a lot of former and

current superhero actors and actresses. So Jennifer Garner is in it.
She played a lecturer in the Bad Daredevil movie in
the early two thousand's where she met Ben Affleck, who
played Daredevil. Not a good movie. Of course. Ryan Reynolds,
who plays Deadpools in the movie. The Hulk is in
the movie, of course, played by no Well. I got

one Hulk right, who plays the whole I got Okay, okay,
of course I'm talking about Mark Ruffalo. He's he's in
the movie. And also Zoe Saldana plays in the movie.
She plays go Mora from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

And I didn't recognize her. Yes, who doesn't love her
in that? But she wasn't green in this movie. I
almost didn't recognize her. She wasn't green. That's right, Ruffalo,
he wasn't green. So both actors they're they're playing non
green people. But I'm watching the movie, I'm like, Wow,
she's really pretty. Who is she? And it wasn't until
later in the movie that there was I guess the

way she spoke or the way her hair was, I said,
oh my god, that's go More. I'm watching who is that?
To my count, there's four heroes in the movie for
people who have played heroes, and if I'm correct, they're
all Marvel, Hulk, go More, a Deadpool, and Electua. Very

very very cool way. Oh also, if you're a fan,
what was the movie? Was it thirteen going on thirty? Yes,
thirteen going on thirty And you're right, that's such a movie.
So they've talked about how weird it was to be
in the In the movie, again, they play a married
couple in the movie, and so it was it was

cool to see them again because as much as I'm
not like Joe Romcom, that was a very good movie.
It was a fun movie and it was nice to
see them together. So I recommend it. Also, the trailer
just came out for Miss Marvel, which is a New
Disney Plus TV show based on a character from Marvel

Comics who plays the first Muslim American superhero who's a
teenage young teenage girl from Jersey City, New Jersey. Here's
something I just found out, and I apologize, I guess it.
It dates me a little bit, but she so Miss
Marvel m S. Marvel The Teenage Girl is a spinoff

or an offshoot of the Miss Marvel comics MS Marvel.
When MS used to be pronounced MS was Carol Danver's
because there was originally a male Captain Marvel or Marvel.
Marvel was his real name, and he called him Captain
Marvel until such time as Marvel won the rights to
the name Marvel from Captain Marvel. Because Shazam. If you've

seen the movie Shazam Shazam starring Zachary Levi, so Shazam
used to be called Captain Marvel until Marvel sued d
C and said, no, you can't use the name Captain Marvel.
Reason Captain Marvel anyway, So Captain Marvel. So in the
seventies and eighties, comic books used to spin off their
face they're they're really big superheroes with female sidekicks, or

spinoffs were they were the name similar to their name,
like She Hulk, Spider Woman Girl, and so miss missm
Marvill was the eighties feminized version of Captain Marvel. But
she wore if you can believe it, google is a
very sexy mini skirt and a sash. So Miss Marvel

is who became so the original Captain Marvel died spoiler
like thirty years ago actually died, and he died in
the eighties of cancer, and then Captain Marvel took over
the name in the costume of the original Captain Marvel.
And then this girl grows up to be a fan
of hers, and she names herself Miss Marvel, but it's
spelled Miss Marvel, but apparently it's pronounced miss now even

even though MS because MS was if you don't remember,
MS was a way of women didn't want to have
to be like when you say Mr, somebody you don't
know if I'm married or not? Right, But if you
say MS, I'm sorry miss or mrs it was it was, well, mrs,
you aren't right, and so well, no, MS didn't tell

you what you are? MS was like, it's one of
your business. MS was the female Mr m S. MS
MS meant I why you don't have to be like,
why do I have to tell people whether I'm married
or not when you address me? So I want to
be known as MS, which was spelled MS, period, so
that women could just be like you're Mr and MSS Like, oh,

MS Jones, You're like, I don't know if MS Jones
MS Jones is married or not, because why would you
need to know? Yeah? Right, okay, anyway, so miss Marvel
spelled Miss Marvel. The trailer came out this week. It
looks fantastic, but the trailer Season three trailer for the
Boys is just mayhem. Mayhem. I tell you, have you

watched all three seasons since I started this podcast, Jamie?
I have not? Okay, what are you waiting for? I
will not talking? I did? You could have watched which
platform is it on? Again? Amazon? Prime? It was okay,
I have that good. Get on that, Get on that. Okay,
one last thing for me. Margot Bingham, who plays well,
she doesn't play the real Stephanie, but she plays Max

a k A. The real step Phanny. That was a
great song by Eminem She uh. She said her Stephanie
was her mom's name, but she revealed in a recent
interview that the name Max comes from Maxwell Hawkins, who
is Pamela's assistant in the comic books. So she's actually
a combination of both characters Stephanie and Maxwell. She said,

if you know the comics, her character will exhibit similar things,
similar characteristics of Maxwell Hawkins as we see more of her,
So if you know anything about Maxwell, you will see
some of that appear in the Max character. Jamie, you've
got some big Fear of the Walking Dead. News they
just released a trailer. What do you got for me?
I Fear The Walking Dead Season seven, Part two will

premiere and the episode will be called Follow Me, and
it will be on April nine pm Eastern Time, and
on the same day am C Plus will air the
first two episodes of the second half of the season,
So not just follow Me, but whatever the second episode is.
Whatever the second second episode is and then the trailer
just came out, which has been all over their socials,

and oh my god, it looks so intense and so violent.
All right, So they they show scenes from the war
between Alicia and Strand. They show Alicia sending out an
announcement on on the walkie talkies. I guess that says, Hey,
we're building a place, this room for you here, come
join us. But I'm gonna ask you a little favor.
You're gonna have to earn your spot here. That says

to me, you want to you want this world, you
have to join our war against Strand. So I think
she's recruiting people. And it looks like John Dorry's father,
John Dory, is with Strand and his assistant, Like, I mean,
I know they're staying there. He in June is staying
at the building. But they may be on the wrong
side of this. Oh no, you think he's on the
other side. Well, I don't think he'd fight Alicia necessarily,

not that he knows her very well. But June certainly
isn't gonna fight. So I don't know what they're gonna
do where their loyalty is are gonna be Because if
they don't fight with strand they're out, and they're out,
they get to see anyway, there's a lot of it's hard.
It's a montage eclipse that go by really fast. Lots
of people getting shot, lots of people getting health hostage.

Wendell's Wendell's in the trailer. So he's back on the
show officially again, Like you know, he's definitely gonna that. No,
he didn't see him briefly in the last uh section
of the show, but now he's in the trailer, so
that's a good sign. Yeah. Anyway, the trailer is I
don't know, a minute and forty five seconds long. After
about a minute and thirty it goes to fades to

black and then when the trailer comes back, my god,
I feel like we shouldn't split. Well, well, it's a trailer.
Now we're the trailer where you know what, trailer guys spoiled.
That's not my fault. The second part of the trailer,
the post blackout scene of the trailer is Madison. She's
officially back again. They teased it, they said it. Now

they're showing it in case you didn't believe it. So
they show her with her each wrist is tattooed with
her kids names Alicia and Nick, and she doesn't know
about Nick yet. Obviously, Oh god, our I Penicks. Oh
I thought you would about to say, alright, Penisick, what's you? Peenick?

And here's in the guttern I p P p P
pick Nick comes out when you pe Okay, I think
said alright, Peenick. You guys listening, you heard the same
thing I did. You guys are all like, didn't talk
really fast? What I'm excited to me? Yeah? Okay, so
your r I P Nick spoiler And wherever she is,

she's being interrogated or something. And then there's a voice
that says, what's your name? She's Madison. She's not anymore.
The voice is not anymore. So they rename her. So
I'll tell you what is going to be. They obviously
have to show why she wouldn't have found her family,
why she didn't go after her family been mind though,
she was in Texas, right, No, yeah, they were in

Mexico baseball stadium. Where was in Texas? Where was it?
Then they were the damn in Mexico. The damn was
in Mexico. And then I thought the baseball stadium was
in Texas. Yeah, the baseball saying was in Texas, where
she allegedly died in season four. And then they traveled,
they traveled up. They traveled really far east, didn't they.

They're not anywhere near where the baseball stadium was. No,
they're they're long gone, right, they're still in Texas, and
we know, we know they're gonna end up in Georgia
at some point, at least filming in Georgia at some point.
So they have to explain where she's been all this time,
because it's it's I don't remember how long it's been
at least a year. Maybe that she's more than that.
I haven't. They haven't time jumped that often, right, So however,

they'll they'll explain how long it's been. But she's been
held captive by a group, because everyone's held captive by
a group, right, that's everyone crm by a group. At
least she was in the basement by Teddy's group for
a year or whatever. So we'll we'll just have her
another crazy group with sick people. Nobody nobody's held by
a fun group. No one's like, you know what, it's

so nice here. I'm just gonna stay and sit by
the pool. Yea, that doesn't happen, so we will have
to watch. Maybe maybe the whole second half of the
season is showing her backstory. We may not see her
end up with the rest of the show till the
end of the season. That would be very possible. I
could see that happening. Also, I keep thinking there's three

parts to the Fear of Walking Dead season, but there's not.
There's only two parts. I'm confusing it with the Walking tack.
Keep thinking like, oh, there's there's three thirds, but no,
this is the second eight A two fur two. So
I don't know when she's going to join the cast,
but she's back on the show. So if you thought
she was dead, I look, I thought she was dead.

I didn't think the new showrunners wanted her on the show,
but I guess they're they're looking to pull out all
the stops to make some head I get some attention
because it wasn't like they had great ratings with Madison.
The reason they revamped the whole show hired new showrunners
was that the show wasn't doing that well and that
she wasn't a great leader. So who knows what happens

when she comes back, and what the the power structure
will be with Alicia and Morgan. And I wonder if
Alicia lives. Did that bring Madison back so that she
can be there when her daughter dies. I don't think
she's gonna die. I don't think she has the virus.
I think she just is having shock or infection. She's

been through it. I mean, look at her hand. My god,
but did you see the trailer. She has a nice
like a leather corset for her arm. Yeah, but wasn't
she dragging along the fence in the trailer. Yes, there
is a scene where she's dragging on her finger bones.
But when she has the leather thing on her arm
and her glove, she looks kind of sexy. Like there's
not right, like like Aaron just happened to find like

I mean, I know they made it for him, but
they found a cool sleeve with attachable weapons with the mace.
He's got other things, but the mace is one of them.
Is the hand in the mace. So they're gonna make
it look as functional as possible. But you know, robotics
in the real world can make your hand do some things,
but the zombie Apocalypse, they're lucky they can put a

like a tree on her arm. Like, I'm seriously no,
I totally agree with you. I mean, it's very limited resources,
especially for prosthetics. Right, but she looks good and that's
really all that matters. Right, she looks good, looks great.
Ye alright, alright, so let's get to the episode. We'll
break it down like we always do, but we'll take
a quick break this episode. We have some commercials we

gotta play, and we'll be right back. Hello, this is
weird al Yankovic and you're listening to David Brodie and
Jamie on Walkers and Talkers. You're one stop shop for
all things walking dead. All right, Jamie, we've taken our
first break. Did you do you wash your hands? Yep,
I had a sip of water. I'm all good, I'm
ready to go. Okay, you didn't. You didn't sip the
water from washing your hands, because that's gross. No, No,

you can walk. You can sip the water and then
walk like even if you wash your hands with the
water you sipped, it's not sanitary. Jamie. You need to
re analyze what you do. I won't drink tap water
like that. Okay, because Norman redas doesn't want to be
with a gross girl. He looked dirty. I mean, J
D M. Would he slept with Alpha? She like dirt

rings under her eyes? Yeah? Oh god, she didn't. She
just poop. She pooped in the woods and she didn't
want Okay, she did she did? Yeah, well, woman, she
probably did it every day. You know, she's you know, hey,
did I ever tell you? I'm not going to give
the kid's name, because you know me, I segway sometimes

I went so when I was in uh we called
a public school or grade school, so I don't know
if it was second grade, third grade, fourth grade. There
was a boy in my class who was a little off.
It's a little off. I don't think there was anything
medically wrong, just loft. I remember him vividly, his name

and everything. I'm trying to remember. We. I think we
had doors on the bathroom stalls, and some of the
bathrooms didn't have doors on the bathroom stalls. I don't
know why. I think it was for safety reasons. Not
the kids wouldn't lock themselves in, But me personally, I
would never use a toilet to sit without a door.
Oh yeah, because never. Well it's the norm yet in fact,

if the opening is too big between the door and
the wall of the door, like the frame, I'll put
tissue paper in there. I'm not. I don't want anybody
looking in. I'm not. I don't want to. I'm weird, no, no,
like I Sometimes you go in the stall and you're like,
oh my god, everyone online can see me right now, right.
So then what you do is you you stand up,

you go back out, You close the door, and you
look to see if you can see the toilet, and
if you can't, you gotta you gotta cover that up.
You gotta cover that up. You gotta like take a
long toilet paper and bunch it at the top, stick
it in, and then the rest of it all hangs
down and blocks the opening. After the little little spit
there to wet it and it sticks right right so
and it sticks at the bottom. And then you're golden.

Well you may be golden maybe brown. You may be
golden brown. It depends what you're doing. So I don't
There was no door on this particular Stoll and I
was peeing at the urinal and he was, you know,
doing the old number two, and he you know, it
was audible. You could hear it, and then he flushed
and stood up and pulled his pants up, and I

turned around. I looked at him, realizing what he forgot
to do. And he went and he said, real men
don't wipe toilet papers. He has toilet papers for whimps.
Oh my god, he's gonna get a rash. Never mind rash.
He couldn't possibly have done the phantom poop where where
you know what I mean, the phantom poopers when you
don't need toilet paper, that like one in a hundred times.

Oh my god. But real men don't ease toilet paper.
And he and he did, like the thing where you
you pull on your waistband like he did that. He
did like real men, real men don't wipe or something
like that. I remember the real men don't something. I
don't remember. It was don't need toilet paper, don't wipe,
but it was he said, real men. And I was like,
I didn't know what to say. I was in shock

and then horrified. I was only eight or nine years old,
ten you, so I didn't know what to say, you know,
so I just you know what I said to myself,
I said, don't comment. Someday you'll have a podcast when
you're an adult and you'll talk about it, and here
I am talking about it. So I thought I would
share that with you because Alpha reminded me of him

and that experience, and look, he's gonna I I hope
that he straightened himself out, you know, mentally, and that
there was nothing wrong, or even if there was something wrong,
I hope he got help. He's living a productive life,
he has a family, God willing, and he's wiping his butt.
I hope that is my wish for him, that he's
happy and he's learned to wipe his butt and sherman
in there, not as a fairly regular exercise, but as

an all the time x A size all the time.
You know what, don't go ahead and sacrifice your perceived manhood.
Wipe your butt, Yeah, seriously, wipe it. Okay, all right, Jamie,
I wish you'd stop talking about things that don't have
anything with Walking Dead. Let's focus, focus, Okay. The episode
was called The Lucky Ones. We'll find out later in

the episode what that refers to, but it was something
that Darryl said. The episode starts with Stephanie. Well we'll
call her Max, but real Stephanie recounting the story as
to how she got a radio, she said she found
parts in the garbage because somebody obviously thought it was
had no value, but it certainly does now. I'm not
sure why the Commonwealth, who is so concerned with security

and nobody talking on the radio, would throw out the
parts to build a radio seriously, or they didn't burn
it right, But she found the parts as a to
my knowledge, to your knowledge, to our knowledge. Not an
expert in it. She's not an engineer that she could
build a radio, right. But she put together the radio

and they show flashbacks off her talking to Eugene. So
she said everything was going really well until her brother
got involved. We know that her brother is Mercer in
on the TV show. He comes home and he for
some reason pulls back a curtain and finds her hidden
radio and says, you know what, I've been investigating a
rogue radio broadcaster who was looking to make a rendezvous

in a train yard, and it turns out it's you.
He said, Look, it's dangerous for the Commonwealth to be
doing this, but also for the two of us, so
they could get in trouble. Like as tough as Mercer is,
he's aware that if he crosses the line he could
be in trouble. All tells you all you need to
know about the Commonwealth being a bunch of you know, pricks. Yeah,

because they could turn on anybody, anybody, I tell you.
By the way, it room minded me of when Alicia
was on the radio and she she met a guy.
She thought it was a nice guy, and it turned
out to be a Jesse McCartney and his gang of
of evil guys. And they were real bad, they were,
But we got we got to interview Jesse mcartney. If

you didn't hear that, go back and listen. It's I
don't know, it's a it's a long time. He wasn't
wasn't really what you while you hung out with him afterwards? Well, no,
but he was just funny. Oh in general, yes he was. Yes,
he was a delight. I thought maybe you guys had
a rendezvous. A girl can dream, but it didn't happen.
No Rende's vooz ry. Oh sorry sorry. By the way,

one of my favorite eighties bands Ronde and the and
the Moves anyway, So Mercers says to Max, you better pray.
Hornsby doesn't recognize your voice. So they were all listening
to the conversation, so that must be how they were
able to write down everything and and train fake Stephanie

because they were monitoring the conversations. You're right now, It
all makes sense. So Max didn't writ anybody out. They
were listening in the whole time. That's how they knew
to go to the train station. So it wasn't uh
fake Stephanie set them up. It was Max legitimately set
them up. But then they don't show there must have

been a scene where they confronted. Well, they don't know
it was her right, They still don't know because she
didn't get I don't think they don't know because she
would have been Mercer must have told her not to
go to the train yard. We're gonna we're gonna capture
them or something because she didn't go to the train yard.
By the way, Angela Kang said, this was not the

same footage. They filmed new footage, and I don't know
if they filmed. They must have filmed the scenes the
same day, but they showed the scene of Eugene buying
ice cream and then at the time Stephanie also buying
ice cream for Pamela, meaning the ice cream, and Eugene
asked her if it was was it? Essked if it

was Rocky Road, and she walked away, But they showed
the scene now from well, it wasn't really her perspective,
but as she remembered it, so she remembered it differently
and feeling nervous and not like not knowing how to answer.
So we see the scene as Max remembers her face
looking and how she remembers herself reacting because it's not

really her perspective, it's not from her eyes, it's as
she remembered the scene. Yes, Max, then's tells Max then
tells Eugene that she was leaving Pamela's office recently, and
Hornsby came in all excited about something to do with Alexandria,
which we later find out they're gonna go visit Alexandria.
Eugene asks if the orange guy who hates him is

her brother, and she says yes, and then says, so
are you Stephanie and she says no, I'm Max. There
is no Stephanie. That's my mother's name. But before she
can explain herself, Eugene storms off because he's like, oh,
so you're not Stephanie. Either is nobody named Stephanie. It's
hard to everybody fell out Trust Mountain in his eyes, Yes,

there's two Stephanie's. Now there's no Stephanie. Yeah, now there's none.
Trust Mountain was a good movie. Wasn't that an after
school movie in the eighties? Escape from Trust Mountain? Oh?
That was which mountain? That's an old reference. Scape from
which Mountain? Not which mountain? But w I T C
H Which mountain? Not w H I C H which
which mountain? All right, so that's that'll happens before the credits.

After the credits, there's a giant caravan with Pamela and
Lance on their way to Alexandria. And yeah, they're in
a camper, living the life of luxury, seriously surrounded by
stormtroopers and horses and buggies. And Pamela says to Hornsby,
I don't like the idea of spreading out so far,

because Alexandria is not it's a long ride from Pittsburgh, Ohio. Rather,
they're in Ohio at the Commonwealth. So Ohio to Virginia
a little bit of a schlepp. You gotta go all
across West Virginia and then some. So she says, I
don't like spreading out this, This could cost us too

much um for your plan. Hornsby, and he says, I
think you'll be surprised by these communities, which says to
me that in all of West Virginia there aren't any
communities worthwhile, because they would know about them, and Hornsby
already would have brought Pamela to them, which tells you

how rare communities are to begin with, which we knew.
But listen, West Virginia, the whole state, nothing all right,
not even a mountain, Mama, Yeah, take me home country,
your own. Pamela says, Look, these people are free to
stay with us as long as they want, or they

can leave and repair their places on their own. They
don't always anything, So at this point you're like, oh,
Pamela's being pretty cool about it, Like, hey, these people
can come and work for you know, we're repairing their
place while they work. You know, we're getting something out
of them, you know, we don't, we don't, they don't
always anything. Obviously that changes because we saw in the
flash forward that Darryl shows up after six months and

looks like they're breaking in or or or taking Hilltop. Yeah,
and and Darrel wasn't happy about it. He's like, yeah,
it does needs to be this way. But anyway, at
the moment, Pamela looks like she's at least somewhat reasonable.
Aaron is there to greet them when they get to Alexandria,
and he has some of the survivors cover up broken

windows and things to make it look prettier, like, hey,
put that tree over there, like because they're trying to
impress Pamela, because they want Pamela to want to adopt Alexandria.
They want they want them to you know, they'll grow
food as long as the Commonwealth pays them and supports them.
Like the opium farmers that we saw. They want to
be part of the uh the organization. Yeah, they do

the trade in everything. Right? Did you? Did you notice
that Aaron was wearing a similar outfit that he wore
in his first appearance. He had a flannel shirt tucked in.
Where is he getting flannel and khakis? Is he shopping
at Zombie Republic? Like? Where? Where? Unless I was his
old pair like tucked in about him drawer somewhere And
he's like, I'm gonna break this out again? Right? Hello?

Is this on Zombie Republic? Hello? Come on? Sorry? Like, like, no,
I don't think there's any Zombie Republic's open after the pandemic,
after the zombie. I think after the pandemic, see I
still pandemic on the rain. Jamie's like, no, I don't
think he would have shopped there. He probably would have
gone to you know, h Walker's Gifts or something some
other story. Yeah, or played right for Children's Place. I

don't know, really, I don't know. Wow he thought I
thought Zombie Republic was a stretch? Wow, Jamie? Okay. Darrel
shows up with Mercer and a bunch of other soldiers
and Aaron gives them all the Grand Tour. They asked
Aaron who the engineer was, who built everything, the windmill

and everything, and uh, he says, we don't have an engineer.
You know, Maggie Ree from another community gave his blueprints
and we follow them. That makes Maggie look like she's
some kind of builder, But she just got blueprints from Georgie.
It wasn't like Maggie did anything. And who cares what
her last name is? Like Maggie Ree, nobody just doesn't

mean anything to Pamela. Yeah, you know, you know Maggie
Ree not to be confuse with Maggie Goldstein. You know
Maggie Ree from over by the defence and the burned
out building. You know, you know you went to school
with her, remember in the eleventh grade, Maggie Ree. Mercer
asked Darryl have to how they kept the play safe
and he says, we fought a lot of fights to

keep this place safe. Mercer then says, were you a
leader here? And Darryl says, yeah, I guess you could
say that. And Mercer says, well, what did you do
before this? Now? Did you know why he asked him that?
Why Mercer asked Daryl what he did before the apocalypse?
Weren't they all supposed to tell them at the Commonwealth

what they did before so they could place them in
the right job. Yes, but it's possible Mercer doesn't remember.
It's a good point. He probably has a file on Darryl,
which is weird that he asked him, because, like you said,
he should have known. He should know, But there's a
lot of people in there. Yeah, but these guys just
maybe he doesn't remember, but he should. He's supposed to
know everything. But okay, is I mean he obviously thought

he was worthwhile he made him a stormtrooper. Yeah, So
I don't know why I know Okay, I don't know
why he's acting like he doesn't know what Daryl did before,
or that he doesn't know he was a leader, because
wasn't he complaining all the time that Daryl was acting
like a leader needs to be part of a team.
So this scene was filmed as if nobody's watched the
previous episode. It was like friends when they used to
ask Ross things like, oh, did you have have a car,

and in one episode he would say no, and in
one episode he would say yes and described the car,
and you would think, don't even if the writers, if
there were different writers for each episode, wouldn't the actor
remember so yeah, or have a storyboard or something. So
I understand that there's different writers for different episodes of
The Walking Dead, but have some continuity. Wouldn't mercers say

wouldn't I already know this? And wouldn't wouldn't Norman Rena
say didn't I already tell him? But the reason he
asked him that question, assuming that he didn't know, is
that he wants to um. He wanted to know if
dal was a leader and explain if that if that's
if he was a leader before. Um, you know what
I mean. He wanted to know, like, well, you must

have been a leader before, because in Commonwealth we all
do the same jobs that right, and you must have
been a leader. And so Dallas says to him, it
doesn't matter what I did before. Nobody here cares. I
was like, damn it. Tell us, well, he was just
hell leae like you, no offense to hillbillies. But he was,
you knows, living in the woods with his brother, doing nothing.

I mean, you know, he wasn't like a doctor or anything.
So but I think that was that was a point
that was important. Can you hold on one second? Cut
to Pamela in the main office. She's looking at a
picture of Diana and her husband Reggie, you know, the
two people that were running Alexandria. Who's Deanna who they're
both dead spoiler And Pamela says she knew Deanna. She says, yeah,

Deanna was into politics before I was, and we crossed
each other's path in philanthropy circles. So they were two rich,
powerful women. So coincidentally they knew each other and both
ran communities. How about that? How about that? So the
odds are astronomical that they would know each other, but
they did. She asked Daryl what kind of leader she was,

and Darryl says, look, she built all of this and
she brought us in here, so I respect her a lot. Now, remember,
they really didn't respect Dianna and Redge when they first
got there. They they said, you know, you don't know anything.
You're not prepared. You're not prepared for the what's out there, uh,
you know, and so Rick Rick basically crapped on them
about the way they were doing things. They you know,
they liked her, but they didn't think she did a

good job of running things. I guess Daryl learned to
respect her as time went on, as she learned to fight,
and she led them against the wolves, you know, and
so she you know, she was I guess she earned
his respect because at some point they did not respect her.
But I guess he says, now, you know, I respected
her a lot. Pamela says, yes, you respected her. But

the community fell and Darryl says, yeah, and every time
it fell, we built it back up. And Pamela says,
it fell more than once, like what am I getting
into here? What happened here? Yeah? And Daryla says, uh, yeah,
you know, I may have fallen a couple of times,
you know, yeah, because the wolves attacked them, and the
Saviors beat the crap out of them. The Whispers burned

it down and destroyed it. Mercer announces they have a breach.
So one walker comes down the street, and Pamela had
that look like this place has fallen apart, Like now
they have a walker on the street. This is not
quite as impressive as I thought. Pamela asks Aaron, how
did you lose Deanna? And Aaron says she was bitten,
and she says did she turn? And she says yes,

we had to put her down, and she got a
sickening look in her face, like I don't know if
I can count on these people. Deanna got bitten and
turned and they had to put it because she So
at that point, you're thinking that Pamela is frail and
is terrified of dying and that's why, you know, like
she's like Deana, like she couldn't fend for herself. We

find out later that might not be the case, but
at that point it looked like she wanted no part
of this and all of their flaws. Back at the Commonwealth,
Ezekiel is getting tested for surgery, and he had no idea.
He thought he was in there for a routine checkup.
He says, So Umico's brother, of course, is the doctor,
and is well, um yeah, we're getting ready for surgery.

Says but I thought it was at the bottom of
the list, And her brother says, well, you're at the
top of the list now, and you're by the way,
your bill is paid up and surgery is Friday. And
Ezekiel had a look on his face like that's not right.
He was in shock. Yeah, but he also had that
face like I'm too noble for this. What's going on?
Did somebody lose their spot? Is this unfair to somebody?

Like I something? What? What? What happened to make this happen? Right? Why? Exactly?
Go on? We'll find out later. But that's that's the
look he had. Over at ocean side, remember them, Yeah,
long time list. Pamela has her feet in the sand.
She's opened by the water. By the way, I thought

that was a full set of men feet really all right?
Her feeting with the waters and the sand like the
country song goes right whatever it is, and Hornsby comes
over to her. She's daydreaming, like, wow, this is not
a bad life, and he says, all right, are ready
to meet you. They go to meet Rachel, who I
guess is the only actress they felt like hiring for
this episode, and Pamela says, I know about your fights

with the saviors and the Whisperers, and it shows your
strength that you guys were able to survive, like, I
know why you're only women, and I you know, I've
heard the whole story. It's a story. She says, we
would be happy to have you working as partners in
the Commonwealth, and we understand you have some questions about
trade provisions, like you have some things you want to
work out, and she says, well, I heard Maggie's not

partnering with you guys, and we have a mutual protection
agreement and uh, and if Maggie changes her mind, we'll
change our mind. But if Maggie says no, we say no,
like we have a deal with Maggie, ye, And so
Lance and Pamela were like, what what what the Yeah?
Lance talking to Aaron on their way over to Hilltop

and he says to Aaron, he's not happy. He said,
why don't you tip me off that Oceanside was gonna
say no? He says, look, I I don't read their minds.
He's like, I don't know, like he and he wasn't hiding.
I think he generally didn't know. He says, well, if
Hilltop says no, that Alexandria is cut off, in other words,
it's three or none. And Aaron says, we'll figure something out.

And Land says, oh, because you were figuring things out
so well before we showed up, right, like yeah, like
oh yeah, how things going before we showed up. So
the caravan has to stop in the road because there
is a cart up ahead, and there's walkers attacking the cart,

and of course it's Maggie and her group and they're
fighting them off. Daryl kills one of them, Maggie kills
one on the ground, and Daryl picks her up and
they hug and covered in blood. Pamela walks up to
Maggie and says, you must be Maggie. Um Angela Kang
talked about this in some of the bonus footage on
AMC Plus and said, we really didn't want her to

just meet Maggie like, you know, at the Hilltop. We
wanted her to meet Maggie as Maggie like fighting and bloody. Yeah.
So they all go back to Hilltop and Maggie says
to Darryl, why do you trust these people? And he says,
who says I do? When do I ever trust anyone?
And Aaron says, listen, there are fifty thousand people living

in the Commonwealth, isn't it nice. It's a nice even number,
a nice round number, like not like it's forty three
thousand and change. And he says, at least for them
are good people that we know of. You don't have
to do this alone, Maggie, Alexander is being fixed up nicely.
At least they're people of their word, you know, like
so far so good. Lance comes over and says, hey, look,

we've got some extra rifles and there's there's a herd
coming that our men are taken care of. Panelist says,
we should all go hunting if you want to. They
thought that was a good idea because they go off hunting,
and Paula says to Maggie, oh, yeah, man, you're not
gonna go off by ourselves. Because she wants to talk
to Maggie. She realizes that Maggie's the make or break

and she needs. Yeah, well she's the man, right, so
she's miss Maggie. Yeah. They they talk about the communities
and luck and success, and Maggie says, you know, it's
all about opportunities and you've you've had more opportunities than
anyone to Pamela, right, this is what she was. She
also referred to the lucky ones, like you had opportunities,

and Pamela says, yeah, we've had opportunities. But you know,
being in charge is difficult. I stay up at night
worrying about security and safety and um, she says to Maggie,
you know, I I originally thought it was too far
to travel for your communities. Um, but all I've heard
of the stories and the kind of people you guys
are h it's impressive, and we would we would offer

you if you join us, the same kind of protection
agreement you have an oceanside like we'll protect you, you
can protect us. Will you know we want to work
with you. We think you guys are good. She says
to Maggie, you know, thousands of little communities like you've
been dealing with over the years. Fighting against each other
for survival is not going to work long term, as

clearly it's proven. So that's where she kind of left
Maggie at that point, right, like, you know, it's great
that you're you're fighting the build your community, but the
community up the road is going to try to take
your community. That's not working. This this way doesn't work.
You need a big global world. Think about that. She's

left to think about that, and as you think about that,
listening to the podcast, we'll take a break and we'll
be back in a second. Hey, this is Jess McCartney
and I played read on Fear the Walking Dead and
you're listening to Walkers and Talkers with David Brody and
Jamie Ezekiel is struggling with his uh place in line
being moved up. It's it's bothering him a lot. He's

feeling like somebody else got screwed. And while he's doing that,
Carol comes by to see how he's doing and she says, oh,
how did you check up? Go? And she's playing dumb
like show he's does like she has no idea how
it went? How did it go? And he suddenly light
bulb goes off and he says, did you do something?
Did you write and what did you write? And she says, okay, okay, okay,

Hornsby owed me a favor. He says, why would you
do that? And she just because I don't want you
to die? Hello? Yeah, hi? And he says there's a
whole line of people suffering in that hospital. And she says,
you don't think Pamela would cut the line for her son,
like people are cutting the line all the time, why
shouldn't you cut the line? Very valid point? Yeah, And

she says, you know, lesser men have been given more
than you and done nothing with it, and you are
not a lesser man, like you deserve this and he
looks at her with that like, I see what you're saying,
but I still don't think it's right. At that point,
did you think he was gonna go through the surgery?
I thought he made question it a little bit more,
but then ultimately he knows if he doesn't get it,

he's going to die. So I think he was going
to take it well for the show. I figured he'd
take it even though the show is ending, and she
leaves with Daryl for the spinoff it's not she gets
back with Ezekiel. Yeah, unless she gets back with him
and he dies, and then she's like, I gotta get
out of here and leaves with Daryl. I don't know
anything about that's some spoiler. I don't know anything. I
hope he doesn't die, although every interview he says, I

could die at any moment, you know, but I was
told I won't die from cancer. A. Yeah, well, because
his character died in The Whisper on the Pike, and
so he's like, every day I'm still here. I'm like, okay,
you know, I died any moment, but I was, he was.
I was as sure I will not be dying of cancer.
I told Angela, I don't want to go out like that, um,

you know, dying from a from a disease. And she said, nope,
you won't die from a disease. But that's so she'll
tell him. She won't say if he's surviving, just that
he's he's going to survive the cancer most likely. Now
he might die in surgery, but he's not. Yeah. Yeah,
I'm thinking, like, but that's not dying from cancer, it's
dying from the surgery or infection. Yeah, loophole. Hello. Back

to Maggie and Amela. They're talking about leadership and autocracy,
and Maggie says, well, you're an autocrat, which is sort
of like a dictator. You can look that up. Pamela says, well,
aren't you an autocrat as well? You're a leader of
you of your group. And Maggie says to her, but
I don't you drive around in a fancy car and
you have more things than your people. You know, I'm

just I'm like everybody else, and Pamela says. And Pamela says,
that's because I have more responsibilities and people need to
look up to something. And then she uses a line
that's going to come back in the show later. She says,
everything costs something. Maggie says, I lead the way I
was taught by Diana and Georgie. The communities we build.

I want nothing from Rick. By the way, I guess, seriously,
what the hell? No shout out to Rick? Hello. Well,
clearly she didn't learn anything from Gregory. She learned nothing
from Gregory. Of course, she said, the communities we built.
I want people to look up to me because they
see what I do with that. After she basically took

a dump on Pamela. A walker comes up behind Pamela,
and Maggie says, do you want me to get this one?
Or you want to get this one? And should I
get it now? At that point, I thought Pamela was
gonna be like um Gregory where he doesn't really know
what he's doing and would be like and uh. And
Pamela says no, and so I was like, oh, she's

not gonna get it, so maybe she doesn't want to
like fight hand to hand, and she says, actually, I
was gonna I was keeping an eye on the one
behind you. Isn't it nice that the two walkers split
up and came around convenient ye walker behind you from
the same distance as each other. Bullshit. Maggie throws a
knife and kills the walker right in its head, badass,

And Pamela shoots the walker with a rifle right a head.
That's not very brave. You shut the walker with a gun. Hello,
That's kind of what I thought, Like, that's really loud,
So if any others are around, they're going to come
out and run in. But then he turned around and
looked at her with respect, like you can handle yourself. Yeah,
with a gun, walk up with a small knife and fight.

Let's see you do that, Maggie does right. Eugene sitting
by a lake and someone's painting him. I wonder if
it was the painter who painted the Pamela's father, because
that I doubt it is, because that painter what took
like six months because she was injured. This woman's painting
Eugene in a matter of seconds. I didn't notice that.

I didn't know if it was the same actress. If
you noticed if it was the same actress, let us know.
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let's go. Let's get those tweets in Oh con Hello,

Eugene has Rosite to come up to him with her baby,
and he says to her, do you regret coming here?
And she says, well, we're safe and we're together, so
it's good for now. Like again, it's one of those
for now people. They're all like, oh, for now, but
this is impermanent. I just didn't think I would end
up kind of a cop, but I'm pretty good at it,
so yeah, I'm I'm right here, and Eugene says, well,

you're pretty damn good at everything you do. He still
crushes on her a little bit, right, Oh that's what
I'm like. He's still a smitten kid over. I mean,
you're so talented and prudy. Uh. They both agree they
miss home and the freedom they had back at Alexandria.
She keeps asking him what's wrong because he looks like
a lost puppy, and he says, you know, I've been
thinking about when we first met and how I lied

about Washington, d C. And having the cure. So he
basically catfished them the same way he got catfished by
fake Stephanie. Oh you're ready? He did that was a stunt, Yep,
he pulled that move right. So now I guess he's
feeling like I got what I deserved, right, because I
understand why they did it to me. I did it
to them. I lied to get into this community. I
lied to get in with Rosita and Abraham. So I

guess you gotta do what you gotta do in the apocalypse.
And he says, hey, Stephanie's not missing, and she's well,
what happened? And he didn't tell her what happened. He says, oh,
she broke up with me. Yeah. I was waiting for
him to spill his guts and he's just like me.
So I guess he doesn't tell Rosita as a big
problem and a conspiracy because she seems happy, right, like

why ruined for her? However, she's a little happy. That
still begs the question, how does Stephanie walk around Commonwealth
without people calling her Sharry Sary? Sure he shar whatever
it was, Shira, King of the Jungle, whatever, whatever, something
like that. Anyway, he says she wasn't who I thought

she was, which was a brilliant line because that has
two meanings. You could meet it as a girlfriend, like yeah,
I thought she was versus literally she wasn't who I
thought she was, literally not. Maggie comes back to hill
Top with a couple of birds they killed on the hunt.
They're building a camp ground outside like like it's a

carnival with a tent and carpeting, and Diane comes out
to say, hey, Maggie, you know these people are living
up to everything they promised. They're repairing the water tower,
they're fixing stuff. These people are all right, like just
so you know, while you were gone they did some
real work. Lydia goes up to Darrel and says, how

did you know what it was time to walk away?
Like when you when you left Alexandria. You know I'm
thinking of leaving, so that's interesting. She's looking to get out.
We don't know where. But does she want to go
to Commonwealth? We don't know yet. We just know she
wants to get out. She's tired of this situation. Hornsby
asks Maggie if it's okay if they hand out food
and supplies. We have X struck, which I thought it

was nice, Like, oh, let's ask Maggie's permission before we
spoil everyone with food. But we know he's got an ultimatum.
He's nice, but we know he's we know he's a prick.
Mercy Mercer asks Darryl why his friends like living out
here and torturing themselves? Why does why does Maggie want
to be out there like that? And Daryl says, we

used to have something special here and it'll be special again.
And Mercy says, I guess not everywhere is as lucky
as Alexandria because hill Top up burned down. And Daryl says, well,
not everyone is as lucky as Commonwealth in your face. Yeah,
like you guys are pretty damn lucky, and yeah, and
look like the Kingdom was nice for a while too,

don't forget. And Mercer asks if he's finally coming around
to the Commonwealth being good right, and Darryl says, what
you've done, You've done some nice things for us. You
know I'm not gonna say no, And Mercy says, look, man,
Commonwealth isn't perfect. Don't get too comfortable. He says, for instance,
you're not wearing your armor because people thought it would
be good for appearances, right, for you to look like Darryl,

have you have your crossbow back right? He says. He says, look,
you've got your role. I've got mine, so right now
your role to look like Darryl. They're rolling a Zekielan
for surgery just in the background that letting you know.
Hornsby walks up to Maggie and Maggie says, hey, what's
in it for you? And he says, hey, look, we

made you a good offer and he and he's flipping
his lucky coin. I don't know if that's gonna come
up later in the show, but he says, you know,
he's got a lucky coin that he's always used and uh.
He says, look, Maggie, you're struggling out here. You know
this is this is too much for you. And she says,
you don't know me very well and he says, well,
I know you're well enough to know. I just piste
you off and she says, you didn't answer my question

what's in it for you? Exactly? And he never really answers.
He starts scrambling on. He paints her a picture of
you know what life would be like, dropping off Herschelitz school,
picking him up after a concert, jumping in a boat
at ocean side, going for doctor's appointments in Alexandria, taking
her to college up the coast. Imagine what you could

accomplish with fifty people working to help you get it done.
At that moment, before she can answer, our herd is approaching.
They set off the trip wires because Maggie has oceanside
security systems set up with wires and cans. A stormtrooper
is shooting a few of them, and Maggie's people run
into the woods and kill a bunch of them, and
they're all tied up with cans and and and uh

so they're like they're clanking. And at this point I
thought maybe Commonwealth had attracted the herd deliberately so they
could show how easily it is for them to kill them.
I thought it was like a setup, Like, oh, isn't
that convenient that I heard of Walkers shows up just
when the Commonwealth is there? You know, you know what
I'm saying, like, like, look how helpful we are. Mercer

joins the fight. He starts killing some walkers with his
with his axes, And then I thought, is this the
scene Mercer was talking about where he kills a whole
bunch of walkers, but no, he only killed a cup.
A bunch of stormtroopers show up, pull out their guns.
Mercy yells fire, and his men managed to shoot down
all of the walkers and not shoot any of the
survivors who are mixed in with them. I thought was impressive.

Diane then says to Maggie, Hey, imagine not having to
deal with this every time he along goes off. Imagine
we didn't have to deal with this with having Yeah,
think about it. And Diane and Lydia both suggest to Maggie, like,
you know, life would be easier, like our vote, our
votes to like let these people help. Uh, this would
be better. This sucks what we're doing. Mercer calls all

the men to stand at attention and get in line,
you know, like bosses them around like their soldiers, which
they are. And Maggie's watching this happen. She's watching it's
very like, uh suspicious. Then Mercer tells Darryl, remember they're
watching us, Darryl, They're always watching us. So Darryl gets
in line like a soldier and they march off, and

Maggie's watching all of this. I watched her her face
because Daryl like Loki falls in line even though he's
not in cost him or gear. Right at that point,
I knew that Maggie was gonna say no because she
had that look like, look at Darryl falling in line
like a soldier. What's going on here? And what am

I gonna have to give up? And so she walks
up the Pamela and Lance and they say, is everyone okay?
She says yes, and she says, look, I'm gonna pass
on your offer, which we already know because thanks trailer guy,
you know we're not even trailer guy episode guy. We
already know that Darryl has to go to Hilltop. She says,
like you said, everything costs something, meaning this doesn't come

for free. I already know that we're gonna lose freedom
and uh like Darryl did. And Pamela and Hornsby are shocked. Shocked.
Oh yeah, they look they're shifting their pants like we
offered you all of this, and Aaron looked. Aaron was
like distraught because he's gonna lose Alexandria help if this happens. Um,

we wouldn't take a break. We'll be right back. Pat
does Dan Fogler Luke on the walking Dead and you're
listening to Walkers and Talkers with David Brody and Jamie.
Eugene goes to see Max. He brings her raspberry ice cream,
so she lets him in. So he learned, he learned
the Lasagna trick about bring food. I have to let

you in. He apologizes for being rude to her and
stubborn and walking off earlier in the episode. He says, look, man,
Lance got into my head. He's a snake. I let
an him poster into my home, into my heart. I
let her read my manuscript and Max's manuscript. She of
course knows about the manuscript, so she says, after all
we talked about all the time we spent together. You know,

how did you not know it wasn't me? On the
phone right now? She asked the question that you and
I have been asking, and he says, you know what,
because he never talked to fake Stephanie on the radio.
He only met fake Stephanie at Commonwealth. It was probably
like weeks later. He hadn't heard her voice in a while.
He said, as you know, I've been rejected so many
times before. I wasn't sure if this relationship that you

and I built on the radio was real. And when
I got here and fake Stephanie didn't push me away,
I was I so badly wanted this to be real
that all the clues escaped me. Like I didn't pay
attention right, Like I was just happy that she liked me.
They hooked up. Basically, what he's saying is I I
fell in love at you on the radio, but I

was so desperate to have sex and to have a
relationship that I just I banged fake Stephanie. Ah. He says, Look,
I feel terrible. I didn't mean to hurt you. And
is there any way I can make it up to you?
He said, you know. She says, well, can I read
your He's walking like he's gonna leave, and she says, well,
can I read your novel? He says, well, unfortunately you
came along as I was burning it. But I do

have most of the text committed to memory, and he
tells he tells us some of the plot and this
was the most adorable scene maybe in the history of
the Walking Dead. It was too She's like, well, did
you do this with the characters? He's like, I did,
I did? Well? Did did did you? Uh? Did you
ramp up the stakes on the nuclear strength. Yes I did,
and he's like, that's exactly what I did. And so

it was just very cute that it was like they
were best friends. So cute. Yeah that right then and
there he should have had sex with her, but yeah, yeah, yeah,
yah yeah. She said it felt like old times, right,
like like oh, like this was it was just cute.
Maggie hugs Daryl goodbye. Diane walks up with two red shirts,

a couple of really red shirts, a real real red shirts.
She says, look, Maggie, uh, no conversation, by the way.
She's like, but just let you know I'm leaving and
I'm taking some people with me. Goodbye. Nothing not like, hey, Maggie,
can we talk. She's like, you know what, peace out, bitch.
And Maggie says, you need to be careful who you trust.

And she says, Maggie, I respect the hell out of you,
but I just can't do it anymore. I'm sorry. She's tired,
and she's like, I'm walking off with these two guys
with the with the bearded guy, like, who who are
these losers? They were the only ones that were like
She's like, I'm what, by the way, you know, one
of them is Garcia, right from last week. All week

I was laughing randomly over there in my head. I'm like,
Garcia will either never see them again or they're gonna
die on the way over the Commonwealth anyway, Pamela says,
it's a to um to Hornsby. As they're leaving, Hornsby
comes into the tent with Pamela by the way and says,
I just need more time. I can make this work.
We have Alexandria committed, I'll get there the two communities

to commit, and Pamela says, you know it's bold. It's
a bold move on your part trying to get three
communities to join us at the same time. And I
could see why that would be appealing to you because
someone would need to run them, right, Like, now, I
know what you're up to. You want them to join,
but you want to be in charge. Lance. He says, well,

the select of who would run them would would be
at your discretion, of course, your majesty, right, And she says, well,
obviously she's she's icky. She says, I'm gonna I'm gonna
pretend you were doing this for the good of the
Commonwealth and not for yourself. He says, I was doing

this for you, right, of course, I was doing this
for you. She says, you know, you've been ambitious our
whole lives. Okay, give it a go, but if your
job slips in any way of commonwealth, there will be consequences.
She's just basically, we'll go ahead, go try to get
the other communities on board. Now that means he could

do whatever he has to do to get them on board,
because now this is really important to him. He has
something at stake. But something struck me. She said, you've
been ambitious our whole lives. So are they childhood friends?
Are they relatives? Right? Because obviously they've known any other

their whole lives And she still ships on him though,
But he's he has a position of power, right. But
he has a position of power obviously because they have
a relationship. Somehow, he walks into the forest and fires
two shots in the air to attract walkers, which at
that point I thought, is he trying to get a
herd to attack Maggie? So she rethinks her decision right.

So then there's a couple of walkers, only two, and
he shoots them one at a time, and then Aaron
walks up behind him and he says, hey, man, you
okay and he says yeah, And Aaron says, what did
Pamela say about Alexandria And he says, Oh, she's on board,
she's fine, We're good, and he says, in fact, we're
going to remake the whole world. So now he's now

he's got he's got that the dictator syndrome. There's another
walker coming up to him and he waits till he
gets really close, and he's talking to Aaron like you know,
that walker's not coming up to him, and then he
gets really close and blow his head off. Um, this
guy is not all there. He's not. He's not. He's
a good guy, but not when it comes to power.

He's power hungry. Scenes from next week, Aaron and the
group finding other community on the western border. They've been
into Alexandria for for like eight years, at least long
time eight year time John Rick six years. They've just
found a new community on the western border. So wherever

they used to go as far out as I guess,
now that they have food, they can go further. He says,
I want to make first contact with them and all
for them help. I'm calling I'm calling bullshit, but okay,
that they never found these people before, and more importantly,
since we see in the trailer they aren't good people.
That they've never found our people before, right, you would

think they would at this point, and that Commonwealth has
never found them and they never found Commonwealth. M hmm.
So they're living a giant apartment building or warehouse. This
other group, the leader is a shaved head young woman
who looks like she h has a lot of men
working for her. All right. A bloody person rides up
on a horse to hilltop and falls off the horse.

Someone asks Lance to send um a hundred men to
help fight, and he says, I can't get a hundred
men without it being noticed. I need a small surgical team.
Let me work on that. Then we see Maggie, Elijah,
and Lydia standing over two Commonwealth soldiers that are dead
in the road. Yeah. Um, we don't know why yet,

but um. Then we see somebody dragging more Commonwealth soldiers
inside a building that looked like they might be dead.
Also exclusive footage on am C Plus, Angela Kang says
Maggie realized she didn't want the help of the Commonwealth
when she saw the soldiers mowed down the walkers and
that at any moment they could turn on Maggie's people

and mow them down to Oh, that's that's Angela's reasoning.
I think it's because of losing freedom and power. But okay,
on talking dead or a small wall. Calarie Payton and
Debra joy winans super Fan, were on the show. Nothing
groundbreaking in terms of what they talked about. But in

the scene, um, Maggie, Elijah and Lydia drive up to
three stormtroopers the ones we saw in the other scene
that were dead and their walkers they're they're walking slowly
up the road. He would have, by the way, beautifully,
three in a row up the middle of the road,
perfectly stage, not one in front of the other a

little bit, not like one in the woods and two
on the road. Just three in line, beautifully, and Maggie
and the other the other two kill them, put them down.
And notice their throats were cut and they were shot
where there are gaps in their armor. So obviously it's
this other group that's in that building, which I think

we find out later on there. Well, I know that
they're called the war Lords because the next episode is
out and people are talking about it online that they're
called the war Lords, which is not a friendly name. No,
it's not, it's the war Lords. They brought off with
some lasagna ice cream. No, no, And then the last
thing we see is Aaron running up the road yelling

at them to get their attention. So why were the
Walkers killed, the Stormtroopers killed? And where is Aaron coming from?
And why is he on the same road by himself
running up the road? So I'm like, yeah, where did
he come from? Running? Next week, i'm Talking Dead Father
Gabriel and some special guests. So is that members of
the war Lords or is that somebody dying? Does somebody die?

But this show could be either. And don't tweet us
because we haven't watched it yet. Don't know we watched
it when you it's Monday or Tuesday after the air,
so don't get boiling of anyone dies. Okay, very good.
Well at that point, well, I watched it this night.
We'll watch Sunday night because then we watched Talking Dead,
so by Monday night you can tell us, but don't. Yeah,

don't even tweet us who died because other people might
see it. So many rules in our podcast. I apologize
probably I'll do what you want after Sunday, but you know,
just you know, but anyway, that's I think. I think
somebody dies or it's members of the Warlords. So all right, Jamie,
I look forward to seeing you maybe one day next week.
They'll watch the Warlords episode on m C Plus if

you have it, and uh, that's it. So Jamie, it's time.
Or by the way, before we we we closed down,
Mike tweeted at us and said, oh damn, you guys
pulled back the curtain that you sink up the um
the ending and uh, because he had complimented us that
it was perfect, and I said, now I moved them together.
I I aligned the audio. So this week I'm not

going to align the audio. You're gonna hear it just
as it happens. So, Jamie, there's a delay, there's a
I know, Jamie, do you know what time it is?
What time is it? It's time to time to shut
to sit down? Do we do it? Hello? Mm hmm
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