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March 26, 2022 47 mins

Ep.212 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down TWD S11 ep 13 ""WARLORDS""

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead   

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
Here are welcome to Walkers and Talkers episode to twelve.
I'm David Brodie f Melvistra in the Morning show, and
that of course is Jamie from n f M. Jamie,
are you there. I'm here. Good, I'm good. I hate
to lie to people and say you're there. But we
saw each other today. We did. We had a nice
walk to the parking garage together. We did. We walked

past rat Park. We h And it wasn't raining this morning.
It was just brutally awfully ugly and gross and a
little late in the week recording, but that's the way
the week worked out. I went to see um two
comedy shows this week, which backed up the podcast. So
on Tuesday, I saw a Matt Friend, my friend Matt Friend,
who some of you may know as the Matt Friend,

the incredible impressionist on TikTok and Instagram who has become
very famous for, among other impressions, Jeff Goldblum. Yeah, he's great. Yeah.
I hung out with afterwards and he's like, we gotta
have lunch. I'm like, oh, we'll do lunch, will do lunch, promise.
Wednesday night. Look last night, as we record this, I
went to see Sebastian Maniscalco's great. He did not invite

me for lunch, but Sebastian's great. Sebastian did over an
hour and no material that I had seen before, so
like all new to me. So he's a lot of
new writing material. And I will say though, in case
you don't know, right before he got massive, when he
was big but not massive, right right in that right

where he was like, oh my god, he's a YouTube.
We see, he's got space. He's about to blow up, huge,
scary and I had him on the Brooklyn Boys podcast
really and then a few weeks later, boom, I'm gonna
call out the Brooklyn Boys bump. We gave him the
Brooklyn Boys bump. He did the podcast, and then his
career just took off. Yeah, check check that out. If

you haven't had a chance to, well he did, Oh
well there you go. That's yeah. Well his publicist did
we We did not. We had very good seats. The
show is in the round, which means his he's a
little stage, little circle of a stage in the middle
of where the ice rink would be. And so we
were I don't know, Row seven maybe so it was good.

But here's the thing. It's a hockey arena, the Credential
Center in New Jersey, and they have this four sided,
awesome video screen system crystal clear. So even though Sebastian
is I don't know, fifty sixty ft away because he's
in the round, he's three quarters of the time he's
not looking at you. So we spent most of the

show looking up at the beautiful monitor at So really
I didn't need good seats. First of all, it's a
comedy show, so what does it matter how close you are?
But the screen was so nice. We watched the screen
more than we watched the the actual sebaster Manascalco But
he was very funny. He was very funny. Yeah, he
had a line about it pinks, just one. I don't

want to ruin the joke, but it was about peeing
and a tesla. That's all I'm gonna say that. I
laughed out loud, and I don't normally laugh out loud,
because you know, I'm so exposed the comedy in my
whole life, and so I usually I just go, that's good.
But it was. It was like when oh man, I laughed,
I was good. Was it as good as the Chris
Hardwick Dobby joke. Okay, no, there may never be a

joke as good as the Chris Hardwick Dobby sock joke.
For my money, that was the greatest joke for me.
Oh my god. I told him that when I saw
him the next time. I said, Chris, that was And
I still tell people and people go, oh, yeah, it's good. No, no,
you have to be there, wait to build up the

set up, knowing that he's into sci fi and fantasy
and all, and just great. The Dobby sock joke for
those of you don't remember, and you guys listen to order,
but let's say this is your first episode. The joke
was that when he was single living in an apartment
or his roommate, either he or his roommate did things. Now,
if you know what men do with socks, the old rumor, right,

he said, things were done to that sock that was
so bad even Dobby wouldn't have wanted it. And if
you know it, but Harry Potter, Dobby the house elf,
got his freedom from living when living with a with
an awful human, awful person, awful wizard, not a human being,
lucious lucious right, Lucius malfoy right, I forget which is

the kid. Yeah, so he got his freedom because he
had now he owned an he owned an article of clothing.
I don't want to ruin the movie. The point was
Dobby wouldn't have wanted the sock. It was so gross.
That is just so deep, that assumes you know so
much to get that joke. I just it's the perfect joke.
I just love, love, love, love of that joke forever.
I love that joke. Okay, let's talk about the Walking

Dead before we get all an hour and a half
from now. We haven't talked about the Walking Dead. We're
gonna save the news segment for next week. There wasn't
a lot I wanted to talk about, and we'll just
combine it with next week, if that's okay. Episode Call
the war Lords opens with Elijah and was that wasn't
Who was the other guy with Elijah? I think that

wasn't Cal. That was just some guy shot. So they're
shooting arrows for target practice into the Walkers, just I
guess to kill time, just to show you that they're
getting better with arrows, and Lydia says she's leaving, like
I'm going, I'm out of here. I said, I was leaving.
I'm leaving. I'm gonna go walk get this she she says,
you're gonna walk to the closest Commonwealth outpost because I

guess now the Commonwealth has set up known outposts between
Ohio and Virginia. Because she's not gonna walk by herself
to to to Ohio. So she says, I'm gonna walk
to an outpost and get a ride to Commonwealth. So
the other guy says to Elijah, hey, man, this is
your shot. Why don't you go walk with her? Go

with her? You know, like you know, so it's obvious. Yeah,
it's obvious. Elijah has a crush on her, doesn't know
that she used to poop in the woods and not
wipe her. But and so he says, hey, do you
want an escort? Now that's romantic at all, But now
you're gonna come back from the checkpoint alone. I just
I just feel like neither one of you should be

out and like alone, and just you know, so perfect timing, bullshit.
A bloody guy on a horse rides up to hill top.
He falls off the horse, perfect timing right when he
gets the hill top and they see that he's been shot,
and he says with his last words, they're slaughtering everybody, okay,
and he hands Lydia a map before he dies. I

will say that we're going to review this episode in
the way that it aired, but obviously some of it
we learned wasn't what we thought it was. And so
I'm gonna I'm gonna make commentary when I say, oh,
these guys are probably bad. That was my thought at
the time. Yeah, alright, So the credits roll, Maggie and
Elijah and Lydia go into a room with the map.

Maggie says, look, we don't have enough man power to
go up against whoever this group is that just slaughtered
this guy whoever. Whatever he said, whoever slaughtering whoever. We
don't know. If it's the Commonwealth, we don't know who
it is. We just can't go and run and help.
And Lydia says, look, these people obviously need help. They're
barely holding on that the type of people my mother
would have targeted. I watched it happen too many times.

I can't let this happen. I'm gonna find this guy's
place on the map. I'm gonna go help them. I'm
gonna go help Maggie looks at it like, uh, you crazy.
Next thing we see is Elijah and Lydia loading up
a pickup truck. Now we missed the part where Maggie said,
you guys could go without me, But they're just loading
up a pickup truck with supplies. Now, I know you're

good people, but Maggie made a whole big deal about
they all did last week, how they're starving, they're barely
getting by. Now they're loading up a pickup truck and water.
We're gonna give these strangers a good portion of what
we don't have so much. So that Denise left right right, Okay,

So then Maggie comes out, and I think Maggie will
be like, yo, where you going with my truck, bitches,
Instead she says, give me the keys, I'll drive and
you can take over driving at the halfway mark. So
now she's in. Then herschel comes running up yelling for
his mom, and he says, how long are you gonna
be gone? And she says, you know, I'll be gone
for as long as it takes, and he's like, all right, Mommy,
I know, Okay, Yeah, she's left a lot. She's left

him his whole life. So you would assume he would
just go home, get in the house, Carl. We learned
later he does not. Again, I'm mentioning what I know
in advance, now what already know, rather because I didn't
know it at the time. Lydia asks Maggie why she
doesn't want the Commonwealth help. She said, Uh, wouldn't it
be easier? And Maggie says, easier isn't always better on

Maggie ree. So then Maggie goes on to tell her
a story about how some big developers tried to buy
the farm I grew up on when we were struggling
because they thought that because of the drought we would suffer,
we would need food, and uh, they would drop off
food at the farm, but my father wouldn't let us
eat it, because then it would be showing the big
corporations that we needed it and that we had faith

that the drought would end and we'd be profitable again.
And you know what, the drought ended, and we've we
found a way to get by, And Lydia says, yeah,
I found a way to get by my whole life.
It sucked, like you know, we didn't wipe our asses
in the woods yeah, I don't want to just get by.
I wanna be set. I want to PS five. Come on,
so Lydia, Sister Maggie, you made the decision for everyone

instead of asking anyone what they thought. And Maggie says,
you really want to live at Commonwealth? Those people haven't
been tested in ten years? Do you really want to
be there when they are in other words, when the
walls come down and they can't fight like Alexandria. Yeah.
So she's and you, Elizah, you agree, and he's like, yeah,
I kind of agree. I think we should have taken
a helpful Commonwealth. Hello. Anyway, they stopped short because no

car ride goes as planned. There are three stormtroopers that
are now walkers walking down the road. I talked about
it last week. Information in a little triangle, you know,
one in the front to on the sides. So they
kill all three of them, and they noticed that their
throats were slit and or they've been shot. So then
Aaron comes running down the road from where they came,

yelling it's me, it's me sad. Hey. So I wrote here,
I wrote I smell a flashback coming. As soon as
I finished typing that, it said one week ago, Aaron
goes into a newly into a church where Father Gabriel
is preaching. So Father Gabriel is preaching full time now,
I guess. And he tells Aaron he's genuinely happy preaching.

That he was. It was an active first, but now
he feels like he's hearing God again. I'm thinking until
like next time things get tough and you turn into
badass Gabriel a priest. Aaron says, you know, Commonwealth is
putting even more money into Alexandria and fixing it up,
even more money than they said they would. And all
they've asked is for me to run their immigration program

because of my three from before the apocalypse, and now
they're more open and taking an immigrants. This is great.
I'm doing a great job. I'm liking it here. And
he says, look, Gabriel, there's a group on the western
border of West Virginia. So the western border of West Virginia.
I want you to remember that. I'm gonna reference it later.

He says, about forty people are holed up in a
building and they would like to make first we'd like
to make first contact with them and help them, right,
That's what what Commonwealth wants to do. He says, they're
a religious group and that's why Father, they want Father
Gabriel's help, and Aaron says, my boss, Carlson will be
along with us UM and some troopers and then says,

you know, he's he's a little unusual, but his heart's
in the right place. With that, a young kid named
Jesse comes in to tell them that Carlson is ready,
and Aaron says, oh, that's Jesse. He's a new kid
with training him. And so I said, Okay, even if
the trailer guy hadn't ruined it, and even if we
didn't just see it like ten minutes ago, Yeah, that

kid's dead. That's the horse boy. That's horseboy. And even
if he didn't know his horseboy, you knew he was
gonna die because he's the new guy, and because you
just said he had a future. Oh, we're training him.
He's got a future. No, he doesn't. Don't watch The
Walking Dead, kid, you don't have a future. Father Gabriel
seems very concerned about these people and that are hold

up in the building and says, why don't we know
more about them? And Aaron says, oh, we have scouts
who say they're just a group of friendly settlers, And
I'm thinking to myself, that's not true right now that now, look,
the trailer for this episode made it look like these
guys are war lords. They're the new bad guys. They're
gonna be killers. That's what we're led to believe the

whole episode. Of course, we find out that's not true,
but for the sake of this podcast, we're gonna play
along like we still think they're the bad guys. Aaron
tells Carlson that the place doesn't look very friendly, and
Carlson says, so what if they're not friendly, that just
means they're scared. You guys will be great. I can't
wait to watch you and Father Gabriel do your thing. Now.
He's like, all, like, you're still feeling like that what

he says is happening is happening. You guys are gonna
bring in new recruits, and I'm thinking that's not how
it works, new recruits. That it's not gonna go well.
Whatever whatever is gonna go on in this episode is
not gonna go well. Did you recognize that's what I
just said? Side note, I just yes, he's the FBI agent. Yes,

he obviously plays mental case as well. Yeah, he plays.
He plays people in positions of authority. No spoiler for
Ozark who don't really do their they take advantage of
their power. Let's just leave it with that. Okay, yep,
exactly well said. Carlson tells the troopers to stay there
and that they'll call them if they need them, and
Father Gabriel goes, they're not going I'm not doing this.

I'm not doing it. He's not about it. Yeah. He
says that place is practically screams, do not disturb. And
Carlson tells Father Gabriel, look, man, it's just Jitters. Pregame Jitters,
and Father Gabriel says, no, it's not your plan is shit.
I love Father Gabriel. He says, what's the largest group
you've ever brought in before? And he says, you know,

four or five? And Gabriel says. Gabriel says, this is
forty forty people. All it takes is one person with
an itchy trigger finger and to ruin everything. Yeah, and
Carlson says, not for discussion. We're going in. You gotta
trust me. I know what I'm doing. I'm a professional.
I'm Carlson. Aaron yells up at the building and it's

got a cross on it, you know, because there He says, Um,
you know, is anybody there? Can I speak face to
face with someone? We're the people that have been leaving
food for you, which you ate, so you know, I'm
sure you you know you appreciated it. We have plenty
more food at our camp. Can I speak to someone?
So we saw this in the trailer. A very scary,

shaved headed woman comes out with a sheath and some
big men and it look like they're badass, right, they're badass.
She makes them hand over their weapons, which, by the way,
why would you bring weapons? First of all, you know
they're gonna ask you to hand them over, which means
you're gonna lose your weapons. Yeah, so why are you
bringing weapons now you've lost your weapons? She looks at
Aaron at his arm, and he goes, it's a bitch

to take off. Don't make me take off, make me
do it. So she asked if there's any more people,
and Father Gabriel says, yeah, we got a group of
peacekeepers nearby in case there's trouble. So she invites them in.
They lock the big gate spot the big doors, the
big metal doors behind them, and you're thinking, all right,
this is a trap right there. This is not gonna
go those bars and close. So she just followed me

down the hall and they're walking down the hall. It
looks like they're in a prison. Like there's creepy people
in every doorway. They're making it look like it's like
a crack house, like just like there's date, how many
crack houses have you been in, Jamie, Well, like I've
seen breaking bad alright, very good, the meth heads. Yeah, yeah,
So it looks like there's just tough people everywhere. So

they walk into this room. It looks like a like
a mini church, like it's got chairs and candles, and
of course there's a creepy guy with his back to
the door. Like so first of all, there's always a
creepy leader, right, there's always some creepy leader. How did
he know to sit in the chair with his back
to the door like it looked good on camera? It did,
But did he say that? Did he say to her, Okay,

open the door, bring them in. I'll get into my
chair and I'll turn my back so when they come in,
I will look creepier to them so I can turn
around slowly. Yes, So he asks them who they are
and Aaron says, look, we're from a community. It's like
the old world. His restaurants, movie theaters, walls for protection.
And the guy says, are their soldiers there and he

says yes, and he says, uh huh, you're a priest. Father,
like to Father Gabriel, he knows he's a priest. Father
Gamers took his collar off. How did he know that? Yeah,
his father Games took his collar off, and Carlson said,
while you taking the call in colarof we want you
to look like a priest. He goes, because that's my
that's my plan. I don't want my collar on. That's
how I'm doing it. So Father Gabriel is like, listen,
doing my white bitch. But then he still knew. I

guess he saw that like the shirt was open and
there was a collar slot maybe, which again, if you
father the Gabriel, then you're not fooling anybody by opening
up the collar. So the guy says, well, if you've
got a church, you must also have hookers and gambling
on the wrong side of town. You know, you in
versus Yang, So you don't have a perfect community. You
know what about the bad stuff? You're not telling me
about the bad stuff. Aaron takes out his phone and

shows the guy pictures of Commonwealth thew did you notice
the pictures of Commonwealth? A couple of them were pictures
of troopers on horses. Were scary. They weren't the nicest,
friendliest pictures. Take a picture of the little bakery and
the records putting zoo. So the guy is acting like
he's a mafia head. Not that the mafia is real,

but I'm saying if there was a mafia has portrayed
in the movies, this guy is acting like someone in
the mafia. Yes, So he says, so you're just gonna
let us into this place easy, and Aaron says, no,
there's a vetting process. And the guy says, oh, an audition.
Let me get my dance shoes. So he says, where
are you guys located? And Carlson says, we can't tell

you that, and the guy says, why because you say so,
and Carlson says, yeah, yeah, that's right. So at this
point you don't know why Carlson's acting this way. You
think he's just the nerdy guy who loves welcome. He's like,
I love welcoming people. This is great. You don't know

what he did beforehand, like you don't know what his
background is. But he's talking trash to a warlord that
as you locked into a building with steel doors, with
tattoos and skull rings at all. So I was thinking
to myself, why is he acting? Something's up? Why is
he acting this way? So the guy says, well, if
you're the guy, why am I talking? Aaron tells them

all to turn around and look in the back corner
of the room. It's a shelf full of skulls. It
reminded me of the Governor's collection of hands and jars.
He says, all of those people were murderers, killers, cannibals,
and they all sat there where you are sitting right there,
wolves and sheep's clothing. Who met my people harm? In

other words, are you guys are pretending to be nice?
They all pretended to be nice and I had to
kill them because they weren't. Yeah, why should I believe you?
So he says, look, I know you know where I live,
but I don't know where you live. What yea? Yeah?
How dumb would I be to let you go. So
then he tells Carlson to get on his knees and
he puts a gun in Carlson's face. He says, you

remind me of Billy. He came here just a few
years ago, full of promises of great wealth, but he
just wanted to get my men outside and ambush us. Mhm.
Then Father Gabriel says, what do you think we're here for?
You don't have anything worth while? Your places a ship
hole and you're starving. I love Father Gabriel. He's like,
you think we're dropping off food and all this stuff

and we live at Commonwealth. We just showed you pictures
and you think we need your ship. So Aaron says
to the guy, what what a million years do you
think we would want? And the man says the meat,
And Aaron says, you think we're cannibals. All we did
was bring you prepackaged meat and water. We're giving you
food to help. Now the guy should have said, maybe

you're just fattening us up, because if you're a cannibal,
it isn't about eating, it's about liking to be a cannibal, right,
like some people are cannibals. They need food, right, like
the like the termites, they ate people because that was
how they survived. Yeah, that's what. Yeah, that's how they live.
But some people are cannibals because they enjoy eating meat.
By the way, I'm not going to tell you the

name of the movie because I don't want to run
it for you, but there's a movie on Hulu about
cannibalism ish that is not only awful, and from what
I hear that it's a bad movie to begin with.
So don't watch it. That's all I'm saying, unless you
enjoy watching horrifically bad movies that are also horrifically bad.
And really, you want to see a documentary, well like

Damer you know it's it's it's disgusting, We're fascinating. That's
not my style. Give me a comedy. Sorry. So Father
Gabriel says, look our troops outside. They can come here
that you saw in the picture. Also, they can come
here and kill everyone, or you can let us go.
And Aaron says, look, nobody needs to die. Let us
leave and you'll never see us again. Now, Carlson still

on the floor, gun in his face. Yeah, the man
takes the gun away from Carlton's face. I think his
name was Ian the world. The man says, I must
be stupid, but you know, you guys get out of
here and never come back. So he's letting them leave.
They talked their way out of it. Then Carlson rushes him,

takes the gun and shoots him in the stomach, then
shoots the two guards in the room in the back
the back of the room, shoots them back bang, Like
this guy knows how to handle a gun. And Aaron's like,
what are you doing? He's let us leave, you idiot.
Aaron was traumata. Yeah, and I was like, wait wait
whoa whoa, wha what? Yeah, Carlson says, wait here, I'll

be back. So now this guy is so badass. He's
heading out into the hallways where all of the where
the Okay, what should have happened was all of the
people that were down the hall should have come running
with guns. Yea, what just happened. So that's not what happened.

And I will tell you what happened when we come
back right after this. Hey, this is Seth Gilliam. I
played Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead, and you're listening
to Walkers and talkers with David Brody and Jamie. All right,
we come back. There's a flashback to a week ago
plus an hour and Hornsby sitting at his desk in
his office. Carlson comes into the office and he says,
I got your call. What's up. Hornsby offers him some

alcohol and he says, nope, I've been sober for four years. Now.
I mentioned that because for the rest of the episode,
he keeps taking a taste of alcohol, yeah, dipping his
finger in it and weird ship and like running it
over his guns and like, all right, now that obviously
he had an addiction. Now, but I so here's what
I'm thinking. They obviously it didn't lead to him like

having an alcohol problem. It didn't lead to him getting
drunk and doing something stupid. All I could think of
was to show that he has an addictive personality and
he's addicted to things he tried to quit. So I'll
tell you why why I said that in a minute.
So Lance says, look, I've been very busy with these
hick towns in Virginia, and you know, keep him busy.

And they called him h towns, which I thought was
you know, look at what look what he says when
they're not listening. Yeah, he says, Pamela has given me
authority and supplies, so I sent out a convoy of
supplies for that other thing. Now, whatever that other thing is,
Carlson knows about it, but we don't. So something's going
on either. He sent out supplies to the poppy farm,

but Pamela knows about that. So what's the other thing?
Is it another community? Is he running a whorehouse? You
know what he's up to? Yeah, so we need to
find that out. We don't know that yet. Okay, he says.
The caravan, the people I sent out never checked in.
I sent out a scout team. They found them. That
the convoy was hijacked and the troopers guarding them were

all killed. And the tracks led to an apartment complex
where some group is hold up. He says. They're a
religious group. They have mass on Tuesdays and Sundays and
uh and one guy dresses like he's the general and
Carlson says, it's another warlord. Right, so we've come across
them before. Just you know, we'll just go kill him

and wipe him out. And Hornsby says, if I take
a whole company of troops there. There's no way that
that Governor Milton won't notice. I need something surgical, so
I'm gonna go in and take care of it. And
Carlson says, I don't do that anymore. So you're figuring like, okay,
it must have been a mercenary or something, and so
he says, I need the former CIA guy. I need

an assassin. So Carlson was CIA unlike unlike Ozark, where
he was FBI. Carlson says, look, man, I like being retired.
It's relaxing. I help people. And Hornsby says, yeah, well
all that can be taken from you. And Carlson says,
you're tired of living? Are you? Because I kill your
ass So Hornsby says, look, most of the troopers were

in their twenties. I feel terrible. I need to make
it right. Well, what if they were in their thirties,
fouries and fifties, it's okay for them to die. Yeah
that's that. Then that's okay. So Carlson says, fine, I'll
do it. I'll do it whatever it is, I'll do it.
So now you know why Carlson was shooting the guy
because he's a CIA guy. So Hornsby says, tell me
about Aaron Carlson. He says, oh, Aaron's great. People seem
to like him right away, and uh so Hornsby says, great,

take the priest. They're very religious and he'll get them
off guard. By the way, none of that happened, No,
none of it. They didn't carry he was a priest.
They didn't show him any more respect. They didn't show them.
They were religious. That had no factor, had no factor
into anything excepted explained why Father Gabriel would go on
a mission that didn't make a lot of sense. So

they made up the religious thing as a writer's excuse
to put Father Gabriel teaming up with Aaron. By the way,
I remember the last time he teamed up, they ran
into Robert Patrick, the guy leading in the warehouse, and
they so Gabriel killed him, and it was a surprise spoiler,
the characters dead. Well, Robert Patrick was in Terminator two
and the guy who plays the war lord Ian was

also in the Terminator films, at least one of them.
Just a coincidence. Yeah, So the Commonwealth soldiers have taken
over the building. They must he must have walking talking them.
Carlson's interrogating the general, the warlord, and he denies knowing
anything about the caravan. Well, he was being smug, like
I don't know anything about the caravan. He should have

said right away what he said next, So Carlson hits
him in head with a gun and the guy says, whoaaha,
look man, the caravan. We found it that way. But
he's smiling when he says it, like in other words,
like yeah, we found it that way. He wasn't being
believable as if, like I'm not afraid of you, but
why would you want to get beaten or killed? Yeah, right,
I wouldn't want to be punching the head or kicked

or whatever the hell's gonna do. Just just say we
don't have it. You're free to search the building. We
want to work with you, you know, like look around,
search the area. Well, we'll go out with you whatever
you want. But he was he wanted to be a badass.
So Carlson says, you're lying to me, and he hits
some in head with the gun again, and Gabriel saw

this and he punches Carson. I love Gabriel, just saying,
and so Carlson tells the troopers to handcuff Father Gabriel,
the warlord general, says, if I had hijacked the caravan
and had all those guns, don't you think I would have?
So I was thinking the same thing, if they had
all the guns. Wouldn't they have all the guns? Yeah,

wouldn't they be using them? Before he can say his explanation, Shan,
he says, if I had all those guns, don't you
think I would have? In Carlson shoots him and kills him,
and then takes his head and starts like fake talking
with his head. He's a puppet, He's sick. He's like, oh,
you're dead now. He says, your head's gonna look good

on that shelf, and then for some reason starts kicking
him in the face after he's dead. I'm pretty sure
he's the same character from Ozark oh Man Psychopaths he plays.
Aaron says, we're supposed to be helping people, and Carlston says,
he's a damn animal. We are helping people, but this
is the other side of it, snuffing out threats. This

is how we make the world safe. Well, we find
out later the guy wasn't a threat. Really. I mean,
he was a tough guy. He protected for his own people.
But we don't know. We don't know if he was
good at bad. But he wasn't necessarily bad other than
he was protecting his own people, no different than Rick
or Nigan, and he was going to let them go. Yeah.
I don't know how much Jesse saw. Jesse was Jesse

was in the room right when he shot the guards.
He had a ship in pants on, so Jesse must
have run out of the building and he jumped on
a horse and starts riding away. Well, Carlson orders one
of his stormtroopers to shoot him, and the stormtrooper shoots
the guy. Aaron smashes the guy's face with his mace hand.

Carlson pulls his gun on Aaron and goes to shoot him,
but he's out of bullets. Now, I want you to
remember that the big silver gun out of bullets. Okay,
that's not a regular gun that needs probably special bullets
that fit in the special big super gun. Okay. They're
about to face off and fight when the stormtroopers come

out of the woods and Aaron runs away into the
woods in another direction. Okay, Carlson says, go after him,
but clearly. They don't catch up to him because they're
running an armor and they can't catch up to him
because they never catch him, right, No, they don't. Carlson
runs back in the building and one of the stormtroopers
is dead, laying in a pool of blood. At that point,
we don't know who killed him, right, We just somebody

killed the storm trooper. Carlson slits its throat because it's
turned into a walker I guess, or was going to
I don't remember, and then tells the other stormtroopers to
go get his armor. He's like, go get my armor.
So obviously he's he's gearing up for a fight. Oh yeah.
Present day, Aaron is with Maggie in the road from
the beginning of the episode, and he says, you know what.

It turns out the warlord was right. Carlson was a
wolf in sheep's clothing, like he knew what he knew.
The guy was bad. Maggie shows Aaron the map and
says what's the best way into the facility and Aaron says,
where'd you get that map? And Maggie says, you gave
it to him? He said, no, I didn't. Flashback. Here
we go, Jesse running to get a horse. Nigan and
a black woman. Now we have talked about this black woman.

I said, I thought maybe Lucy from the comics. Her
name is Annie, so I'm going to refer to her
as Annie, even though at this point we have not
found out her name is Annie. Nigan asks how many
people are with him to the kid, and he says,
I don't know about twelve, and they all have automatic weapons.
And the woman tells Nigan, you know, there's a lot
of dead people back there. There's a fight going on

with um some guy he's a priest and a guy
with a metal arm. I wonder who that could listen.
We find out later that Nigan has been living with
these people, this community that is being accused of stealing
the guns that nobody knew about for ten years. Wherever
long they've been there happens to be the community that

Nigan goes to. He left from whatever location is between
Alexandria and Meridian, right because that they stopped and dropped
as so somewhere in the middle of nowhere wherever Meridian is.
I don't know if we ever learned where Meridian was.
Nigan wanders off on his own and somehow ends up

with the people at the community that are going to
cross paths with Commonwealth that they haven't passed cross with before. Okay, sure,
sure not. Nigan gives the kid a map and says,
this is a community called Hilltop. You ask for Maggie
nobody else and tell them Aaron and Gabriel are in trouble. Okay,

that seems legitimate. That was decent of him. Let's analyze
this for a minute. Hilltop is in Alexandria, Virginia, right,
which is eastern Virginia. Oh, this guy immediately gets shot
and he's barely holding on. He rides all the way
to Hilltop from West Virginia from from western West Virginia.

I don't think so, right, western West Virginia. They made
it a point to say this was western West Virginia. Somehow,
The guy on the horse rides from western West Virginia
with a bullet in him, blood everywhere to Alexandria on
the other side, across West Virginia all the way to Alexandria,

so across two states. Basically, he gets Maggie and the gang,
who then ride across Virginia across West Virginia where there
could be zombies in the road when it like that. Damn,
that's so they're driving the truck across two states. I
don't know the exact mileage, but let's say it. How

to take the guy on the horse a couple of days.
I was going to say that had to be days.
And he's he's bleeding the death. He's out and no
walkers stopped him from riding across two states, no water, food, anything.
I'm calling three thousand and nine bullshit on the whole thing.
This may be your biggest bulster call ever. And then

Maggie shows up with the car that they had time
to pack with supplies. They had a meeting about it.
They debated it. It wasn't like they left the second
the guy got there. So in the time it took
Carlson to shoot the guys, the guy on the horse runaway, Jesse,
get talk with Megan for ten minutes, get shot, ride

a horse across two states, Maggie, have a meeting, stopping
the road to talk to Aaron about the walkers in
the road. Get back in the car, drive across. I
guess at that point they were close to West Virginia,
because how far could Aaron have run and where was

Aaron going? Where was he going? He didn't know Maggie
was coming. No, and was he gonna? Was he going
to run across two states? I mean maybe Negan told him, maybe,
but where was he running? I don't know how all
this happens. I don't I get okay, when you say
it the way you said it, I'm like, wait a minute,

if you don't think about it, you don't think about it, right,
I think, and I tried not to, but now that
you're saying it, it's just impossible. Yeah. Nigan and Annie
are in the hallway of the building. They sneak up
behind a stormtrooper has Gabriel handcuffed and backs up slowly
for no reason to the opening in the hallway at
the same time as Nigan and any of there, so

they can easily kill him from mind and thank you
side impact into his neck. Bullshitwards, bullshit. They see Aaron
is going gun empty gun with Carlson. They can't help
him because they don't want to get caught, so they
run off. Carlson gets on the bullhorn and says, your

warlord is dead. You people stole from us. Give us
back our guns and we'll let you live. And he's
got a bunch of people on the rooftop and conveniently
on the rooftop of the building where there's a brick
wall around the roofleg on every roof there's cutouts on
all sides so that people could kneel on there on
the ledge and easily be pushed off. Thank you, convening

opening of the wall. Bullshit. This was an upsetting scene. Yeah.
So cut to Annie and who we now found out
as part of the community, and she tells Nigan and
Father Gabriel, we didn't steal the weapons. We don't have them.
Carlson's on the rooftop and says to one of the guys,
where are my weapons? And the guy says, I really
don't know, and he says, I believe you, and he

pushes them off and he falls to the next guy
doesn't know. He pushes him off the roof. Then they
show Annie and the rest of the people in the
closet room and you just hear, oh my god, all
these voices. Then you're a woman. Oh god, my stomach was.
Now I don't know what woman they threw off the roof,

but remember the badass bald chick at the beginning. Yeah,
we don't have to see her again, right. They made
her look like she might be the leader they make Youah,
we never see her again, so thank you for putting
her in the cast. She's gone. So did she? Was
she the female voice that got pushed off the roof?
I don't so. Carlson tells his men go room to

room kill anyone that won't talk. I'm thinking, you idiot.
If they had the guns, they would go get them
right now. Yeah, after you just killed nine people in
a row, I would freaking make it up and just
give them my own weapons. At this point, Annie tells
her people to stick together, no begging for forgiveness. Ian's dead.
We go this is our fight. Our people know this

building better than his assholes. We're gonna be fine. So
Negan says to Annie, that was a good speech. But
you know what, they killed our best people, meaning I
guess the big bodyguards and you know, and they don't
seem sad about it. They're like, yeah, they killed our
best people. It was just like, it is what it is.
So at that point, I'm like, oh, Nigan must be
living there. He said, our best people. Yes, Okay, Maggie

Elijah and Lydia and Aaron killed two troopers and have
their guns and they're walking down the holes. With that said,
I'm gonna tell you about the scenes for next week.
We'll be right back after this. Hello, this is Ross
play Aaron on The Walking Dead and you're listening to
Walkers and Talkers with David Brody and Jamie scenes for
next week. Before I get two scenes for next week,
I want to stop down and take a moment here. Um,

I'm not Jamie and I aren't mad at anybody. And
you know who you are. You're you're you're you're a
good listener of the show, and we appreciate you and
you didn't do anything deliberately wrong. But just for future reference,
please don't tweet us anything about the episode, especially if
you have a m C plus and you know what
happens the week ahead of what we're reviewing the week.

And that doesn't mean don't say, oh my god, so
and so dies. It means don't say, oh, you're gonna
love the surprise ending, because then you wait the whole
episode waiting for the surprise, you can't enjoy the episode.
And don't say, as this person did, oh my god,
you see, I don't want to say it. I don't
want to say it. They said, you're gonna feel an emotion,

Oh my god, you're gonna you and you're gonna feel
in a moment specifically, Well, I'm trying to not make
it obvious, Jamie so sure, So I explained to the person,
why don't tell me anything, because even in emotion, let's
say you say, oh my god, you guys are gonna uh,
you guys are gonna get so angry. Well, then I'm
wondering why am I going to get angry? So what
I did, and Jamie don't say anyth yet. What I

did because I was worried that if something dramatic happens
in the next episode and I'm not saying that did
or didn't, then I might get it spoiled for me
on Twitter. Oh my god, I got enough. I got panicked. So,
even though I didn't want to, nor do I have
the time to watch next week's episode, because of this
tweet and again I'm up mad, I went and watched

next week's episode because I wanted to know what they
were talking about before I found out right, because what
if it was something big and it would be ruined
for me. I did the same thing, Jamie. I just said,
don't say anything. Sorry, Okay. So I tell that to
Jamie today and she says to me, oh my god,
I did the same guests as Jamie just said. Jamie

did the same thing. Jamie watched next week's episode. Why
did you waunt you, Jamie? Because of the tweet? Right,
because we were convinced something was gonna happen that would
explain the tweet, and we didn't want it ruined. And
again the tweeter didn't ruin it. But and and that,
by the way, the tweeter, you know who you are.
You understand You're like, oh my god, I totally get
it now. Yep makes sense. But for future reference, guys,

please don't you said you send us in a panic.
You can say like you can say, oh my god,
how great was that episode? Or mind blown? Did you
love that episode? Or you know, I want to know
your thoughts and I'll d M you, or you can
d M me if you want you know, or if
or Jamie you know or Walkers underscore talking all three
of us at David Brody at the talking Jamie. But

just please, we ask you nicely, please be careful. We
we don't spoil things, like I already know what happens
next week, right, I'm not gonna say, oh my god,
this thing that happens eleven minutes in. By the way,
made that up, I don't you know. And and the
ironic part of all of this is that I have
some idea what you were referencing in your tweet. Yet
Jamie and I both agreed it would not have enacted

the emotion you thought it would, so ironically, we didn't
mean to watch it, so I understand why you thought
that emotion would have been triggered and Jamie, but it
wasn't triggered. And Jamie, I thought it was like, yeah, borderline,
but a very good And by the way, I love
that you are engaged with the show with us. I
love that you are you want to share it with

us because we're your friends, and I feel like you
guys are friends, and I just want to say, please,
don't spoil the force. We we we we try very
hard to, you know, be good, even though we told
you Glenn and Abraham died spoiler okay, all right, we
beat a dead horse and and then the zombies aid
it button poor buttons. Okay, Hornsby in the scenes for
next week, and again I know what all this means,

but I'm gonna pretend like I don't. Hornsby is telling
someone that commonwealth works because everyone plays their part and
if someone doesn't, the system breaks down. We can't let
that happen. Mm hmm. Sebastian makes a stupid face at Daryl.
Aaron and Maggie have automatic weapons and they're hunting through
the building for for I guess the Carlson and his men, Darryl,

Rosia and two other guards. They're at Hilltop in full
storm trooper gear. M Darryl, and Rosia are fighting a
house full of Walkers. Someone in stormtrooper gear is covered
in Walker guts doing the guts trick. We don't know why.
At this point, Mercer is again covered in blood. We
don't know why. Yeah. Talking Dead had seth Gilliam, uh

Diallo Riddle, who's a director and a writer, and Michael Bean,
who played the war lord Ian. They showed a trailer
for The Walking Dead season seven, Part two, which was good.
Next week's show is um the act who plays Sebastian,
and when you see next week's episode, you'll understand why
he doesn't. I'm not saying he dies. He's a big
part of the show. Angela Kang is on and wrestler

Chris Jericho. Now, I did want to mention one thing
briefly before we let you guys go, as if you
couldn't go on your own lately on Talking Dead. Maybe
because The Walking Dead is ending, that they're showing like
retrospective moments of talking I hope that it doesn't mean

Talking Dead has ended is ending. I hope that Talking
Dead will continue with all the spinoffs. I hope, you know,
but like when like when Ezekiel was giving away his possessions,
You're like, he thinks he's dying. Yeah, I hope that's
not why they're doing this. But they're showing their favorite
moments from the past. Do you remember what happened in

that flashback they showed. Do you remember that they flashed
back to this day and talking to history October to
the hundredth episode, which was the season eight premier, filmed
at live at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Yes, Jamie,
not special about that. We were there and we were

in the audience and wed to a lot of them
on the red carpet. That's right, except the people that
were too big to get to our end of the
carpet because we were at the very end and we
can leave before you get to the end. So one
of their best moments we were there. Awesome. Yeah, so
so that that was that. That was a highlight. The

AMC flew us out there, put us up in a hotel,
got us passes the Universal Studios. Right we went, we
went to uh right when the Universal went on the
rides attraction we did. That was why the Walking Dead attraction.
They wanted to promote that. So that and the network
wanted to promote the show, so we got a MC

to get us to promote the ride and the TV
show at the same time. We got a trip out
of it. That was great. That was so much fun.
I think about that a lot. Actually, we were like
like real deal podcasters at that point. Yeah, we were.
We had our name on the red carpet. Where to stand?
Speaking of which, I think we need to reach out
to the network again and get some people on the show.

We haven't. We haven't done any celebrity interviews in a while,
and I think it's been a minute. We need to
do that, so all right, we are now not going
to watch the episode this week because we already have,
which is totally cool and a quick reminder. I love you, tweeter.
I'm not mad. I just I just was, you know,
and it forced me to watch the next episode. But
now after wait two weeks for the next episode, that's

only downside. Oh speaking of which, And I'll let you
guys go because Jamie, I know we're up against it.
We have to get out of here. I got a
code from my my friends at Disney. I get to
watch as of tomorrow the first four episodes of moon
Night on Disney. Plus now I love the Moonlight comic book.
The show looks fantastic, so I will be able to

as of the nine talk about how great the episodes
are that I'll be watching tomorrow. So I'll let you
guys know. If you guys are fans, I'll let you
know next week at least. Yeah, because the next week
will be one supremieers on Disney, So I'll let you know.
I'll let you know how they are, but I won't
say anything about the other episodes. I'm not gonna spoil anything, right,
I won't tweet about it. I promise, okay, Jamie. Yes,

last week we did not have a lot of success,
and I let the world hear it, and people commented
on how off it was. And then I let you
left your microphone on and you just kept a Hello Hello,
because I suck with the delay at this. Yeah, So
I hope, I hope that you guys will listen to
the end last week at eleven because I thought it
was pretty funny. You left me I did, all right, Jamie,

gonna try it again, all right, I'm gonna let you
go first, so I catch up to you. Ready, Jamie,
it's time. What time is it? It's time to time
to shut this ship down? Jamie. Sorry, it was perfect.
I got thrown. Okay, we're getting yeah, Jamie. Five six
years Hey Jamie again from like a minute ago? What

what time is it yet? Again, it's time to time
to shut to sit down. Okay, we'll see how that goes.
I'm gonna leave it just as it happen. I'm so
sorry you're not. I am goodbye, Jamie. Okay, Fife, I'll
talk to you later.
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