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April 2, 2022 75 mins

Ep.213 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down TWD S11 ep 14 "THE ROTTEN CORE"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead   

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
Charge here. The rules are Welcome to Walkers and Talkers,
Episode to thirteen. I'm David Brody from Elvis dur In
the Morning Show. And that person over there, I say,
over there, even though we're not even in the same
the same place. The other person in your ears right
now now is Jamie from Light FM in New York.
Hi Jamie, Hello, how are you good? We are. We're

recording on a Monday, which is a little early for us.
We'll see when I get this edited because my schedule
is crazy this week. That's why we're recording on a Monday. Um, So,
how was your weekend? Good? It was good? Yeah, just relax.
I actually binge watched brit and I'm all done with
season two. Oh I'm too. I'm two seasons behind, so

don't talk. Yeah, you know what I did. I watched
the first four episodes. Thank you, Disney Plus and your
marketing team. I watched the first four episodes of Moon
and Night and oh yeah, and I loved it, loved it,
loved it. So if you are a fan of the
Marvel superhero genre, I am a fan of the original

Moonnight comics and so I've been excited to I'm gonna
wear my Moonnight shirt on Wednesday when it premieres officially. Yeah,
you'll see me on the Olviicstran fifteen minute Morning Show
with the Moonnight t shirt on the Instagram video because
we filmed that. And no, we're not ever filming Walkers
and talkers, So just letting you know before your tweetus. Yeah,

that's what she said, all right. So yeah, so that
So that's my recommendation for the week. Watch Moonnight if
you like that genre. If you don't, then you wouldn't
have that's. Yeah, you might be a Bridget in person
Bridget or Moonnight, take your pick of exactly. Let's get
to some news. We didn't get to any news last week,

and there's not a lot of great news this week
that that I thought was worthy, at least for me.
You had a couple of things you wanted to talk about,
do you have, Jamie, Yes, so our girl Emily Kinney,
who played Beth. She vetoed a big Beth change on
The Walking Dead. Wait a minute, she was going to
be a big Beth like Gaine Waite no vetoed a
big Beth change Walking Dead. Yeah, that's a little bit

of a tongue twist. So Emily Kenney says she asked
Scott Gimble, the show runner at the time, to not
make a dramatic change to Beth before killing off her
character Beth in season five and at the Pandemic tour
in Atlanta recently, Emily said she asked Gimble to change
his plans for Beth to return on the show a
greeting memorial with the shaved head if she wasn't surviving

the season. Yes, so she went on to say, I
don't know if you guys remember, but Beth had a
big scar when she shows up at the hospital, and
Scott had this idea that the scar being on her
head and her head being all shaved and all messed up,
not completely shaved, but very messed up. And Emily goes um,

I said, okay, sure, as a dedicated actress, I would
love to do that. However, if you're thinking we might
kill her off zone, please know because I would like
to get another acting job after this, which as a girl,
I can completely understand her. She's going okay, So she said,
if you're gonna kill me, don't make me shave my head.

So she didn't shave her head and they killed her,
and they killed her, and she had her long, blond,
beautiful hair and she kept it. So now I saw
something online, uh similar to what you just read where
she said, well, she didn't have to shave her head,
so she thought she was going to survive, which makes
no sense. You said, if you're going to kill me,
don't make me shave my head. So not shaving her

head should have been a clue. It should have been
she should have shaved her head. She thought about it.
She's like, um, you're gonna kill me, Like, don't shave
my real locks. Please? Yeah, now, Gimple said, if I
remember correctly, Gimple said he had always planned to kill
her off as far back as season four, that that
was the plan. But I'm thinking now, you know, just
for the sake of play Devil's Advocate, maybe if she

had agreed to shave her head, she gets to stay
on the show. You know. Maybe if she's like'll shave
my head, they're like, wow, what a trooper, let's keep her.
Probably not, but then she's like, please don't, like, Okay,
we won't shave your head. You're dead. We'll have a
bullet go through your head. A spoiler better. Yeah, hey,

before I forget, you know, when we go to commercial,
I say it will be right back, and then sometimes
I play the artist ideas. I'm gonna definitely play Emily
Kinney in this episode when we go to commercial. But
here's the thing. We know there's no commercials, so um,
we switched platforms digital platforms our company did anyway, So

we're not uploading to one company's servers anymore. We're uploading
to a new company servers. And that company had months
and months of a heads up that we were coming,
and so all of my heart migrated over to this
other company. And the back end is really good of
the software, so uploading is easier, and putting in the
commercial markers are easy. Every everything's great. The problem is

they are not ready to have commercials for the thousands
of podcasts that moved over. Oh but because I put
in digital markers as we did on the Brooklyn Boys podcast,
the commercials eventually will be automatically inserted to those spots. Well,
so it's not like I go, well, if you know

there's no commercials, just don't go to commercial. No, I
have to because eventually they will be electronically added. So
if you listen now right away when we first upload it,
you won't hear any commercials. But you don't need to
tweet us and tell us we're aware of the lost revenue. Uh,
we are very aware on both podcasts and all of
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It's gonna sound little strange, but you don't have to
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that are worth while listening to. But that being said,
you may hear commercials and say, what are you talking
about this commercials? That means you listen so far after
we posted it that they had time to go back
and put the commercials in. Does that all make sense?
Very good? All right, it's time Jamie already. No, no, no,

I was like, wait a minute. I mean that explanation
was so long. I thought the episode was over by
the way. I hope you enjoyed the way we ended
last week's show tragic. Oh my god. I can't wait
to in real life because it's just embarrassing. Well, I
just it's two years and I can't get red. I
know I did have I did talk to our our engineers.
I spoke to engineer Jeff to make sure our old

podcast studio is up and running to where we can
still use it for a podcast. Although we're moving to Midtown,
Manhattan allegedly in the summer, I don't think it's gonna
happen until September. So I don't know if we'll be
back in studio. Maybe we'll do one or two podcasts
in that old studio before we before we moved to Midtown,

before we moved to Midtown. So, but those asking when
we'll be in the same studio, lots of logistics, lots
of issues, you know, all right, So, Jane Atkinson, she's
the actress who played played or plays. We don't she'll
have to be back Georgie on The Walking Dead. She's
the older woman with the glasses who advised Maggie and

who Maggie looks up to. Now, if you remember when
Georgie first Georgy, when um Georgia. Now, when Georgie first
appeared on The Walking Dead a couple of seasons ago,
I and a bunch of other people said, oh, she
looks like Pamela Milton's character from the comics at Commonwealth.
The glasses, the glasses, that's it. That's Pamela. Maybe they

changed her name to Georgie and I and I said, well,
you know, she knows how to build community. She has
these owners manuals. Maybe she either left Commonwealth and she's
out exploring or in the future she builds Commonwealth and
that's Georgie with a different name. And then want us
to know what was Georgie? Said they called her? I'm sorry,
maybe it's Pamela with a different name. And maybe they

didn't want us to know it was Pamela, so they
called her Georgie. Well no, as you can see, it's
a different actress and a different character. However, in a
recent interview, Layla Robbins, who plays Pamela Milton, said, Jane
Atkinson Georgie is a very dear friend of mine. We
went to school together. She was my maid of honor

when I got married back in the day. What yes,
that's we had recently seen each other and she was
shooting Clarice, which is the silence of the Lamb's TV show,
and I was shooting the Boys. The Boys comes back
in June. I can't wait. Uh. We had a really
nice few days together catching up and she said, oh,

why don't you audition for The Walking Dead? The people
that are really nice. I had fun on the show.
That's what encouraged me to do the audition. She's partly
responsible for me being here on the show. So the
two women that we said look alike or would be
the same character our best or best friends are very
good friends in real life. And then on the show

Pamela Milton new Diana. So apparently all middle aged ladies
know each other. That's what we've learned. That's what we've learned.
That's what we've learned. What else you got, Jamie Well
jumping over to Fear, do the episode titles of the
second half of Fear the Walking Dead give a clue
to when Madison might return. I'm gonna say yes, okay,

So here here are the based on the fact you're
doing the story. I'm gonna go yes, okay, Yes. Seven
or nine is called following me. Oh, that could be
Alicia following them? Yep. Seven. Ten is called the morning cloak. Oh,
I means somebody died their morning. But wait, she's not.
And it's a cloak, which means they covered up the
death morning cloak. They cloaked. Okay, so that could be

it all right, what don't you say? Seven eleven is Ophelia, which,
if you remember, was Daniel's daughter's name, right, and Matt
and and Madison and was there when she died and
she had to tell Daniel the news. But I feel
you really died in Madison didn't, so that could be
the episode. And then called sunny Boy. Oh, sunny boy

like a son. Wait a minute, her son, Nick was
was killed. She doesn't know that yet. Spoiler Nick is dead.
Maybe she comes back and finds Nick is dead and
sunny boy, that's it? Oh? And then is called the
raft the raft? Okay, so so here's what. So you know,
like you throw somebody life preserver, right, you're you're you're
on a raft right, Okay, So here's what I think.

So the stadium was on fire, she ended up running
to water maybe and jumped on a raft and floated
to wherever they are that or remember when the dam
blew up, they floated to safety. Maybe maybe she like
climbed on a raft the same way that um that
what's her name Rose jumped on the door after Titanic

and when the ship sank spoiler and she survived. So
maybe a man since if I've done a raft or
she rolls up on the river that John Dory rolled
up on on the raft and she's alive. That's the episode.
She's coming back. Okay, the raft, do you think that's it? Yeah,
definitely the raft. Okay, we have three more. Uh. Seven
fourteen is called Divine Providence. Okay, divine meaning God. So

it's like she's back from the dead like Jesus Rose
so close to Eastern we're talking about it. That's it.
That's the episode, Divine Providence done. Then seven fifteen is
called Amina, which, if you remember in season four, Amina
was the nickname of Wilhelmina, the baby birdners back to
health by Nick and Alicia when they were kids, and

Madison told that story. I'm camera with althea who labeled
the tape Amina. Nah, that's a stretch. And then seven
sixteen the last one. No, not that last one doesn't
sound even close to my My other guesses were much better. Okay,
So I like the raff and Divine Providence, and the
last one is a t B A to be announced. Oh,

she's gonna be announced, that's what that means. It could
be It could be any of those except that Amina episode.
That didn't sound right, that sounded too obvious to me. Definitely,
not anyone but that one. Okay, anyone, but that's what
I'm going with. Yeah, So every title very suggestive except
that that's stupid one you talked about Amina that doesn't

sound right. Well, I just can't be that one. I'm
going on the record. Okay, on the record. So a
couple of things before we start talking about the episode
of the Rotten Core. Did you enjoy it, by the way,
I did, very much, very nice. So a couple of
thoughts from last week that I wanted to spin off
here because they're based on a spinoff. See what I

did there. My question to you, Jamie, the Maggie and
Negan spinoff that's coming. I remember Jeffydine Morgan said, I
don't know why they announced it. They shouldn't have announced it.
So I'm watching the episode. It's now as we all
are thinking about the spinoff. You know that little baby Herschel,
a little boy Herschel, wasn't gonna do anything bad to

We'll get to that Tonan because he's in the spinoff. Yes,
So here's my question. We know that Maggie and Nigan
are in the spin off, and we talked about what's
going to happen to Herschel, what happens with herschel? Right,
mm hmm. But we find out this episode spoiler that
Nigan is married to Annie and she's pregnant with Nigan's child.

So well that's the plan at the moment. But does
she go with the baby to New York? Does Herschel?
Does Herschel stay back? And Andy is the Annie's the
babysitter slash nanny. Is that how they explain Herschel not
being out on adventures? He's back with Annie? Or do
I mean? He couldn't make sense because let's say she

just gave birth and you know, if she can't travel
and it's too and we'll be back. Okay, So she
doesn't give birth till they get to New York. But
somehow she's she's got a big belly and she's somehow
getting to New York. Did they take a boat up
the coast like machine? Did? I don't know how they're
gonna get there, So I don't know. But so now

he has baggage now that we have to find out.
So now I'm thinking Annie dies because again because of
the prequel news. Why did they announce the prequel the spinoff?
I mean no spinoff news. Now I can't watch the
show straight. By the way, I hope they don't die.
Speaking as spoilers, I got a nice message from the tweeter.
We talked about last episode, who who appreciate it. We

didn't mention their name, and they were very nice and
they weren't. They weren't. They weren't hurt. They they understood
I was being friendly and fun, but they understand completely
now what I was talking about. We got a bunch
of d ms from people saying, oh, I I bet
a t White senr DM me and said, oh, yeah,
I know what's seeing you were talking about. It was
definitely a Jamie kind of scene, but I don't think
it was actually a Jamie kind of scene. So the

person tweeted at us and said, oh, Jamie's going to
definitely be crying next week when you see the episode,
which is now I immediately thought somebody dies. So I
had we both ran and watched the show, or in
my case, I just sat down and watched. I didn't
really do any running, and we watched it early, which

is also why in last week's walk Walkers and Talkers.
I made a couple of references by accident to the
following week's episode, which is when we're about to talk
about the episode. Well, i'll mention the the segment when
we get to it. Did I didn't mention it yet?
Of what what was gonna make Jamie cry? Which didn't
actually make her cry? So we could have we could
have not watched the show. We would have been fine.

But it's fine, it's all good. We watched. It's great,
you know. But now I had no show to watch
this week, and I almost watched the next episode, but
then I'll still be a week ahead. So I'm trying
to slow myself down, down, Slow down down. The episodes
called the Rotten Core. The show opens up on the

dead bodies that Carlson shoved or shot off the roof,
and they are turning into walkers, and you can see
their hands where their hands are moving, so they're not
they want you to know that they're walkers now, or
that they're very very very very slowly becoming walkers. Yeah,
because very much later in the episode we see them

and I guess they all have broken backs or they
can't stay. Carlson calls to Hornsby on Milwaukie talkie. He
says the location is secure. Carson says, there's no sign
of the guns yet. Well, of course not, of course not.
A trooper tells Carlson there are two down by the
east exit. Those are the two that are are people captured,

killed and took their weapons. Although they didn't take the armor.
I would have thought they would have put the armor
on his camouflage. Since the people are living the building
have no weapons, it would have been safe to put
on the armor. You know, do a do a Luke
and Han bit, whill you put the armor on? That's
a Star Wars reference seven. I hope you all appreciate it. Yeah,

it looks like our people have automatic weapons now that
they took from the troopers and they're roaming the hallways. Credits.
Not much happen before the credit says you could see
Darryl and Carroll make up to have lunch, when a
stormtrooper comes up to Daryl and says, let's go. We
have to you know, you have to go to work. Basically,
they go into the police precinct and they have a
roll call, which most police stations do beforeverybody rolls out

for their shift, and Darryl and Rosita are now a team.
They partnered them up, and I get there is Yes,
Sebastian and his girlfriend are in the police station for
some reason, bragging to the troopers that when rotters are around.
He says, Sebastian, my pulse rate goes down and I'm
very cool around them, like they don't bother me. Asked Dixon,

He'll tell you, and Darald turns around and says, uh, yeah,
good stuff. Yeah, yeah, he's good. Yeah. He basically gave
him a verbal golf clap, you know, like one of
those good job. Right. So Darryl and Rosita were assigned
to a sector outside the walls to secure, and then
one of Sebastian's stormtroopers comes out of the building and

with another guy and says, hey, the chief wants, uh
wants you guys to go and fight off for her
to walkers. She wants to see what you guys can
do on the outside. We find out later that's a
lie immediately, right, which means not only did they get
lied to, but now they're gonna be in trouble for
not doing their job where they were supposed Yes, Maggie

and Aaron. They hear people screaming down the hall. They're
being killed. And so again I think I mentioned this
last week. I still have no idea how Maggie and
her people got there from Hilltop in Virginia to West
Virginia that quickly, after all the stuff the horseback riding
guy and I listen to last week's episode again if

you need to be refreshed. But Annie pulls a gone
on Maggie, and then Elijah and Lydia pull have gone
on her. Nigan shows up and tells everyone to push
it back in your pants and zip up. Lydia asks
Nigan what he's doing there, and he puts his arm
on Annie and says, we are living here. So at
that point you at least know they're a couple. And

this is where coincidence bullshit. Where Neigan happens to be
living in a community that nobody knew about or approached
until recently, and he found it and he found it. Yeah,
even though he was by Meridian, he knew to go
west to West Virginia and end up in this. Of
all the different directions he could have gone in America,

he ended up where the Commonwealth would end up. So
that Maggie could come help. Ye okay. Nigan tells them
he has father Gabriel and takes them to a secret
location behind a closet. This must be a big thing
in the zombie Apocalypse. Put hidden rooms behind closets. We

just saw the Stormtrooper guard had a room behind his closet.
And remember when they when they were hiding at Meridian,
they went to a room behind a closet. This is
the this is the third room behind the closet. In
a number of weeks, somebody was like, you know what
we haven't done on The Walking Dead the old room
behind a closet routine. Right now? It's every every other episode.

I don't you know? And you know that not not
everyone writes the same episodes. You're right, they have different
writers and directors. Maybe they don't compare notes. Maybe they
don't know that there's a closet and a room in
their episode and that there was one in another two episodes.
You think they talked about the closets, did you guys
put a closet in the right We'll come up with

some other way. Well, we'll do like a we'll do
like a trap door. Well, I mean they've already done
the trap door things, so now it's closet season hashtag
clause season. Aaron asks any if her people took the guns,
and she says, I'm sick of being asked, and Nigan says,
why don't you just call her a liar? Well, why
would Aaron trust her? He doesn't know her and she's

the type of woman that would be with Nigan. Hello, Hello,
Aaron says, we saw all the skulls in your boss's office.
You know, it's not like you guys are innocent, and
she says, my people didn't take the guns and leaves
it at that. Maggie says, we have to get out
of here. It doesn't matter who took the guns, and
he says, of course, but I'm not leaving without my people,

and I want to sweep the building to get all
my survivors out and then we can leave. Maggie agrees,
and Annie says, all right, Well, I want I want
Maggie to come with me. Now again a couple of
weeks ago, didn't Pamela when they split up, say I
want Maggie to come with me. So, since all things
come in threes now, so next episode, someone has to

say I want Maggie to come with me. So Maggie
is very popular, so so because people want to have
those important conversations with Maggie for the camera that we
need to see. So Maggie and Annie go off together.
Annie tells Nigan to stay back and stay with the people.
They need someone they can trust. Wownigan is the guy
they can trust. The two stormtroopers take Darryl and Rosita
really far to a hilltop and they show them a

big herd surrounding a house and Daryll says, where's everybody else?
And the guy says there is nobody else, and Daryl
says yeah. Daryll says, you want us to go through
that herd all by ourselves? Just us? And Sebastian shows
up with a walker on a chain like on a
leash and another another trooper and says he needs them
to cut through the herd get into the house that

used to be owned by someone he knew and he
was a doomsday prepper and he has an office full
of liquor and food and money and drugs and his
and uh. He says, my bitch mother cut me off,
and I need to keep my fancy lifestyle going so
you guys need to get in there and get that
shipped for me. And then he called his sister, is right, sweetie?
Oh my itchy? Yeah. I hope if he dies, she

kills him. Oh that'd be awesome. Rosita asks why the
two stormtroopers can't help, and Sebastian says, all of the
rounds and the guns are accounted for, and they won't
be able to shoot any guns down there because it
can't be explained. And if they go down there without
their guns, they'll be dogpiled by the walkers. Now that
makes total sense, except couldn't the stormtroopers say they were

out on a run and some walkers came out of
nowhere and they shot him. I mean's a zombie apocalypse.
See that works on a regular TV show. On a
regular police show, police officers have to, you know, account
for their bullets. But in a zombie apocalypse, all you
have to say is we were outside the walls and
we had a fire at walkers. Now, maybe they shouldn't

have been outside the walls, and they have to explain why.
But it seems like if you're ever gonna explain why
you had to fire bullets, it would be in a
zombie apocalypse. That's all I'm saying exactly. But it made sense,
I guess for the episode, but you know, it didn't
make sense to me, because that's what we here for, folks.
We're here to nitpick and break it down for you,

he says to them. So Sebastian says to them, Um,
I know you guys can do it. I have faith
in you. And here's the code to the alarm. And
there's a generator in the basement. And Darryl says, we're
not doing it, and Sebastian says, yes, you are, and
he has the trooper kill the walker and he says,
you two will cover yourselves and guts and walk right

through that Herd. I have a question, simple question. They
did the guts trick in season one of The Walking Dead,
right then they really didn't do it again until season eight,
when uh Nigan and Father Gabriel were trapped together. They
really didn't do it very much. They did it a

couple of times on Fear. Yeah, and now not only
are are the people doing it again a couple of
times in the past season, but Commonwealth knows about the
trick also. They're doing as much as the closets, Yeah,
the closets and now yes, and the guts trick, the
season of closets and closets and guts. Everybody closets and

guts Darlin Rosie to start walking off because they don't
want to do it. And this is the this is
where I know you got upset. Sebastian says, uh so,
how are your kids doing? Oh? You motherfucker mad? That's
like a mob thing, like, Oh, how's your business? I'd
hate for anything that happened to it? Howry? How's that

family of yours? He skipped a grade? Right? Oh my god?
And how's Coco doing? And Daryl puts a knife to
his throat and gives it the old don't you talk
about my kids? He basically will smith them. Yeah, oh boy,
that's the story you keep you keep my kids names
out of your motherfucking mouth. By the way, for anyone

who thinks the slap wasn't really, stop with the conspiracy theories.
It was absolutely real. You can see it in slow
motion online. It wasn't planned. Chris Rock didn't know it
was coming. In fact, the Academy announced today they may
punish him after SAG after the Union may punish him.
It was the police came. This is not there was
no benefit and people like you know the ratings are

really low. They did it to get ratings. Okay, See
ratings work when you watch the show, not after the
fact when you're talking about it. You can't go back
and do ratings right, So this you can't watch it
online on YouTube. This that doesn't help. The ratings work.
Is the ratings happen and the commercial people, the people
who had commercials, they paid for them based on the ratings.

And that's how ratings work at all. You can't go backwards.
And also, Will Smith slapped a man on global television,
which is against his normal nice guy character. He then
he then cursed multiple times, which is not his character,
damaging his image. If he and Chris Rock play in
that to what advantage Chris Rocks At the Oscars, Will

Smith is about to win an Oscar for Best Actor.
They have no skin in the game when it comes
to the Oscars. If the Oscars asked them to do it,
that story would leak. Why would they do it and
hurt their careers? No, it's not fake. There's no reason
for it to be fake. He insulted his wife, and
even though they have an open marriage and other people
sleep with her because I've heard that also doesn't mean

you can insult her. And also we we understand the joke.
We don't talk about Bruno, we don't talk about Jada,
all of that. It's all happened already. But time he
here this, we've already heard all the you know, and
it slapstick comedy. And um, what was the other one?
I heard? The fresh Prince? Oh, he left fresh, he
left his left scared, right, he fresh, he left fresh

prints on his face. There were some yeah, yeah, but
we don't talk about Jada thing I thought of immediately,
the fresh Prince one I didn't. That's pretty good slapstick
comedy I thought of right away. But anyway, so kudos
to Chris Rock for remaining calm, keeping his composure and

he continued the show. Here's what I'll say, though, that
what happened is gonna make it more dangerous for comics
and comedy clubs, because now idiots will think they can
walk up on stage when they're offended and hit the
comics right when the when the guy says, oh, I
can tell by the way you're addressed, you're not a doctor,
and the guy gets offended and punches the guy. This

happens already, but from comic friends I have, they've said
in the past five or six years, it's gotten worse
that people are getting more offended and thinking because because
of social media, they think they have the right to
go up and punch the guy like I'm justified. No,
you're not. You went to a comedy club. Chances are
they're gonna You're gonna hear things that might offend you. Um,
and chances are you might be upset. Okay, So right there,

I paused the recording and took a break for a second,
which you guys wouldn't hear. I'm back, Jamie. Okay, Now
what you missed was my friend Eric, who does the
It's Eric Nagle podcast and who has guests hosted here.
You know, Eric the Rock, the rock from the Opiate
Anthony Show. So I had posted that I saw the
first four episodes of Moon Night and Eric is as

big as sci fi geek as I am, and just
texted me, how did you not tell me what's going on?
Sending a Simpson's meme that's like, how did you keep
a secret? You know, here's the thing though I cannot
share the episodes. They are digitally encoded. I have to
do a three step security process to get to watch them.

And in the middle of the screen is my email
address and name like it's water marked le So I
can't even take a picture, Like I can't take a
picture and post it. It's yeah, I mean I could
blow it, but will be the point And I'm not
going to take advantage that the people that uh at
the at the agency, at the people, the people of

the people they take. They I'm honored to be on
their list of people that get to be, but I'm
only Wave two. Wave one was the YouTubers that review
shows for for their living, you know, a weekly basis,
and they watched it almost two weeks ago. They watched
the four episodes. But some of them have like four
thousand views. Now I know that they're professional reviewers, but

four thousand views, I mean, come on, hello, we talked
to more than that and social media figuet about it.
Forget it. I had to wait an extra two weeks
from the first wave. But I'm very honored to it.
But I know Eric, like, why didn't you tell me?
So you know, He's like why would have come over.
I'm like, no, I watched it late at late, late

at night, like really late, lights off, lights off, windows,
shades down, surround sound system on. So I was like
in a movie theater. That's how I watched my stuff.
Everyone knows, stay out of the room when I'm there, stay,
that's my I go, I go into the I go
into my man cave, and I watch I watched my
my Marvel and my stuff. So besides people in my house,

you know whatever. So anyway, uh, he's mad. But that's
why I had to pause for a second. Even though
again you guys didn't didn't hear the pause. The magic
of editing. So where we were was Darryl says, don't
drive a threaten my kids, and Sebastian says, I was
saying I could make your lives easier. I was just saying,
I like, if you do the cemimic, their lives easier,

you know, like bullshit? Sure, yeah. Rosida says, if we
do this, that's it, right, like we're done right, and
Sebastian says, definitely. You know in that way that people
say things when you know they're not telling the truth. Guy, no, no, yeah,

oh good. He lies, and you think Darrel would be
smart enough with all the bad guys they faced, just
to like, no, we don't have a choice. But this
isn't the end of it. So Darryl and Rosida are
covered in guts with and they're wearing the armor, and
you'd think that the white armor would stand out, but

you know, not to the walkers. I guess they may
get into the house, of course, and not at no time.
By the way, notice their armor doesn't get snagged on anything,
doesn't get caught on anything. They go right through the walkers.
Some walkers walk right up to them and bang into them.
They looked like some of them look kind of suspicious
at them, like I may be a walker, but something

doesn't look right here. A few times that happened. I'm like,
but none of them get caught on the armor. They
make it inside the house, Rosita sees a corpse and
fresh blood on the floor, and right away I thought, yep,
they were lied to. Rosita kills two walkers and notices
it's only been a couple of days since they turned
so again I say they were lied to. The key

code doesn't work for the door that's locked in the house,
and there's a woman behind the door named April. She
says she was sent in by the Commonwealth. She's in
debt and they offered her a way to get out
of debt. She has two kids, and she says she
was part of twelve people. Only three of them made
it into the house alive, and then they turned on
each other, which is where the other two walkers came from,

and she locked herself in the room and then the
power went out. She can't get out of that out
of the room. Darryl's sister, Rosita. Apparently they've done this before, right,
They've sent people into the house. What does this remind
you of people who are in debt. They're in dire
straits and they're willing to risk their lives because they're
in debt. Um squid Game? Oh my god, Yes, right,

this is the plot of squid Game. That is phenomenal show. Yeah,
phenomenal show that you didn't remember? No, I was I
thought it was another Walking Dead reference that you were
coming for. But yes, good game makes complete sense. I'm
going to call up the producers a Squid Game and
let them know that you you didn't remember, Daryl tells
Rosita to stay by the door, and I'm gonna go

try to get the power back on. In other words,
I'm going into the basement where I'm sure to be
attacked by walkers. So I'm not going to take a
weapon with me. Just go down there. What are you
doing now? I don't understand. I understand they want to
do the guts trick, but why wouldn't they have some
kind of weapon with them. Why wouldn't they give them knives? Something?
I don't get it. Lydia asks Nigan why he left

without saying goodbye, and he said everyone needed me to
In other words, I needed to go. I was making
everyone uncomfortable. Yeah, but remember when Carol put you in
Leah's house with food and a fireplace, and and then
he came back and gave Maggie that weird look like
I'm back. Maybe. Yeah, So if you had to leave,

why would't you go back to the cabin. That seems
like a good place to go, the cabin. So if
you if you never ever needed help, at least you
were with you were at some proximity to Alexandria. Aaron
asks about the woman and meaning Annie, and Nigan shows
him a wedding ring and says they are married. Were
you shocked? Were you shocked? I effected girlfriend but not married. Okay, yeah,

that's quick. I guess everything's quick in the Apocalypse. Aaron says,
it figures you'd be in a place like this, and
he says, did you have a hand in putting those
skulls on the shelves? And Nigan says, says the guy
who rolled up here with a gestapo with an army,
And Father Gabriel says, we had no idea this was
gonna happen, and Father Gabriel says, look, the place we're

living in is a different place than any place I've
ever seen, and Lydia says, no, it isn't. They want
to take over smaller communities. They're no different than the Whisperers,
they just wear different masks. How about that? How about that?
That's that's a great line. That yeah, which which tells
you it's a TV show because real life, Lydia wouldn't
have come up with that line. She would have been like,

they're bad people too. Anyway, we will continue with our breakdowns,
and we are we are very close to getting to
the scene that was supposed to make Jamie cry where
I would play the Jamie's crying long But nope, she
didn't cry. She's a rock, not Chris Rock. And by
the way, if it was The Rock instead of Chris Rock,

Will Smith would not have slapped him. I don't think so.
By the way, here's my opinion. What he should have
done was one of two things. Will Smith deal with
it afterwards, or go up on stage on the mic
and say, you just made fun of my wife who
has an autoimmune disease. She's alopecia, she can't grow her hair,

and you thought it was funny to mock my wife.
Don't ever do that again, and walk off the stage.
Now you make now you make Chris Rock look like
a little man who insulted your wife's disease. Right now,
you make him look pet even though it was a
joke and everyone's always very harsh. That's the bit. The
bit is they attack these rich celebrities and and they

take him down a peg because the audience likes it.
And you have to know, as he said in his speech,
we it's our job to get attacked and picked on. Now,
I don't I don't believe that's true. I don't believe
you should be attacked and picked on. I'm just saying,
at least at least like when Ricky Gervais hosts he
makes fun of people, Amy Schumer made fun of people.

I'm not a fan of making fun of diseases. There's
a five percent chance he didn't remember it was for
a disease. Maybe he thought it was for a movie
role or a lifestyle choice, so I don't think he
had cruel intentions. What Will Smith did was made Chris
Rock to many people look like a hero and a
fantastic performer who stood his ground and did his job

and didn't let him didn't let it bother him. It
didn't rock him, and it did remind me of when
Kanye went on stage with interrupted Taylor Swift. The only
differences Taylor didn't hit Taylor Swift and they showed Beyonce
saying no, Kanye, No. I would love to see the
camera on Jada at the same time, Will through yes,
thank you. No one showed her what the hell I want? Well,

I don't think that any cameras were on her. I
want to know if anyone saw her face was looking
at her, because you have absolutely all eyes were on
Will and Chris but it was Jada like cheering like, yeah,
that's my man sticking up for me. Because afterwards she
was smiling when he was like, don't have a you know,
keep my my wife's name right right, she was sort

of smiling like that's my man. You know. I'm not
a fan of open marriages personally, but I would think
I don't know how they do that. I would think
after that, after him, you know, standing up for her,
that at least maybe for a couple of weeks, there'll
be monogamous. I'm just saying, you know what I mean, like,
you know what, Will, let's maybe she's not she's monogamous

and he doesn't have to be. Maybe he's like, you
know what, you did the right thing. You you go on. Yeah,
I could never do that, never, never, never, never never
know it could not be a sister wife or whatever
the hell they call it. So oh yeah, you mean
like have multiple wives of the god. He No, I
could never live in Utah, so we're even I just

I'm sure the skiing is great. I couldn't live in Utah.
I couldn't not because of the people. I just I
just not. It's not populated and if you live there
and you listening, God bless you. You know, enjoy it,
just not for me. Like some people said, I couldn't
live in New York, I couldn't live in Utah. I couldn't. Yeah. Also,
I don't know why so many people in our region

of the country confuse Utah with Idaho and Idaho with Iowa.
They're all short, vowel infested names of states. But so
many people were like, oh, yeah, des Moines in Utah,
but no, it's in Iowa Idaho. No. I know it
has an eye and an oh and a yeah. But
they're not the same. They're not. They're all in the middle,

but the middle of the country. I think people on
the on the coast no north and South, but they're
not great with West and East. The west coast doesn't
know East, right well, East coast doesn't know what, so
the midwest sort of gets it's all. It's all one
of those states and they and they all deserve their
own respect and individualism. They're all very different, except when

it comes to North Dakota and South Dakota. But I'll
move on. Okay, maybe there should be one Dakota. A
lot of people say that a lot of people are saying,
as as a famous person often says many people saying anyway, sorry,
if you're from one of the dacode is I'm joking.
We'll be right back after this. Hi. This is Emily
Kinney Beth on The Walking Dead and you're listening to
David Brody and Jamie on the Walkers and Talkers podcast.

Annie calls Nigan on the walkie talkie segue and says,
we're on the fifth floor, but the troopers are coming close.
Everyone should leave, get out, and Nigan says, is Maggie
still with you? And she says, yes, stop worrying, Maggie's here.
We're fine, And Nigan looks out the window and says,

oh shit again, perfect timing that he was looking out
the window the split second that he needed to look out.
A trooper brings herschel into the building. He said he
found him hiding in the truck. He must have been
under the tarp by the way. The guy gets on
his walkie talking and calls it in. He says he
found a kid, and then Negan beats the heart of
him with a crowbar right in front of herschel. Oh

my gosh, similar to the way he killed Herschel's father
spoiler spoiler. They stare at each other and it was
very awkward. It was you know, I thought he was
gonna turn her and go high, kid, I killed your father.
He didn't do that yet. Yeah, that it looked like
it was going to happen. Annie is in a in
the room with Maggie and she eats something and Maggie
notices it and says, um, how far along are you?

She was eating ginger. I didn't know she was eating ginger,
but Angela Kang I'm talking dead said that that pregnant
women and she got called out for eating ginger or
she called out someone because I've never My wife was
pregnant three times and all mine, thank you, and she
never had ginger. So I don't know what the ginger
thing is. I'll look it up. It's to help nausea.

Oh when you get you get morning sickness and be
your nauseous all the time. How many times have you
been pregnant? Zero? What? I have tons of friends that
have had tons of babies, so I know all about it.
Tons of babies must hurt. Oh, I'm clenching, um, yeah,
tons of babies, tons of babies and so that ginger

comes the stomach. Oh very good. Okay, so she says, yes,
and uh, not that not that Nigan would want me
to tell you. But she's like, yeah, I'm pregnant. Not that,
not my man would want you to know. Nigan calls
back on the walkie and says, oh, by the way, um,
I found your son. Maggie. What he says, stay where

you are, stay focused on the job. And Maggie says, oh,
swear to God, Maggie read if anything happens to him,
Magnar ree with my accent, and Nigan says, whoa, whoa, whoa.
If anything happens to him, it's gonna happen to me first.
In other words, I'll take the bullet, don't worry. Yeah, hell,
it's got to go through me first. So that's bold
and all. But in essence, what he's saying is you'll

find us both dead. Well, that's that's comforting. Annie says
to Maggie, he's in good hands, Maggie, not to worry,
and Maggie says, he's in the hands of the man
who killed his father, Glennry, And he says, I know
who he is and I know what he's done. He
told me. And Maggie says, then why are you still

with him? And she says, because I know who he
is now. We've all done bad things to people to survive.
People did it to me, I did it to other
people I know. Okay, let me ask you a question, Jamie.
Do you think Nigan told her how he killed Glenn
and Abraham and what he said and how he mocked

it and vampire bat and all of that, and and
I can I can't hear I can barely hear you
what he's saying all that stuff. I think he may
have glossed over. Yeah, I think he glossed over the
I popping out. Yeah, And I'll find you, Maggie, And no,
you gotta gotta do it right, Maggie. Oh, that makes

my stomach flip. Your stomach flipping, your hooes clenching. Ginger.
You know who else said that? Gilligan? Oh a sixties
TV see Ginger was the redhead on the show The
Movie Stars. Yeah, yeah, uh huh. Anyway, and he says,

what matters to me is who he is now, and
he will do everything you can to protect your boy.
Nigan walks into Herschel's room. Now he has his own
room and that nice, and he says, your mom, He says,
my mom says I should stay away from you, and
Nigan says, she's a very smart woman. And Herschel says,
why doesn't she like you? And Nigan says, it's because

it's something I did a very long time ago, a
bad thing. And Herschel says, are you a bad man?
And he says I was, And then Herschel, hello, pulls
a gun. Where the gun come from? Damn? And he's like,
my mom said a bad man killed my dad. I'm like, right,
So if A, then B, if B then C. Therefore

if A than say, wait a minute, a bad mail
kid might have killed my dad. You're a bad man.
You killed my dad. It was probably you. It was you.
There's not a lot of men around in the world anymore.
Nigan says, I probably deserve to die for what I
did to you and your family. That's big that he
said that, since he already also said he should have
killed the whole bunch of them. But he really he

deserves to die for killing Glenn. I think if he
knew Glenn, like in retrospect, he would have killed somebody else.
I think so too, but he didn't know anything about
any of their details other than Glenn jumped out of line. Yeah,
other than he jumped out of line, like he probably
should have killed Darryl because of the fact that Darryl
could like overthrow him or kill him. But he said,

why he didn't kill Darryl because you know, you know,
Daryl's too popular, But he said, you know he's because
this guy is on a wild horse. You can harness
him and utilize him. And he had he had future
plans for Daryl. But in retrospect, maybe killing Abraham and
Eugene would have would have made more sense, althought, you know,
because Eugene turned on him in the long run. Yeah, yeah,

a spoiler, Eugene turned on him, so okay, and and
more empoly for the ratings sake, they shouldn't have killed
Glenn because that that didn't help anybody anyway. He says, look,
if you shoot that gun, the bad people will know
we are here, and these other people don't deserve to die.
So that was a great good point and quick thinking
on Nigan's part. So Herschel puts down the gun and

Lydia takes it from him. Then Lydia gives Nighan a
disapproving look, as if she didn't know beforehand that he
killed Glenn, So I don't think she knew. He looked
like he was going to cry, right Nigan a little bit?
Oh yeah, he was definitely getting emotional. But that was
the scene that our listener thought would make you cry. Oh,
I mean, it was upsetting the watch, But I didn't

actually shed tears. Yeah, I don't know about crying for Nigan,
crying because it's still Nigan. I understand he's a change man,
but he's still Nigan. Yeah, Daryl's in the basement. He
gets the power going again, but in the process, the
players he put into the box make the lights flicker
and walkers come out of nowhere and attack Daryl. Where

what they were in the basement? Right? So were they
like down hallways in the basement that all of a
sudden there where were they? I don't know where the Yeah,
he was in the basement or the garage thing or
something he was. I know he's sit in the basement.
They told him. Remember Sebastian and I just told you
a little while ago that Sebastian said, there's power, the
powers in the basement. I guess. I guess from when

the time he visited his friend. He knows the powers
in the basement unless the two guys were there, so
the power was in the basement before they killed each
other and told him on the walkie talkie. Whatever. Lucky
for Daryl, he finds a baseball bat and manages to
kill all the walkers. Rosita opens the lock door now
that the power is on, and they all go in
the room. He tries to open the safe where April

is and the alarm goes off, and of course the
alarm is gonna attract walkers. April is holding her April
is holding her ears. I can't handle the noise. It's
attracting wire walkers. At this point, I'm thinking she should die.
She's so First of all, well, here's why she's gonna
die once she's annoying two Darryl and Rosita. Once they

find out. You know, now that they know that it's
a there's a scam, and other people were sent in
there to get the money. They have jobs and they
can't risk going public with this information. But April might, right,
April might get out of there, and so she's a liability.
So I'm like, she's not getting out of there. There's
no way she's getting out of there. So Rosina gives

her somebody armor for for the woman to put on,
and they put guts on themselves. Right they killed did
the guts trick. There's gunshots outside. We find out later
it's Mercer and Carol. Mercer and Carol come in and
Carol says, we got worried when you didn't show up
for lunch. How did Mercer and Carol have any idea

where they were? It was the most random house down
the hill. I mean, I don't know how they possibly
get them around the two guards at the top of
the hill. We're working for Sebastian. Sebastian didn't tell Mercer
where they were going because he's not supposed to be there.
So how would Mercer know that they hiked really far

to the top of a mountain to then go down
a mountain into a house. It doesn't make any sense
to me. I have to call. I have to call.
There's no way you found the house. Bullshit. All they
have to say is, my men told me you were
here or um uh, you know, I don't know if

that were my men. My men told me, you were
down here, you might be in trouble, or you wandered
off or something something. Yeah, if if, if Daryl had
got on the walkie and radio for help, but he
couldn't because he was on a secret mission. So there's
absolutely no way Mercer and Carol show up. Okay. Mercer
asks if they were there to steal money, and Daryas
says Sebastian made them do it and threatened their kids.

And the woman said, says, troopers brought us here. There
were twelve of us, and on the only one left.
They told me I could have a cut of the
money if I did it. They only have twelve bullets
left among them, and there's a lot more walkers than
bullets were. Now the walkers have gotten in the house somehow,
so the gang covers themselves with blood and guts, although

for some reason, Carol has no blood on her face.
I thought you had to put guts everywhere, but there's
no guts on her face. And they were very sparing
on the gut. It's like they weren't really covered. It
looked like just a little dab, but that's enough. I
don't know. A couple of dabs in the pits and
we're ready to go. So April looks terrified in the
same way that Jesse and her family did in No

Idea shooting a brick. So my question is, how did
she make it all the way into the house if
she's so terrified now getting out of the house well,
and then the only thing is that group of twelve
people she was this she made probably in the middle
as they were all running. Maybe they kind of like
protected her a wall around her right and then nine

of them died, so maybe like they distracted and she
ran in, and she ran and she got in by
the skin of her teeth. But why would you why
would you? I know you're in debt, you need money,
but why would you volunteer to go on a death
mission if you're not a fighter? It just seems weird
for me. So of course, the armor they gave April
to protect her gets caught on the arm of a walker.

She panics, stabs it, and then the walkers swum her
and eater. Yeah. The oh my god, that was a
horrible death. Then to make mad is worse, the group
clears the house by shooting everybody. They shoot all the walkers,
but they didn't do that beforehand to save their bullets,
and now April is dead. Ah, thanks guys, thanks a lot,

very helpful, unbelievable. All right, I'm gonna take a break here.
James's gonna take a break here. We may or may
not play have commercials here, depending on when you listen
to this, but we'll be right back after this or nothing. Hey,
it's Sarah Wayne Kelley's I played Lorie on The Walking
Dead and you're listening to Walkers and Talkers with David
Brodie and Jamie. Be safe, everybody and stay in the

house like Carlo. Okay, did you hear commercials? We don't know.
You don't need to tell us. Well, I know is
no revenue or maybe some revenue. We'll see, Okay. Maggie
and Annie, they're in the hall when Carlson kills another
guy and comes by with more troopers and tells them,
tells the troopers anyone that isn't being helped will just

kill them and then we will burn the place to
the ground. Okay, have a couple of questions. How many
people have to tell you they don't have the guns?
How many people have to die with no guns in
their hands? You're gonna burn the place down. They don't
have the guns. If they had the guns, they'd be
using the guns. They'd be going to get the guns.

You can't be that stupid. It's not like they're hiding
a treasure map. It's not like we need to know
where your leader is in another village where he ran
off to. Like if you can't, you can't for sure
say they know where the guns are, and if they
had the guns, one of them would go get them. Seriously,
now that they're taking people off the roof, um I

would run and go get them. Why would they ambush
the commonwealth right which they have to know it has
a lot more people, they have armor, they're wearing stormtrooper gear.
Why were they ambush them? Take all the guns, leave
footprints and wagon wheel prints back to the bill holding,
and then not have the guns there. Because if you
thought you were going to be followed, you you you

would you you you would have hit the guns. You
wouldn't have done that, You wouldn't have ambushed them. And
they've been leaving food for a week, so you knew
they were gonna they were gonna be coming. You would
have had the guns ready. Why would you hide why
would you hide the guns? I just don't understand. And
you're asking women and children where the guns are? They
don't know, they don't know, they're not They weren't in

charge of the operation. So this guy was c I
a boy. He must have been bad at his job.
Uh okay. So he tells the guys to go door
to door. Now this is the ironic part. The minute
they walk away, the door closest to them opens up,
and Maggie and Andie were hiding in that door. He

just said to them, go door to door. Meanwhile, where
were they? They were down the hall right, They walked
all the way down the hall, past all of those
doors and keep on and they go go door to door,
but they didn't go in the door. Now had they
already done that floor? And they were like, oh what
did this floor? So keep going. It just seemed funny
to me, like open every door, but not the one

next to you. Where they kept walking, I'm like, you
missed the door. But good thing again. Now, Maggie says
what people say in every TV show. I have a plan.
I have a plan. I'm gonna call bullshit on the
plan when we get there. But she I have a plan.
So these idiots are killing all these people. Carlson and
his manner in the room with the hidden closet. Everyone's

behind the closet ready to shoot him man. Okay. Carlson
picks up a bottle of whiskey to put it down
on the floor. He notices footprints on the ground leading
to the closet. Okay, now a couple of things. Where
did we see people hiding behind a curtain before? Recently?

World Beyond? I'm not gonna wait till you remember the
World Beyond. Remember when a A BTh was about There
was two two curtains and there was no one mind
curtin number one, and then everyone was behind curtain number two.
And just before she opens the curtain, what happened? Di
walkie talkie went off. There was a lot of walkie
talkie bush and so I said, at that moment, I

predict there will be a noise right before he moves
the clothing to distract him. And like clockwork, there was
a bang and he was distracted, immediately distracted, and he
just walks away, even though he saw footprints, even though
he could have said, you guys, go check out the noise.
I'm gonna go check out the footprints that lead into
a closet. He didn't, so the men were yeah easily

dist The men run to the roof and pull guns
on Aaron and Father Gabriel, who were just standing there.
Elijah sneaks up behind the men and kills them, and
Aaron uses his mace to knock the gun out of
Carlson's hand and he calls for backup. Carlson says, hey, man,
we can talk things over, you know, stay calm, man,

stay calm. Now this was Maggie's plan because Annie and
Maggie come to the roof at that moment, and Carlson
drops his walkie talkie when he sees them, and he says, hey,
we just need to work things out. Okay. Now, uh,
a couple of things. How did Maggie know what the
roof look like, that there was a place for him

to Alijah to hide? They women, right, they've never been here, right,
But that was the plan. She had a plan that
were gonna ambush him on the roof. Now, most roofs
have the top of the staircase thing you can hide behind.
But it just seemed like she knew the terrain all
too well. If Annie had said she had a plan,
I would have I would have been into that and

showed her as a leader. I've got a plan. This
is what we do. Have your guys go up there.
But Maggie hat to have the plan because I had
to be Father Gabriel and Aaron because Annie would have
sent up her own people to the roof, and we
don't know who they are, so we need the stars
of the show there. Elijah, by the way, finally, we
haven't seen him kick us in a while. He looked
up with his weapons. He made that noise, he did.

He definitely made that noise. Carson's telling Aaron, Hey, man, chill, man, chill, chill, chill,
It's all good. Now Aaron had the big gun. Remember
the big gun was out of bullets. Now the big
gun has bullets again, So where the bullets come from?
That plays probably a bullets all over and the warlords
drawers or something. Yeah, but you have to have special
bullets for special guns. They don't know work caliber for

that gun, which he showed he was out of bullets.
So I was just wondering where the bollets came from.
That's all I mentioned. The last episode. I wanted to
talk about the gun. I don't know where the boats
came from, That's all I'm wondering. So Carson gets shot.
Carlson get shot multiple times with the big gun, and
he lands on the ground right near the pile of walkers,
the people that he killed. He lands on his back
and he's paralyzed. I don't know. I don't know how

he didn't crack his head open. Oh, like I know,
and he was shot. I'm like, how are you dead, sir?
So out of so he so he goes off the
side because you know, there's no wall there conveniently, and
he lands by the walkers and they they notice he's there.
Now he's covered in blood, but he's not covered in
walker blood. He's covered in fresh blood. So they smell
him and they eat him alive. Oh he deserved that.

I'm okay with that. I'm okay with it too. Mercer
and the group arrive at the top of the hill
and he tells the two um stormtroopers there, we could
have used your help back there, and he says, I
bet you could have, but we don't answer to you
because they answered the Sebastian. Now you would think Mercer
controls all the guards, but I guess not Sebastians. And

so they pick up the money because they brought the
money there. And Rosita asks one of the guys, the
bad guys, how many people have you guys sent into
that house before this? And he says thirty, maybe forty,
but you got the money. Did you know what's gonna happen?
At that point, I had a pretty good feeling that
you can only push Mercers so far that say what

you will. He's a man of honor and dignity, and
he doesn't agree with everything that's going on, and he
doesn't like Sebastian, and he walks up behind both of
them and shoots them and kills them both. I cheered.
I was excited too. I was like, oh my god, Yes,
he needed to do that. It had to happen. Yeah,
and Mercer will have to explain now, does he have

to explain what his bullets are? Probably not, because he's Mercer.
Sebastian shows up to come get the money and uh,
while they're at the back of the priestsinct house, and
he says, uh, we're my two guys, and Mercer says,
they didn't make it, which seems odd because Sebastian knows

they didn't go into the house. They were standing up
on top of the hill. And coincidentally the two two
of the five or two of the yeah, two of
the five didn't make it. There's those two guys, so
two of the six with with Carol. Sebastian takes out
a stack of money from the bag, gives it to
down in Rosita and he said, I'm sorry I couldn't
pay you beforehand, but I didn't have any money, and

I'm so glad we're friends again. Ah, And he was like, oh,
they're not here. Okay, here's your money, and he's like,
but nothing of it. After he sent these guys down there,
and part of me was thinking, Daryl's gonna go, I
don't want your stupid money. But then I was waiting
for that. A smart Darrel knows that his daughter, you
know that Judith wants presents, you know, she wants to

and records and an allowance. So now he can go,
here's five bucks, go buy yourself some records. Yeah. Yeah,
And plus he could use the money to get out
of there maybe, so take the money. But you know,
but taking the money now Sebastian has him has him
like and say, oh, you took money out of it.
And also, by the way, I don't know how much
money was in those bangs, but the little pile he
gave them was very tiny. Yeah, well you're yeah. Carol

shows up at Hornsby's office. Hornsby was calling Carlson the radio,
and of course no one answers because Carlson's dead. Carol
tells Hornsby, um, do you know that Sebastian has been
sending people into swarms of of walkers into a house
to get money. And Hornsby says, oh, is everyone okay?

And carl says barely, Like for a second, I thought
he was concerned, like he was ignoring the point because
it's Sebastian. But he says to her did they get
the money? And I was like, of course, he said
that that's a typical Hornsby answered, because he's such a
little shaster, right. But originally when he said it, I

thought it meant, oh, I wonder if you got the money,
because you just told me Sebastian was sending people in
the to get the money. But the way he said
it made it seem like some of that money is
for Hornsby like, oh, did you get the money for us? Okay?
And Carol says yes, and and then Hornsby says, oh good. Finally,
so Hornsby has just admitted he knew all of the

people that were sent into the house. And Carol asks
why he sent other people in and uh, he says, Oh,
they got themselves in bad situations. They made stupid choices
or an unwillingness to play by the rules, which is
probably what happened to the guard that's missing. Yeah, he says,
this place works because everyone plays their part. If you

can't or you won't, it hurts everyone else. That's when
the system breaks down. And I can't let that happen.
So he authorized people that he felt didn't belong or
weren't playing by the rules to go to Sebati, like
he probably directed them to Sebastian and then had Sebastian
oversee the mission exactly. Oh my god, he is his hand.

How would Sebastian know who owed money? Hornsby would know
because her so that Hornsby Carl says, oh, I get it.
Either you're part of the problem or part of the solution,
which which in my mind means Carol's now planning on
being part of the solution. Hornsby saister, Carol, it's nice
to talk to someone who gets the big picture. Not
many people do or can. And Carol smiles at him

and then walks away and makes a face at us
like I'm gonna kill him, like look at the flower.
And then Hornsby look concerned like he's not sure now
where Carol stands, because she just she does the acting
thing where she's sort of she was like, oh, yeah, no,
I get it, yeah, oh I get it. Polite smile
not give a little cute smile, and then walks away.

Nigan walks up to herschel and says, you and I
have unfinished business. I'll tell you what. You go back
with your mom and help rebuild your home, and a
few years, when you're older, come find me and we'll
settle it. Well, we already know the spinoff is happening,
so unless the spinoffs in the future, there's a time jump,
nobody's settling, any anybody settling. That's just And I know

Nigan is basically saying to him, you have every right
to want to kill me, but wouldn't you say, hey, listen, man,
I'm sorry. When you're older. I'll explain everything, I'll apologize.
But he basically said to him, you can kill me
in a few years if you want. Ah. Then he
walks away, and Maggie comes over and says, asks Herschel,
what did Negan say to you? And he just stares
and Negan looks back like, yeah, this is never gonna work,

never gonna forgive me. Yeah. By the way, at some
point those he always says, like, my you killed my men,
he refers to like ricks groups, and you killed some
of my men, and I let you off easy by
only killing two of yours. What if one of those
men was his brother or his cousin or someone he
cared about, Right, wouldn't he ever right to be upset? Right?

And yet he's forgiven them for killing his men he
understands as the world they live in. I just think
Nigan was particularly cruel. He made everything more painful on everyone.
That's what. Yeah. Aaron is oh, oh oh oh oh.
Aaron's with father Gabriel and Uh and Nigan and they're
all talking. They say they have to go back to Commonwealth.

They can't leave these people here because horns Peo will
eventually come for them. And Maggie says, well, we'll have
to help them. So my guess is she's gonna say, oh,
now it all makes sense. She's gonna have to take
all these people back to Hilltop because you can't leave
him in that building. They all asked them if um,
they all asked themselves, well, if these people didn't steal
the guns, who did? So? Before we get to that,

here's what I'm thinking. If they take all these people
back to Hilltop, maybe that's why Hornsby and Darryl show
up at Hilltop because they want to interrogate these people
because they still think they have the guns, or they
want to search Hilltop for the guns. Now, maybe that's
why Darryl showed up, but Hornsby shows up, he's basically

outing himself that he's involved in the gun thing. So
flashback to two weeks ago. The convoy has already been attacked,
a few of the men are dead, and one female
trooper is crawling away, begging for her life, and then
somebody steps over them slits their throat and as the
camera pans up, at what point, did you know who

it was? Okay? Yeah, And she has a tattoo on
her arm and she's a woman, and it was a woman.
I was like, well as soon as I saw the
green military pants and and uh, I knew it was her.
So all of those people died at the building because
Leah stole the guns and they got falsely accused, all
because Maggie only shot her in the shoulder. Maggie should

have taken her out. Now I have a question. So
when she ran away from a ridian she was hiding,
how did she end up crossing West Virginia right to
western West Virginia and ambushing the guns that happened to
be in the community of Commonwealth, near where Nigan is living.

Did she follow them? Has she been and who did
she follow? Because Maggie wasn't there a week ago? So
if she's following Maggie, she would have gone to Hilltop, right,
I don't know how she knew to go there. Why
did she go to West Virginia? Why did she go
and ambush a convoy of guns? Why would she have

headed west? If she was going after Darryl, then she
would have followed Darryl. But Daryl has been there for
over a month, many months at this point, so what's
she's been doing? She followed them, and she's been living
in the woods for months and months and months until
two weeks ago she found the guys with the guns.
She's done it before, living in the woods, found that cabin,
So who knows if she tracked him, but would Yeah,

but Maggie is alone basically at Hilltop. If she's going
after Maggie, why would you she got there. Maggie wasn't there.
Maggie was at Hilltop, so why would she go? Doesn't
make any sense to me? None, none, none, another another
one I go doesn't make any sense. I want to
be a writer, a TV writer, because apparently you can
not make any sense and get paid a lot of

money because you figure your audience won't care and that
podcasters won't be breaking it down. Well, yeah, but we're
breaking it down, breaking it down, so I mean, that's
what we get paid the big books for. Even though
there's no commercials. Scenes from the next episode. I won't
say next week because the episode is already out. A

bunch of dead bodies and some walkers are eating a stormtrooper.
Other stormtroopers are also dead nearby. Darryl and other Stormtroopers
come to the scene where this is happening. Hornsby says
to Aaron and Father Gabriel, Huh, it doesn't make a
lot of sense for strangers to keep you two alive
unless they were in strangers, And Aaron says, are you
calling us liars? Meaning maybe the people in the building

knew you guys, maybe you would in it with them.
And Daryl and the stormtroopers head to Hilltop and this
is the scene we've already seen of the flashback from
six months later, and let's see what else happened in
the trailer. Ezekiel and the doctor are hiding in a
room as troopers walked down the hallway. So are they

in trouble for jumping the list? What's going on there?
But but Hornsby took care of that. Max tells someone
they can change this place for the better. Mercer is
standing in the hallway of a building without his armor.
Max goes to visit Eugene Darryl as a stormtrooper is
walking off with Aaron and Father Gabriel. As if there
are prisoners, Maggie says to Darryl from the top of

the Hilltop fence, you trust these people, and Darryl says,
I'm asking you to Daryll says, I'm asking you to
trust me, Like, even if you don't trust Hornsby, trust me.
Whatever's going on here, it's all good. It's all good.
On Talking Dead, we had Angela Kang Teo rap Alson
who plays Sebastian and Chris Jericho for the wrestler. Jericho says,

Nigan did one of the worst things ever on television,
and he's been let off easy. Having revenge. Yeah, he said,
having a pregnant wife makes you viable, and he needs
to he needs him to be miserable. I think he
made a man vulnerable. Um, he needs to be he
needs him to be miserable. So he's implying that Negan's

wife needs to die for Negan to understand. Like if
Maggie were to kill Annie and and say like, okay
now or even if what I don't think Maggie has
in her to do that. I don't not, especially not
being pregnant. No, no, But if Maggie did that, then

why would they go to New York together? They would
definitely not right. What if Maggie puts a gun to
her head and says, you have some idea how I felt?
Right now? You know what if I kill her? I
think there's gonna be what if I kill her moment?
Oh you know what it might be like get your
ship and pants on moment and scared the ship out

of him just enough that he's like, Oh, I'm all right, okay,
I'm gonna kill I'm gonna kill one of you. And
then she does the any meani miny ouder them do that?
But oh no, no, what a great what a great
season finale that would be. Actually, I would love that
to happen. No, she everybody listening right, it's already been filmed.

Otherwise I'd say, right to them, tell them if she
tells them to get on their knees, get on your
goddamn knees and then does any meaty mighty mo? Oh
my god, how great would that be? But you can't
make it a season finale because the show is over. Yeah,
one last thing. April Martin's m A R T E

N S. Say is one of the names on the
piece of paper that was slipped under Connie's door. So
here's what I'm thinking. That list was the list of
names of people sent to the house. Oh you're yes,
or it was a list of people who have who
are in trouble, who are in debt or or or

have been marked for punishment. Oh so April was on
the list. Although there could be another woman named April.
It's not like her name was like something more unique,
like UNIQUEA. When I say the word unique, unique, it's
it's probably April. But you know, like if her name
is Maria, you like Maria's. I mean, it could be

other Aprils, but April's not that common April's. There's not
many April's. Well, there's only one in twelve. Okay. By
the way, she said she was a group of twelve
people sent to the house. What if everyone had the
name of a month. Yeah, right, that's right, Yeph Januine
February I killed each other? Okay. Se scenes for the

following week's episode or the episode that's out now. Eugene
goes to Max's offers to see if you can steal
if she can steal a secret file for him. She
tells him that people are dying, and I'm sorry. He
tells her, people are dying. You should check with your
brother to back up my story. He knows, like the
ship's going on here or Max. Yeah, Mercer knows about

this stuff. This week's episode of Talking Dead Ian Anthony Dale,
who plays Tomy Umico's brother. Now, is he on the
episode because he's like a big part of the show
with Ezekiel? Or does he die? He better not die.
He's the best looking man on that show. Hello, princesses
on the show you're Paolo Lazaro. And of course Emily

Kinney is on Talking Dead. A lot of a lot
of Emily Kinney, so I may get to play the
Emily Kinney. Hi, this is Beth from The Walking Dead.
I'll play that she has. Maybe we'll play it twice,
maybe play it this episode, which we already did by
the time you hear this, or well, and we'll play
next week. How about that? I like it. I'm down
for it. Are you down for it? Are you down
for it? Very good? Okay, Jamie, Yes, it's time. What

time is it? It's time for you to message I
had it. I was getting already
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