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April 9, 2022 52 mins

Ep.214 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down TWD S11 ep 15 "TRUST"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead   

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
Here are welcome to Walkers and Talkers episode two fourteen.
I'm David Brody from Elvis Stair in the Morning Show,
and I believe if my connection is working, that's Jamie
from I d f M. Hello, Jamie, Hello, I'm here.
Good good. I wasn't sure my wife I has been.

My wife has been a little screwy today. I know
it's not weather related, but the weather is really bad
on the East Coast, and my WiFi earlier was a little, uh,
a little screwy, but it seems to be okay right now.
Speaking of the weather, I'm watching in the background as
we're recording this, I'm watching the New York Mets opening
day being rain delayed, so I'm not happy about it. Yeah.

We're recording this on Thursday evening, April seven, two thousand
twenty two. For those of you listening after the Zombie
Apocalypse and you found this audio, I wanted you to
know when this was recorded. We have this episode next week, well,
the next episode, which is the mid season finale. So
after we review this episode, we've got nine episodes left

of The Walking Dead. Yeah. Yeah, it's it's sad and
and it's sad for the people on the show as well.
We'll talk about some of them before we start reviewing
the episode. Let's talk about some news Fear the Walking
Dead spinoff Dead in the Water. That is the prequel.
That is the prequel to the submarine story. So the

Submarine from last season the USS Pennsylvania. It's a digital series,
which means it's only on AMC Plus. It starts this
weekend Sunday, April t or it started this weekend. If
you're hearing this after the Sunday April tent and it
you can have to subscribe to it, but I think
it's it's worth it if you have the money to subscribe.
And it's gonna follow Nick Stall the actor. He he's

playing Riley again in he was the lead cult guy
in Teddy's Cult. He's gonna be reprising his role. Trapped
on the submarine as the pandemic starts. The pandemic the apocalypse,
So when the zombie breakout starts, the men are turning
on the submarine. Now I don't I would have to imagine.

I would have to imagine that someone was infected and
someone died on the ship, and that's what happened, because
it wasn't like they could have just out of nowhere
someone zombie was on board. But anyway, so that's what
we're gonna see is is him fighting and six episodes.
I guess the first half of the first episode is
going to be normal, and then you will see Mayhem
I guess, on board a closed submarine where they really

can't go anywhere. So that's this Sunday. The following Sunday,
April se Fear, the Walking Dead returns for the big,
the big war between Strand and Alicia. That will be
uh season s seven, right, and it's the show has
already been renewed for an eighth season. They're up. Tales

of the Walking Dead will follow that show this summer,
and then of course you've got The Walking Dead returning
end of September, sometime in October right around you in
the fall sometime. And then, just because we're running down
the shows, a reminder that I've The Dead with Maggie
and Egan sometimes as well as the Darling Cow spinoff,

who I'm excited for that one. So just a reminder,
none of those four people die. Yeah, the big, the big,
you know this episode, we'll get to it. We're gonna
talk about Leah and her mission. You already know he
doesn't accomplish her mission because those four people are alive.
Exactly A MC. You really at us, You really did

one past trailer guy. It's all the way up to corporate. Yeah. Yeah,
you know what, maybe trailer guys in charge of corporate. Now,
maybe he got promoted CEO. Trailer guy. Uh, Mr trailer guy,
you've got a phone call on hold on calls. I'm
trailer guys, spoil everything. Yeah, who's on the phone, some
guy named Garcia? You tell Garcia? I don't want to

talk to him. The guy in my office where I
take your gun and badge? Gun and badge? What are
you talking about? I'm in TV what don't question me?
All right? So trailer guy, that's my theory. He's running
a him. See, Jamie, what do you have for us?
As I know you have a couple of stories about

people on the show and their final day of filming.
What do you have? Yes? So, Jeffreygian Jeffrey Dean Morgan
marks last day on The Walking Dead with an Instagram
post to fans of the show. This is what he
had to say. He said, my last day thanks to everyone,
no words beyond that. It's just going to take a
bit to process at all. What a ride it has been. Huge.
Love to the cast and crew and as far as

all you that watched The Walking Dead, thank you. Probably
doesn't cover it, but that's all I got. Oh that's nice.
Nigan's a big softie, he is. Oh boy, well, what
would a farewell segment of our show be without you
talking about Norman Ritas, of course I have to talk
about him. Norman didn't do well. He did a post,

but he actually gave a speech on the final day
of filming. So Norman Reridus delivered a heartfelt speech to
the cast and crew as filming wrapped up on The
Walking Dead after a hundred and seventy seven episodes filmed
across twelve years and eleven seasons. Production ended last week
in Sonoya, Georgia with a film and Norman said, Wow,
this is surreal. Somebody taught me a quote recently and

it's it's the juice worth the squeeze. And then he
know that, He said, the Walking Dead juice has always
been worth the squeeze. As perverted as it sounds, it's
truly been an honor. He did this in a video
recorded right after the series wrapped up on The Walking Dead,
and Norman gave his speech as Melissa McBride Carol was
tearing up and hug Executive producer and series finale director

Greg NIKATARO. You know, for a second, it sounded like
you said the Walking Dead Jews, and I don't. I
don't know that many on the show. There's the Rabbi
is on Fear the Walking Dead. I don't remember a
lot of Jewish characters. Yeah, there's a there's a clip
of it on Twitter of the speech, some of it,

and it's you know, it's sad. The last scene they
filmed is obviously at Commonwealth because that's where the cast
and crew are when they're saying goodbye. So but that
I don't know if that means anything. I don't know
how far away the Commonwealth set is from any other sets. So,
but that's where they wrapped that. It's probably doesn't mean
it was the last scene in the show. It's just

the last scene they filmed. It could have been out
of order, right, So we don't know. We don't know
what's going on. I know that that Andrew Lincoln was
there around the time of the last few episodes being filmed,
whether it was to direct, whether it was to just
be there, who knows. Also, you're you're Karl Grimes actor

was there. Chandler Riggs. Chandler Riggs, thank you. I was
thinking Chandler bing could he could he be more dead?
So Chandler Riggs was there, But a lot of the
old cast members were the big as we talked about.
I think last week and the week before the last
episode we talked about there was a big Atlantic convention,
a Walking Dead convention, tied into the final filming, and

he was there for that. Now he tweeted on April one,
I don't know if you saw this, I'm gonna be
in the last episode of The Walking Dead. I did.
I actually retweeted that yes, And then a few minutes
later he tweeted check today's day at April one. Oh
my god, he got me. Are you kidding me? You
didn't notice it was April first? Jamie? Oh Jamie, I

was like, he is, I'm so glad you didn't like
you didn't say on this podcast, just so you know
he's going to be on the final episode. I didn't
say anything. Now it could be Jamie, you could be
actually smarter than all of us. It could be it
could be a no, it could be a reverse April
Fools where he actually is on the final episode. So

he said it on April one, so you'd think, oh,
now there's no chance will be on it, and then
he is on it, so who knows. However, I saw
a very interesting theory from the guys at Knock noc
knockbro Nation on YouTube. I like them very much, and
they think, if you know the comics, I'm not gonna
give too much away, but they think, because Rick is

not at the Commonwealth, that Mercer will give the big
speech and Mercer will take Rick's storyline. And then the
question was who then takes Carl's storyline as it pertains
to Rick's storyline, and they suggested maybe Princess. So if
you know what Carl and Rick do at the end
of the comic book series, then their theory is that

Princess and Mercer will do that. M hmm, okay, for
what that's worth, no spoilers, Okay. Oh, the episode is
called Trust. Did you enjoy it, Jamie? I did? I
like the deep dive into Mercer and Princesses relationship. Yeah?
He's a big man god. And the bed scene, ah

yeah that too, her body doo yeah yeah. But you know,
I understand it's it's television and it's usually P G rated,
although not this episode. This episode probably got an R rating.
You know, women will will have the top covered in bed,
either they do the sheet or for some reason she
was wearing like a bra, bra or bikini top. I

get that, But Mercer as a man, doesn't have to
cover up anything. I don't know. I'm not saying that's fair. Um,
you know, as far as I'm concerned, women should be
topless on TV. I'm almom all about equality. But your mercer,
he's uh, he's a he's a monster of a man,
big man, not a muppet of a man. Which is
a great song if you saw the Muppet movie. Did

you see that with Marshall from How I Met Your Mother? Oh,
he sings I'm a muppet of a man, and then
the Muppet sings I'm a man of I'm a man
of a muppet or I'm a muppet of a man.
It's a great it's a fun song. Go go pull
up Muppet of a Man video so you see what's
going on. But basically the the actor who play his

name is irrelevant at the moment, but he's talking about
how he's he's so much like a muppet. He relates
to them that if he was a muppet, he'd be
a muppet of a man, you know, or he's a
man of you have to see it because but when
you said it, he's a mountain of a man, I
was like, oh, you're a mumpet of a man. So
all right, this is what we do. We go off
on tangents. Jamie, try to stay focused me. Thank you

for admitting it. Okay, alright. The episode is called Trust.
It starts with the stormtroopers Uh and Um Hornsby at
the building that Carlson killed everyone last week, and they're
treating like a crime scene, putting down on numbers and
counting the bullets and everything, marking everything. U. Darrel goes
up to the roof and Hornsby is yelling that this

is a bad look for everyone, and he doesn't believe
Aaron and Father Gabriel story. He doesn't believe that people
living in that building were able to kill all of
those trained soldiers, and yet Father Gabriel and Aaron live.
And then Uh survive everything when everyone else was killed
and all the people who lived in that building runoff,

and he asks Daryl, Hey, Daryl, what do you think
you think this is a truthful story? And he says, hey, man,
they've been out there a long time. They're very good.
They can take care of themselves. And uh, if they
said that's what happened, that's what happened. And Hornsby doesn't
believe Darrel either at that point, but that comes back
to haunt them a little bit because Daryl went and
said they can take care of themselves, and Hornsby puts

them to the test later on which we will touch on.
Hornsby says, you expect me to believe that you survived
an attack from violent strangers unless they weren't strangers at all,
implying that somehow Aaron and Father Gabriel knew these people
in a building that they us found in West Virginia.
Aaron says, you called us liars, and Father Gabriel says,

that's what happened. We barely survived, and I'm not taking
the fall for this bitch. He didn't say bit. That's
the vibe out of nowhere. Hornsby, who's a spiteful little
prick says, we need to go to Hilltop and warn
them because some very dangerous people could be out there.
Have we not established that Hilltop is hundreds and hundreds

of miles away? And unless he was absolutely suspicious of
Maggie being there, which why would he be. Why would
he think that the guy on the horse went to
go get Maggie when they're a state and a half away.
But he's acting like, oh, it had to be Maggie, right,
and he had no reason to believe it was Maggie. Now,

he does explain tire tracks later in the show, which
is the only thing I could think of, and the
baseball at but I doubt he remembered the baseball hat
belonged to Little Herschel. So maybe the tire tracks and
the hat is what made him think that Maggie came there.
I don't know, but I'm gonna call bullshit in a
in a couple of minutes. You bear with me, spoiler,

it's coming. He tells Daryl, you better suit up, soldier.
If you noticed Daryl didn't have his helmet on when
everyone else did so at that point, Daryl's Daryl's either
the rebel or that's for us so that we can
see who Daryl is. Mhm right. So he's like, oh,
don't want how much, Daryl, because we need you to
see the people and show you need to see which

one you are, you know, because you can't wear like
a bandana around your head, like, oh, the one in
the bandanna is Darryl. Because they're all uniformed. Right, that's
the whole purpose of the name uniform that they're all
they all match. That's when the credits roll. So that's
what happens. That's big first scene. Mercer wakes up. His
alarm clock is going off in bed. I guess he's

there's a nice alarm clock it at Commonwealth, big red
numbers plugged in. That's very very nice. And he's in
bed with a woman who kisses him and it's Princess,
as we've talked about before. They have a romantic conversation
and she points out that he seems deep and thought
a lot and he may not have slept well. Apparently
the sex was really good because they talked about that

a lot. She thinks something's bothering him, and he starts
to get annoyed and says, I'm fine, leave me alone,
stuff bothering me. Eugene and Rosita invite Connie and Kelly
over the Eugene's apartment. They don't bring any lasagna. Rosita
wants to call Connie. I'm sorry. Rosita wants to tell
Connie because she's a reporter what happened at the house

with the Walkers and the money last episode. Rosita says
she can't help her think about the people that died
and that poor woman April. Now she had no reason
to say that poor woman April, but she did in
the script so the sisters could say, wait a minute,
we've got names on the list, and they take the
list out, and of course April is on the I

don't know how they remembered the name April on a
list of forty fifty names, but they did because Rosiea
awkwardly mentioned the name April. Rosida says, well, there's more
names on that list than Sebastian sent into the house,
so something else must be going on. Now, that doesn't
mean that everyone on the list was choked, like everyone
went in the house may have been chosen from that list.
Maybe that's the list of people in debt, well, people

they can't trust et cetera. Kelly says they're gonna need
insight access to get more information, and Eugene says he
might know someone who can help. Obviously he means Max
Mercer's sister dun Du Duntu. Carol is with Stephanie and
r J. I don't know if she's officially taking care
of them when Darrel's gone, but he makes a reference

later that he's not going back to Commonwealth. Well then
what about Stephanie, And um, I'm sorry I said Stephanie.
I meant Judith and r J. Uh. Carol's with Judith
and r J, and Daryl doesn't seem like he's like,
I'm not going back to Commonwealth. Well are you abandoning
Judith and uh? And r J? Is Carol now in
charge of them? Ezekiel comes up to Carol. He's already

had the surgery, and he's excited to thank her for
everything she did and show her what he's been working on.
And she says, yeah, oh that's great, but I'm a
little busy right now. And Ezekiel says, oh with the bakery.
She says, no, I have another job and it's complicated
and something happened and things when sideways, but it's it's
I have to fix it, and it's better. You don't

know anything about it now, you know when Carol fixes something,
she no, but she fixes it good and dead. Yes,
so I would have I would imagine Hornsby is in trouble.
At some point in the next eight episodes, Hornsby and
the troopers and Darryl and Father Gabriel and Aaron are
all walking through the woods and a bunch of walkers

walks across the road that they're on. He stops the
group of people and tells Aaron and Father Gabriel to
take care of it, since I was just told you
guys can handle anything. And Daryl, still not wearing a helmet, says,
are you kidding now? If he's supposed to be a soldier,
why is Hornsby letting him get away with no helmet

and in subordination? Is yeah, So Aaron and Father Gabriel
and Darryl like Daryl wasn't asked to help, but he
goes to help, and again Hornsby doesn't tell him not to.
I thought he was going to stop him and he'd
just let him go at least when Darrel shot his
mouth off, he should have said, well, you go help
them too. Then like there was missing, like they missed
that line for some reason. Aaron Aaron punches one of

the walkers in the face with his mace. Is a
mace face boom boom, absolutely and the head explodes, and
Father Gabriel cuts one of the heads in half, and
then the top half slides and slow, that was great.
Darryl puts the sword end of his gun through the
head of a walker, spins him around and shoots. Yeah,

shoots through with the first walker into the second walker,
and there was a head on the ground. After they
kill all of them, and he kicks the head over
to Hornsby and says, I saved your bullet again. Hornsby
doesn't doesn't say anything. The other men are looking. They
gotta be like, why is this guy being so disrespectful Hornsby.

You'd think Hornsby would have him punished or something. Anyway,
he looked worried for a second when they were really
good at killing, but then he got a stupid fake
smile on his face. He's like, oh, congratulations, that was
well done. So I don't know if he thinks he
can use them as fighters now. When he sees because
the troopers are great at being like, you know, policemen,

but they're not good killers of what is Yeah, then Daryl.
Then Hornsby tells Daryl to put his helmet on. Why
does he tell him to put his helmet on, because
now we're going to see the scene that was a
flash forward of six months ago where Daryl has to
take his helmet off to say hi to Maggie. So
he had to put his helmet on for that scene.
Thank you Hornsby for finally telling him put his helmet

on just so he can take it off in the
next scene. So true. A quick reminder, remember I said
it was bullshit that Maggie drove from Hilltop all the
way across Virginia, across West Virginia to get there in
like ten minutes. They are now walking from western West

Virginia to Hilltop in armor with no I don't see
any supplies, no water, nothing. Explain to me what's going
on there? How are they doing that? Thank you? That
was that was the original name of this podcast. Brodie
s right. Ezekiel shows up at Humo's brother Tomy's office,

and he was he was drinking and he hides the
liquor bottle in a drawer with a bottle of pills
and on talking Dad, the actor who plays Tomy, said
they cut that seen short. Originally it showed him taking pills,
drinking out of the bottle, and throwing his glass across
the room. Ezekiel wants his help. He says he knows
someone who can't afford it but needs a minor procedure.

And he says, it's an appendet to me, and I
want to do it out of the system. Off to
the side. I got a place, I've got I've got
the equipment. I just need some supplies and I need
you tell him, he says. It's Look, it's very risky
and dangerous for everyone. It's you know, he said, Look,
I lost a patient this morning. I lost them here
in a hospital where it's safe and sanitary, and now
you're asking me to risk my life and my job

and the health of a patient. Whof drama? Am I right? Yeah?
Thank you again, thank you, thank you you right. That's right.
I believe we now once again have commercials in the podcast.
So let's play a few for the people and we
will be right back after this. Hey, this is Seth

Gilliam I played Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead, and
you're listening to Walkers and Talkers with David Brody and
Jamie Okay, Eugene goes to visit Max. He asks her
to find secret files and steal them, as if like
there's a there's a drawer that's marked secret folders, secret
files right going, Because listen, Carol knew exactly what filing

cabinet to go to to get sels. So just I'm
sure Max knows where the secret file is. In the
secret cabinet, in the secret room, in the secret building,
in the secret corner of town, the secret corner of town.
Nobody knows about it. They only think there's three corners
of town. Did we live in a triangle? No, it
turns out there's a fourth corner. No way, it's a secret.

What's in there? A filing cabinet with a secret file? Well,
how do you know about it? Um? The person who
put it there? Okay? Also, it's the script, so I
was told where it is exactly. Eugene tells Max. There
are people dying because of Sebastian. I can't help but
think of the crab from a littlemouth, for he's a crab.
I think he's a crab. Right, yeah, he's he says Mercer.

Her brother can corroborate because he was there, and she
says Michael was there. So, in addition to Mercer's real
name in real life being Michael, apparently his real name
is Michael. Did they give him the name Mercer because
it's like short from Mercenary, you think to make him
sound tough because his name is not Michael in the comics,

from what I believe. Yes, And they're also not brother
and sister in the comics, So Max doesn't exist in
the comics, right, we talked about that, well, Matt, Yeah, right, right,
Max is a combination of of two people. And yes,
so Hornsby and the rest of the Funky bunch arrive
at Hilltop in breakneck speed, and this is the scene

we saw a couple of weeks ago when they flashed forward.
Hornsby tells Maggie there are killers on the loose who
stole property of the Commonwealth, and they just want to
come in and take a look around, just so we
can eliminate you from the suspect list. You know, paperwork.
Maggie says, I gave you my answer before you are
not coming in. So Hornsby turns to a stormtrooper behind him,

and they're planning like they're going in guns blazing, and
Daryl says, let me talk to her. I don't want
anybody get killed. I don't have to shoot anybody, and
Hornsby says, all right, all right, go for it if
you think you can get this done peacefully. Maggie tells
the soldier it does need to be this way, and
of course it's Daryl who takes his helmet off and says, yeah,
it does. Just let us in. It'll be quick. And

she says, you expect me to trust him, and Daryl says, no,
I expect you to trust me, which basically he said, uh,
last week of the week before, ye, why do you
trust these people? I don't trust me. So they opened
the gates we see in the trailer for next week
where she hit everybody. But what why would she have

hid them in a hole in the ground. She had
no reason to believe that Hornsby was gonna come there immediately.
Yeah she didn't know that, right, but she's already hiding them. Interesting.
M cut to Mercer in the gym. The senior referenced earlier.
He's working out shirtless as good looking people do. Max

walks in and says, she wants to know what's going
on with Sebastian. There's people missing. I want to know
about the house. And he says, well, it sounds like
you know about everything already, and she says, why don't
you tell me about this and he says it's none
of your business and then goes off on her, saying
this place has parts of the way things the way
they used to be. There's good parts, but there's also

bad sides around here. Look, wherever you go, people are
gonna kill each other. At least we got a safe
place here. He says, Look, I let people die because
of me because I missed the clues. I didn't see it,
and I have to live with that. But I fixed
everything and you need to move on, like let's let's
let's just stop talking about it, Max, Max says, why

do you let Sebastian get away with stuff like that?
And Mercer says, because I have fifty other people to
worry about besides him. He says, if I go after Sebastian,
there'll be consequences and I will face retribution. And if
I happen to disappear, who's going to keep the commonwealth
safe and protect the fifty people? Max says not everyone

looks at things as acceptable losses. You know, the people
that died matter. And Mercer says, hey, Pam's your boss.
Taken up with her, she's your boss also, like we
worked for the same lady. Go go Talktor, don't blame me.
I don't see You'll be in a big shot, Max
says to him. People look up to you and the
communities are with you. And right behind him as a

giant poster of Mercer on the wall, like he's a hero,
she says, you can be so much more. Maybe that's
just me being naive. Maybe you are just a poster,
which is that's an ouch. That's an ouch right there. Yeah,
I thought you were a hero, but shouldn't not them
but a poster. King Ezekiel and Tommy are in an

office at the hospital. It's a supply room, stealing supplies
for surgery, and guards are walking the hallways. This is
what we saw in the trailer where they were ducking
for cover and we thought maybe they were in trouble
for the surgery, but no, they already had the surgery,
that Ezekiels had his surgery already say he's good. Um,
of course. The second they step out of the closet,
Tony bumps into a guard and drops his bag of supplies.

Not not the not the stealthiest, Hornsby uncovers the pickup
truck that had a tarp over it at Hilltop that
we saw Maggie drive in the last episode to get
to the building to help save them, Right, she came
to rescue them in that blue pickup truck. She tells Hornsby, Oh,
I've been rebuilding the engine in that car. It doesn't start,

and Hornsby says, well, not a lot of cars run
these days. But we found tire tracks by the building,
and he sees this mud on the tires which makes
it look like it's been driven lately. Darryl keeps pushing
his luck with Hornsby and and as nasty to him

and says, what are you getting at? And he says,
you know, I was a bit of a gear head,
meaning I could fix cars and stuff. Let me take
a look at it, and I'm thinking, oh my god,
if this starts there in big So he opens the
hood up and he sees in the engine that something's unplugged,
so I think very obvious was unplugged. So I thought, well,

if Maggie's trying to get the car not to start,
because she somehow anticipated Hornsby would come there and then
try to verify the car would be able to start. Now,
I don't know how you have gas that works ten
years later, but that's the exact thing I said out loud.
I said, how good. He went and said, we gave
you guys a lot of fuel, but unless they're they're

refining fuel. Now there's not a lot of I mean,
fuel breaks down, it doesn't last, so it doesn't land
in your or your fuel tank. So he plugs the
thing back in. He gets in the car, and of
course the keys are in the visor because that's what
people do on TV shows and movies always. I've my
keys there in my wife. Now Maggie looks legitimately worried

the truck is going to start up, which I thought
was weird because then when he goes to start it
with his cocky face, it doesn't start. In fact, it
doesn't even turn over. It doesn't even click, which says
to me that the battery was disconnected because or the
battery was completely dead, in which case it could have
been completely dead and she still could have driven it.

He knows that she drove it, he just can't prove it.
So Maggie goes up to him in the truck and says,
you people have until sundown and then you need to
be on your way on Maggie read. Maggie is clearly
much smarter than he is. Tomy and ezekieler in handcuffs
in an office at the hospital. Carol comes in, tells
the guards to leave, gets the key to the hand cuffs.

Now she's a big deal. Ezekiel says, I was hoping
your new job had some connections, so I dropped your name.
Smart man. She says she took care of it, and
then says, you guys should be fine unless you plan
on getting into more trouble tonight. And Ezekiel says, not
all trouble is bad trouble. Let me show you what
I've been working on. Carol and uh she and and

told me go to a stable behind a curtain. He's
running a veterinary area, so he's helping the pets. They're
the animals, but we don't know who he's who there
the patient is. At this point, I'm thinking it's a
llama who can't afford the surgery or something, because as
you know, goats don't carry money, so they wouldn't be
able to pay for surgery, right unless you're Tom Brady.

So Mercer is standing in the hallway of Princess's building
and she comes home and he's I need to talk
to you about something. I want to apologize, um, because
the whole relationship thing is new to me, And Princess says, listen,
I know I come off as care free, but I

can handle serious stuff. And he's so. Mercer says, well,
I killed two of my men and covered it up.
It's not who I am. I was raised a certain
way not to cross lines, and these lines I would
never cross until now. That's what's keeping me up at
night thinking about that, and that I would do it again.

And he says, uh, all I've ever known is keeping
people safe, and it's worked so far. But maybe this
place needs something else. Maybe he's part of the problem.
No matter how good a community is, once the uh sorry,
this is my thought here. So here's my thought. No
matter how good a community is, once the cast of
the show. The stars go into a community, they wreck everything,

the people they're believed in, you know, Alexandria, they ruined it,
you know, they just they just they go in and
they change people's perceptions of everything. They overthrew Ocean Side
at one point, they overthrew Hilltop. They just go in
and fff it up for everybody, or, as Daryl's going

to say in a little while, funk it up for everybody.
Gotta mark this episode explicit. Sorry. She kisses his hand
and says, why don't we go inside and figure things out?
Wink wink. So that means the sex again. They're gonna
have the sex. Sex. All right, let's let's think about

the sex while we go to commercial. As I pointed out,
we we have commercials again, so enjoy them. We'll be
right back after this. Hi, this is Emily Kinney Beth
on The Walking Dead and you're listening to David Brody
and Jamie on the Walkers and Talkers podcast. Okay, I
hope you enjoyed those commercials. Welcome back commercials. Yeah, herschel

is um sitting at Hilltop looking at I guess his
father's grave. Spoiler, Hornsby comes out of the seller as
just as Herschel is walking past the seller, and you know,
I'm thinking of myself. You know, Hornsby's gonna get the
kick talk at least I thought that at least. Now

here's my question. I'm not saying Maggie's the best parent
in the world, But if you've got the Commonwealth soldiers
searching every square inch of hilltop, wouldn't you go get
your son and keep it with you, especially since he's
apt to talk, he's a little boy, you're letting him
walk around. I'm gonna pick today to go sit at

the ground. I know he was sitting at the grave
because he just found out Nigan killed his father spoiler,
Glenn's dead. But it just seems like that moment wasn't
the best moment for Maggie not to know where he was,
since she's taken precautions with the car and Nigan's people,
and now now she doesn't matter, doesn't mind, it, doesn't care.

Herschel's walking around by himself. Hornsby in getting my van voice. Oh,
you've had an exciting life, little Herschel. Have you taken
any exciting trips lately? You know, to a slaughter apartment building.
I don't want anything to happen to your mom, So
I need your help. If I can get the truth,

I can fix things. That's what I do. I'm a fixer.
But I can't keep people safe if they keep secrets.
They can. You are You're like Kink of the clown.
You are you are? You are the worst? Oh my god.
So he tells Hornsby, I gotta go get my mother.
Hornsby jumps in front of him and takes out the

baseball hat that Herschel was wearing and says, I found
this hat where all the bad things happened. It would
be a shame for a nice, a nice uh hat
like this to go to waste. And he puts it
on Herschel's head and he says, I'll be darned, it's
a perfect fit. And he puts his hand on je Herschel,
and out of nowhere, Elijah comes out and throws him

against the wall. He by the way he throws Hornsby
against the wall, not her. Stormtroopers surround them and tell
him to let Hornsby go or they will shoot him.
And then Daryl and Maggie show up, and Daryl points
the gun at the other soldiers, the guys he's been
working with. They must be thinking, what is the guy
would know? Why doesn't he have his armor on and

his his mask and he's pointing a gun at us
and he badger that's right. Hornsby says, Hey, I'm a
nice guy, you know, I'm so nice. I'll let everybody
leave here if you just stand down, And Maggie says,
a lot of people have made the mistake of threatening
my family, and most of them are dead. Well, you know,
not Nigan, right, so you know the governor's dead, but

he did he did kill herschel and the cop what
was her name, Diane, the cop maybe whatever her name
was in um in the hospital. She's dead, but she
killed Beth spoiler Greg Well, yeah, Greg, but Greg but
who did Gregory attack? Gregory tried to kill Maggie, Yes, right,

so yeah, but that's not really threatening her family. That's
threatening her right. But a lot of the reapers are dead.
Oh but they killed a lot of Maggie's family, so
she got revenge on them. So yeah, she's badass. She's
killed enough people to make that threat, I guess. Darryl
then points the gun at Hornsby, now, how are you
getting back from this? How are you recovering from pointing

the gun to Hornsby and then says, you know, look,
we turned we turned this place upside down. We found nothing.
Tell you meant your men to stand down? His partners,
tell your men to stand down before something really fucking
bad happens. So they said a couple of times this

episode in this season, but not not the F word. So,
in case you're wondering, that F word was uncensored on
AMC Plus and when it was on a MC, Darryl's
face was blocked by the gun so you couldn't see
him say it, so they beat They guess they beaped it,
and you couldn't read his lips because yeah, he's reading

his lips. Is just a bad. Hornsby orders everyone to
lower their weapons and he goes up to Maggie all
smiles and says, hey, I'm sorry if there was any miscommunication,
you know, I'm I'm sorry we couldn't be friends. And
he's like, all right, but let's get out of here.
I'm thinking Dad's going with them, and then he doesn't.
He stands there and you know, not in his armor,

and he stays back with Maggie and Elijah. But then
we see him in the woods with Aaron and Gabriel,
so he did go with the troops. It's still still
not wearing full gear, and he says he's not going
back to Commonwealth, but I gotta stick with them while
they still search for the people. And Aaron says, maybe
we need to find those guns so that we can

end this search, like we gotta try to find them.
But where would they look if it wasn't If it
wasn't Leah, then whoever stole the guns could have gone
in any direction they want three hundred and sixty degree
angles of directions. Okay. A guard comes up and tells Hornsby,
we found something. Ezekiel and Carol are talking. He's proud

of himself, she's proud of him and for what he's
accomplished with the animals, and he said some really nice
things to her and she says, oh, you know, we're
not getting back together, right, And he says, you keep
saying that and laughs, Well, we know there's a spinoff.
So if they get back together, it's only so he
can die, oh right, because otherwise she wouldn't leave. So

so if they don't get back together, maybe he lives
happily ever after wherever they're gonna live. But if if
they get back together, he's a dead man. So now
you have to hope they don't get back together. Oh okay,
they're going to operate on a woman. It turns out
the woman being operated on it was a member of
the Kingdom, even though we don't really see her face

in the episode because she has the mask and the oxygen. Yeah,
now we may see her next week to see that
she recovered or that she got an infection and died.
Be the way. Um, it was Cary Peyton's idea to
have a member of the Kingdom there, which would explain
why he was so concerned about her getting surgery because
she was part of his original group. So she got

a little screen time thanks to carry Peyton did. They
asked Ezekiel to assist with the surgery because you know,
the guy who knew what he was doing had to leave.
So now Carol and Ezekiel are assisting with the surgery.
They pull out the appendix and some guts and some
other stuff, and it looks like she'll be fine barring
any complications. In the next twenty four hours, which is

what they always say. Well, she's not out of the
woods yet. Max and Eugene are talking, and at this
point I thought that the show was really kind of
soap operay with Princess and Mercer, you know, like, oh man,
my relationship I don't know, oh I love you with
the sex is good, We've had a lot of sex.
It was just very like they should have had this

soap opera music, you know, the violin music they play
like that. It's really you know, there's not a lot
of action in the Commonwealth scenes, and so they I
think they need to speed those up a little bit.
She says to Eugene, Look, we can't wait for other
people to help meeting her brother. Whatever I know can't
be unknown, and something has to be done about it.

And Eugene says, whatever happens, I'll be there with you.
I've never been so sure about anything in my life.
Somehow you and I found each other. So I'm with
you and they lean in and they kiss, and Jamie
was all, you know you are you know you got
all yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. So then Max says, all right,
where do I need to steal? So she's in, yeah,

a secret folder with the secret fire. Leah is cleaning
her weapon in the woods, and I'm not I assume
she's near Hilltop because she's planning on killing Maggie. Why
else would she be there, right she she gets up,
puts her gun against the tree, and goes into her tent.
I thought it was weird she would leave her weapons

outside for some reason when she was going to take
a nap. A bunch of troopers around the tent with
their weapons out. So so you're telling me that the
other guard that spoke to Hornsby said I think we
found something. He was able to spot Leah and get
away without her knowing. It hard to believe as well,
because right so, now a bunch of troopers are outside

the tent. They opened the flap of the tent to
ambush her, and she's not there. She went out the
back of the tent. She knew they were coming, and
she must have had other weapons, and she shoots one
guy in the foot, one guy in the arms. She's
picking them off. Now, why she's given them flesh wounds,
I don't know. Maybe she wants to figure out who
they are. However, she already killed a whole bunch of

people wearing those same uniforms. She knows that they're coming
for revenge because she took their guns, so why is
she wounding them? That's the part I didn't understand. Hornsby says,
hold your fire. We're here to talk. You're a very
hard person to track down. You cost me a lot
of trouble. Uh at least uh hear me out. Let

me let me tell you what I have to say
before you kill us. And you know, she lets him speak.
She comes out, He introduces himself. He says, my name
is Lance Hornsby, and I'm here to offer you a job. Now.
He's obviously going to hire her to kill Maggie right
once he sees that Leah has the guns right and

and he's like, oh, she must have taken out all
my men. She must be pretty badass. I'm gonna hire her, right, okay.
Scenes for next episode the mid season or the second
third season finale, section B of the season. Hornsby tells
Leah he will need to see Maggie dead to prove
that you killed her. Maggie leaves hill Top up with herschel.

She then goes to some hole in the ground where
Nigan and his wife and the rest of the bunch
or in the in the ground. How long have they
been in the ground? Did they run out of the
back of hilltop? Like have they been? Were they playing
on living in the hole on the hopes that Hornsby
may show up sometime that year? Uh, she tells Nigan,
it's not gonna end until us say it ends until

I end it on Maggarie and uh, Leah's on the
Walkie's saying I'm gonna do things my way, and Hornsby says,
your away got my men killed. So at that point
you have to think, okay, our people have killed a
good amount of the people that were working with Leah. Now,
when Leah walks off to go on her mission, she's

with like five or six guys in black, all ninja
like looking outfits with belts with weapons. Now, I don't
know if that's the clothing under the armor. Maybe that's
the clothing under the armor. And she's taken those guys
with her so that they wouldn't stand out in the
forest with the with the white uniform, which seems, you know,
maybe the wrong color for stealth. So that's who they are.

So apparently a lot of those Red Shirts so to speak,
get killed. Darryl and Father Gabriel and Aaron and Maggie
and who else knows and who else we don't know
are fighting against the troopers. So I don't know if
Nigan's group is part of it. I don't know. Um,
I don't think. No, it's already out. I'm gonna watch
it probably tomorrow night. So I'm just predicting that. I

don't think Lea dies in the mid season finale. I
think maybe they capture her or or like Maggie has
a gun to her, and you don't know if Maggie's
gonna kill her or not. Maybe she doesn't, maybe you
think she's going to, and then when the show comes back,
Darryl begs her not to kill her, or maybe Darryl
has to put her down. Oh what if she's about
to kill Maggie and Darryl kills her. That would be

pretty cool. But I gotta tell you, um, scruffy in
the forest, Leah very attractive Farrell farre Leah, which is
a great name. Fair Leah has got that eighties rock
video hair because she's Oh my god, that's my jam

right there. Oh my god. Yeah. So I'm saying Leah
can stick around a little longer right up until they
enact that topless women's thing on television for quality. I'm
just I'm for the people's right, That's right. Okay, maybe
we see Nigan and Maggie team up. Who knows they

have to become friends at some point right there, going
off to New York together. Uh, Talking Dead was pretty good,
Paolo Lazaro, that's your princess. Ian Anthony Drake, who, by
the way, plays um Umco's brother and has a British accent. Now,
on The Walking Dead, a lot of the characters with
Southern accents are from English. Yeah, like like brick a

bunch of them. Well, this guy Ian Anthony Drake, and
his name is like Ian Anthony Drake. He sounds British.
Oh know, he's Midwestern American and he's faking a British accent.
He's doing it very well. He's the reverse well for us.
But he did mention that some Brits are given him
crap for his action. It's like the fake New York
accent on television, which I've talked about a lot. On

The Brooklyn Boys were like, yes, so I was getting
a cup of coffee and a slice of pizza and
then all of a sudden, this taxicab cuts me off. Well,
forget about it. We don't talk like that, you know,
we know how we sound like I do every episode
of the Walking Dead podcast that we do called Walkers
and Talkers. Now, there are people with more pronounced accents,
for sure, like my boy meals by couge if you're

not following meals m E A L s underscore, Cug
meals by couge uh. Coug of course short for coujeene,
which means cousin and Italian. But growing up in Brooklyn,
it meant like Kujim was like a Guido, the muscle
t shirts, the sleeveless tank tops, the gold chains, the
slicked back hair. But he does food reviews and he

also cooks, so he makes meals and he reviews food
and right now is my favorite funny guy on Instagram,
and TikTok were my favorite funny guy on YouTube. Well
I'm sorry. Matt Friend is also the tied for first
Matt I love Mat Friend, my friend Matt friend or

my Matt Matt friend or my muppet of him Matt.
But my favorite guy is as Ryan George I think
is his last name, who does the pitch meetings. Now,
I sent you pitch meeting walking dead, right, you watch
that right? And he just so he go look up
pitch meetings on YouTube, and I also look at look

at screen Rant and watch. So he used to do
a bit called pitch meeting where he pitches movies and
he points out all of the plot holes similar to
the way I do, but in a funny way. And
he plays two characters. I don't want to give too
much away, but their catch phrases that are hilarious. Anyway,
These pitch meetings used to live on the screen Rant
YouTube page, and most of them are there. However, he

also has a new page now just for him called
pitch Meetings, and now his new ones are there. He
is the funniest thing right now, imagine. And also I
want to take a quick shot at my friend Trevor
on the Trev's Chance page. Oh yeah, you know. I
love him, love his reviews. He's been on this podcast
at least twice from what I can remember. In fact,

he was on the first episode that is not posted
anywhere because the sound quality was terrible. It's not I
don't even have. I don't even think I have it anymore.
So it's if you look in our channel, you'll see
episodes two on. But he was on. He was the
guy I had on the first episode before I convinced
Jamie by simply asking her to be on the podcast. Well,
I wanted to make sure I had that, like I

could do an episode if I bothered somebody else. And
so anyway, so Ian Anthony, so oh so so try
so Trevor. This is the land the review he did
of the episode we're doing, He's like, I don't care
what a brother's name is. The show's im Stover. I
don't really care anymore. He's sort of like, I'm like,
I'm like yelling at my my computer. Hey go, trev

you got nine episodes left, body, what are you doing?
You got you got spinoffs? Yeah, there's a lot more happening.
So he's he's ten percent mailing an inn. So come on,
travl You're better than that. You're better than that. You're
a You're a you're a Walking Dead icon. Let's go
come on alright. Also on the show is Emily Kinney,

who plays Beth on The Walking Dead. According to the
on the idea. She's cute, so she was there to
be hid bath and at the very end they plugged
a new album. Really why she was there right the
plugging new album, which I said, you had some reason
to plug. Most of the things that we learned on
Talking Dead, I worked into the recap. So we don't

have much here. Scenes for next week though, we're pretty good.
Well I'm not saying next week scenes for the finale.
I'm not going to give anything away because there was
a lot going on. But there's a lot of action,
a lot of fighting, a lot of shooting. Daryl throws
a gun, Aaron catches it beautifully. It's a great looking scene.
It looks like a bunch of Stormtroopers are slaughtered. It

looks like a good midseason finale action kind of episode Mayhem.
So I'm excited. And now listen, we are ahead of
the game, Jamie. This is a little bit shorter than normal,
so uh, I want to point out that next week
we would we would Uh is the finale review and
I am on vacation next week. But for the people,

Jamie and I will do an episode next week and
most likely we'll record early in the week and I'll
record I'll edit it earlier in the week, so you'll
have it earlier in the week, and then uh, then
right away we're gonna have the the Submarine show right
to talk about because that's this weekend also, and before
you know it, we'll have Fear Fear coming up right,

So if you don't have a m C plus, I
hope you'll get it and enjoy it. It's worth it.
But the good news is if you don't have it,
we'll we'll get let you know what's going on and
after after this week. So this week we'll have the
finale to talk about, and we'll have the spinoff, which
is called Dead in the Water, and before you know it,

we'll be doing Fear and maybe like a quick you know,
like five minute recap of Dead in the Water. So
don't feel obligated that, you know, I wouldn't want you
to not listen to our podcast because you don't have
am C plus. We won't. We're not gonna vote devote
too much time to it unless it's unless it's fantastic.
But we already know it's a prequel. We already know
everyone's gonna die, mostly except for Riley, So but it'll

be fun it'll be a fun journey, something to watch
a little keep us going. So so there you go.
So Jamie, we got this in under an hour. What
time is it? Ha? Ha? You got me? All right, Jamie? Yes,
do you know what time it is? What time is it?
Do you think you'd know by now? You think when

I ask you a time it is, you know what
time it is? I do know what time it is? No, yeah,
I know, we're like, yeah, of course, David, I know
it's it's good. It's part of the snappy I know.
I know. Alright, alright, Jamie, it's time. What time is it?
It's time to shut this ship down? Why do you
pause in the middle? Why you're delayed? I have to pause? Sorry?

It throws me every time, does it? Though, I'm sorry,
I'm starting up starting to think it's deliberate. How many years?
Oh my god? All right, Jamie, have a wonderful weekend.
Enjoy the episode. We just hope you enjoyed the episode.
We just did everyone. And by the way, we we've

we've always talked about what we should name the listeners
of our show, like we're the talkers, they're the listeners.
But since it's walkers, and Talkers. If we're the talkers,
maybe they can be the walkers or just keep them
as the listeners because we don't want to kill them.
So yeah, we'll keep it the listeners. So you're the listeners.
So maybe we'll give him a slang like l I
like after fourteen episodes, like the l I s t

apostrophe n rs the listeners. Oh I like that, well,
the l I s apostrophe the listeners. The listeners like
the whispers. It's a thing. Maybe maybe maybe we'll get
shirts that say I'm a listener. More shirts. By the way, guys,
um we may have a few Walking Dead T shirts,

some Walkers and Talkers rather T shirts left. I know
we shut this ship down, but I just want to
just say just one last thing, uh Brooklyn Boys dot
Big Cartel dot com, and go get your Walkers and
Talker shirts while we still have a few left. All
right now, Jamie, We're not gonna say it again. Just
we're out. Goodbye, say bye.
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