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April 17, 2022 63 mins

Ep.215 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down TWD S11 ep 16 "Acts Of God"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead   

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Speaker 1 (00:11):
Welcome to Walkers and Talkers episode to fifteen. I'm David
Brody from Elvis Durand in the Morning Show, and hopefully
you know what I'm gonna say. Next. That's Jamie from
l f M. Hi Jamie, Hello, how are you good?
We got last week's episode out late. I think I
got it out. Oh, I want to say Saturday morning.
And then we have a we're having a problem with

the back end like you have when you broke your ass.
We're having we're having a problem. It didn't it didn't
post properly, so a couple of people tweeted and said, hey,
the episode is not here. So I had to go
and redo the system and the thing with the thing,
and so it went up late Saturday, I believe. So
we're gonna do a little better this week. Even though
I'm on vacacion. We're still doing it for the people.

That's right for the people. But we're back. I would
like to say a couple of things. I went to
see a limited run Broadway show on Saturday night. My
wife and I went to see Take Me Out, which
stars Patrick j Adams from Suits, Jesse Williams from The Er,

and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. Oh, I love him,
and it's a it's a it's a show about a
baseball team and one of the players on the team
comes out as gay in the middle of a season
and how the team and the fans and different people
handle that. It loved it not not only was it hilarious,

there's some emotional scenes. I got little teary eyed some
of it. I got teared because it's baseball, and I
just baseball just makes me tear up, especially when you
talk about the beauty of the game, which they did,
and oh my god, I love baseball so much. But
the the play is fantastic. I will warn you they
take your phones when you go in, oh, because there's

a lot of male frontal all all around nudity. But
I will say it was done for the sake of
the play. It makes sense in the in the play,
and you you get used to it after a minute
or two, but just be prepared. But it's a fan
like I wouldn't take the kids, is what I'm saying.

It's not a baseball family fund thing. It is just
a fantastic, hilarious, well written, beautifully acted play, and Ferguson
just half. Ferguson is brilliant, brilliantly funny and charismatic and
his mannerisms and it's just so good. But it's only running,
and it was running till May. Extended it two weeks,

so I think till mid June. So if you have
a chance of in the New York area, are you're
planning to come? I'm not getting it's not a commercial.
I'm just saying, go see it. It was just that good,
so funny, Oh my god. And it's at the Hell
and Hayes Theater, which is very small. It's a very
small theater, so there's really no bad seats because it's small.

So if you can get tickets and you're like, oh,
what should I go see on broad and go see
the show. That's all that being said. Walking Dead. Yes,
let's talk about the Walking Dead. Um before we get
into the recent episode of The Walking Dead. Your your
section B of the three part series season finale the

second mid season Finale, Part B, episode sixteen. I did
want to talk about Fear, the Walking Dead's own spinoff,
Dead in the Water only on a m C. Plus Jamie,
you and I both watched it. Correct uh scale it
one to tell um until the end it was like
a nine for me. And then there's a lot of

plot holes, I guess you would say. And I'm like,
I have so many questions. I think what we'll do
as an overall review because I don't know how many
of you guys are watching it. You haven't subscribed yet
to m C plus, I don't know. But so here's
my review of the show so far, exactly what Jamie said.
So the show, Uh, it's not a spoiler. I wouldn't
do that, but it takes place. It starts on the

USS Pennsylvania, the submarine that was up on shore on
Fear the Walking Dead. And if you're not caught up
with Fear the Walking Dead, I'm not going to tell
you how why that was instrumental, but it was the
entire season last year. It was in the first episode.
Actually it was two seasons, right, Yeah, they discovered it
and then we we saw it with the end is

the beginning spray painted on it, and then we saw
really what was going on inside last season, right, So
it's a big it's a big deal in in in
Fear the Walking Dead. The show starts off, there's no
apocalypse and so they have to learn about the apocalypse
and learn how to deal with walkers, and that part's interesting. Yeah,
and then it ended. And by the way, after ten minutes,

Riley Riley the really crazy longhead week that was in
Teddy's Cult from fear Um. As I talked about last week,
he becomes root for able. Yes he does. I thought
the same thing, like, oh, okay, like he doesn't have
the dopey long hair and by the way, of your
hair looks like that. I didn't mean to say it
was dope was dopey on him. He's a family guy

and he's a leader, and you're rooting for him. I
totally agree with you. Yeah, he's definitely rootable. So let
me clarify. I think I mentioned that it's six episodes.
It's actually six webisodes. So if you watch it on
a m C plus, yes, it shows you in the
bottom left corner episode one or part one, Part two,
Part three, Part four, Part five, and part six, so

it goes by. It's really the length of one episode
of TV, but if they release it on YouTube, it'll
be six episodes. Six real episodes is six web episodes.
That makes sense. Minis yeah, minis so overall I liked
it could have been better. I liked it. They used
the submarine set from Fear because they had talked about

how expensive that was to make the top, which was nice.
I don't know if they added any parts of the
U to the set. It looked like I guess mostly
the same set pieces from Fear. The hallways were the same,
you know, there may have been an extra ladder, I
don't I don't remember, but they used the submarine again
and they really did make it look like the inside
of a submarine. Although the ending that we did talk

about the ending, it's weird because they don't show you
how they go from the I'm not gonna spoil anything,
but they don't show you how they go from the
submarine to the land. They just kind of like magic.
They're on the line. And I think I want to
point out a little bit of an easter before we
get to the Walking Dead review. Not really an easter rag,
but it's something I didn't notice the first time I
watched it um and then I went back because I

wasn't sure, and I was correct in watching in a
second time. Not a spoiler, but Riley, you know there's
two keys you need to set off a nuclear weapon,
as they showed in Fear. Yes, he gives one of
the keys. He keeps one, and he gives one of
the keys to a guy on the ship. One of
the other men who survived the zombie attacks a guy

with a beard named Walter. Now, if you remember that
guy Walter, the same actor was the guy in season six,
episode one, the bounty Hunter episode, or say season seven whatever,
it was, the episode with the bounty Hunter and the
guy comes to his campgrounds and he's eating the beans
and oh my god, and he has the key and

he talks the key in his shirt and then Emil
kills him. Spoiler, Oh my god. That's the same actor
from the ship. So they were really Now you understand
where that guy Walter got the key from. He was
on the Pennsylvania. Whoa breath? Good I work. Yeah, So

overall I would say watch it. It's fine. It's a
nice on killer, and it fills in some pieces between. Yeah,
it fills in some pieces. Definitely watch it fair fair
and Jamie and I agree, And normally she's always like, Brodi,
you don't know what the funk you're talking about. That's
what that's she calls me. David. But that's the way

she speaks to me. People don't know the abuse I take.
She's so mean. Jamie's the meanest. That's like cover far.
That's why we got to the podcast in studio anymore.
I'm afraid of her, all right. The Walking Dead Acts
of God, which is the title of the of the episode,
which relates to the hordes of locust Oh God. Now

on Talking Dead, which you didn't see. Lauren Cohen, Your
Maggie talked about how there was a scene they filmed
where the locusts come down and land on her, one
of them, and she slaps it dead or Nigan slaps it,
they kill it, and that they were a little more
involved in the plot and that they they made them
look really real, not the c g I ones, but

the ones that were like on her on the ground,
and then they cut it so all you heard was buzzing.
That was it. Angela Kang talked about how it's there
to show you that nature can also be a factor
and a problem. But really were they a problem? I mean,
they really stayed above their heads, above the trees, so
they really didn't show if they swarmed down and stopped

someone from capturing capturing somebody or shooting someone, or that
they caused someone to get blinded and walk into a walker.
I would be like, all right, they had an effect.
They really they really didn't have an effect, not really,
I didn't think so. I didn't think it was all
that important other than to show that they exist in
the world. That's how I took it to and like
an omen kind of yeah, a big deal. I was

wasting my time. I have more important things. Anyway. There
was a horde of walkers outside of Hilltop, banging on
the walls the main house, the Barrington House is what
they call it, right, it was on fire. We don't
know why. And Hornsby is outside, angry walking by himself
stepping in a pool of blood. We didn't know where
the blood came from. We would find out later, Angry

Hornsby bad boy. And then of course I'm saying we
must have missed something. Oh hey, we're gonna have flashback.
And then of course flashback nineteen hours and one act
of God ago. So then you think an act of God.
Did lightning hit it? That's an act of God? Right there?
There really was no act of God. The locust has
nothing to do with anything. Nothing. So I don't know.

If Ian Goldberg wrote the episode like he jumped over
to the walking again, I would seriously flick him right
in the nose. I feel like he and his writing partner,
I don't remember that guy's name, but again, it doesn't
matter the two of them. I just feel like they
got the job out of college and they're winging it.

Like I think they submitted a paper and they were like, oh,
this is the best one we've gotten. Let these guys
write the show. Yeah, we'll talk about them later. Because
there was a commercial for Fear of Walking. Oh, there
was a scene for Fear on Talking Dead that we
hadn't seen before. And I'll mention that now you didn't
see Talking Dead because you don't have cable and you
have to wait till m C plus posts it. I'm

a little sad because I paid for a m C
plus and uh amc dot com you can log in
and they never post Talking to It till like Tuesday afternoon.
I'm not sure. I'm not sure I believe you, because
just as a reminder, you're the person that said you
don't know why they can't put Talking Dead up a
week early. I know I know I was. That was
just stupid. But but if I just checked and it's

not up, and they always do this, all right, let
me let me while we're on the phone, let me
check mine. I'm gonna pull up the last one I
found everywhere, even on demand, was through my mom's internet account.
Thing was the one with Beth. That's the only one
I can find. Huh, alright, so I have let's see
am C plus pulling it up right now. Did you
like the episode overall? I did? There wasn't wasn't really like,

oh my god, I can't wait until the next episode.
I mean, I I'm excited, but it wasn't like a
crazy cliffing or anything. Yeah, there's a lot of bullshit
to call in that final scene, which T White Senior
pointed out, and I said, oh, I I'm with you.
I had the same problems. I had the same bullshits,
the same bullshits. Bullshits. Yeah, I had to call bullshit

on a couple of things. Because well, we'll get to
that right now. The app is up, is downloading an update,
so I will check later on. Let's get this thing.
Let's get this thing moving, by the way, Okay, so
flashback nineteen hours an active gotta go. Maggie and Herschel
are leaving the hilltop. Herschel doesn't want to go. He
wants to stay and help, and Maggie's like, you know,

we're getting out of here. Isaiah and Marco and Maggie
and Herschel head off. Hornsby is in the woods flipping
a coin because remember he has a lucky coin yep
that came back and it lands on whatever. And he
tells the stormtrooper to pick what team he's on because

he flipped the coin. I guess he makes a lot
of his decisions based on the coin. And uh so
the one of the stormtroopers goes and says, all right,
I'm on that team. Eugene wakes up in Max's bed.
Eugene's getting laid left and right. Oh I thought that,
you like, my god, he's just hopping woman a woman
because he's got Thanks Stephanie Wheels, he hasn't had any

of the entire time, so I was making up for
lost time. Now he's waking up and and and you know,
the apocalypse, I guess is different than most places. But
you know, I don't know if they're cleaning up r
f s. I don't know if they have Yeah, I don't.
I don't know if they have condoms, any kind of protection,
any kind of like uh, I feel like the Commonwealth would,

but any place else you're talking about ten twelve year
old condoms, right, so uh really, I don't know. He's
banging it out with Mac and Max says she's worried
about what's going to happen after they accomplished their mission, right,

whatever their mission is, What what happens next? What do
we do after that? I guess we'll see because we
see in the episode sort of what happens. Darryl, Father, Gabriel,
and Aaron are part of the group that are searching
for the guns and for the survivors of Riverbend. That's
what they're calling the apartment building. So in case you're

like those people in the building, those are the residents
of Riverbend. Uh So they're they're on their own. I
don't know why the troopers have allowed them two um
to be alone together where they could plot. You know,
I certainly wouldn't let them talk, but again, nobody is
smarter than us. On these TV shows, Gumbers Bricks, they're

talking like they want to overthrow these guys, you know,
and then head how him and Daryl says, we gotta
keep heading north and wait for the right moment to
take them out. He tells the trooper is some fake story,
which was very clever about I wishould go to Charleston.
I hear that they've got some rooftop thing where they
trade weapons, they trade for weapons, so he's trying to

keep them like away from where he knows, you know.
The other people went right. I thought that was clever.
At that moment, a bunch of walkers bust through the
wall like a kool aid man, which I thought was
was kind of strange. Daryl takes one of them out
real quick with the knife on his gun at the
sword at the end of the gun whatever. And one

of the troopers, I think it was Romano, the bald leader.
He struggles to kill one of them and it gets
it on the ground and it beats the crap out
of it over. Yeah, he slashed the thing's head open
with the but the button end of his gun. He
lost his mind really and and Daryl kind of looked
at him like, dude, you you guys don't know what
you're doing here. You really don't. So the trooper called

into base to let them know that thirteen miles away
from the nearest checkpoint, it's calling into Hornsby. So Elijah
looks up in the sky and he hears buzzing uh
and it's the locust and uh. I thought, Okay, that's
gonna mean something. It didn't meant nothing. Nothing happened, Nothing happened.

Maggie looks really stressed when she tells herschel that the
place they're going now may not be permanent, but it's
the right choice for them to live now. They run
into Lydia in the woods. Lydia takes them to a clearing.
She taps her gun on the ground and it's a
trap door to where all where Nigan and all of
his people are, And we learned later it's a whisperer hole.

And so did Maggie plan on having them live in
a whisperer hole? Or were they going to Oceanside or
were they going to Commonwealth? I couldn't imagine they're going
to Commonwealth? So are they gonna go live in a
whisper hole? Was that the plan? I don't know? And
how long does she want to keep them down there
until they strolled I and it's close, is clear. I
don't know is it really ever a safe time to
let him out? Now? Maggie says, uh to uh, Nigan,

I started this fight with Hornsby and it's not gonna
endtil I end it. Nigan says, look, you helped my people.
I'm gonna help you. But my wife is pregnant and
I'm not gonna have her fight for a place like
Hilltop that isn't worth saving. But I'll help Herschel if
you want, I'll watch your boy for you. Herschel doesn't
really trust me, and Maggie says, yeah, but I'm starting

to how huge is that? Oh? I I literally rewound that.
I'm like, whoa. That is a big moment for her.
She says, you saved Herschel at River Bend, and whatever
will happen and whatever has happened, I'll never forget that.
In the words, you bashed Glenn's head and spoiler you're
my kids. Yeah, and you saved his life. You've proven
that I can at least trust you, so you know,

maybe there's some future there now I'm talking debt. Lauren
Cohen made it very clear she doesn't forgive him. They're
not friends, don't say we're friends, and she does talk
about the spinoff, which we'll we'll talk about later. Negan says,
you've got big balls, Maggie, and I've got you. She says,
I've got you and I've got your boy. By the way,

how many people need to safeguard herschel in the hole
in the ground? Aren't they like adults? Why can't Negan fight?
Why again is he staying back? Maggie wanted him to
stay back? Well, she no, He said, I want my
wife to stay back, and then he said, I'll protect
your boy. It comes off noble, but it also comes

off a little chicken ship. So he he did say
he would help. He did, but he's quick to say,
all right, I'll stay back. Yeah, he did say that
pretty fast. You know, I'd like to see Negan start fighting,
basting some heads, but he he doesn't. Hornsby's talking to Leah, saying,
isn't this exciting? You get to kill the woman who

killed your family and I get to do my job
without interference. Everybody wins, and he says, well not everyone.
So Leah looks up. Here's the horde of buzzing bugs
and smiles as if maybe that means that the bugs
are somewhere with his people, like maybe she can track
them that way. She had that look on her face, like,

but yet that's not it doesn't come into play now.
If they showed her tracking the bugs and the bugs
were by the hole in the ground, then it's an
act of God. I get it. But again, let me
point out, I saw no reason for the locust in
the show. Did you any any reason? Know? Like you said,

if it had drawn her somewhere where there are people
or something, I get it. But they all just stared
at it and nothing happened. They didn't even interact with them, right,
And I don't see how the active god of the
bugs plays into what happened at Hilltop, Like to say,
flashback nineteen hours ago and an act of god. There
was no active god that if afected the show. No,

there wasn't. Lance tells Lea he'll need to see proof
that Maggie's dead. He gives her a walkie talkie so
she can call him. She says he will definitely see her,
and she heads off with a bunch of men in black.
Daryl is at the the car junkyard. He says to
the guards, you know, we should head back as soon
as we're done. And I at this point, I wrote,

I have to believe at this point the troopers are
under orders to kill the three of them, which is
why we saw so many dead troopers and the trailer Uh.
And there was a shootout in the junkyard where they
are now by the school bus. Thanks trailer guy. Yeah,
so we already know when they get to the lot
with the cars, they're gonna have a shootout with the troopers.

So no surprise there. The three of them, our guys, Abraham, Abraham,
Abraham's dead spoiler, Aaron, Father, Gabriel, and Darryl walk into
the center of the junkyard by themselves. Now I have
a question, Well, let me paint the rest of the picture.

The troopers start going around the outside and surrounding them. Okay,
they're gonna ambush them. Thirty seconds earlier, the guards the
troopers was standing right behind Darryl, Father, Gabriel, and Aaron,
who had no weapons. Yeah, why not just shoot him
in the back of the head. Why do you have

to make it elaborate, because that's what they do on
this show. I know, but again, I did Ian Goldberg
write the episode in Goldberg. So the troopers nod their
heads to each other like they're about to fire on
the three of them, and before they can fire, Darryl
nods to Aaron and Gabriel and they start shooting at

the at the troopers with with their one gun, Father
Gabriel and Aaron. It looked like they were both wounded, right,
it's a Father gabl Aaron got shot in the shoulder
because that's where the stars of the show get shot.
And I thought Father Gabriel got winged or nicked, but
he did. It looked like he did, but he didn't.
Because these guys shoot like the Star Wars stormtroopers. If
they're standing on the side of a bus and they

can't hit him, yes, they're not that far away out
in the open, they can't hit him. They definitely had
stormtrooper ram. Father Gabriel sneaks around the bus and stabs
one of them in the leg, takes his gun again.
They keep shooting the Father Gabriel and missing badly. A
horde of walkers starts approaching because they must have heard

the guns. The three stars of the show Romano, the
bald leader of the troopers is wounded and he's crawling
on the ground. So one of the guys shot him
in the in the hail of bullets, and he's crawling
on the ground without his helmet. Why doesn't have his
helmet on? Because we need to see his face. We
need to see his face, and we need to see

the terror in his eyes. Because Daryl puts a gun
in his face, which couldn't do if he had a
mask on. And Darryl says, where's horns be And the
guy says, screw you, right, I'd rather have you shoot
me then out, then tell you where he is. So
that's when they noticed there's a horde of walkers coming
right down the aisle, right at them, and he changed
his mind, so he tells Daryl immediately Hornsby's about ten

miles out and he wanted to clear the field, meaning
anyone who's not an ally kill him. So Aaron assumes
that means also take Maggie out, and he doesn't want
Pamela to find out, so he wants them all dead.
The guy spilled the beans, but Daryl still shoots him
because I think he told him where Hornsby was, so

that they wouldn't let the Walkers eat him alive, so
they ate him dead. They did eat him. So here's
my question. If the Walkers weren't there and Darryl said,
where's Hornsby and the guy says, I'll tell you if
you let me go, would they have let him go?
He was shot really bad. I don't know if he

would have made it anyway, but it um maybe well,
I don't know how bad he was shot because Daryl
was willing to threaten to shoot him if the guy
knew he was going to die crawling away, but I
think it was either be eating alive or be eating dead. Right,
But if if he had told Darryl with Daryl have
shot him anyway, is what I'm saying, Like, if he
could have been helped, Yeah, that's what I think. Yeah.

So Hornsby calls on the Walkie looking for Romano, and
Daryl says he ain't here anymore, and and Hornsby look terrified,
so he tells his team to move out, and the
Walkers eat eat Romano. Are pretty good Luckily he was dead.
I mean he wasn't, you know. Yeah, thank god? All right, Uh,

let's take a quick break here, we Uh, we have
a bunch to talk about, and uh, Pamela getting upset
and a fight that I find unbelievable, and we'll talk
all about that right after this pillow. This is weird
al yanker Vic and you're sing to David Brody and
Jamie on Walkers and Talkers. You're one stop shop for
all things walking dead. All right, Jamie, we're back. Let's

talk about Pamela. You're Pamela Milton. She's practicing her motivational
speech for the Big Commonwealth event, the Founders event, so
they can honor her father at the Big Founders Event.
And she says MAXI, okay, you look distracted because yeah,
Max is thinking about Robin her filing cabinet, her secret

filing cabinet, which by the way, is out in the
open in the corner of the office. I wouldna say
it's right there, like it's not really a secret. Yeah.
I thought it'd be like, oh, how is she gonna
find it or something? Yeah, Max tells Pamela, Hey, I'm fine,
but hey, good news. The budget came over today and
there's a fifty dollars surplus and if you don't mind,

I'd like to suggest maybe using that to set up
a scholarship fund for the less fortunate families in the community.
And Pamela looks thrown by that and says, you know,
I appreciate you're out of the box thinking, Max, but
all that extra money, all that extra money has to
go right back into the event. Really. Max looks very
sad at that point, and uh, I says, oh, by

the way, you're gonna be late for your five o'clock dinner.
And so she says, oh, I wouldn't. I don't know
what I would do without you, and she scurries off,
and Max says, I'm right behind you. I'm leaving in
a minute. Yeah. So the question is, do you think
Max would have been as eager to break into the
filing cabinet if Pamela was maybe not such an elitist bitch?
M So you think she would have broken anither way? Oh? Oh, sorry,

I know you think she wouldn't have. I'm saying you
think she wouldn't have. She may have, but if if
Pamela was nicer, I don't think she'd be as inclined
to break in. Yeah, I agree completely. It's five o'clock.
We just established that, or it's almost five o'clock, right,
which is normally the end of a work day, even
in Commonwealth. And as Max walks away, the camera focuses

on the only filing cabinet, and you're like, okay, there's
the filing cabinet. Cut to Maggie, Elijah, and Lydia there
at Hilltop loading up on weapons. Load them up. Now.
I imagine everyone else at Hilltop has disappeared and went
to live in the hole with the people from Riverbend, Right,
everyone from Hilltop is gone. Yeah, they don't show Marco,

but he's the fourth guy that's gonna fight. And that's
when I thought to myself, Marco and correct me if
I'm wrong. Wasn't Marco actually wearing a red shirt? Oh?
It was like Maroon, wasn't it. Yeah? Yeah, at that point,
I said, he's a red shirt. He's actually wearing a
red shirt because they're not gonna kill Lydia and they're

not going to kill Elijah, and they're not gonna kill Maggie.
So oh, look, he's not even in this scene. And
and and they keep showing him right like he hasn't
been on the show in a while. He was around
for a couple of seasons and he wasn't around. They
didn't show him a lot. He was always the guy
on guard duty. You know. Oh there's Marco. Marco's driving

the uh, the carriage, the horse and buggy. Marco, go
get me this. Marco was around, but Marco didn't have
a big role. But he just has been around for
a few seasons. So, oh my god, the show's ending
in nine episodes. Mar Marco is not long for this world.
So I was not surprised whatever happens to Marco. Later
in the episode, Max starts going through the secret files

in the not so secret filing cabinet, and like like Carol,
she knows exactly which filed to go to, and she's
reading through the first file and she looked shocked at
what she sees. Scandalo and perfect timing bullshit at I
don't know, ten minutes to five. At the end of
the day, Sebastian walks in, demanding to see his mother

and demanding that Max get his mother for him. So
a couple of things. If you're looking for your mother,
why would you show up at ten to five? Yeah,
come a little bit earlier, honey, you oh your mothers schedule?
Why would you show up at ten to five. Then
she says, Max, get her for me. You think the
secretary the assistant can get the Governor of the Commonwealth

to just come back. I'm like wow. So she says, look,
she's a dinner, but I can get word to her.
And that made him more angry. You'll get word to her. Right.
He was definitely out of it, which is good because
she's holding the secret file at this point rather tightly.

He says, oh, I noticed you're taking your work home.
You're a hard worker. And then he goes to talk
to her. I don't remember exactly what happened, but then
she drops the folder. Because that's what scared women do
in these movies. You know that, Oh happens, I dropped
the folder. Don't get that right horror movies, they trip
and in suspenseful espionage type moments, you um, you dropped

the file. So he picks it up and they're both
holding it like they're both pull ling on it, and
so you think he's gonna see it. But then he
says to her, ah, you take it, huh, and he leaves.
Now he was drunk, right or something? He was something,
all right? So does he remember that she looked in
the files? Does he does he tell his mother like, oh,

she was looking through the files or because we don't
even know if he sees her, if he ever gets
to talk to his mother, and I doubt he would
bring up Max. Oh that Max is a hard worker, Yeah, exactly.
I don't think it raised any suspicion. Leah and her
men are heading to Hilltop at night and the bugs
are flying over again, but again they don't do anything.

The house seems empty, but they're doing a full search
of the house at Hilltop, and the couple of the
men opened the office door and it's booby trapped and
they blow up, killing three of them. Boom. I thought
to myself, I guess it's okay to blow up Hilltop
because the show is ending. Yeah, exactly right. You already
Kingdom's gone, so why not blow up Hilltop because you're

just not gonna live there anyway? So who cames? Who cares?
Maggie is uh is by a car. They're ducked down
watching it happen, and she tells them to go inside
and get the weapons of the guys we killed. First
of all, she's assuming that the bomb killed all of them,
but it didn't. Nope, So Marco and Elijah stand up

and Marco gets shot in the head by Leah head
shot to which I wrote red shirt. So I said, well,
apparently Leah wasn't killed in the blast. Leah comes out
of the smoke and uh, I guess the horde of
bugs now that are there, and she's coming through them
like a badass, like slow motion, thoroughly badass. Um. Apparently

Hornsby arrived because four men who are still alive, wearing
black and Hornsby stormtroopers are going through the house now,
and Hornsby looks pissed. Now we're back to the beginning
of the show. Hornsby steps in the blood and you
realize it's the blood from marcos head. He Hornsby calls
on the walkie talkie and says, what the hell happened?

And she says I was drawing them out. She says,
I'm doing things my way, and Hornsby says, your way
got my men killed, and she said that's collateral damage
and turns the walkie off, like, hey, I'm doing my job.
I had a you know, have the bomb go off,
you know, set the trap off. Darryl's group is in
the woods. There's a bunch of dead troopers and I

guess they're over where Hornsby was at some point. And
there's walkers in the forest walking around, and there are
traps throughout the woods that he notices, and one of
them says, I guess there are traps to the walkers,
and Daryl says, no, those aren't for the walkers. So
I guess Leah made the traps. But right, but then
there's no, you don't see them. They don't kill a

walker them? Is it just like to reinforce that Lee
is a badass. I guess that Darrel knows her so well,
he knows those are hers, right, but we all right?
But that's it unnecessary because five seconds later, Father Gabriel
finds a bracelet and Daryl says, that's Lia's and then

he says what so then Daryl says, we better split up? Well,
why would you split up if you find Leah? Don't
you want to find her together so that maybe she
wouldn't kill you guys because Daryl's there, Why would you
want Father Gabriel Aaron a rude into her? And then
we don't see the one of them again, like wherever

they split up. We don't see them. Maggie's group is
also in the woods, but we don't know which woods.
We don't see an overhead like it would be great
if they showed us on the map where everybody was,
but they're just in the woods. Maggie says to um
Elijah and uh Lydia, why don't you go and try to,
you know, draw the troopers away. I'm gonna have to

do this by myself. And so I thought to myself, well,
I wrote it here in real in reality, in the
real world, what chance does Maggie have against a trained
assassin in the woods, in the woods where where she's
wearing all black? And I will say that I was
surprised Leah didn't put her hair up and didn't put

like mud on her hair and on her face, because
you're blonde and you're very white, so why would you
be walking around the forest. I know you want to
look good for the camera, but it seemed like a
real warrior would have mudded up her face and her
hair and put it up anyway. Connie, Kelly, Magna, Max

and Eugene are going through the papers from the file
folder and they're matching names on the on the sheets
to the names on the list that Kelly had. We
still don't who gave them the list. By the way,
there are coordinates next to everyone's name, but they don't
know what the coordinates mean. Connie says, I'll write a
story about Hornsby and the heist and the house, because

we can't blame anything on Pamela until we find proof
of the larger thing going on here. Right, we can
let's go after Hornsby, but we can't like whatever the
big picture thing is, we don't have a proof of,
because we can't decode this thing, this paperwork. Ezekiel comes
over and he says, hey, I've got a whole network
of people ready to ride it dawn to hand out

the newspapers. So here's what I'm thinking. She can't go
back to work at the at the newspaper because there's
no way her boss is gonna let of print this article. Right,
So how did they print the newspaper? So you think
they broke in printed it in the middle of the night.
I guess right. I wrote this note to myself which
I said to you a couple of weeks ago, maybe
even last week. The people on the show the stars

of the show are people wherever they go, they just
funck shut up. Oh, it's not done the way we want.
Let's funk it up. All right, let's uh, let's take
another quick break here, and when we come back we
will talk about Madge and Leah and talking dead and
then I'm going back on vacation. Is that fair? All right,

We'll be right back after this. Hey, this is Seth
and you're listening to the Walkers and Talkers podcast with
David Brody and Jamie. Okay, Maggie's alone in the woods.
A female walker is approaching her. I thought it could
be a trap. I thought maybe the walker was pushed
on its way by Leah, like to get Maggie to
come out in the open. So Maggie lets the walker

come right up to her face and then kills it
at close range, quietly, and then lays her down on
the ground. So Maggie. Listen, they're making Maggie look like
she's really ridiculously kick ass, like she had some real
fighting training in the season and a half she was out.
She did. Anyway, it's a massive wooded area, so at

that point I was I wrote, I'm not sure how
anyone would find anyone. But of course they're going to right,
like you're in the woods in West Virginia, no Virginia
during Virginia, Virginia, right, But they're in a wooded area.
I'm assuming it's very large. You haven't run into Aaron, Father, Gabriel,
and Darryl. So of course Maggie spots Leah before Leah

spots Maggie. How's that possible? How is that possible? I
don't know, but it happened. Maggie's walking around upright, like,
just walking around. Well, anyone who's a trained killer would
be able to spot you. They'd have a vantage point,
they'd be up in a tree, they would set traps.
They have are the fact that they're both walking around

loose like Lucy Goosey right Like, I just don't it
doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, Maggie fires three shots
at Leah and hits her in the leg and then
she runs off. So not only did Maggie see her first,
she shot Leah before Leah could shoot her. I'm calling bullshit.

Leah is a trained assassin, she's Militia Maggie. I know
she's I know she's Maggarie, But you're you're talking about
taking a look. It's like what what Hornsby said? You
expect me to believe that these two guys uh and

were able to survive and all of my trained killers
were taken out by some people living in an apartment building.
Is that what you're telling me? So she goes to
run up to Leah, thinking Leah would be leaning against
the tree where she was shot, and of course Lee
is the other side of the tree and swings around
and knocks her out with the butt of her gun. O.

Somehow she carries Maggie back to the cabin. I don't
know how far they are from the cabin, but wasn't
the cabin relatively near Alexandria? I think so? Maybe she
fireman character. So she fireman carries her Okay, yeah again, yeah,

thank you. Her leg is bleeding and she carry ease.
There was no motorcycle, there was no car. There was
not even a car, a will barrow, nothing. Somehow she
gets Maggie back to the cabin, of all places to
take it to the cabin, and she does the one
thing that every bad villain does. I'm gonna I'm gonna

tie you up. I'm gonna talk to you. I'm gonna
tell you my plan. I'm not gonna kill you right away. Stuff,
Dad of here, you are not dead. She killed everyone
you know. I'm gonna make her suffer and watch everybody die.
What's the difference? Once you kill her, she won't remember
that she watched her family die. If the whole point
is you're gonna kill her anyway, then kill her as

I don't get that. I'm gonna make you watch your
family die. Okay, But it's not like you live in
heaven and you remember that image as a whole the
rest of your time and eternity. I mean, you might,
but I'm of the belief you're dead. You're dead, So
you're killing Maggie. But I'm not gonna kill you till
I limp and by myself capture everyone you love. Even
if during the middle of I'm in wealth protected by

the military. I'm gonna find them. I'm gonna find everyone
you love. Well, do you know everyone she loves? How
much do you know about Maggie to kill everyone she loves?
You know Elijah? Maybe? Do you know her son? Do
you know herschel? Are you gonna kill Darryl? She loves
Darryl're gonna kill Daryl? Are you gonna kill Aaron? And
Carol and Ezekiel? You don't even know these people. Dumb dumb,

dumb plan. So she wakes up and Leah has the
gun in her face, and Maggie's tied to the chair
the way Darryl was when she first met Leah. And
if you notice, the whole time this, she's sitting there,
she's untying her ropes on the hands. Again, I want
to point out she's a trained military expert. You would

see Maggie doing it. She would she should have. Not
only would you see her doing it, you would tie
ropes that she can't get out of. You're a trained
military person. You're gonna tie ropes on Maggie. You tie
her ropes to the chair and to themselves where she
can't muster up enough strength. And you know everyone's gonna

try to please you're I think a bunch of people
tweeted me that was bullshit, which I agree with. Maggie says,
if you want to be dead, you would have done
it already. You want me to suffer all of the pain.
It's not gonna work, it's not gonna help you. It's
not gonna help you feel better. And Leah says, you're wrong. Oh,
and it's not just you. By the way, when I'm done,

everyone you love will be dead again. I already told
you what my thoughts were on that. That's not a thing.
That's not possible. Okay. It's the next day, and Hornsby
is still walking through the woods. Now, did you notice
Hornsby is walking with his shirt and tie and his vest,
and his men are on horses. Why is he walking

and his men are on horses. That's a good point. Actually,
you're the leader, shouldn't you. Shouldn't you be on somebody's back,
like riding behind somebody else on a horse, you would think. So.
She's untying the ropes. Leah's gun is in her face.
She unties her hands. Leah doesn't notice, and then she

jumps on Leah. Leah doesn't have the reflexes fast enough
to shoot her. As a trained military militia assassin person,
she knocks the gun out of her hand. They fight.
She cuts her with her knife. She cuts Leah with
her knife. Leah knocks Maggie to the ground, pulls out

her own knife. She head butts her, then she cuts
Maggie's leg. By the way, we never see her wounded
leg again. Don't Maggie's fine, Maggie's fine. She she flips
Maggie to the ground and starts punching her in the
face repeatedly, Oh my god, that was a harder watch.

She then goes to stab Maggie, and by the way,
a couple of times she tried to stab Maggie and
Maggie was able to grab her hands and even though
the knife was flying at her, grab her hands and
stop the knife from getting her. You know what kind
of expert in timing you have to be to grab
the hands of a knife flying at you into your leg.

But Maggie did it. Now, Maggie, on her back, being
having her face demolished, has the strength to hold the
weight of Leah pushing down on the knife from getting
into Maggie. Maggie is able to hold the knife back
even though Leiah is stronger, not being not beaten up,

and has full body weight on top of her. Then
Leah gets shot in the head and it's Darryl. So
here's my question to you. I want you to think
about it for a second and a half. Jamie How
did Darryl know that Leah captured Maggie? How did Darryl
know that she fireman carried Laggie forty miles on her

bad leg back to the cabin. Go ahead, I'll wait.
He wouldn't know, But if he were in the area
of the cabin, he figured maybe I should go in
there and check for her. Now there wasn't Was there
a gun shot? There was one gun shot? Oh yeah,
the gun The gun did go off between Lee and
Maggie once or twice. So if he was in the
area and he thought, oh boy, what's happening here? Right?

But Aaron and Gabriel didn't hear, not that we saw
that they found because everybody split up, And so Darrel
was an ear shot of the gun shot. Even though
the cabin is nowhere near the hilltop or the hole
in the ground or wherever Maggie was in the woods. Yeah,
that doesn't really make sense. Yes, Hornsby and his manner

now outside the cabin. Again, I don't know how they
knew about Leah's cabin location or why they are there,
But even if they heard the gun shot, they couldn't
possibly have gotten here that quickly. And why would they
think Leah. Do you think Leah was like, I'm gonna
take Maggie in a cabin. Of course, not because she
said I'm gonna kill Maggie. She didn't say I'm gonna
go to the cabin and you can come and watch

me kill her, because her intention wasn't to kill her,
was to go get herschel. So that everyone's at the
cabin and it makes no sense that everyone's at the cabin.
Darryl fires out the window and I guess he grazed
Hornsby's face. Oh god, yeah, chunk missing out, And yet
Hornsby just looked angry. I would think he would have screamed,

but he just looked like I'm wounded in the cheek.
So he's got to wear now scar on his face
for eight episodes or less if he gets killed. And yeah, yeah,
he's got a lot of splaining to do. Darryl and
Maggie sneak out the back because these idiots don't surround

the place like you're supposed to. That's what you do.
They find Leah dead, and at this point they don't
know for sure who shot Hornsby. They don't know that.
I assume they guess it's Maggie. But I don't think
they saw Darrel through the window because it was a
dirty window with a screen on it. But you know
they'll say they did if they did, they Maggie, bloody, bloody,

stabbed Maggie. Darryl, Gabriel and Aaron meet up in the forest.
They head back to the hole in the ground. And
as I pointed out once again, Negan didn't do any fighting,
did nothing but he but he kept everybody safe in
a hole in nobody knew about. So very exciting. Okay.

Max puts the file back in the filing cabinet. She
goes and sits down. Lucky for her, she sat down
in time. Pamela walks in and throws down a stack
of newspapers on Max's desk that says, let's say, Pamela
Milton is lying to you. Now. At this point, we
don't know if she suspects Max had a hand in it,

or she's showing Max like somebody must have broken in
wet did this? I took that way? Well, maybe I
think they want you to think that she thinks Max
did it, but she can't prove anything, and she might
might say, like damnit, we gotta find who did this. Now,
maybe sometime in the last eight episodes, Pamela bitches to

her son, somebody must have gone through my files in there.
Yeah he might remember. Oh you know what, that night
before the newspaper came out, I did see Max in
your filing cabinet row. They cut to Alexandria. The troopers
are inside the walls and they put a Commonwealth flag

over the Alexandria sign. They do the same thing at Hilltop.
I'm not sure what they wanted. Hilltop is not much,
there's nothing there to claim. Hornsby and his men take
over ocean side and all of the women have their
hands tied behind their backs. At gunpoint. He flips a
coin and the show ends. Now what did you think

the coin meant? Maybe they're picking a select few to
come back to common All. I'm really not sure. Well,
your mind is not as evil as mine. Oh god, Well,
what are you de siting who they're going to kill?
They're going to kill all of them? Oh god, I
don't want to think that way. Well, that's what the
coin flip is. I'm assuming the coin flip is do
they live or die? Now? Remember you're like, well, why

does he hate Oceanside? Oceanside turned down his offer because
Maggie turned down his offer. But what is the point
of ocean Side if you kill people? In other words,
if you if you um, you know what was the
guy's name? Oh god, the bad guy from the Saviors, Simon, Simon,
Simon killed all the men. These poor women now are

gonna get wiped out if you're if your hornsby, I
know the purpose of this of you wanted to expand
the power base, and you wanted to be in charge
of three additional communities. If everyone's gone from Hilltop, what
are you in charge of? Nothing and everybody? Nothing's growing there.
They have no food, So what's the point of taking over?

The house is burned out, they blew it up. You've
got Glenn and Abraham's graves spoiler Oh yeah right. But
other than that, what's the purpose Hilltop? Now, Alexandria. You
could you could enslave the people there and make them
part of commonwealth and make them work, and then demand
that Aaron and Father Gabriel come back, maybe or whatever.
But I didn't see a point of that. Now, if

you kill anybody the Oceanside, other than having beach front property.
What do you you got nothing? Why would you kill
people that know how to fish and can supply food
for Yeah, so I would imagine the coin flip is
for their death, and maybe they don't die. Maybe the
coin flip is for a couple of them, like the

coin flip is for each one. I don't know. Talking Dead,
you didn't see it, but it was Norman Rita's Lauren Cohen,
and Josh Hamilton's who plays Hornsby. They talked how Norman
and Lauren talked about how sad they were at The
Walking Dead being over and wrapping production. Although Norman was
very like it was a weight off my shoulders a
little bit, although I'm gonna miss everybody, whereas whereas Lauren

was like, oh, it was devastating. I was sad. Then
Lauren talked about the isle of the Dead spinoff. Daryl
never talked about the Carol and Darrel spinoff. He did
say that he and Carol will be in a lot
more scenes because Chris Hardwick said, people keep asking you
guys are in a lot of scenes together. Are you
guys gonna be in more scenes? He said yes, and

he said some of them will be badass scenes. And
some of them will be very emotional. I have to
imagine if their emotional scenes with Carol Ezekiel's gonna die.
I think showing Ezekiel accomplishing things and being happy, optimistic
about getting back with Carol. Either he gets back with Carol,
then he dies, or he doesn't get back with Carol,

and Carol has to live with the guilt that she
didn't get back with him, Like maybe he turns her down,
she turns him down and then he goes out, like
he leaves her apartment and then eyes on the way home,
or he dies in the fight. Yeah, because why would
Carol and Darryl leave unless you know, like if Maggie
leaves with Nigan, right, why would Carol leave with Darryl

unless they were going to go look for Rick. But
why would Carol leave Ezekiel? And what's the sad part?
Why would Carol be sad? Because because he died? Ryoltse Yeah,
they interviewed Jerry that they call him off the bench
and in the next part of the seat, in other words,
we're actually gonna see him. He's I'm off the bench,

You're gonna see me. They're calling me up, so well,
I yeah, I hope, listen, I hope Cooper makes it.
You know, look, a lot of them are gonna die
in the Commonwealth War or whatever they're doing the uprising,
so I hope Cooper is one of the people that's
that survives. So anyway, Maggie Lauren Cohen talks. She says that, um,
Maggie did not forgive Megan. I mentioned it already, and
she says, when we go to New York, we're not friends.

Were forced into a situation and we're on a mission.
So is the mission looking for Rick because we were
sort of hinted at that he might be in Philadelphia.
So why are they in New York? And why does
Nigan have to go? Maggie, right, the only reason they
would go is if Annie was babysitting Herschel and Annie
and Herschel were kidnapped to take into New York, then

they would be forced to go together. Unless the CRM
is in the last episode and they want them to
go there for some Yeah, yeah, right, well they got
to show up, right they. I mean, I would imagine,
I think, so, I don't know who knows. She said,
it's very sparse, like in season one of The Walking Dead, meaning,
you know, how they walked around. There was not a

lot of things going on. The streets were empty. That
I guess that's going to be the way New York is.
The streets are going to be empty, which I don't
know how you managed to do that, but it happened
during the pandemics or anything's possible. That would be the
perfect time for them to film. Yeah, and I don't
think they started filming. I don't think so either. Yeah.
Josh Hamilton's the actor, admitted that Hornsby has no idea

how close Darryl and Carol are, otherwise he might have
thought twice about trying to kill Darryl. And he admitted
that Hornsby probably has a thing for Carol, that he
likes women of power, and she certainly is a woman
of power. Norman Ritas was asked about acting with children
and how he's good at it, and he said, you know,
I feel like Darryl always talks to them like their adults.

And he said, I'm always telling Judith to stay where
she is and be safe, but that it's possible in
the future he might tell her the opposite, So there
might be an episode where he says, hi Judith, I
need you to help. Let's go kick some ass. I
would love to see that little ass kicker. Yep. They
showed a lot of scenes. There's a scene from Fear
where the bad guys, remember those guys who were like

the animal skins that that wanted to invade um and
kill Strand. Oh, so I don't remember. Do you remember
why they hate Alicia? Now? Okay, so i'd have to
go back and trying to remember. Yeah, you don't have
to tweetus, we'll look it up. But that they're they're

after Alicia, and they're in a really nice house with
a piano and a staircase. It looks like wherever they are,
the house is well kept, like it wasn't hitting the apocalypse.
There's a black gentleman in the house and he apparently
he's been added to the show because next week on
Talking Dead he is a new cast member. His name

is Warren Wawa Snipe. Oh. I don't know if that's
his real name. They just said new cast member Warren
wah wah Snipe. So I don't know if that's a nickname.
I guess I don't know. He didn't type it, he
said it on the air. I don't, so, so that
guy is in the house and they say to the guy,

we're looking for um, we're looking for someone. And they
find a bottle of medicine that's good for fever and
headaches or something, and he says, we're looking for someone
who gets has a fever and has headaches. He's like,
I don't what you're talking about, is it really, because
you've got medicine for her. He says she was bitten
and lost her arm, but for some reason, she hasn't

turned into a walker yet. The guy says, I don't
anything about that, so the guy. The guy says, uh, huh,
you don't know anything, huh and starts playing the piano
from from high to low because that's yeah. She's like ding,
oh god. And then and then you hear clank and

the key to the piano doesn't doesn't hit it doesn't
hit the strings. He says, I think your piano is broken,
and he says, it's just out of tune. It's an
old piano, which makes sense since it's six seven years
into the apocalypse, maybe four or five years into the
apocalypse for Fear, and the camera pans down and you

can see under the lid of the piano, and Alicia
is hiding in the piano. She's in there. Oh, now,
I don't know why you'd hide in a piano, but
she thought that was the best place to hide. I
guess no one, why would you look at a piano? Then,
as the tails of the Walking Dead commercial? Did you
see that anyway? So they show all six episodes at

once on the screen, all the celebrities in six boxes
on the screen. Then they show like a really quick
montage of scenes from the different episodes, and then they
show Parker Posey. I'm not spoiling anything. It's in the commercial.
Parker Posey has her back to a couple of walkers
walking down the street. Parker Posey is in a really
prim and proper, expensive looking outfit. She moves her hair

to expose her neck and says to the walker, go ahead,
and the walker walks up and bites her in the
neck and she screams. And that's the episode, that's the
that's the commercial. That's the commercial. So they're already telling
you that Parker Posey lets herself get ripped. Our neck
rip open. So I don't know what that's about. If
that's the end of the episode. You just ruined the

episode and it's the beginning of the episode. Yeah, it's
the beginning of the episode. Then I want to see
a flashback to where we got to that point, right,
But that's that's in the commercial. So I wrote, thanks
commercial guy, because it's not a trailer technical commercial. Yeah.
Then they showed a sneak peek of the first episode
back of the Walking Dead. Carol is babysitting Judith and

Gracie and they're talking about pictures that Carol took of
different people around town. And there's some commotion outside and
she looks out the window and people are in the
streets of Commonwealth with picket signs that say we want Sebastian.
Pamela has been lying to us. They obviously saw the
newspaper and believed it, and now they're marching in the streets.

In the middle of the crowd, Carol sees fake Stephanie
and fake plumber guy walking to her apartment. She assumes
they're coming to see her, and she tells the kids
to hide, and then you hear them at the door,
and that's how the clip ends. So what I'm wondering

is how much happened before this scene that they think
Carol has something to do with it, or is it
solely based on the fact that Horns being Carol talked
about the house being broken into, and him seeing that
Carol was upset about it, so he must think she
rided him out. He probably does, so she he sends

his top secret people to go get her. That's that's
that's the clip. Uh. Norman Rita's has a book out
called ravage Um. Already ordered it. It's on his way
to my house. Okay, and listen as nude pictures of him.
You don't even know if you're gonna like it. It's him.
I probably will love it. I have his photography books.
I have a lot of stuff from him. Yes, and

you have a ten inch Gerald, I do. And it's
an action figure. People. Oh, I'm sure there's action. Oh
my god, that's what I that's what I figure. I
think there's action involving your figure, is what I'm doing? Yes? Yes,
is that what you call it? Thank god, I have
to go. I've never heard a woman caller of that.

Check out my storage unit. Oh my god, do you
have a lock on the storage unit? I do with
the key like a chastity belt. Oh, just like a
can speak all right. Next week on Talking Dead after fear,
new cast member Warren Wawa Snipe, who plays the homeowner.

He's added to the cast bandleader Reggie Watts from The
Late Late Show with James Gordon, big fan of The
Walking Dead and my favorite executive producer Ian Goldberg. Oh
your favorite. It's your guy, my guy. Oh my god.
I gotta and him a nasty tweet in a few minutes.
He'll definitely see. Yeah, alright, that's it, So let's recap this.

It ended fairly well for the second section of The
Walking Dead, much like the people on The Walking on
Talking Dead rather, I am very sad there's only eight
episodes left. Eight episodes, and I am too. It's like
coming to an end for all these years. Yeah, yeah,
And it was funny that Norman Ritas and Lauren Cohen
were both on the show since they're both having spinoffs.

But he didn't draw attention to that. He didn't say, like,
you're both done, but you both have spinoffs, and it's
weird because of Darrel and Carol thing I feel like
we've known about for almost years. But wh they didn't
reference it right. I would have thought, you know, he
didn't say like, oh, you guys are gonna be a
lot of scenes together. You haven't been. He's like, yeah,
Plus we have the spinoff, Like, no mention the spinoff.
Do you think there's some chance that it won't happen?

I told you, I think one of the spinoffs is fake.
I think Darryl's too important not to have spinoff, Like
Darryl and Carroll are the the most popular people on
the show. Yeah. I just feel like maybe like if
Jerry got to spin off, that would be fake and
he'd be done love him, But it wouldn't. It's not real, right,
I mean, I would Jerry that that's me the name

of the show, like the show that the credits would
bound Bound Bound Jerry. That would be the theme song, Jerry.
So I have a feeling Ezekiel doesn't make it so
we get to see Jerry cry again. Oh, I mean,
I hope Jerry doesn't die. I hope not. He's got
so many kids. I think it makes sense for Ezekiel

to die because he has outlived this comic book so much.
It doesn't and it would give Carol a reason to
leave band Memories. I can't stay here I gotta go.
She's got nothing holding her back then, and Darryl has
nothing holding her back except the kids. But who who
who takes care of the kids? Does Maean come back
and take the kids? I don't know. Judith had a

mama again. And by the way, I did see uh, Trevor?
Was it Trevor talked about this on Trevor's chan Or
was it one? The other one may been Trevor. There's
a there was a rumor I wouldn't put too much
weight into it that the movies have been such a
delay and such a problem that they might just have
a Rick spinoff show. What yeah, get out of town? Now?

If Rick were to get a spinoff show, oh my god,
then he could show up in the finale. But why
would Daryln Carroll leave him? M hm exactly. And if
Rick is in the Daryln Carroll show, then it's really
the Walking Dead at that point, and then I'm I'm all,
I'm all for it, right, But the spinoff show would

be Rick and Machine is what what I heard. But
I don't have to say I doubt that's true. But
that could be a thing like maybe Michon shows up
with with the CRM. And Rick is the leader of
the CRM or a general or something, and they fight
the Commonwealth. Oh maybe I should be a writer instead

of even I think you should because that's a great idea.
Yeah all right, you know what, I gotta go. I
gotta go write a script for that please. Yeah so
so so yeah so Jamie. With that said, I'm a
very busy man. Now it's time. What time is it.
It's time to shut this shut down. That's too bad.
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