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April 23, 2022 46 mins

Ep.215 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down Fear TWD S7 ep 9 "FOLLOW ME"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead   

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
Charge here. The rules are Welcome to walkers and talkers,
Episode two sixteen. I'm David Brodie from ELBA Straight in
the Morning Show, and my lovely co host is Jamie
from light FM in New York. Hi, Jamie, thank you. Hi.
I say light of FEM in New York every week
because there are other light f M s in America.

There are, and some of them are owned by our company.
That maybe one or two that aren't. I'm not sure
if we have a copyright on that, but the most
important one is the one that Jamie works for in
New York in New York City's right. And we were
both in the building today, although I have not gotten
the scene j C Jamie's new car because on yesterday
I left, I left late and she left early. And

today I left early and she left later than I did.
And then I saw you in the street. Well, you
were in your car. I wasn't in the street. Yes,
So I was driving down the street and you were
walking up the street and I yelled out to you.
And I didn't get see your caught your new jeep
today either. So we'll figure it out. Maybe next week
it'll work out. Okay, we don't have a lot of

news to cover for this episode, and uh it's a
fear of the Walking Dead episodes, So we'll get to
that in a minute. I've been bitching on Twitter about
how bad I thought the episode was, Jamie, What did
you think of the episode? Scale one to tend okay,
that's generous, fantastic. The only thing I want to talk
about as far as news, make sure you check out

the new The Walking Dead trailer for the final third
of the final season. It looks like Ezekiel and one
of his cohorts maybe who were spreading the newspapers out
doing newspaper deliveries with Pamela Milton's headlines. Looks like maybe
they got arrested caught doing it. Rosita is crying to

Eugene um Aaron walks into a room and is shocked
by what he sees. Maybe Father Gabriel is dead. I'm
not saying he is, but I'm putting together the pieces
and it doesn't look good for Father Gabriel. That's what
I'm saying there. But you never know, it could be misleading.
Trailer guy, you know that son of a bus unreliable, unreliable. Also,

there's a scene of Negan talking to Mercer saying I
want to keep my people safe, and Mercer says, that's
what my job is. So Negan is in Commonwealth. He
got in somehow or he met Mercer somewhere, and he
says to Mercer, well, if you're keeping my people, our
people safe, you know who wouldn't have needed to send
me here. I'm assuming Maggie sent him in to uh

negotiate a work with Mercer. Let him know that he's
got back up. That makes sense. But I know, Jamie,
when you saw your like Nigan's gonna fight Mercer, it
looked like there was some tension and then you sent
me straight, so it's all good. Well I set you straight.
From my opinion, you could be right. You're usually always right.
Continue please you are, that's not not always, but and

you should be one of the writers. Yeah, well yes
that I'm not gonna argue with that one. I found
the episode to be esoteric, just very like um oh,
you know, like motivational and inspirational, and from people who
don't know each other. I think it's hard to take
it seriously when you are talking to someone like you

know them forever and you know them for half an
episode and you need this and maybe it's your voice
and we'll get to that. So but yeah, the Walking
Dead trailer looks really good and it reminded me of
what really good Walking Dead is, and fear reminded me
this episode, at least, what bad Walking Dead really is.
So the episode is called follow Me. That starts off

with at leash having a nightmare about Padre and uh.
She has a bunch of people with her who then
cover their ears. Something's bothering them, and then she sees
a walker. She follows it. It's the Senator from the
episode where they followed the walker for the whole episode,
which was boring his sin and uh, and he turns around.
The walk turns around, he's like and then she lets

it fall on him and fall on herror. And then
she wakes up and she's still sweating and in a fever.
She's still sick, but she's um. She's in somebody's house.
We talked about this last week. It's the trailer that
we watched for this week. The scenes. It's Paul's house.
I was reminded when she wakes up because she doesn't
have her prosthetic arm on that I'm mad she lost

her arm. I just don't like it. Yeah, it's rough.
And how she keep the bones, I don't know. That's bizarre.
I feel like she's either not going to remain the
lead of the show and Madison and Morgan will or
she's going to die by the end of the season
and gets reunited with Morgan but then dies. She doesn't
look so hard. I'll say that. No, no, no, no, no, no,

no no. She always looks hot. In fact, if I
could get a ten inch Alicia Debon carry anyway, anyway,
I think as a man, I would need a life
size Alicia Debonon carry, whether it's inflatable or or rubb
or whatever. They do realistic stuff, but no attendance wouldn't
wouldn't really help me there, no, I mean that's not

my you know. No. So apparently she's been having this dream.
It's a recurring dream. YadA, YadA, YadA. She's walking around
the house in a daze, and she walks into the
living room and Paul the new guy, is sitting by
his piano listening to music really loudly, and as a
walker coming up behind him in the house, which he
doesn't seem to hear because we don't know anything about Paul.

Yet she can't get his attention because the music is
so loud and she's sort of like drunk walking. So
she knocks the stereo off the shelf and it breaks,
so the music stops. He turns around. When he doesn't
I guess heal the vibration of the music. Spoiler. Paul's deaf,
by the way. Um, speaking of Paul being deaf, I'm
not gonna say who, but a certain um, a certain

YouTube reviewer of The Walking Dead kept calling him mute.
Oh no, and mute means you can't speak. It doesn't
mean yeah, he's not mute, he's deaf. That was quite
an oversight, and it wasn't like a one time slip up.
This person said it, uh seventeen times. He turns around

to see why the music stopped, and as a walker,
he left his front door open. I guess walker comes in.
He he kills the walker. Then he yells at Alicia,
you ruined my stereo. What did you do? He tells
Alicia he lost the rest of his hearing. He was
hard of hearing, but lost the rest of his hearing
when the nuclear war warheads went off, and that he's
a lip reader. She says, I don't know how I

got here. He says to her, I found you in
a barn on my way home from a food run.
And Alicia says, well, was there a little girl with me?
And he says, no, you were alone. Now the little
girl we see at the end of the episode, which
I'll talk about because they did reference to the little girl.
I'm talking dead in case you're wondering who the little
girl is that she was referring to. So Paul says

he can't hear the music, but he can feel it.
And then Alicia notices he has bag pipes in the
corner and other instruments, but he talked about the other instruments.
But when when she says, well, tell me about the
bag pipes, he doesn't want to talk about it. He
gets all defensive, right, So something's up with the bag pipes,
but you know, we'll learn about it later. The the
guys in the furs, Arno and his gang of they
called him the not scavengers, stalkers. Yet they show up

outside the house. They're looking for Alicia, and they have
a truck full of walkers, and Arnold says to Paul
we're looking for a woman. She's sick, she has a fever.
And uh. He says, well, you're at a lock. There's
nobody here, and we already know that they're going in
the house because we already saw the trailer for the scene.
And they pushed their way in, and he says, I'm

looking for a girl lost her arm, but she hasn't
turned yet. He's like, I don't know to tell you, man,
and I don't know I've seen any woman. For some reason,
he starts playing the piano and he's hitting all the
keys from from hide to low. Yeah, and then one
of the he's goes fud funk. Now you know it's
first of all, it's an old piano, and it's a

piano at the Apocalypse. You expect it to not be
in tune, and you really normally wouldn't expect someone to
be hiding in the piano. And as Paul the actor
explained on Talking Dead, they actually put a model of
a top of a piano on top of the piano
to allow more space for Alicia. Usually there's like an

inch or two before the lid. You couldn't really get
in there, and and certainly if you were laying on
top of the strings, more than one key would go thud.
Oh my, the whole thing would go thud. Right, you
might get a bank born, but you wouldn't get notes
and then a thud. You might get a couple by
your feet, like where feet didn't reach, but at some

point a lot. Yeah, for the drama, I thought, I
thought when he hit the dink, he says, tell me again,
she's is she here? And he's like, I haven't seen anything.
I thought they'd be like a crash outside, you know,
or his walkie would go off, you know, the usual
perfect time bullshit. But no, he believes them, and he says,
all right, you know we're gonna keep looking. Arnold says

to Paul. He says, here's a walkie talkie, and I
want you to call us if you if you see
this woman that we're looking for. Now. I have a
couple of questions, okay, I think T White Sr. Had
the same question as me on the second one. The
first one is the first one is you have so
many walkie talkies charged you can just give one to

some stranger. Aren't these things like invaluable? They're rare? They're rare, right,
that's my first problem, which is not quite as big
as my second problem. Paul, thank you. I was like, okay,
let's say he can't He can speak, but he will
have no idea. What they said back right, you're giving
a walkie talkie to a guy you just found out

is deaf, deaf, deaf, deaf deaf. So I know, I
know that wanted to do this episode. I know they
wanted to have a deaf character, a deaf actor portray
deaf character. I get that, and he was. He was
okay in the role, not not bad, not bad. But
then don't put him in the episode that requires him

to have a walkie talking exactly. It's not gonna work,
or you know, like don't make this or come up
with some other way and contact you, like you say,
I will be back tonight. But but if you want
him to contact you, then then make him uh slight,
like make him hard of hearing. But he can hear
a little bit, you know, like you can hear if
you yell you. He can hear stuff. But I mean,

he does have a co clear implant, so I wonder
if he can know. I think the man he said
it doesn't work anymore. He said, I lost the rest
of my hearing. He can't hear anything, he said, I
don't hear the music. I feel it. I think it's
attached to his head. Hows he gonna get it out? Oh? Oh,
I don't know how those things work. I think I
think it's a it's a co clear implant. It's in
your head. You can't take that out. Oh, I see, okay, right,

So I I I'm just I think they should have
at least said he's hard of hearing, like if you scream,
he can hear it, but like he would hear a walker.
But they wanted him to be deaf to you know,
to talk about Beethoven and make him more impactful. But
then it doesn't jive with because when he uses the
walkie talkie later he says something. But as you said, Jamie,

he has no idea if they heard him, no idea.
There's no confirmation, he says, if you're out there, if
you're monitoring this, so for all he knows, his plan
will get to it. But his plan was to contact them.
Well what if they weren't listening at that second, you'd
have to like do it again in an hour. But
you don't know if they heard you. Now if they
if they answered back, he would, I guess maybe here
the vibrating of the walkie maybe, but they never answered back,

at least on screen. And what if they answered back,
F you, we don't trust you there. Yeah. Yeah. Alicia
explains to Paul that Arnold's mad at heart. By the way,
this is a dumb reason, but Arno's mandator because he
didn't like her decisions and people died because of her decisions.
But now he wants to kill her for it, like

apparently Paul says he lost his wife and what was
left of his hearing when the bombs went off, and uh,
but then the guy doesn't want to let Alicia leave
at least's like I want you, I want to leave,
and he's like, no, I need you to help me
rebuild my radio. If Alicia wanted to leave at that point,
we don't know he has a gun, right, No, we don't.
We don't know much about him at all. Couldn't Alicia

just say all right, I'll stay and help you, and
then he's deaf sneak up behind him and bang him
over ahead with something, or just run out the door.
Yeah you know again, if you're worried about a gun.
Wait till he goes to sleep. You won't wake him
up when he's sleeping. Exactly like, why won't you let
me leave? What you were locked in a bunker, you
couldn't leave. This is a little different. Yeah, you're you're
free to go, honey. So he says, would you please

help me rebuild my stereo and get the parts you
know I need? Otherwise my life is over. Now. This
is a typical side mission. This is the kind of
thing that extends an episode where you give the hero
a mission, a short mission, and the long mission is
the tower. The short it's an old writing writing trick.
The short mission is it's like, oh, we have to

go get water. Oh we have to go release the cows.
It was something we have to do this episode. So
her mission was to find radio parts, which by the way,
she didn't really do, but that was her mission to
kill time for the episode. Well, what what can we
ever do? She gotta break something and fix it. She
can't just leave. Oh, we gotta fix my radio. So
now the show is about fixing a radio. The two

of them are now in a theater. I don't know there,
I don't know why they're in a theater, but they're
in a I got like an auditorium of a school.
I guess they were trying to get parts from these yeah,
but they were just sitting on stage doing nothing. So
this guy lives near an ant like an amphitheater or
or an auditorium or a high school or something, and

yet nobody lives there but him. He's got a giant,
multi story house or a nice size house was aircase
and everything that looks like he's been living there. Fine,
he's got food, he's got an amphitheater like an auditorium
where a hundred people could live, and yet no one's

living there. How does he keep people from trying to
take it from him? Well, force their way, And I
don't know, because that really could home a lot of people. Yeah,
so I didn't. I didn't. I didn't get that. He
keeps asking about Padre. He says, you were saying Padre
in your sleep, and she's like, no, I don't talk
about it. She says, Arnold was right. I led people
towards Padre and people died, and I wanted his help

fighting this guy Strand, but he didn't want to help me.
Now then Paul gives her this pep talk, one of many,
It's not your fault, You're doing the best you could.
How does he know that? How does he know? She started?
If I know you, you're a good leader. No, you know,
you don't know. You don't know her, You don't know her.

It's just that, I mean, the pep talk was. Wouldn't
she at least say, how does this guy know anything?
He's trying to like be generally like, No, I'm sure
you did your best. You know, it's not your fault. Yeah,
it was. It absolutely was. Everywhere she goes, people die, Hello,
people sink to this breakdown of this episode, Paul explains

he bought the bagpipes for his wife's forty birthday and
she was gonna learn how to play Oh to Joy
by Beethoven, so that at that point, you know, and
then he says, we both learned how to play the bagpipes.
At that point, you know, he's gonna play out to
Joy on the bagpipes, right, either he's gonna die or
he's gonna lead the walkers away by playing out to

Joy in the bagpipes. So he doesn't say he's unhappy
living in the house. He just feels bad. He didn't
do right by his wife, who he heard he heard
die over the phone. Just like Riley in the submarine ship.
I think it's rough, especially like a day apart, where

like that, it's the same bit true. Oh I heard
my wife die on the phone on the walkie and
I was so upset. Okay, okay. So Alicia says, you
don't have to go back to your house if you're miserable,
you can come with us and help fight for the
place that I told you about. Well did he say
he was miserable in the house. He had a sound

proof house, he could blast his music, he was very
happy she broke his radio. But where did he say
he was miserable and I don't want to live there anymore?
Never exactly. There was never a conversation where he was like,
I wish I could go anywhere else. Well, if he
didn't want to go to his house, he'd go live
in the auditorium, couldn't he? And I have to assume
there's an auditorium. It's connected to another building, So go

live in that building. Don't don't stay in your wife's house.
If your wife the house, the memories areup sending you
all right, more stupidity on the way. There were some
things I did like and that Jamie liked. And we'll
talk about the rest of the show and uh talking Dead,
and then we'll say we'll try very hard to say,
uh what we always say at the end of the show.
We'll say, we'll see how you do. Alright, any requests

for what idea I play into commercial here? Mm hmmm,
all right, don't forget it. We'll play this one. We'll
be right back after. This is Dan Fogler Luke on
The Walking Dead and you're listening to Walkers and Talkers
with David Brody and Jamie. All right, well, I hope
you like that one. Jamie. It's not one you chose.
It's I love them all. I know. You know. That's

why it was so hard for you to pick it
was we have so many. I was literally back in
my brain, I'm like, oh, which one? They're all good? Right? Well?
The beauty of reality just pulling back the curtain is
Jamie has not heard that because I don't put those
in until after we finished recording, so you have no idea.
I would have put the one in that you requested,
but you didn't request one, so too late, you don't

get another. You don't get to request on Alicia hears
horses outside and for some reason decides to go out alone.
And she doesn't even say to Paul, hey, I just
heard horses. I'll be right back, because he didn't hear them. No,
he for sure didn't hear him. And of course it's
Arno and his men and they take her at gunpoint immediately.
And I said to myself, she's right about herself. She's

a terrible leader, terrible Why wouldn't you look out the window?
The auditorium is all glass, And she walked right out, like, hello,
who do you think's out there? Right? It's it's a
zombie apocalypse. How many people could be out there when
you know Arnold's looking for you. So she's like, dum,
I'll walk out? What what? What? Bad writing? Oh? Poor us,

poor us? Because because that's why, because oh my god,
he was on Talking Dead, Yes he was, Yes he was.
The other executive producer, Andrew Chambilis is on the next
episode of Talking Dead, so you won't have to see
Ian Goldberg again. He's the other guy who's smug about
his abilities. Okay, as she's walking down the steps realizing

she's being captured. Did you notice what she did? She
took her long black glove off her left hand that's missing. Yes,
so I thought, all right, she's gonna use it to
stand people with, she's gonna fight them. But no, no,
she didn't. You know what she did. She didn't remember
during the Walking Dead when we were like, oh, he
took his mask off so we could see it like

he was under the mask, and then he had to
put his mask back on so he could take his
mask off in front of Maggie so that she wouldn't
know immediately who it was, right, So when she took
the glove off, it was only to set up the
next scene, which I'll get to in a second. She said, hey,
I'm not alone, and Arnold says, yeah, you with Paul
the deaf guy, like, yeah, we know you're not alone.
That's supposed to be, Like that's gonna frighten us. He says,

did you already promises somewhere better and safe to live,
which is hilarious because yes she did. Yeah, so so,
I mean it's funny, but it's kind of meta in
a way, like, yeah, the writing on the show is
terrible and she's a terrible leader because no knew what
she did. So that's what she does. She's a lost

soul who keeps promising everyone in a place to be
safe and free and then get them killed. Right. She
says to Arnold, I tried my best, and he says,
tell it to those people. And he uncovers all the
walkers and he says, those all the people that died
because of you. Oh, that's harsh, that's that's cold. That's
reality right in the face. So the three of the

three of them, there's three Arnold's men, three three total.
Would Arno push her up close to the walkers? Okay,
well if this, if you guys were really evil, you'd
shove her face into the walkers and they'd eat her
face off. But instead the show goes to commercial. When
they come back from commercial, I'm calling bad directing bullshit.

She is no longer close to the cage. She's a
good six ft away. He's already taken her prosthetic arm
off and it doesn't have the gloves on it. The
glove right. No. He clinks her bony fingers against the
gate of which we saw in the trailer, but he
wouldn't have been able to do that if she had
the glove on. So the only reason it took the

glove off was to remind us about the fingers, which
you know, they easily could have just taken it off
on camera, or he could have pulled the glove off himself.
But she pulled the glove off as if she was
going to fight. But she wasn't gonna fight. She was
at gunpoint right now. He's doing the evil the evil

villain thing where he talks to her about why she
needs to die. It's the same thing that that Leah
did with Maggie on The Walking Dead instead of just
killing her. I'm gonna make you suffer. I'm gonna make
you watch. I'm gonna make you watch other people die.
So I'm gonna keep you here. Well, you're already untied
from the chair. I'm gonna go out on a mission
that could take weeks, weeks to get everybody, you know.

I'm gonna break into communities by myself, somehow capture people
that you love, bring them back here, all while you're
peeing and poop in your pants and not untying your hands. Yeah,
I had those thoughts after we recorded so just like
every like Batman villain on the old Batman TV show
from the sixties. All right, Batman, that pendulum is gonna

swing for the next hour, and eventually it'll cut a rope,
and that rope will drop scalding hot coffee on you,
and then you'll die. In the meantime, I'll be robbing
the bank on Third Avenue, right, we see exactly. So
he says, all these people are dead because of you.

It seems only fair that you joined them. So he
starts pushing hard towards the walkers, and Arnold opens the
gate latch. I don't know if he's letting them out
or he's gonna shove her in quickly. But again, if
you wanted to die, just push her up against the gates.
Why risk pushing her in there? Number one, she can

fight right with her, even with one arm. Maybe for
him a couple of minutes, and to one might get
out and bite you. Why take the risk. Just at
the exact second that Arno opens the gate latch, Paul
sneaks up on them. They're not deaf, by the way,
but he sneaks up on them, shoots Arno in the

hand at the exact second the gate opens and the
walkers get out. Paul shoots the two guys that aren't
Arno because that's the way the show works. And Alicia
stands up right in front of where Arno is so
that Paul can't shoot Arno. Now, why he wouldn't yell,
get down and then shoot her, I don't know. So then,

of course his gun jams, because that's the equivalent of
the car breaking down the road. Yeah, thank you. He
drops the stereo he was carrying that he wanted parts four.
He almost dies because he wants to go back and
get it, and Alicia jumps into a minivan, and then
he jumps into a minivan. She pulls him in and

Arnold gets away. Arn runs off. Why Arnold wouldn't um
try to break the minivan glass because he knows that
the gun is jammed, So why would he run away?
There's maybe I mean, there's walkers there, but he easily
could have broken the glass on the minivan with something
so that they wouldn't be safe. Right, you want them dead,
so throw something through the windshield or the side window. Yeah,

but no, he's gone. We don't We don't see him again,
Paul tells her hey, uh, I listen. I need a stereo.
It's important, you know. I would have risked my life
for that one. I need to drown out my wife's voice.
It's the last thing I ever heard. When the nuclear
weapon landed. We were all we were talking, or they
were on a walkie whatever they were. And uh, she

tells him the story about the dream and the walker
and the Padre and keeps she keeps seeing Padre. And
it's a staticky voice, like a radio signal. And she
needs to drown out her voice. And it's telling her
to go to Padre. And and she she hears it
every time she goes to sleep. She's having nightmares. He says,
I'd like to take you up on your offer to
go with you. This is after you found out that

she's killed all the people she's led, and she's having nightmares.
She could be crazy. He says, maybe we can help
each other overcome the voices in our heads. And I
thought this is an awful fucking writing. That's what I
wrote explicit, just maybe maybe we can help each other
overcome the voices in our heads. That is the hokey
ist written by a by a fourteen year old girl,

hoping and coburg. Yes, thank you, nothing against fourteen year
old girls. She tells him, no, you can't come with
me because Arnold will keep hunting us down and he
will never give up, and he will go to your
house and he will hurt you. So then I wrote, well,
first of all, you you just invited him to go

with you. Now when he says yes, you say no,
you invited him. Hey, you want to come over to
my birthday party? We canna have a lot of food
and music and and and and and liquor like that
sounds like fun. Oh great, Yeah, you can't come. Unt
I don't want you. Why because this alcohol there and

you shouldn't have it. But you told me he was alcohol.
You just told me come over. So she says, Arno
will never give up. He'll never give up, Jamie, except
he just ran off and it didn't do what I
told him to do and break some windows. But he'll
never give up. He runs off to go get reinforcements,
but he never gives up. So Paul says, I'm not
worried about Arno. We'll be ready for him. Really, you

know Arno, you just met him, but you're not worried.
About him. How do you know he's not a trained
assassin like Leah, You're not You're not worried about I'm
not worried about him. I'm a deaf, fat guy with
no automatic weapons. I got a little handgun. I'm gonna
show you later. This one jammed. I'll try to unjam
it later. But that's all I got. So he says

to her, do you trust me? Alicia, And of course,
because she doesn't know him and doesn't find him to
be overly capable, she says no, No, she doesn't. She
says yes. She says yes, yes she does. She already
trusts him. Oh okay. So he calls Arno on the
walkee again what and says if if you're listening, okay,

it's believable. If you're listening, I'm sorry about what happened.
It was an errand judgment. I made a mistake. The
girl you're looking for turned on me too. Come to
my house after dark? Why after dark? Why? It seems obvious,
and I'll help you solve your problem. Really you don't
think that's a trap? Come after dark? Why? Why after dark?
It's a zombie apocalypse? Is nobody on the street where

the neighbors going to see him, like, don't come with me. Yeah,
I don't want Mike, my neighbor who's out doing his
lawn to come see you, to see you outside, and
uh and Gertrude next door is always outsmoking on her lawn,
so sneaking at night, come by when it's dark. And
I'm sure Arnold was probably saying, oh, yeah, that sounds
like a great plan. But you can't hear him. Why
because Paul's deaf and he didn't respond. I mean, if

Felicia heard him responding, she could said, Okay, he says,
they'll be there at least still that at least show
me that. Yeah, you think Arno is gonna come to
your house, Paul and forgive you for killing his two men.
I made a mistake. Sorry, Okay, I'm gonna let you live.
So Paul is in his house readying for war. He

takes the mattresses down from the windows. Why why would
you do that if they offer a little bit of cover,
So he undoes the windows. Why are you hoping to
shoot them all through the window with your sniper weapon
you don't have. Why are you uncovering the way? Okay,
So what does he do. After he uncovers the windows, Jamie,
he stands in an open room with windows all over,

giant windows. You can see him talking to Alicia. You've
got five guys or six guys on the way with
automatic weapons. Why wouldn't they just shoot through the window
and kill them both? They would, you would. Arno is
outside the house with his men. I guess these are
new men. Did he go back to their encampment wherever

they wherever they're living and get more men. He had
a recruit new man because the other two are dead, right.
He's banging on the door. He wants Alicia, which means
he didn't fall for the trap. He knows Alicia's already
in there. At that point, I'm going to the old guy,
the old deaf man, and Alicia are going to manage
to kill six guys who have automatic weapons and they Now.
I'm not finding Paul less qualified to fight because he's deaf.

But you're less likely to hear someone sneak up on you,
a water sneak up on you. You are at a disadvantage, right,
So I'm just saying deaf people are very capable. But
in a zombie apocalypse, there is a slight disadvantage. When
your big warning sign that there's a walker coming is go.
Hearing him going, it is gone, right. So Paul turns
the music up full volume in his house. How did

he manage to do that? Somehow with no tools that
we know of. He got the car radio out of
the dashboard of the minivan and found a way to
jury rig it and hook it up to his stereo system,
even though the radio wouldn't work without an ampowering Yeah,
So he's blasting it and then Arnold covers his ears.
He covers his How loud could the music be that

he covers his ears outside the house? God, Arnold looks
like he's listened to some heavy metal in his life. Naturally,
the music is attracting a herd of walkers. Paul fires
all the bullets he has. He's at walkers by the doorway,
and now he's out of bullets. He's out of ballts
his big plan he's got Do you trust me, Alicia?

He's out of bullets. The men are coming through the kitchen.
Paul is sneaking up on Arnold with Paul sees Arno
with his back to Paul. Remember, Arnold is not the
one that's deaf. Okay, this would work if Arnold was deaf.
Paul is sneaking up on Arno with a little knife
and bag pipes. Yes, yes, yes, What what is he

going to do with the bag pipes in his hand?
Oh my god? The only reason he had the bag
pipes was so that later on when he had to run,
he'd have the bag pipes with him. There was no
other explanation for what he was gonna do with the bagpipes.
It wasn't like he took a pipe off and he
was gonna beat him with a pipe. What was he
gonna do with the bag pipes? Everything was attached right?

Oh my god? Okay. Then a speaker blows and the
music stops when the car radio shorts out from the
speaker blowing. Now. I don't know how he had it
rigged up, but usually usually a blown speaker doesn't blow
the entire system and keep it from working, but the
music stops. Perfect timing. Bullshit. Arnold turns around. He's about

to shoot Paul when a walker comes out of nowhere. Again.
Arnold is not deaf, but didn't hear the walker. The
walker pushes Arnold and he as he's falling, he shoots
Paul in the stomach. Paul is now going to die
a slow death. Alicia grabs him and pulls him into
an a room, and Alicia says, Oh, you'll be fine.
I'm gonna take you some of medical supplies and a

medical professional. You'll be fine. So she already knows by
looking at his stomach wound he's good. I think that
fever is coming back. Yeah, she says, I'm not leaving
you because it's my fault you got shot. I'm not
gonna leave you. That's very noble. I wonder if she's
going to leave him or not. We'll find that out. Jamie,
what I d do you want to hear? Here? And

this We're gonna go to commercial real quick. What do
you want to hear? You have a second chance? Chris Hardwick? Okay,
we'll play the Chris Hardwick I d right here. We'll
be right back after Chris Hardwick and a couple of
very important commercials. Hey, it's Chris Hardwick. I was talking
dead and talking preacher and talking and talking talking and
talking things, and you're listening to Walkers and Talkers, the
only talking show I don't host with David Brody and Jamie. Okay, Jamie,

you have to trust me now that I put the
Chris Hardwick idea. I may may not have put that in,
you know, but you know tonight when you hear it,
if you better go back and listen. I may or
may not actually put it in. So you'll have to
see if I was a man on my work. I can't.
I can't say you have to trust that I did
put it in because as I'm saying this, I have not.
You have to see if I Yeah, Okay, So he

gives Alicia another pep talk another one about you listen
to other people, you gotta follow a dream. It's your
voice now, and it's maybe maybe you couldn't sleep because
you were tired of listening to other people and it
wasn't your vision, and now it's your vision. This is
like a bad Hallmark card. This is like a bad
Hallmark movie. It's just so it's Oh, it's just so huggy,

it's just so like. If you love the episode, I'd
like to apologize. If this is your first time listening
to walkers and talkers, I doubt you got this far.
A lot of negativity trying to keep it negative but
being funny about the negative. We are we love the
world and Dead shows we you know, we we we
love it all. But this is a particularly and I
went on Twitter and there were some people that hated it,

but there was some people that loved it. Now, I
thought Paul was good, although if you watch it again
after this podcast, there were scene where he has to
like move out of the way or turn and he's
very awkward. It's almost like high school theater. He just
he looked awkward. But I thought his I thought his
emotion was great. Yeah, I thought I really enjoyed his performance.

And I'm sorry that he will not be on future episodes.
But yeah, spoiler. So he gives it his big pep
talk and the six men with automatic weapons have not
come in the room yet. They're not in the room.
They're not there. They're walking around the house. Arnold knows
he went in that room. Right, he's fighting off a
walker but and it's you know, at some point he's

gonna be coming in. And Alicia says, look, I'll never
get out of here past all of these walkers and
the men. Now a minute ago she said I'm not
leaving you. Yeah, and now she's like, um, I can't
really get out if we could work on that. Right now,
he's he's pretty much given up. He's like, I'm done.
He's done. He's done. But she didn't say it, like

she didn't really try to go. No, we can make it.
He can make it because she knows he can't make it.
He's wounded, he's gonna limp, he's gonna walk holding his belly.
Will never make it unless unless they kill the six
of them and take their vehicle or however they got there.
So he says, he says, you'll get out of here
if they can't hear you escape, and so he starts
playing the bag pipe, bagpipes. So here's what I want

to say. The theory here is what we were supposed
to believe, is that had she just opened a window
while the six of them are fighting walkers inside the house,
they would hear her open the window and then run
around back and capture her. We also are to assume
that the six of them are no knowing what room
they're in. Didn't tell his men to go around back

in case they try to climb out the window. But
the bagpipes, we'll cover the sound of what because they
don't show her getting out of the room. So playing
the bagpipes. All the walkers are in the house. They're
dead now, and Arno's banging on the door and the
bagpipes are so loud. Did you notice Arnold covered his
ears again? What can he not take it anymore? Arnold

is on the other side of a door and a
man is playing regular, human, everyday bagpipes and it's deafening
that Arnold has to cover his ears. I mean, it
was just unbelievable. How loud could bagpipes be? Not through
a speaker, He's blown through bag and Arnol's covering his ears, like, ah,
my ears next to bagpipes, they're loud, But there you

don't have to cover your ears. I've been in a
in a radio studio, on an on air studio with
six police officers playing bagpipes. It's not a big deal.
It's loud, but who cares like it's not? Oh my god.
So Paul looks out the window and I want you
to go back and watch this scene. You would expect
Alicia to be running full speed for her life. Paul

is risking his life for her. Literally, she's she's um,
she's jogging jogging by the window and looking in to
sit like to see him jogging down down the road, jogging,
so like she can go, I got I'm out. Look,
I'm out. Well, yeah, he knows you're out. You just
went out the window. He saw you get out, and

now he's going to die. None of those men were
looking outside, none of them were in the back. No,
she she's running off. Arnold comes in while he's playing
Oh to Joy his wife's song on the bagpipes, very touching,
and Arnold shoots Paul. We assume in the back of
the head. Um. We don't see it happened, but we
assume he's dead. I mean, he could have shot him

to shut him up, like, hey, get his attention. But
why would you do that. He's deaf, and why would
you waste a bullet on the guy? I know you
mad at him, But go after Alicia. Like you see
at the room. He's in the room, and it's a
good ten seconds of showing Alicia run. He could have
gone after her. They all could have run after her.
She's by herself. There there are six men who you know,

even if they let's say she's faster, they've got a
mode of transportation. They showed up there in something or
Arnold could have went on the walk and be like, hey,
out the window, out the back, get out there. Yeah,
go after Yeah her, go get her. They added an
interesting character the show to the show and Paul, and
immediately Alicia got him killed. Immediately. Yeah, Alicia is running, running, running,

and she runs into this little girl who I assume
as a little girl that she claims to have been
with prior. And she's got a gas mask on and
she's asked the girl she's okay, and then faints to
the ground. And then she dreams again, but this time,
this time, Jamie, she dreams. All of the dead people
are not in the dream any longer, and now it's

the same walker. But when she turns it around, it's her,
and it's her saying Padre. She's telling herself to go
to Padre. I hated that part, honestly. Now she is
the voice inside of her head, or if you blink,
want any to the voice inside my my head, a
voice inside my So now she now she wakes up

and she's in the submarine with Morgan. I can't, I
really can't. She fainted on the road times, but now
she somehow made it back. No walkers eight her while
she was fainted on the road, or did she now
Morgan says she fainted outside the submarine. So maybe she
was hallucinating and fainted outside the submarine, because she says,
where is the girl brought me here? Morgan's like, you

were alone, dude, Like you're second. I was like, did
she dream Paul up and all this crap? Right, that's
what I thought that a second? Right? And and and
who knows she may have or she may have hallucinated. Um,
Paul getting shot like half of that could have been
not real. We don't know. Okay, So Morgan says, were

you able to convince Arno and his men to join
us in the fight against And she says no, Um,
and uh, now we don't have enough people to take
on He says, we don't have enough people to take
on Strand, so she says, I know how to get
the army we need. I've always been around strong voices
who had their dreams. My mother, nick you, but I've

never had my own dream. And I need to follow
my own dream. Oh, I have to have a dream.
Now you're fighting a survive every day. I gotta have
a dream. I gotta have a dream. Okay, I'm going
back to the bunker at the hotel because there's a
transmitter there, and I'm gonna try to bring people in

to help them find a better place. Morgan says, then
you are Padre, and she says, yes, I will offer
them hope in a better place. So our theory is
to draw people in with the hope of a better
place and then tell them, as we saw in the
in the teaser trailer for the season, We'll give you
a better place, but if you want it, you got

to fight a war against people you don't know to
take it. Hey, I got this place. Well, I don't
even actually have this place. There is a place. It's
a building. It's not my building, but it's people I
don't like. Well I used to like them, and there's
some people there I do like. But we have to
fight them to get a tower back. That isn't rightfully ours,
it's rightfully his. But because we're piste off about it,
we're gonna fight them. Would you like to join us?

You can have a safe place to live, but right yeah,
everywhere I go everyone gets killed. And by the way,
didn't fear um in season five. Wasn't their mission to
find people and bring them back and give them a
safe place to live in the warehouse? Yeah, don't they
keep doing this? Wasn't they gonna do this at the damn? Oh? Yeah,

we're gonna bring people in the then they will go
into the old western town. Yeah, the gulch. But Alicia's
talking about it like it's an original idea. Hey, I
have an idea. I don't know if you've thought of this, Morgan,
correct me if I'm wrong. I think we should go
help people. But instead of helping them, we're gonna use
them because we're selfish pricks to fight a war they

have no interest in. So we'll find people like squid
Game who are down in the luck and then say, okay, okay,
squid Game people, you want to live. Now, you're gonna
go fight a war and a lot are you gonna die?
How about? How about that? Very very depressing. Yeah, that's
she's squid Game in them. She is squid gaming them.

I can't uh yeah. Yeah. By the way, speaking of
squid Game, I don't want to spoil anything. I'm not
going to. But when they shoot Paul and we're already
like a hundred yards away from the house and all
you sees the gun shot. It reminded me of a a
squid game. You know what I'm talking about, when someone
gets shot but you don't see it. Oh yeah, okay,

no spoilers. Spoiler, I've watched the show. It's on spoiler.
So ar Noo is with his one guy. Now I
don't know what happened to the other five guys. We
didn't see the other five die, although the four die whatever.
But now he's with one guy and they're in the
they're in the cart now with no walkers in it.
His hands been shot and they stopped in the road
and is a massive crater where I assume one of

the warheads landed, and it's full of walkers who must
have tripped and fell into the hole. And because it's
a radiation hole, they probably will have radiation. And they
all have like weird stuff growing on him and Seth
you know who else has radiation. The two idiots standing
at the edge of the hole talking about it. Oh
my god, you're right, they would be dead right now.

Radiation doesn't not come up a hole. You're by the
hole where the bomb went off, and granted it's I
don't know, a year, eight months whatever. This probably Chernobyl
is still radioactive, you know what Chernobyl is. So Arno says,
we're gonna take the tower for ourselves. So apparently they're

gonna use the Walkers to take the tower. Interesting Talking
Dead Reggie Watts from Late Late Show with James Gordon,
my buddy, Ian Goldberg, and the actor who played Paul
Warren Wawa snipe. They asked Ian if the little girl
is real. He says, we'll see. He said, I can
tell you that she's important to Alicia. That's all we know.

In other words, she's not She's not real because where
is she living on her own? Please scenes for next episode.
It's sent it around, Charlie. You've already seen it. She
has a new love interest, some new character. So I
assume he's not gonna live that long. I don't say anything,
don't dog, Okay, Madison, actress Kim Dickens, Alicia who's Alicia,

Debnham Carrey and EP Andrew Chamblis will be on not
the next episode of Talking Dead because they're doing Talking
Better call Saul and then the Talking Dead. Talking Dead
will return for the finale of Fear we're by that point,
even though we don't know which episode. By that point,
Madison will be back and Alicia will either be with

her or dead, but either way, they're not doing an
episode until those two characters are resolved enough to say
they're on the show. Yeah, even Ian said Alicia is
not doing so well. She's doing worse. Like he admitted it.
He did say that. Yeah, Paul did talk about how
he wishes he could do more episodes. He's sorry that
his character was killed off so quickly, and I thought, well,

maybe there's a chance that he wasn't, but I get
the feeling I think he was. Yeah, yeah, I imagine
he is. But it's too bad. You got a good
character and you killed him off. I would have liked
to see more, at least another episode, at least one
more episode. Yeah, one more. But now he's done, he's done, spoilers,
he's dead, he's done. So all right, this is a
nice quick episode. Jamie and I are both tired, and

we did we did our best. But we'll be back
next week, of course. So until then, Jamie, it's time.
What time is it? It's time? Shut this ship down?
Like god, what is what? Delay? Just speak Jamie, it's time.
What is it, It's time to shut this shit down.

Thank you. It's like bullet teeth te Sorry, I just
hug off my headphones, so I didn't hear you. I said, no, no,
you'll have to listen to it now. I'm not gonna
tell you what I said. Oh no, what did you say? Nope,
I'm not gonna say. But it involved tennant style Dixon.
Oh boy. And I need to hear if you put

in chriss arclick yeah. And I need to hear if
you put in tennan style Dixon. Okay, okay, thanks everybody,
have a great week.
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