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May 1, 2022 76 mins

Ep.217 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down Fear TWD S7 ep 10 "MOURNING CLOAK"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead   

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
In charge here, the rules are. Welcome to Walkers and
Talkers Episode to seventeen. I'm David Brodie from Elvistare in
the Morning Show, and that is Jamie from na Fem
in New York. Hi, Jamie, Hello, how are you good?
I feel like I should say this is Jamie or
I'm about to say Jamie. Well, the next voice you
hear will be Jamie because I say that. But I'm

I'm pointing and you're not even here. I'm pointing at
my laptop because I'm pointing it. Where your sound comes
out of your point to my headphones, like the thing
going in my ear is the voice of her. That's her. Well,
welcome to episode to seventeen. We have a bunch of
things to talk about, some major breaking uh walking dead news,
But before we get to that, I just wanted to

talk to Jamie about what she's gonna be doing and
some things I've been doing that I think might be
interesting to everyone involved. So first and foremost, if you
are someone who likes the Brooklyn Boys pod cast a
listening to this podcast, I hope you do. Um check
out Brooklyn Boys dot big Cartel dot com, where, of
course you can get your Walking Dead merchandise. And when
I say that, of course, I mean you're Walkers and

Talkers shirt, you're Brooklyn Boys March and we just released
Brooklyn Boys sticker sheets that you can get for well.
I don't have the prices off hand, but I think
it's like if you, I think one and if you
buy three, it's less money, or if you buy two
items on our site, you get the sticker sheet for free.
I believe that's what the pricing is. Don't don't quote me,

but we're running a promotion. So if if one of
the items was a Walkers and Talker's shirt, that would count,
of course, of course, of course, of course. So so
there's that. Um. I have been doing a lot of
podcasts in addition to the Brooklyn Boys and of course
Walkers and Talkers and the obvious start in fifteen minute
morning Show. I have been invited onto a couple of
other podcasts that I wanted to promote real quick if

I can, if you don't mind, Jamie, I've done three
in the past couple of weeks. I will have if
you go to my Instagram page at David Brody of course,
you know, at the Talking Jamie. If you want to
walkers on the score talkers for all our social media love.
But if you go to at David Brody on the
uh the main bio page, I have a I think

it's all links, and I'll put the links in there.
I did the Black Cast b L A d T.
Christian Blatt is the producer of the Dennis Miller a
podcast and and a friend of mine who UH. When
I was introduced to him, he said, my three favorite
things are the Mets, Star Wars, and all things Marvel.
So I said, that's a win for me. That's a

win for me. So so I was on Christians Baseball
preview episode and against the Black Cast. I think you
can just google the podcast Black Cast b L A
d T and you'll find it on YouTube and on
most podcast platforms, and here are Baseball predictions. I sat
in on their Marvel episode where we broke down and

talked about episode five of Moon Night, which is on
Disney Plus. So if you want to hear me geek
out about Moon Night, you can check that out as well.
And also I've been tweeting the links out, so just
check my socials if you're that interested. And then I
did an interview with one of my all time I
would say top two or three favorite singers of all
time from from the eighties hair metal genre, but he's

so much more than that. So there was a there
was a band. It still has a band, but he's
not the singer anymore, called T n T. They're all
from Norway, but he's an American singer. Tony Harnell the
lead singer who I had the pleasure of becoming friendly
with a few years back. We had a mutual friend
who used to sing song parodies for me in our
comedy department, and he said, oh, I've got an album
coming out. Really yeah, he was, this is the album

And I said, holy crap, your singers Tony Arnell and
he said, yeah, you're a fantasid a huge Tony has
a four octave range voice, and in addition to being
a member of the Norwegian Rock Hall of Fame, he
is also now as of this week, a member of
the UH Metal Hall of Fame him So if you're

a fan of metal music, heavy metal, hard rock, UH
he is now a Hall of Fame member. So I
was on the Appetite for Distortion podcast with my friend Brando,
who works with us at I Heart Media. He had
me sitting on an interview because I'm a fan and
also because I set it up because I know Tony
and I to be interviewed. He talks about when his
band was a few years established and they ran into

an unknown band on tour called Guns and Roses. It's
an interesting story about Axel Rose seeing him sing once
at a small club. It's I think it's a fun
interview and it's a little different than what I normally do,
but I've I've done a fair chef rock interviews which
you can find if you search my name on YouTube,
from Kiss members to def Leppard and anyway. So Tony

is a fantastic singer and a good guy. So if
you want to check that out, also to be on
my Instagram page in the main page under all links.
I'll put the link up there, and again I've tweeted
it and posted it whatever. I will tell you a
funny story because we've done a lot of interviews on
this show, but the Appetite for Distortion podcast gets a
lot of attention from online rock websites. We talked to

Tony for over an hour and he was the lead
singer for skid Row for about a year. After Sebastian
Bach and after someone else they hired him and then
after a year, you know what, they just didn't click
and he moved on. But the industry likes to if
he says anything, they like to jump on it, right, like, oh,
he says something about his old band, skid Row. Skid
Row is a big band, right, So we didn't really

talk about skid Row much. I asked him, Uh, Brando
asked him one question and I asked the follow up question,
but neither one was really about skid Row. It was
more about, Oh, they hired a new singer, and I
and I talked about when Tony left T n T.
They've hired other singers, and for me, the band will
always be him as the singer. You know, some bands
can replace a singer, like Van Halen replaced David Lee

Roth and Sammy Hagro was successful. And if this is
by the way before your time, I apologize, But there
are a lot of bands, rock bands that replaced the singer,
and some of them have success. Some of them find
the like a C D c uh their original singer died,
they got the singer. You probably know a lot of
people know more famously for you shook me on that long.
Not the original singer, They got the perfect second singer.

Sometimes it works out well, yeah, not official member of
the band, but and not making new music. But I
know we're all fans of Queen and we love Adam,
So I'll accept that, your honor. I'll accept that. Sometimes
it doesn't work out, you know, and and the band
ever survives with a different singer or they go back
to the original singer. Anyway, So I said, you know,

there's a new singer. You were a new singer in
in in skid wrote for a brief period of time.
There are people trying to follow you in T and T.
They have to like following big footsteps, right because you're
the voice, You're the sound of the band. When you
joined skid Row, you must have felt the same way
replacing the legendary Sebastian Box. He's like, yeah, you know,
it was weird stepping into someone else's world, their sound,

singing their songs that we wrote or co wrote. He said, So,
I totally understand what it must be like to replace
me in my old band. That was it. It wasn't
really about skid Row. It was more about being a
singer and being replaced or replacing someone else. That was
it an hour long interview. We posted clips that had
nothing to do with that, and and the big online
websites all picked up on Tony talks about skid Row. Oh,

and they didn't meant, they didn't mention anything awesome, Like,
it's just amazing to me in the music industry. And
it's no different than Hollywood. You know, if you're on
Jimmy Fallon or Colbert and you talk about a hundred things,
they find the one that they feel is a good
headline and they jump all over it. But the funny
thing is, like we barely talked about skid Row. We
talked about everything else. But anyway, if you want to

hear the interview, it will be on my Instagram page
and I'll I'll continue tweet out the links and and
if you like the podcast that I'm on, feel free
to continue listening to them and watching them even when
I'm not on, because I wouldn't have run on if
they weren't a quality product. So now, Jamie, I want
to talk to you about a movie that's coming out. Well,
I'm sorry, I want to talk to you about a
movie that's out now, but first you have some major

you have a major event coming up in your life.
You're going to a bookstore. God. Now, normally that shouldn't
be a big deal. You did Jamie not read? She's
She's going to a bookstore. That's a big deal. Jamie's
gonna read books with pictures. Jamie is going to a
bookstore for a very special reason. I think we may
have mentioned briefly on the last episode, but Jamie went

out and bought a new dress. She's gonna get her
hair done. Say I am I know you are. You
don't even tell me this. I know you. Maybe you
get a manicure, maybe even a pedicure through the open
toe thing. Maybe buy your tickets to Europe when you
find out where the where the show he'll be on
will be. So ladies and gentle would out further Ado

and I know you would like to do this. Guy,
who are you? Who are you going to see at
this bookstore? Jamie? Um, just as some guy you know
named Norman Reidis is going to be at Bookends in Ridgewood,
New Jersey. That's where I grew up and book Ends
has been a part of my whole life and they
have awesome authors all the time, and I don't know

why it wasn't on their mailing list. But a friend
texted me the other night and they're like, um, do
you know Norman's going to be there? I could hardly
get on the website fast enough. My hands were like shaking.
Now did you know right away which Norman she was
talking about? Oh? Absolutely? And I already pre ordered his book,
and then I ordered it again because you have to
order it through this store to to go meet him.
But if you want to go there, starting of my

ticket so I don't have to about anyone like getting
so you have to sell the first book? Are you
gonna try to get them both signed? I'll keep it.
It's fine. It's called Ravaged. It's out and he wrote
it um and then Monday, maybe it's not called. It's
not called Jamie wants to be ravaged. It might as
well should be. I'm like, I've made him so many times,

but I'm like so nervous. I'm really excited because I
haven't seen him in a couple of years. Are you
gonna write I want to be above the word ravage
and haven't signed it? Do you think about it. Oh no,
you should write. You should write would you like to
be of a ravage and then have him sign it
as if he was asking you the question, Oh my god,
I would love that, and then you just write yes
under that yes, yes please. So Monday May nine, at

five pm, he's gonna be at book Ends in Ridwind,
New Jersey. And if you go to bookends dot com,
not an ad or anything. I'm just checked for the
people who love the people. If you want to meet
him or me or me, I'll be online. I'll be
the girl probably hyperventilating in a paper bag. Um, yes,
I will be there waiting to meet him that Monday night.
Don't act with Jamie the way Jamie is going to
be acting with Norman. You've seen me with Norman. I'm

very calm. I'm freaking out inside. But I have not
seen you with I would I have not seen you
with Norman. I would not click on the video. I
told you that I have respect. You know, you and
I have met Norman a couple of times together. Right,
we we met We met him at the convention. Right,
we took pictures with him, and then we met him
on the red carpet at the Greek Theater for this

season eight premier episode one. That's the two times I
met him with you, and then I met him backstage
at one of the Zoe Jingle Bulls shows a square garden.
So I think I've met him three times, but with
you twice. Yes, I think I've met him five times. Well,
it's it's you know, six times or whatever. It's you know,

you'll be seven times at the bookstore, and then if
you go and get an autograph and go outside, get
back on and go back in, it doesn't count as
meeting him twice that are on the same page. Don't
even remember you look just like, no, that's my twin sister.
Are you into twins? Huh? Yeah? Then you could say, look,

look out with me, I'm Jamie. You'll go out me
on Monday and then you go out my twin sister
Julie on Tuesday. How cool will that be? Jie? Right?
But of course it's it's you both times, in case
you didn't know that, because you're not You're not a twin.
All right, very good. I saw a movie that I
think you guys are listeners. You guys, I think you'll
really enjoy if you like science fiction and karate Um.

It's an unbelievable film that is almost impossible to explain
even after you've seen it. So go watch the trailer
if you haven't already for everything everywhere, all at once.
It is a martial arts film, It is a family film,

it is a funny film, it is a touching film,
and it is a multiverse film. I think I saw
the trailer for that. It is easily going to be
one of the best movies of the year and might
get nominated for Best Pictures. You will you will sit
there and you'll enjoy the action, you will laugh, you
will wonder what the hell you're watching at times because

it's it gets weird. And then you'll sit there at
the end, tearing up like everyone else in the movie theater,
trying to figure out what you just watched, and then
spending a week thinking about what you watched, and then
telling everyone you know to have to watch it. And
so I immediately texted I went to see it with
a friend. I I immediately texted my two of my daughters.
They had to go see it for reasons, uh that

that because of the daughter in the movie and how
her relationship with her parents was and then I texted
my wife because of the relationship that the couple has
in the movie, and I was like, who else can
I text? Because it will affect them? You, Jamie, you
will be affected more so than you already are. But
you should go see the movie. It was limited release,
but came out this week in uh last week as

a major release. But go ahead and watch some of
the nonspoiler reviews on YouTube. Just search for everything everywhere,
all at once, non spoiler review and you'll you'll get
reviews just people just glowing and just dumbfounded. I saw
one TikTok the day before I went. I didn't understand it.
It was a girl in a car and she said
she was crying, saying you have to see this movie.

And she said it will change you in so many ways,
but that you will stare at a movie screen at
two rocks for ten minutes and enjoy it real. And
I was like, why why would I stare two rocks
on the screen. You will trust me when I say this.
You will stare at two rocks and you will sit
there and and you will go, oh you will. It's

it's it's symbolism, and it's imagery and it's visually stunning,
and it's just it's just that more. It's just it's just,
it's just just it's just it's. Yeah, you got it,
that feeling you get when you see Norman Retas. Oh
my god. Okay, now, speaking of Norman Retas, if you
haven't heard, I don't know how you haven't heard. But

there's major, major news from The Walking Dead. We're not
gonna go to commercial and tease you, We're gonna tell
you up front. The Darryl and Carroll spinoff show is
now going to be the Darryl Show because, um, Melissa
McBride is no longer going to be on on the show.
She dropped out this because she agreed to the show.

Who could blame her? Get to work with Norman Retas
on a spinoff, get paid, be the star of the show.
And look, you never know what's true. But here's the story.
The story is now that they're getting close to the
summer where they're gonna start filming a m C or
the production people told her just so you know, we're
gonna be filming somewhere in Europe. Now they don't tell

us the audience where in Europe they obviously told her
where in Europe because she needs to know where she'd
be living, and she said a piece out, I'm out, bitch.
She does not want to live in Europe and work
in Europe for who knows family doesn't like Europe? Who
knows she doesn't want to doesn't want to work and
live there for six months, however long. It takes the

same way Andrew Lincoln didn't want to live in America
any longer because his family was back home. A couple
of things come to mind, Jamie, and give me your thoughts.
If she truly didn't know until they ended filming with
The Walking Dead? Right? Did she already film a scene
for the final episode where she and Norman agree they're
going to ride off together, And now that they take

that scene out, does she have to go back in
and refilm that where Norman says, I'm leaving without you?
Did did they kill off? Did they kill off Ezekiel
knowing she was going to go off with Darryl and
now they could have done a Carol Ezekiel spinoff? Oh
my god, there's such a domino effect happening here, right,
So we don't know what that's going to because I

saw people saying, well, I guess she'll just live at
the Commonwealth, Like they'll just say she's still there, because
right now, did they did they not mention the spinoff
in the finale and then the spinoff would start at
the finale and you know, or did they say like,
let's think about leaving, or does the Commonwealth get overthrown
and they decide we've done our part now we can

move on. You know. I don't know, but whatever they film,
they may need to refilm something and they're gonna have
to re rewrite the script now because if there's anything
written for Daryl and Carroll, the whole concept has to change.
So do they make Connie the co the coast are

now Darryl? Daryl likes Connie? Did they kill Connie off?
Oh right? Why would Daryl leave Connie if Daryl was
like into Connie and leave with Carol unless everything they
both love died. In other words, if Connie and Ezekiel die,
they're dead, and maybe Michon comes back and can take
care of because Daryl can't leave the kids because Carol

and Daryl were their caretakers, right, So were they going
to take the kids? Was Judith going to be part
of the spinoff. Now, I don't know how much you
can jump forward, Like I love Melissa McBride, but she's
fifty seven years old. What do you know a five
year time jump maker sixty two so that you can
make Judith or whatever. So I don't know what the
plan you could make r J sixteen a time jump

would have worked and bring the kids along and make
it a foursome. But now if you don't have Carol,
do you do you refilm it where Carol stays back
and now Judith and r J lose their job on
the spinoff? Oh man, there's so much to consider here?
Is it just the Darryl Show, which makes it like
anyone can die but him? So like with Darrel and Carroll,

you knew two people weren't gonna die on the show. Yeah.
The good thing is since they probably didn't kill her
on The Walking Dead unless they did. Maybe she knew
she wasn't gonna film the spinoff and they killed her.
Or maybe it was a ruse the whole time, like
I predicted. Oh my god, maybe I said, Like remember
I said they may fake a spinoff just to kill someone.

Shock you, Yes, Oh my god. If you're right, I
swear well, I'll go back and play the clips because
I said it. You did say it, You absolutely said it.
So maybe maybe this whole thing is a scam that
she wasn't really you know. But then again, it'll be
a shocking death. But you've given her plot armor for
seven at least six seven more episodes for the whole season.

You knew she wasn't gonna die. So I don't know
what they're thinking. I just know it's going to affect
a lot of people, and and and so now here's
my next question, Jamie, the big one. Ready, please tweet
us at David Brodie had to talk and Jamie and
of course at Walker's underscore talkers, as you always do,
as you do, how does Darryl end up in Europe?
Oh my god. The whole time you're talking, I was

thinking that question. Right, they wouldn't film in Europe and
make it look like Georgia. I was like, and how
the hell did they end up there? I mean that
the when it ended was it fear with the French people,
so they had part of that, So maybe they're going
over there, so you think it's well, okay, So here's

what I'll say to that, Jamie. Now that, now that
you mentioned it, here's what I will. I will say
if he goes to Europe, is it? Because first of all,
how would you get to Europe? That's my other question.
There's not really an airplane, Darryl. Right, does the CRM
capture him on a ship? Did they put him on
a ship and then ship them over to Europe? They
helicopter him over? Like what's happening? Yeah, so I don't

I don't know what what's going on there. But so,
now here's another thing. Darryl is young enough to time jump. Okay,
what if the CRM takes Rick to Europe? Now, Rick
left the Walking Rick left the Walking Dead because he
wanted to spend more time with his family in Europe,
in England, right in Great Britain, whichever part of Britain

he's like, you know, I think it's England, but whatever,
let's say he wants to continue there. And Darryl sees
Rick in the finale, gets some kind of message from
overseas or finds a clue that Rick is now in Europe.
Maybe Darryl finds a way to get to Europe somehow,

or the CRM show up in the finale, and then
Darryl in the spin off gets to have Rick on
the show, and it's the Rick and Darryl Show. Oh
my god, because and and Rick gets to stay in
Europe with his family and film and Norman Readis wants
to work with Andrew Lincoln, so he's like, sure, I'll go.
I'll just deal a motorcycle there and drive on the

wrong side of the not mad about it. If that's
what happens, it's fine. So imagine and Andrew Lincoln to
spin off. How about that. The funny thing would be
Andrew Lincoln would be in England, but he still can't
speak with his in his British accent. Yes, So now

you could still make the movies if there was a
time jump, if the show takes place, say five years
from now, and you you won't know, you won't know
what happened to Rick the past thirteen years. And then
the movies are a flashback and you're like, I'll watch
the flashback and see. The only thing is you'll know
Rick doesn't die in the movies. But I could live
with that. And he wasn't gonna die. I knew he
wasn't gonna dine in the show, and I still enjoyed it.

So I'm saying I'm shouting out now to everyone in
the Walking Dew universe, Scott and Gimple, Greg, Niko Taro,
find a way if you already haven't thought of it,
to have Andrew Lincoln in your Darryl Europe show, not
especially since Melissa McBride is not. How's that? I love it?
Did I get the job yet? Working frame like you?

You should have had the job so long ago? Yeah,
thank you, thank you. All right, let's talk about Fear
the Walking Dad, which is certainly anti climactic after talking
about the big news on the Big Show. But Fear
the Walking Dad. The episode was called Morning Cloak. Morning
made me think of death, like somebody died, and that

wasn't well, it wasn't what the title meant initially. What
did you think of the episode, James? It was sad,
It was sad, But did you enjoy it? I? Actually
I liked it better than the other episode. Yeah, it
was better than than the last episode for sure. I
mean it wasn't like the best I've ever seen, but
like it kept my attention and I did like it.

All right. It was a little sad. Fifteen year old
boy named Ali is in Howard's office waiting to speak
to him, John Senior, you're John Dorry Senior is there
with three soldiers, and I would tell you. For most
of the episode, it appeared that John was big time
buying into the whole authority of the Tower and everything
is the Tower first, the Tower first. He definitely seemed

like he was drinking the coool age. Howard wants to
talk to the boy to give him a mission, and
Ali only wants to talk to Victor about being a ranger.
I want to be a ranger. I want to be
one of the guys that goes out and one of
Victor's most trusted men. And how It says you need
to start somewhere, not just at ranger, and says, here's
what I want you to do. Go out and capture
a morning Cloak butterfly. And he shows him what it

looks like. He says, they're very rare. Okay, let's all
focus on that statement, Jamie. They are very rare. Okay.
We're also an apocalypse right with radiation, right right, right?
So what's some vive the radiation? Unless unless you happened
to be near Strands Tower at the time. Probably not

a lot of you know, wildlife out there, and it's
also very rare butterfly. And they show that Victor has
a shelf with jars of butterflies and he'd like this
one particular butterfly to add to his collection. John Dorry
starts telling the kid about how he got initiated when
he was on the police force, and Howard says to him, basically,
shut up, old man, No one wants to hear old
fart war stories. And I thought, wow, John, you're kissing

up to these guys and they just shoot on you
as like being an old dude. All right. So then
Howard says to Ali, butterflies start out as a caterpillar
and they change and becomes something much more beautiful. That's
what Strand did, And how it had that look in
his eyes like he loves Victor and admires him tremendously.
Didn't he have that creepy look? Oh yeah, he is creepy, Victor.

Victor is a Butterfly's awesome. He tells the kid to
go get the butterfly and become something better like a butterfly.
Go go be something better. So the kid. The kid
is out in the woods with a horse all by himself.
It doesn't look like he has a weapon at the time.
I'm like, doesn't have a weapon or a a knife or anything.
Wouldn't you give the kid? Wouldn't you give the kid

a sword or a knife or something to find? And
he he's got a glass jar. I didn't see him
with with a like a butterfly net. He just had
a glass jar, just a mason jar. Literally, no net.
Just that's it. Now, he gets off the horse and
leaves the horse in the woods. I don't remember him
tying the horse up. And with zombies walking around, why
would you walk away from your horse? Thank you? Hello horse.

So Howard sends a fifteen year old kid to go
out with a horse and this rare butterfly that probably,
like you said, became much more rare in the apocalypse.
The kid sees almost immediately there it is literally just
floating there, like just floating in the sky, like, Hi,
I'm alive. It's right there by them. And where is it, Jamie.
It's by a tree stump that has a flat part,

conveniently where he could put the jar and catch it.
Stump flatness bullshit. So as he as he approaches the
he's he's he's tiptoeing to catch the butterfly. And just
as he's sees the butterfly he's getting closer, a walker
comes out of the forest. Now he's tiptoeing the butterfly.

He does not get scared off by the He manages
to catch the butterfly and kill the walker almost at
the same time. Amazing. He gets back to the horse
and there's a woman standing by the horse. So he
pulls out his gun. He did have a gun, by
the way, did you notice throughout the show the gun
had an infinite amount of bolts. When they want you,
when they want the character run out of bullet, they
runt of bullets, and they don't want the the character

to run of bollets so many. Yeah, it's just automatically fields,
I guess. So he pulls the gun on her, and
we already saw in the wall on Talking Dead that
these two are gonna have a relationship of some kind,
so you already know he's not gonna kill her, he's
not gonna hurt her, and they're gonna pook up at
some point right this point out, How old you want
of them are. I just know they're teenagers. So in

her thirteen birthdays the next week, which I find very
hard to believe, just saying yeah, yeah. By the way,
when I said at this point, I don't know how
old she is, I didn't mean, like in this point
I'm talking to you on the podcast. I meant this
point of my review, I don't I did watch the
same episode Jay, Okay, Like, how does he not know
that she's The whole thing was about her thirteenth birthday. Listen,

I have three daughters, and I can assure you none
of the none of them, well know that none of
them look like at twelve in real life. In real life,
she's fifteen, and there's a big difference between fifteen and twelve. Now,
I guess they couldn't get a twelve well, I guess
they couldn't get a twelve year old to act as

well as as she does. But she's been on the
show a few years now, which means she started as
a twelve year old, which means you would have had
to start as a nine year old, and I guess
they didn't want to do that, so sheame for twelve, right, right,
She's killed a man. Yea yea to spoiler Nix's head.
Oh ye. So Howard and John and a bunch of

men pull up on horses. They were out looking for
the kid because they said he was gone so long.
Oh okay, so maybe he was looking for maybe twenty
minutes for the butterfly. Charlie and John say hi to
each other. Now everyone realizes that she must be one
of Morgan's people. Do they take her prisoner? Howard is
very happy that Ali captured her and says Victor will
appreciate that. He said, you showed Victor what you're capable of.

They clearly wrote Victor out of the episode so that
they could focus on Howard and let Howard make all
the tough decisions and make Howard look like a sick
bastard because they've already painted it Strand as a sick bastard.
But now we know what Howard's willing to do. I
wouldn't have been able to do that. Yeah Howard the fuck?
Oh sorry spoiler swoler. So, John and Howard are interrogating

Charlie and she says she was hoping to find blueprints
on the horse or some way to sneak into the building.
Because she wants to live there, and Howard says, well,
Victor would never allow that, and she says, but I
just want a chance in a normal life. She tells Howard,
look I saw on the calendar on the submarine. I'm
turning thirteen this week, and I'm just tired of all
the fighting. I just want to be normal. I want
to be a teenager, and I'll do whatever I have

to do to prove myself. So then this is the
part that a couple of people tweeted us and said
they laughed out loud when when this scene happened in
the infirmary, June calls everyone in and there's a guy
there laying on the table suffering from radiation burns. And
we find out his name is Jamie Garcia. Oh my god,

you got yes. I laughed, and then every wound it
and laughed again, and I could not believe that was
his name. I couldn't. So we finally found out what
happened to Garcia when he stopped being a police officer.
He gave his badge and gun to the captain. Oh god,
he became a ranger. You can't you literally can't make

it up. Imagine Strand yelling, dammit, Garcia, Garden, get me
those right of parts. So we found him. Howard asks
Garcia if he found what they wanted, but he said
kind of sneakily, like, do you guys find what out? Again?
Did you get the thing with the thing? And I'm like,
what are they? What are they looking to do? What
are they looking to get? And he says no, there

were too many walkers around, and I wanted to protect
the tower whatever that means. Now we later find out
it's elevated parts, and they send Charlie to go get
the elevated parts. But Charlie gets into the building and
the rangers weren't able to get in the building because
there were too many walkers. Are you kidding me? You
can't make it. You can't make a noise and attract
them all and have them follow your horse and then

you go in the building. When is there ever too
many walkers unless there's like a herd of walkers like
from the Whisperers that you can't just trick to go
follow one guy. You go with a boom box and
you go, ha ha, you know you played Rick Astley
and your Rick roll the whole bunch of them so

Ali is rude to Charlie. He's being nasty too hard
because you know she's a spy and Ali is team Tower.
So a few minutes later, someone jumps off the roof.
And when Ali and Charlie go to the roof, John
and June and Howard are up there, and they say
Garcia jumped because he probably couldn't live with the radiation burns.
And I thought to myself, that's bullshit, you know, you know,

I know that's bullshit, because June was taking care of
the guy, and even if he was in pain. Jumping
off a roof when you have a gun and where
you might live by hitting the ground at you, right,
that's not the way you're gonna go. In my opinion,
I agree with you. No one would choose to go
out that way. That's horrible, right. You'd ask June to
give you a lethal injection, you take a gun to yourself,

you'd find a way. But jumping into the herd of walkers,
not a chance. Here's why that whole thing happened. They
want to show you that you can die from radiation, right,
And they want to show you that Howard is willing
to throw people off a roof because you know what's
coming later in the episode. At that point, I said,
someone's someone's going off the roof. Nothing happens there. Writing

on this show is so obvious. Nothing happens unless it's
for foreshadowing of it happening again, where you go, oh yeah,
because how it already did that. That's why it's gonna happen,
so you're not surprised by anything. So then Charlie starts
asking Howard a lot of questions, Well, what was it,
what was he looking for? What were they trying to find?
Tell me and I'll go get it. And how It says, well,
we're looking elevated parts because the elevators haven't worked since

we were attacked, so I don't know if they have
an elevator repairman working there. But Charlie says, I'll go
get the elevator parts. Now, you're you're twelve years old
at this point, right, I'm like, you're gonna have a
freaking twelve year old girl, go come on now. Granted
she knows how to fight, but she's little. She's not
like she can always reach the heads of the walkers
to kill them. And even if you know where the

elevators were you're gonna climb in an elevator shaft and
get the elevated parts for I thought they wanted like
some of the pulleys and chains. Turns out they just
wanted the circuit board behind the buttons. We don't find
out till later. So first I'm thinking, like, why would
Charlie volunteer for that? She's gonna go scavenge for elevator parts? Yeah,

all right? She asks Howard if I do this, can
I stay and that? So Howard says, which she said
a couple of times in the episode, it's Victor's call.
But he listens to me and then immediately says, if
you do it, you're in. Yeah. I thought that to him, like, wait,
you just hold on. You just said I can't guarantee anything,

but he listens to me, So I could probably put
in a good word for you. But if you do it,
you're in. You're that's so am I supposed to believe him?
Or again band writing? Yeah, yeah, I thought when he said,
I'm like okay. So then Howard tells Ali you're going
with her. So now he sends because he wants Ali
to prove himself, and he figures that she'll confide in him,
she'll trust him because they're the same age. Rough exactly,

they're close to the same age. She's twelve going on thirteen,
he is fifteen. She's going on. Of course. Howard has
a private come station with Ali and says, listen, Nixon
A your real mission now, your real mission is to
get the elevator parts. That's really why you're going. But
he says, find out why Charlie is really here. I

don't trust her. So Ali says, you're sending a twelve
year old out. She could die, And how It says,
if she wants to live your bed enough, she'll be careful. Okay,
you don't always have the option to being careful. Is
zombies running around? He says, you want to be a ranger.
This is what rangers do. And Ali on Ali this
point Ali, they go out of you their way to

show you that Ali is hardcore, brainwashed. He is team Tower,
he is team Strand, he is buying in whatever they
stand for. He is on I'm like, I don't trust her.
I'll stab this bitch. I don't care like I don't
I don't even find her attractive. I got I just
whatever whatever you need. I want to be a ranger.

I want to be an airborne ranger. That's a little
Breakfast Club tribute. So we'll find out if if that
that holds up when we come back. James, any requests
for the I D this time that I'm gonna play.
How about Jerry? Jerry and what's the actor's name? Cooper Andrews.
Thank you will play the Cooper Andrews. I D right here.

And Jamie has to trust me because I know she
didn't go back and listen to see if I played
Chris Hodwick. So we'll say she has. You guys know
whether I did or I didn't whether yeah, I don't know,
because he's too lazy to listen to our own podcast.
So here's Cooper Andrews and we'll be right back after this. Hey,
this is Cooper Andrews Jerry from The Walking Dead, and

you are listening to Walkers and Talkers David. Okay, Jamie,
we're back. I hope you enjoyed your special request. You
call him? We play them yeah onlike unlike radio. All right,
So they the two teens are on a horse together
and they see stalkers in the distance. The the furry

coach stalkers, and they make a detour. Let's not go
that way. We don't want to run into the stalkers.
I'm gonna call bullshit. Shortly, they go into a bowling
alley to hide. Now he's obviously been there before because
he knows his way around and his photographs of him
on the wall. Charlie says she's never bowled before and
thinks it's easy. She's like, oh, I want a bowl,
So she picks up a ball. She does the two

handed thing like a five year old, and she flings
the no offense if you're older and you still do that,
But she flings the ball down the lane, right into
the right, into the gutter, right in the gutter. I bowl.
As I've mentioned before, I'm not I'm average. I'm the bed.
And I would say to her, well, what you're doing
wrong is you suck and you're bowling like a five
year old. Now I'm gonna I'm gonna get bowling heavy

a little bit here. I apologize. First of all, you
might want to tell her to put her fingers at
the ball. Oh, first, that might be step one. But
instead he says, you know what your problem is. You
didn't spin the ball. Now. When you bowl first, when
you're young, you do your best to bawl straight. Then

just let's try it straight and go palm up and
like each towards twelve o'clock, right, you just try to
hit the pins. Look, you're in an apocalypse. First of all,
the ball is not coming back. There's no power. So
once you throw the ball right, and then you have
to go reset the pins yourself if you want, because
there's no machine to reset the pins. Okay, so you're

lucky if you get the ball. Please, He's like, you
need to spin the ball. That is not how you
tell someone the bowl when they don't have a ball.
So she says, well, teach me, and he says, oh,
we enough time for that. We're in his zombi apocalypse basically,
And so they do like a ghost the movie ghost
thing with a sculpt the clay together. He puts his
hand on her hand, he puts her hands in the

bowling ball. Very pervy for a fifteen year old and
twelve year old, a little little awkward, and he says,
all right, now, just turn your wrist to the left
when you throw the ball. So not only does she
now know how to put her feet the right way
and swing her on with the ball. But she throws
the ball on the right side of the lane and
spins the ball. Look, you want to make it realistic.

Let her get a five. Yeah, not a strike. It's
the kid's birthday coming up. Let her get a six.
She throws a strike? Are you kidding me? If? I
know it's a zombie apocalypse, but I believe the people
don't die after they die and they become zombies. I
get it. But you want to tell me that the
girl who just threw the ball like a five year
old now throws a strike, I'm calling strike bullshit. I

have to agree. And you know they do the classic
trick where they just show the ball rolling from the
midpoint of the alley. They don't show her throw. So
then show me what she really did bowl of seven
and she's like, oh I did Really, She's like, you did, well? Yeah? Me.
Do the girl clap? You know they get clap. I'm
not saying that boys don't also do the clap. Don't

tweet me. They're getting ready to leave, and Charlie says, oh,
you've got photographs of over the wall and it's him
bowling his a little kid, and uh, there's a ranger
somebody in military uniform in the picture, which we find
out later as his father. He says, well, my father
got sick and I stayed with him till the very

end with that somewhere along along the way before they
started bowling or after, the stalkers just happened to go
to the bowling alley. Right. They shake the doors and
they're locked because I guess they have a lock on
the inside. They could turn the lock, okay, And they
bang on the doors, and Ali says to Charlie, who
has been living out in the wilderness for years, get down,

be quiet. Do you really need to tell her that
I think you're being man, being protective, You're you're you're
your your apocalypse, explaining that I don't think you you
need to do that. So and he does that later on.
This is the first time of two times. That's why
I'm mentioning it. They get to the building. They're outside

the building that has the elevator parts. She says, I'm
gonna go climb up top because most of the walkers
are probably on the first floor and I don't want
to go in the first floor. And so he gives
her a walkie talkie, and all of a sudden, he's
he's all worried about her, like he cares right because
she's cute, and they bold and she she bold the strikes,
and now he's all into her. He again asks her

why she's doing this before she goes in the building,
and she says, I really want to live in the tower,
and also I want to help you become a ranger,
which I thought, you know, that's that's nice. So she's
like she's fallen him a little bit now as a friend,
even though we found out later she's lying about the
first part. She's well, she originally was lying about the
first part. We'll get to that. So as soon as
she goes in the minute she goes into the second

she goes inside the building. Uh, Scavengers approach him and
they assume he's with Strand, and he says, don't mess
with me. Strand will get you if you do anything
to me. They say, yeah, okay, right, yeah, okay, kid,
all right, we want to know why Strand keeps going
to the pit. Now we just learned last episode that
there's a pit full of walkers flwid radiation. My guess

is he wants to use the Walkers to fight all
felicious people. The Scavengers want the Walkers to Strand and
alicious people. So it's gonna be interesting to see who
gets the Walkers, you know. So now we know why
Garcia must have gotten radiation poisoning because they I don't
think they sent Garcia to go get elevated parts. I
think they sent Garcia to the pit because Garcia tells them, oh,

we were with Strand, and then Strand rode off by
himself as he does, right, like a coward, and then
everyone died from radiation. But but but Strand, of course,
which means Garcia wasn't looking elevator parts, right, right, And
so you have to wonder, remember when Arno and the
other guy were outside the pit, Yeah, right, how come

they didn't get radiation poisoning because they were twenty ft
higher than yeah, and more importantly, the bomb went off there. So,
as I said last episode, how do they not have radiation?
But then we find out someone else on the show
already has radiation. He says, look, Charlie doesn't know anything,
but they don't believe him, and they forced him at
gunpoint to go towards the building, like you're going in
the building. I'm not really sure how that helps anybody.

Why don't they just kill him and then go kill
her or hold him hostage so he can't do something
in the building to fight them. But no, they gotta right.
So he has no gas mask, and he's saying, I
don't want to go in the building. If there's walkers,
there's gonna be radiation, right, there's all the walkers have radiation.
He says, I don't want to open the door. Don't

make me open the door, and they put a gun
to his head and they say open the door. Now again,
I have to ask, why are you making him open
the door. If you make him open the door, he's
going to stand behind the metal door. Oh my god, hello,
why don't you open the open the door and make
him stand there, like, open the door and you go
behind the door. No, so now you don't hear anything

from behind the door. You don't hear any He pulls
the screwdriver out of the door which was keeping it closed,
and I thought he was going to attack them with
the screwdriver or the ice pick, whatever it was. But
then he flings the door open and hides behind it.
Classic move and remembering what Charlie said, all the walkers
will be on the first floor. Now, why are all

the walkers right by the door of a warehouse when
they could be all over the floor. They don't know
it's a door. They didn't hear they didn't hear any
noise by the door. Why are they by the door?
I don't I'm calling door bullshit. Now, the three of
the scavengers all have guns, but they don't shoot enough
of the walkers, and they don't run backwards. They just

stand there as these slow walking walkers attack and eat
all three of them, even though they have guns. What
so Ali takes one of the guns and a gas
mask and heads into the building. Coincidence bullshit of the
highest the highest level. A walker comes out from behind

something boxes, whatever, I don't remember, it doesn't matter. And
how was he dressed, Jamie, do you remember he was
dressed like a soldier. He just happens to be a
soldier walker hiding behind boxes in an abandoned building. Why
was he standing behind the box at the angle that
Ali wouldn't see him until he came out from behind
the box. And he's a soldier he's got the uniform

and the hat and he's a soldier and he and
an Ali just told you why he can't kill it.
He's freaks out. He wants to be a ranger because
his father was a ranger. He has utmost respect for
the for the military, you know, as he should, and
he won't kill the walker. Coincidence, bullshit walker. So the
walker takes him to the ground and and and of

course Charlie shows up and kills him right before he dies.
And we noticed that Charlie is not wearing her gas mask.
She said she lost it in a fight with a
bunch of walkers. Well, okay, so you're telling me that
a walker knocked it off your face and then the
walker took the mask and and walked off with it,
or maybe there was a bunch around her and she

just had to get out and they were stepping on
it and she did nothing to try to get it back. Okay,
so she lost she lost her gas mask, doesn't go
back looking for it. So they get to the part
where she when she fought the walkers, she killed five
or six of them by herself. All he's like, wow,
you killed all of them by yourself. While you're a badass,
and says, uh, the mask got stuck on one of
the walkers. YadA, gota YadA. But she says, I took

a radiation reading and they don't have radiation. Big deal.
Jump ahead. We find out later that Charlie has radiation, okay, poison,
radiation poisoning. Did Charlie already know she had radiation poisoning?
Did she lie about the radiation levels? Now? I don't
think she should, because then she gets Ali to take
his mask off. So so if they if they didn't

have radiation, then she just happened to have radiation before
she got to the tower. I don't It doesn't make
sense to me. If the walkers didn't have radiation, but
they looked like that radiation. They were kind of bubbly,
weren't they. Someone Okay, Charlie says, all right, I'm gonna
go take the parts out of the elevator right now.

Remember when he yelled at her to get down, be quiet.
Behind them is a room with with a smoky glass window,
so you can see the silhouett of walkers in that room.
Someone locked them in the room. They've been in there
for who knows how long, probably years, they start banging
on the door, and of course the door is gonna
break because it's a flimsy s door. And Ali says

to Charlie, hurry up, be careful. Than does he really
need to tell her to hurry up and careful? She
knows what she's doing, stop apocalypse plaining, Yeah, right, you
should just be quiet either you're the nervous not so.
As she's taken the parts out of the elevator. Look,

if you're gonna do what you're gonna do, you couldn't
wait till you get out of the building and you're safe.
Back on the horse, she stops taking the part out
of the elevator, and she says, I just want to
let you know now she's telling the most brainwashed person
in the tower. Hey, um, you want to let you know.
Morgan did send me, and my job was to turn
off the beacon on the roof so that the walkers

would go away. First of all, the walkers wouldn't just
go away at night. Why would they go away at night?
They would still stand there by the fence, and maybe
some of them would go away, but they unless there
was a way to draw them away, They weren't gonna
just walk away. She said we were gonna smuggle Grace
and the baby out. So Ali starts screaming that Howard
was right and Strand's gonna be mad when he finds out,
and Charlie says, but I meant the other things I said.

I want a real life. I deserved the life I
should have, so I'm not going through with it. That's
the kind of thing. Like a month from now, you say,
you know, Ali, now that I've proven myself, I want
to let you know I was gonna like be a
bad person and turn the light off, but you changed me.
I'm so glad I made that choice. Yeah you don't.
I know you're twelve and you're you're young and foolish,

I guess, But but you tell the guy that he's
he's telling you he's a team player. He turned on
you and like he was nasty to you, and just
because he told you had a bowl of strike, You're like,
she want to let you know I actually was a trader,
but I'm not going to be a trader. You can
trust me, She says. I thought was gonna have a

normal life with Morgan, but um, but I'm not. And uh,
I don't want to put you in danger to accomplish
a life with Morgan. And I thought, why would Ali
be in danger? If Ali's in the tower and you
turn the light off and the walkers go away, how
would Ali be in danger? Oh? He wouldn't. It didn't
make any sense, Like, I don't want you to be

in danger. I just thought that the whole part was stupid,
and that that everything's gonna happen now because of this.
Uh that so perfect timing, perfect walkie talkie timing. Of course,
Howard calls on the walkie and says, what's taking so long?
I thought, what a stupid question. You sent two teenagers
to go out of the zombie apocalypse to strip an
elevator for parts. You have no idea if they ran

into trouble, You have no idea how long it should take.
You don't know like Google maps as it should take
an hour in ten minutes. Why is it taking so long?
Wouldn't you say, hey, are you guys okay? I'm worried
about you okays? And why do you care how long
it's taking? Are you on a in a rush to
get the elevator going? Like did you tell him me
back in an hour, Daddy's gonna be worried. Text me,

text me when you get there. Howard says, did you
find out what I wanted you to find out? Well,
it's a walkie talkie, you know what. The walkie talkies
are known for always being on speaker. Yeah, there you go.
Everybody can hear. Why didn't you work out a code
with him? Like, how's it going? How the trees? Oh,
the trees look good? Got you? Wink wink. At the

same time, coincidence timing, bullshit, the walkers are busting through
the door. He tells Howard, Yes, I found out what
you wanted me to find out, and he shoves Charlie
and the elevator and closes the doors. Manually shoves the
doors closed, and he says, I'm protecting the tower because
the girl that you were just into just told you
the truth and confided in you, and you want to

be arrangers so badly. Okay, So she's pleading with her
life and uh, and Howard says, uh, are you coming back?
And he says, yeah, I'm coming back alone. I have
the elevator part. And Howard assumes that she's either dead
or he left her there, and he says, you did
what you had to do. You did what Strand would
have done. He's standing by the dead soldier, looking at

the soldier and now contemplating his life. And as he's
doing that, she's in the background yelling, don't leave me here.
I'll do whatever I have do. I promise. Didn't give
your father everything she can to get him to come back.
This isn't what you died would walk whatever she was
saying to try to get him to come back. She's
in the trap. She's not getting out because he left
the doors open like six inches so they can see her,

so they're not they're not gonna walk away, So it's
not like she can get out right like they're gonna
they're gonna stay there the whole time, because she's moving
and screaming. A couple of minutes go by, he shoots
all of the walkers. He has enough bullets to shoot
all of them, and he rescues her. He's got a
lot of bullets. Then two more walkers come by and
he shoots them too. Boom boom. He has unlimited amount

of bullets. Now, at least if you show him picking
up another gun, take a gun off the soldier's body
and be like, oh, I found an other gun, but
no unlimited gun. On limited bulletgun. You know everyone should
have one by yours now as seen on TV. We'll
get back with the wrap up. There is no Talking
Dead to wrap up because I guess they don't want
to pay Chris Hardwick to uh do Talking Dead after

a show whose ratings may not warrant it. Yeah. I
guess like World Beyond, they did like a couple episodes
without a lot. Maybe I thought they were going to
do an episode, maybe like a surprise episode when Madison
comes back, But well, I don't know. They're just doing
at this point, they're just doing the finale. So well,
what are you gonna do? Well? Are you gonna do?

All right, Jamie, I'm gonna pick the idea this time
because it's my damn turn. Uh, we'll be right back
after this, Brodie pick. Hey, guys, can I play in
it on The Walking Dead? And you're listening to you
Walkers and Talkers with David Brodie and Jamie? Okay, So
now that they're out of the elevator and all the
Walkers are dead, Ali tells Charlie. He says, listen, I

just want to you know, um, I did just try
to kill you at all, But now I'm lovey dovey
with you. So I'm gonna confide in you that when
my father was sick, I left him to die. I
couldn't handle it. I couldn't watch, I couldn't watch the
way he died. I was a coward and I thought
if I became a ranger, I would make everything okay.
But I was being a coward again leaving you here.

And I'm not gonna make that same mistake twice. Why
don't we run away together alone? Just the two of us.
Wasn't the whole point to live in the tower. But
now because they don't trust Charlie, he can't go back there,
so he thinks. He thinks the idea is not to
go to Morgan and find out where she's been living.
Let's just run off together, a fifteen year old and

and about that'll be a good plan. Let's run off,
he says, all those things you never got to do,
like bowling, you know there's still time, will do them,
all those things you haven't done. And I'm thinking of
myself really, like get on an airplane, What what thing
do you want? To go see the Grand Canyon. How
getting there? You want to see the Trevy Fountain in Italy?

How are you getting there? Like all those all those
things you wanted to do? What what can you do
in the zombie apocalypse other than the sex? So he
leans in, and he leans in and kisses her. So
I guess that was one of the things maybe he
also needed to do. That was some kiss for a
twelve year old And she says, oh, that was much
better than bowling. Well, okay, all right. So then Charlie

falls to the ground unconscious for some reason. We don't
know why at the time. We find By the way,
don't tell me Jamie, because I did watch the episode.
Well well, well, David, he died because he had she
had she felt to the ground, rather because she had
radiation poisoning. Don't you watch the episode, David? So at
first I thought, did he have poison on his lips?
Did he just like sleeping beauty her? What the hell happened?

Just now? She fainted? She he was such a good
kiss and she's like, so he calls John Dorry to
come rescue them. Now I don't know how. I guess
there's different channels on Milwaukee that he dialed John's channel,
but he calls John Dory and Grace and June, I
guess everybody they they found them. They found her at
the building and they brought her back, and Grace and
June come out of a room where Charlie is and

he says, how is she that? Did you notice? They
took like eleven minutes before they answered. They kind of
looked sad, like you. She didn't make right. She says
she's stable, but she was exposed to radiation. And June says,
she doesn't have much time left, so make the most
of every day she has left based on the amount
of exposure she had. And so I thought, well, was

she near the pit? Where did she get this? Where
did she get this kind of radiation exposure? Right? Grace,
Grace allegedly had radiation exposure and then had a baby
and she's fine. So then I thought, how would Morgan
ask a twelve year old girl to go out and
go on a mission like this? Because like first I thought, wow,
what a prick, how it is making a twelve year

old girl go out looking for elevate a part. But
Morgan sent her out by herself to go infiltrate the
tower and turn the light off and risk her life
at twelve eighth grade. That's like crazy, and it just
so happened. He sent her out by her birthday, where
she had a story where she could say, I'm gonna

turn thirteen. I wanted to change my life, so that's
why I came to the tower. She had a backstory
all built in the out. Yea. So Howard tells Ali,
we'll have her escorted out in the morning. We'll get
that traitorous radiation trash out of the building. Howard says
to him, why did you bring her back here in
the first place? We had already discussed this, And I

thought that was odd because he clearly said to her,
if you bring the elevator parts back, you can live here. Yeah,
and at this point they don't know that she's a spy.
Ali didn't rat on her. No one said anything yet. Yeah.
All Ali said was I'm coming back alone. But he
didn't say she confided in me. And then once they kissed,
he's not going to turn on her, So why would

she Why would he kick her out of the building,
especially if she's gonna die in a few days. And
I don't and and I don't believe radiation. I don't
believe radiation in a person is contagious. Because Grace story
she had a radiation and Morgan hung around her. That's true,
and he never got it. Yeah, so I don't. I
don't he should never. I mean, I don't know. So

obviously Howard lied to her, even though he said, I
give you my word, you've got victors. I'm sure you're
gonna have Victor's approval, and I'm sure that tomorrow will
be your first day as a ranger. So he's already
making promises. Again it's Victor's call, but he's saying, but
I'm sure you're gonna I'm gonna put a good word
for you. And at that point, I thought, Howard doesn't

trust him because he's supposed to be a tower guy,
and he's already questioning why I'm sending Charlie back out boy.
So then I thought, I don't know if you thought this,
but I thought, why why are they killing Charlie? Why
are they going to have her die a slow death?
What is the what is the goal? Do you want
to teach someone a lesson? Right? Do you want Strand

to be a better person? Watching Charlie die. That will
affect him in some way. There's got to be a
plot reason. Unless Charlie wanted off the show, why would
you kill her slowly with radiation? Why wouldn't you ever
die heroically? So she at least makes up with the
fact she killed Nick, like, maybe save Madison's life right now?

I have a question Charlie killed Nick after Madison was
allegedly dead. Yes, so Madison doesn't know doesn't know Charlie
killed Nick. So if Charlie dies before Madison comes back,
Madison will never have the scene where she sees Alicia
being friendly with the girl who shot Nick. I don't
know why you. I don't know why you tell her.

I don't know why you go a by the way
Charlie killed Nick. But you know, based on what we've seen,
Charlie would absolutely tell Nick right like she go by
the way. I mean, Charlie would tell tell Madison the
way she just told Ali the truth. I just want
to let you know, even though I got away with it,
nobody would ever tell you. You know, I killed your
son because he was a cold blooded murderer and he
killed my friend. I wonder if Madison, Oh, how about this, Well,

Madison is being held captive somewhere else. But what if Madison,
remember they showed her being held captive and someone on
on a on a intercom system talk it right? What
if that is the interrogation room with the tower like
a Commonwealth you know what I mean? Oh the what
if the people in the tower. What if Howard interrogates

her for some reason and she's there and Strand doesn't
know it, and then what if she gets to see
Charlie die and she finds out she killed Nick and
forgives her. What if that's the last thing that happens
is Charlie is forgiven by Madison for killing Nick. Mind blown?
Actually be a writer. Just put in your application, please,
thank you. So there's gotta be a reason. That's my

prediction that she dies in front of Madison and Madison
forgives her, because otherwise she's not I want to see
her getting eaten. If you know, show me something, be
a hero. Molly takes Charlie to a room where he, uh,
I'm sorry. Ali takes Charlie to a room where he
let all the butterflies out of the jars, and so

she walks in and she's in a room full of butterflies,
and he wishes her a happy birthday. Happy birthday, Charlie,
it's gonna be your last. He didn't say I said that. Yeah,
she says, Strand is gonna be very angry that you
let all those butterflies out. Now we saw how easily
captures butterflies. He'll just capture them all again there because
it's so easy. And he says, I'm not afraid of Strand.

I don't care. They of course dance and they're romantic,
and they kiss again, and he says, I will stay
with you every second of the way. I won't leave
you like I did my father. I said, remember what
he said, I won't leave you. I'll be with you
every second of the way. So then she says, because
she's an idiot, I was supposed to turn off the light.

I was supposed to turn off the light tonight. I
need to find a way to tell Morgan I'm not
going to So here's what I'm thinking. You know, I'm
more gonna find out you didn't turn the light off.
When you don't turn the light off exactly, he'll see,
Oh okay, So at the very worst, what happens. Morgan
wastes a trip to the tower. He wastes a couple

of hours, and then the sun comes up and he
goes home and he realizes she didn't do it. Maybe
he comes back, maybe comes back the next day, maybe
comes back for a couple of days, and then realizes
she's not doing it. That's all. It didn't work. She
didn't do it. She's twelve. Well now she's start teen.
So then Ali says, don't worry, I'll take care of it.

So now I'm thinking he says I'll take care of it.
So you think for a sitting for a second, Jamie,
did you think he was gonna try to call Morgan,
he'd find a way to call Morgan, or would he
like tell June and John, hey, just letting you know
she's a spy, but you should call Morgan and let
me know. The plan is not gonna work. Or she'd
have gone to Grace and said, hey, Grace, listen, that
plan is not gonna work. I literally thought, I'm like,

he's going to turn the light off, right because he's
stupid in fifteen, Yeah exactly, he's Yeah, he's horny years old.
She obviously thought he was gonna do like contact Morgan's somehow.
She should have said, just tell Gracey, just go tell
Gracie that that Grace that uh that it's not working.
Don't try to escape tonight because the light's not going
off right. So what does he do? He leaves. He

leaves her right after he says, I will never leave you.
It was like it was like, uh, Jack, and it
was like Jack and Rose on the Titanic when the
water I'll never let go and she let's go the
second just I'll never let go of you Jack. What
she should have said was I'll never forget you Jack, right, Oh,
I'll never let go of the memory of you Jack.

But she said I'll never let go again. Hello. By
the way, um, do you remember that James Cameron wrote
and directed Titanic? Right the director James Cameron. First of all,
she should have been on a smaller piece of wood
because he could have climbed up on that piece of wood.
Since the day I saw I'm telling you, I know
everyone says the same thing. You gotta be better than that,

James Cameron. You want of the world's top directors. You
make him drown. He couldn't hold onto the wood. I
know he was freezing to death. Get him up on
the board. He could have gotten on top of her
and then if the wood was sinking, then jump off,
or maybe make reference to the fact that it's not
big enough for both of us. It's not enough room. Something. Now,
speaking of James Cameron, you know I often get invited

to screenings, movie screenings. You've you've had those two you
get invited to or you get like you get like
you get a TV show early, like I got Moonnight early.
I got Hawkeye early, I think if I remember correctly,
and so I got invited Get this now. This is
a big deal for some people, but not I was
honored to be invited on Monday May second, coming up,

if you're hearing this relatively recent, I got invited to
go to the Avatar too screening of the trailer. Oh
not the movie, the trailer what now. Look, I enjoy
Avatar when it came out thirty nine years ago, maybe

forty two years ago at this point, don't tweet me.
Don't you dare tweet me. But I'm not going to
travel into the city now this Look, if you live nearby,
maybe it's like I'll walk over to the theater. But
me personally, I'm not going to drive from New Jersey
into Manhattan to go see a two minute trailer. Now,
if it was Star Wars and there hadn't been a
Star Wars movie in fifteen years, I might have considered it.

I might have. Right, Like for Phantom Menace Episode one,
I might have driven into Manhattan to see the trailer
for that because there hadn't been a Star Wars from
three until sixteen years. I might I might have gone
into the city. But I'm not going to see the

So but you know, when the trailer comes out Thursday,
when I go see Doctor Strange, I will see the
trail of Avatar. Look if I could have seen it
like a year early, Yeah, that's not three days, then
you have a year to tell people I saw the trailer.
I can't tell you about it. This is great. I
saw the trailer of this. I don't know. So if
you're if you're someone that would go to see the trailer,

like you love the first movie and I know it's
a good ride at Disney, But unrelated to that, are
you dying to see the second trailer? Would you would
the second movie trail? Would you would you drive a
half hour and pay thirty dollars for parking by the way, Yeah,
I don't know if I would. So you know that
Ali's going up to the roof, like you said, right
yet was what you thought? Immediately's gonna go off? Turn
to the roof, right off, And I'm thinking to myself

what I mentioned before. The whole point of Garcia being
thrown off the roof was to set the stage for
Ali being thrown off the roof. You know it's coming.
He's going to the roof. What happens on the roof?
You get thrown off the roof. They've already shown you
how brainwashed he was about the tower. And you don't
have Victor around because Victor may have seen something in
the kid that would have saved him. He's on the roof,
he doesn't look around, he doesn't search the roof to

make sure no one's up there. He just reaches for
the lever. Now keep in mind, he hasn't made an
escape plan. It's not dark out. Why would you turn
the light off in the daytime unless unless your plan
is that no one will notice it didn't go on.
But aren't there guards on the rooftop that stand guard
and shoot anybody like the snipers up there. He goes

to reach for the handle and Howard is on the
roof with a bunch of men. Howard's standing up there
behind hiding behind something. They have him surrounded. I have
a question for you, Jamie. If you thought Charlie was
a spy, that's one thing, But why in a million
years would you think Charlie was there to turn the
light off? And why would you think Ali would find

out and today, at this time would go up to
the roof to turn the light off that you didn't
know was the plan, And you stood on the roof
waiting even though you didn't know for sure that was
the plan. And he acts like I knew you. I
couldn't trust you. And he says, why does she want
the light turned off? Well, how did you know the

light was gonna get turned off? I don't understand that.
So he says, I don't know why. He um so
he's okay. He doesn't know why she wanted to light
turned off. He says, I don't know why. So you're
basically saying I was going to turn the light off
because she wanted the light off, But I don't know why.
That's worse. That's worse. You're saying, I'm turning on the

tower and I don't even know why I'm turning on
the tower. I'm turning against my people and I don't
even know why. Isn't that like, couldn't you have said listen,
they're trying to get grace in the baby out. I
thought it was a noble thing. We don't need grace
to be here and something or the baby is sick
or I just I felt I wanted Charlie to be happy.

She's dying, and so I was her last wish. And
I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, I felt. I just I'm
a sucker. I fell for horror and I got emotional.
I'm an idiot. I'll go downstairs and kill her now right.
She's gonna die anyway. But no, he says, I don't.
So then okay, he loses his mind, and he says,
I don't know why she wants it off. Things aren't

gonna change unless we change them. Why why now all
of a sudden, you're you wanted uprising, You're happy? Why
do you want things to change you and you never
complained about the way things were. You aren't someone that
secretly hated them. What had to change? What did you
see this episode where you said things have to change

around here? You don't care about mortgage people. Why is
he all of a sudden like marching in the streets.
Why I didn't, I didn't. I don't understand it. I don't.
I don't. Okay. So he rushes at Howard to like
wrestle him. There's three guards with guns, and he wrestles.

He like hugs Howard and Howard shoves him off of him,
which accomplished nothing except proving the Howard you can't be trusted.
So then Howard puts him in a choke lock. Ali
begs for his life. Don't do it, don't do it,
and Howard says, I'm sorry. This is what Victor would do. Jamie.
How many sides of the building are there? Four? So
the odds are that he'll go off the side of

the building where Charlie is looking out the window. So
Charlie sees somebody fly out the window down down to
the ground. Of course she does, and she walks outside
of the room and sees June, and at that moment
she thinks that Ali killed himself, jumped off the roof.
Why would you think Ali jumped off the roof when

he just said he wants to spend the rest of
your life keep taking care of you. I don't even
know what she's thinking. Then she sees Howard come down
the steps. Now that the soldiers didn't come down the steps,
just Howard. And now she said, she realizes she assumes
Howard killed Ali. Now he may have. He could have
easily said, I went up there to talk him down.
He wanted to kill himself. He couldn't live with the

fact that you're going to die, which no one would
have believed. But okay, so she screams at Howard and
he says, back off or you will join him. So
now he threatens to throw Charlie off the roof in
front of June. John comes out of nowhere, John Dorry Sr.
And he takes Howard's side and said, the world is
taking too much from him out there. I can't go

back out there. We gotta protect the tower. Like I
don't want to go back and live out there, so
we gotta follow the rules. And look, Charlie got sick
out there, so we gotta we have to protect the tower.
And June says your son would be ashamed of you
if he saw what you're doing right now. John Dorry
Junior would be ashamed to you. And Howard says John
is right. Ali paid for his mistakes and and Charlie

should too. And he takes his gun out like he's
gonna kill Charlie. What she's dying? What the hell? Why
would you make things worse? What did Charlie do other
than maybe tell him to turn the light off? And
you don't even know Why wouldn't you say, like, wouldn't
you ask her what the plan was? Demand? I demand

you to me, what is the plan? Why are you
turning the light off? But it stays like I'm gonna
kill you? What kind of military like leader are you?
The first thing you do is get out, you get information.
June steps in front of her and says you won't
touch her, and and and and uh. He says, Strand
is gonna be magic. I'm not afraid of Strand because
he needs me more than needs you, Howard. Because I'm

the only person here that can help sick people. So
Charlie stays with me. That's the deal. Now. If Howard
throws her off the roof, but he can tell Strand, oh,
she jumped off the roof, like he tells aboutybody else.
So Howard leaves storms off, and John says to June, look,
I just said those things so I can get in
good graces. Now. At that point, I thought, okay, he's

got to get into Howard's good graces. So he and
then he says, I thought I could talk to Howard
and convince him to change things, and that Howard would
then go to Strand to go to Strand. But that's
not the case. Howard's not going to do that, So
now I need to talk to Strand about changing things. So,
in other words, he's been wasting his time kissing up
to Victor. So June says, look, I thought I could

do with Virginia and that didn't work out. Like, I
don't think you're gonna convince Strand to change You're gonna
end up getting thrown off the roof. Last week they
added the guy who was deaf, and they killed him immediately.
This week they add Ali and they kill him immediately.
So are you just adding people to the show to
kill them? Why don't we start? And now Charlie's dying,
I get that I need to see some old school

characters start to die, because no one on that show
is dying, no one on Fear, and no one on
The Walking Dead really of any note, has been dying lately.
I need to see some major deaths. I need to
see someone getting eaten, not not poisoned, not trapped in
a cave. I want to see someone we care about
chewed to bits like Noah, because that would happen eventually,

just just eat them up. Not and not the girl
from Ocean Side, you know, like somebody deal deal, not
a red shirt. June says to Charlie, I'm sorry I
let you go to that building. In any other TV show,
wouldn't Charlie say it's okay, I wanted to go. No,
she says, Then why did you what? You spoiled little brat?

You said I want to go because I want to
live in the st June didn't let you, Not let you?
You said you want to go. Everyone lets everybody let you? Why?
She just why did you let me so? Otherwise it
was it's your fault, June. What a little beetles that

they're little bees sometimes, June says, I was scared of
standing up, but until this moment, that you're sick. Now,
no one else got hurt from my fear. So she
says that, Charlie, I promise you, no matter how long
you have left um, you will live long enough to
see Strand go down. You can't promise of that. She
dies right now. That's a mighty promise. Listen. Ali promised.

Ali promised that he would never leave her, and then
left her immediately, and then left immediately right then, I'm
calling butterfly bullshit, Jamie. The the morning Cloak, Butterfly of
all the butterflies lands on the wall, and it's it
was it was Ali visiting her? Was it letting her
know this hope in the world. The odds are just

scenes for the next episode, which some of you may
have already seen or have access to. I have not
watched it yet, Jamie. If you watched the episode I
had you, I know you have, yeah, because you asked
me how many episodes we were doing. Tonight, Daniel, Daniel
and Luciana and West run into some scavengers. Someone is
put into a cage and lowered over walkers. Now they
make it look like it's West because he's got braided hair.

Don't say anything, Jamie, remember, they made it look like
it was Heath that was a walker, but then he
because he had the braid and braided hair. They turned
around and so I don't say anything, but to me,
the clothing didn't match from showing Heath, sorry, from when
they showed Wes wearing I think, like a black jacket.
And then the guy in the cages is in brown.

I don't know if it's the same guy. I'm saying,
I don't know. That's all I'm saying. It could be wrong.
If you've watched it, you might know I'm saying it
doesn't look like it could be the same. I think
it's a trick because they went out of their way
in that scene not to show you his face, not
to show you that it was West in the cage. Okay,
that's just my opinion. They make they may get a
point to show that Daniel is losing his grip on reality.
Dwight gets automatic weapons for the people on the submarine.

Daniel says, it's gonna be awful what I'm gonna do
to these people, So obviously he's gonna torture them. Maybe
he's gonna be old school Daniel. And then we see
a bunch of walkers with radiation bubbles on them, So
we're still dealing with radiation at this point. I have
to wonder why they don't get the funk out of Texas.
Just get on your horses, get in a car, steal
something and just drive. I know you can't look. I

know you're waiting for grace. You can't leave. They've they've
trapped them in Texas. But at some point they got
to get out of the radiation zone, right, go away
from the radiation zone. And the submarine was in the
radiation zone. Okay, one last thing, Jamie. You know when
you watch well you watch on AMC plus they're is

the the bonus feature after the episode inside the episode?
Kind yeah, so Ian Goldberg in the bonus section of
the episode that you watch that I haven't, he did
confirm that Charlie is going to die from radiation poisoning,
which I also think is you know, you're giving it away.

But now I have to look at Charlie in a
different light. She's gonna die. I don't. I don't give
a crap one way another to Charlie's dying. You know
who cares? She was basically just like you know, a
tag along, but I just think it's a week way
to go out. I guess they didn't want to show
a kid being eaten. That's kind of rough, right, And
we can't throw her off the roof, even though they
threw a fifteen year old off the roof. So I

guess they have to find like, how can we peacefully
kill her. Let's go a radiation you know that death.
I mean, it's a horrible death. But now they made
it seem like she's got like weeks to live, but
she could live months. We don't know. I still I'm
still going with the Madison angle. That's all going with
the Madison angle. So there you go, right, you know

what time it is? What time is it? Do you
really do you know what time it is? Jamie? Do
you honestly know? Had you write it down? Have you
been studying for the test? Have you been listening to
the podcasts? Jamie? Yes? Do you know what time it is? Yes?
What time is it? Jamie? It's time to shut this

shut down? Yes,
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