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May 8, 2022 51 mins

Ep.218 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down Fear TWD S7 ep 11 "OFELIA"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and all spin-offs #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead   

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
In charge here the rules are Welcome to Walkers and
Talkers Episode to eighteen. That's Jamie from Light FM, New
York and I'm David Rody from Helms Stay in the
Morning Show. I put it first this week. Why the
hell not? Hi, Jamie? Oh, thank you, hello, thank you
for that. Well, it's a special episode of two one

eight because the Brooklyn Boys phone number is uh two
on eight F you ab seventy seven? Uh so Eric
co two and eight. It reminded me of the episode
on the episode two and eight reminded me of the
phone number where our listeners can leave messages for us.
And if you listen to the Brooklyn Boys podcast, you
know what F you ab seventies seven means. So that
being said, we don't have a phone number for our podcast.

But that's okay. We're still awesome, right Jamie, Yeah, Yes
we are. There's a lot of news we gotta cover.
We didn't do a lot of news last week. In fact,
I don't even think we did. We just did to
Carol and Carol leaving the spinoff show News but has
a lot of a lot of heat, a lot of flak,
Poor baby Norman, a lot of trolls out there, so

go back in yours. So people are coming to each
other's defenses. We'll talk about that. So let me start
off with this. Uh. Norman Redas was on Jimmy Fallon
on the Tonight Show of course this week, and he said,
you know, the show is originally Carol and me Melissa
McBride to me, but she's taken some time off. You know,
twelve years of The Walking Dead as a grueling schedule

and she just wanted to take some time off. She's
doing that and she deserves it. Some fan theories, however,
are that Norman Reds pulled a power move to get
production set in the UK, where his German mother of
his baby lives, or at least she lives in Europe,
and this way he could be closer to his kid.

That's yes. So Jeffrey Dean Morgan and other people came
out and said that actors almost never get to make
decisions like that, and uh, it's no ferent when the
Darryl and Carroll show, and they should give him a break.
Norman also said he may not remain solo forever. He said,
I imagine those characters Daryl and Carol are going to
meet back up at some point and might even meet

up with some other characters we know down the road. So,
like I said, maybe Rick shows up, or you know,
maybe maybe Darryl's in Europe for one season and then
comes back to America where he meets Carol, or maybe
maybe maybe six months from now or a year from now,
Melissa McBride decides she wants to go to Europe and
then join the show, right, we don't know. She's tired, however, Yeah,

so yeah, So by the way, Jeffrey, I think Jeffrey
Morgan said something about why they're filming in Europe, so
I'll get to that in a little bit if I remember. Um,
so he says, but yeah, she's taking time off and
they so they asked me, hey, do you want to
go on a solo mission, and I'm like, yeah, let's
do it. So he's up for it. But but it
wasn't his idea to go to Europe, according to him,

and that stopped reading into things. Melissa just wanted time
off and didn't want to do the show in Europe.
I think that's uh. I believe him. Dorman is not
the type to do a power move. I don't think
he's too nice and not against Melissa McCarthy of No, Yeah,
well it is, but they're doing just fine in New
York City. In l A, Jeffrey Dean Morgan responded to

some tweets about this, What do you have for us? Yes,
so he called out some toxic fans attacking Norman read
us over Melissa McBride's exit. So Morgan posted on Twitter,
some of you have gone way too far toxic, attacking
norm for crap he has nothing to do with. Melissa
made a call that was hers alone, hence the Jimmy
Fallon interview. She wants and needs a break, respect that

factors involved that are nobody's business. Norman, who's given more
than anybody to you all, just shitty like and I
love that he did that for his friend. And after
a fan accused j D m E spewing lies crazy,
this is what he replied, What come on? Nobody's were
gutted at Melissa's decision than Norman. Rumors aren't from crew
there from some ass hat who's never been on set

before I was there. I was hard on both of
them because they both love each other. Y'all are making
assumptions that are really hurtful, just stop it. Then one
fan question whether whether or not Norman Ritas may have
caused the issue by demanding the Darryl and Carol spinoff
be filmed in the UK because Retas has a daughter
with German actress Diane Krueger. J d M shot that

down to Norman has nothing to do with picking the location.
That decision is all about story, ideas and in caps money.
That's the studio and network's decision, not actors. We can
say yes and do or no and not do maybe
sometimes if we're lucky and don't have a contract. Yet
rarely does the actor ever have the power. Nice Okay,

So a couple of things. So first of all, I
think you said he you said I was hard on them,
but I think you meant it was hard on them, right,
oh type oh sorry, no problem, no problem. Um. So
I read somewhere in regards to this story that it
might be cheaper for the show to film in Europe
somewhere than it is to film in America. And so

wherever Carol and Daryl were allegedly gonna go to, whether
it was Nebraska or hop on a boat, because remember
they like she was like, oh, I was gonna hop
on a boat. I mean, I can't imagine they were
gonna sail across to Europe. But it's possible. I know
we have talked about last week. They may show Europe
and then have the fast Walkers whatever, and maybe they're

gonna film this so the Angel Lincoln come back. But
it's possible they're gonna film there but still make it
look like it's America. You know, I still have I
wonder if they're going to do that, like still have
forests and burned out buildings and whatnot. The thing is, though,
if they show any cars, the steering wheels will be
on the wrong side. Oh you're right now, there aren't.

They're not driving any cars, but they have gone to
like junkyards and seeing cars broken down, so right, so
you know they look, they may stick to the horses
and not show any cars, but that is now. Look,
they may film in a European country that drives on
the same side of the road we do. We're just
assuming it's it's it's the UK. It may not be,
so I'm just saying wherever they film, So I wonder

if they're gonna like, I mean, he's not gonna go
to castle or something. He's not gonna do like something whatever.
But whatever wherever they film, I wonder if they're gonna
make it look like America or actually give him a
reason to be in whatever country in Europe that he's
going to interesting, very interesting. Speaking of spinoffs, the Walking
Dead spinoff Isle of the Dead with Lauren Cohen and

J D m has a new third co star. His
name is I believe it's pronounced Gayus, Charles g A
I U s or guyas. Don't have to tweet me,
I won't lose sleepover, but that guy you might know him.
He was Brian Smash Williams on Friday Night Lights. He
was Dr Shane Ross where I saw him on Grey's Anatomy,
and he will be playing Isaac in the show. Deadline

describes Isaac as confident, ruthless, and unyielding in the pursuit
of what he believes is justice. With the force of
his will and his menace, Isaac enjoys his work and
intersperses humor with the terror he incites. This is a
family man devoted to building a safe world for his
wife and daughters. His journey on Earth's a loss. He

is haunted by he has patients and resilience and walks
rather than runs from his mistakes. Oh, Dune, Dune, Dune.
So there's now three people in the show taking place
in New York. Now they're gonna start filming this summer
in New York. So I wonder if you and I

if we get word like where they're filming, we should
we should go. We know people who know people, but
we should we should try to get it, like at
least watch the filming a little bit. Oh my god,
if that's the thing. Yeah, Well, they are filming in
New York, so you know, they may shut down a
street here and there. They there's a lot of filming

by our building. There's a lot of TV shows that
film there's movies that filmed by our by our and
there's there's movies that take place like outside, uh, what's
the Blacklist film? Right outside our building? There was a
Nicholas Cage. Do you remember the Nicholas Cage movie? I
don't don't tweet me, but it's the one where uh
is a waitress or something like that, where there's a

waitress and he gives her a big tip and then
they fall in love and they get like thousands of
fan mail letters or something at the end. Anyway, that
was around the corner from our offices. And then they
tore that little little restaurant down and they put up
an apartment building. So they made like a fake storefront
for the movie. But it's not there anymore. But there. Yeah,
there's a bunch of stuff that films in the park

across the street. So maybe they'll film the Apocalypse. I
wonder if they're gonna film maybe by the World Trade Tower,
or by by the tunnels, or in in you know,
Central Park would be good because you have all that opens.
That would be awesome. Yeah, there's lots of room to
run in his trees and so wherever they film, we
should go. That's what I'm saying. Oh, I'm down. I'm down.

Now you have some I guess bad news about the
another bad news article about Darryl spinoff. Something a little
sad by this, but it's okay. So The Walking Dead's
Daryl spinoff loses showrunner our girl, Angela King, days after
Melissa McBride's exit, So the upcoming Daryl Dixon spinoff series

will be changing showrunners with current The Walking Dead showinner
Angela King stepping down from her work on the series spinoff.
Kane is expected to still serve as executive producer on
the series, and reportedly stepped aside to focus on other
projects she has in the works at Ancy So Stutown
and Mercy Street. Show winner David Zabel will be stepping

in as the new showrunner on the series. For this show, Alright,
so everybody's leaving, but Norman, I know, serious, poor Northman.
Everyone's like, bye, I'm out by oh Man. All Right, well,
I'm sure it'll still be good. I'm sure they wouldn't
have had they didn't hire Ian Goldberg, So already I'm good.

I well, let's talk about the new episode of Fear.
Did you like it? It was? Okay, yeah, it was.
It was. It was definitely a bridge episode. It was
one of those where it's gonna lead to something, but
it didn't it. It didn't lead to much. So I

do want to make a correction, not that it matters
very much now, but last week I said that ar
No and the the guy he was with, we're gonna
get radiation from the pit. But in these scenes from
last week section before the episode this week they showed
them again and they were both wearing gas masks, so
not a big deal. But I didn't remember they had

gas masks on. Oh I don't. I thought they had
him off too. Oh, I thought the same thing that
being said boiler. We don't need to worry about Arnold
much more. Ah. Yeah, And you know, I'll tell you
a selfish reason why I'm glad Arnold did not survive
this episode. Spoiler. I voiced text my notes during the episode,
so as it's going on, I'll talk into my phone

to take notes. And every time I said ar no,
if I went really really slowly, it would say ar no.
But if I spoke normally, it would either say Arnold
or or our oh you are and then and then
n oh. And so I started just saying Arnold, and
then I went back into I went back into the
word document and then changed all Arnold's to Arno. I

figured that out after like four weeks of yelling at
my phone R no, r no, and then then and
then and then I would say a r E n oh.
I'm like no, So no more names of like that
that don't work in my voice to text. Luciana is
a problem, Ophelia, Oh my god, Ohphelia is a problem

in voice to text because they kind of coming up,
I'll fhel you. Oh no, hey, now Ophelia. I thought
she was done, like back in the day when she
was alive. Spoiler, she's dead again. She's we have to
talk about her again. I had that problem. Every time
my voice texted her name. It was a problem. So
when they killed and I was like, yes, you never

have to worry about her again. But this whole episode
was opheliophilia, filiophilia, every other word. Yeah, So I was
I was thinking, I was I would just change her
name to Off so that I would change all the
all the offs to Ophelia's. But then if there if
there was off in my script in my voice texting,
it would change to Ophelia, and then I'd be like, oh,
so they jumped Ophelia the ship. I'm like, no, you can't.

I can't win. Okay, So the show starts off there.
In the submarine, Luciana is playing a memory game with Daniel.
Daniel matches two boat cards and says he thinks the
boat looks familiar to something in real life. Now, the
whole episode was based A lot of it was based
on his his his his boat card, right, So the

whole episode, So if he had found any other two
cards that matched horses ducks, the whole episode would have
been different. Because coincidence bullshit. They get kidnapped and taken
to an area made of boats. I mean, come on,
all right, okay, all right. So he accidentally calls I'm

gonna call her Lucy. He accidentally calls Lucy Ophelia, and
uh Lucy says Ophelia is no longer here, and Daniel says,
that's right, she left. We have to go find her,
like this really sad, No, but he said, so Luciana
meant she's dead, and Daniel was like, he meant she left,
like when she left in season two from the hotel

and he never saw. He thought she's still alive out there,
right Morgan, Sarah and Sherry are talking about going outside
the submarine to wherever whoever Dwight is because DWIGHTE says
he found ammunition and he needs help, but he's surrounded
by hundreds of walkers and he can't get out. Basically,
Sarah and Sherry are not even on the show anymore.

I mean, they do like a one scene cameo and
they showed up at the end for a second. I
guess they filmed it all on the same day and
then they went home. So this this anthology, see the
way they're doing it, where each episode is its own story,
really allows the actors to not have to work every day.
But it's probably saving the show a lot of money

because none of them are full time actors. That the
actors playing Sarah is probably gonna be on three episodes
this season. Where's Rabbi where? I think he's at the tower.
I think Strand mentioned he was at the tower. It's
been a hot minute. Yeah, Wendell's there, he's barely working.
Alicia had the episode off, so they're picking and choosing

who works. And that's fine. But this wasn't exactly your
I mean, this was I mean, it wasn't exactly your
A list. I mean, I love Daniel, but Lucy and West,
I mean, you're trying, you're trying to keep the interest
of the Walking Dead fans, and you're putting out an
episode that was much like Taryn Heath. I kept thinking
about that episode, the bottom episode. This is what I mean. Daniel.

Daniel with Daniel Salaza is great. But the episode was
really like, yeah, well all right, okay, yeah, Lucy Anna
comes by to say that Daniel's making some progress and
Morgan says that's good. Now here's where Morgan says something
that leads to something later in the episode. He says,
we're gonna need him to fight Strand. He says he
knows Strand and we need him to get better. And

Lucy was sort of like, well, is that why we've
been proving his memories? He can fight Strand? And Morgan's like,
you know, I mean we'd eat him, you know. He's helpful.
And West comes by and says Daniel's missing. He left
the submarine. How do you I know it's a big submarine.
But wouldn't you hear whuldn't you hear the guy opened
the hatch. That's loud. Yeah, you would think, how does

and climbing down the side. Wouldn't you hear that they
showed Daniel. He's out looking for a Filia because he
forgot she died, and he's calling on her walkie talkie,
but of course she doesn't answer, and he's losing his mind.
He's screaming by and I thought he might as well
be screaming to the deaf guy, who's you know from me?
Because she's dead. She's not there, she's not gonna answer.

She's dead anyway. Somehow miraculously, Wes and Lucy find him
and he almost shoots them. He's like, take your masks
off because they had the guest mass on. He says, Lucy,
the boat card, it was a sign. The last time
I saw a Filia was on a boat. She's trying
to send him a signal. Okay, even if she was alive,

how would she send him a signal? They don't have
psychic powers. This isn't a Marvel movie. I know's he's
so ill. Now, if she's dead and you believe in
spiritual stuff, then maybe she could send you a signal
if that's what you believe. So he's combining the two
possibilities and he said, she sent me a sign. It's

a sign. The card. He says to Lucy, you told
me she left, so I'm out here trying to find her.
And Luciana says, your daughter died years ago in Mexico,
and West and West confirms it and he says you
you two are just confused. I saw yesterday, you know,
he's losing it. Then he accuses Lucy of trying to
take Ophelia's place in his life. He says, I'm sorry,

I know you're alone, but she's my daughter like you
and I are friends and all, but you can't replace
my daughter. Right Then they are quickly surrounded by scavengers.
They gas them and take them to their headquarters, which
is some big shock and there's about ten of them.
Daniel is convinced we can He goes, we can take them,
and the other two are like, shut up, man, we're

not taking anything. So they're living in a maze of
boats and ramps. I'm not sure who built that because
the walls aren't complete, and they don't The walls don't
keep any of the walkers out, so they have to
use the ramps to walk above them. Above the walker level,

Daniel grabs a gun out of Arnold's belt and threatens
to kill him. Arnold's men pull their guns on him,
and Daniel says, I will kill you, and Arnold says
go ahead. Now. This is not a smart move by
Daniel because if he shoots Arnol, the other guys will
shoot him. What is he accomplishing anyway? He pulls the
trigger and the gun is empty, which Arnold must have known,

and he says, yeah, those the guns are really good
for threatening humans, but they don't really work well against
the Walkers or as they call him, posters. I'm sure
it doesn't mean like a poster on your wall. Maybe
means post mortem, like post death. Maybe that's what it means.
That that makes sense because I heard that. If okay,
that makes sense, somebody should have explained it. But luckily

we are here to hopefully take a good guess at it.
Arnold tells them they've been monitoring their communications and they
know that they found a cache of weapons. They just
don't know where the weapons are, and so they want
them to tell them where the weapons are. And Arnold says,
if you don't tell us, we're gonna throw you to
the Walkers. And Daniel looks around and he sees a

boat as part of the structure they built, and he
says he calls it the Abigail, which of course is
the ship they were on in season two. And they
locked Daniel and Lucy up and they're going to interrogate West.
They say, he's first. We're gonna interrogate West. I would
like to make a correction. I did say that I
didn't think it was West in the cage, that it
might be somebody else with the same hair, But no,
it was in fact Wes in the cage. So although

I was trying to out sneak their sneakiness, they were
actually legit this time. And it was so hard. I know.
I was like, yeah, now because you watch it like yeah,
that's that's okay. I didn't like bet my house on
and I just had a feeling because they but it
was I had. It was just weird because they went

out of their way not to show his face. And
it's not like Luciana and Daniel have the same hair,
Like which I which one? Which one of them? Could
it be? Well, I'm pretty sure it's the guy with
the with the braided hair. It's him, So all right,
well it was West. Uh, let's talk about all that
when we come back, Jamie, what idea would you like
to hear? Apparently didn't spend you didn't spend the whole

week thinking about it. Oh you want to hear Zander Berkeley.
When you first said Gregory, I thought you I thought
you meant Gregory. Well, we interviewed him, but I don't
remember if we got an idea from him. That was
the day we had five interviews in a row. Boom, boom, boom.

That was such a fun day and we said, Hi,
we're gonna hang up. Michael Cutton's on the phone. Oh
tell him, I said, I. That was for the one
of the conventions we went to. And so we had
all these interviews and I don't know if greg Ni
Liqus listen back to the interview and see if we
got one from him, but we had done. That was
the one where we got Scott Wilson. Scott Wilson, Yeah, Oh,
don't cry, Jamie, Oh stop, I owe every time it's

his alright, alright, So we'll play Xander Berkeley here and
we'll be right back after this. Hey, Xander Berkeley Gregory
from The Walking Dead. And you're listening to David Brody
and Jamie on the Walkers and Tuckers podcast. Okay, Jamie,
Daniel and Lucy are in the holding cell and Daniel

calls the guard. The guard looks like he's sixteen years old.
He's probably twenty five, but he looked young. And he says,
I have information that I want to give to Arnold.
You need to let me out. I need to talk
to Arnold just like that, let me out. I'm gonna
tell him where the weapons are. Lucy says, you what
so so he says, yeah, go get him. Uh, And

so he says, you know, I'm more or less I
know where he is. You know, I don't know exactly
where it is, but more or less I know I
know where the guns are. And so the guy says,
I I'll take you to Arnold. Now, why wouldn't you
just bring Arno to the to them when Arnold was
finished in terror getting less exactly, rather than let him out.

So Luciana says, well, if you're gonna take him, you
gotta take me. Also because his English isn't good and
I need to translate. So a couple of things. He
just had a whole conversation with the guard imperfect English,
and said, I need to speak to Arnold. I've got
information for him. I would tell where the guns are

in exchange for me going. You know, I want to
give him information for I get my daughter and whatever
else he wants. So the guy's the guy should have
just said, he speaks perfect English. But also I have
to call bullshit in Espanol, because we find out later
that Arnold speaks Spanish, so the guard so triple bullshit.

The guard Here's Daniel speak perfect English and then believes
Luciana that he doesn't. Step two and step three Arnold
speak Spanish. So the guy goes to leave, and he says,
I'll be back. Luciana again tries to tell him how
much he means to her and that she's worried about him,
and that she's worried that when he finds out Ophelia

is dead, he's going to react terribly and he doesn't
believe it. He's like, I still don't believe it. I
know my daughter is alive. The guards come and take
them both. West is in the cage and he says,
I'm not gonna betray my people and give up the guns,
and Arno reminds him that, hey, man, you killed your
own brother. You know how loyal are you? And by

the way, your brother was a friend of mine, because
don't forget Arno and these other scavengers were part of
Teddy's group, and West killed his brother because his brother
was a nut job. By the way, if you're in
an evil cult and I'm sorry, I apologize if I
if you think I referred to as a nut job,
so I apologize. No, I don't, No, I don't. Okay.

So so he he did. He did kill his brother,
which I imagine was brought up because that comes up
later in the episode, and so that I imagine that's
why Arnold brought up the brother thing, because I don't
know how killed and your brother relates to I would
do anything to save my people. Since he killed his
brother to save his people, it didn't seem to make
sense to me. He's like, well, you killed your brother

was loyalty. He's like, well, I killed him because he's
trying to kill me and he wanted to kill my friends,
which just reinforces the fact that he'll do anything to
protect his people. He even killed his brother just before
they lower him into the pit of walkers. Daniel and
Luciana show up, perfect perfect timing. Daniel says, let West
out of the cage and I'll tell you where the
weapons are, and Arnold says, why would I do that.

I have the leverage. I've got your boy in there.
You guys are my prisoners. I'm not going to let
him out, and Daniel says, look, I know how to
get information from people, and that's not how you do it.
My guess is everyone you put in that cage you
had to kill because they don't talk. And arnochis him
all look like you know, you might be right, you
might be onto something there as a matter of fact, Yeah, okay,

because you know Daniel's Daniel torture people. He was his
job was, as a reminder, his job was to get
information out of people, which we saw in the first
reason when he tortured that soldier. Daniel says he will
gladly trade the location of the weapons for his daughter,
and Arnold has no idea what he's talking about, and
then says, uh, yeah, she's in the boat like that

the Abigail Yeah, and says yeah, we have her. And
Luciana tells Daniel in Spanish, don't trust him. He's using you,
and Arnold makes it clear he speaks Spanish by saying,
you know something in Spanish to them, which again I say,
then why did Luciana need to be there as a translator?
She didn't. Arnold says something cryptic like you know, you
don't know what's coming. But Morgan and Alicia are gonna

get you all killed, which we find out later we
we knew was the was the walkers in the pit.
So Daniel gives them the coordinates and says, here's where
I believe, By the way, do they all have compasses
and um GPS systems when they know the cord basically
like when the hell I wouldn't start to enough to
google the cordinates, Jesus, and he just knew it. Yeah,

He's like, oh, here are the coordinates. Even if Dwight
gave the coordinates, how did does Dwight have something that
unless he's got something from the submarine. Maybe let's go
with that. Let's go with the fact that he's got
something from the submarine that gives coordinates. But then Daniel
remembered the coordinates. Why would Daniel even have that information
unless his unless he's like an idiot savant where he

can't remember like Ophelia is dead, but he remembers coordinates
that could happen, that could happen. Here are the coordinates.
Like if you want to say, hey, there's a there's
a giant mountain with a rock formation that looks like
a penis, He's over there like, oh, we know where
that rock formation looks like a penis is not a problem.
But that's not what he does. He gives int the coordinates.

So then what happens Arnol sends half his men to
go to the coordinates to get the web. Yeah, do
they have a way to track coordinates? Serious? I mean,
come on, that was my first question. How the hell
are they finding this unless they can track it by
this by the sun. Have they learned how to track
latitude and longitude by the place of the on based

on the day? Do they have sun dials? I'm just
confused by all of this. And then so the first
era they made tactically was the old let me out
of the jail cell bit. Right. Then Arno sends half
his men to go to go to the coordinates. Right,
but anytime you ever see like, I'll tell you where
the gold is. What do they do? They say, well,

you're coming with us, and if it's not there, we'll
kill you on the spot. Instead, they leave all of
them there and send the men off on a wild
goose chase. Half the men in a wild goose chase
where it will be twenty four hours according to Daniel's
calculation that he sent them off in the wrong direction,
that it will be a full day before they come back,

which means it will be at twelve hours before they
at least walking. That that guns aren't there, so he's
got twelve hours legitimately, unless they don't have walkies that
far away at least, So maybe they don't, so maybe
that's why he said, we've got roughly twenty hours before
they come back. So they put them back in the
holding cell, and Daniel says, look, because they're mad at him,

why don't you give the coordinates? And he says, I
gave them wrong coordinates. I'm not stupid. I did it
so half of his men would leave, because Daniels a
tactical genius. And he says, I've got to look. I
have this knife in my pocket that I picked off
of Arno when he shoved me against the wall. He says,
these people are poorly trained, like very like condescending in
a funny way, like these people are stupid. But yeah,

he can't remember anything. He then explains to Lucy that
his mind is cloudy because of his past, that he
lied to Ophelia and then when he finally told her
the truth, he didn't have a chance to explain why
he did the things he did. So Ophelia knew he
was a killer, but didn't know why he was a killer.
He said, if I can just find her and explain everything,
my mind will be clear. So, as the showrunners of

Fear pointed out in the post show Extra Information, Extra Footage,
Daniel's problem is not mental or physical, it's psychological and
that he honestly can't remember anything because of this horrible
guilt that he never got to tell his daughter that
he wasn't a horrible person, and that's why his mind

is screwed up the way it is. We come back
from commercial and Daniel is laying on the floor. He's
on the ground, and they're calling Daniel sick. He needs helping,
needs help. The second oldest trick in the jail cell
playbook is the he needs medical he needs medical attention
right away. And what happens every time they go in.

You know they're gonna get jumped. There's a guy behind
the door, there's a guy suspended over the door. He's
gonna drop down. Uh. They have fake vomit on the floor.
He cut himself to show he's bleeding from his forehead
that he banged his head and he's unconscious. So the
guard says, is he even in trouble? Is he even injured?

Like he knows it's the oldest trick in the book.
He's like, is he even dead? Are you? Is he
faking it? He actually says those things. God, And then
Lucy says, you better get in here before he turns.
If he turns, it'll be your fault. Well, who gives
a ship? Arno doesn't care about these people. If he
turns and he kills them, So what West already said
he wouldn't talk. They already gave the coordinates to the guns.

If they aren't the right coordinates, they're gonna kill all
three of them anyway, So they so the kids like, oh,
I wouldn't want them to turn. How terrible would that be?
What so the guys? So the guy says, oh, that
makes sense, okay, So he opens the gate and goes in.
Now again, if Arnold, if Arnold's people, if he had

like ten guys, right, if half of them went to
the math, If half of Arno's people go to Chicago
on a train leaving a three thirty, and then the
other half of the men stay back, how come there's
only three people, the woman who does nothing or Arno
and the young guard who's an idiot. Why wouldn't you
leave more muscle back? Why wouldn't you leave one where? Well, yeah,

where is every exactly? They said, everyone to get the guns,
and so Dummy, Useless and Arnold are the only ones there.
So the young guy gets jumped by Daniel, not even
but other two. Daniel, playing dead jumps up and gets
him with the knife, and he takes the guy prisoner
and demands to be taken to the Abigail and Luciana
says to the west, listen. He needs to see she's

not there, and then we'll be all good. Once he
sees she's not there, maybe this whole fantasy will end.
So they asked the guy what the plan is. Why
did Arno say that we're all in danger and uh,
we don't know what's gonna happen. So the kid, the
kid cracks like an egg and says, I know that
the plan involves the posters. I don't know why they
So he says, um, but I don't know why. I

just know it involves the nuclear pit. So they get
to the boat. Now keep in mind nobody sees them
holding him at knife point, walking across the planks. The
area is basically a square, like you can see across
the plan. It's not like there's like a runway that
goes a mile away and you don't see it. They're
all basically in a square. They can all see each other, right,

but nobody sees him taking him a knife point to
the fake the fake Abigail ship. Right. So they get
to the boat and of course she's not there. No
one's holding a filia there. And the kid says she
was never here, and Daniel says, I don't believe you
because Arnold said she was here. And Lucy again reminds him, oh,
Philia is dead. You buried her, dumbass. I know. God,

it's so painful to keep telling him over and over.
He says, Look, you want to see your daughter, but
you know you can't, and that's why you're confused. He
tells the guard, you know what, you went along with
the lie. And the guy's like why why, He's like,
you lie. You went along with the lie that my
daughter was alive and in that boat. And you can
see he's getting angry, like he's got the knife to

the kid's neck now, at this point, and he's holding
him over the walker pit and the kid turns to
West like knowing he's that Daniels mad and says, hey, man,
I knew your brother at the oil fields. You know
I knew I knew him. And West is like, oh,
I I gotta hear what you have to say, and
it starts running over to to talk to the guy
and Daniels let's this wrote, Oh my god, yeah, did

you see him stabbed the guy in the head because
they slit his throat. But I didn't see anybody. And
I thought about that because they kept panning to the other,
them talking, and he's just laying there. I thought, when
he's going to turn and get up right, I didn't
see them stab him in the head. They didn't happen,
and he didn't turn, which was which was now? I
guess off camera they stabbed him in the head. But

you know, we're so used to sing the stabbing in
the head and the head, you know that we wait
for that. Yeah, all it's my turn to pick an
I d I don't know what I want, So when
I'm editing it, I'll pick something. How about that? Because
I have I have the power all right, this is
the last commercial break we're gonna take. We'll be right
back after this. We'll wrap it up and we'll let
you get on with your life. Hey, this is Jessie

McCartney and I played read on Fear the Walking Dead
and you're listening to Walkers and Talkers with David Brody
and Jamie as the three of them are walking back
to wherever they're walking too. I guess. Uh, Daniel is
in the lead, and he turns around and he throws
the wooden plank that connects two sections of the walkway
over the side into the walkers, so the other two

can't follow him. Now, remember they can't follow him. It
was a plank like six or seven ft long, and
now there's a huge gap that they can't get over. Okay,
you can't get around that. Daniel says, I'm not confused,
and Lucy says, I'm you know, I'm worried about you.
And he says, I'm worried about you too. Okay, So
Daniel says, I don't want you following me. I'm not confused.

I gotta take care of something, and uh, she says, well,
I'm worried about you, and he says, well, I worry
about you too, Lucy, but I want you to stay here.
I'll be fine, okay. West tells Lucy that he wanted
to find out about his brother from that guy because
he wanted to know if his brother launched the attack
on tank Town, even if he knew his brother was there.

In other words, that he no West was there, and
he still launched the attack and he still did it. Yeah,
he says, Look, I killed him, and I at least
want to know if he deserved it, like if he
if he launched an attack on me, then I don't
feel so bad killing him because he was too far gone.
Luciana and West say they both look for something. They
can't find anything to put over the gap. Right, They

can't find anything. There's nothing to put over that gap
to get them nothing, And they can't go off the
boat because on one side is the walker pit and
the other side is the forest where there's a bunch
of walkers gathering, so they can't get off to their
trapped they're trapped on the boat. We've established that. They've
already said they can't find anything. They're trapped on the boat. Right,

Daniel heads back. Nobody sees him. Nobody sees him walk
across the planks to the other side of the the
structures or No kills a radiation walker in the pit
with a long stick, and he tells the woman go
get rid of the body, although I'm not sure how
she's gonna do that when it's surrounded by walkers. But okay,
so this is the way he gets rid of the
only other person alive. He tells her go down to

the pit. Now, he tells her to go down to
the pit, but yet she's nowhere to be found when
they lower Arnold into the pit, did you notice that? Yeah,
it's so weird. I don't have no idea what's happening.
There's just plot holes everywhere, big holes. So now Arno
is the only person there now I guess the only
person alive at this point that's other than the woman

who's on a mission to do what And just as
she walks away Daniel, who by the way, had no
place to hide. Right, everything's planks, So the woman walks
away and within seconds he runs up behind Arnold and
puts a knife to his throat. How does you think
they would hear him? Because it's across that right, and
how does the woman not see him? He was at

most six ft away on the plank, and she's like, hey, Arnold,
behind you watch, but instead she walks away and doesn't
turn around, doesn't notice that Daniel is only feet away.
Feet away. He puts Arno in the cage and says,
you lied to me, You lied to me about Ophelia,
that my daughter was here. And Arnold says, I would
do anything to save my people, which is the same

thing WestEd West said the same thing. So Arnold Arnold
begs for him not to do this in Spanish, and
Daniel says, I meant to tell you your Spanish is
getting pretty good, and then lowers him down. Oh my god,
savage Daniel is ruthless. He oh, by the way, I'm
about to kill you, but your Spanish is very good.
It's getting better. A compliment on the way down. So

he lowers him into the walkers and he's in the cage,
which is like a shark cage, and he avoids the
walkers as long as he can. They're all grabbing at him,
and then he slips right. He kneels down and slips
so his feet, both of his legs as he slips
to I don't know how this happens. I don't know
how you slip both of his legs slide out of

the cage. Now now, now hear me out. The walkers
were all standing up and they were pawing at him.
The second he falls down, they're able to grab his
legs before he can stand back up. I guess they
came on at them at one time, falling down leg
through the cage. Bullshit first, So they start eating his legs,

and he's screaming, my legs, my legs, as as as
one would do when walkers are eating anyone would be screaming,
Oh my god. Luciana pulls the case. So Lucianna comes
comes by with West because I guess Daniel has walked away,
and they pulled the cage up. Now tell me how
West and Luciana got there? How do they get there?

And Daniel couldn't have lifted that seven ft plank up
out of the pit to put it back. No, so
how did how did they do it? They couldn't find anything,
and all of a sudden did they did? They pull
themselves over their handrails. Oh my god, I have a
good question. Yeah, I'm calling Plank bullshit. So they're back.
They pull Arno back up and he's alive, but his

legs are all chewed up badly. God, that was so
hard to watch. He's alive and he's like now, I
guess he's lost too much blood at this point from
it that they're not going to cut his legs off
and save them, because what they and even if they could,
why would they say, he'd have like no legs? What
they can do with them? Yeah, they already got Wendell
in the wheelchairs so we can carry him around like
on the back, like like like an Arnold biorn. He

would visual my head. Lucy says, what's coming? Tell us
what's coming? He says, Look, if you tell us, I
promised to keep your people safe. He says, someone's letting
the walkers out of the pit, but it's not him,
and they have radiation that Luciana needs to get to
the tower. It's the only place they'll be safe because

you can't even get near these walkers without dying, without
getting radiation. As as we've learned from Charlie, who is dying.
So I guess Strand is letting the walkers out. I mean,
who else is that that's what I thought. I mean,
who else would it be exactly? Yeah, So I guess
he's letting them out so they'll get in the way
of Alicia's people. If he gets the radiation Walkers to

go around the tower, then they can't get me at
the tower. Or maybe they'll they'll infect and kill Alicia's people.
I guess that's the plan. We still have no idea
where arn those other men are and how Luciana and
West got back over the gap. If you guys can
figure it out, let us know, please and tweet us.
Tweet us at David Brodie had talking Jamie at Walkers
on the score Talkers, thank you very much. Daniel says,
I killed him, meaning Arno. I killed him because he

lied to me about Ophelia being alive. Now remember what
he said. I killed him because he lied to me
about feel you being alive. What would he do if
anyone else lied to him about all feel you being alive?
Daniel tells Lucy, Look, this is the second time I
almost got you people killed. You should just leave me here,
leave me here, go on without me, he says to Lucy.
Nobody knew about my past, but you you've seen what

I can do. Why do you stay with me? And
she says because people make mistakes. We all do. And
he says to her, you know we're not blood, but
as of today we are family, which is hurtful considering
what she's going to do in a couple of minutes.
M The next thing we see is Luciana giving a
ted talk to all of Arno's people. Somehow she's got

all of them together and they're all willing to listen
to her even though they're the enemy. And they just
killed Arno and the guard. I was gonna say, they
just killed their leader and his body is sitting there
and the other yeah, he's in the cage. They stabbed
him in the head. And I'm thinking, why would they
trust Luciana and and those people that they've been trying

to kill unless they hated Arno. She gives them a
typical badly written speech. We need to work together were
we were, we believe in the same thing, right. We
all want to escape the dead, and we want to
get the tower from strand at these people who their
mission has been to kill Alicia to get the guns,

they all go, yeah, that's what Teddy would have wanted.
No problem, we're in sounds good, no biration, no lets
we need to talk no like no, like you lied
to us about the guns. So so he has two things.
I want to ask if these are not the guys
who went to get the guns, because if you look
at the people in this building, there's like thirty of them, right,

there's like thirty people women. There's a couple of huge
guys in the back wearing skins. So yeah, where were
they if they were the If they were the men
who went to look for the guns, then where all
these women from? Where all these other people from? And
if they weren't the people, where have they been the
whole episode we're just seeing right, They're like, well, that's

what Teddy would have wanted. So Teddy would have wanted
you guys to work with people that just killed Arno
or Teddy hates Strand that much, he'd want the tower
probably that one, right? And does does Teddy? No Strand?
I'm sure they knew of each other because they physically met. No, No,
because Strand was in the tower when the nukes went off.

I don't I'm trying to remember. But Strand had walked away.
No Strand I think Strand new Arno. Let let's just
go I mean, he knew Teddy. Let's just say knew Teddy.
Let's just say he knew. It doesn't matter. But it
doesn't matter. So they're like, that's what Teddy would have wanted.
So they're like, oh, great, great job, Lucy. No one
else could talk him into it. Alicia couldn't talk him

into it. I was just gonna I was just gonna
say Alicia didn't do it, but Lucy did it in
like a five you knows. So then Daniel says to Lucy,
what's gonna happen when they figure out you can't give
them what they want what you just promised them. They
keep in mind Alicia misinformed them and failed them twice, right,
and they wanted to kill her. Now they believe Luciana

is going to get them this place in the tower
if they helped fight. Did you notice, though, when Daniel
said what's gonna happen when they figure out you can't
give them what they want? They were all standing right there.
I know it was like, how about a whisper, honey,
or let's go in the other room, let's move it along.
Nothing right, They're all like five feet away and ignore him,
like he's not talking to them. Now they all leave,

So Luciana says, we're gonna need your help, Daniel. Now
she's repeating what Morgan had said. We're gonna need your help.
You know how Strand thinks before he thinks you can
help us get in there, he said, look, you got
us out of being locked up. You can get us.
You know you got us, You got us to the boat.
And Daniel says, I did it because my thoughts of

Ophelia kept me focused. Right, Thinking about Ophelia and rescuing
Ophelia kept my mind focused. So then a light bulb
goes off in Lucy's head. She had that look on
her face that she's gonna lie to Daniel, right, and
she talks to West and West says, please tell me
you're not thinking what I think you're thinking. And she

says it's the only way to save all of these people,
and West West says I want no part of that,
and he leaves. He's like, I'm out, goodbye. He walks
out by Luciana just became blood, right, she goes, just
became family. Rather, He's like, you're not blood, but your
family He says, I can trust you, and now she's
gonna stab him in the head and lie to him.

She says, Uh, Arnold told me something before he died.
He said, Ophelia is alive and that Strand hazard at
the tower. Oh my god, Now you think Daniel would
be like, wait a minute. First of all, was Daniel
that far away when she was talking to Arnold? Where
did he go? How far could he have walked away
that he didn't hear all of that? Yeah, and and

just coincidentally, she's at the tower with Strand. Okay, so
Daniel says. Daniel says, why don't you tell me sooner?
She says, I was afraid to. I thought if I
told you, you would run off to the tower and
get yourself killed. She says, But what I saw you
do here, you can lead us all. You can help
us take the tower if you know Ophelia is in

the tower. So at that point Daniel should have said,
so are you lying to me? Because you know I'm
gonna lead you to the tower. So he says, it
isn't clear. I'm not sure what to believe. If this
is another a lie, This could break me. Are you sure?
Are you right? And he says, are you sure, Are
you sure? And she says it's true, Daniel, Yes, she's

living in the tower. She says, we'll get together, and
he says, we will get in that tower. Then you
and me and Ophelia we will be together always. So now,
one of the showrunners in the bonus scene afterwards on
AMC Plus said that Lucy's thinking is I really care

about him, and I'm only lying to him so I
can get him in a safe place where he can
recover and not have to worry. Well, the submarine safe,
isn't it they have They have food for years. Yeah,
they have food and the floorboards. They could live in
the submarine. Why they need to take the tower, I'm
not sure now. Granted, living in a tower we could
walk around is much nicer than being cramped in a submarine.

But they are safe, Daniels safe. He's playing memory games
with you. They have to me to me, this is
Luciana being selfish. I don't care what the show runner said.
This is her being selfish. She wants to live in
the tower. She wants revenge on strand right. Okay, So
West talks to Luciana outside and says, my brother and
I had a saying that people are people, meaning all

people suck. And Strand and Alicia they tried to show
me they were better, but they turned on each other.
They're not better than anybody. And Morgan hasn't been that
great either, but you you were different, but you just
showed me you're worse than they are. Daniel can't help
what he does, but you can. He hands over his
radiation detecting device and says, I'm going off on my own,

and he leaves, well, don't you need the radiation thing
to live? But he gives it to her. M Dwight
is back on the submarine. He's with Morgan and the girls,
and he's got the big bag of guns. And it
would have been nice that they showed us them fighting
the hundred Walkers. That would have been something exciting in
the episode. You know, they're like, yeah, we're gonna go

at a hundred Walkers and we're back here we are.
Dwight says, well, all we need now is an army
to use these weapons and perfect timing. Bullshit. Luciana comes
in with all of the people. They need to use
the weapons exactly. Daniel says, we need to plot and
figure out how we're going to overthrow Strand. And for now,

you know we're in let's do this. Daniel says, we
need to plot and figure out how we're gonna overthrow Strand.
And for now I'm in a pent like I'm good
to go. Let's do this. Cut to West at the
call box at the tower. Oh yeah, And I thought
to myself, they're gonna let him live. So he they're

gonna let him live there he knows as a war
coming and he knows this radiation Walkers being let loose.
He's going to be a big narc. Yeah, So does
he really want to be on the side that fights
Alicia and Morgan? So whoever answers the phone, He says,
tell Victor it's West. I want to make a deal.

And the guy on the other end says, why would
Victim want to make a deal with you? And West says,
it's because I can save his tower. What do you think?
So he's gonna write everybody out? Rat rat rat? Oh
that one like Batman? Bring the rat to the light. Yes,
scenes for next episode. Speaking of Batman, we're taping this

on Tuesday night. Wednesday night is Moon Night final episode.
I can't wait for that. And in Thursday, I'm going
to see Doctor Strange Muke di Versa Madness. I will say,
if you're a fan or you want to go see it,
you really should watch episodes one, four, eight, and nine
of What If on Disney Plus because they feature characters

that are going to appear in the movies that you
have not seen before, and you should watch one eight
nine just for now. The other episodes. You can watch
the other episodes, but I'm telling you for the movie
one eight nine, they're about a half hour each. Go
kill two hours on Disney Plus if you have it,
because it will really help you understand who those characters are.
That's it. I'm done. More scenes from next week. Morgan's

baby is missing from Strand. Strand can't find it. John
Dorry is going to use that as an opportunity to
get close to Strand and get on his good side.
West is on the roof with Victor looking out with binoculars.
We don't know what they're looking at. Morgan's on something
a rooftop somewhere, but that's not what they're looking out
at the binoculars. Radiation walkers are coming. There's a huge

rush of walkers. I'm sorry. There's a huge rush of
water in the tower that knocks them down. I don't
know where the water is coming from. And Howard and
a guard throw some woman off of the roof of
the building because, as we find out in the next episode,
which I saw a teaser for, she says, I didn't
do anything. And they say, we found a walkie talkie

in your desk drawer, and she says, it doesn't mean anything.
I didn't do anything. It's not mine, I swear, And
they throw off the roof anyway. God, they to do
that as people are freaking demented. Yeah, my god. So
there you go, all right, Jamie. We had a pretty
good time last week at the end. So yes, let's uh,

let's wrap this baby up. You know what time it is, Jamie,
what time is it? It's time to shut the shut down.
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