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May 22, 2022 71 mins

Ep.220 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down Fear TWD S7 ep 13 "The Raft"

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and all of the spin-offs #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead   

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
Charge here the rules are Welcome to Walkers and Talkers
Episode to twenty. I'm David Brodie from Elvis Straight in
the Morning Show. That is Jamie from Mina fam Hi, Jamie, Hello,
how are you good. If you're new to the podcast,
welcome aboard. If you're not new to the podcast, thanks
for coming back. And if you're not listening to this,

you didn't you didn't hear that. We have a little
bit of news, and we'll break down the episode from
this week, which was entitled the Raft, which really wasn't
explained until oh very late in the episode. Yeah, but
Jamie has had a hell of a week. Oh my god.
I've had some celebrity sightings which I also talked about

in The Brooklyn Boys, which I want I'll talk about
really quick here. Now Jamie had bigger celebrity brushes this week,
so I feel like Jamie's are bigger. So Jamie should
go first, even you want me to go first, because
they're not as big, you could go first, let me hear,
because I don't know about yours yet. Well, I don't know.
They could be on par I don't know. I had

a debate with Skery over his his celebrity sighting and mine,
and I think mine was slightly bigger, So I feel
like yours a bigger, so I'll go. I'll go first,
because you're I think you're a bigger. Okay. I went
for lunch in Manhattan yesterday and I saw on a
motorized scooter, like a Razor scooter, Mikey Day from Saturday
Night Live zip past me on the street. I said, hey, Mikey,

what's going on? And he had ear pods in now
and he was sort of like mumbling words like he
was singing, like maybe a little. So I assumed he
didn't hear me, or he fakes that snown balls him.
I don't know, but he seems like a good guy,
so I'm sure you didn't hear me. But I was like, oh,
Mikey Day, Like, oh, you gotta love Manhattan. I went
to lunch with two friends and we sat at an
outdoor table in a you know the restaurant sheds they

during COVID, Yeah, the three sided sheds. So the street side,
the sidewalk side was open and the way to you know,
we had a terrible waiter, but that's besides the point.
And the restaurant was located a door next to, or
door down from, a really nice tanning salon on the
Upper West Side of Manhattan. And an older guy comes
out of the salon and he's wearing Hawaiian shorts, I think,

really loud, bright shorts and a T shirt. And I
look and I I'm not sure it was him. And
I said to my friend Tom, I said, Tom, is
that blah blah blah? And he says, yeah, he lives
around here. It was John Lithgow, John lithco WHOA, that's
a big name. Yeah. I thought it was a big name.
I think your names are even bigger, especially when it

was multiple names. That's my story, my two celebrity sightings. Jamie,
you had two celebrity sightings at the same time. Tell
your story. I love The Walking Dead, but Breaking Bad
is my baby. That is I've watched it three times.
I absolutely love it. And my favorite actors besides Norman
are Aaron Paul and Brian Cranston who played Jesse Pakman

and Walter White, and I always see their instant stories
and they're always popping in liquor stores for their dosambres
mescal they created together in Wahaca, Mexico. And they're bartending here. Okay,
what are you doing a commercial for them? No, I'm
just I've been drinking it for years. This isn't an ad.
I just how long have they had this tequila? Thought
it was a new thing for them, So it kind

of came out right before the pandemic. I like what
you mentioned where they made it, Oh, because I've been
there and I had a whole conversation with them about it.
You went there because that's where they make the tequila. No,
I was there way before them. Actually, what's it called?
So so in Whaka Mexico, Whaka Wahaca. It's this very

little tiny village in Mexico that not many people have
heard of or have really is that the one that's
spelled like x a c y o x a c
a um socka. So when I that's not the same
as the watcha that fight all the arrows, the flaming arrows. Okay,
So when I saw that they created this and it

was in Wahaka, I'm like, oh my god, I've been there.
So when I, uh, when I long story short, I
went there in college to build cisterns for families for
water filtration, build the water, would build cisterns. It's like
a water filtration system, like these big wells, and we
did cement in these gates. It was for a family
that needed water. It's called alternative spring breaks. Instead of

going to Miami to take my top off, I did humanity,
humanitarian work. And the world will always be that much
less because you didn't because I did it. So because
you didn't because you did it because you didn't go
there and take your top off. I did a good thing.
So it depends when you're asking. But go on, well,

that's the world doesn't need to steal that, all that,
all that, what's going on? Oh my god, JA. So
it's very excited. Not only did they have this passion project,
but I had actually been there. So I always see
them on Instagram. My god, man, I know I've met
Norman so many times. I'm so lucky. But man, bucket list,

top tier, bucket list. If I ever got to meet
these guys. So all of a sudden, a friend messaged me, Hey,
they're gonna be a bottle king in Glen Rock, New Jersey,
which I grew up in Ridgwood, which is one town over.
I'm like, what, so I realized I started doing a
lot of it wasn't really there wasn't a lot of
publicity with it. You kind of had a deep dive

on the internet. They were doing like a mini Dosambre's
tour where they were going to certain liquor stores for
about forty five minutes. So they were going to bottle
king this Tuesday, yesterday. I lined up the night before
at eleven thirty pm. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa? What going
to be there eleven o'clock the next day? You lined

up around twelve hours early? Oh? Hell, yes, I did,
because this was bucket list for me, like had to
meet them. So I got there. I took a little
nap after work, got there at night, set out my
two chairs with a blanket and my water whatever, and
then I slept it because it was phrasing and I

don't know how these fans. And by the way, when
I got there, people were already lined up from six
o'clock that night from Virginia. People drove there and we're
already landing up. I was. I was was there? OKAYO
means fourteen people are crazier than you, crazier than me.
Can you believe it? Was there a limit on how

many people got in? Yes, so this is why I
got there so early. Only the first one hundred and
fifty people could get in. After that, No, go, what
time did the hundred and fifty persons show up? I
would say before six am? So you could have gotten
there at four am and been fine. But what if
they were like the real crazies came and I showed

up and there was the real crazies? Did calm you me?
I admit it, I admit it. It was bucket. I couldn't.
There was no was not an option for me when
I came to this, Like, I didn't care. I slept
in my jeep in a little ball and then when
I woke up, I hooked up my iPads and my
sounds in my car. I was watching Breaking Bad episodes
and they're having myself up. Wait wait, wait just a minute,

their young lady, Wait a minute, you slept in your car?
Who saved you spot online? Then? So, you know, we've
been to a lot of conventions and sometimes the fans
are a little crazy, little rowdy, or if you're not
in line or you're not standing there, they're like, hey,
you weren't standing here? So I was trying to get
the vibe of the breaking bad people. There are there
meth heads. What are you talking about? Well, relatively chill.

So thankfully it's the meat that it's telling about. So
thankfully I was able to put my stuff out about
every forty five minutes or so. I'd go sit there
for a little bit and then come back in my car.
Nobody said anything like, hey, you need to be standing here.
The whole time, I saw a lot of fans going
back to their car to warm up or sleep for
a little bit. And then all of a sudden, I'm
telling you, a waffle truck pulls up, sun lights out,

there's like a thousand people, a porta Potti is getting delivered.
I mean, it was sheer madness at the bottle rocks.
Waffle truck, a waffle truck. I'm telling you, so all
this stuff was happening. Tell me, tell me more about
the waffles. So I screwed waffles. I didn't care. I
just I was not waffles. That's that's sacrilegious. I was

not leaving the spot. Now my spot was the golden
ticket spot. Because now the line was wrapped around the
side of the building and the other side of the
parking lot and there was I mean, every one of
their mother was there. So I hear them start they're
going to give out tickets. I got my two tickets
from my friend and I we had the golden tickets
but they were blue. Um. And then they were supposed

to be their Atten five team. They came there about eleven.
We came into groups of ten and we walked in
and they were very cool. I got I had a
whole conversation with them about Wahaca, Mexico and their skull
they made and Aaron if you I posted the video
on my part of it on my Instagram. They were
very engaging. They signed a bottle of the sambres for me.

I got pictures with them. Um and Aaron Paul kind
of saved my life. UM, this is what happened. Did
you choke on something? Choke on a waffle? Well, this
is what happened, because you know me, this is this
what happened me, and you'll understand. So we're in the
middle of talking. I almost did. I almost did in
there's video footage of it. I swear to God, this

is what happened. I. So we're talking and Aaron asked
me a question. I answered, and then someone screaming, man,
ma'am taking a picture, blah blah blah. So I'm like, okay,
what what was it? Brian Cranston. It wasn't Brank say
my name, so it wasn't him. So I'm like, oh, okay, sorry, sorry,
i don't want to hold the line. So they were
on account like signing on a counter, so you couldn't

like put your arms around them because they were on
the other side, so you could do, like, you know,
the counter lean. So I went to lean on what
I thought was the hard counter next to Aaron. It
was not. It was a pile of dosambre boxes that
were empty. So when I went to lean on it
and fit it and fell over. So I started to

show you the video, so you see my face. I'm
starting to fall over. I catched myself and then Aaron
very kindly caught my arm and kind of put his
arm around me, and they were we were all laughing.
But yeah, of course I felt they probably figured you
hitting the mescal too hard, or I was faking my
fault so he could touch me. But I didn't. I

didn't fake. It was very real and then did you
over to Brian and fall again? No I didn't. I didn't,
but it was mind blowing, so exciting. I would have
waited even longer. They were so kind, so generous, very engaging.
I love them, Love them, love them. So if you
ever get a chance to meet them, or you haven't

seen Breaking Bad, please I beg you because it is
It's worth It's the best show, all right, Yeah, I'm hyped. Okay,
And then what are you doing later in the week?
He said, you said you had something big to tell me. Yes,
So I have been and people are gonna make fun
of me. It's fine, bring it. I have been a
handsome fan for twenty five years. I love them. Have

been a fan calling one hundred wedding tickets since I've
been twelve years old when they came out, and I've
met them a few times, very you know, I'm very
grateful for that. But they're doing a world tour now
called Red Green, Blue, and I have it's their favorite
colors and it's like this album they're doing and there

I'm seeing them at the Beacon Theater in July, which
I can't wait. I'm very excited. And they were doing
a very limited event at this place called Rough Trade
Records in New York City by Rockefeller Center, and they're
doing an in person record signing. And I found out
about it too late and I didn't get a ticket,
and I was on a waiting list, and I've been

waiting and waiting in events. This Friday, and a couple
of years back, I met a fan that I became
friends with and she cannot make it, and she transferred
her ticket over to May. And now I'm going Friday
night to see Hanson in person to have them sign
their new record. That's fantastic. Now, the first time I
have a couple of questions. The first time you met them?

Was it through the radio station? No um? The first
time I met them was just outside of a concert
by their tour of bus Okay? And then didn't I
arrange for you to meet them at some point? Yes?
You so we're the crid latif I'm one of six
point seven later if I'm in New York City, were
the Christmas station and they were happy to have a
new Christmas album coming out, and it was like the

stars aligned, and you sent me a message from their people.
They wanted to come up to their Christmas album. It
was like October or November and they came to light
of FM and they performed at my desk. They played
Christmas music. We did a full interview with them. I
literally spent the whole morning with them. It was like
the best day. So now I get to see them again.

I think you need to post video of you falling
on your butt and and then singing at your desk
on Walkers on the store talkers about that. I will.
I have videos of both, but me falling, I think
wins lest I did quite fall like I caught myself,
but it was very embarrassing. Let's I'd like to see
both those videos on walkers on the school talking Okay,
I put them up. I think that's at least you
could do. Okay, I'll do it. I am surprised by

the way that you didn't use your light FM power
to get uh to get admission to this event. Um,
I did you want to hear how real? Quick? Um?
People I think will appreciate this story. So my best
friend is the mayor of glenn Rock, New Jersey, and
I was in her wedding. I was her bridesmaid. I

she's my people, right, So I've reached out to her.
Her name is Chris Mayor, Christine M. I'm talking about
I'm talking about Hanson Hanson. Oh I'm sorry, please keep
talking about Well this is and why couldn't she get
you in the front of the line when I have
you wait all night? So I asked her, I said, Christine,
you know I never asked for this stuff, but I'm
pulling out every stop to meet to meet these guys.

What can you do? So she wrote a letter Bottle
King manager and said that and this is true. She
was she's a fan of the show too. She wanted
to come, but she does Mayor stuff all the time.
She's a big deal. She does it Mayor all the times.
So Christine writes a letter to the manager of Bottle
King and says, Jamie from ight F f f M, thank

you so much for spearheading this for me. And you know,
I'd love to be there. But she's going to be
taking my place that day, and she's going to welcome
them to the town. So now I'm like, oh my god,
this is a big deal. Like I'm gonna be welcoming
Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul to the town of Glen Rock.
I'm like, this escalated really quickly. The mayor gave me
permission to do this, so then Bottle can reach back out,

and they said, actually their team said, it's just about
the fans today. We're not doing any media, press, radio,
newspaper or anything. So I didn't get to do that.
So that's when I went back online. But I tried,
and even before I pulled the mayor card, I went
into bobble King twice and introduced myself. The two managers
said who I was, gave them air checks and it

got me nowhere. So my my ass was online and
you and you almost broke it, and I almost broken
in front of Aaron Paul. So it's fine, it's fine,
all right, all right, But that's my story. Well, I
have one more story i'll share with you, which I
shared on the Brooklyn Boys, but I'll share with you
as well for our focus fans. I'm a big fan

of the band Rush, progressive metal band and very big
in the medium, big in the seventies, very big in
the eighties and nineties, and now they're a classic rock band.
And unfortunately drummer passed away, and so it's it was
a three man band, and now the only two members
of the band are getting Lee the bass player, and
Alex Life's in the guitar player because Neil Peart passed

away the drummer. So I'm walking to get on the
train yesterday in Manhattan, not two blocks to the train
from where we park our cars, and I'm behind a
I would say they both looked like they were late fifties,
early sixties. And the one guy has got a blonde
blonde short blonde hair, and he's a little little chunky,
like put on some weight for a man his age. No,
not fat. And the other guy is a thin man

with a pointy nose and round John Lennon glasses and
a long black hair and a ponytail. Oh my god,
I said to myself, that's Rush. That's Getty Lee and
Alex Lifeson walking down the street in Manhattan. So I
whip out my camera and I get a picture of them,
like but I can't really see their faces in the picture.
I had seen him when they talked to each other.
They turned to talk to each other and might get

looks like the guys there, So I get on there.
They're going on the subway too, so they go down
the steps, I get on the steps, we get on
the platform. I see that it's it's not actually the
guys from Rush. It wasn't. It's two guys who happened
to be together who happened to look like both of
them about the guys in Rush. So I take a

picture of them from like when they're talking. Now I'm
on the side of them and I can see the
sides of their faces. So I get a really good
picture of them, and I put it on my Facebook page,
and I put it on Twitter. I didn't put on
instag IM gonna put on Instagram tonight. And I posted
and I said, and I tagged the band at Rush
the band, and I and all my five have so
many friends that are like hardcore rock fans and fans

of Rush. Nobody called me out and said, that's not them.
What can you pull up my Facebook page now? Yeah,
let me open it up, which I just a reminder,
it's not public. It's just for my friends and family.
Just go look at my photos of them. And so
people made jokes like, oh, they must have been getting

on the train for rush hour or were they taking
the train and they're taking the train to Bangkok which
is on the train to Bangkok uh, which is you
know as a song lyric. So they were making all
kinds of Rush puns and not one of them said
and I even put like a screwy smile, like a
screwball face, like oh look I met Rush, like weird face.
Nobody said, wow, those guys look just like them or

oh my god. Everybody commented did you find it yet? Right? Rush? Right?
That is so funny. People even give like the wow
emoji like whoa, you saw him right, Like it's okay.
If it was one of the other you'd be like,
that's not him, that's not them. But the fact that
they're together looks enough like like that they're on the subway.

It looked enough like it. Yeah, so nobody called me out,
so I got away with that. I wanted to put
on Instagram not tell anybody, but I want to not
everyone listen to the podcast, so we'll see if anybody
notices that is really funny. That's a great shot. Yeah right,
it like it's close enough. Yeah, And they looked like
they're together. It's they worked together. They were walking to
day with together. Love it. So yeah, there you go.

All right, So let's talk about Fear the Walking Dead.
This episode was called the Raft Jamie, did you like it?
It was? Okay? Yeah? Not correct me if I'm wrong
on the math. But there are three episodes left. Correct?
I believe that those seven? Right? Well? This was episode,
wasn't it? Oh Man? Sorry? In my head, yeah, it's second.

In your head, it's seven. I don't know. I don't
know what I thought. I don't know. Even if it's
the second half, it wouldn't be seven. Kelly talking about
I'm deprived? Okay, if I asked you handsOn trivia even like,
oh yeah, by the way, r G base it was
their favorite colors. It also stands it's it's short for

the initials of Roy G. BIV. The calors of the
rainbow and if the three main colors on the television set,
and it's my three favorite colors, the three favorite colors
of my three daughters. Really, yes, interesting knowing them. There's
some deeper meeting besides just their favorite color. But maybe
they're big into television because that's those are the three
colors you would us on the TV, the reds, the

blues and the greens. That's interesting, isn't it? Though? The
more you know Dent Denton the more you know. My
point was, with three episodes left, Morgan does something the
end of the episode, right, we don't know how that's
gonna end up. Alicia may Or may not be dying.
People are gonna die in the Tower fight. John already died,

Charlie is dying, and with three episodes left, when are
we seeing Madison? Yeah, that's true, it better be would
be the last episode. She's not living at the tower
because we would have seen her or she would have
that right now, we we know that she's arrested or
she's interrogated because in the trailer they tell that this

is what your name is now and she's wearing black
leather gloves looking badass. And I thought maybe she's in
the basement of the tower. But I don't think Strand
would would hold her prisoner. He would try to get
her on his side. He'd be like, hey, remember we
were friends once, we shared liquor. Right, So is she
being held at Padre? You know what I mean? Because right,

maybe she founded Padre and so we don't know that. Also,
the woman in the episode Maya, did she come from Padre.
So we'll talk about that later in an episode. I'm
just saying, we're running out of time for the Big Madison.
They said it's not gonna be a cameo like Maggie
did it when she just showed up the season ten
at the end. So she's gonna be in an episode.

But is it a bottle episode or like where she's
bottled off and she's just being held and the cliffhanger
is you don't know who's holding her? Oh yeah, with
that weird voice on the other end of the monitor, right,
which means Alicia doesn't she If Alicia's gonna die, she
needs to die with her mom's there, or at least
they need to see each other. That's what I mean. Yeah, okay,
all right, So the episode is called The Raft. Sherry

is out on a supply run and she has a
self inflating raft that she must have gotten from the submarine. Now,
I have a question about the raft, which I'll bring
up later. But if you're in a zombie apocalypse and
we find out later in the episode that the raft
is not for her, she says, it's not for me
to someone else. Okay, why would you inflate it if

the other person wasn't there? I know, I thought, what
are you doing? Someone can steal it or a walker
can like rip it. Why why would you why? That's
I know the purpose was to show the audience that
you have a raft, but you could have just showed
like on the tube it was in inflatable raft like
written on the tube. I'm a right, thank you. So

she calls Dwight, and Dwight says, I can't come there
right now. I have to go help some woman who
called me and she's in distress. I'm gonna go rescue her.
So we see the woman. She's being chased by radioactive walkers,
and you know, she does the woman fall thing, you know,
she trips off her own feet. Yeah, she x up

a rock like she's gonna defend herself. But wherever she's from,
She's come into this area of Texas, which is not
far from when nuclear weapons went off. So where has
she been living? Where did she come from? And what
we find out later? But why doesn't she have a weapon?
She has nothing, so she she doesn't kill any of them,

and just as she surrounded, DWIGHTE shows up because she
had called him for help, and shoots all of the
walkers except one isn't always convenient that they always kill
all but one. And the radioactive walker is heading towards
her and she's frozen, leaning against a tree. She she
obviously is not a fighter. She can't kill them, and

luckily so. Dwight, by the way, makes no effort to
get off the horse and maybe run and kill the thing.
He's like, I'm out of bullets. You're on your own,
even though you called me for help. You can go
die now. Sharry shows up and shoots the final walker.
I just don't understand how this woman is alive anyway.
Her name is Maya, and she says she's from like
twenty miles away and she came there because her son

Marco disappeared in the middle of the night and she
doesn't know what could have happened, so she jumped in
a raft or some kind of vessel and uh and
showed up. She said she heard strands call for people
to join the tower, like a call for help. Yeah,
so again, she said she's like twenty miles away from

the tower. She said she hasn't seen her kid in
a month, and she wants to know if maybe her
kid is in the tower, and Dwight says, well, we
don't really talk to those people, but if you think
your kid is there, you know, I'll point you in
the right direction. I'll send you to the tower because
you know, and she's useless. She's not a fighter. It's
not like she could help. Yeah, And Sharry says to him, like,

what are you doing, Like we have a good were
a wall with these people, and Dwight's like, listen, if
she's gonna find her kid, we gotta do the right thing.
So Dwight already has started the you gotta be a
good parent and it's about finding the kid. It's already
becoming a theme in the episode that the kids you
know that they're parents, their parental Okay, they're getting parental
vibes Dwight and Sherry. But then I'm thinking, why not

send her there. She's gonna be no use fighting on
your side, and she'll be an easy kill on their side,
and maybe they'll just she'll distract them in some way
because you know, she's useless. Morgan calls for help on
the walkie because he's carrying baby mo and all of
the walkers are behind him, following him from a distance

because he's walking faster and he says to them, listen,
I brought some walkers with me. I'm gonna need your help,
and she's well, how many walkers? He got the whole
herd to follow him. The herd, by the way, think
about this, He got the herd to follow him after
John gave his life to keep the hoard from following him. Yeah,

he could have just head, Oh I want I want
to draw the walkers away. Come with me. Instead, he goes,
I'm gonna buy you some time. He was, oh, great, good,
I can get away. What's that all about. I'm calling bullshit.
You let the guy die, and your plan was to
let him to let them follow you in the first place.

That's just uh Like, if John is looking down from heaven,
he's going, what the fuck? I mean? He was gonna
die anyway, but he wasn't gonna be eaten. That's worse, way, worse,
way worse, all right. Dwight and Sherry agree that they
probably will not win the war to take the tower,
but Sherry wants the things they talked about in the

wrestling ring, a family, a life, and they agree they
won't be able to get that if they don't take
the tower. Like never We're never gonna have the life
we want living here, like, you know, possibly dying all
the time. Dwight and Sherry show up where Morgan is
on horse, but they are horseback. They show where Morgan is.
He's got baby mow and a little carrier, and he says,

John gave his life for me to get away, but
the walkers followed me anyway, so the plan didn't work.
And then I didn't discourage more walkers from joining in,
he said. So the tower doesn't have the army of
walkers around it, and now would be a good time
to attack the tower until he shows the light on
the roof, the big light to attract more walkers. Right

now there there, it's unguarded by walkers. Somebody with an
automatic weapon starts firing at them from not that far away. Now,
I'm not saying you have to have good aim to
fire an automatic weapon, because you're just spraying bullets. But
Dwight and Sharier on giant horses and Morgan's there's three
people and two horses, and the guy hit none of them,

none of them, you know. He he hit the car,
that burnt out car, he hit the trees, the ground,
but he can't he can't hit the horses nothing, of
course not. Morgan says, I have a plan, and he
gives the baby to Dwight and Sherry and he says,
you guys, you guys can travel faster than I can.
I guess they're not going to take the horses because

the horses ran off at this point, again, these people
have an endles supply of horses apparently, so Dwight and
Sharry take the baby. Isn't it funny they were talking
about having a baby. Excuse me, they were talking about
having a baby, and of course the episode plays out
where they get a baby to take care of. Is
there great? This poor baby has been passed around to
everybody and their mother, right, but passed around to the

two people. I were just saying, wouldn't it be great
if we had a baby? Oh right? If there was
some way to test us as parents. Here's the baby.
Correct me if I'm wrong. The walker herd. Morgan says,
I'm gonna distract them. I'm gonna get them to refollow
me because we need to have them follow me so
they don't go back to the tower. The walkers all
walk up the hill to the guy with the automatic weapon,

and then you hear the guys scream. Do you remember
that part? Okay, if the guy had an automatic weapon,
he should have been able to take out enough of
them that he could have run away. But did he
stand there and fight? That's what it sounded like. Because
there was a thousand walkers. Why would why wouldn't you
run into the woods or distract them. I don't get that.

I don't know how you die from a herd of
walkers if you have a weapon and you could run away,
They didn't surround him. Morgan fires his gun. Now that
the other guy is dead, he fires the gun to
get the attention to the walkers. Follow me, follow me,
follow me, Come this way. Dwight and Sherry run into
a guy in full armor and a helmet on a
horse and they say, listen, man, you gotta get out
of our way. Okay, now here's a question. The guy

on the horse had no idea that Dwight and Sherry
would be coming that way were the baby. They had
no idea they'd be there at all. There's there's no way.
There's no way. They didn't say, like where their coordinates were.
They didn't say they'd be coming that way. They didn't
come down like a whole way open space. They happened
to be coming through this area. Whatever, random coincidence, and

and so he takes his helmet off. He goes, he's
not gonna shoot me because Sherry says, I'll do you
if you don't move. He's not gonna shoot me. You
guys have a code. It's like, what what do you mean?
How do you know about our code? He takes his
helmet off and it's Wes So somehow again coincidence, bullshit.
West is just there in the zombie apocalypse. He knew
where they would be. So West rambles on about how

you don't even believe the future you promised. You guys
lied to me. I'm hurt my but I'm but hurt.
So now I'm on the other side. I would kill
you because you didn't find me the perfect home you promised.
I killed my own brother because of you. You killed
your brother because he was a maniac and a cult.
Now now he's blaming Dwight and Sharry and all you
people because you lied to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Wasn't West a a peaceful painter? Yeah? He was, and
a writer. He wrote a book, and he was like
doing paint right now, now he's barking. I was like,
go find him, Darcia, don't come back without him, heard,
I don't it just he turned from a sweet guy

and a week ago, you know, he was in Arnold
put him in a cage, right and he didn't want
he didn't want Daniel to kill anybody. Yeah, what happened?
I tell you, Oh, he was peaceful and his brother
may have tried to kill him, Like you know, your
brother may have tried to kill you, and now you're
upset that you killed him. Man, So Dwighte says to him, Look, man,

I know what it's like to be the right hand
man of a bad person just to protect yourself meaning Nigan,
He says, you know you don't want to do that.
You can come back with us and join us and
we'll pretend like you never left, like it's all good.
We'll wipe this light clean of whatever, whatever things you've done,
or you know that you temporarily took a strand side whatever.

So West is like, I'm not doing that. I'm not
doing that. So he rambles again about why you know
the world's you know, you guys in bed my day.
So Cherry says, look, this is your last one, and
get the hell out of our way. And he says,
what's that supposed to mean? So she shoots at the ground.
By the way, thanks for proving his point that you
wouldn't kill anybody. She shoots at the ground. The horse

freaks out and flips him off the horse. So now
West is injured. He's laying on the ground in bed paint.
He can't get up. He's like, oh, you think maybe
his legs broken? So we're not going to see him again, right, wrong? Alright.
Morgan is now at least a quarter of a mile
ahead of the herd of walkers, and I'm not sure

why the walkers are still following him, they're so far
away from him, but he's trying to draw them to
the pit. And then a car explodes near him and
it draws the walker's attention away, and Morgan ducks behind
a car because there's always a car behind it. They
can always duck buying a car. Alicia taps him on
the shoulder and said, as hey, I exploded the car

that was me. I did it to save your life,
because he's walkers are following you like you're welcome, and
he says, no, no, I I need them to follow me.
I'm trying to draw them away from the tower. I
don't want him drawing him to the pit. And by
the way, the pit idea, maybe they weren't aware of it,
but the pit was full of radioactive walkers. Why would
you throw another thousand walkers to then end up with

another thousand radioactive Well they would be yeah. So Alicia says, look,
I found the transmitter I was looking for, but I
didn't find any people to help us. So Morgan says, well,
I got the baby out, but he doesn't mention that
John died for some reason. Doesn't say that, like like
he dumped it on Alicia, Dwight and Sherry John John

gave his life to save this child. Doesn't saything to Alicia.
Don't you want to update hard? And I think she
should know. Morgan says, we're attacking the tower tonight because
it's unprotected, and Alicia says, our people aren't ready. He says, look,
I understand if you don't want to fight, but I
made the call, like I was here, baby, you left right,
so we're fighting. He goes, you can join us if

you want, but we're going. She says, well, did you
see the little girl I'm looking for I told you about.
And he says, no, I'm seeing a little girl because
she imagined she imagined a little girl. Unless unless the
only thing that I could explain is that little girl
is that woman's son, Marco. And maybe she thinks it's

a girl because it has long hair, because I don't
remember if we saw the girl without the mask. I don't.
I don't remember, but I don't think we did. But yeah,
I don't know. Or maybe that girl knows what Marco.
I think the girls imagine imaginary. So so she says
to Morgan, look, you followed that the senator walker all
over the area. I'll help you lead these walkers away.

I'll go with you. So the two of them walk
off together with the walkers behind them in this giant herd.
And and and I heard, it's not like when you're in
school you get in two lines. Heard, is like a wide,
large group of walkers. I say that because I'm gonna
reference that later in this in this episode, I promise.
And now Jamie, here's the top of the very popular

segment now on the podcast, What I d Would you
like to hear. Oh, all right, I'm prepared this week.
I thought about it. Oh, look at that, I really
thought about it. Okay, so I would please like Scott Wilson,
Oh Funson. All right, here's your Scott Wilson. I hope
you enjoy it and don't cry too much. We'll be
right back after. Scott Wilson and a few sponsors. All right,

Mr Scott Wilson, first from the Walking Dead, and you're
listening to the Walkers and Talkers podcast with David Brody
and Jamie. Hi, Jamie, I hope you will go back
and listen to the podcast. You can hear Scott Wilson.
I d he's a sweetheart. Was a sweetheart. Yeah. Dwight
and Sherry are in an abandoned car washed, which I

feel is redundant because of course it's an abandoned car.
And Dwight makes a mobile out of air fresheners and
he calls it an automobile. Ah, Dwight's gonna be a
great dad, even though he killed Dr what's her face?
Dr Denise shot him in the eye with a crossbow.
Let's not forget Dwight. Dwight wasn't just you know, like

going along to stay alive. Dwight was an evil son
of a bit. He really was, I know that. Trying
to remake him as a sweet guy who got taken
advantage of he was a prick. He shot Darrel on
the shoulder. Am I right? I forgot about that? Yeah,
your boy, Oh my boy, I'll kill you. And then
when they were in the lineup, he was roughing them up.

Ah made he made my boy dog food. Yeah, put him,
put him on easy street. I was just gonna stay.
So Dwight is really good with the baby, and Sherry
is bothered because she's worried that she'll never have a kid.
I think, and then have a kid. Luciana calls on
the walkie and says, but I'm not making fun of that.

I'm just saying that's the way she sounded. Luciana calls
on Milwaukee and says, don't come to the submarine. We're
evacuating it because of a radiation leak. Isn't that perfect timing.
They've been living in the submarine for months and months,
but the day they're going to attack the tower is
the day they lose the submarine. Come on now, and

now all the freights contaminated. Oh so much food? Yeah,
uh yeah, so I'm calling bullshit. Dwight finds boat navigation
maps in Sharry's bag, but he thinks it's that she
was going to leave him, and she says, no, I
wasn't gonna leave the rafts. Not for me, it's for
you now. I don't know why I couldn't be for

both of them, by the way, She says, I was
worried that you were going to turn into the person
you used to be. Isn't this old already that she's
been whining about this? Yeah, I was gonna say, honey,
you're saying the same thing over and he keeps saying, no,
he won't. You keep saying you're gonna turn into the Yeah,
you don't have much faith in the guy, poor guy,
he's only your husband. Yeah, he says, I feel like,

you know, you heard strands message looking for a right
hand man, and you would do it. You would do
it to protect us, and I don't want you to
do that. I don't want I don't want to do
that to you. And I thought to myself, why didn't
they kill Wes? Why did they leave West there lying
in Paine? He couldn't get up. Well, West shows up.
He's like a badass out of a Western movie, standing

in a perfect triangle with the two guards behind him.
Now he's got his own formation, He's got the West formation.
West demands the baby now again, how did he find
them in the car wash? Seriously? After being shot at?
Like what the hell? Doesn't know what direction of all

the directions they would go in? Did he follow the horse? Prince?
Is that what he did? He followed the horse tracks?
Is that he is? It is the tractor now? All right?
So Dwight says, if we hand over the baby, can
we still take strands deal and come live at the tower.
And Sherry's like, whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't want any

part of that agreement. And West says it's not up
to me, but you know, we can at least discuss it,
which is the same thing Howard would say, it's not
up to me, but yeah, we'll talk about it. Yeah,
I'll put in a good word. Fee we trust me,
So I said, I wrote here guaranteed this is employed
by Dwight. If I know it's a ploy by Dwight,
why don't they know it's employed by Dwight? Why aren't

they smart enough to figure out I don't trust this guy,
make him get down on the ground like what policemen
would do, and handcuff him a fristcum on the ground.
So Dwight walks right up to one of the guys
because West is the leader, and the guy was searching
Dwight's hands like he made him take the gloves off.
I don't know what. I don't know what that was about.

Dwight grabs the guy and then I did. I watched
again in slow motion, and I REI reran it. I
backed it up again a couple of times. Somehow, even
though he didn't grab the gun necessarily of the third guy,
the second guy gets shot in the elbow. Yeah, I
don't know how he got shot. So then the second
guy behind Wes tries to shoot Dwight, but Dwight is

holding the third guy, so of course the guy shoots
his buddy instead of Dwight. Now Dwight doesn't have a weapon,
so at that point, why would you just fire when
your buddies in the way, wouldn't wouldn't you just say, hey,
drop him or I'll kill you exactly? And you know
bullets go through people, right but now they don't all

go through. But they're they're firing. They're firing automatic weapons.
I would imagine they're high powered automatic weapons. Those bullets
are gonna go through the first guy into Dwight, but
they don't. I'm calling automatic weapon bullshit. Now the two guys,
the bad guys, are dead, but West isn't followed me

so far. I don't what happened to the first guy.
He got shot in the shoulder. I don't know if
he's dead or not. But the third guy is dead.
The second guy is shot in the shoulder, and so
Dwight is on the ground because the shot guy he
I don't know, he knelt down to drop into the floor.
So Dwight is like on all fours or he's kneeling down.
Rather than pay attention to West, he turns around and yells,

Sharry run. Oh my god, I know. Now Sharry has
a knife. I think right, Oh, she's always loaded for bear,
He's always ready to go. So West jumps on. Now,
where's West's gun? Western never a gun or a knife
unless they knocked it down when he fell, but I
think he would. Yeah, So West doesn't have a weapon,

so he jumps on top of Dwight, and Dwight's yelling run,
Sharry run. All has to do is walk up and
shoot West right right there. There's automatic weapons, two of
them laying on the ground. Just go over and kill him.
But she runs off with baby and the father of
the we find out later the father of her child.
She just runs off. Only why does she care about
the baby? I understand the baby, But Dwight, you're leaving. Dwight,

the two of you could take West. You're a tough girl.
I'll go punch him. I could, like I can't. Morgan
and Alicia are walking with the walkers behind them. Alicia
looks like crap, like your skin bags under her eyes,
like she hasn't slept in days, so she's still having
fever at night. And she said the dreams are getting worse,

and so Morgan says, how are the dreams getting worse?
And she says, I can't separate myself from them. I
don't know, you know, I don't know what's reality and
what's not. Well, the dreams aren't getting worse. Your experience
is getting worse, but the dreams aren't getting worse. Morgan
has a cassette recorder and he plays a recording on
the cassette. Now, I don't know how the cassette still working,
by the way, all these years later, come on now

with batteries and tap and all that. So so on
the tape What's her Face? Grace recorded message from Morgan
that said you should take the baby and get as
far away from Strand and the tower as possible. So
Morgan tells Alicia, I gotta take the tower tonight to
get her out of there and then leave. I gotta
get her out right, and then he then he says,

I left a bunch of people I really cared about
once before, and it still doesn't sit right with me.
So he's sort of saying, I don't know I got
lost there. Does that mean he wants to go back
to Alexandria Virginia because there's seven years ahead, So I'm
that's gonna work unless it takes you seven years to
go back to Virginia. And if and if he and
and if if you're leaving people makes you upset, then

are you saying that you don't want to leave everybody
like Grace is suggesting? M hm, so you're gonna stay.
But then you're saying that she wants you to go
as far away from the tower, which means you're leaving. Yeah.
I was like, what's happening here? So Alicia says, if
you take the tower tonight, you won't leave, because she
really doesn't want to leave. She kind of likes him.

I think, you know, I think that's like, you won't
leave if we take the tower, Like if I help
you stay, she says, I mean I want, I want
you to stay. But our people aren't ready. They're not prepared.
They're tired, hungry, outnumbered. And he says that never stopped
this before. Right, I don't die, We'll be fine. It's

got it. Sometimes, being you know, undermanned means a lot
of Red Shirts are gonna die. People still die. It's
just isn't the main stars of the show. You don't care? Yeah?
And John just died. If you're not if you got
that already, ye right yeah. So then he says to Alicia,
you know, come to think of it, you were going
a really long time and you have nothing to show
for it. Really, what took you so long? What are

you hiding? You keep saying you have what little time
you have left, and you know Alicia's obviously hiding something
cut the Sherry. She's in the middle of what looks
like an old junkyard or a rock pit, and she's
taking care of the baby all by herself. She's out
in the open and Dwight shows up. He says, I
ditched West. So we had a fight with West and
he ditched them. He managed to ditch them. How do

you ditch somebody when everything's out the open? Did you
throw him down and run? He tracked? How much ditching
did you do? He found you the last time. I
was gonna say, he keeps finding and again. I know
it's your code not to kill him, but you could
have tied him up something anyway. He doesn't kill him
because of the codes or whatever. Sharry at this point

now she's being very motherly with the baby. She's taking
care of it. She's all you could see like she's like,
I want to have a baby. She has that I
want to have a baby face because she's complete. In
the middle of the junk that they're standing in, there's
a headboard that says Franklin on it, and a science
fiction looking concrete entrance like a a It looks like

a trapezoid shaped entrance. It looks like something from the future,
like like an entrance to a base on Star Wars,
but it's the entrance to the underground of an old,
old hotel in Texas. But it has a modern looking
entrance way. I I didn't know why they had an

entrance way like that until well, I'll get to that
in a minute. I'll explain when when it dawned on
me why they conveniently built that shape entrance way. So
they call on the walkie talkie and they get Alicia
by surprise, and they say, hey, where is this, uh,
the shelter you were living in, the underground bunker? Where

is that? And of course, thankfully Alicia's there. Good timing.
The Alicia is the one to answer, since she was
in the bunker, and she says, it's under the Franklin Hotel.
All of the places they're wandering in all of Texas,
and they're standing next to the thing they're looking for.
Of course, because that's what happened. R. D. White says,
I don't want to go in the bunker because Alicia

said that parts of the tunnels aren't safe, and I'm
worried if the rangers follow us in there. You know,
we won't be able to get out, and they probably
heard our conversations talking on the walking So he doesn't
want to go in even though he called the lee
should ask where it was. Does that make any Hey,
where's that bunker? Yeah, we don't want to go in
that bunker. Sherry is acting weird and Dwight calls her

out on it and says, seriously, what's going on? You're
acting weird? And she says, I might be pregnant. I
knew it, like from the beginning, like I think they
were acting to people. Yeah, they were too weird. She
was acting too off, Yeah, too parental, weirdly yea. So
they hear horses in the distance and they run into

the bunker because the horses are probably rangers who found
a way to track them. Unbelievable. Okay, I'm going to
choose the idea here. I'll leave it a mystery be
cause I don't know yet, and we'll be right back after.
This is Dan Fogler Luke on The Walking Dead and
you're listening to Walkers and Talkers with David Brody and Jamie. Okay, Jamie,

we're back. Welcome back, everybody. I hope you enjoyed those commercials. Welcome.
Dwighte says to Sharry, We'll find you a pregnancy test,
as if you can just find a pregnancy test in
the zombie Apocalypse, Seriously, where are you going to find one? Well,
apparently Sharry knows because she says, I already took one,
but I haven't looked at it yet, so she peed
on it and then quickly put it back in the bag.

So it's like, I guess you could find whatever you
want the Zombi Apocalypse. Morgan and Alicia get to the
radioactive pit and all of the walkers are out of
the pit. Morgan sees that there's what looks like the
top of a car carrier, right, so it's a it's
a long, long ramp that went into it looks like

a pickup truck ramp like where you know they told
all the cars on the highway a car carrier. Yeah
I didn't know that. Yeah, car carrier not just for trucks.
It's an old car carriers. So it's the time. It
looks like they crashed the car carrier into the pit somehow,
or they just happen to have a giant ramp. I'm
not sure how they would have loaded the ramp in
and uh and I have no idea how I would

have done that. I have no idea. But do you
know any walkers in any of the shows we've seen
that can walk up a metallic, slippery ramp at that
steep of an angle. No way unless the world. And
more importantly, how did they get a pit, a giant
pit of walkers to the narrow and funnel in to

walk up a narrow ramp the width of a car.
Thousand thousand walkers all managed and none of them fell
and tripped the ones behind them. They all managed to
climb up the pit, and the walkers on the other
end of the pit were drawn to the ramp. Maybe
they were playing music, blowing a car horn, whatever, they
all knew to go up the ramp. I'm calling ramp bullshit.

I think this might be the one of the biggest
bullshits we've ever seen. I literally go, oh, come on, like,
there's no there's no way they got the ramps that
they had a thank you you sound like me now.
Morgan calls Dwight and Sheron says there's no good place
to dump the walkers because he's thinking, if I dumped
the walkers in there, they'll just get back out of

the ramp. Well, okay, can I just respond to that,
Morgan if I may? May Morgan respond to that, your
only reason for putting them in the pit was that
you could go attack the tower tonight, right, yeah, Okay,
the pit is miles away from the tower. Okay, let's
say you put them all in the pit. If they

have no reason to go up to ramp, they won't.
And let's say they love ramps. Walkers love ramps. If
they all come out of the pit, you think in
unison with no one leading them, they're all gonna walk
back to the tower. They don't know where the tower is.
They're dead. So put them in the in the thing.

It would take them hours if they all fall in,
it would take them hours and hours to get out
of the pit. And you don't need that. You're gonna
be attacking the tower like an hour. So he's like, well,
we can't bring him here. What? What? What? What? Wes
and a ranger walk into a room that Dwight and
Sherry were just in, and while they were there, Dwight

and Sherry picked up Alicia's weapon. That was the room
where she was in the hospital bed. So I wonder
if they're going to coincidentally need that weapon to save
their lives. I'm just saying, HM. So, Dwight and Sherry
are in the basement and they're in the they climbing
through the tunnels where Alicia lost her hand, and Sherry says,
you know what, we should set the alarm off to

signal Morgan and Alicia that were down here because the
Walkees won't work West. Here's the alarm go off. And
now he's a power hungry leader and he yells at
the other guy, turn that alarm off. Yeah, oh, and
the other the other guy should be like if the
other guy should have said, you're not Dwight's you're not

Strands number one guy yet not yet? Yeah, and you
just got here, shut down up. I don't understand that
he was barking like he's been a like a commander.
You don't go from being like, hey, like I paint
and I write books and can you guys don do
me a favor. He's been there a day and he's
in charge now. And now here's why they had the

weird opening with no explanation how they got up there.
Morgan and Alicia are on top of this trapezoid tower
that has a door in it. You would think a
trapezoid tower of stone like that would have a fancier door,
but no, it's a regular door with the with the Okay,
so there's no clear way that they got up there.

There's it's a smooth, angled wall. There is no way
they could have gotten up there that I could see,
unless they climbed the mountain behind it and and then
climb back down onto this thing. Okay, that's all right.
Maybe Dwight and Sherry now here the walkers above them,
because the tunnels are are quivering there. They hear the

noise and they're like, oh, the walkers are right above us.
Because Alicia pointed out they weren't that safe and sturdy,
as she learned when it collapsed on heart one of them.
So Morgan and Alicia are on top of this of
the doorway, so the doorway is now under their feet,
and they're making noise and banging like come here, come
this way, come this way. Their plan is to have

all the thousand walkers single file go into a door.
Oh my god, like there's not going to be a
traffic jam, Come on now, no traffic jam. And if
you look at the c G I of all the walkers,
the walkway, the road that leads to this now all
the buildings are gone. The nuclear weapon destroyed it. And

I guess they made this thing out of out of
stone to explain why it wasn't destroyed in the in
the nuclear war, the nuclear bombs going off the road
or what's left of the road is about eight walkers wide,
So you'd expect the walkers to be eight walkers wide.
Oh no, they're four walkers wide, staying to the left
side of the road and then making a perfect turn
in unison, all towards the door. None of them are

walking like like jaywalking, like cutting across the curve and
walking directly towards Morgan. They're all walking and following the
walkers in front of them, even though he's banging and
making noise. Now, any other time in any of the
Walking Dead shows, if someone was on something a pickup truck,
the top of a car, did the walkers walk by

or did they stop and look up and try to
grab them? They try to grab them. Yeah, this time,
rather than look up by the door and stare and
like surround the right they all walk in the door
under Morgan and he's yelling, wouldn't they look up and
be drawn to him? They're walking into a doorway of

darkness where there's nothing. I don't and they're all like
single file. I don't, I don't, I just don't. And again,
if you're listening to this podcast for the first time,
and hopefully you're still here, Jamie and I love The
Walking Dead and the shows. It's just it seems to
be getting worse as far as the writing particularly. There's

two rangers in the hallway. I don't know where the
rangers came from because West had two guys, one's dead,
one was shot, and then West has more guys again.
So okay, let's pretend he called the tower and they
sent more rangers. There's two guys trying to get the
power back on their flipping breakers, as if that's gonna
work in a in a Okay, the place has been
abandoned for how long they have automatic weapons again? Both

of them. Walkers start coming down the hallway behind the
second guy on the right of the two guys, so
he turns around and shoots a couple of them and
then gets overrun. Rather than running away. The first guy
is looking at the second guy trying to fight off
the long hallway of walkers. And it's a hallway, which

means they're coming in one at a time. Granted there's
a thousand of them, but you could shoot enough of
them to barricade the opening with dead walkers. Yeah, a walker,
A walker comes in from mind the first walker. How
did he get into the room. It's rhetorical, there is
no way. Uh. So the two of them die. They

get bitten, and even though they both have high powered weapons. Okay, uh,
let's see always by the way, the second guy gets
gets attacked and all you see is blood splatter against
the fuse. It was chunky blood. My favorite place for
the kids have birthdays. By the way, it's chunky, chunky blood.

But you know, they didn't show them geting eaten, Like
they don't show like flesh getting torn anymore. It's so sanitized,
like they're like, oh, blood splatter, I want a noah,
I want I want to see when they what was
the kid's name, Diana's kid, the not spencer, the other one?
Oh god whatever, when they ripped his when they ripped

him upon they don't show there's nothing like that anymore.
Ever since Dwight eat that kid with a bat right,
the fat guy sal whatever his name was, and there
was how people complained it was too gory. Now they
don't show it. They show nothing, nothing. So now there
must have been five or six walkers, because we see
a montage of other walkers getting eaten. They all can't

keep up. Uh, there's a female walker ranger. We didn't
see any female rangers. And then all of a sudden,
immediately she's eaten. I'm like, where where did she come from?
And how come none of these rangers can fight walkers?
All right, Sharry and Wester in the tunnel. Sorry, all right,
Charry and Dwighter in the tunnel, and of course the

tunnel collapses right in front of them, And I thought,
you know what, what a great use of the set
where Alicia lost her arm. This way they can use
it again, like they're using the sub the submarine again
for that the spinoff series that we watched the webisodes.
They're reusing set set pieces. Yeah, yep, that means they should.
So now they're trapped in the tunnel. By the way,

did you notice the tunnel at one point was it
was cylindrical and it was really uh, I don't know,
maybe like three ft by three ft at the at
the most. So now they're trapped by the rocks. But
that when they sit down at a frustration, Now they're
in a giant room. It looks like plenty of room.
There's no there's no tunnel above their head like the

trapped in there. Yeah. Now now they're in like a
big open area. Okay, she says, let you know, on pregnant,
it's a good time to mention you're pregnant. And so
they start hugging and crying. Did you cry? I teared
up just a little bit. I was also really annove
with them. Yeah, you're right and and and you know, truthfully,
who cares about them? I don't understand what was like? Okay,

Sharry says. Sherry says, we're gonna get out of here,
and DWIGHTE says the same way as before. What wait,
when were they trapped in that tunnel before? When were
they trapped in a tunnel before at all? Anywhere? Never? Right,
So Alicia got out of the tunnel, So what is
he referencing? Where? He says, go I and tweet us
at David Brody at the talking Jamie and Walkers on

the score Talkers when when he said, we'll get out
of here, like the same as last time, when were
they trapped it, I don't remember when they were trapped
in the tunnel before. I don't know if that made
any sense, hmm. So she she says, oh, I'll get
us out of here, and she takes the Alicia's weapon,
the muzzle the flash suppressors I think it's called, and

she uses that to dig the rocks out because they
couldn't do it by hand. Thank god, she picked up
Alicia's tree which was pointing enough to get the rocks out.
Perfect weapon. Bullshit. Alicia and Morgan are on the outside
of the tunnel now they couldn't reach Dwight and Sharry.
Dwight and Sharry set the alarm off, but they didn't
know that Dwight and Charry was safe or that they

were gonna get out of the tunnels. Alicia said, go
to the tunnels, but they didn't know if they got out,
and they set they sent the entire herd of walkers
in there by the way they all went in. The
walkers went in and from what we could see, killed
all of the rangers except who West because he's the star.
So West gets to walk. West walks around a corner

and breathes heavy and he's safe because a thousand walkers
jammed into a room aren't eventually going to push their
way around the corner. Come on, they can get out
of it. They can get of a pit, no problem.
So they climb out of the tubes. Alicia and Morgan
are there. Thankfully, they're at the right place. They made
it out. They tell Morgan is a radiation league the submarine,

so we can't go back there. Sharry wants to give
her the weapon back to Alicia, and she says, no,
you keep it. So the Alicia thinks she's dying and
she doesn't need a weapon to keep herself alive. And
they're going, well, she's got that thing on her other
hand that I guess now is her weapon. Yeah, I
guess that's like you know how Aaron has the Maze

on his hand, but the maz but the mace seems
like it's on his arm more securely than the than
her own bones attached. Her little bones are. Yeah. They
talked about how the woman they found had heard strands
transmission from twenty miles away, so they must have an
antenna or something convenient. Right, that they learned about the

antenna from this woman on the day they're gonna attack
the tower is great, totally convenient. And Alicia says, I
need to get up there so I can transmit and
see if we can get more people to come help us.
So I thought, I was thinking to myself at that point,
if you need more people, how did you get in
the tower, Like, if you've already overrun the tower, you

don't need more people. How is she getting in the tower?
She did? She had, There's been no plans, she hasn't
addressed anything. She just declared war on strand why would
he let her in? Right? She said, you're gonna lose
that tower. I'm gonna take that tower one way or another.
He's not gonna let her in, No, of course not.
Morgan says, Grace told me to get as far away
from the towers as I could, so I gotta get

out of here. Didn't he say that leaving the people
he cared to out was devastating and he's never gotten
over that. And didn't they He said, we have to
take the tower tonight. We have to take the tower tonight. Yeah,
he was already let's go, and I was like, okay,
b he was gonna go without Alicia, And then Alicia said,

if we take the tower tonight, you'll stay right. Deva
said he wouldn't. Now all of a sudden, he's leaving.
He's like, I gotta I gotta get out of here.
Were you? Why do you gotta get out? What do
you get out there for? What are you going? What's
the plan? Where are you gonna go? I gotta get
out of here, gotta get far from the tower. Well
you're Morgan, what are you? What are you afraid to strand?
For lee? And when we're gonna go alone? You you

think that you're you're gonna be safe with a baby.
How are you gonna kill walkers if you're holding a baby?
How's that gonna work? So convenience bullshit? Sherry says, I
got I have a way you can get out of here,
and she gives him the raft. Oh here, look at this.

I have to happen to happen to have a raft.
And maybe you can find where that woman is from,
because she was from somewhere where there's no radiation. And
Morgan says, I'm sorry, I'm not gonna be able to
help you guys take the tower. Oh, I see you demand.
They attacked the tower tonight, you demand. Unleshia goes against
her better judgment and you're a piecing out exactly. He

was like, let's go now, and she's like, we're not ready,
and he's like, okay, b no, no, you're ready. I
convince you were ready. All right, we're ready. I'm not coming. Yeah,
what a piece of crap. So she says, look, you
gotta keep the baby safe. No hard feelings. I understand,
and I'll do what I have to do. You will

see me again. You know what that means, right, she's
not gonna see him again. Yeah, she's dying in the sea. Well,
he won't see her unless he sees her body. Yes,
when you say you know, I'll see you again? Probably not.
The baby is wrapped in lead. The referenced that the

baby was fine from the radiation because it's wrapped with
lead around it. If that raft springs a leak, how's
he going to say of a baby and lead. A
few of the main cast members are there to send
him off, Daniel and Sarah. You know, Sarah got her

no words, but she was there. She didn't get she
didn't get because you get paid if you speak, so
she didn't get paid. Yes, you do. Yeah, after after
a minimum if you speak a word, so they can
pay the bare minimum. They have to pay for a word.
And even Daniel, Daniel stood there, he did he say anything,
You didn't see anything. And then all the other all

the other warriors, the soldiers, the where were the what
were those people? Are there in the background, packing up
and getting ready. People are speculating, is Morgan leaving the show?
I imagine he's gonna come back. He's gotta meet now,
are they clear in the way for Madison is at
least you're gonna die and Morgan's gonna leave so that
she can be the front runner of the show. Or

or or or does Morgan find a place with people
where he can raise the baby safe and decides to
stay there because the raft is damaged. He can't get back,
and maybe that's a spinoff show, Oh my god, no,
we can't do another we can. Or maybe Morgan becomes

fear of the walking dead and the rest of these
idiots get wiped out in the war, including Madison, like
they all get slaughtered and the only person left is
Morgan and mo like Grace dies, everybody dies, and maybe
maybe the raft is in a storm like Gulf of
Mexico kind of storm, and he gets taken either back
to Mexico or over to Florida, you know, and that right,

like maybe like Louisiana, and there's no way for him
to make it back. Well, but he also wouldn't be
that far. He could then go up north to Virginia
and if it takes it eight years, he will eventually
and and Moe would be eight years old, and he
could show up at the end of Walking Dead with
an eight year old out, which means his kid would

be roughly the same age as r J, maybe a
year or two younger. Well, because because he's been gone
for a couple of years now, and the baby was
born a couple of years after r J. But are
but he left let's say eight years ago, right, the
baby was born six years maybe, so yeah, I don't

know what r J was born in the r J well,
r J had to be born because Michaun was pregnant,
so r J was born. R J was born seven
years ago. Uh, and and and and and since the
Fear of the Work Dead his six years seven years,
so maybe the baby was born a year into the party,
So maybe the baby six. So Morgan could show up
with a six year old baby at the for the

finale and that could be how he shows back up
so they don't have to explain him on Fear and
now he could show up. He might even show up
for the last season, the last third of the season.
He might show up and be like, yeah, I've been
going for seven years. How about that? Lenny James comes
back for the final third of The Walking Dead and

fear everyone gets wiped out. Holy crap, could you imagine?
And there is no season eight. It's a it's a
whole thing is a ruse. It's out. And maybe right
now and maybe Morgan goes on the spin off with
with Norman Ritas. How about that? Oh I'm about it.
I love them. I should be writing seriously, I mean,

why are you out in the writer's room like right
now with your cup of coffee thro thank you, thank you,
and and crumbling up paper and missing the guard and
yelling at Garcia to getting more coffee. Bring me about
paper and coffee. We're gonna be here and this is
gonna take a while. We're gonna pull it night or Garcia.
Oh man, you're gonna see us everywhere. Yeah, he's very talented, tents,

many talents. He can get you anything you need as
long as you scream at him. Alright. Scenes from the
following episode, Alicia calls Strand at the tower and he
lets her in. They turn on the light to get
Walkers to come back. So she's obviously in there trying
to get to the antenna and broadcast a people to
come help. So she's gonna send a broadcast. Hey, there's
a tower. You don't know us, but come help us

overthrow it. So, now, are you any better than ricks
people or Nigan's people, Like you're asking for people who
have no reason to hate Strand to overthrow a tower
that could be a nice place to live. Alicia starts
killing people with her stubby stump arm that's got like
a razor thing on it. And then you see the

stars of the show that are at the tower, like
Wendell Uh trying to escape the tower, and there's Walker's
coming towards the tower, and are and the and the
good guys are fighting Walkers, and then West points a
gun at someone and says it's over. There's no way
West kills any of our people. So someone's got to

shoot West in the head. So West isn't making it
out of this season either, is what I'm saying. Oh Man, Yeah,
he's he's out of control. And and just be and
just to be uh strands right hand man, because he
wants to live in the tower. Hey, I have an idea.
Why don't you just kill Strand and then everyone can
move into the tower and you'll get the you'll get
the place everyone promised you that you're crying about. Yeah,

and that's what he wants. I'm sorry West, that that
the that the plans of people who are trying to
help you out didn't work out the way you thought
in a zombie freaking apocalypse. I'm sorry. Imagine that plans
going wrong in a zombie apocalypse. They didn't go the
way they wanted. So now you think they're liars. They
deserve they deserve to die because they weren't able to
provide you with the Xbox five. You I'm at the

PlayStation five you wanted. Shut the fuck up, West explicit.
I'm all rolled up now, I'm all upset up. Fired up,
ready to go? Or should I say it fired up
ready to go? Okay? Uh, those will know that a
reference will know the reference. And nobody got back to
me on my week my reference from last week that

I made. They didn't. Yeah I did. I made a
blatant reference to a very very funny catchphrase from a
very very funny guy named Ryan who used to be
do videos on screen rant and now is his own
channel on pitch meetings. You gotta go watch pitch meetings.
Oh you set me some of his videos. He's very funny.

They did a Walking Dead one, and what he does
is is he pitches ideas for TV shows and movies
to a movie exact also played by himself, and the
plot points are always ridiculous, and they go how's that
gonna work? And somethings ago, how's he gonna get out
of that surrounded by a thousand zombies? So his response
is always it'll be super easy, barely an inconvenience, and

the other guy who was going okay, so they just
write it off like it'll be easy, it'll be fine,
which is like, oh, how are you gonna get a
thousand walkers up a ramp out of a nuclear pit
that seems like it's gonna be impossible. Actually it'll be
super easy, barely an inconvenience, So that that's that's my
catch ras from last week that nobody got. And then
this week I just quoted. I just quoted a very
famous person, whether you like them or not. We'll see

if anybody recognizes the fired up ready to go line
I just use. Okay, Jamie, it's definitely a time for
you to get ready to see uh Hansen. Yes, you'll
tell us all about it when you see them again.
But it's also, Jamie, it's also it's time. It's time
to shut this shift down.
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