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April 22, 2024 11 mins
Elvis had a dream last night where he got his mouth washed out with soap, which leads to a convo about all the ways we were reprimanded as children. 
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Today's Daily Highlight from Elvis Duran inthe Morning Show. How do you explain
why you dream certain things? Oh, I wish there was a way to
explain that. I have no idea. So I last night I had a
dream. It was actually a flashbackwhen I was a kid, when I
I must have used a curse wordfor my mother and she dragged me into

the bathroom and she washed my mouthout with soap. And I never really
understood how effective that was because nowI you know, I cursed, like
to say it, almost as muchas Danielle. But isn't that a weird
punishment washing your kid's mouth with soap? Yeah? Yeah, but again is

it effective? Then? Okay,No, it was, you know for
that moment. Yeah, I meanit was. It was gross having soap
in my mouth. Froggy. Didyour mom ever do that for you to
you, like, wash your mouth? That was soap? My grim minded
I got a switch and a mouthwashed out with soap at the same time.
Yeah. I don't know if theyknow what a switch. A switch
is. They go out to thetree and pull a limb off and beat

you with it off a tree abranch. Wow, exactly. My swing
used to be used to be connectedto that branch. Now you're hitting my
ass with it? Correct? No, yeah, it was like a switch.
They it was so weird, likethey never did that. I had
never had my parents like messed withtheir landscaping to punish me. But but

the soap in the mouth thing,I'm like, if my mother, if
she was alive right now, I'dbe like, Okay, let's talk this
through. Was my mouth that dirty? You felt that soap was going to
cleanse the cursing out of me.I don't understand how this works. I
don't know. That seems like oneof those things people just did because their
parents did it, and their parentsdid it. I can still taste it

to this day. I could stillthink about it and taste it. Oh.
Really, I feel like we allhave. Like I remember my mom
telling because my grandfather was a barberat one point and he had that bar
that leather barber belt that he wouldtake his scissors and he would like make
sure they were sharp, and hewould use that if my mom got out
of line, and so that waslike and she remembers cleaning out the house

when he passed away and going,oh, get rid of that beer is
there. I like his text.My sister got soap put in her mouth
so much she started to like thetaste and would ask for it for a
snack. What her favorite was watermelonsoap. Oh wow cool? Yeah,
I don't know, it's just weird. Gandhi, did you have any weird

things your mom and dad would doto just lock you in your room?
And what would they do when youwere a menace like you are today?
I mean, listen, I haveIndian parents. They definitely spanked us,
like they would bite us up.I'm not sure to this day that they
still wouldn't try just let it happen. But that was that was our biggest
the way that they would punish usall the time. They said grounding was
more torture for them. It's likenow you're a home oh am, I

going to with you, go outand go do your things. Yeah,
you know what. We had thisconversation several years ago and some people were
saying that their their mother would callthem into the kitchen yell at them for
whatever, you know, heinous crimethey committed, put raw rice on the
floor and make them kneel on iton their knees, pikes isn't that like

water torture type stuff? I don'tknow, it just it seems. It
seems it. Yeah, but howmuch better is soap in your mouth?
I mean, get real, Idon't know the weird things they used to
Like, my dad would just lookat me. That's all I needed.
My dad would lift me up andI'd pee the floor Jesus cave. We
recreate that today because it was sobig. You know, my dad was

six foot you know whatever, andhe was a big dude. So if
my mom would like take you know, you don't know what always happened.
Dad gets home and then Mom's like, do you have any idea what these
kids did? And then the poordad would have to go, okay,
I'll take care of it, andthen just lift me and I'd pee.
And then if you're from an Italianhousehold and people are texting in your grandma
would take, you know, thespoon out of the sauce and slap it

upside your head and then sauce wouldlike splatter all over the room. Oh
what are you gonna do? Anyway? So punishment, I don't know did
kids get punished anymore? Is thatlike an old man? Is that the
old man question. No, theway people operate, it does not appear
to be any consequences. But Isaw a this girl had to be twelve,

maybe maybe maybe eleven at the grocerystore the other day. She wanted
something, the mom said no.She cursed to her mother. Could you
imagine? I did not even respond. I thought, if that was me,
I don't even I don't even knowwhat would have happened. But I
really don't even have any idea.But it wouldn't have happened. You know
what I did once to suspense,or so I tried to be He was

throwing a tantrum in Target when hewas a kidd. He threw himself on
the floor. He's screaming, yeah. So I was like, okay,
I'm gonna do so. I wasvery calm. They probably had me on
security, lifting him up, throwinghim over my shoulder, screaming like a
lunatic as he's walking out of thedoor, right, I was very calm.
I put him in his seat,buckled him in, and then we
close the door, and I go, I'm screaming like a lunatic in the

car. But I did it inmy car. Once I got in the
car, so then nobody heard mescreaming like a lunatic. There you go,
there you go, because people jumpin right, you're doing something wrong,
right their kid some cultures. Mybest friend, he was his mom
and dad were from Mexico. Hismother would take her shoe off and straight

on the hand with it. Oh. I got hit by a straight chonkolow
once because my friend was getting itfrom her mom. She's Dominican. She
took that shoe off and threw itand it hit me. I was like,
come on now, Oh, thepeople are texting. Oh, the
people are texting. This is socrazy. They would my mom would sprinkle
paprika on my mouth, on mytongue. Well, a lot of people

who said that they ate you know, they were they were having their mouths
washed out. Was hoping they likedit. They enjoyed the case. See
not effective. No, the kidslike, yeah, give me the soap.
I will tell you. We hada paddle in our house and it
had some sort of poem written onthe side, like a poem about slapping

your child's ass with this paddle.I don't know, and I knew where
it was. And if ever Iwas acting up, I know my mom
would say, you know where you'regonna get the paddle when you get home.
But I never got it, notonce. It was they just had
to threaten you with it. That'sit. It's it's like having nuclear warheads.
We're threatening we have them. Yeah, we're not going to push the
button, but we have them.Let's hope it's always like that, shall

we? Yeah? But the rawrice thing, oh, I think that
just hurts thinking about it. Yeah, like walk on these legos. Oh
god, Oh my gosh, that'sOh. Legos give me nightmares on the
floor. I know it hurts somuch. It is Earth Day and there
are things you can do, likestop wasting your leftovers, stop over using

napkins when you go to the grocerystore, use reusable grocery bags. You
know, these are the little thingsyou can do. Today's a good day
to pick up trash. Yeah.Yeah, if you see some trash,
pick it up. Shane is onlinenineteen. Let's see how he was punished
as a child. I'm so intrigued. Hello Shane, Hi, good morning,

how you doing. I think I'mspeaking for everyone. I think we're
okay? Are we okay? Soyour grandparents what would they do to you
if you cursed, Oh my goodness, I would have one grandpurent holding me
down in the chair and the otherone dripping mustard in my mouth cursing or

acting up. And literally it tookme forty years to finally try mustard again.
I was so anti mustard. Itwas like Danielle with mail. I
was like, no, mustard,don't put it near me. It's true.
I mean, they have no ideawhat they're doing. I mean,
they're ruining your hot dog experience forlife, right, It's like this is
that'll get them to start dogs?Pretzels. Nothing, No mustard, no

honey mustard, nothing. So howare how are you and your mustard today,
Shane? Well? I started,I started cooking, and I tried
using it with with pork and itturned out okay. And then I just
did it a few more times andand now I mean, I can't say
I'll eat it on its own,but like in a mixture or sauce.

I love it. Right. Isn'tthat weird? Though? Something from your
childhood still affects you to this day? All Shane, I'm with you.
You know. My thing is,you know, if I got a little
spanking here and there to punish me. I still enjoy it. So I
don't know. I'm spanking is goodfor me? Is that bad anyone?
Everyone's looking at me like, I'mokay, shane An, I stay,

it's mustard season. Let's go tothe ball game. What's up, Scarvy
Well? I just want to know, is it is it true that Well?
Who knows if they've done any surveysor any kind of research as to
whether the way that they dealt withwe got dealt with? You know what?
For instance, moment, what questiondo you want to ask you?
So my mom used to chase mearound the dining room table and I used

to be threatened with physical violence?Is that more effective? Physical violence?
What do you mean like a spanking? Or she bashed your face in back.
She even installed the fear of Godin me? So my question is
is that more effective? Or isit the putting people in time out?
Kind of like the new way ofdoing things? I don't know. I
don't know. You're a parent,Danielle, Let's ask you what do you

think. I mean, We've neverhit our kids. We've always used the
time out or you know, putthem in a in their room or grounded
them or taken away their electronics,and you know, I mean, it
seems like it's worked. I mean, they're they're pretty. I mean,
look, they're are not perfect,that's for damn sure, but I feel

like they're you know, they're okay. But the thing is, you know,
nowadays, kids threaten you. They'relike, oh, you're gonna hit
us. We're gonna call diafis Likethey know right away. You think I'm
kidding. I know people's kids whoare threatened all the time. If mom
hits me, I'm gonna call you. Oh they know, really they know
nowadays you can't get away with things. It's so weird that little Johnny now

has an attorney speed dial. Ithreatened my parents with that once. Yeah,
me too, And they were like, go right ahead, please call
them right now, and you golive with some strangers. Let me know
how that works out. I waslike, I'll call you never mind.

Do you know what my mother usedto do. She used to pack my
bag and she used to say,I'm calling the bad girls home. And
she used to get on the phoneand she say, go, yep,
come and get her. She'll bewaiting on the pot. Make me sit
on the porch with my suitcase,waiting for the bad girls home. And
then they wouldn't come, obviously,and then she go, oh, they
got busy. They're gonna come anotherday. Yeah. I got a question.
Is the bad girl's home right downthe road from the poor farm?

Because I was home. If Idon't stop spending my parents' money as a
kid, we're gonna have to moveto the poor farm. And it's right
up the street for the bad girls. Think it might be right across.
I don't know the related They haveadjoining road or something. I don't know.
All right, the poor the poorfarm. We gotta move to the
poor farm, Okay, Dad,
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