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October 15, 2023 111 mins

Hayley Holt is one of NZ’s highest profile broadcasters and has been a fixture on NZ screens for 20 years. 

She’s been a snowboarder, a ballroom dancer, a member of the Green Party, a radio host, celebrity boxer and has fronted shows like Crowd Goes Wild, Breakfast and One’s Sports news. 

In this episode we find out what young Hayley was like, the unlikely path from dancer to snowboarder, her difficult relationship with booze, behind the scenes of Crowd Goes Wild, Ric Salizzo, Live TV and the difficult transition to Breakfast, her challenging road to motherhood and much, much more. 

Hayley has such a fun, infectious energy – this one was a blast. She’s lived such an incredibly full and varied life – and there’s so much to learn at each chapter. 

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 This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy.     


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