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May 19, 2024 89 mins

On this episode of Between two Beers we’re rewinding the clock back to February of 2023 when we sat down with Dame Lisa Carrington. 

This was a really cool chat with arguably New Zealand’s greatest athlete and we wanted to re-share it with all our new listeners.

Lisa is New Zealand’s most successful Olympian of all time with five Olympic gold medals in the sprint Kayak, one bronze and 12 World Championship titles. 

For over a decade, Lisa has been the best in the world at her sport and after listening to this conversation it will become clear why. 
We go deep inside the mind of a champion and talk about her relationship with self-doubt and high performance, why she hasn’t missed training in 13 years, and how she deals with race-day pressure. We also hear about her passport slip-ups, gym playlists, superstitions, the power of journalling, and all the best and most entertaining stories from a life on the road. 

Seamus and I were mesmerized by this chat in places. It's so rare you get such an extended period of time to probe away at the inner workings of the very best in the world, and Lisa’s discipline, thought process, and ability to articulate how she succeeds was really, really cool.

We’re also super stoked to tell you about the business we’ve built. If you’d like to hire one of our incredible guests to speak or MC your event, check out our epic lineup at and get in touch.

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