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February 12, 2024 39 mins

Garrison and Robert look into the curious case of Justin Mohn, the self published author and musician who beheaded his father to start the war against Biden.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
All Zone Media.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
Welcome to It could Happen here, a podcast about things
falling apart. And you know, folks, season one of this,
if you listened way back in twenty nineteen, we focused
a lot on my fears about a massive coming civil
conflict in the United States, you know, along the lines
of a civil war, but sort of based around my
experiences in civil conflicts in Ukraine and Iraq and Syria

a number of other parts of the world prior to
twenty twenty. And one of the reasons I'm bringing this
up right now is because, you know, what I experienced
with the fighting in Isis in Iraq was kind of
instrumental in me understanding how conflict looked in the modern era,
and how the United States was closer to a conflict
like that than I think a lot of folks would normally,

especially people who are kind of obsessed with the idea
of a civil war. As two big armies in gray
and blue marching at each other, we're willing to kind
of to contend with. And when I was starting that
reporting over there, you know, taking my first trips to Iraq,
one of the first things that I did was watch
every Isis beheading video and some of the Al Qaida

in Iraq beheading videos prior to that, not as a
voyeuristic thing, but because I felt like, if I was
going to take myself and another person into that situation,
the responsible thing to do was make myself very informed
of what the stakes were. And I'm bringing this all
up not because we're talking about the Middle East today,
because we are talking about a beheading video, probably the

first beheading video directly tied to the US culture war
that I can name. And I'm going to throw to
Garrison Davis now.

Speaker 3 (01:45):
All right, So last week, I believe most of this
went down. On January thirtieth, a thirty two year old
man named Justin Mohan shot his father in the head
with a handgun he bought the day previously, and then
used a kitchen knife and machete to allegedly again this
is all a quote unquote, allegedly allegedly yes to, allegedly.

Speaker 2 (02:08):
Alleged by him in the video that he recorded, Yes,
cut off his father's head in a bathtub.

Speaker 3 (02:15):
He put it in a pot and then recorded a
video which he posted publicly onto YouTube. It was about
fifteen minutes long, titled Moan's militia called to Arms for
American Patriots, where he ranted about a number of things
and mostly called for the killing of federal employees. He fled.
I think he went a slightly upstate towards a National

Guard training camp and then was arrested a few hours
later after his mother found the severed head and body
of her husband in the house that they all lived
in together. This is one of the most bizarre acts
of extremist violence that I've come across in terms of
like the amount of research I've done to this, and

I think it kind of points at a this trend
of extremist acts of violence done by people who have
a lot of content on the Internet, not just like
posting manifestos, but like are positioning themselves as some form
of like alternative content creator. This guy had a lot
of music, had a lot of self published books. In

lieu of leaving like a complete single manifesto, we get
these just years of writing and like artistic creations that
now live on archive dot org as kind of ghosts
of this guy's presence.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
And I think what's interesting about that is that shift
between and I think the christ Church shooter is probably
like the KT boundary of this particular evolutionary shift from
like the norm would be that you would produce a
specific manifesto as an act, like a political act, as
part of whatever of active violence you carried on. The

goal was both to inspire other people to act and to,
you know, partly just to frame yourself as something besides
alone maniac. And I think one of the things that's
really interesting about this shift to an increasing number of
these people representing what they're doing in fiction in some
way or in some other kind of creative endeavor is

that it sort of mirrors the idea that like, in
our culture, the thing that people most want to be
is some sort of like influencer content creator, Like that's
the top desired job among like a lot of gen
Z kids. And it's also just increasingly like the thing
that people creatively want to see themselves as. And so like,

I think this fits into this trend of violence that
is that is foreshadowed by someone, not by a work
of like political thought, you know, which you may not
want to think of a manifesto as that, but that
is what it is, but is preceded instead by art.

Speaker 3 (04:54):
Yeah, So I think I'll talk about a few kind
of semi similar or at least other cases that have
some curious linkages. Probably close to the end of the episode,
but I have some writing here prepared about about the
beheading video itself, and then a few other kind of
random stuff about the art that he's made, and Robert

will probably fill in some useful gaps because Robert acquired
a very special piece of literature recently.

Speaker 2 (05:24):
So the night that this went down, as soon as
I found out this guy had written not just a book,
but multiple books, I was like, well, I kind of
want to read these, and I know they're going to
get pulled by tomorrow and Amazon will probably Amazon can
just take back the kindle books that you buy from them.
So I ordered a hard copy of the book that
seemed like the most meaningful to him. It's called The

Second Messiah, King of Earth by Justin Mohan. It is
distressingly thick, like four hundred and fifty pages or so.
It is so much book, and the weird thing about it,
I've read through a chunk of it and we will
be getting to some of it. It's not badly written,
and I want to be clear, I'm not saying that
like he's a good writer in the commercial sense, or

that he's a good writer in that like he's a
skilled artist. I'm saying that, like it's clear writing. You're
always sure what he's trying to say. When he depicts
the vinces happening. Those events are crazy, but like he's
they're clearly depicted, which is interesting to me. And yeah,
we will be hearing about more of that in part too.
But I have learned a decent amount about him from

this book, The Second Messiah, King of Earth.

Speaker 3 (06:35):
So let's get into that fifteen minute video. He starts
by holding up what is alleged to be his father's
head inside a plastic bag. He holds it up for
a few seconds and then starts talking. Now, my initial
reaction to this video is just how unremarkable most of
this rant is. There's like calling for killing federal employees,

which is like the one thing people do that. But
also you can hear so many of the sentiments that
he talks about from Fox News contributors, from popular right
wing podcast hosts, and even sitting politicians. They also talk
about how quote America is rotting from the inside out,
as far left woke mobs rampage are once prosperous cities,

turning them into lawless zones. Unquote. Yeah, use that term
a lot. Lawless zones. That's a key term. Probably comes
up like about ten times across this whole video.

Speaker 2 (07:31):
And I want to I think we need to start
before we get further into this with the elephant in
the room, which is like a lot and what a
lot of people have said about this guy, Well, this
man was mentally ill, and that is absolutely the case. Yeah,
I add the disclaimer whenever we talk about mental illness
and mass shootings, people who are mentally ill, people who
are schizophrenic are not more likely to do this kind

of violence than anybody else. But that said, when they
do it, they're also not necessarily less responsible. And what
I mean by that is a person can be mentally
ill and engage in a shooting and that doesn't mean
you shouldn't pay attention to what they are or another
act of violence. That doesn't mean you don't pay attention
to why they're saying they did it. The fact that

this guy is clearly I believe, schizophrenic does not mean
that his reasons for doing this are immaterial. Because most
people who have whatever mental illness this guy did have
do not cut their dad's head off. So the fact
that he is justifying it with this very boilerplate set
of right wing culture war grievances is meaningful. And it's

meaningful because absent that influence in his life, perhaps he
either doesn't carry out an act of violence or it's
at least a very different looking one. And so I
think that is important to just get out to upfront.

Speaker 3 (08:47):
No, he certainly had years of experiencing paranoia, some conspiratorial thinking,
but specifically the ey are directed towards his own conception
of the federal government and how it is leading to
society decay. Is what sparked this act of violence and
is why he called for copycat killings. So yes, inside
this rant, Justin Mohan talks about taxes, inflation, and an

economy that no longer serves American citizens. He mentions how
the traitorous Biden regime is sending over American troops to
fight in a doomed war in the Russian winter, leaving
America defenseless against a quote fifth column army of illegal
immigrants invading our southern border to strike Americans on our
own soil unquote. That's another term he uses a lot
Fifth Column. Yeah, says it like four or five times.

And that's a very old term. That's a term that
you would hear in a lot of John Birch materially
from the middle of the last century, you know.

Speaker 2 (09:42):

Speaker 3 (09:42):
Moan identified himself as quote the commander of America's National
Network of Militias, also known as Moan's Militia, which seems
to be mostly a delusion. He had no known connections
to actual militias in his state or any other states.
This seemed to be an idea that he got into
his own head. He then ordered all quote militias and
patriots across the country to quote hunt down and murder

every federal employee on site, and to seize all courthouses, FBI,
i rs, and federal law enforcement offices. To kill and
capture all border patrol, US marshals, federal agents, and judges,
and quote torture them for information, and publicly execute them
for betraying the country. Unquote. He had this, really, he

had this line that stuck out to me. I didn't copy.
This is a long video. I did not copy every
single thing he said. He also, this is one line
he included earn your place in heaven by sending a
traitor to hell early with just the cold, like, very
like emotionless way. He said, that kind of stuck with me.

Speaker 2 (10:46):
Yes, and that is not a belief that you have
to go to a guy experiencing mental health crisis to find.
You can hear shades of this all over fucking Twitter,
among other places.

Speaker 3 (11:00):
You can hear this if you listen to certain right
wingers give public comment like yeah, in your local city
council like it's not so. Moan asked that police, veterans,
and National Guard join the fight, or else cities like
Philadelphia will turn into lawless zones like Portland and San Francisco.
He also asked local militias to be his own personal

security force so that federal employees do not try to
arrest him.

Speaker 4 (11:26):

Speaker 3 (11:27):
He said that state governments should be left alone unless
they intervene in his revolution, quote the federal government is
the enemy. Then Mohn declared that quote Joe Biden is
no longer in power. I am now officially the acting
president under martial law unquote. He ordered military generals to
not deploy US troops against US militias and instead join

their fight to defend the constitution.

Speaker 2 (11:51):
It would be fun if the constitution worked that way,
if like they'd put that in back in seventeen eighty seven,
like oh yeah, and if you know, if martial law
is declared. He's not around yet, but there's going to
be this guy just in Mode. He's a charge.

Speaker 3 (12:06):
So this is one thing that I'm still slightly confused on. Well,
there's a few things that are obviously confusing. It seems confusing.
But Mode offered a one million dollar bounty on a
number of high level federal US employees, and one hundred
thousand dollars for every federal judge and even docksed one
in Pennsylvania. He claimed to currently have ten million dollars

to exhaust on these bounties. And that is not that's
just not true.

Speaker 2 (12:36):
Yes, definitely not.

Speaker 3 (12:37):
Man constantly complains about how he's in a poor financial
situation as a result of a number of factors. He
does not have ten million dollars. Now, he ordered all
non military federal employees to resign before ending up like
his father. Now, his father was an employee at the
US Army Corps of Engineers for most twenty years. He resigned.

I think like last year or a few years back.
It's interesting he called for specifically non military federal employees
to resign. He was very pro military. I'm not sure
if his father working for the US Army Corps engineers
that fits in to his ideology here. But we're not
laying out a clear line of thinking.

Speaker 2 (13:18):
Obviously it is. This is just slightly off topic. But
it's never not fascinating to me how strong the feeling
of emotional attachment to the US military is. Like that
even this guy would be like, this guy who was
so clearly deranged and violent about this kind of thing
would be like but they're the exception. Like, there's obviously

still basically good. It's just interesting to me. What else
is interesting to me, Garrison, is where our money comes from.
And you know where our money comes from.

Speaker 3 (13:48):
The Federal Reserve.

Speaker 2 (13:50):
Yes, actually we are sponsored entirely, entirely by the Federal Reserve.
So please, I mean literally, anything you do will I
guess help the Federal Reserve. So go exist in capitalism,

and we're back.

Speaker 3 (14:16):
Speaking of another federal agency. One agency that Moan addressed
directly was calling for the Postal Service to suspend all
services split from the federal government. Or else he will
not be able to offer protection. And Jesus Christ, no,
that's negotiating with the postal service. That's very funny. I
mean this is serious, but that is kind of funny.

This guy isn't a Nazi. He's a Nazi. He's an extremist.
He is a he is a conservative extremist.

Speaker 2 (14:45):
He does repeatedly in his book, by the way, also
talk about like racism being bad like that is like
very much a consistent through line.

Speaker 3 (14:57):
But some of this like kill your local post type
stuff certainly reflects a strain of extremist, neo Nazi thinking,
that particularly James Mason's stuff from the eighties.

Speaker 2 (15:09):
Yes, so he.

Speaker 3 (15:11):
Also said, quote, if the media spreads lives with this revolution,
I authorize the targeting of news stations, their owners and employees.
General kind of conservative, anti anti news, anti journalist rhetoric.

Speaker 2 (15:24):

Speaker 3 (15:25):
The hunting, capturing, and killing of America's federal employees will
not stop until americans demands are met and the network
of America's traders is wiped out. Unquote. Now, some of
these demands that he called for includes closing the borders,
a mass deportation of immigrants that have entered under the
Biden regime, ceasing all human trafficking of children and sex slaves,

which is obviously already illegal, canceling all public debt, an
end to the Federal Reserve, restore Congress's right to print
interest free money, and I'm ceasing all of the quote
woke and gender ideology propaganda in the schools unquote. So

we have a weird mix of like very like libertarian
stuff like the Federal Reserve, interest free money, and then
other more popular conservative stuff around like the border, and
then this thing about woke and gender ideology.

Speaker 2 (16:19):
Yeah, there's even a little like Nessarrah Jesra stuff in
there too, about like the whole like allow the government
to print interest free money again, Like that's that's it's
interesting that that's mixed in tomato as well.

Speaker 3 (16:30):
Yeah, yeah, you know, it's a it's a curious collection
of political thought. Now, traders to the country included not
just federal employees, but also quote bribed members of the
deep state, labor racketeers of the prison industrial complex, and
globalist leaders of assorted industries unquote. Now there's there's a
lot to unpacked there. Bribe members of the deep state.

I think it doesn't need any explanation. But Moone had
this idea that labor unions were working with with corporations
to make straight white males have a hard time to
find jobs, so they would so that they would always
be unemployed. And unemployment leads to people being arrested and

sent to prison as a way to fund the court system.
So this is what he means by labor racketeers of
the prison industrial complex. It's that labor unions are colluding
with the government and businesses to keep certain sects of
the population unemployed to fill up prisons. Now, in terms
of globalist leaders of a sort of industries, he specifically
was talking about big tech companies that commit tax evation.

He claimed that he used to work for Microsoft and
witnessed massive tax evation. I have not looked into that.
I do not believe he.

Speaker 2 (17:43):
Worked to definitely do, Yet they all do. It's not
I don't think they break the law because they have
whole departments of people who are there to make sure
that at least they're not breaking the law enough that
it will matter. But like whatever I mean again, some
of this does. Some of all grievances like this come
from real things like corporations like Microsoft that are tremendously
wealthy do not pay their fair share, and in fact

do a great deal to allid their tax burden. He's
just like, Yeah, It's one of the frustrating things about
this is how all of this actual malfeasance feeds into
these delusions and feeds into the conspiratorial narratives of the
people that take advantage of people like justin Yep.

Speaker 3 (18:26):
He said that martial law will continue as long as
Americans support him and until America is secured enough to
hold a legitimate election, and that Moan would authorize police
a military to use any force necessary to take back
America's city is from quote fifth column extremist organizations such
as the LGBT community, the BLM movement, and terrorist organizations

like Antifa unquote. This is where he went on a
whole Antifa rant, saying Antifa is a part of the
federal government's systematic, top down, globalist and communists takeover of America.
Moan stress the importance of capturing alive quote one of
the key players involved in this treason, or else they
will never be able to discover the entire network of

evil unquote. So Moane blamed Antifa, BLM and the LGBTQ
community for stoking a division to create a race war
and religious war. It's it's just it's it's it's it's
hard to hold to hold the justification of your You're
accusing people of stoking division as you're holding up the

severed head of your father. Like, there's just that a
complete disconnect here. Quote. The government has disallowed any peaceful solution.
Violence is the only solution to the federal government's treason
and the actions of their fifth column terrorist organizations like Antifa.
This is an ideological and spiritual war.

Speaker 2 (19:46):
Unquote Yeah, very similar in some ways to what McVeigh
was saying, right, Like, this is the only way to
communicate with the government. It's the only language that they understand.

Speaker 4 (19:56):

Speaker 2 (19:57):

Speaker 3 (19:58):
And then lastly, he kind of closes this video with
a further look into some of his own political delusions.
He said that before the twenty twenty elections, electors and
campaign contributors from both parties said that they saw Justin
Mohan as the best candidate for the president of America.
He's thirty two years old. He was like twenty eight

back in twenty twenty. Quote, I could have been the
first unanimously elected president, but I was betrayed by the FBI,
federal courts, and my own family because there are people
that believe I am the Messiah, which goes against the
government's satanic communist ideology.

Speaker 2 (20:36):
A quick note, if all of those groups didn't want
you to be president, how would you have been elected
unanimously or would the FBI have been like, well, now
that he's on the ballot, we got to vote for
the guy.

Speaker 3 (20:48):
So after saying there are many people that believe I
am the Messiah, he then said, quote, I would never
compare myself to Jesus Christ unquote, which is not true.
He has many times.

Speaker 2 (20:59):
Yeah, he sure has, you know, most notably in the
title of his book, The Second Messiah, King of Earth
by Justin Mohan. Yeah, although that is about his self.
Insert character who he says lives a life identical to
his named Buster moon.

Speaker 3 (21:15):
Buster moon uh huh. And then I will do the
last little bit about this video. Quote, if there is
a federal employee in your family, make it your New
Year's resolution to kill them in order to protect your
own children unquote. And then Moan followed that by quoting
from Matthew ten twenty one. This is a verse in
the New Testament. Brothers and sisters will betray one another

and have each other put to death. Parents will betray
their own children, and children will turn against their parents
and have them killed unquote.

Speaker 2 (21:46):
It's interesting because I've heard that sided before, and usually
it was in like older conspiracies of the New World Order,
and like, yeah, that's what they believed the evil anti
Christ you win regime was going to do to them.
It's fun to hear someone be like, that's what we
have to kill the families of the people who are.

Speaker 3 (22:04):
I don't think that's what he's actually saying. He's saying
like he's talking about how he is felt betrayed by
his own family and by the government.

Speaker 2 (22:14):
Oh gotcha, Okay, that makes sense.

Speaker 3 (22:17):
This points to like this massive disconnect in his own head.
This is the betrayal he's talking about. Is he is
using this verse as a reference to like the end times,
but he's saying like, this is the betrayal that we're seeing,
and in response, now we have to do this. So
on I'm going to quote from ABC News here. So
the US Martiall Service investigated Moan in August or twenty

twenty three, after he allegedly made a threat against a
US district court judge. The case was closed that same month.
He was reported to police pretty frequently for this bizarre
behavior in his own neighborhood, like sitting on manhole covers
and staring at houses for hours on end. Now Moan
has held conspiratorial and anti government views for at least
seven years in attempt to recruit people to join his Moans

militia on Reddit and Discord, though no one seemed to join,
and then at least one Discord server threw him out
because of his repeated recruitment attempts. And after fleeing home
after he posted that video, he drove more than one
hundred miles north and broke into the Pennsylvania National Guard
base with a gun and then was arrested after he

was tracked there on his cell phone. There is a
song that Justin wrote about three years ago about being
arrested after being tracked on his cell phone after doing
violence against his family.

Speaker 2 (23:34):
You think he would have like not had a cell
phone on him, given that he was aware of that
as a risk, But.

Speaker 3 (23:39):
I don't know if he was really thinking large like, yeah,
if you watch the video, like he thinks National Guard
is going to like join him, Yea, He's not thinking
about it that way. So yeah, I believe Moan is
published at this point nine books. I'm going to read
from his Amazon about page. Justimona is the author of

seven books now nine, and a musician of three albums
and one single. His life story is unbelievable and there
may not be enough words to describe him, but one
may begin to understand his complexity and experiences through his art.
He only wishes to bring positive change to the world.
Now I will I will talk about some of those

some of those other books after we take a quick
ad break here and learn about some important messages from
our sponsors.

Speaker 4 (24:28):

Speaker 3 (24:40):
So justin Mohan's bibliography, here we go. So I think
Robert has one of his books, The Second Messiah, King
of Earth. Yeah, there is many other books he's published,
including a book Startling Number, a book called The Pink,
a book called Poems I Wrote, Well Stoned, a collection
of poems They will Burn, this book, The Punishing America's

Coming Bloody Revolution, The Kingdom of Darkness, Dark Ages of
the Future, a collection of short stories, and finally, The
Revolution Leader's Survival Guide, How schools, workplaces, and social norms
kill the genius inside us.

Speaker 2 (25:17):
All not bad at titling, you know, so pretty pretty effective.
Good for SEO.

Speaker 4 (25:23):
I'm on board.

Speaker 3 (25:24):
Let's start with that last book here, The Revolution Leader's
Survival Guide. It targets the quote constraints against education, creativity,
and human progress throughout history unquote, and the book is
mostly about Moan's own inability to find a high paying
enough job after college. This is a reoccurring trend in
a lot of his books, including I Believe the one

that Robert has. Moan complains about student loans, how America's
education system is faulty, and talks about being bullied in
school as a kid. I'm going to quote from the
book's description. The author views the world on the brink
of either a golden age of world peace and space colonization,
or instead a second dark age of global wars and

depopulation within the next couple of decades, if not sooner.
Included within the book is a transcript of a letter
Justin Mohan wrote to Donald Trump, warning that if America
does not go under some great changes, Moan himself will
have to lead a peaceful revolution. In another book titled
The Kingdom of Darkness, published on May thirteenth, twenty twenty,

it's a novel about Satan and fallen angels becoming quote
trapped inside Earth's slowliest creatures after being banished from heaven.
He has a whole bitch of other like fantasy and
sci fi type books like Aliens, Space Exploration, a weird
collection a genre. In a pamphlet he self published on
Amazon in August of twenty twenty, titled America's Coming Bloody Revolution,

the small book contains two chapters, one titled Why a
violent Revolution is Inevitable and a second titled How Revolution
can be successful. Moan wrote, quote, Americans will have to
weigh what is worse allowing themselves to lose freedom and
independence or killing their own family members, teachers, workers, bosses, judges,

elected leaders, and other older generations unquote. This is where
we get a lot of like a predictive writing around
what he's going to be doing. Mohne described older generations
as quote traders who wished to to take away the
freedom and independence that comes with America democracy and free

market capitalism, which leads me then to the book that
Robert has the Second Messiah, which was published in January
of twenty twenty. It's about a man named Buster Moon
who moves from Ohio to Colorado and quote painfully learns
the dark secret of Colorado from everything containing satanic cults,
the Democratic Party, and the Cold War. Now we will

get more into this book, specifically in a later episode.
I'm going to read a little bit from the back cover.
The only thing more absurd than this fiction book is
the fact that it's loosely based on the life of
author and musician Justin Mohan, whose four years stay in
Colorado caused multiple lawsuits, changed the possible outcome the twenty
twenty US presidential election by exposing three presidential candidates as corrupt,

which forced them to drop out of the race. We
have more of these presidential delusions that he was talking
about at the end of his beheading video here, and
in terms of how this mirrors, like I said, we'll
learn more about this book later, but I will talk
now some about his actual personal life, which will then
become slightly reflected in the book, Like going to Colorado Springs.

He graduated from Penn State with a business management degree
and sued the federal government multiple times for letting him
take out student loans that he was forced to pay back.
The most recent case was last year, where he sued
for ten million dollars because despite getting a degree with
the loans, he was unable to quote find a satisfactory
job as an over educated way man to repay the loan,

claiming that he was a victim of affirmative action and
reverse discrimination. In a previously dismissed lawsuit against the Department
of Education, he alleged that they neglectfully and fraudulently induced
him to borrow money to pay for his education without
sufficiently warning him of the possibility that he would face
a difficult job market and could be unable to pay
back his student loan. So Mohan did move to Colorado,

just like Buster Moon about ten years ago, eventually getting
a job at Progressive Insurance, but was fired in twenty
seventeen for kicking down a door and quote breaking the
company's code of conduct. Mon then sued Progressive in twenty
nineteen for not receiving promotions because he was a man
in his Violent Revolution pamphlet, mon claims that he was
a victim of discrimination from quote being a top performing

over educated and overqualified male employee unquote, and in that
same pamphlet, Mohan wrote that his educational, employment and legal
issues are evident that there is quote no peaceful solution
for the youth to escape debt based enslavement, unemployment, and
ultimately imprisonment. He compared his experience to quote the Soviet
Union's feared goolog prison labor system and in which entire

states and countries were essentially turned into concentration camps. Moan
wrote that educators and parents who quote knowingly lie, brainwash,
and dumb down their youth unquote, must be killed to
prevent the spread of quote globalized communism and corporate agendas.
This is where we have an interesting combination of like
anti communism fears but also anti corporatism that you see

in some sects of like libertarian conservatism, You sure do.
He claims that communism is like a virus and that
America must treat it like a virus. Quote. The only
logical way to do so is for every American born
in nineteen ninety one or later to kill anyone born
before nineteen ninety one unquote.

Speaker 2 (30:52):
Well now he's cooking, okay, okay, yeah, yeah, I'm back
on board. I'm back on board.

Speaker 5 (30:58):
You know this could work, and said that was the
year that he was born. Uh huh yeah, yeah, logical
logical point to divide it on. I'd respected more if
he'd been born earlier, you know. But so I already
mentioned some of his music. It had similar predictive elements
of he was doing art in almost like in practice
of what he was then going to later do in

person in terms of carrying and violence, as well as
just evident of kind of delusional and paranoid thinking. He
has a song about being gang stocked. He has a
song about I think like a girlfriend who broke up
with him. He has songs talking about how it's okay
to kill communists and how we're overall seeing a decline
in American society. So that that is most of what

I have to say about Justinemona. I could certainly say
a whole lot more now. On top of my research
onto him himself, I also wanted to look at the
sort of online chatter that neo Nazis and other extremists
were saying, and I put together, hey, a large catalog
of telegram a conversation about Justin moun watching the spread

of certain conspiracy theories around this incident, and just to
see what their overall take was, I will I will
paraphrase my like eighty page research document here by saying,
it seems most Naziis and other white supremacists or far
right extremists thought that the Justinmone incident was quote fake
and gay unquote.

Speaker 2 (32:21):
Okay, they tend to keep up with these these thought fluencers.
Really glad that they're kidding some of their side.

Speaker 3 (32:30):
Many other far right extremists took this to be a syop. Sure,
they thought it was an attempt to push forward this
anti militia bill that's being talked about, as well as
distract from the crisis at the southern border. Certain white
spremacists were upset that he used the phrase to Judeo
Christian values because they are anti Semitic and Justin Mone

did not seem to be consciously anti Semitic. Yeah, and
we had we had these conspiracy theories travel everywhere, from
standard kind of neo Nazi telegram accounts to more conservative
Boomer Mega type stuff as well, mostly picking up on
like the on the on the anti militia angle, how
this is probably a syop from the deep state. To

push forward this anti militia bill. Some people thought thought
they were very clever and realizing this was a syop
because they thought justinmone was thirty three years old. And
there's this conspiracy theory around the number thirty three in
a lot of these circles, the conspiracies around how the
number thirty three is used a lot in like mass
shooting incidents. Now it's not this is just pattern recognition.

But also mon isn't thirty three, He's thirty two, So great,
great work there. And there's specifically one telegram channel that
found a prop head I believe on.

Speaker 2 (33:42):
Etsy, Yeah, like a prop severed head.

Speaker 3 (33:47):
Yeah, we started seeing this spread all over Twitter, conservative
news sites. How this has to be fake because look
we found we found the fake head they used, which
is quite simply not the severed head that Justin Moone's
holding up in the video. I don't think really much
useful else to say about these conspiracy theories, but yeah,
they certainly were kind of laughing along at some of
like the Gangstalker e elements, thinking, you know, some people

obviously thought he was based and cool for actually doing
some of the ideological things that these Nazis believe in.
Others thought it was it's just fun to make fun
of a guy, so they decided it was a syop. Yeah,
that is most of what I had to say about
Justin Mohan.

Speaker 2 (34:27):
Well, this has been quite an inspiring journey. We are
going to have more to say about Justin and finally
get into his book, The Second Messiah, King of Earth,
which is in a way become my Bible. I think
I may I may keep this in my apocalypse go bag,
so I can do like a book of Eli with
this thing. If the world ends, just be wandering alone

across the wasteland telling everybody about this man's book, I guess.

Speaker 3 (34:55):
Finally, the last thing I'll say is that this reminds
me of two recent incidents. Had one mass shooting done
by a Nazi in Denver, Colorado, and he previously wrote
and made short films depicting the murder that he would
then do. We also had the Highland Park shooting on
July fourth a few years back. Who the person who
did that created a lot of music online in this

very like I would say the Highland Park music was
much more in like the Schizowave genre of extremist content.
I think the stuff, the stuff that Justin Mohan is
producing is honestly more like the stuff that schizo Wave
is like parodying, Like Justin Moans was a lot more
like sincere, less less ironic. Uh, it was, it was,
it was. It was just like taken at face value,

these two instances I was reminded of just because of
how much those acts of violence were predated by artistic
expressions of the later thing that they would end up doing.
And in Mohan's case, it's exactly the same. He has
written about killing family members, He's written about the exact
way he would be arrested and tracked down writing that
goes back like four five years. This is there's so

many people online who have exact who are in this
same scenario, who are putting out this type of writing.
No one knows who they are. Mone had like five
listeners on Spotify. These people are unknown, and every once
in a while one of them decides that writing about
it isn't enough and they actually do it in the
real world. And it's just this, It's just it's this
interesting trend of these people like almost like hyperstitioning these

own acts of violence by making art that predates it
almost in some forms like preparation.

Speaker 2 (36:32):
Yeah, yeah, And we talked about hyperstition as a concept
a bit in last weeks Behind the Bastards, but it is.
It is a term for essentially the methods and ways
by which things that are fictional become real. And it
can be kind of as esoteric as the idea of
like preparing the way for a godlike AI by like

spreading belief and that sort of thing, or it can
be as direct like as this, as as somebody envisioning
the acts they're going to carry out in fiction and
then carrying out those acts for real, like it on
an individual level, what you're doing when you're doing this
is you're kind of you are preparing yourself mentally for
the thing that you're going to do. And when I

would sort of lecture and talk about what to how
to know something is like a real threat versus somebody
saying shit on the internet, because that's obviously that's a
real problem when we talk about this, there's a huge
quantity of people saying stuff that could be them presaging
like an act of violence, and you simply can't go
after everything. And one of the key things for me

always is what have they gone and done anything in
the real world. So, for example, if a guy has
like been going out and like egging homeless people or
like lighting their shit on fire, and is also talking
about murdering homeless people, well that's probably a guy who's
going to do something right because he's actively going out
in the real world in taking steps, he's prepping himself.

And I think this kind of work. When somebody's written
a whole novel about their murder fantasies, obviously that's not
a thing you can invest your convict on, but like
nor should it be. But that is somebody who is
doing more than bullshitting online. That's somebody who has a
fixation that they clearly can't get over, and those do
sometimes lead to violence. And so yeah, I think I

think it's really valid to look at this as not
just a couple of incidents that are troubling, but as
evidence of a troubling trend. Yep, all right, well that
does a frustrating comment.

Speaker 3 (38:37):
Yeah, all right, Please do not earn your place in
heaven by sending a trader to hell early. It does
not see to work out very well.

Speaker 2 (38:45):
No, earn your place in heaven. I don't actually have
a joke to finish this episode with, Don't Don't commit Murder.

Speaker 4 (38:52):

Speaker 1 (38:59):
It Could Happen years production of cool Zone Media. For
more podcasts from cool Zone Media, visit our website coolzonemedia
dot com or check us out on the iHeartRadio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can
find sources for It Could Happen here, updated monthly at
coolzonemedia dot com slash sources. Thanks for listening.

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