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July 1, 2021 11 mins

Attention, Crushers. Please tune in for a very important announcement from Chuck. 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Hey everybody, and welcome to Movie Crush very Special Announcement Edition.
This is an announcement that I imagine most of you
will probably not be super excited about, but I am
retiring the show for now at least. Um. This is
a decision that I did not go into lightly. UM

I'm sure, like I said, comes very much out of
the blue to you, but this is something that's kind
of been in the back of my mind for a
little while now, and because we're all pals, I wanted
to take a few moments here to kind of talk
to you about it and um therapy through this thing together,
because that's what friends do. Because I have mixed feelings

about it, to be honest, it's it's tough to do
something for three and a half years that you really
love but also know that it's time to kind of
put it aside for uh, for the betterment of me,
um and not necessarily my mental health. I'm not I'm
not suffering suffering a nervous breakdown or dare I say

podcast fatigue, even though that's kind of true, But UM,
I just I need to make some more time in
my life right now, for for me, for my family.
That's kind of the biggest reason behind all of it. Actually,
it's just time, um, between Movie Crush and Stuff you
Should Know. I put out podcast episodes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

uh and technically Saturday if you count the the old
reruns on Stuff you Should Know. But that's a lot
and Movie Crush takes believe it or not, it takes
about as much time some weeks, more time than Stuff
you Should Know does between trying to book these interviews,
which has always been a slog I know I've talked
about it before a little bit. Um, it is very

very hard to d I y, book your own show. Um,
it is hard when someone is booking it for you. Um,
still a lot of work to do, but it's it's
always been something that I've done. Movie Crushes a very
small little show. We don't have a lot of resource
help and never really asked for much because we want
to kind of just fly below the radar, do our

own thing and do it our way, which is great, Um,
but it is hard booking people. Things got a little
bit easier, believe it or not, during COVID because I
finally write my head around doing these remote interviews, which
I always had refused to do previously during the before times,
but it did get a little bit easier during COVID
because I relaxed my rule on that there are a

lot of people at home. It really just became about
finding folks who had a good recording setup, so you know,
the audio quality was still pretty good. That was a
priority for me to make it sound good still, But
that aside, it is still difficult to book. Guess it's hard.
When I brought in the cast of regulars and started

looking around it my awesome colleagues here at work, and
Casey and Annie and Paul and Maddie and Holly coming in,
and my regular guests Paul Schneider and Joe Garden and
Hodgeman that have had a few times on. It was
always good to count on them, and of course certainly
Cole who has been there for me and has been
a great, great recurring guest, and certainly a lot easier

to book them, but I still wanted to do a
mix of them and then people outside the network and
outside my friend zone. Uh, And it was just tough.
So that is a big reason as well. Um, I
really enjoyed every episode I ever recorded. I you know,
there was a lot of work that went in, believe
it or not, to watching the movies. Doing the research

and making the notes for movies usually took about a
half a day just for the movie itself. And then
you know, you record the show's always fun, never not fun,
and then you had to go through and re listen
to them and add any edit notes and stuff like that.
That's not quite as fun, to be honest, But a
lot goes into the show, more than you probably think,

even those many crushes. I know, it seems like we're
just rewheeling it, but that's a bit of the magic.
That was quite a bit of work that went into
those as well, and it just all got to be
a little bit too much between that and stuff you
should know, especially now that things are opening up a
bit more. Um, Josh and I are going to start
doing live shows again at some point. I'm not sure

if that's this year or not, but we will be
traveling more for work, which we haven't been doing, and it's, uh,
you know, all that's gonna take a little bit more time.
And and you know, I have a wife and a
daughter and a family and and stuff that I like
to do with them, and it kind of got to
the point at times where I found myself saying more

than I was comfortable with, Oh, gosh, I gotta go
watch this movie for movie crush instead of Oh, I'm
so excited to get to watch this movie for movie crush.
And again, just to be clear, that was literally just
squeezing in these movies and doing that research. I always
love sitting down in front of the microphone with every

single guest, and I always loved interacting with all of
you on the Facebook page and putting those mini crushes together.
That was never part of the problem. Um, right up
until now, I promise. UM. It really was to the
point that where if you, if you love movies, you
don't want it to become a chore uh, and you

don't want to not look forward to sitting down and
watching a movie. The whole point of this is that
I love movies, and that's why I got into this
show to begin with. UH. And it's just seemed like
more and more, um, even just simple little things like
Emily and I might, you know, have a night free
where we want to watch a movie together or something,
and I couldn't because I had to do a movie
Crush watch that she necessarily wasn't into, and then we're

in two separate rooms and that's just not a lot
of fun. So that was a big reason. I'm trying
to think if there really were any others, And that's
kind of it, you guys, it's just time, just time.
Life is short, and um, I really just wanted to
clear my schedule out a little bit. Housekeeping wise, I

can say one thousand percent that that Movie Crush Facebook
page is gonna stay very active, and I'm going to
stay on it, and in fact, I'll probably be on
it more than I have in lately because I have
more time, and I'm gonna keep posting questions and polls
and silly memes and kind of everything that we've been

doing on Facebook, I'm gonna keep doing because, um, honestly,
you all are the biggest treasure from this whole experience. Um,
I'm more proud of the community that's been created alongside
this podcast than any of those episodes, even Uh, if
you want to know the truth, that's it's been the
best part. Um. It's I've said it before a bunch

of times, but you are all the kindest, most fun
funniest endearing, engaging, open hearted, open minded, bighearted group of
people that I've ever seen gathered together on the Internet.
It's really remarkable in a place, you know, on Facebook
that is can be assessibool of humanity. We have managed

to carve out a great little corner for ourselves. And
I if this show did one thing and that was it,
then it was all worth it. So that's gonna keep going,
not going anywhere. The movie Crushers page I did not start.
That was obviously started by you guys. I really hope
you'll keep that going. I imagine you will. That should
not go anywhere either. I'm still going to be active

over there as well. And you know, I made the
Facebook announcement and I saw some people say, you know,
I hope this isn't like someone said, I hope it's
not like Summer Camp where we promised to keep in
touch and then don't. That's up to us, you guys,
That's that's up to us. Um. I pledged to stay
there and stay active and to keep the fire going

for all of us who love each other and who
love movies and TV shows so much. UM So it's
really up to you at this point to to stay
there as well. Don't go anywhere. Um. Another thing I
want to say is that I will be doing some
shows here and there. Um, Please don't delete my podcast
feed from your your player. Just kind of keep it
tucked away and let it get a little dusty in

the corner there, but keep it there because I know
I'm gonna wanna podcast again with Annie. How How can
I not? I know I'm gonna want to talk to
Casey about a movie every now and then. I know
I'm gonna wanna this Halloween. You know, those horror movies
are gonna come Colin, and I'm gonna want to get
Joe Garden in there, or get our little round tables

together and do some Halloween content. I know I'm gonna
want to do it, so don't be surprised when you
see the occasional episode pop up. There will be a
super sized Mini Crush finale coming out um here in
a couple of weeks that will feature Emily and Addie

and Annie and Paul and of course Nol and Casey.
We've got some other special guests joining that have been
kind to us over the years, and I'm really gonna
blow it out for that last mini and let everyone
say they're proper goodbyes, so that that will be coming
your way soon. I hope this finds you all well.
I know that this has been a source of comfort
for people during the pandemic, and it was a source

of comfort for me too. It was really something I needed,
and so I thank you for that, and I thank
you for just making this show special. Um. But again,
we're not going away. It's gonna take on a little
bit of a different form, and I really hope everyone
sticks around and it stays really active on that Facebook page.
There's still a couple of more great interview episodes coming

your way. There are two in the can that I've loved,
really good episodes, and then there's one i'm recording. I
think this will probably come out the day after our
record with my good friend Janet Varney, who kicked off
movie Crush with the very first episode, and she shall
also be the last, so big thanks to Janet for that.

So three more interviews coming out, I think, one more
regular mini and then one super size finale and then
that'll be it for now. So I just want to
let you know what's coming down the pike and what
to expect that of me, keep crushing it in your
private life. My sincerest thanks to all of you. Um,
we are really one great, big, happy family and I

think of you all like that. And uh, although I
will miss the actual recordings of the episodes, I do
look forward to many more years of hanging out on
Facebook together and making fun of each other, picking on
each other, supporting each other, and loving each other. They're
on the Movie Crushed Facebook page. So thanks for listening
and I'll see you soon. Don't go anywhere

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