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May 10, 2021 28 mins

Mini Crush #170 is tapping out.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Movie Crush, a production of I Heart Radio.

Hey everybody, and welcome to Mini Crush Monday. Number two
for us, Number one in your hearts it's with a
bullet What does that even mean? What does that is? That?
Number one with a bullet That sounds bad, But I
think it's meant to be good. It is. I think
it just means, you know, as quick as you can
get it there. But it should be number one with
a bullet train, and that'd be less violent. Agreed. Or

maybe it's just referring to like a bullet point like
in a list. Number one with a bullet you know,
I just all right, I'll like it and I'll take
the violence out of it. Have you ever written it
that train? No, I know they're they're they're they're meant
to be quite fast, Chuck, that's like yell review bullet
trained experience. It was quite fast, so felt slower to

me than I thought it would be. Two stars. Would
not try again. That's so funny. Um yeah, it is
a nice I know. It's um nice to do these
in the morning on a Wednesday. And uh, let's see
what where we're gonna start today show. We already did
the catch up. We only do that on the first one,
with every other episode is catch up and stream this.

So these are the nuts and bolts of the show.
Only sh it, there's a pattern. I've never noticed there is. Uh,
we were just gonna go ahead and get into it.
Then we have three crusher posts to cover here. They're
really just by the way. All the feedback I've been
getting about that Werner Herzog reading episode and you're Christoph
Waltz have been just epically glowing. I thought that was

so fun, and it was largely the compliment were about
the crushers and they're writing. They were able to you
can't do the voice if you don't have the right material.
You gotta have the material, and they delivered. My friend,
as long as the script is on point note, it's
on pointed, it must be on Chuck, all right, let's
start here with Mr Debsky. First name Austin, one of

the oldest apels. Badly rewrite a movie tagline. These are
always fun. Uh. Greta Mansfield, one of our oldest friends, says,
where we're going, we don't need toads. I don't know
what that's a funny. It's funny. It's just funny because
you know, toads are like a sort of a a

very niche animal. It's not like, you know, what do
we do with them? Not like a garden variety frog. Now,
what's the difference, do you know? Uh, they're bigger? Is
that toads? Toads are bigger? I think, Um, they're they're wartier.
I don't know, That's all I got. Barbara Weiss says
to infinity, we can't go beyond that. It's a very

like nihilistic kind of like give give up early movie
David Potts in space. No one can have ice cream.
That's just that's not nice. Uh, you know, I'm about
to record with any We're doing Alien today. Now. Do
you know it was? Uh likes these like different social

media holidays. I guess the other day was Alien Day
because of something from the movie. Gotcha like made the
fourth be with you? Perhaps I got you? Uh let
me see here, Jeffrey James de Rosa. It's not a bird,
it's not a plane. It's just some guy in tights.

Fair fair Okay, no, no, no, I'm saying fair like
you know, fair points, fair point. Clearly, this Superman is
not so super at all. He's just a kind of
a crazy part and running around in tights. Okay, if
he doesn't have any powers, he's just a guy in tights.
And then he's just kind of a weirdo. Uh, your
old pal of the Gooch. Instead of Ghostbusters, who are

you gonna call? He says this. If there's a ghost
we recommend calling these guys. It's a good Oh here's
another alien one. I think alien gets a lot of
love because in space no one can hear you scream.
It's one of the great all time taglines that stands out.
Our old friend Karen slump Hugh says, don't bother screaming
in space. I think that's pretty good. Chuck quick aside,

what's there between a tagline and a log line? If
I'm not mistaken, I might be wrong here. I believe
a tagline is something that you would actually see on
the movie poster, and I think a log line is
something that you would send someone in the industry, like,
you know, if you're pitching something. What's a log line?
Logline is two guys, three guys open up a service

where they hunt ghosts in New York City. That's the
log line. The one minute, not even the ones synopsis,
and then the tagline is sort of more stylized. It's
a marketing I think that's God. I think you're I
think you nailed the chuck uh. Pulp fiction. This is
from Patrick Gorman. What was pulp fictions tagline? Do you know?

It's not one that that pops out to me right off,
but I can certainly look, let's see you poor fiction tagline?
It was you won't know the facts until you've seen
the fiction. Okay, this makes sense. Then Patrick Gorman says
this one of our old friends. You won't know the
facts until you've seen a fair and balanced presentation of
the evidence and relevant data and consider alternative possibilities and motivations.

I love that, just for the pure shaggy dog extra
nosts of it all. You know, that's pretty fun. That's
a that's a good joke. I do that sometimes. It's
sort of the family guy think, where you take something
to its logical conclusion and then like sinting more steps,
ten more steps. There was actually a second tagline to
pulp fiction. Just because you are a character doesn't mean

you have character. Well, that was a line from the movie.
It was Winston Wolf. That's right, that's right, But it
does say, uh, that had two taglines. I think someone's wrong. Possibly, Well,
I don't know why guy movie could have two taglines?
Is that? Is that not possible? You talked about the

classic double tag the old classic dt Uh. Let me
see here, Jim Wine Press is Jurassic Park six million
mistakes in the making. That's pretty good. That's funny. Oh,
here's another alien. Trevor Halperin says space is super quiet
even when you're yelling. That's good. Yeah. Is there a

lot of screaming in that movie? Uh? Well, seeing as
I just watched it last night, there is a fair
amount of screaming. Okay, why know, there's that scene where
the face hugger pops out or whatever, not the face hugger,
the aliens chess burst. Excuse me getting my alien terms misconstrued.
And we had talked about the fact that that one

was sort of a meant to be an actual surprise
to the actors. Okay, I don't And and and and
and the and the and they That's what I've heard.
And there the reactions are genuine reactions of horror. That's
pretty great, because, um, who is the character I'm looking
it up now. Lambert played by FARNICN. Cartwright. Uh, you

know the other woman on the ship, she's hers, Hers
is the one. He's like, oh god, oh god. She
just keeps saying that. Yes, it's kind of great. It's
such a good movie. It's really about it. Yeah, and um,
I need to rewatch Aliens because I know it's it's
held up there for sure. It's a bit of a
what's the word kind of am expansion of that world. Um,

and it still has heart and it's still has us
like some some good things about it, and then and
then they can then they kind of get less good
from there. But yeah, let me see here, here's another
alien one. Wow, everyone's jumping on the alien tree and
I love it, Tony uh Lois Cell says in a vacuum,

no person's can hear air escaping from your sophagets a
lot of these alien ones. I think you're right, Chuck.
It is such a well known yeah, quintessential excellent movie tagline,
good fellas cinematography. Junkies will love it. It's from Justin Fillinger.
All right, let's finish up with David Barlow. Has this

been on Ghostbusters? Whom will you attend? Sorry I butchered that. Sorry, David,
whom will you attempt to contact via telephone? Get it?
It's the Ghostbusters? That's who too, alright, Nol. Do you

like sports movies? Uh? You know what I liked any
given Sunday. I seem to remember them joining now. It's
not something I typically seek out, but the good ones
sure are good. This is conversation sounds very familiar, Nol.
I think I've asked you that before. I probably said
the same thing. It's my position. I watched a lot
of those when I was a kid, Like I watched

like Angels in the Outfield and you know, Rookie of
the Year and things like that. I liked. H what's
the comedy one with with the snarky ladies? Uh? Their
own snarky ladies. They're snarky. Oh they're great. No, yeah,
come on, But justin Norton asked what's the best sports
movie ever made? And I may have posed a similar

question like this in our past. But we're gonna we're
gonna go through these because is it rudy? Well, uh,
I'm sure there will be some rudy's. I'm gonna go
ahead and say, for me, Hoosiers Rocky Yeah, and uh

we Raging Bull. Yeah. I mean that's a sports movie
and it's great Raging Bull, and I'm gonna I'm gonna
have to probably put Bull Durham in there. It may
be major. Um to me, it's almost like it really
is elevated when you don't even think of it as
a sports movie. Like I don't think of Raging Bull

as a sports movie. I don't think of Rocky as
a sports movie. I think of those character stature. It's
a character movie. It's a love story. Um, oh god,
the Natural too. In Field of Dreams. There's a lot
of good baseball movies, not many good basketball movies, and
not very many good football movie. Remember The Titans was good.

I don't liked any Gibbons Sunday. Back then, I had
an Oliver Stone phase, you know, and I realized that
he's a little tricksy at times. But I just love
Natural Born Killers. When I was at the right aide
where that movie was just like you know, bread meat
from my impressionable teenage brain. I bet that movie does
not hold up. I kind of bet it doesn't either. Yeah,

I bet it's very much of the time, I would
tend to agree, and and and probably a bit cringe
and problematic. Well and beyond that, I just I seem
to I haven't seen it since then, but I just
think the filmmaking style probably has not aged well that
he employed. Yeah, it's definitely very frenetic, editing and like crazy,

you know, psychedelic kind of cuts. Maybe I'd like it still,
you know how much I'd like a good psychedelic movie.
You like a psychedelt movie. I do. Speaking of Witch Chuck,
I gotta do a quick plug. A buddy of mine
named Nicholas, who was a big fan of the of
the movie Crush and the Minis and pretty Pecular, I
had a podcast called Video Drome Cinema and I was
just a guest on it for the second time and
we talked about Mandy, which you know, I love and

you know how psychedelic I consider it. But we had
a nice chat about that. So check check that out
if you want to hear me and some cool dudes
from Texas talk about Mandy. Okay, I thought so. I
thought he might have been in Atlanta and worked at
Video Drome, one of the few remaining video stores in
our fairs. I know. I hope that Texas makes it.
It has made it, though it made it through the pandemic.

I know, boyd nothing can kill video drome. I know, man,
I love it. If I had a dad support them,
feel bad? I well, you have a PlayStation four chuck.
Oh that's true, but I'm not gonna watch a movie
up in my office with that little TV. Yeah, I've
got monitor to the main TV. I actually have been
meaning to go by there and May. My girlfriend and
I have a list of movies that we are checking

off working our way through UM and there's a few
of them that are a little harder to find on streaming,
so I think we'll maybe go and do a video
dromee run. My problem is this and not a good excuse.
Every time I read something from there, I always don't
finish watching them in the allotted time, and then I
end up keeping them longer and then ended up ollowing
them tons of late fees, and I just if I

feel so stupid that I then then I don't go back.
I know. I mean, it's a weird former world that
we lived in when you had to go pick something
up and return it in in a lotted time. That's yeah,
they've kind of gotten rid of that in most businesses
they have, and it's like we're so spoiled with you know,

the things are available whenever for however long you know,
well unless you read something on Amazon, then you get
it for I think forty eight hours. Um. I've certainly
let one of those windows expire before watching the thing
and felt pretty stupid there too. But yeah, definitely gonna
be hitting up video drums. That's great. Support your local
video stores everyone, if there is one in your city,

make an effort to go, and I will do so,
I'll go. I'll go back to Dio Drama. I wonder
if they sold my membership from the late nineties. Do
you think that's possible? I would love to think so.
Am I Am I in their Pewter Still? Oh? Probably?
I don't know if they purged the rolls like they
do the voting roles here in Georgia, well, it definitely

wouldn't be listen under my phone number because that was
like who knows how many phone numbers ago you change
phone numbers. I have the same phone numbers since I
was a teenager. Well, I mean I'm much older than
you KNOWL so I, uh, my first cell phone was this.
It was a brick phone. It was it was it
was a Nokia like handheld Nokia. But I had one
of those. It's it was in different cities. It was

in l a Nokia phone. Um, I've had like three
or four cell phone numbers, and I've probably had to
I've probably had two. You know what my phone number
was growing up? Nine? WHOA, that's a good one. Mine
was seven three six five nine oh six. Yet that
ship is with you for life? Man, isn't that weird? Yeah?

I mean that was my home phone. I want to
call that one day. I wonder if and that was.
But in Atlanta before you had to dial area codes
at all. You just one nine and one nine and
you got my house. Same deal, seven three six, five
nine oh six. I even have a little seven three
six five nine oh six. You know. That's that's how
I remember one nine. The same same tune works for it,

any any uh seven exactly? All right, we're gonna get
it going with Cody Reid says sand Lot. Wade wood
All says slap Shot. That's a good movie. Sand Lots
a great example. I don't think of it a sports movie.
I think of it is like stand by Me or
like like a coming of age, you know movie that
happens to revolve around sports, but a lot of ship

happens in that movie. It's not like all about the
big game, you know, it's about their friendship. I love
the sand Lot. Uh. You know, my brother worked on that.
I think I mentioned that you had mentioned that the
Beasts the Big Dog. I love the way they shot
that thing and make it look so scary, and then
when you see it in person, it's not that scary.
We just kind of in their minds it was really scary.
It was great. Uh, Wade would all says, slap shot, Noel.

That's a good one. Classic hockey movie. M h really good.
I never saw any those Mighty Ducks movies though, Did
you see those? No? Yes, yes, I did, big time
in the theater. But I think did I mentioned to
you that I kind of kind of become buddies with
Danny tam Barelli, who played Little Pete in the Adventures
of Pete and Pete and he was also in the

Mighty Ducks movies. No, but I'm looking at this person up, Oh,
I see him. Pete and Pete was a formative show
for me when I was a kid, and I just
reached out to him cold on Instagram and he responded,
you know, but maybe like developing something together or whatever.
And we've we've talked business type stuff here and there,
but we've just kind of become pals. And he plays bass,

he's in a band and New York and um, really
really really cool guy. He doesn't look unlike Gene Ween agreed.
I could see that they had the same eyes. All Right,
sports movies and all uh, Sarah Aggie says, The League

of their Own. Colin Hefferman, Heffernan, Sorry, Colin, I know you,
says Bull Durham. Uh Oh, here's one that I don't
I don't think of that much. But it's a really
good movie. But our friend Mike Ni I think it's
pronounced n I says breaking Away. Did you ever see that?
The biking movie. That's another that's a coming of age

movie about these four friends in a small town that
are on a cycling team. But I mean most of
the sports movies are I mean, you've got major league
in those movies that are just like fun sports comedies,
but most of them are real stories about real people,
you know, totally at least Anderson says miracle the best ever.

I didn't see that, did you? Now? That's that that? Yeah? People,
people love that one that really really really comes up
a lot. Miracle. Yeah, that's about the miracle and nice
hockey team. You know, as I did, just something just
popped into my brain, Chuck. I used to work at
a weird little kind of hybrid ad agency slash magazine

publishing place out in Gwynette when I first um moved
to Athens. Um, well, not when I first moved there,
but it was a job that kind of like I
had a hard time finding work in Athens, but I
got this job in Gwynette, and so I had to
commute to Gwynette with several days a week. It was
not fun and the job was terrible. I could go
into details about horrible a place this was to work.
But there was one thing I had to do where

I had to make like a hype video kind of
for some sort of like presentation for some company. And
it was just stitched together like, um, what's st I'm
looking for inspirational moments from movies with a with a
soundtrack underneath it. And so I had to like, you know,
find and digitize all of these uh uh you know,

big inspirational moments from these movies. And I remember Miracle
was one of the one that I found. Really, I
believe what's his name, Kurt Russell is in that, right,
he get you know, big locker room speech moments. Yeah,
I think he played the coach right, Yeah, I'm almost positive.
But it was a fun exercise. I wish I could

find that because I was really proud of it. I
worked on it really hard, um, but it was just like, yeah,
it was all these big, you know, inspirational rallying the
troops kind of moments, just stitched together with like a
big schmaltzy kind of like canned score underneath it. I
would love to find. I mean, I have a big
box of high eight tapes that I need to get
transferred digitally. But I have some old vhs as my

brother and I used to make little vhs things I
did my audition for the real world. No, and like,
I need to find these things and digitize them and
share them with the world, because it would be pretty
funny to see college chuck uh auditioning for a real
real world like a dummy did. You get a call back, Yeah,

I got nothing. Andrew Scooter Batt says, Vision Quest. I
love that movie, nol. I have not seen Vision Quest,
Vision Galaxy Quest. Yeah, Galaxy Quest, the great sports movie.
What is Vision Quests? It's a wrest wrastling movie. It's
also coming of age. Matthew mode and plays a high

school wrestler. I do like him. He's related to a
woman I used to work with and uh In in
public radio in Georgia Public Radio. Like he's like her
cousin or something. Yeah, he and my brother were pals.
It seems like a sweetheart. Yeah, Scott worked on and
the band played on on HBO and about the AIDS

crisis and very good movie, and Matthew Modine was on
that and he just kind of took a liking to
my brother and I think they stayed in touch for
a while. And then when he was in town filming
Stranger Things, I told Scott was like, dude, you should
totally give Matthew Modin a call. I bet he would
love to have lunch with you. And I don't think
he did. And I regret that for him, ah, because

I know he's like he probably remember it. I was like, dude,
he totally remembers you. Apparently he's a really good guy. Yeah,
that's what I've heard. Samantha B. Gay says, did anyone
mention The Replacements a movie I did not see? No,
I just know the band, Chuck, I don't know the movie.
Did you like The Replacements? The band? They're great? Yeah.
I need to dig deeper into their catalog, but like

everything that I've heard from them is excellent, really good rollicking.
Kind of it's punk ish, but it's also like it's
like a hybrid between like punk and more kind of
just you know, Spring Steeny Rock, Yeah, bar band. Marty
Willis is Friday Night, Lights Quick and Doll. Jimmy says
Caddy Shack hands down the best sports movie ever. It's

got the elites versus the downtron and it's got a
love story. It's got comedy, drama and Cinderella story. You
are on record is not liking Caddy check in there right, No,
it's not. I didn't like it. I just I know
I don't have the same nostalgia for its as some
folks do, in the same way as like the vacation movies,
the National Lampoon movie. I need to rewatch it. I
certainly think there's some laughs in it, but I guess

I just don't maybe see quite what the hubbub is
about in terms of it being like one of the
best comedies of all time. You know, I hear you,
Uh Kirsten Talker says ruby. I think Kirsten means or
Kirston means Rudy, but also says million Dollar Baby. That's
a good one. Tough movie, nol totally no spoilers, but boy,

something happens. I didn't see that coming. Nope. Yeah, I
only saw that one since at one time. Or it's
a heavy one man. Yeah, I completely agree. Duffie Johnson
list a few Chariots of Fire. That was great, the
Best Picture winner. I believe Ali. That was good. The
Muhammad Ali movie with Will Smith. I didn't see it.

I think I want to say that was Michael Mann.
That sounds right. It seems like a Michael Man anything. Yeah,
it's Michael Man. Good movie. Will Smith was, he was great.
Joel Crown does say Rocky no world competition here, I
can think of. Rocky is just a great movie. I
keep trying to get Emily to watch it, um and

she will eventually she will relent. Matthew Jones's Moneyball. I
like that movie a lot. Noel, That's that's another one
that again feels more about the story behind the sports
than like a big game. You know who's who, who's
gonna clinch it? Kind of you gotta have a human
story there. Adam Gordon says, Goon, that is a movie

I want to see. Noel that I've heard a lot
of people say is really good. What is it again, Goon? Oh?
Is that's a hockey one as well? Right? Yeah, that's
the one with uh. I know people hate it. He
probably hates it when people do this, but stiffler, isn't it? Yes?
And it's funny that we only know him as that,
we don't know his name as a human person. Sean

Williams Scott, Is that his name? You think? Okay? I
think so. I like him actually quite a bit. I
think he's a very yeah, Sean we Scott. I think
he's a charismatic and can be a very funny actor.
I agree, Gail the danger of and counsas remember the Titans.
You know part of that no was filmed right here
in Eastlake Park? Did you know that I don't doubt

it so much as remember the Titans as football as well, Right,
it is football. That was Denzel Yes, Kara mcquates as Wimbledon,
Paul Bettany being gorgeous. Well, that's easy for him. And
tennis is the only sport I give a crap about. Oh,
Michael Fleming says, bad News Bears. I mean that was

a funny movie. But that's a movie definitely of its time, raunchy, right,
isn't that one where it's like kind of like kids
misbehaving and they they did a remake of that, if
I'm not mistaken with Billy Bob, Yeah, that was what's
his face? Richard Linkletter did that? Um? Yeah, I mean
it's a movie that's I mean, it's a movie of
its time, and back then people just said kind of

awful things sometimes. So it is what it is. Right.
If it's not your bag, don't watch it. People. Oh
that's funny. Alfie Brady says The Big Lebowski that didn't
count as a sports movie, does it? No? It's about bowling,
is it kind of? I mean it's part of it.

There's a lot of going again, it's a lot going
on that movie, Like is is Okay, if The Big
Lebowski isn't a sports movie, what is Kingpin? Kingpin literally
has though a like high stakes event, you know, where
you're like, who's gonna win, who's gonna ring? No, that's true.
It is a bit of a sports movie. If you
consider bowling a sport, well, I think people who bowl

would probably definitely consider bowling a sport. We're gonna get
some enthusiasts in here, Noel, let's say it's absolutely a sport. Yeah,
a hobby. I gotta asking, Chuck, have you heard of
this movie called The Jesus Rolls Rolls r O L L. Yes, sir, Nope.

It is a John Tuturo starring and directed spin off
of the Jesus character in The Big Lebowski. Uh and
as weird as ship dude. It's got Audrey tattoo in it,
and she's like naked like the whole time. It's super strange.
John Ham's in it, plays a hairdresser. It's a very
odd little movie and it's like really nothing to do

with the Big Lebowski and there's hardly any bowling in it.
I think they bowl one time. It's really a road movie,
and I'm very conflicted about it. There are parts of
that I liked with and I was like, I don't
understand what this is. It kind of came and went,
and it was not very well regarded on Rotten Tomatoes,
one and a half stars on Roger Ebert dot com.

I won't be seeing that movie. No, okay, fair, fair, Like,
what's the point? Yeah, I saw because my buddy had
a copy of it on DVD and I was over
there and he, uh, he thought I should see it.
So we watched it and I was very nonplussed. Uh.
Indie Wire says this the Jesus Rolls review, John to
Charles big Lebowski spent off as a breezy sex comedy

with balls to spare. Yeah. Uh. An orgasmic sex scene
between Pete Davidson and Audrey to two is but one
of many unexpected detours in this charming, if retrograde lark.
That's from David Erlick of Indie Wire. Great website. Alright, nol,
maybe we should wrap it up and spank this one

on the bottom. Make it as shorty. I've got some
alien research to do, yeah, man, before I record with Annie,
So we'll just see everyone next week. How does that
sound sounds good to me, buddy, all right, so you writing.
Movie Crash is produced and written by Charles Bryant and
Roel Brown, edited and engineered by Seth Nicholas Johnson, is

scored by Noel Brown here in our home studio at
Pontsty Market, Atlanta, Georgia. For I Heart Radio. For more
podcasts for my heart Radio, visit the iHeart Radio app,
Apple podcast, or wherever you listen to your favorite it
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