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May 17, 2021 45 mins

Mini Crush #171 is what it is

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Movie Crush, a production of I Heart Radio.

Hey everybody, and welcome to Movie Crush Mini Crush with
Me Charles W. Chuck Bryant, andrus Noel Brown. I'm sorry,
I didn't mean they're interrupted. You do such a pleasant
opening with your voice. You have this lilting quality. I
just wanted to join in with it. You just want
to basically join in. I think this is a better

way for you. I just wanted to say, and me,
uh so, Noel. We're recording now two hours later than normal.
It's like, weird, What is it? How does it feel
to you? Chuck? Different? Different? Different can be good though, right,
sure a little change will do you good? Is that
Bonnie rate change good? I don't know. I feel like

I feel like I hear slide guitar in there. If
I hear slide guitar and my mind immediately goes to
Bonnie rate, Bonnie rate as it should or Dwayne Aulman
uh SONL I have on my list here catch up
and then we have one only one thing from the
Crushers to go over. And then sort of because we
have sort of an extended stream this because I've been

watching a lot of ship I have too well good,
that's perfect. Then, Um, I thought you might want to
sort of give us an update on your Seattle trip,
which I know about, but I know you'd love to
share this with your your friends because you even hung
out with a crusher. I did, and by the way,
a change will do you good. I was in the right.
My heart was Geryl. It's Cheryl Crowe, but she's very
much a Bonnie rate acolyte, you know what I mean.

Like I feel she looked up the Bunny rate quite
a bit. I think so, I think. So see how
all is a magical place, chuck, I I I kept
hearing this from friends really whose opinions I really value, uh,
you know, and who are like very seasoned travelers, use
yourself being one of them. Um. I think a lot

of a trip like that has to do with who
you know, where you go, and like what things you know,
what recommendations you get. I had some great ones. I
did pretty much all the touristy stuff, but I also
did a lot of like off the beaten path stuff.
Went to Biscuit bitch um really good, really high quality stuff. Um,
they weren't doing seating, but it was really lovely you

got to just sit outside on these little patio tables
and wait with your fellow uh you know, um to
go food humans. That's what I do there anyway. I
don't think I've ever eaten in there. I just always
grab and go. Yeah, And then we took it with
us and we walked from there to the little park
area where the Space Needle and the Museum of Pop
Culture are and we stopped and ate and then you know,

like I said, it was my daughter who's twelve, and
my girlfriend and um, it was just fantastic. We we
met up with the gooch Jue. Uh. He works at
a really cool cidery which is um you know there.
You know, if you think about cider choices right at
the bar, and I think of like Strongbow and like
Woodchuck and like kind of just the obvious ones that

are always a little too sweet. This place, the Seattle
Cider Company, made these really subtle ciders that aren't sweet
at all, but just have a lot of like flavor
and different kind of you know, um, variations, like some
different different fruits that they used in different kind of
like you know, things to kick it up a notch.
And he took us up for a tour that my
daughter stayed at the hotel, but my girlfriend and I

he took us for a tour through their canning facility
and it was huge in this big industrial area in
like so do I think it's what it's called south
of downtown, UM, which is largely industrial. And that was great,
and um, my daughter is really funny, Chuck, I think
I told you we were going. The whole impetus for
going was there was this Minecraft exhibit at the Museum
of Pop Culture. Uh. We got there, had a wonderful

first day, went to the Pike's Street Market and all
of that, UM, and she just loved the town. Everyone
was like complimenting her on her outfit because she was
wearing her like cool kind of anime stuff. And then
we got to the hotel and we're gonna buy a
ticket for my girlfriend to the thing, and we realized
that we were a day late and that the Minecraft
exhibit had closed the previous day. Wow, dad fail. It

was a dad failed, But it was also a dad win, Chuck,
because she didn't care. She had such a great first
day and loved the city so much that she was
just like, yeah, I don't really care that was kind
of the last thing on my mind, honestly, after we
had such a wonderful time. Um, of course, yeah, it's
it's great, no matter what's fabulous. They had all this
like horror stuff and sci fi stuff, and they had

like a whole floor a pearl jam got their own floor. Dude. Yeah,
I've seen that. It's pretty pretty awesome, really great. It
was as a Nirvana exhibit with like all the you
know guitars like the um that Tama drum kid that
you see and the smells like teen Spirit with which
is such a trashy punk rock drum set. When you
look at it, it's held together with like duct tape.
I love that they took that punk rock d i

y aesthetic like until the end, you know it's great
and then no, it sounds like you you had a trip,
much like Emily and I did the first time she
went to Seattle, which is hitting it on a good
a good weather weekend in the spring, which you know,
Seattle is very weather dependent. It's a great town always
and if you live there, you're certainly used to the
dreary drizzlies that occupied that town many days of the year.

But if you hit that town in a spring on
a nice weekend, dude, it is truly magical and you
will fall in love with it and want to move there. Well,
we got the drizzlies coming in, um, and then it
cleared right up that very same day. We got in
really early and it was a gorgeous day and we went,
like I said, by the market, which is obviously right
along the coast and everything, or you know that what

is at the Puget Sound. And then the second day
we went to this place called gas Works Park, which
is in Yeah, I've been there, um, and it's just
like this incredible park with like all of these industrial
kind of looming, rusty industrial gas works, you know, structures
that are all roped off, but a few of them
are kind of have been repainted and like repurposed into

you know, things you can lean on or whatever. And
there was a band playing and like it just felt
like San Francisco or something. It was very alive and vibrant,
and there were these like hippie dude slack lining you
know where you take those straps and wire walking, and
Eden was fascinated by it, and they saw her kind
of eyeball on it, and they're like you want to
try it, and so like they one of them held

her left hand, I held her right hand, and she
walked all the way across. It was just a little
moments like that that just felt serendipitous and connecting with humans.
And God got to mention, this is the first travel
and opportunity to connect with humans, not in my very
very close small circle. So it was very cathartic. Chuck
all around. That's amazing. Thal, I'm so glad you got
a great weekend in Seattle. It is one of the

great American cities. That's why we go there every January.
And uh, that's why. It's just it's just the best.
And when Emily and I went, we the deal was
sealed when we went into bars and there were dogs
and bars, and she's dogs and bars. Can we move here? Yeah, no,
it's I would dude. My my girlfriend was like, I

would totally move here. And so is eaten after a
couple of days. Um. Huge shout out to Crusher Darien
as well, Um who gave some excellent recommendations for something
I had too many folks to list to list reached
out who were like, welcome to Seattle, and it was
just like everyone was so kind and like welcoming, and
and so many crushers reached out with amazing recommendation. I
couldn't even do it all. But we're going back. Uh,

definitely going back. That's great. I love it, man, I
love it. I love it. I love it. I miss it.
I can't wait to get back. Uh Seattle trip, let
me see. Oh, I just thought i'd quickly mentioned and
apologize since this is my only venue to do. So.
We did our three D episode everyone hates it nol
oh the stuff you should know episode? Oh, I mean feedback.

Negative feedback started coming in minutes after we released it.
Unlistenable to many listeners. I believe, in my opinion, it's
an ablest thing to do because people that have hearing
issues couldn't literally couldn't even listen to it. It didn't
even register for some people because they have hearing problems.
And I certainly don't like that. So we are not

too happy about it, and we kind of put the
word out to the company that please don't include us
again in any audio experiments like this. Yeah, we did
it for um ridiculous history, and we did. We did
half the episode that way. Um. It was kind of
funny because we like it was about an auto race
like this big like cross Country got it was like

a world like spanning auto race. And so we did
like the final stretch of the race in glorious three
D audio, and I think it turned out okay. But yeah,
doing it for a whole episode could could be a lot.
I could see. Yeah, It's just it didn't fit our format.
So uh, it just wasn't a good fit. And I

didn't want to do it to begin with. I fought
against it, but we caved. And I wish I had
in a cave I should just stick to my guns
and say no, no. You gotta say no. Sometimes you
gotta say no, chuck. But I could see how it
would be a good fit for your show. It was
fun and we will. Oh and by the way, if
I'm gonna plug something with you the audio, I have
to plug what we did for stuff they don't want
you to know, because Matt Frederick is kind of the

three D audio guru for the company. And we did
this like re enactment of this remote viewing session, which
is like a thing the CIA used to do. You
know all about this, But if anyone isn't familiar. It's
like basically using psychic abilities to you know, it's often
you hear about the CIA using it to like FBI,
maybe even to find bodies and to find someone missing person.

But there was one particular transcript it's absolutely real, where
it's someone in like one of those sensory deprivation tanks
talking about traveling with their mind to like an alien planet.
Um and Ben plays the subject. I play the monitor
and Matt plays the supervisor, and Matt mixed the whole
thing and three like did it all in post with

like really cool immersive effects, like you feel like you're
in the tank with the guy. And I actually did
a really dron e psychedelic score for that. I did that.
I did live so well. I will listen to that. Actually,
I'd love to hear that. It's only thirteen minutes. It's
literally like one and done kind of immersive piece, and
we only released it like that on its own. It
comes out today. That's cool. I'm gonna tell to day

they record with those headphones on. Uh. In one more
final little piece of business for the Crushers, just to
let everyone know. UH, sometimes when I interact on the
Crushers page, it interacts as movie Crush, and sometimes it
interacts my personal Facebook page, uh and invariably, and this
is understandable. Whenever I interact is my personal Facebook page,

I will get friend requests from from listeners, which is
very very sweet. Um, but no listener, if you have
tried to Facebook friend me personally and I have not
friended you back, please don't take offense. I'm not even
really on Facebook that much, and when I am, it's
just my like really close friends and family. It's not

something I use for professionally. That's why I have movie Crush.
I used to have a I mean it's still up there,
that Charles W. Chuck Bryant page, but I don't really
do anything there either, so I just wanted to love
it out. There are some like really great old pals
have tried to friend me in and I didn't want
them to feel bad. So it's nothing personal at all.

It's just not what I use that page for. It's
just very It's a very small group of friends and family,
and like I said, don't even post, you're not missing
anything anyway, makes perfect sense. Follow me on Instagram though,
if you like. That's where you'll get if you want
to see pictures of my dumb face and my family
every now and then chuck the podcasters where you can
see that. So I hope everyone understands that it's not

not personal, so I shouldn't be a friend of that.
You didn't accept my friend of question. I'm your friend
and then your friends with with crushers and stuff, and
that's great because that's your jam here here and there.
But I use Facebook very differently too, Like I really
don't use Facebook hardly at all. You never work stuff.
I I my posting territory is exclusively Instagram, where you

can follow me at how now Noel Brown if you wish, Yeah,
it's still really I'm enjoying Instagram. Actually no, it's a
it's that I avoided for a long time, and I
have quite a good time there. I love the people
I follow are really fun. Here's a pro tip for
everyone in the world. Um follow Amy Sadaris for God's sake,
God do it. Yes, it's the best. It's best Instagram feed.
She curates stuff and it's just always delightful and fun.

Like she's always posting like vegetables that look like Dick's
or or a a cat. You know, she posted one
yesterday of a dog. Actually that um as soon as
the person left the room, the dog like pulled the
covers up, turned out the lamp and turned on a
fan and got back in bed. And I was like, what,
that's amazing that one. I love her, but she sources it,

so it's it's very cool. Oh she does exactly, and
that's so important. It is. All right. Now we're gonna
move along to a post from a Crusher that had
been unaware to me previously. I don't know if Steve

is new or Steve just had a I don't think
Steve is new. I just haven't seen him around. But
he had a really brilliant post. Uh, this is Steve
b enemy. That's how I'm going to pronounce that. And
he said this null name a thing you've seen only
in movies that you know exists, but you've surprisingly never
seen it in real life. And he used an example

like I've never seen a treehouse or a butler or
quicksand in real life, but those, yeah, I mean, maybe
you know Steve might live in the in the city.
You don't see tree houses in the city. I do
have to say, Chuck, I happen to grow up in
a house that had a treehouse, but it's not something
I see often and you and to to typically these days,

rather than a treehouse, you'll just see a very elaborate
play place assembly. Like I'm not a proper treehouse. I
would think you need to get a permit to build
a treehouse, Chuck m You know in Atlanta there's as
a name for something behind your house called an a
d U an accessory dwelling unit. So if you want
to build a little tiny office in your backyard, you

got to go through the permitting for a d U
S And I wonder if treehouses is the same. Do
you think they had a permit for that treehouse and
hereditary that could have solved everything if they'd only had
a permit. Yeah, that's what That's what you get. That's
the takeaway. Skip the permitting process. Always get at and
not Bill's above. What was the name of the uh

piemon pimon your treehouse five month? I'd like to see that.
He's the demon of bureaucrats exactly. You didn't fill out
your permit, you will die, all right. So we're gonna
start off with Barbara Weiss Icebergs. I've never seen an
iceberg in all of you. I've seen one right ahead,

get it, I guess it. I have. I have not
too soon seen nice. I don't think it's too soon
for the Titanic. Let me see here. Mike Sam says,
b days, I have, I own a bi day. So yeah,
so I just got one to know. Finally, what what
do you got? I have a Tushi but because I
got it, but I really want to upgrade. Do you
have a nice one to have a total washlet? I

have a total washlet. I finally got one after years
and years of complaining about wiping my butthole with dry paper,
which is the dumbest thing ever. But days are the ship.
I really didn't mean that, but they're great. But the
reason I never got a Toto washlet was because it
requires power and all, and I don't have an outlet
next to my toilet. And I finally said, you know what,

I'm gonna get an electrician out here. Put an outlet
next to that goddamn toilet. There you go and get
a washlet because I want warm water shot towards my
butt hole. It's it's mean, it's those have even like
directional controls, and you know it's quite warm. You know that.
Even the tissue, which is very analog, very nonpowered, is

a game changer. I absolutely love it. So I used
to have one like that where it's just the cold water,
just the cold water. But I like the cold water. Honestly.
It gives you a nice little wake up shot, a
little house your father just so. But sure there were
years where I didn't know. They always make the joke
and movies too, about like mistaking a biday for a
water fountain, you know, which is funny because it's nothing

like that. Right, I've never I've never used a real
bid at like a separate unit. That's the one I'm
to have in Europe. Yeah, I think it was a
little more fountain esque and less super soaker. You just
lift a leg, You just kinda like, yeah, thereul, you
stand on. I don't know what any European crushers out
there let us know how that works. Yeah, let us know.

But I gotta say, watchle game changer. I love it.
I love it. The only well, never mind, I'm not
gonna go there. Uh well, I'll go ahead and say it.
Why not. The only weird thing is because it makes
noise the second you sit down to engage it, so
like your daughter can't go in there and press the
button and have water shoot all over the place, So
you actually have to sit on it and it engages

it and starts this little whirring sound. I do my
business and then I'm forgetting to flush the toilet for
some reason now, because it's like that's filling up that
part of your brain. Maybe that's the process would probably
take place. Yeah, I bet you that's exactly it. So
quite a few times Emily has been like, what the

funk are you doing? Are you regressing in life? Maybe?
And I am, but that has nothing to do with
the the toilet flushing. So I've gotten better about about checking.
Now you got me, you got me Amazon, ng Toto
washlets now because I feel like I need to up
my game a couple of hundred bucks, two or three

hundred bucks. But that's the thing, though, Chuck, They're they're
all over the place. There's one for nine. Yeah, the
one I'm looking at. No, No, I know exactly the
when you're talking about us. The Toto s W two
O one number one A one electric but day toilet
cleansing warm water and heated see elongated cotton white washlet.
How much is that one? Yeah? That sounds exactly right.

Huh yeah. And then I think it costs me about
a hundred and fifty bucks to get an outlet installed.
But it'll pay for itself over time because I'm not
having to buy that toilet paper like it. Well, you
you needed to dab, chuck, you need to dab, but
you used it a square, you know, sup squares? I'm okay.
Maybe I see. I don't own my house though, so

it's like, do I really want to sink money running
an outlet? I'm going to buy a house next year,
so maybe I'll just I'll hold out that. You know what, nol,
you buy a house and that'll be your housewarming gifts.
I will buy you a Toto washlet. You gotta get
power hooked up. I'm not gonna spring for that too.
I've been springing. I had to appreciate it. One of
the crushers yesterday, uh posted Jeff Cassis that he dropped it.

He's listening to movie Crush on a construction site and
draw his earbud, brand new earbud in the porta potty
in that deep blue grossness, and uh, I was just
feeling like I should do something, so I to had
him send me his name and address, and I'm replacing
those earbuds for him at my own spend. What a
sweetheart you are. I got something real quick. Back to

Seattle really quickly. There's a brand of Porta Potti in Seattle.
It's called honey Bucket. Oh okay, why why? Well, you
know what on a film set. This is all coming
back around No Old two movies. Uh, the ship wagon,
it's called a honeywagon on a film set. So when
they bring in the big trailer with like eight toilets,
it's called a honeywagon. Oh well, that's that. That's obviously

where this is related to. Thank you for solving that mystery.
I was like, what weirdo came up with this idea?
Of course that doesn't really explain anything, because that doesn't
at least it's related to a pre existing weird thing,
that's right. Uh So anyway, Yeah, I bought some earbuds
for Jonah. I'm sending them to Canada. Uh and uh,

I have to say, Jonah has a pretty nice taste
and earbuds and all. I hope he's not taking me
for a fast one. That is really sweet if you
chuck that. Brandy Brooks says, random amounts of money stuffed
in mattresses. Sure, that's a movie trope. It's one of
those things you hear about. Um, I've never seen it either.

Murders and detectives is what Tara Lee Shaw says. How
do you know, Tara? You may have seen a murderer
at the coffee shop this morning or a detective. Don't
know that they're undercover, right, you don't know? Man? My
laptop is that fan is cranking? I'm sorry. If people
are hearing that, it's okay, I can't hear it. You
hear that, you don't hear that? Ship, I don't quite hear. No,

I'm running a lot there, it is there, it is?
Was it running hot here? I'll put it right up.
Was that better a little bit? Yeah? Yeah? Uh. Cody
reads as a booby trap booty trap. Yeah, I've never
seen a booby trap. I've tried to build the like
like a trip wire of some sort. Yeah. I built

a booby traps when I was a kid, like dug
a hole in the woods and put sticks up for it.
That's terrible and and like barbed wire and broken glass
and stuff got twisted child, No, no one ever. I
mean these were woods that only we played in, so
I think I was probably just trying to I probably
would have fallen in it myself as the only eventual outcome.
I think that is something that that kids can get

fascinated with. I was always fascinated with that game mouse Trap,
you know, with like those Rube Goldberg kind of like
one thing. It's so fun, and I think that's sort
of the appeal of booby traps, especially the really elaborate
ones where you trip a wire and then it undoes
something and then a big giant log swings down from
the trees and knock your head off. Yeah, rainbow style.

I gotta say that, Nold, and you've probably encountered this
as a father to games these days are not put
together like they used to be in terms of the
build quality. Yeah. Yeah, Like we got the Game of
Life and like the Spinner is terrible, and I was like,
the old Spinner was so great. So what you do
is you can go on eBay and by a vintage
spinner for like five bucks if you want to piece

out a few of these things that are vital to
your gameplay. Because they just sucked now and they don't
even spend. At the same time, though, Chuck, it's it's
a wide world of very elaborate and expensive nerd games
which are quite well built. Well, I believe that. So
if you're talking about mass marketed like legacy games that
are probably in there, like fift iteration from like Mattel,

those are probably made of Spider's webs cheaper and cheaper
and cheaper. Let me see here, Dale Lucas, this is
a good one. It's something he's never seen. Families having
full multi items sit down breakfast complete with pictures of
both O J and milk on normal school and work days.
Somewhere someone might do that, But in the world, I
know that's weekend stuff during the week everyone I've ever known.

What was that? It was actually the sound of Paul
Rubens Um I was looking at his cameo. Was you
know you know I was about to bring this up
in a second. Do you know the website cameo? Chuck? Well, Um,
it's really funny because it's always like really sad when
you see some sort of like has been actor and
it's only like twenty bucks to get them to do
a cameo, Uh, Paul Rubens is three. Baby. That's that's

some top top notch there, because I was gonna bring
it up. It's about movies. We're talking about movie stuff,
and I was that that was gonna be my little contribution.
And my computer interface does this thing where it sends
every audio played on my computer through the zoom. It's
been awkward a couple of times for me where I've
like accidentally hit a note on one of my many

synthesizers and all of a sudden, everyone on the zoom.
Here's like a massive like synthesizer note. I've been having
to like really be very very careful. But yeah, so
you scooped me on my Paul Reuben's bit. I didn't
mean to interrupt, Please continue, Chuck. So during my reading
of Dale's comment, I hear, hell because you're looking at

fucking camera. No, it was it was all for research purposes. Boy,
I don't even know where it was. Apology Stale. You
can send your complaint letters to knowl on that one.
I'll even give you my personal email addresses an old
Brown at hotmail dot com. Uh, you know what the
guy's unfriendly fire used to do any anytime they would
r I P friendly fire. Um. Anytime they would have

seemingly a complaint coming forward, they would say, just send
your email to go fund yourself at Max Funkenstein dot com.
Because it was a Max bunchow. We always uh something
I want you to know list our complaint department as
Jonathan Strickland at heart radio dot com. NICs, do you
give us real email? You should? We do? Actually, does

he get him? I don't know that he's ever gotten anything.
He's never mentioned it. He's never mentioned it. I I
shave II sha Abraham says nar Walls. Yeah, but has
anyone ever really seen a normal I mean that's sort
of like that's the most rare of sea creature sightings.
I would say, all right, I gotta dig into this
one because our old pal Caroline guest and says homecoming events. Oh,

come on, sure in high schools. I mean, if you
went to a high school, they had a big football situation. Right. Well,
I will say this Caroline is from the depths of
Canada or the heights of Canada. I think she's way
up there in the upper Northeast if I'm not mistaken,
So it might not be a thing she said, she
knows about prom we had that. But homecoming is in

the fall, right, and it's mostly about a football game.
It's about a football game. Homecoming literally means the first
home game, right of the season. Yeah, I mean, she's
got it dead. It's it's a it's not the first
home game, but it's when the alumni are encouraged to
come home, and it's in the game and they have
a little ceremony and then they have a dance and
all that ship I see. So, but it is very
specifically football centric, yeah, which is why she's Canadian. They

don't care about football there, and don't you just do
like curling? Right? I know there's a Canadian football think everybody,
but really, Austin Handler said tree House. Friends of ours
have been in Saint Tree House. Oh no, he's just
saying he's going to send a picture in all right.
Romeo Fuqua says, A panic room. That's that's the first

time I've heard that name. It's a good one. Welcome room. Now.
Panic rooms are pretty much reserved for the very rich
and powerful, right, I mean you would only see that
bespoke mansion, right, Yeah, exactly. Let me see Joshua Fish
says that floor piano and big Okay, sure is that

a real thing? That was probably real? Right? It probably was.
Let's see, I mean like what, you know, what do
they still surely they still make something. It seems like
that's absolutely the kind of gadget that you would see
pop up on an ad in Google. You know what
I mean? If you're like, let's say, floor piano for sale.
Oh sweet, no, here you go, quick and play gigantic

keyboard play Matt twenty four keys Piano Matt eight selectable
musical styles. Uh, it is absolutely that thing, and it
is only thirty fifty on Amazon today. Yep, it's gotta
be garbage. It does look like garbage. And to be fair,
it is a very small child on it and he
dwarfs the thing. So it's definitely not the same size

as the big piano that was in the movie Small
Yet Oh wait a minute, no, no no, no, young on
the okay, because if we'll recall, I believe it was
f A. O. Schwartz that was featured in that scene,
wasn't it. So if you look up floor piano, f

A O. Shorts Piano Dance, Matt comes up and it's
fifty dollars on clearance and it's from Belk. It's from
belk dot com. What I don't understand, well, when I
think of great pianos, I think of Yamaha, I think
of the Fender Rhodes, and I think of Belk H cents. Yeah,
maybe Steinway, Steinway and Belk and Belk makes a makes

a mean piano, nol. I know you play the synth
and stuff like that, but can you can you get
down on the piano a little bit? I can? I mean,
I can you know fiddle my way around? And I'll
tell you who's excellent as Alex Williams. He's He's I
think that told you. He and I and Matt Frederick
playing a little band together. We played out once a
week and um, Alex is just a real renaissance man.

He can play guitar, just shred it up and play keys.
I tend to play bass and kind of you know,
SYNTHI type stuff, and we switched off between bass and
guitars sometimes. But he is just epically talented and really
great at different chord shapes and um theory and stuff.
I'm much more of like a plunk in my way
around it. And you know, finding my way to something
that sounds good. So for listeners, Alex as a former guest,

one of our colleagues that we work with, and he
uh did the movie Edward on the show, and he
also has a great podcast which I believe has a
season two coming up epemeral right and just launched season two.
Actually it's great. It is a truly truly great show
and and people should listen and completely agree. Yeah that
that is not just doing Alexa solid it's it's a

great show. No, He's a creative dude. It's been really
fun just kind of doing outside of work stuff with him,
Um and Matt. It's been like I've got the whole
everything wired to record, So every time we jam, we
just plug the guitars in the bass directly into my
interface and I'll use headphones and the mic. The drums
are fully miked up so we have full mixable kind
of no bleed on everything, and we've been just kind

of coming up with someone the fly. We've got a
good handful of tunes that we are working on. Are
does anyone sing? Are you guys? Just instrumental? Instrumental to start,
But it's sort of like the way a lot of
bands work, even like the Smiths did it this way
where they would kind of create the instrumental parts and
then add the vocals after the fact. They'd give him
to old Morrissey who had been like brooding in his
poetry Dungeon. Are you all gonna do this? I think so?

Are you gonna sing? I'm I'm gonna saying. Alex is
also a great singer. Matt's also a great singer. We're
gonna try on for some three part harmonies, and when
things open up, we'll probably have some material and try
to play live. Alex and I also have a little
electronic project that's just the two of us that's more
dance oriented. But um really doing a lot of I do.
I would love to like jam in person with you sometime.

I'm not a good jammer, uh. I'm a rhythm guitar player.
I mean I can follow along with some chords and stuff,
but I've never been a good jammer. Let's let's get
you over here in the studio one of these days
and I'll play some drums and you play some guitar
and we can just record a song or something. I
do have to say no that that we're playing tonight
me and my band for the first time. No way, yep.

Where at the Drummer's house, Jim's house. It's awesome. It's
in Kirkwood, near us UM and we're all super super,
super excited and vaccinated. I am so happy for you.
Isn't it nice to feel just a little tinge of
normalcy kind of creeping back in. Obviously we all have
to still be vigilant, careful and thoughtful to others and
all that, but it is nice, like taking that trip

was a real kind of breaking on through to the
other side thing for me. You know, that's great. All right,
let's finish up with a couple of more here, David
Mills says, a cat suddenly jumps out of nowhere, and
Meal was loudly yeah. That's probably something you don't see
a lot in real life. It's a movie, the fake

out jump Scare. I'm gonna go with Romeo Fuqua again.
He's a new star of the show, because this is
a funny one. People just carrying sheets of glass. That's good.
Some of these border on tropes, which is sort of
the point as well. I think. I mean, that's that's
one that was satirized in Wayne's World two where it
was like a whole series of He's like running to
to stop the wedding and then there's like people carrying

a giant slabbing bass and chickens and stuff. Was there
a baby stroller? I think my baby? Yeah. Usually Eric,
I don't know to product your na America and go
with Jarda says this is very funny climaxing simultaneously. Never
happens in the real world. Never happens in the real world.

You're just not doing a good enough job. Come on, guys,
try harder. I mean that that. That's just there are
so many problems with movie sex as far as setting
people up to believe that any of that ship is
how it really goes down. It's it's not good. That's yeah. Nothing.
My My favorite though, is how the one the actor
that is clearly under contract to not show her breasts

is immediately covered up with a sheet. Cous just bad
buddy double cut in mm hmm, yeah, I love it.
Don't do anything you don't want to do people, No,
definitely not. Uh. Blair Christensen also says families having breakfast together, uh,
and here we go. No, we'll finish with this one,
Martin Kidd says, bed sheets that cover lady boobies, but

show man boobies, right, see at that's it. It's the
the l shaped sheet is what Joel Kron calls it.
And uh, this is good stuff, Steve, thanks for putting
that up there. And Nole, we're gonna do a little
stream this because we got a lot of stuff. So maybe,

um instead of maybe we can go back and forth
since we each have a bunch, and I'll start out
with two quick ones. Uh. We Emily and I both
watched One Division finally, and I we loved it, like
really really loved it too. I thought it was one

of the most original takes on a story like this
that I had ever seen. I thought it was brilliant.
I loved every minute of it. And you know, Emily's
deal with Marvel is she sort of in and out
likes it when she takes the time to watch it,
but it's not like a Marvel nerd. But she really
got into Scarlet Witch and was reading about the backstory.
And then we watched Age of Ultron after we finished

it all, because of course that's where Vision created and
Scarlet Witches sort of becomes Scarlett Witch and uh, she
really loved that. So h we've been on that kick.
And then I watched Falcon, The Falcon and the Winter
Soldier by myself, and I love that too. You did
like it. I fucking loved it, dude. God, it's a
lot of people have been a little hot and cold

about it that I've I've only seen the first episode,
but um, I've heard some mixed things, but I'm glad
to hear that. I'm gonna give it. I'm gonna jump
back in. It's great. I love it. I mean, I
love the Bucky Barnes character in Sebastian stand and Anthony
mckintee's a Mackie is awesome. I just thought it was
really really great. And it's this one is they're both
in Atlanta, but one divisions mainly on a stage and
like out in the suburbs. But you'll crack up watching

Falcon and Winter Soldier because it's like, hey, Croc Street
Tunnel in the Pullman Yards in Oakland Cemetery and Sweetwater
Creek State Park and it's just sort of all over
the places we go, which is always fun. I'll tell
you what's really fun. I've was I rewatched recently the
Watchman series. Think I probably mentioned this, but so much
of it takes place right in downtown Decatur in the Square,

like literally the climax of the hole so weird posts,
you know, and like they make them all glowy and
like Tesla coil ish. But I always just I've been
spending a lot of time in downtown Dedicator lately and
uh kicking it in the Square and it's just every
time I'm like, yes, it's such cool be right in
the middle of it. Uh. So, do you have a
couple that you've been watching you want to go over? Yeah?

Just I mean I've been, Um, I've been diving back
into Boardwalk Empire, uh, you know with Steve Bushimi and
uh so good. It's a show that I watched. I
realized I didn't even get into the second season. Um,
or if I did, I watched it kind of spottily
because I think I watched it when it was on originally. Um.
And sometimes you just fall off of things because there's
other things that kind of grab your attention. It's not

because the thing was bad, but I realize now that
I am all in Um, I just think it's a
lot of fun it's everything that I like about, say,
like the Sopranos um but just obviously a very well
done period piece about an era that is, you know,
you think about in terms of kind of cliche ideas
of what flappers and you know, the swinging or the

roar in twenties and all that stuff we're but this
is they do such a good job in every little
scene is just everything in its right place. And uh,
it's an interesting character study too, because you've got a
real anti hero who just kind of gets worse and
worse and more willing to do whatever it takes to
stay on top, and yet you're still somehow rooting for him.
And it's just interesting the way the Sopranos really work.

Kind of one of the first shows that created that.
Like apparently, uh, one of the early episodes when you
see Tony Soprano actually kill a man in cold Blood,
the network was like, I don't know, if we can
show that people aren't gonna go for that, they'll be
able to they won't be able to, you know, stay
on board, And David Chase was like, no, we gotta
do it. It's crucial to the trajectory of the show.

And now the anti hero is like King, you know,
so um very much following in those footsteps. But I've
really enjoyed that. That's one I never saw that I
could see me getting into on my own at some point.
I don't think it'd be up Emily Zalie, but I might.
I might check that out one day. That's great, great cast,
lots of people drifting, and Michael Shannon's in and he
plays a prohibition officer who's very you know, um, emotionally

and spiritually conflicted, let's just say, and interesting things happened
with him, and just so many great little poppins. I
think I think you really liked the show a lot, Chuck,
I will check it out. Shrill season three is out
for some reason. I think this is the final season,
but I might be wrong. I think it is. I
think I saw it. UH actually promoted that way. Okay,

so Shrill is out. We watched the first four episodes,
um so far, and it's great. Um. Adie Bryant, you know,
have gone on and on about the show. I love
it so much. I am very disappointed because I reached
out to Adie Bryant's people and she declined to come
on movie Crush but that's okay, cousin, ad Um, I
forget I forgive you, but we have had a shrill

cast member, John Cameron Mitchell on Movie Crush well exactly,
I mean no, maybe you can tell jokimeron Mitchell to
total lady Bryant to come on fucking movie Crush for gus. Yeah,
did we talk about the fact that John booked the
role of U Joe Exotic in the Tiger King TV adaptation.
He's playing him, He's playing him. Oh my god, how

perfect is that? And uh, Kate McKennon is playing Carol
Baskin opposite him. Wow. See, I didn't watch Tiger King.
We watched one episode and I was like, not for me,
not for you, remember you saying that, But I would
like to see j c Um in that role. That's
pretty good. Uh. You know. Adie Bryant's also I mean

currently on Saturday Night Live, and I know that that
show like takes all your time all week long, So
maybe I'll reach back out after the season of SNL
is over. She was also one of the ones that
expressed a little bit of squeamishness with old Elon Musk
hosting Um and another I didn't. I just I didn't
watch anither and I kind of can't stand the guy.

He just really roused me the wrong way. I know
he's doing cool things, but he's just such a quintessential
douchey tech bro that I just kind of steer clear well.
And Snel never learns Like whenever you have these pop
culture people that aren't actors or comedians, it just sucks.
It's never good. Maybe occasionally an athlete, but that's the exception.
Matt Frederick said it was good. Matt. Matt said he

thought it was funny. He thought Ellen did a did
an interesting job and that it was pretty well suited
for him. But I just I don't. I also just don't.
I kind of watch SNL like YouTube on YouTube the
day after, just like the good sketches, but I've never
sat the night of and watched I think you had
a ritual for a while where you were doing that,
didn't you, Chuck. I mean, I watched it forever since
I was a kid, and then sort of fell out

the past couple of years a little bit. But now
I'll go back every now and then. And the cast,
I mean, the cast is good right now, but maybe
I'm getting older and that's what it is. And they
all seem like they're like nineteen years old. Not that
I have any problem with nineteen year olds, but I'm
not identifying as much, Chuck. I think it is a

certainty that you are getting older and it's just a
part of part of life. But Bow and Yang, who
does a podcast on our network less culture Easts, he's
on it and he's fabulous. Yeah, Oh, I didn't know
he was on our network, Is he yes? Sirry sure is?
I need to get him on there too, big fan. Uh.
And then the other thing No always started just last
night is uh, I'll be Gone in the Dark. The

great HBO docuseries concerning Michelle McNamara, uh, the patent Oswald's
wife who passed away while she was working on this
book about the Golden State Killer. And UH really really
loved the first episode can't wait defenish it because it's
a part documentary about the Golden State Killer, so it's
part true crime and then part about Michelle McNamara in

her obsession with this and and the way she approached
these um true crime in a different way that was
very much more victim focused than UM more literary and
a little less glacious, and Patton Oswald is in and
of course he's interviewed in Things and that whole story.
It's just tragic and also heartwarming because he found love

again and his daughter loves his his new wife. Um,
and I really got mad, you know. I don't know
if you remember when he got remarried nol uh. He
got a lot of heat from people online because they
were saying, like, it's he got married too soon, remarried
after his wife had died, And that just really fucking

pissed me off, and still does when I think about it.
For internet ship heads to weigh in on someone's personal
life and finding love again, and it's just it's the
worst of the worst of the Internet. And so I
just think it's great that he And I think, what's
your name? Oh Salinger? Meredith Salinger, I think that's true.

I can't quite I haven't seen this doc yet. But
she's an actor, Oh no, no, yeah, Meredith Salinger. She was.
She was a big time your like in the eighties
and nineties. She was in some really big films. Oh yeah,
Journey of That again. That was her big breakthrough dream
A little dream almost had her old movie Crush at
sketch Fest, but we couldn't make that happen. But anyway,

I'll be gone on the dark is great. I'll tell
you I'm not. I don't. I don't watch a ton
of documentaries anymore. I don't know why I think I've
mentioned like i've I've I've made a documentary many years
ago and uh really just grind it out my heart
and soul into that documentary about the Georgia Guide Stones,
this weird monument in rural Georgia. There's a lot of

like conspiracy theories attached to it anyway, and we talked
about it on stuff they don't want you to know.
But um one that I'm this one I'm interested in
that you just mentioned because we've certainly covered the Golden
State killer stuff on stuff that I want you to
know a lot. But there's a new one that just
dropped called The Crime of the Century. It's Alex Gibney
who did the Going Clear documentary which I loved about
the Church of Scientology, and the Crime of the Century

is about perdue pharma and the you know, opioid epidemic.
Uh and a stat that I'm reading in this Hollywood
Reporter piece is that the uh opioid epidemic killed nearly
five hundred thousand people between ninety nineteen, and it was
something that many of my friends were involved in. I mean,

there was a time where OxyContin was just overflowing. We
called it hillbilly heroin, you know. I mean, it was
just like it's so so much easier and cheaper to
get than actual heroin. UH. And it was a real problem.
And they tried to pretend Perdue Pharma like it wasn't addictive,
and they had all these studies that were basically juiced

to make it look like it wasn't addictive and that
it was like, oh, it's totally safe, and it absolutely wasn't.
And it created this huge problem, especially in rural parts
of the country, where people just got super hooked on
this stuff and we're getting it without a prescription because
people with prescription, we're just selling them. And it was
just absolute chaos. But this documentary apparently does a really
thorough job of exploring, you know, what they did, what

they knew when they knew it. They ultimately it's one
of another one of those things where these big companies
and CEOs they don't go to jail. They just pay
a lot of money, which is a lot of money
to us, but not a lot of money to a
big multinational pharmaceutical companies. So at the end of the day,
it's just a slap on the wrist and people are
literally lost their lives. So brutal, brutal. I'll check that out,

like Alex Gibney's work. You got anything else, Uh No,
That's what I'm really looking forward to. Been doing the
Boardwalk Empire, watching a lot of Bob's Burgers on Hulu.
I just think that's a lovely show. And there's a
new anime series or it's not anime, but it's uh
Flying Lotus the electronic kind of tech like a hip

hop slash jazz electronic artist does the soundtrack for It's
called Yasuke or jaska Um. It's it's based on a
historical figure who was a African descended um samurai. He
he ended up he started off as a servant to
some sort of high lord and then ended up serving

him as a warrior and became the only African samurai.
That sounds great. It's really it's it's it's it's a
cartoon and it's definitely like a very exaggerated version. There's
like robots and sci fi elements and stuff, but the
core of it is based on the real, the real story.
That's amazing. That sounds very cool. What's it called again?
Why a s U k E? I believe it's pronounced SKay. Alright, nol. Well,

we're gonna wrap this one up and send it off
into the ether, and thanks for listening everyone, and what's
the Unix movie? Crash is produced and written by Charles
Bryant and Meel Brown, edited and engineered by Seth Nicholas Johnson,
and scored by Noel Brown here in our home studio
at Pontstey Market, Atlanta, Georgia. For I Heart Radio. For
more podcasts for my heart Radio, visit the i Heart

Radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you listen to your
favorite shows.

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