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June 14, 2021 44 mins

Mini Crush #175 has a little hitch in its git-a-long.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Movie Crush, a production of I Heart Radio.

Hey everybody, and welcome to Mini Crush Monday with Me,
Charles W Chuck Bryant, and him Noel, fuck you Brown? Hey,
now you know you know it wasn't my fault, Chuck, Okay,
but peek behind the cardin. I was a little late
getting started, but it was my computer. I came in
and all my hard drives were rejected. The beach Ball
of Death was spinning and nothing would do. I had

to hard restart the computer. I think there must have
been a power outage in the night that threw everything askew,
and then it took forever to restart. And then like
once it did restart, the beach ball came back and
I was like, oh god, Chuck's gonna tell me? And
then what did? I keep texting? All the while very
helpfully texting me fuck you No. I like that sweet

red mill flower hat. Yeah, it's the Bob's Red mill
I am not uh endorsed, but I'm a big fan
of their products. They make like coconut flower and stuff,
all sorts of alternative flower. If you're doing the Keto thing,
oats and things. I don't know who Bob is. But
he's doing it right. He's doing it right. Man. I've
got actually a It came with a bobble head too.

That's on my desk, Bob Bobby Office, Bob bobble Uh.
He's a guy, he's personified in bobble Head form, so
he must exist. Well, this is a hell of it
free endorsement, so Bob needs to start sliding too. Some
of that flower catch, well, they sent this to the
office before it was on the free ship table, so
I just yeah, yeah, no, Hey, I'm an eagle eye

when it comes to the free ship table. My friend,
most of that stuff comes from us. I know it does.
Stuff gets a lot of stuff, and a lot of
times we can't keep it all. No, I know it
must be hard to chuck, must be hard to get
so much free ship offloaded onto others will be mad
at me because of your computer. So no, I want

to start off by issuing a big congratulations to crush her.
Alison Cameron. Uh, the lovely and winsome Alison Cameron got married.
She went and eloped with her with her dude to
the Little White Wedding Chapel. Put up pictures the very
famed Vegas little White Wedding Chapel. Is that what that

Billie Idol song is about? I don't think so. No,
it was a nice day for a white wedding. I
think that started something to do with virginity. Uh so,
no comment, but that Allison put up pictures of her
and her her fella and just adorable and big congratulations.
He's been a very active member for a long time

now and she's just great, you know, Chuck, I had
to google the word winsome. I hear it all the time,
never really quite knew what it meant. I've been saying
a lot, What the hell does it mean? Generally pleasing
and engaging, childlike charm and innocence, right, a winsome smile, cheerful, lighthearted.
You know. I recorded this will already be out by
the end. But I recorded with Jack finally yesterday. Jack O'Brien,

Oh yeah, I like Jack. It was great, man, it
was good to see him. I miss Jack. He's he
is winsome and I described him as winsome. And we
covered pulp fiction. Man, I got to watch pulp fiction
again for the first time in years and years and
years have I talked about I think I have, But
the the fact that, uh, when I was I saw
that movie way too young. I did not understand what

was going on with that dude in the gimp suit.
I didn't understand. I didn't understand that. But I mean
the part, the part where they're like gang banging what's
his face? At the ending? Raims being raimes. I didn't
get what was going on there. We didn't process How
old were you? I saw it in the theaters when

it came out. I was born in eighty three, so
I was eleven. What Yeah, what was going on in
your house that you were allowed to see that? I
don't recall. I think I went with a friend. I
think my parents were just very h checked out. They
just weren't really paying much attention. They didn't really know

what was going on. Wow, alright, well, I'd exposed to
you to quite a few things. I really did. Else.
I didn't understand the difference or the distinction between cocaine
and heroin, which is very important to understand. I learned
that one to me. Yeah, it's very important. Yeah, all
white powders not created equally. Y'all be careful. I think

heroine is supposed to be a little yellowish beige, isn't it.
I don't know, I've never seen, but that was the point.
Though it was the China white. It was the very
specific or whatever. The Madman as Eric's the Madman. It's
exactly right, uh and Noll, I have to mention this.
I put it on the podcast page. But if a
funny thing happened, I'm not gonna name names, but I

reached out to a through um our podcast network. I
Heart has an agency. Stuff you should know or like,
I don't have an agent. I never have, we never have,
but we have an agency that represents the network, and
sometimes they can be helpful if I see another actor
who I would like a movie crush who was also
with the same agency. Sometimes we'll reach out to our

person and say, hey, and you you know this person
who their agent is, and can you get them on
movie crush. And I did that for a fellow podcast
or a celebrity podcaster nol And this podcaster does a
show with two other hosts once a week and they've
been doing the show for about ten months, and this
person declined because of podcast fatigue. Podcast fatsigue, that's a thing.

Chuck once a week for the past ten months, and
there's three of them. And I had so many replies
in my head to this agent, but I was like,
I can't be caddy to this agent. I just said
thank you very much for checking. But I thought it
was pretty funny here in your fourteen of my career
that this person has podcast fatigue already. Well, now, now check.

They may have just been referring to podcast guesting fatigue.
I don't. I have not seen this person on a bucket, Like,
how many podcasts would you have to guess on to
get fatigue such that you're like, I can't do an
hour with you wild Chuck podcast. It's in the d
s M. Now, Chuck, it's a brave new world. So

I think Aaron, Aaron what's her last name? Hughes L
put that on one of the comments. But in the
d s M that's pretty uh huh, it's it's this
brave new world. I've got I've got gout. I suffer
from gout and podcast fatigue. Well, gout wouldn't be in
the DSM. No. No, that's not a mental condition at all.
That's a thing you get from eating too much spam. Uh.

Gouts made a big back. Actually it's it's not. It
is not the affliction of the Middle Ages anyone, right, right,
It's not your grandpa's goal. I just remember there's an
episode of King of the Hill where Bobby gets really
addicted to this like Jewish delicatessen and like eats all
this like potted meat all the time and then ends
up with gout boy. I would uh, I would love to.

If I could do any cartoon voice like perfectly, it
would probably be Bobby Hill. Yeah, there's something about that
voice that always just killed me. And I tried over
the years, because you know, I like to do my voices,
but I could never get that one. Pamela ad Lawn
is a treasure. Oh that's her Holy Jesus ship really,

Oh my god, how did I not know that? It's
a weird one. It's almost like, you know, the Bart
Simpson voice is as a lady as well, but um, yeah,
that's that. I was very I actually didn't know her
as a as an actor, as a as a comic
um before I knew her as that voice. Although I
may have that chucked back in my deep deep memory
bank now that I'm thinking of it. But I'm such

a fan of hers, as you know her show Strange
or Stranger Things, Better Things. It's just one of my favorites.
And there are people that I know who know her,
who said, like I can reach out to her. I
just I've been trying to pick the right time because
I can't bear too for someone to have podcast fatigue. Again.
I couldn't handle it if I heard that a second.
I just I think it's very bold that the agent

actually used that phrase. Yeah, podcast fatigue. I would have
made something better up. I would have just said they
were I would have just said they were booked. Right.
He has gout, it's suffering from horrible goal is a
big puffy toe and just cannot do it as called
big old puffy toe. No, that's funny, Chuck, all right. No,
So we're gonna do a new segment here, and I

don't think it. Maybe it could be a repeating segment.
We'll just have to call it something different today. I'm
calling it maybe sex sex sex six six six. Maybe
Michael Drot some sound effects around that. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
some spookies, we'll see. I'm not some spookies, you mean,
I think some spoops. Uh in old six six six

is where I looked up the I asked you for
your birthday for a reason earlier. I looked up the
number one movie for both of our ages age six, sixteen,
twenty six, thirty six and for me forty six. But
you're not there yet, not quiet. My list is one longer,
and maybe we can do this for various ages every
now and then. And I thought it'd be kind of fun.

I love this all right, and I'll even let you
hazard some guesses. So, Noel, when I was six years old,
the number one movie, and this is on my birthday,
the number one movie in the United States was Airports
seventies seven. Never heard of it. It's just like a
disaster movie. It is exactly that. It was during that
run of great disaster movies Towering Inferno Airport. I think

this is the sequel air part seven. I think previously
there was already an airport, and the movies Airplane spoofed Airport.
I could tell. I could tell from the poster. Yeah,
it's clearly some some ship goes down on a jumbo jet.
Is that Christopher Lee? I don't know was he in that? No,
I don't know. It's Jack Lemon, great big cast Christopher Lee. Okay, yes,

for him, he was probably the the Satanic pilot. So
wait a minute, is there really like devil stuff going
on in this plane? No? No, I would love that.
I would love that. That would be great. That would
be airport I think the airport six six. Now, Christopher
Lee does usually play some sort of necromancer. All right, no,

are you gonna hazard a guess at what the number
one movie was when you were six years old? When
I was six years old, that would have been eighty nine. Yes,
yeah it didn't. I thought I did it wrong, but no, no, no,
I'm I'm eighty nine. Gosh, I bet it was The
Little Mermaid? Are graduated high school? By the way. Um, No,

good guests, though, I don't know if that year is correct,
but good guess it was Parenthood. Good movie it is.
I've never seen it. I think The Little Mermaid came out.
You've never seen Parenthood. I've never seen parent. Mymaid did
did come out in eighty nine, and that was a
huge movie. How is it? How is it not The
Little Mermaid? Well, it wasn't on your birthday, clearly, oh

on my actual birthday? All right, good job though, Yeah,
nailed it. You should see Parenthood. I think it holds up.
We had to watch it for that Martin right with
Steve Martin. Yeah, great big cast, Mary Steen, Burton, Kenna Reeves. Uh.
I think a very young Joaquin Phoenix, if I'm not mistaken,

when he was just a little little kid. Martha Plimpton,
Tom Holts, Jason Robards, They're all it's all coming back
to me. Very good, fun movie. Alright. No, Oh, Rick
Moranus wasn't it. I think was he? It would certainly

make sense. I mean it seems like his crew. I
think he was in it. I think he's married to
the lady with the smart kid. And Steve Martin and
uh and Mary Stein Burgin had the little boy that Uh,
he just he had some troubles growing up. Does Martin
short make a brief appearance as a flamboyant hairdresser, so
he should have though. Yeah, good stuff, alright. No, sixteen

years old, the number one movie in the country on
my birthday was a little movie called Lethal Weapon. Lethal Weapon,
The Weapon one. Uh huh, I'm too old. I'm too old.
That is a good movie. And I also remember what's
the actor's name? The woman who's the love insures Patsy
Kennest or Patsy kins It. I think Kinsai. Yeah, she's

a very steamy between her and Mel Gibson Beach camper action.
If I beat in in the top Bunk, remember the
top Bunk. I didn't realize. I was sixteen when I
saw it. Good movie. Oh wow, not with your parents,
I hope. No. I didn't get a movies with him. Okay, god,
my dad. You know famously, I think the last movies

I was Tarzan the eight Man with Bo Derek. That
was the last movie. All right, No, uh my mom
likes movies, so she said to it. But it wasn't
like a family where they were like, they didn't feed
me culture. You know, I've talked about it. I get it,
I get it, all right. No, when you were sixteen
years old, this is a very big movie, Gotney guesses.
I'm thinking Independence Day, and I would say maybe one

of the biggest movies of the year, probably probably top three. Ah,
it was an Independence Day? Was not an Independence Day.
I was trying to think what was big when I
was sixteen. Um, I'm not sure, Chuck the sixth sense,
Oh yeah, yeah, what was Independence Day? Did you see
it back then? I totally saw it. Yeah, saw in

the theater. Well, Independence Day was released a no on
July four, so, uh, not too long before your birthday.
So it either fell out of the top spot because
of the sixth sense, it might have been knocked out,
or if that was the wrong year, then ninety six.
What year are we talking here, Chuck? Well, I don't know.
You're you're the person who's lived that life. No, you

tell me sixteen. So what's the eighty three, ninety three, four,
ninety nine we're talking here? Well, you realize there's an
easy way to do that if eighty nine was the
first one, just at ten whatever, man I do? I do?
I do math my own way. You know that, um
eighty nine Independence Day was? It was ninety six, Sorry,

ninety nine Independence was ninety six. Okay, three years a
little younger, little younger. This isn't a test thom I know,
But yeah, no, I of course the sixth sense was
like a cultural phenomena. I don't I don't believe ef
I had it spoiled? Did you see that I did?
I definitely do. I was a theater theater going fellow.
I bet sixteen year old Noel, that's probably a pretty

pretty good movie to see now. I found not mistake
at ninety nine was a pretty dope year, and ninety
nine was one of the dopest. Yeah, that was an
American beauty in the matrix. We've talked about this. That's right,
a lot of good stuff, all right, Nil twenty six

years old for old Chucker Rooney, Return of the Jedi
re release re when when they did that spate of
like reissues like company, they released those first three with
a little gut set up stuff in theaters. I was
living in New Jersey. I saw these movies in the

theater at the Morristown What was the name of the mall?
They're not the bridge Town Bridgewater Mall? Is the Bridgewater Mall?
Or was it the place in Morristown? One of those
two places? But yeah, number one movie, all what what
found you? In New Jersey? Chuck Oh, I had graduated
college and my roommate still one of my great friends,

Justice justin my British friend. His his folks lived in
New Jersey and his stepfather did quite well for himself
as a corporate executive living in the Tony suburb of
New York City, which is Basking Ridge, New Jersey, or
Bernersville more specifically sister towns. And uh, they had this great,

big house and said, you know, we gotta go to
Australia for a transfer for a few years. We don't
want to sell this place justin would you be interested
in coming up here, living here and just sort of
minding the shop, paying the bills, making sure the grass
gets cut, that kind of thing. And he said sure.
And I went, well, Hell, I've got nothing better to do.

I'll go up there, and I'll go into New York
City all the time, because I've never lived up in
that direction. And I'll get a job waiting tables and
funk around for a few years. I did you know?
We were living rent free, So I was just banking money.
And that's when I did my big three month Europe trip,
in my big three month out West trip. So I
did a bunch of traveling. I met a lady, dated

a gal from New Jersey. Uh, lovely and winsome Carol Daily.
I'll go ahead and name her. She lives in Savannah, Georgia,
all know of all places. And I made a few
good friends. I got like I've got three Carol, and
I aren't touch anymore. But I have three friends that
I'm still in touch with. My friend John Bindell, who

I still see about once a year. Uh, my friend
James Porter who just moved to Minnesota, who I'm back
in touch with on Facebook. And then uh my friend
Pete Galloway, who I am in medium touch with. I
haven't seen him for a while, but we texted last
year and we aimed to see each other. So I've
got some like kind of lifelong pals still. That's cool, man.

I wish I loved that had an adventure like that,
a little money banking adventure in the bourbs. So you're you're,
you know, New York adjacent. I guess you got to
go in the city when in all the time. That's
when I went to n y U and did that
film program, which was a lot of fun, taking the
train in going to the city, studying film on the
streets of New York. Oh well, I love the streets

of New York. In those days, two were like not
what they are today. They were a little bit more
rugged and wild. You know, it's right. Want my friend
John Abraham, I forgot about John. John was one of
my first like really close gay friends, and John is
just the best. And he gave me a nickname which
he still calls me today, which was Cuppy. Oh that
calls me cup Chuck. To return back to sixth cents

just for a second. Um, uh, actually we were doing
Star Wars, but really quickly, I want a dull back
sixth cents. Have you seen the trailer for the new
m Night Shamalan movie. No, what is it's called. It's
called Old and it appears to be about some sort
of magical beach that makes people turn old spontaneously. Uh,
and it's got a pretty cool cast. Uh. It's a

good trailer. I recommend that it's an interesting concept. It's
very shy millennium. Um, I'm sure there'll be some sort
of magical twist. But he feels like he's having a
bit of a comeback. He's got a TV series on
Netflix that's supposed to be good or maybe it's all right,
I forget what I'm gonna watch this right after were
recording all yeah, yea, yeah, I'm interested to hear your thoughts.
But um, when the those the whole We've talked about this,

but those re issues of the Star Wars movies, that's
when they added all the dumb CG stuff, a couple
of bells and whistles. Yeah, I wasn't into it. Yeah,
I just don't like the whole like rewriting your legacy thing.
I mean, I guess it's his prerogative, you know, but
I just think he made them worse. Yeah. I feel
like the practicals and the you know, the kind of

scrappiness of those words is what made them special. And agree,
he just tried to hollywood him up a little too. Agreed.
It was a good scene in the theater again, definitely,
Uh and to put a button on New Jersey. And
I was no one moves to these towns after college.
You don't move to Bernardsville, New Jersey. When he graduate
college in Athens, Georgia. So I was a weird addition
to that town scene, which was kind of fun. I

like people knew me. They were like, I went by
Charles there because I was like, hey, I've never gone
by Charles. Let me do this different thing. And I
was Charles the Southern boy, and I met all these
like big time Jersey mooks and just really loved the people.
And I have it. It feels like a second home
to me. Still. I have a lot of affinity in
love for New Jersey. It's great. It's a it's a township.

It is a township, and it's very sadly it's a
couple of townships over from from our former presidents. Is
a golf course over there, bed Minster, it's supposed to
bed Minster. I didn't know at the time. I would
have burned it down. Yeah. Uh do you think he's
just hold up there now, Chuck? Is that where he's
kicking it? Well, he was in Florida, but now that

the seasons have changed, he is back in Minster, I think.
But no, I don't give a ship. No, no, no, sorry,
I didn't't even bring him up. Uh he he who
shall not be named. Um, we can't do this on stuff.
You should know. So I like to unload here on
that asshole. You don't like it, don't listen? She alright? No,

twenty six year old nol year old me? Where you
and Augusta? No? I think No, I'm an Athens. I
think by this point six. Uh my daughter was born
when I was twenty four. They so she used to

we're probably living in Athens. I think we bought a
house and lived there for a while. Um, I'm trying
to think twenty six it's a blur because of the kids. Stop.
Sure you probably did not get to the theater to
see G I Joe The Rise of Cobra. I did
not see G I Joe The Rise of Cobra surprising
number one film. I think, really, what was it the

rock in that? Maybe John Cena was in that one
of those wrestler movies. I do not know. And is
that the first G I Joe movie? It has a subtitle.
I didn't see any of those I was. I did not.
I was too old for the G I. Joe cartoons
when those came around. Dude, so it gives a fuck. Uh.
Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Cobra Commando. It's so weird, man,

Like you know, there's a whole period that we both remember,
probably somewhat differently, um, where you know, shows and properties
were made based on toys, not the other way around.
G I Joe was like toys and they made it
into a cartoon and also like you know, kids tidy
whities or whatever. But it's the same with like he Man,
the same with I think Ninja Turtles was a comic book.

I think there's some gritty Ninja Turtle cons but it
may have followed after the toys. I can't remember, but um,
definitely G I Joe was absolutely a toy. Yeah. Well,
I mean Josh not talked about on stuff, you know,
ad nauseum. But I was the age where I played
with the original G I Joe, the tall dolls, the
kung Fu grip. Yeah, so that was my era, and

then Josh was the action figure era, and we have
long debated the better era, where I think there was
no debate. Actually clearly always better to have a big,
giant doll with a kung Fu grip and real hair
than an action figure, right, I mean, I think this
was the other thing with the action figures. They were
more the word is an articulation points. You could bend

their arms in different ways, and their legs, and I think,
if I'm not mistaken, the kung Fu grip big Boy
was a little stiff. He was a little stiff, But
I don't know, bigger is better than all. I think
you had that big I had that big submarine. I
had the six wheel a TV, I had the jet. Oh,
there were there were there were accessories hell yeah, I

didn't realize that. I thought it was just like the one.
Oh no, dude, that's how they ktch you. You know,
you gotta get all that. But it was the one
where there were there different ones, different like figure guy.
He's really goofy looking, Chuck. You should look at him now.
I don't think he's gonna hold up in your childhood memory.
I totally know what he looks like in my mind's eye, nol,
So I don't need to look him up, but I
will just to satisfy you. He's got a weird medallion.

I guess that's a dog tag, but it's really oversized,
and he's got this odd beard, very strange looking beard.
Well you know they were doing their best. Uh yeah, sure, Well,
I mean I had different outfits and there were different characters,
but that little fuzzy ahead I still remember what that
feels like. Hey, Noel, are you on Google Images? Yeah?

Go all right, type in g I Joe Doll seventies Okay, yeah, yeah,
I'm pretty sure that's what I'm looking at. No, I'm
just but typing that specifically because I gotta tell you
a specific picture on it, Like I'm looking at it
all right, third, row down, Wait one, two three? Do
you see a picture of that guy doing a damn
near split with his knees. He's basically doing a breakdance move.

It looks so tell me that's not articulation. Pretty pretty articulate.
I would say his little wrists are very weedy, though
he just doesn't have a lot of I don't I
don't see that that that does not look like a
very uh that's not like a very fearsome grip chuck
type in the submarine after that, all right, and look
at that sea wolf and tell me that's not badass.
Is a sea wolf like a real type of submarine?

That is pretty cool. It's like a little personal submarine.
And here we've got g I. Joe stripped down to
his skivvy's and he's basically a barbed now type in
jet pack chuck. He's a Barbie doll. He's a Barbie
doll underneath it all in jet back All right, Oh whoa,
The sea wolf is actually submersible. It looks like it's
got like a little squeezy thing that allows you to

submerge it in the bath that that's what you do
in the bathtub or the swimming pool. If you're looking
it comes, it comes with a squid. Uh, you're saying,
jet the jet pack, you actually could hook up a
line to a tree and send that sucker down the tree.
That's pretty cool, man. All right, okay, Chuck, you got me.
And then and then one more an old type in

a TV. And look at that sweet orange. There's two
of them, I think of the yellow one. Actually is
it motorized? No, but it had a winch in a
cable that that you could move. Oh god, Chuck, there's
a great picture. It's like it's in somebody's sink or
or somebody's bathtub, but it's really rusty looking like the

bathtub that it's in. And also the g I Joe
dude looks like he's just propped up like he's pretty
much dad, just sitting in the seat. He's got a
Safari hat that's just like laying on the front um.
I'm on the fence. Check the jet pack is pretty cool.
I will say this too, and I told this on
the Stuff You Should Know. But since this is a
movie podcast, my brother and I made really my brother

and I was just a little assistant boy. He we
made Super eight movies with these two, with a Super
eight movie with these g I. Joe dolls, stop motion animation,
with an actual plot and everything. And I would do
anything to have a copy of that. I was about
to say, that's sad that it and exists. Probably, Um,
it's weird, though, Chuck, Like they have different flavors of

these g I. Joe's. There is the token black one.
I have to put that out. What was his name?
I can't remember, uh, And then and then the rest
of them are the same, but they just have different
color hair, and different colored beards and and different colored outfits.
Obviously they were saving some money that way. Oh it
looks like this other guy. Maybe it's meant to be Asian.
I'm not sure, but it was so probably not well done.

It's it's weird seeing them all. Probably highly offensive a
little bit, all right, Noel, thirty six year old, Chuck,
the number one movie in that The Land on My
Birthday pays three hundred three D. That was I liked
it all right at the time. That was that. That
was the first big Zack Snyder movie. I think. So
he's still making big movies somehow. Yeah, I mean he's

he's a competent filmmaker. Like we said that that we
talked about the Army of the Dead, how it was
just kind of like, sure, it was fine, but he
obviously knows how to make these big, splashy action movies,
spaction splactions. All right, no, ol, do you have any
guests of what the number one movie was just a
few short years ago for your thirty six birthday? Thirty

six birthday, number one movie? You probably won't. Yeah, maybe
I will hold on. Let's see, I'm just now thirty
seven in August. It was just a solid year ago.
Wait a minute, but this would have been right before
the pandemic. Well you know, yeah, six roughly, Well it
would things were normal still, no one knew about the

pandemic yet. Um, I god, I have no idea. Good Boys,
it's that movie with the three like elementary school kids
boys that kind of super bad ish. I think. So
that's no longer going to continue on because I had
a forty six birthday a few years ago, and the

number one movie on my forty six birthday was the
live action Beauty and the Beast movie. I did not.
I didn't see it either. Um yeah, there's don't really
do it For me, I like the I like the
original so much. I feel like every time I've seen
seen one of those live action ones there they kind
of sucked the joy out of it a little bit.
I'm not I'm not into it. I didn't see it.
I'm not into it. All right, Well that was fun.

Maybe we should do this at some different ages. I
love it. I love it. There's a there's a segment
or what are you like a column or something on Pitchfork.
I think it's called or really Yeah, it's like a
record thing with like what it's this kind of but
here's just a little more specific and uh and kind
of honed in. There are no original ideas, no clearly,

of course there aren't. All right, we're gonna move on
and no old This is Pride Month. It is. It's
very exciting for our friends and listeners of the l
g B t Q I a community. We just won't

you usually add every letter in the goddamn alphabet just
so everyone will be covered. It's not every that's only
like six letters. It's really not that not that complix.
But you hear people say that stupid shit. I know
people say all kinds of stupid ship. I just try
to tune them out. Actually didn't know about i A yet.
That is intersex and a sexual. Mm hmm, that's interesting.

That's interesting a sexual. Yeah, we did a podcast episode
on that a few years ago. Very interesting stuff like
like Morrissey. You know he's a sexual, is he? I
don't know, he's claimed to be. I think he was celibate,
maybe a sexual. I'm not sure his uh, his direct
I'm not sure what he what he claims as his
identity these days. But yeah, I do remember that back

in the day, uh said Noel. Since this is Pride
Month and we are a big time supporters of l
g B t q i A, we are going to
go to the crushers page and our good old pal
Mike Sam's had a great question happy Pride Month. What
was the first movie or TV show that introduced you
to an l g B t q i A character.

Great question, because you know, sometimes sometimes a movie or
TV character can open someone's eyes who may not be
open to a lifestyle other than their own. Sure, I mean,
I think we've talked about in the past that Billy
Crystal's character on Soap was one of the first like
openly gay characters that kind of had agency and that
wasn't just sort of a like a punch line right

a little bit. I mean it was you know, it
was definitely played for laughs. I wouldn't call it the
most progressive thing, but no, it's for the time maybe.
I have to say, though, I actually find that show
pretty pretty good, especially it's it's it's a pretty good satire.
I think it kind of knew what it was doing
and I didn't find it to be too particularly you know,
lampooning of his character. I thought it was just like

here he is or they're also gay characters on The
Golden Girls. I feel like they had one of their
they had a roommate that was okay, you want to
hear a dirty secret? Knoll tell me, I've never seen
one episode of The Golden Girl. It's cute. It's cute.
I know that that's heresy too many people. I mean,
I like watched a ton of it, um really quickly.
Just for me, I've said it before, and I've said it,
I'll say it again, and I've interviewed him on the show. Uh.

For me, it was head Vig and the Angry Inch.
That was ah, the most kind of like in in
this very specific world that I was not privy to
kind of character, like just the drag community and like
all of that stuff, and it just was such a well,
I don't know, such a lovely movie, and it really
kind of it's so inclusive and interesting and like really

made me kind of, you know, reframe my whole perception
of like what it meant to be gay. Um, it
can mean a lot of things. And I think that's
why that movie was so special to me. Have you
told John that I have? That's great. I don't remember.
For me, I do remember very specific memories of seeing
the film ad for Lakaja Foe in the newspaper. Uh,

the obviously the original French version of The Bird Cage,
and I remember, you know, I've talked about it before.
I was a young Baptist kids, so I wasn't exposed
to this stuff in a positive light. So I remember
seeing Lakaja fo ads and thinking like, well, that's something
I probably shouldn't see. Um. And you know, I I evolved,

thank God, and uh learn more and more. And I
don't remember a specific movie, but you know, for me,
it was it was having my first really good gay friend. UM.
Of course in high school. In retrospect, I had a
good gay friend who was not out in um looking
back though it was, it's pretty clear that he was

and he was a good friend. But then in college
I had my first really good, open and out gay friend,
and that's when, uh, And that was just I think
those relationships are always very beneficial to people, especially when
they grew up in the environment that I did. Absolutely
now that I was a homophobe or anything like that,
but I just didn't know what I didn't know, you know.
All Right, So that's my story. We're gonna go with

Tonia collect one of our old friends subconsciously, probably Mercutio
in the ninety six version of Romeo and Juliet. Okay
for sure. Karry mcquad says, I guess the crying game
counts uh. And then happy pride to Mike, Happy pride, Mike.

Let me see here, Sarah, heark Raider, Sarah. I don't
believe we've seen you before. Welcome to the show. Uh,
Sarah's Sailor Moon. That's a movie. You don't know. It's
an anime, Okay, look at you. I've never I've never
really thought of it as being like overtly l g
E t Q I. But I mean it definitely has,
you know, inclusive kind of vibes, and they're certainly characters

I think you could associate with that scene. It's got
serious kind of like energy that you could apply to
like a drag kind of situation. Yeah. I've never really
thought of it directly as that, but I could certainly
see it as being something that that that opens up
people's minds in terms of like that kind of fashion
in all of the different aspects of it. Janet Allman
says soap. Jeffrey James j Rossa says Ellen, it's probably

the early show I can think of. But well before that,
I remember my parents vaguely explaining Liberaci to me for
some reason. Oh well, of course I can't forget about
Liberaci as a child of the seventies. Um, mainstream America
had at Liberaci in their living room like once a week.
It felt like so for sure, Um that that movie

with Michael Douglas was great. I don't know if you
ever saw that. I have not seen it. I think
I saw a little bit of it when it was
like on, I didn't watch the whole thing, but excellent, Yeah,
really good. Uh, Devaney Ladrue says Pedro Zamora of the
Real World. Sure, Pedro, I believe Pedro passed, isn't that right?
Do you remember that? Noel, I don't remember that character character.

I don't remember that human from the Real World. What
season was that? That was season I'm looking, I'm looking.
That was Real World San Francisco. I did watch some
of that season, I think, and that is right now
that I'm looking. Actually, Pedro was HIV positive on the show,
I think, and really brought that story to the forefront

of a lot of young people and very sadly did
pass away. I remember that now, very sad Uh. Let
me see who we got next. Andre, Oh, this is
this is good. I'm gonna read this, Andre Camroud, welcome
to the show, Andrea, all these new people. I love

it too. Uh. Very specific things turned me from pretty
homophobic to a somewhat decent human being in my youth.
Willow and Terra's relationship and Buffy. I know that's a
big one. I didn't really watch Buffy, but I know
that's a big one. And meeting a cross dressing glam
rocker as soon as it moved to Oslo to study,
I would have been a homophobe probably without those two things.

Ignorance is the path to hate. It's true. Great word. Yeah,
I mean I actually was hanging out with a friend
of mine who was visiting from out of town, and
I met his uncle, who is as an old school
Atlanta Atlanta dude, and he grew up in Augusta, which
is where me and this friend grew up. Um. And
he was talking he's like in his probably mid fifties

now and has been you know, knowing that he was
case since he said that he was like, you know,
like a little kid basically, um, which is absolutely thing.
And he was saying how in Augusta he literally had
to keep it to himself because he was you know,
was afraid he would have been like persecuted to the
point of perhaps you know death. He was very, very

very concerned. So he moved to Atlanta the first chance
he got. Atlanta in those days was such a thriving,
uh gay scene already like and with you know, RuPaul
got her start here at all these clubs on I
believe it was um how Cheshire Bridge area that was
like a really big like drag scene, and she kind
of got her start here before moving on to New
York and obviously becoming the kind of face and uh,

you know, brand of like mainstreaming all this drag culture. Um.
But I asked him how he thought things were today comparatively,
and he was just like, oh my god, are you kidding.
It's like no night and day Like it's like, yeah, question,
I mean general that day for most people. Uh. And
and I think it's we need to acknowledge that it

is still so tough for so many people in so
many parts of this country. Um, it is still a
struggle to to be out and proud, and things have
really gone on the right direction, but I'm still a
lot of work to do. You're absolutely right. Matthew Jones says,
I saw Milk with Sean pind great movie back in
two thousand nine. Still loved watching that movie and I
still cry when I watch it. That's a great one.

Lilian Rolf says, Philadelphia, but I grew up with Uncle
Bob and Uncle David. His favorite uncle's uncle Dave passed
from complications from HIV AIDS and ninety two. They lived
across the country, uh in San Francisco when I was
in New York, but we occasionally vacation with them, and
they came to visit frequently. Good stuff. Uh. And then

Lilian also says, I really understand out what a real
gift it is to have grown up with an uncle
out and living his life. It was just a part
of my life to have two uncles living together. Yeah,
very lucky indeed. Ben Cleaver says bird Cage, but that
was a big one for a lot of people. Gail
the Danger Obbin says, I'm pretty sure my introduction was fame. Sure.

Oh this is a good one. Eve Elizabeth Lee says
Kevin Allison from the State on MTV. I was twelve
years old, my first exposure to drag as well. Still
a huge fan, uh, Eve Kevin Allison. I have actually
met and had lunch with Kevin. He is awesome, great,
great dude, and I need to get him on the show.

In fact, emailing myself right now, not emailing, just making
a little note I need to get been on. Oh yeah,
of course, of course, yeah I was. I had to
get a reminder of what is what his face looks like? Yeah? Great?
Big also in No. Nine one one, I believe, Yeah, Yeah,

Kevin's awesome and he has a great, great podcast called
risk I don't know if you ever listened to it,
but it's about people. That's a storytelling podcast where people
get on stage and tell very risky stories about their past,
in their life stories sometimes most times that they haven't
told anyone else, and they will do it in front
of people. Very very very good, powerful stuff. Yeah. I

believe he did a live event at the Brooklyn Podcast
Festival and we went one year. Yeah, I saw a
live one, so good. Jeff Noell says, all in the Family.
Then there was Marty on Barney Miller and Jody on Soap.
Of course. Hailey Q Levin says, probably ten years old
when I saw Rocky Horror when Dr Frankenfurter seduces both

Janet and Brad, I remember thinking, well, this is new. Yeah,
I bet you, Frankenfurter. There a lot of people onto
that stuff. That's really clutely. Uh let me see here. Uh.
Lori Cornelius also says Pagro from the real world, right.
Rochelle Jones says, probably Roseanne sense, uh what was the

what was it was that? It was just something that
was discussed. I think probably maybe I didn't I actually
didn't watch Roseanne I know that's a huge show, but
I never really watched. It's kind of crazy considering how
problematic she is now, you know, for some of her leanings,
um and some you know, kind of inflammatory ship that
she said. But at the time, it was definitely a
show that discussed things like drugs and you know, real

problems that real families might face, but also just the
realities of like living in America. I didn't really shine
away from things in the way that some sitcoms kind
of just like whitewashed everything, you know, totally are old
pal the wonderful Stellin Carlson says, the first one I
can think of, sadly the Silence of the Lambs. But

there must be some other one that I'm forgetting. Yeah,
of course that would be not a portrayal that you
would want to see. All right, let's finish up here, Noel,
how about Rob Jewett says, Does Paul Lynde count even
though he was never out Paul Lynn of Hollywood Squares, Um,

I would say that counts. That was also sort of
in that time in the seventies where there were some
characters that were clearly and in personalities that were clearly gay.
And it was just a time very sadly where they couldn't,
uh could not be out for fear of career reprisals.
But I'd say that counts. I think so too, And

let's finish up with uh Nina doll Piccolo says Rent.
I never saw a rent that's the one with the
one thousand weight one minutes. It's minutes minutes apparently how

many minutes or any year? Uh? Yeah, that I remember
when that show came out, it was definitely at a
time where that conversation wasn't being had openly just about
aids and about you know, this very specific issue that
you know, the face the gay community have been dealing
with for so many years. It was something that was

kind of like again like sort of swept under the
rug um, and that really kind of put up, you know,
I think, a real face to it in terms of like, oh,
these are human beings that are dealing with something very
very very painful and very you know, specific to their community. Totally.
All right, everyone, happy Pride Month. Maybe, well, I don't
know if we're recording ahead of time something, I'm sure, well,

who cares if it's not in Pride Month? We can
squeeze in maybe another l G B t Q I
a segment in here somewhere over the next couple of weeks.
I acknowledge all of our friends and loved ones among
our crush your community. So thanks to everyone for listening,
Thanks Nol for fixing your computer in real time and
joining me. Yes, and thanks to Bob's Redmill for that

great great flower. Ah. Yeah, of course. Movie Crash is
produced and written by Charles Bryant and Meel Brown, edited
and engineered by Seth Nicholas Johnson, and scored by Noel
Brown here in our home studio at Pontsy Market, Atlanta, Georgia.
For I Heart Radio. For more podcasts for my Heart Radio,
visit the I Heart Radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever

you listen to your favorite shows.

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