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June 28, 2021 24 mins

Mini Crush #177 will take you to the pilot.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Movie Crush, a production of I Heart Radio.

Hey everybody, and welcome to Mini Crush Monday Summer Blockbuster Edition.
You know that means nol we get how many? I
think we get like two blockbusters this summer now. Yeah,
but we're just gonna talk about summer block just in general.
In general. How are you doing? I'm doing? Wow? Man?
What what what do we get? We get Black Widow finally?
Is that coming out? That's coming out, that's coming out

next month? What about Bond? And what about Top Gun?
I know Bonds coming out? Um, I don't know about
Top Gun. I mean, so many of these have been
in the can for so long. You've already heard them tease.
You kind of were like, assume they came and went,
but they've really been hanging on for dear life. HBO
seems to have done a fine job with their dual
release model, you know, I think so. Yeah. I think

they have sort of determined that they don't think that
is killing the box office like they thought it would.
But I don't know. I know In the Heights has
not done really well. But I read an article saying
it's not because it was on HBO Max. It's because
as a limited audience, a limited So do you know
what the scuttle butt is about white people are upset
about that movie? I heard. I didn't people. I didn't either.

I just heard it. Literally heard the teas for the
n p r P say Lin Manuel Miranda issues apology,
you know, about inclusivity or something, and I'm like, it
seemed a little much. But then I didn't hear the
actual piece, so I thought you might have heard. No,
I haven't heard. But isn't you you already the eye
roll is just inherent, right, I'm already like, what could
it possibly be? What could it possibly be? Everyone's got

to apologize. I'm not apologizing for ship. Don't do it. Check,
I'm double down I what I say. Um, but yeah,
I mean it's definitely gonna be a different type of
summer Blockbuster season. But I think people are going back
to the movies. I certainly am. Yeah, I can't wait.
So a little background on the summer blockbuster uh, straight

from Wikipedia, because I can do that on this show
and I don't even feel bad about it. So this
is straight from Wikipedia Slummer Blockbuster, uh. Because I kind
of wondered. I was like, where's the block. Exactly where
did that come from? Apparently it says it began to
appear in the early nineteen forties in the press in America,
and it was literally a reference at first two bombs

being dropped that could destroy a block of buildings like
a blockbuster, kind of like a bunker buster you hear
about these days when they're you know, carpet bombing in
the Middle East. I talked about bunker buster. But a
bomb in movie parlance is bad. Well, that's true. I
didn't think about that. Um. Apparently the first reference in
movies was in May of nineteen forty three, advertisements and

Variety talked about out the film Bombardier as the blockbuster
of all action thrill service shows. Whatever that is. That's
very specific. And uh, I think in nineteen I think
after World War Two it fell out of favor a
little bit because of the origins of it. Uh. And
then in the late forties and Variety brought it back

in an article about big budget movies. And then by
the nineteen fifties it kind of became the standard in
the press to talk about like a big, big movie
fifties way before I would have thought. And then, of course,
and seventy five was kind of Jaws is generally thought
of as the first big summer blockbuster. It really kind

of changed the face of the industry because then it was,
you know, the blockbuster era of summer movie started with that,
and then a couple of years later with Star Wars.
And now they don't say that as much as they
say tent pole. Yeah, you're gonna say tent pole weird one, right, Yeah,
I mean I know what that means is just like
this is they're sort of all in on this one

big movie. Otherwise their tent will fall down as their
tent as their tent poles, like for their slate of
films for the year. But yeah, Blockbuster and then Blockbuster
Video of course took that name. And now when you say,
you don't really think about where it might have come from,
but that's where it going. So I went over to
the movie crush page and had a couple of little

things that I posted dealing with summer blockbusters and one
and not even blockbusters necessarily for this first one. It
is what movie just says summer to you, And it
may be a specific memory that you had, or it
may just like to me. I think of like Independence
Day as like just a summer because it was released

untolf forth, and it always just feels like summer to me,
even though I didn't really think that movie was that great.
It's also easy to remember that it was released on
July four because it's called the name of that holiday.
That's right. It wasn't called Labor Day, although they're probably
was a movie called Labor Day about babies being born
not wearing white. Yeah, after or before. I don't think
you can wear white after labor, that's what they say.

But I wear white whenever. Damn right, chuck, double down,
That's what I say. No apologies. Uh, you got a
movie that it says summer to you? Summer, Yeah, i'd
be so, you know I did. Yeah, an Independence Day
is not a bad one. I mean Jurassic Park, I think,
you know. Yeah, remember that came out. I was in
France with my mother. She was singing in the opera,

and I remember seeing the previews for that, and then
we got back to the States and it came bound
immediately and I saw it right away. Yea, yeah, yeah.
Our old pal Stellan Carlson says, um clue or wet
hot American summer. I was in New York in the
summer and stayed with a friend who found out I

had not seen either of those movies. Gasp. We watched
them back to back and my gass, my guess was
thoroughly flabbird has about that's a nice one, And I
didn't see where you were going there. I didn't answer,
trust you, you really should have. I only recently watched Clue,
and it is an absolute delight. Did you see it?

The best? A lot of fun. I'm gonna go home
and sleep with my wife one of the best last
lines of a movie ever. And also like it has
like multiple endings, right, like the whole famous thing about it. Yeah,
and in the theater you had to pay to see
one and then pay to see another. Oh yeah, that
was the whole trick was they were trying to get
multiple movie tickets. Hannah Duppy says Summer Rental Meatballs with

Bill Murray, Sandlott in Field of Dreams. Yeah, those all
feel like summer to me. For me, it was all
those like Disney baseball movies of the nineties, like Rookie
of the Year, Angels in the Outfield. Uh, well, yeah,
you were too old for that was right in the
sweet Spot childhood movie. Yeah, when you were such a

big baseball fan. Well, that's the thing that I didn't
give a shit about baseball, but I one of those
movies were great. Uh, Teresa Barker's Meatballs as well. We
always watch it in the winter when we're pining for summer. Also,
Little Darling's another summer camp movie. I remember that movie
that was very tawdry because they were young boys and
girls being sexual in Little Darling's. Uh, that's the thing, Noel,

do you can you watch a big summer movie in
the winter or v s verse like Josh and I are.
For example, yesterday he hadn't seen The Ice Storm and
I was like, dude, you gotta see the Ice Storm.
And I was like, but don't watch it now. You
can't watch Ice Storm in the middle of the summer
like that movie. Just it's got to be a cold
winter day. It's interesting. It's an interesting proposition. It doesn't

always have to align like I'm not like, no, if
it's said in the fall, you have to watch it
in the fall. But the Ice Storm, certain movies are
so tied to a feeling of that that season. Are
you are you the kind of person that like gets
upset of someone orders a steak at a seafood restaurant.
Though you know, I don't get upset with anyone ordering anything.
It's funny that, like a hamburger at a sushio exactly,

I might turn my nose of that just a little bit. Yeah,
uh no, I see what you're saying. I don't know
that I necessarily need that seasonal connection to appreciate a movie.
I think that that for me personally, and I can
see how could enhance it. Maybe I don't often need it,
But in Teresa's case, she's purposely purposefully watching a summer

movie in the winter because it brings back those memories.
I like it. I like it too. Jonathan P. Suspense
Key says, uh, Vacation the original. We still blast Holiday
Road in the car when we pick up the kids
in the last day school. That's fun, it's fun. I
like the tradition. Is that a song in the movie
that's exclusively long way down the Holiday Road? Oh Holiday Road?

You don't know the song? No? Is it made up
for the movie or is it a real song? It's well,
it's a real song, but it was what movie songs fake. No,
it's mainly is it a song like sometimes you know,
I know what you mean. It was written for the
film by h it was Fleetwood mac so it was
it made just been Lindsay bucking So it was written
for the film. It was written for the film. There
you go. I love that. I love that. Now. I

can't remember if it was just Lindsey Buckingham, so lower
if it was Fleetwood. I think it was Lindsay bucking
Eric torre Gerson says The Last Starfighter and Flight of
the Navigator, Um, just Lindsey Buckingham. It is okay, thanks
for fact checking that, No problem, Felicia Trulio. Brian says,

has to be jaws every beach trip. As a kid,
I was on the lookout for my very own great
white horble. Buddy. John Stockton says in Sino Man, I
never saw that. Oh I saw that in the summer,
and I remember that very distinctly seeing in the theater.
That's with it was. I think it was Brandan Frasier's
first big movie. And then of course Polly Shore. Um.
The thing I always remember from it is he goes

poly Shore. He's basically like a convenience store terrorist. He
goes in and drinks directly from the slushy machine, and
he said he calls it wheezing the juice, but he
goes wheezing the hit. I don't know if you tied
that back, but I know that I've heard you say
wheezing the juice before. It's something you say. Now. It's like,

definitely think i'd said part of my vernacular. Justin Wright says,
sounds a little strange, but Anchor Man. It came out
during the summer when I was a senior in high school,
and my friends and I just quoted it NonStop. It
was the soundtrack of our summer. Yeah, that's that's not
weird at all. The best summer he's seen from that, though,
is when he's all downtrodden. He's been like, you know,
fired from the news, and he's walking around like with
a beard and drinking milk, and he goes, it's so hot.

Perhaps milk was poor choice or something. I loved Anchor
Man so much. Oh, I didn't even see the sequel
because I heard it was bad and I didn't want
it to taint the original. I think it was just
one of those retread every time would be kind of situation.
The first thing so funny, so funny, sex panther. But

what was the line? Whatever percentage of the time it
works every time? I can't remember. Very good. I mean
there was a good bit of improve in that as well.
Oh I'm sure. Yeah, you get that cast together and
they're going to do that. Christine Applicate was so good
at it too. Uh. Curtis King, says Aniana Jones in
the Temple of Doom and then Ghostbusters, Courtney Hoover's a

sand lot. Yeah, summer baseball movies, Timothy Hendrix a slacker.
Maybe it's because it's about being in a certain place, Texas,
which makes me sweat just thinking about it at a
certain time. To me, that's what summer is about, enjoying it,
taking it on with your friends before it gets cold again.
I will say this, No, I am not a I

like cold weather. I'm not a person who shuns it.
I like all the seasons, um, but I would not
want to live in Minneapolis or Chicago or any place
where it's cold for that long. I did it in
New Jersey for a while, and it just my whole
thing was it just went on forever. Yeah. Yeah, it's like, God, damn,
it's April and it's still cold and there's no leaves
on the trees. Is a seasonal effective disorder? You know?

Had sad? Yeah, I feel you. But I will say this,
and this is what brought me to that about those
places is they do summer big. I think in Atlanta,
summer gets to a point where so oppressive. You've spent
a lot of time indoors because it's so goddamn hot.
But man, if you go to a Minneapolis on a
nice summer day or Chicago, it's just the city's exploding.

Even New York. I mean, you know, New York City,
it's like beautiful people out in the you know, doing
their thing. It's it's a lovely, lovely time because I
have to in the park and Cheap's meadow. I hope
to have a New York trip this summer, maybe in
early August. Yeah, I'm gonna go. I miss it. I
had a buddy that that just did a road trip

up the East Coast and he said New York was
still a little shut down. Sad. I mean, obviously New
York will be one of the tougher cities to come back.
Just because it's so dense, sleep packed and stacked up
on each other. Um. But yeah, and I need to
show New York some love. I miss it, I miss it,
I miss it. All Right, now, we're gonna move on

to our final segment of the day. Favorite all time
summer blockbuster movie experience, and I'm talking to movie experience
and all not just uh and that movie is pretty good,
but like one of those, like one of my favorite
all time ones was uh, point Break, like okay movie,

but I remember that experience. That day, my friends and
I piled in my buddies jeep and went and saw
it and the top was down and afterward it rained
like one of those Atlanta thunderstorms where it's like three
ft of water all of a sudden, and the top
was down and we were just getting drenched and splashing
puddles everywhere, and we had just seen Point Break. That's
very point Break, by the way, it was very point Break.

And I'll never forget that day. That was like one
of the most fun sort of like movie memories I've got.
That's a movie that's just I think beloved for the
right reasons, Like it's very campy and kind of corny
but it has a lot of heart and like there's
something about it holds up as Yeah, I did that
on the show with Jordan Morris. It was a lot

of fun. Uh, let me see her. You can think
if you have a favorite summer movie experience. But Freddy Lynn,
one of her old friends, his Guardians of the Galaxy.
We'd spent the afternoon the pool got cleaned up and
wanted to see a movie. My son chose Guardians. I
was not sure how it would be, but to my delight,
it was a blast. Um we I don't think I
mentioned on it, or maybe I did on a pass

stream this, but um, Emily and I have been going
through some of the Marble stuff that she hadn't seen
because she's sort of here there with that stuff and
a lot of stuff. She loved the Guardians movies, and
then we watch Captain Marvel, which is okay. I thought
it was fine. I like the nineties nest of it. Yeah,
it was all right. It wasn't the best. I'm trying
to remember who we finished it because we kind of

have to do it in chunks or whatever. But um,
I knew that she would love Guardians, and I told
her all these years. I was like, you would really
like these movies. He's like, I don't know. It just
didn't look good at me. It's got a raccoon in
it or whatever. And I was like, I think you
would love it. It's fun, it's funny, it's kitchy, it's
got heart, it's got great music. It's one of those
movies that you're right though that on paper, it doesn't

make sense, doesn't seem like it would work at all. Yeah. Well, god,
she loves groups so much. It's her favorite character of
all time. He's so so wonderful, especially Baby Group. Who
was that actually does the voice of group? Is this
something really famous? It just doesn't. It's been Diesel Groot.
I could do it. You could do it for a
lot less money than give me a dollar. I'll do group.

Let me see here. Christie Richardson says, my brother and
I were in our twenties when the Star Wars prequels
came out. We were so amped up because we grow
up with your originals. He made his lightsabers out of flashlights.
We dressed up in brown bathrobes, put our hair and braids,
and voila Jedi nerds in line for the movie. That's fun.
I know you hate Star Wars, though I don't hate
Star Wars. I just don't, I know, I know, I'm

just kidding. I was toying with the idea of going
to Disneyland. I'm going to l A in a couple
of days, and uh that that that galaxy looks incredible. Yeah, Galaxy.
It's called Galaxy, Galaxy's Edge, Galaxy's Yeah. Yeah, I want
to go to that too. Oh, Sarah, I don't this
is gonna come up, Sarah Stanislaw saister Esse Park. My

family very rarely went to the movies altogether, so it
was a big treat. Even a two year old brother
came and hid under the seat. Yeah, that's intense for
a two year old. That's also were like, I remember
the toys, you know, I remember McDonald's tie in, I
remember all the things that surrounded that release. Since all
very summary in my memory, I think that's exactly the
right same here. Totally agree. There's a lot of Jurassic

Parks on here. Old friend Zack Pointer says, I would
uh also have to be my first movie going experience
et some release that started my addiction to theaters and cinema. Uh, Oh,
here's the different one. Mary Morale says Disturbia in a
crowded theater. Everyone was yelling and screaming at the same time.
The best That movie was kind of good. Actually, I

haven't seen it. I heard it was good. I'm having
another memory now that I hear yelling and screaming in
the movies. Uh, sister act um. I remember seeing that
with my mom in New York in the summer, and
it was just so hot outside and then you go
in the theater and it's like an escape, it's like
beautiful air conditioning. And I remember being in a theater. Uh.

And it was it wasn't like in Manhattan. Even it
wasn't in like Times Square. It was like somewhere like
in Harlem or some other like Burrow. And I remember
it was a very lively crowd that was really like
yelling at the screen and like and all pumped and
they were happy to be very happy. But it was like,
I have a very distinct and that literally just came
back to me when you said that, and that that
was I think. I remember being in theaters in New

York in this summer and there were people in there
that clearly just paid to get out of the heat.
And that did not give a shit about the movie.
I could see that. I could totally see that. I
remember the hottest I've ever been always in Las Vegas
one day. Um. I remember walking to a liquor store
because there weren't maybe there aren't now, but there weren't
a lot of liquor stores right there on the strip.

It's just like casino. After a casino, I do think
they don't want to buying your own booze. And I
had to go get some gin, and uh, I've walked.
I was probably like a mile back two miles probably
total to this liquor store and a hundred and maybe
degree heat in Vegas. Hottest I've ever been in my life. Yea, yeah,

because it's just like and I took it out there
sons just blasting down on you. I was so hot
and so miserable. I took a very shameful couple of
gulps straight out of the gin bottle on the way
back with it. That doesn't sound very refreshing, chuck, That's
not very refreshing. It was pretty gross. Courtney Huber says
Independence Day, my hometown had just gotten its first b

and B theater. I'm sure what that is. Maybe a
chain that we don't get around here, maybe or does
she mean in bed and breakfast theater? Is anything business
to business theater B two B. For some odd reason,
my best friend and I were allowed to walk all
the way across town to see that movie. We were fourteen,
so we walked the two plus miles in the sweltering
summer heat to watch that movie. A small town living.

You see what a B and B theaters? It's a
it's a chain of theaters being okay. Theater is a
family owned operation American movie theater chain based in Liberty, Missouri.
Oh I love that founded in nineteen four and there's
only fifty locations in the entire United States. Wow, well,
I hope they're surviving. H Joshua Fish says before the

res of the multiplex. My friends parents on the local
movie theater, and one summer we had a private screening
of Golden Eye just our group of high school friends,
which is pretty mind blowing at the time. That's always special,
even if you're just happy to be the only person
in the theater. That's always fun. Bond movies were usually
summer releases, right are usually those were feel those were

tent poles. Golden Eye, Golden I was that was one
of the great games of all time. I agree, Oh,
of course, because it was well, I think it was
the deal with that was like they didn't really they
sort of put in the multiplayer as an afterthought and
then it just was like played that game. Yeah, I
think we talked about that before it was. Yeah, we
called it Hunt and Chase. I was never very good

at it, so I was always getting killed totally, but
it's fun. Yeah, it was fun. Um. Let me see
here Jim carrying the mask. This is from Jim Wine Press.
I saw to drive in when I was younger and
love the entire experience. Yeah, I have fun memories of
that as well. I don't think I would would like
it very much. Watched it now, something tells me it
doesn't age great. It just seems like one of those

movies Somebody stop man. Yeah. I liked it though. Oh
I liked it to based on a comics series, it's
much more like a little edgy and kind of psychedelic.
Like they made the movie kind of more broad and goofy,
but the comics are like kind of pretty violent. Actually,
really more subversive, a little more subverse. I think it
was on like Dark Horse or one of those like
more kind of like adult comic labels. Yeah, yeah, with

all the boobs and boobs and bukas. Let's finish up
here with Lelanard top gunning back to the future. One
of my father's coworkers love to take my brother and
I on we can adventures, and she took us to
both of these. Just great memories for me. That is great, nol.
Some are blockbusters. We can only hope that they come

back soon in full. You know, let's see what we got.
I want to see what's coming up this Friday. Oh um,
good question. Let's I was gonna do summer movies and
we've got like a Black Widow. I think it is
coming very soon. Uh Don't Breathe to which you remember

Don't Breathe, the one with the blind man in the house,
so they kind of like psycho like hunting. Oh, sure,
there's a sequel to this. It's coming out. It's called
Don't Breathe Too. I thought Don't Breathe was pretty good.
I thought it was great. Um, the new Suicide Squad's coming.
That looks pretty cool. Oh but wouldn't it. Um, what's
his face? Gun James Gunn? I don't know. I think

it was James Gunn. James got the Guardian movies. They
brought James Gunn in to save once he got booted
from Guardians three to save. The d C was like, well,
we'll take him. Well, didn't they give him Guardians three back?
Because he sort of got canceled and then uncanceled U
but he made that movie in between exactly. I mean
I didn't see the first one, so I'll go in
eyes wide open. Yeah, we've got just these Jungle Cruise,

a movie based on a ride, and my friend Stacy
worked on that. Yeah. Oh, the new Ghostbusters movie looks cool.
Apparently apparently Ivan Rightman Um very much loved it and
his son is the one who did it, and he's
he's done great movies. He did that like Up in
the Air, and I love it all that we've got. Oh,
the Green Knight. I'm very excited about The Green Knight. Well,

I saw the preview and everyone was going gaga over
and it just sort of felt a little flat for me.
And I hate to say, I mean, I hope I'm wrong. Um. Interesting,
you know who are al Stein is, Yeah, he did
the Goosebump series, but before he did that, he did
this series of kind of young adults, sort of raunchy
slasher books called Fear Street. Um or maybe Fear Street

was Christopher Pike, but anyway, there was are al Stein
and Christopher Pike. There's gonna be a fear Street movie
called Fear Street Part one nine. Very interesting, but um yeah,
I'm looking forward to that's going to be a Netflix thing.
But the theater movies is where I'm excited it about.
So yeah, I'm gonna then you get this mad Na's going. Man,
don't they want my business? They definitely don't. They want

to sell them. By one is you just don't see
any There's just not any available. Hull. No. They all
start at like four or five, and I need to
be done by three. I need to go see like
a nooner and you have a nooner. I need a
nooner a nooner chuck. Well, hopefully that will be coming
back in the next I think it will. I think it'll.
I think the demands coming back. All right, Well, thanks
for listening everyone, and take care of yourselves and we'll

see you next week. Movie Crash is produced and written
by Charles Bryant and Meel Brown, edited and engineered by
Seth Nicholas Johnson, and scored by Noel Brown. Here in
our home studio at Pontstey Market, Atlanta, Georgia. For i
Heart Radio. For more podcasts for my Heart Radio, visit
the iHeart Radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you listen

to your favorite shows,

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