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April 21, 2020 55 mins

We asked all of you to send us your burning questions for Dani and Ify, and you came through! It's a grab bag episode. Get in here.

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Hey, how's it going. Everyone, Welcome to another episode of
nerd if Ascent Issue Boy if you add the way,
and sitting across from me in the virtual studio is
Danny Fernidez. Yeah. We did it, We did it, still
doing it. Yeah, I hope my neighbors appreciate that. You

know what, It's so funny because everyone's just like, you know,
has to live their lives. And when I was walking
my dog, I could hear someone at nine this morning
just full blown belting out like singing. You know, in
l A, we have how many performers and they got to, like,
I don't know, keep doing their stuff. So like somebody
was hardcore, like just belting out of their apartment. Oh yeah,
that's It's so funny because that's what I definitely felt,

because you know, I was doing super Punch at at
home and I just put up a green screen, just
go at it. And like typically when I'm in the studio,
Supermuch is a fairly loud show, like I'm usually yelling
a lot. They brought my uh, I have like a
megaphone that I would use intod of mic, but I
was like, I gotta do all that because it's also
a late night show, luckily Eastern time late night, but

it's from eight to eleven my time, eleven till like
two am their time. Uh So it's so the first
like night, I like I heard the neighbor like kind
of like knocking down, you know how they do. I'm
a bottom neighbor. So they were like stomping um and
I was like, and I just kind of kept going.

I was like, well, they are in for it. And
then luckily they stopped, because if they had the audacity
to do it now. I was just putting Naomi to
bed a couple of days ago, and it sounded like
they were doing like w w e up there? Like
do you think they were working out? I don't know,
but I know they have kids too because I I
hear the like the classic kid neighbor. But yeah, so

they they're I think like they just got like like
they must have like when we started it wasn't when Actually, yeah,
it's true because when I started doing it from home,
it wasn't they the kids didn't have to stay home yet,
and now that the kids have to stay home, they
don't complain because they know their kids are loud as hell.
So it worked out I have. The neighbor next to

me has a dog, and I can hear it. Wake
up everyone, Like I can hear the little scratching, like
the that only dog, like the weight of the dog,
like I can just you know, it's very much not
a cat unless it's like like pound cat. Um. But yeah,
it's really funny. And my dog, I'm sure that they
can hear. Luckily, everybody in my apartment complex is animal friendly.

But Molly, my dog, loves to if she gets a
little pent up, she'll do this thing where she does
little tiny sprints from the side of the apartment to
the other. UM, my sweet little babe. This week, we uh,
we asked a bunch of y'all to what you wanted
to ask us. UM. We haven't always done that. We've

taken you know, started to take more UM letters from
from our listeners and and this week we opened it
up to everything. Try to keep it NERD related. I
don't know if you notice. If you I had to
add NERD related in my n A, on Insta or else, UM,
I'm sure would have gotten a different type of d
m s. But we're going to try to get to

as many as possible. UM. But first up, I have
one right off the bat. This is from Anichia sixteen.
She said, besides the DBZ guys, what other anime guy
do you think is super hot? I feel like I
might have mentioned this sometime in the last two weeks,
but definitely Joe Joe and Joe start. Yeah, yeah, you're

talking about being beautiful, pretty and he's thick. Yeah, you've
already heard me compliment how well they capture the the
the overall body mass for for the for those characters,

you know, they don't they make sure that you know,
those boys are swollen. But also he has like big
beautiful lips too. I just love all the features, Like
I just love um the effort that was put into
just the beauty. I just I love it. Um. If
you do you have a question that you wanted to answer,

Oh yeah, yeah, this one's one of those those fun ones.
But they but Charles Xavier, which we've you know, on
another episode established that is his real name, as what
is our dream impossible crossover like seeing a my Hero
academic Damia Academy crossover, something along those lines, And my

impossible one is doing a movie adaptation of the Marvel
versus d c. I don't think it'll work. That was
going to be mine. Yeah, it's yeah, because you know,
the comics are good, and they keep like hinting that
they might do it in comics again. But I'd love
to see not only just them just that happened. But

I hope they play with it and maybe even include
Deadpool so that we can have a character. And they're
making fun of some of the people who have been
on both sides, uh for sure, like some of these
Google battles that they lost, Um well was it Captain
Marvel slash Shazam? But um yeah, I I totally agree.

Maybe this pandemic will bring everyone together and they'll stop
fighting about who is better. Yeah. I want to see
that too, just because it's why not. You know, I
don't know how much longer Mother Earth is going to be.
You know, we're gonna Mother Earth will can will exist.
I don't know how much longer we will with all

all all of the plagues and the and the and
the flooding and the alive the final Apocalypse signs happening.
So go ahead and make DC and Marvel come together. Um.
I was gonna say something dumb like they should fight,
like global warming or something. But I mean that'd be funny.

All right, you stand by your stand by your little
goofy picks. But I've been stuck in this uh it's
like the Happening. I actually loved the beginning of the happening.
I thought it was really creepy and then it turned
out that it was like the Earth trying to kill us,
and I was like that makes sense. Yeah, oh yeah, no,
I've there's been so many there's so many uh takes

on the happening. But I had a group of friends
that really did like it, and I think, I think, yeah,
I think it's a fun twist. But you know, because
I like what it's the Earth And I was like, yeah,
I mean you're not doing it in a fun way
where it's a fictional version and not talking about that
a coronavirus is the re and the Earth is healing. Yeah,
I think it's a fun concept. Um. This is just

our dumb pitches. Please don't write us, Okay, this is
from d part Um two. Is there a network of
nerd creatives of color? Can there be? There's actually several
there's geeks of color that our friend Dorian created, highly
recommend following them. They do a lot of amazing coverage.
He's really built a huge platform. Um Nerds of Color

is another great one that is out there. Um. I
think I follow Black Heroes Matter, which is another great one. Uh,
there's so many. I mean really just go on you know,
on Twitter and Instagram and like finding these spaces. Um,
but there's a lot of meetups they'll do, uh just dope,
you know, they tweet out dope job opportunities that they

run across. I think there's also writers of Color. If
you're a writer, Writers of Color on Twitter is great.
They're constantly tweeting out different job openings from different places.
Oh yeah, no, that's I think. Yeah, I think you're right.
There's tons of resources and you know, uh, the w
g a's website has uh, you know, resources for things
like that. You'd be surprised, you know, not not being like, oh,

just just just google, but like you honestly would be
surprised if you just look up if you google things
like Diversity's Fellowship to virtually diversity Scholarship, and there's uh
and even if you aren't a person of color. Because
I know this will be a follow up upon hearing this,
if you just look up Writer's Fellowship new writer entry
level Fellowships. Uh, there's also options there too. Taking it

from that dope question back to some nerdy debates, Uh,
mc dasty with a spicy opening before the questioning, Uh,
the m c U is currently better than the d
c E. I avoided that question there there there there
are people with Batman avatars on Twitter who would come
at you if you said that. But uh, you know

I agree. Uh. But do you think it's because the
executives that Marvel are fans? I actually don't think it's
necessarily that. I've said this many times and many again,
which is the they Marvel figured out the formula of
not trying to make a superhero movie. They just make
a specific genre of movie that happens to involve superheroes.

And the reason I know that's true is because the
DC movies that work are the ones that do that.
Wonder Woman is a war movie, but it happens to
involve superheroes. Shazam is a coming of age movie that
happens to involve superheroes. Uh, even Aquaman. You know that
that one is a a royal, a royal exchange of

power movie. Uh. But almost I'd almost call it a
fairy tale, you know. I almost say Aquaman has like
a fairy tale spin on it. And I think that's
why some people love it and some people don't, because
if you really kind of if you take well Man
the hero out of it and like changed it to
Prince of Atlantis, like that's a that's a fairy tale story,

and you have people who are down for that, and
you have people who are actively against that and try
and use every every chance they can to talk about
how much they think Disney is whacked because they're as
fun as a wet rag on a hot day. Well,
that's actually pretty fun a wet rag on a cold day. Well,

what I was going to say, because I know you're
talking specifically about the d C EU, and I guess,
kind of going off of what you said, if he
is that, I think d C does a really great
job of their standalone films and so they're really different.
Marvel has has a way of like bringing all of
these stories obviously that we saw in Endgame, an Infinity

War and Endgame, and even in Spider Man, which is
not owned um, which is not on Disney Plus because
it's Sony um, but uh, they bring all these stories together,
and I feel like d C is actually, like the
ones that you named are really great stand alone ones, um,
and I personally feel like they've done a really great

job over the past couple of years of doing that,
even um with Joker, which you know, was I think
nominated for an Academy Award. I don't know, I don't
pay attention to award them, but I'm asking. I know
he's asking specifically about the DC, like all the Justice

League blah bah blah like all that. But I do
want to say d C as a as a company,
I think has done a good job with those stand
alone origin story that's like their bread and butter, and
that's they do a really good job of those. And
so I think it's kind of just comparing two completely
different things. Now. It's not like I'm saying that Marvel

doesn't have those origin stories, because they do. I just
think that these are such different franchises. I mean, one
of my favorite superhero movies of all time is Wonder Woman.
I think that that that movie is just so flawless
to me. So saying you know that these films, I
don't even know if I would compare that film. I

guess it gets compared to um Captain America, But I
don't like actually comparing these franchises a lot. Like we
have another question that Star Wars and Star Trek, which
is like even more different than these. At least these
two are somewhat comparable Marvel in d C movies, whereas
Star Wars and Star Trek you're like now talking about
like a film franchise. Well, I guess they're both film

franchises now, but like just totally different. And I actually
don't like comparing these, So I'm I'm in the minority
where I feel like they've both done a good job.
It's just they have some flops, like both of them,
maybe one has really bad flops. But um yeah, but

DC Stay and Alone origin stories are pretty magnificent. Yeah,
all right, do you have another question you want to
jump into since I asked them? Yes, Sorry, that was
a really long one. Um. Also I tried to I
try to not upset anybody that I'm auditioning forever, so

I see the beauty in both of the franchises. Um,
here we go. If he This is from C. Kevin Bight.
Four favorite Saturday Morning cartoons growing up. For me, I
grew up in the specific end of nineties beginning of
Adds ABC morning cartoon that was Recess Pepper and um

what else was in that block? The Adventures of Winnie
the Boo. I do remember that. Um yeah, so that
was my specific Saturday morning cartoons. I also think Wayne
Head was Saturday Morning. Did you ever watch that? I
don't thought. Okay, yeah that was solid Wayne Wayne Head
was really good. So those were my specific Saturday ones.

M yeah, No, for me, it was it was clear
I had that. I was in that four Kids anime block,
Anime training Wheels, so Ugio, Pokemon, all that stuff I was.
I was drinking into my veins. I was trying to
like play Ugo against the players as the match went on,
which is if you don't know physically impossible, you cannot

do it. Uh Like. I was straight up, um like
had my deck and went. But the thing is is,
like it's impossible because they can't react to the moves
you're you're making and you can't and they're not attacking
your specific car you know, cards either. But I tried

with my hardest to do that because I was so
into that whole that holes the series. I I loved it. Yeah,
Pokemon Saturday Morning was also my jam definitely. This is
this is so funny. Um, this this is interesting because
I'm curious to your thoughts because, uh, you know, I
think we've we've both been married before and we both

have thoughts of relationships and all that. But the question
is should you marry a non nerd? And you know,
there's there's two knee jerk reactions, one being like yeah,
of course and one being like no. And I think
there's two immediate reactions yes and the other is no, yeah,

because because I feel both ways. But like, more specifically,
I think it's just how they treat your nerd dumb
Like do they do they look at it as like, oh,
you're doing something childish? Do they look down on it?
Do they not? You know, I've I've there's been relationships
where it's hard because you know, uh, if you've you know,

play video games to make money, it seems like you're
just playing video games and and and even though you
are working. You know, it's it's real funny in this
industry because like you're going like if you go into
a comedy festival, it looks like you're just going to
a different uh state city just a party and drink

and and goof off, and you're kind of doing that,
but that's part of the job. You're also like networking
building relationship with other comics when if so, if they
can't see you doing those things, and this is more specific,
like if if it's your career, uh, then then that's
gonna be hard. But also just like if they can't
understand that that's why you like it, or they can't

give it a chance because obviously, yeah, there's gonna be
sometimes that you want to sit down together and watch
something and if they can't watch, you know, something nerdy
with you because they're just like so adverse to it,
that's gonna put a strain on your relationship. For me, though,
my knee jerk is, what do you mean non nerdy?
Because I feel like a lot of people have like

this haughty opinion, like they hold themselves really in high
esteem for being into like anime or comic books or
video games. When you can be nerdy about a lot
of things, like if I think of my little brother,
he works on cars, that is a world that I
do not care about, but like that's nerdy to me
to know all that stuff. There's people that are super
into science, and um, I consider even stuff like my

friends are super nerdy about makeup. Makeup artists are insane,
like they know types of brushes, color palettes, like they
can do special effects work like that to me is nerdy.
So I think I would also broaden what you consider
nerdy and do you care about their interests that they're into.
My ex mark ellis that we have had on here
is the biggest sports nerd I have ever met in

my life. He can tell you every Super Bowl. He
can tell you stats of players that played in the eighties,
Like that is his thing and it comes in handy
because he does stuff for like ESPN. But that's really
nerdy as hell. He has a ton of baseball cards
that he collects, like he also has Magic the Gathering cards,
So like those are two different types of nerdy. So
I would just say I feel like this this question

gets lotted at women a lot for being not nerds,
and I'm like, but they're nerds about different types of
things and they and they know those things really well,
and so that to me is just I guess that's
my knee jerk. Is like just because they're not into
the specific things you are. As long as you guys
respect each other, it might be an opportunity. Another thing

about Mark was he was a huge rock and roll nerd,
like same thing. Knew all this stuff and I in
an attempt to get to know him better because I didn't.
He was eight to ten years older than me, so
he came from a different generation than I did. Uh.
He was very much an eighties kid, and so I
listened to Duff mccagan's Guns and Roses audio biography, which

I found fascinating because it's not a world I'm from,
and I thought that was really cool. So listening to
like the backstory on Pearl jam or Van Halen, I'm like,
I do not know the this world, and I find
this really cool. He doesn't watch a lick of anime,
so that was like something I was trying to introduce
him to. But I think, as long as you're like, hey,
this is really neat, I want to get to know

your world. I think as long as y'all can be
respectful of each other in your interests, because I mean,
if your person is not into anything that's kind of
weird and a red flag and are they a mannequin um,
But I bet they're into something that they know really well.
So yeah, okay, so me next, maybe this one. This

is from D M. Coop. What movie do you wish
was in theaters the day they open back up? And
I'm going to take that as something that has been
in theaters in the past and or is coming out.
So for me, what do I want to see in
theaters again? You know what? I actually would not mind
seeing Into the Spider Verse in theaters again in imax.

I think that would be really dope. I wouldn't mind
if when theaters open backed up, they just were like
rewarded people by showing it. A Yeah, that would be fun.
I I look forward to the double feature that's definitely
gonna have happened when the sequel eventually comes out, because,
like I said, I missed seeing it in theaters. It
was just one of those That's the funny thing with movies,

and that's the funny thing with uh. Also, just how
we um how we me meaning you and us and
people in our industry just are all have so much
media to digest that sometimes it'll just pass you up
and like I don't I don't make it any easier
by also being like deep into video games and streaming

so that I just have so little time, which is
why it's been fun going through the backlogs and uh
in Quarantine and just like also buying, uh just deep
blue rays of stuff that that there's something to blind
buying where it's like I haven't seen it. I know
I'm probably gonna like it, but it would be funny

if I did. And I have this blue ray. Um.
But like I've had to, I've been doing a lot
of purchasing because since I can't leave, all I do
is spend money. Um And I got the whole Higho
Miyazaki collection and uh so because before that I only
saw Ponio. So now I've seen kikiS Delivery Service and

my neighbor doctor Row and I'm gonna check out like
Spirited Away Princess Mononoke, which you know, I'm probably gonna
make Naomi sit that one out. It seems like it's
a little too intense for her. Um. But some of these,
like I'd love to go back and see some of
those in theaters, and like some of the older film

things too, because there's something like the Egyptian they'll to
play like reprint of film stuff, and you know that's
that's always dope. I'm trying to go through the top
I can't remember which it might be Rotten Tomatoes, but
it's like the top one hundred horror films so that
I can officially step into even though I'm a horror baby,

I want to officially be horror queen. And and like
some of those are like so old really we're talking
like some of them are non speaking, They're like silent films.
But um, I find that fascinating, like you said, like
going back and watching like black and white films and
stuff too. I need to get on that game. Oh yeah, no,

that's the that's a that's something I've been trying to
do more because you know, with who shot you, I'm
just so used to doing these like um the you know,
these like contemporary films. But talking with Dre and Alonso
who like her, you know Drea who like she you know,
programs film festivals, and Alonso, who has been like a
movie fan, we're doing this thing called, uh this is

your movie life when we talk about our favorite films
at different points of our life. And like Alonso has
always been like a movie fan you know, like he's
talking about all these like steamed movies that he was
into like when he was like twelve. Yeah. Yeah, Um,
we have to take a really quick break and then
we're going to hop back into more of your questions

right after this, and we are back still taking your questions.
If you have another one for us, yeah, yeah, I
have one loaded up which I'm I have to talk
to this question because I have uh their their battle

cry tattooed on me, which was who would you cast as?
Nay More? And that is a good one. I never
really do much fan casting because I feel like when
you get deep into that type of stuff is how
you see someone, uh you know, you have someone casted
and like you freak out because they don't look like
how you pictured them because you spent um, you spent

so much time thinking that this would be the perfect
look I'm looking. So I looked up actors who are
in their thirties to like get my eyes going, and
it's so funny the stark and like actors who you're like, yeah,
they're they're in their thirties. That's why I would picture
and then like parks see you June who Sue June
who I'm like, no, you're you're in your thirties, but
you could still play twenty uh and you you know

he got who else there was? There's Hughan Been also
like if I think for for most people of color,
I'm gonna look have to look in the forties section.
But something that excited me is like a like Daniel
Radcliffe a because I'm thinking because he's like, like, tell
me if this makes sense to you, this this word

I'm about to create, which is they have to be
like hate hot, like they have to be hot, but
not so hot that you're like on their side, like
hot and you hate them, you know what I mean?
Like so like me like yeah, but not almost villainous,
like because he since he's like this anti hero, it's
almost like you you like you you you you you

can't you don't trust him, but you're like, damn, you're
hot because his whole thing is you know, he is
like this attractive king. He is like very entitled, but
he's like very proud and he has are you not
literally describing Michael B. Jordan as kill Monger? I mean yeah,
But here's the thing is I if I'm going to

switch up casting and not do kill Monger, which you
are right, Uh, Michael B. Jordan has kill Monger. I
see that. That's uh, that is that is a good
one because he was never a villain in my eyes. Uh,
but he was like but you could see that you
can't necessarily trust. Yeah. Yeah. So so I'm so, I'm

I'm looking and I'm thinking, and I would like it
to either be um. I mean, it could be whoever
they find to play him, like I I don't care,
but he is he's like white presenting. But I think
also would be interesting if they went with an Asian
American actor or an Asian actor. He doesn't look white
presenting in a lot of the panels I'm looking at.

In fact, most of the casting is of Asian actors,
but he looks Afro Asian and many of these well
that's because you know, they use a lot of Afro
features to make superhero bodies. But you know that's a
different You're right, you're you You're so true. Like he
definitely has because he also has like the eyebrows that

they would use when they would make racist Asian like
his like early stuff when his eyebrowser hyper arched. I'm like, oh,
that's almost like a food man shoe ask But yeah,
you're right, Um, he's just this man is a person
of color. I think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna
take it back. I'm gonna go with you. Nay More

is a thousand percent Asian, which makes sense because that
was just my first in my head, I was looking
for Asian men, so maybe yes, sublimity I always knew,
but you know, I fell into the trap of like
unless they explicitly state the person, because you know that
you can't have a person of color in a comic
without them having some heavy arm. Uh well, in that regard,

I mean, I think that he could look old enough
and he just finished combat. But Louis tan Oh good casting.
He definitely is hot, but you don't trust like the untrusted,
you know, like he could play a villain, orda hero
or in between antihero. So we're thinking of you. My
question is from Star Killer seventeen o one. They say,

what's your favorite episode of the Twilight Zone? So mine
has actually changed a lot, which I love. I feel
like each year I try to have like a new
one that I'm in love with, even though I've seen
them all. I think they've changed depending on the situations
that I'm going through in my life. Slash the World
UM for for the longest time, my favorite episode was

The Midnight Sun, which feels relevant. It's where this painter
it's the end of the world. It's the last day
on Earth actually, and and the Earth is moving closer
to the sun UM and so all of her paintings
are melting. It's like, what is it like to live
the last day on Earth? UM has a twist ending,

of course, as they all do. Then my favorite changed
to The Howling Man as I got into my peak
horror because it has so many horror elements. It's like
black well, they're all black and white, but it's black
and white at night it's raining. You run into this cult.
You have this howling Man that they actually did. They
mixed the sounds of They did a man that was

howling and it didn't sound right, and they took like
a wolf that was howleing and it didn't sound right.
So they combined the two of them to get the
sound that you hear with the Howling Man. And I
just love all of the tropes, the horror tropes that
are in it, But currently I would say my favorite
is the after Hours. I love the After Hours. I

could watch it again and again. Um, it's I don't
even want to give it away. Just go and watch it.
I don't even want to tell you if you should
watch it tonight. Um, I don't want to give anything
about it away. Fantastic. I love it. It's creepy as hell.
Watch the after Hours of the original Twilight Zone. Oh yeah, um,

I will say, uh, just on that, just before we
move on. Uh. I wanted to ask you, since you're
such a horror stand have you been dipping in and
seeing how these TikTok kids are really getting into making
these horror TikTok's. I feel like I've only seen a

couple of them because I feel like I'm in the comedy.
I don't have a TikTok neither. I've seen like the
sci fi one, especially that guy that did the one
about questers that like everybody that's gone vible, I think
even uh Leonard I forgot his last name, but the
creator of the Blacklist, he like was like, how can
I get in touch with this kid? Yea, Um, but anyways, no,

I haven't. Yeah, there's there's a few one that's been
popping up on my feet unfortunately, and they've they've been
pretty good. He's like, I've been really I like what
these kids because there is something to like the using
a short time frame to make a horror and established
like a you know everything you need. There was one

where like this kid he's like he like gets woken
up in the middle of the night. He's like, hey, bro,
you're gonna hop in the party and he's like, what
are you talking about. He's like, bro, yeah, you're hopping
on parties. Like, dude, I'm sleep. He's like, it says
your online and I'm watching this. The only reason I'm
watching this is thinking it was going to be a
comedy thing of like like and his girlfriend's playing or something.
But he's like he's like he's like, no, dude, I'm not.

And he like looks in his living room and there's
like you just see the profile of someone playing the
game and he's like staring and then like he just
the face turns around and it's like a creepy face, Like, um,
this this one I did. I will say, I'm talking
like the face gonna use the little work I did.
Put my phone super far away from I send you

if I send you the lights Out short while you
watch it, I've seen I've seen the lights Out short.
That's the first one. That's why I don't trust stuff on.
The lights Out is terrifying. With other shorts, which which yeah,
depending on I heard it too. It's one of my
favorite shorts on you. I haven't seen that one. Did
you see it? No? No, no, I haven't seen that.

I heard it too. And then there's another one I
will find um that's about a used are more that's
uh haunted that like I keep trying to throw it
away and people keep picking it up and then like
chucking it once people realize its haunted, saying yeah, because
I already showed you. Yeah, because because I already showed

you the playmation one because that was when Luce was
on and we all watched those. But yeah, I'm I'm in.
I'll here's the thing. I hate it, but I love
it always like love it. And if it's short, it's
short enough for me to experience and get out of there,
get out and just be be gone. There's a little
girl in the I heard it too. Yeah, I remember,

Oh my gosh. Sometimes I'll be playing games and she
um and she's like, I'll be so focused that I
forget that I'm at home with her because she'll be
in her room playing or whatever. And then she'll come
and like grab me because she will want my attention
and it will freak the freaking frick out of me.
And like this is so far like it's been like

like I haven't scared the life out of her from
me jumping. I almost think she gets a pleasure out
of it because she has yet to be like to
be like oops, I'm going to do this or uh,
because I'll also do a real good job of like
like hugging her and stuff and be like, oh no,
it wasn't you out scared? Oh wait, I have one more. Sorry.

There's also one called The Smiling Man that I love.
Two am Smiling Man. It's about a guy that's walking
home and he sees a man that keeps smiling that's
following him. What it's like to be a woman moving on?

This one was interesting. I really liked it. This one's
from Jess Cunningham, who asked, is there a hobby or
anything you always thought would be cool to try or
get really into but haven't yet? Um, and if if
this was asked a few months ago, I would have
said Gundams because I was really into it. I was
just talking about this on another podcast. How like, there
are so many things I was really into when I

was younger than my parents didn't want to pay for,
and now or not that I was into that I
wanted to get into but my parents didn't want to
pay for. But now I do have the money. But
if i'm if, i'm I'm answering you now, so I
don't cop out of that question. It's going to be
three D printing. I really want to get into three
D printing. That's so dope. Um, I really want to

do that too. When when Disney didn't have any of
the baby Yoda, you know, toys because they wanted to
keep them a secret for a good reason. Um, I
think everyone was like, oh, they dropped the ball, and like, no,
they kept the ball. Like I know they've lost like
a billion in in merch, but like I think Jon
Favreau asking them, please don't make models of this because

it'll get leaked and it will spoil the show, the
fun of the show. Um, so that's why you couldn't
get toys for the first year of the show being out.
But um, a lot of people turned to three D printing,
to print yoda, um little figurines that that you could
get on Etsy and whatnot. I don't know this one.

I'm gonna have to think on I have to think
of out this. I'm glad you answered. I don't know.
My initial reaction was like hair, I wanted to try
so I cannot French braid for like the life of me,
I always have to have whenever you see me, like
at Panels. It's by the way, this is my comic
Con even though we're not having comic Con this year.
This is my comic Con secret because people will be like,
how do you look so good even though everyone's sweaty

and blah blah blah. I literally will um get my
hair like French braided or something to from to keep
it from being uh sweaty and gross. Um. My next
question is from Alicia Perez. She says, what are your
opinions on our rated Superhero content Harley Quinn, cartoon logan,

et cetera. What in quotes kids content would you want
to see our rated version of Superhero? Otherwise I think
Avatar the last Airbender would be interesting if it was
a dark adult war series. Now I don't necessarily disagree
with that, but to me, Avatar the Last Airbender is
already has so many adult theme that I think it

functions as both. Um. I don't know if it needs
to have the things that we count as adult as
far as like cursing, sex, like and you know, I'm
all for those things. I just think that it can.
I think that it's already at a level where it
attracts adult viewers just because of how mature it is

now hardly I definitely couldn't show to my four year
old niece, But I love it, Like that's how that
character would exist in this world, in this real world
UM where she's joking about having HPV or she you know,
UM has guys and women that she hooks up with,
and so I like that a lot. I don't know

if I need all of my like with Deadpool and
and Logan, like I actually like us moving into the
R rated space, but I don't know if I need everything,
Like I don't know if I need to see Wonder
Woman R rated. Um. So, so I think it works
best with the comedic characters in my opinion because it
allows them to actually like joke about a lot of

those adult things. Um, speaking of horror, I could see
some of these, um, some of these franchises that might
take on like a scarier note being gorrier, and that's why.
But at times, I also don't know if that's necessary,

Like like Joker was super violent and so that's why,
among other reasons, it needed and R rating. But I
don't I just don't know if there are a lot
of properties that necessarily need that, unless you're like Game
of Thrones where you're like needing to show someone's dick,

I mean and in need. I'm gonna go ahead and
put in quotes. Here's the thing. I'm glad like they
should have shown more to be and I think like
Euphoria made up for that. I don't know, the boobs.
The naked women to naked men ratio has been off
since the beginning of film, So I'm both for showing more, um,

male identifying bodies, but I also don't know, like you said,
what's necessary. So yeah, yeah, I mean i'd say I
say any any look, if you want to go ahead
and do that, go ahead and do that. But I think, yeah,
I think it is important too, Yeah, equally show it

because also just um, you know, it's it's it's it's
an interesting way to think about it because it's a
fun thing to that I get to think about both
as a consumer and a performer. But I just imagine
it would just be weird knowing my co stars are
always getting naked, and then I'm just like, I don't
have to worry about that. I'd be like, all right,

that just you know, and then you know, nine tones
out of ten they're watching me less than me. You know,
I think, yeah, I think somewhere necessary, and I think
I guess some are like I'm glad that we're moving
into that space. And now I guess superhero franchises were
seen as kids stuff, maybe like two decades ago, but

I feel like, you know, the last fifteen years, it
really hasn't been. In my opinion, um, they kind of
gotten snatched away from kids, and now kids debatable. Whether
you could bring a child to end game. Definitely couldn't
bring my knees, but like, you know, maybe twelve and up.
I don't know, there's a lot of things scared kids,

Like it's not even necessarily the like some of my
friends that have kids that are even like ten or eleven,
they still get scared about villains and people being lit
on fire and things like that. So yeah, thank you
for that question, Alicia. We are going to take a
really quick break and then we'll hop back into more
questions right after this. We are back. We're still taking

your questions, your NERD related questions. Although if I did
say people could ask us relationship advice, but we might
make it worse. So I feel that nobody actually yeah, yeah,
if you actually asked the to divorce people relationship advice
at your own risk a question. But yeah, yeah, I

was looking at this. This one was interesting. I'm gonna
do let's let's mix it up because I'm trying to
look because there are a lot of like hero things
and this one's good. I just want to mix it up.
I don't want to always just be like best hero.
Not not knocking your best hero stuff, but you know, variety,
diversity what we want in Hollywood and podcast topics. Also

shout out to whoever screenshot this. I do actually know.
I'm not gonna put a superproducer on blast, but these
are a lot tabs open. Uh, what inspires both of
you what drives you to keep going towards the things
you love. That's a really good question from Lanky Kong
on Twitter. I'll let Danny kick this off because I

feel like I'm like, what inspires me? What you know?
I was thinking about this, Um. I had shared a
quote from America Ferrera today that was kind of like
it talks about like rocking the boat, which I feel
unfortunately a lot of us get. UM. I don't know.
I feel like if he and I speak as well

as our friends, speak up a lot about the need
for representation, and sometimes you can be seen as difficult
for doing that. And I'm kind of in a space
where I'm just like, I don't even know if I
care anymore. Like I'm making my own shows, I'm doing,
I'm writing my own stuff. Like there are people that
aren't going to want to work with me because I'm
loud about things that I think are injustices, and I'm

kind of over it. I'm like, I'm going to make
a name for myself with or without them. So what
me going is the sheer amount of stories that are
still left to be told. Like I was even thinking
of this. I know we talked about this last episode
Iffy but with Henified, where people were like, well, this
isn't my Mexican experience, and I was just like, then,
then tell that story. Like it's it's great that we

are not a monolith. Like my Cuban friends can tell
their story and it doesn't have to be my story,
and my Colombian friends can tell their story and it
doesn't have to be my story. We have so many
stories to tell. And I actually had a meeting with
this producer yesterday, um and I was telling him, you
know the thing about animation, because I'm now diving into animation,

and I'm like, the thing that's nice about it is
it doesn't necessarily ask people of color to live through
to live their trauma. Again, I feel like a lot
of our stories on television and film were asked to
constantly show our pain. And I feel like a lot
of shows that have POC and animated spaces it's like

they're fighting this villain or they're trying to repair their spaceship,
and like it's not dealing with a hate crime. And
I was like, I kind of like that, like that's
a story that I also want to tell. And granted
I wrote in the Good immigrant I wrote in this book,
and I talked about my experience and my family's experience
in America, and I think that that's a necessary story
to tell. But is that the only story I want

to tell? No? Sometimes I just want to tell a
story about kids fighting dinosaurs or aliens or you know,
worried about who they're going to take to prom and
not necessarily the awful things that happen in this world.
And that's what I love about sci fi too, because
it's like, well, they don't have to exist in this
America and in this planet and in this this current

state of the world, Like they can exist on a
different planet that doesn't deal with this. And so I
guess I would say that's what keeps me going is
like the sheer amount of stories that have yet to
be told and the people that have yet to really
feel themselves seen um in this space. Yeah, yeah, No,
I I to go back to that hintified thing. I

will say that it's right on point because I was
just talking about all of this now with the show
Black af uh you know, which has Rashida Jones who
uh you know, if you if you were a parking
parks and rec stand, like me, you would have known
years ago that she is black. She's the daughter of
Quincy Jones, one of the most notable black people of

all time. Her sister was was Tupac's fiance and last
girlfriend before he left this earth. But seeing her on
the show Black a f has caused some people on
Twitter to start, um, just kind of going after this person.
And then also just Kenya at home because this is

the black experiments in this and that whatever. I did
a tweet about it, but I think I like Dwayne's
tweet that he did this morning better, which was, imagine
a world where Hollywood had a bunch of different quote
unquote Black shows, and we didn't have to try and
see ourselves in every single black show due to the
lack of representation. What if that show could just be

a singular Black experience and point of view. Wow, what
a fantasy and um, and then he followed it up
with I guess I'm not in the mood to blame
black people for a problem that was created, is uberated
and sustained by white Hollywood, which, um, which, yeah, that's
that's exactly the thing in hintified and honestly, the thing
would fresh off the boat and honestly, the thing when

there's gonna be uh, you know, a South Asian sitcom,
in Indian sitcom. Any any show that has a group
of that focuses on a person of color has this
weight to hold. And if it's not the perfect representation
of what everyone on Twitter wants to see on TV
featuring themselves, they start to get ding for it and

and it and it, and it sucks. It really sucks.
And really because like, here's one thing. If you don't
like the show, just because you don't like the show,
look good, sounds good, go ahead, there's no problem with that.
But if you're saying you don't like the show because
of this person not being black enough, which is just
offensive in itself, because yes, there are like privileges to

being you know, white, passing, white presenting and things like that.
And that's a different conversation and that's definitely not a
metric I want you to judge a show on, but
to like to when you start using the language of
black enough and what makes black, that's when you step
out a line you can say that you know they've
experienced privileges and they might not know this that in

the third and have those separate combos. But but there's
no such thing as being black enough, because what is
that metric? It's it's a BS metric that's used to
divide and should not be ever used to complain about someone.
Uh did you see that? Uh? I think I tweeted
last week that was essentially executives that always say they

want to have the authentic Latino experience, Like they just
keep saying authentic, that's their word, and like, what does
that mean to you? To me? That mean when you
keep saying it like that, I'm like, Okay, so you
want the speedy Gonzalez, the Ricky Ricardo, the like, And
I'm like, those are such heightened, the most heightened versions

of us. Like you know, Grant, I have a sombrero
that's hanging up in my as art in my living room.
But it's like that that's not There is a millennial
Latino experience that a lot of us we don't we
weren't born in our parents are a grandparents country, and
we don't necessarily fit in here, we don't necessarily fit

in anywhere. We fit in in our own little community,
but that is still authentic, And to me, I'm like,
how can this not be authentic when this is literally
our story. But it was just, like I was saying
with Tentified, I'm like, that is their story and it
feels pretty freaking authentic. But it's not going to be
everyone's story. And that's great because then you can go
and tell your own story. But to me, it's just

that like are you Latino enough? Are you black enough?
Is this authentic enough? It's like, well that's not that's so,
like you said, problematic and frustrating. And I feel like
a lot of white stories don't get that at all.
They just get to make whatever story they want, and
unfortunately we have When we make stuff, it has to
be for the entirety of our community. And like Dwayne

was saying, I'm just kind of over that. Yeah exactly. Yeah,
that was that was great. But the question, uh that
that I'm trying. I guess I'm going to take my
turn asking the question, which was what drives, inspires and
drives me? Uh? And I think it all comes down to, honestly,

like every little dope uh interaction, every nice thing that's
said to me, all that you know stuff, because I
can this lee like there are a lot of fun, cool,
little accolades and things you can get working in this
industry and stuff, and I can kind of care less
of that about that stuff. My I think my biggest

drive and hope is to try and um, I guess
just to try and yet just just being like if
I think I described myself as this other day where
it's like if I never end up on some like
comedians to look out for list or best this or
that list, but at the end of the day my
name comes up and someone's like, Oh, he's solid, he's great,

he's he he kills it. Like that's more important to me.
And I think just what inspires me is being surrounded
by all my creative friends and seeing us all kind
of start to grow and succeed and in my peers
just kind of just really um pop out, you know

it is it like it inspires me because it's only
a matter of time. Like I think a lot of
people and I all aways say this and this is
actually I don't really say this because it's something I
more so say describing someone specific and trying to um,
trying trying to like make a point of someone, but

essentially you're never gonna make it in this industry. Um,
and I think most industries is if you can't be
happy to see your peers and friends succeed. I see
so many people get like bitter or get like upset
of like, wi isn't it them instead of being like, look,

a rising tide raises all ships, and people feel that energy.
People feel the energy of you being jealous of them.
And so if you're being jealous of when they get something,
I doubt when they have the opportunity to like give
like help you out, they're gonna want to do that
because they're gonna remember times like that. So I think
there's generally two ways you can go about it. You

can be genuinely excited and hyped when you see your
friends getting it, or you can just be uh bitter
about it and then wonder why no one likes being
around you because all you do is complained about how
someone got something when you should have. And trust me,
if he is not lying that people remember that. Like
they're a handful of people that we follow who do

that and they just can't get stuff. It's like a
it's like a vicious cycle because they're so bitter and
they're constantly like why not me, So that nobody wants
to recommend them, so it continues to be not them.
It's just wild. Um I think maybe we have time
to do Yeah, and it on a light note. Great. Um,
so this question, would you rather see a DBZ live

action series with kid Goku or teen adult Goku? Dang it?
I thought that this question was teen adult Gohan and
I was like, are you kidding me? I'm going to
change the question for that. Um I would die. I
would die if we got like a c W like
their little high school slash college series, but instead it

was Gohan. Remember when he was going to Orange Star
High School and like on the cusp of dating Fidel
but like not quite and he was like, you know,
still having to save the world even though Mr Satan
was still taking credit for it. But um, I would
die to see his daily life. I am such a
prodiction slice of life type of girl. Um Ah, we

need to pitch this Goku. I don't want to see
tin adult Goku. Um. I love the guy, but he's clueless.
I want the spice because you know Gohan, he's not
as naive as his dad. I want to see his
spicy dating life. Um. But also like trying to make
it to his exams and and the little baseball team

he was on. Oh I would die, He Danny would die,
and me teenage Danny would die. So c W please
go ahead and make that. Yes, please, Yeah, I think
that's the perfect note to end on Where can people
find you now, Danny? I'm still at miss Danny Fernandez

on all the things. Um, if you're not following me
on Instagram, follow me on there. I am trying to
post my dog and people ask me. I don't know,
people ask me stuff about like my feet. I don't
post as much in my feet as I do on
my Insta stories. So if you want to keep up
with my life, I haven't gotten a TikTok yet, but
I just finished. I just wrapped writing on this Netflix show,

so who knows. Now I feel scared with the amount
of time I'm going to have on my hands to
do a lot of first traps and possibly TikTok videos.
One of the things I was going to say is
I was writing on a show. The show I was
writing on is show run by Julie Pleck, and she
does she created a bunch of those c W shows.

So you using Vampire Die Area US and like all
of those, so I feel I should slide that to her.
She'd be like, why why would I do this? I'd like,
let me just give you the treatment. Yeah, I would
be like, look, look you see how hot these people are,
Like in in the sheer Amount, I would show her

like one of those Facebook DBZ pages that has like
a hundred million or whatever people. I'm gonna slide it
to Julie. What about and you know me right now,
you can catch me at if d's on Twitch. I've
super punches on Hiatus. So that's that's pretty much off
for a little bit. But we'll be back May fourth,

so tune in then. But until then playing, we've been
playing Final Fantasy Remake, getting the Discord, Discord, dot g
G Sports, Slash Salt Squad. There's been a just so
many different things I just wanna talk about. That's been great.
That's been hopping in the Discord. I mean, in the
Anime Club, people have been going crazy over be Star.

I think that I'm gonna make that the official thing
that we're watching through together. I mean, people have been
helping out just in the real blank of phase, you know,
which is good for people to vent let off and
kind of like, you know, get get get uh the
the the sadness off their chests since you know, things
suck right now, people sharing like different things. Good good gaming,

as you can imagine, is popping off like crazy people
getting into Valerie and all that stuff. So yeah, we're
we're up to some fun stuff and you know, fans,
fans of the stream, uh, fans of the stream. I'm
cooking up some if d S merch too, So you know,
if you, if you, if you're like man, I got
bucks to spare and you haven't already been to t

public dot com slash Nerdificent and bought yourself a Nerdificent shirt.
Get that too, And like we always say, stay

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