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May 11, 2021 49 mins

Dean and Jared are back from Ben Higgins’ bachelor party and they’re ready to tell all! Did anything happen that might make some girlfriends upset??

Have you seen the Matthew Perry Raya video?? We’re talking to the woman behind it all! What would you do if an older celebrity messaged you on a dating app??

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hell I Sucked at Dating with Me Youngler and Dared
Haven and I heart radio podcast What's going On, Sucky Daters?
Welcome to an all new episode of Help I Sucked
at Dating and I just want to be the first
to apologize on both of our behalfs for getting this

episode out a little later than we usually do. Oh
my gosh, I'm getting a phone call. Hopefully it's somebody
at least no, but it was some random New Jersey number.
It's somebody who wants to extend your car warranty. Bastards.
I get so upset with those guys, I really call.
I yelled back at them, so preditory. Anyways, have you
ever fought? Have you ever fell for one? I felt

for a cruise line one time. Somebody called me and
said that this is a couple of years ago. This
is when I was, I mean still very naive. But
I got a phone call and it said you want
to prize for a cruise line. I said okay, and
then they were going through what I won. I said, okay,
what do I have to do? And they're like, we
we just need a credit card on file and I said,

never mind, no, thank you, But for a good two minutes.
I was like, I think I'm about to go on
to cruise. He didn't really fall for it, though, which
is good, thank god. Anyhow, continue your story. Yeah, oh yeah,
why are our our episodes coming out a little bit late?
Just wanted to apologize for that. The reason being we
were out celebrating our friend Ben who is obviously getting

married to Jess and we just couldn't record last week
and so this is kind of the earliest time we're
able to do that. Um. Yeah, and that's about it. Yeah,
we're down in Cabo for Ben higgins bachelor party. We
had a beautiful villa down there, was my first time
down there. Uh, it's awesome, obviously, that is that the
dumbest thing I've ever said. Cabo is awesome. It's like

I will I don't know, I feel we were talking
about Ben's bachelor party, like are we should we talk
about it? Is it like kind of like his thing?
So we're just gonna be like, yeah, we were there,
and then that's kind of the end of it. Well,
do nothing crazy happened. It's not like we're exposing people.
I mean, I know, but it's like there were I
won't say who it is, but there were a few
single guys there. Most of us were in relationships. You me,

Nick Wells, a bunch of Ben's friends, you know, they're
all in relationships. A few single guys, and a few
single guys may have brought home a few single ladies
on night one. I was not there for it. Of course,
we didn't get anything too rowdy. But I guess my
point is, even you know, rowdy or not rowdy, it
just doesn't really feel like it's our thing to talk about.

But I mean, I guess we were there. It's just
it's just like it's like ben Special weekend, and then
here we are talking about it on a podcast. Just
feels kind of kind of weird, don't you think? You know,
am I overthinking that? I think if something happened, I'd
be like, shut up, Dean, don't say anything more. But
seeing how I mean, I was only so you were
there for four nights. I was there for two nights.
I left a little bit earlier early because moved into

my apartment and I still had some final projects to
finish up in school, so I was a little over
well on the but and I still really wanted to go,
So I went on Thursday. I went Wednesday Thursday, and
they left Friday, and then you left Sunday. I mean
we went golfing. You shot in eighty five, which is nice.
I sucked, ass. It was god such because it was
like a four and a half hour I golfed with Blake.
Blake sucked. I sucked, Our group sucked. But it was

still a fun day. There was a cart girl that
was going around and they were like, let's take tequila shots.
And I, you know, as a as a guy, I
guess the human being in general, you wanna, you wanna,
you wanna hang out right, you want to blend in.
And you were like, hey, if you're taking a shot,
I'm gonna take a shot. But in that moment, they're
gonna take shots tequila. It was like two o'clock in
the afternoon. I was like, I just don't want a
shot of tequila. What I really want is I want

a Voca pineapple. So I ordered a Voca pine apple
while the other three gentlemen ordered three shots of tequilas.
And when they took their shot at tequila, I took
a sip of my nice and fruity and very refreshing
Voca pine apple, And it was a moment where I
felt very secure in myself because I realized, Hey, I
ordered what I wanted. I didn't succumb to the pressure
because a lot of times you're like, oh, if you're

taking a shot, I'm taking a shot, and then most
of the times I smell tequila and I immediately want
to throw up. Anyway, So why am I doing this
when I don't want to get drunk. I don't enjoy
the taste. Ye Anyway, that's my spiel. Uh, what I
started doing whenever I am golfing and people want to
take shots on the golf course. The nice thing is

you're outside, and the thing about when you take a
shot is you're looking up at the sky and you're
like throwing your head back, so you probably got like
three seconds of blurred vision. You're not really seeing what's
going on. And so what I've always just done is
I or what I've not always done, but I've started
doing over the past like four or five months, is
I'll take the shot, or I'll say that I'm taking

the shot, and as everyone throws the shot back, I
just tossed it over my shoulder. I've done. It's probably
a good ten times and no one that. There was
one time I got busted for it, but it was
only because the guy in the group that didn't take
a shot I saw me do it, and he didn't
say anything. He just looked at me and laughed. So
if you ever find yourself in that situation, because I agree,
it's like you don't want to be the only guy

that's not taking shots. But then it's like, I just
don't want to be getting wasted on a Wednesday at
three pm, you know, like it doesn't it's not as
appealing to me as it used to be. But so
that's that's kind of my method is just toss it
behind your head real quick and then make your grimacing
face like, oh that was that was really hard to swallow, right, guys,
those good guys. Huh, you're feeling it. I'm feeling it.

Let's get let's shoot some golf balls. Now, let's do it. Boys.
I know it is funny, how like camaraderite amongst men
is to drink and then Yeah, So we played a
lot of golf with Jared on Thursday Friday. You went
on a boat, didn't you were left? I left beforehand.
My flight left pretty early. But they all went on
a boat. You didn't go on the boat. No, I,

so Wells was also there. Wells and I golfed every
single day. We golf on Thursday with the big group,
Friday just us two, and then Saturday with two of
the other Ben's other buddies. So we were it was
a golf trip for me and well Less. I'm good.
That's good. I'm glad you were. You went and hung
out with Ben at Ben's bachelor party. Okay, but let's
say this, who's the bigger asshole here? The guys that

go to play golf every single day or the guy
that leaves two thirds of a third of the way
in the bachelor party. I'd argue you were the big
asshole because Ben knew that I was only gonna be
there for two nights, where you were like, oh, we're
gonna be there for four nights, and then while you
were there, you're like, well, I'm not going to hang
out Ben at least my two nights. I was like, well,
I'm here for Ben. I'm gonna hang out with Ben. Yeah,
I mean, I guess. So I still hung out with

Ben every day after three pm, though, But where were
you you were in Rhode Island right in your research paper,
right my research paper, and just putting together my Tom
Brady Shrine, which is coming along quite nicely and I'm
very proud of it. There may be Tampa Bay Buccaneers
bobblehead Tom Brady. I'm sure that red and black, and
it throws off the whole blue and red color scheme

now at all, it all blends in. Thank god he
didn't go to the Cowboys, now that would not have
messed with my color scheme. But like Dean was saying,
we do have a great episode. We have Kate harl
Sin coming on now. Kate is a TikTok user and
she's made recent news because she is the girl that
posted the video of her face timing with Matthew Perry.

Matthew Perry is Chandler from Friends. He's a little bit older.
He's in his fifties. I think he's fifty one. And
then he matched with Kate who's nineteen years old on
Riya and they I'm assuming exchanged phone numbers which is
how they ended up face timing. And then she posted
a video of her face timing with matt Few on

her TikTok, and it blew up because people were saying
that it was creepy for Matthew Perry to be matching
with a nineteen year old on RYA. I don't know.
I have thought about this. I'm excited to talk to
Kate about her experience. She has since been removed from
the dating app Riya because it said that she violated

their terms of agreement, which is to say that you're
not supposed to, you know, say who or who isn't
on Riot because it's like a very. I mean, we
talked about right before on this podcast. It's like a very.
It's it's meant to be looked at as like an
elite dating app with celebrities, and you're nobody wants to
be exposed, whether you're on Ryan or not. I don't know.
It's a whole thing. You gotta get approved to get

on Riya. It's a whole thing. Anyway, Kate will be
coming up very soon. UM, I don't know. Do you
have any thoughts about that, Dean, about what's your instinct?
Which side are you on Kate's side or matt perry
side Before we have her to come on, I don't
want to say I'm I'm onn sides here, okay, I
have multiple thoughts, uh, and I have differing opinions about it.

I think I'd like to talk to her about why
if she felt creeped out, why she uh, why she
matched with him, like, because you know, obviously with the
match we I'm sure we've all been done dating apps,
like you say you like someone and then they like
you and then you can start talking. So I'm curious

why she did that. She said that she wanted to
expose older men in Hollywood take advantage of younger women
on dating apps. Um m hmmm. I don't know. I
mean if it was okay, I didn't watch the whole FaceTime,
but watched like a second a second of it, and
it seemed like they were just playing like a game

like flirting. I don't know, because the thing is, like,
I know, like the first thing that came to my
mind was Dane Cook. I don't know if you know
who Dane Cook is, obviously the comedian Dane Cook. Let
me look up his age right now. Because Dane Cook
was dating a twenty year old a nineteen year old,

I believe, um, and then he got some flak for
that so he's forty nine, and he was probably like
forty eight when he started dating his girlfriend, and I
believe she was nineteen when they started dating, and I
think the is like a twenty year difference, um, and
they seem to be happily in love. And then the

other one, obviously that I thought of, was Nick. I mean, hey,
we all know Nick's you know, Nick looks twenty seven.
The guy looks younger than us, I mean, he is.
Everybody talks about Tom Brady and how that dude doesn't age.
Nick vill ages backwards. That guy looks younger today than
he did on Andy Door from in season. He is

a specimen. So I'm really buttering up Nick before I
say that he's you know, we all know he's forty.
And then Natalie's girlfriend, who's amazing, who we love. I
I think she's mature for age. She's great. She's twenty three,
I believe. So you know, what would we say about
that is that well, I mean, the obvious thing is

fifty days nineteen is a much bigger gap than totally agree.
I don't know, I don't know. I think it's even
just listening to you talked about it kind put my
stance on a little bit because I was like kind
of Matthew Perry side a little bit in this in
this case where it's like, yeah, yeah, it's probably a
little too big of an age gap to uh to bridge,

Like you know, you fifty, you should probably getting a
look close to your age, especially my team, Like if
you're not over twenty one, if you can't bring a
girl on a date to a bar art, that probably
in and of itself is enough of a sign that
you should be dating this person. But also, like you said,
like this girl had her age filter as high as
you know, however it was for it to be to
hit Matt Perry. So it's like, you know, if you're

a twenty one year old girl and you just like
year old man, that's kind of just what you like.
And so it's that's like that's why the age filters
on there, so you can like do that. And so
if you're a fifth year old guy and you see
this pretty twenty year old girl, I want to talk
to you like, yeah, I guess you could get a
little excited. I don't know, I I don't know. Um, yeah,
I hear you, buddy, We both don't now. But I'm

excited to talk to Kate about it, and and kind
of died more into that, but before she comes on.
Another guy that kind of got called out on a
dating app was Ben Affleck who sent a video. I
don't know if you've seen this video, but I forget
what dating app it was. I think it might have
been Riya as well. Um but he somebody unmatched with

him on Riya that he was talking to and he
I think she unmatched with him because she didn't believe
that it was actually Ben Affleck. Look at that. I
just got a phone call to potential spam extended warranty.
These people just do not give up. Um so is
this is this girl? Navine? J Navine J Navine? I

believe it is? And um so Affleck? Okay, So ben
Affleck found her on Instagram after she unmatched with him.
I'm assuming on Riya. Uh and uh, he sent a
video he said, Navine, why did you unmatch me? It's
me to prove that he was actually Ben Affleck talking

to her. Uh. And people again, there's people on both sides,
people saying that she shouldn't have posted about it. It
was a private video that was you know, innocent, enough,
and then other people saying it was creepy because Ben's
an older guy. She I think again is nineteen or twenty.
Uh So anyway, that's why it's really in the news
right now. But Ben Affleck also speaking about him, is

rumored to be back with Jennifer Lopez. If you heard
about this celebrity dating news I'm on this. Have you
heard about it? Well? Back to back to the Ben
Affleck dating or pat thing. I think that one is
way less currenty than the Matt Perry one. He was
just like, I don't know, I read I saw the
headline and it was like Ben Affleck sends really creepy
video to girl that blocked him on dating appen And

it's like, well, it's not really as bad as they
make it seem. It's just like it kind of like
kind of goofy and silly in my opinion for Ben
to do that the video. Yeah, I think he was
trying to be funny in the video because it's like
a it's like a close up of him and he's
like it's me. I mean, I don't know, but who
the hell huge Ben Affleck fan, Boston guy? You know,

Ben Matt Mock you know, I support the local guys.
They were for the socks. But Ben Affleck also in
the news because he's rumored to be back with Jennifer Lopez. Um,
what was their name again? What the hell was their
dating name? Oh? Ben Bennefer So that was my god,

fifteen years ago. This was before he dated Jennifer Gardner
and then they got married and had kids, and now
they're obviously divorced. And now he's back with j Lo apparently,
which I am stoked about. Bring me some benefit. You know,
she just ended up breaking off the engagement with Alex Rodriguez,
who like whatever Yankee could care less about. And then
you know, Ben Affleck because I love the diconomy before

between them, like j Lo is this stunning, freaking badass
woman who's just like, you know, she's she's awesome. And
then Ben Afflecks like kind of like disheveled Boston guy
who's good looking but like, I don't know, I'm in it.
Who has had a better acting career in your opinion,
Ben Affleck or Matthew Perry, Who would you consider more successful?

So it's not even close. It's Affleck, Affleck and then
and now through Alex Rodriguez into the mix two Ben
Affleck or A Rod, I would I would say, I
would say Ben Affleck. Removing bias from this, Yeah, I'm
there's no bio. Honestly, I'm removing my bias. I think
Ben Affleck is a bigger star than Alex Rodriguez, and
it has probably have had more successful career. Like A

Rod was obviously an incredible baseball player who ended up
winning one World Series with the New York Yankees, but
it wasn't like, you know, he got a lot of
flak for not being clutched in the playoffs and and
you know, not being on a lot of winning teams,
and he was just kind of an individual player and
and uh, you know he's he's he's had a good
post career, you know, dating Jennifer Lopez and being a commentator.

But Ben, I mean you think about Ben Affleck starting
off of Goodwill hunting. That was in the mid nine
nineties and he's been around ever since I was twenty
five years ago. He's won an Academy Award. He said this,
I agree. I would have agreed with you if the
New Batman never came out. Dude, he is the best
batman on screen. Ever, I will this is the hill

I will die on. Ben Affleck is my favorite Batman
of all time. I love Michael Keaton, I really like
Christian Bale. I think Robert Pattinson is going to crush
the role. But as of right now, my opinion, Ben
Affleck is the best Batman that's ever graced our cinematic
theaters because was he in the best Batman movie? No,
The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie. But that
doesn't mean that he's not the best Batman. That's my case. Well,

you didn't really make a case, though, you just kind
of said. You just said things that were true. I
don't want to go too far into it. But one
of the reasons why I love Ben Affleck is Batman
is because I love the idea of an older, damaged
Batman who's been around for like twenty years and has
seen some serious stuff, you know, like even the line
and Batman v. Superman. He's like, twenty years of Gotham,

how many good guys are left? And it's so true,
right because he's just like seeing so many people backstab
him or kill people, and he's like he's kind of
messed up in the head. As you would be if
you dressed up like a bat and fought villains at night.
And I love that, and I love how big he
is in that role. Like he's just like this brooding
human being and he's a little bit darker and damaged

and like he's able to like just like break bones
with his hands, and like that is batman. That is
Batman right there. Any that's he definitely is a little
bit darker of a batman than Christian Bale. And Belle's
voice gone on my nerves a little bit. Oh no,
we're hockey bats. I thought he was good, but he's good.

I didn'tay he was bad. But my opinion, yes, my
humble opinion. Wow, nobody's listening anymore at this point. Right
before we get the break, we want to cover one
more big. There's a lot of like these crazy dating headlines.
I feel like that that have been kind of going
around lately. So as I'm sure most of you already know,
Bill Gates and his wife broke up, but oh right

after the marriage. Okay, so Bill Gates took getaways with
his ex girlfriend after his marriage to Melinda, which they
must be. They must have been broken up for a
while because yeah, they were married for a while. I'm
sure they've been kind of on the rocks for quite
a long time and have seen this coming. What's what's
your take on the Bill Gates Melinda Gates thing. I mean,
I really don't have a take on it. I mean,

they're just they're getting divorced. I'm surprised this is such
big news, I guess because they've been marriage for someone
and Bill Gates's such a big name. But it's like
it's sad. Anytime you see you a divorce, it's sad.
But I guess I have really no investment in level
in Bill Gates, right, I'm always surprised to see This
might sound bad, but I'm always surprised to see people

of a certain age get divorced. You know, like Bill
Gates was what sixties seventies something years old and yes,
see the one of the wealthiest men in the in
the world, and me Linda obviously around the same age
as well. It's just like once you're single at that age,
you know, it's just it's a little harder to grant
to the dating pool, especially they were married for twenty
seven years. Like he felt like you're getting divorced after

a year and a half of marriage, because you guys
see each other's guts. Like you guys, they've been married,
they've been together longer than I've been probably, I know,
like I think about that too. How do you change
your life, you know, if you're with someone for forty
years or however long Bill Gates and me Linda were together.
Like I mean, like you said, I've been with Ashley
for I've only known her for five years, and I

can't like I can't imagine my life without her, even
in the bad times. So I mean the idea of
just you know, saying, Okay, you know we're gonna we're
gonna divorce in our lives are drastically going to change
after being together for forty years, obviously, you know it's
it went south, and I wish the two of them happiness.

But like, other than that, I don't really have too
many thoughts on it. Just some other guy who's not
been Affleck making the headline. Yeah listen, if it was
Benny Boy, I'd have all the thoughts in the world
about it, you know, I mean, all right, well that's
that's gonna do it. For this first little bit of help,
I second dating. We have Kate coming in, so stick

around through the break and we will see you shortly.
All right, welcome back to help I suck at dating
Dean myself of course, and we have a very special
guest on the line right now. She's been in the

news recently about a TikTok video that she posted while
face timing Matthew Perry. It is Kate Harrelson. Kate, thank
you so much for joining us and help my second dating.
How are you good? How are you? Thank you guys
for having me? Of course? Did I pronounce your last
name properly? Harolson? Yeah? Okay, yeah, you're pronounced it perfectly.

I'm a lot of people, Butcher usually. Oh, very proud
of myself then. Um so, Kate, obviously you've been in
the news recently because you are You were on Riya
and you matched with Matthew Perry. Matthew Perry is uh,
the guy who plays Chandler on Friends, and he is

a bit older. He's fifty one. Uh. And you guys,
you were nineteen if I'm correct. Yeah, I was nineteen
at the time. Okay, so how long ago did this happen?
This was a year ago? Like pretty much almost year ago,
last year, and like, may okay um, so why don't
you just tell us a story a little bit. So
you matched? You saw Matthew Perry on Riya and what

happened after that? Yes, I was with a girlfriend and
I had saw the match come up and we're like, oh,
this is funny, like, oh my gosh, most people would
you know, do the same thing. See a celebrity, they
match with them. And then he started messaging me and
this is funny. Let's just go along with it. And
then he said, oh, we should face them so time,
and we were like first I was like pretty hesitant,

and then I was like, you know, like this is funny,
Like let's just do it like battle come out of it,
like harmless. So then I gave him my number and
he had texted me a little bit and then called
me later that night and we just FaceTime and it's
somewhat harmless, you know, we just played questions back and
forth whatnot. But we just thought it was really funny.
He never really thought anything of it. And then a

year later, the ben athlete girl posted the TikTok and
I was like, oh, this is funny. He's trending maybe
I should just hop on the trend, not really expecting
it to blow up like it said. I have a question, so, so,
did you ever get to meet Matthew Perry face to
face or no? No, he tried to hang out, but

I never hung out with him. I just I figured
I would keep it at the FaceTime and leave it
up that. I mean, it is Chandler from Friends though,
so it would have been a very funny story. I
guess my question is, uh, you have to have your
age letter to go up that high too, so it
was still you know, it's still a little bit of

reciprocity there, right, Yeah. I mean I didn't realize that
my letter was even up really, so when I match
with my song, I was like, okay, like whatever, and
then we had a match. But I never really like
talked to older guys or anything and started with my thing.
I just honestly more thought of it as kind of like,
but you see Chandler from Friends on Riyo, you're definitely

swiping right for that exactly. I think that everyone would
have done the same thing as me. So how do
you feel now after posting the video? Do you feel
like do you still feel like feel good? About it.
Stand by all that kind of stuff. Um, I mean yeah,
I didn't think it would blow up as fast as

it did, but it did. And I mean everyone was like, oh,
you should just post it like benaff the girls doing
it like it's fine. My boss was telling me it's
so funny, you should do it. I was like, okay,
like it's fine. I still stand by it. I mean
it was just a harmless to talk and really, and
I think everyone's just taking it too seriously. I think
I read in the I think I read in the

article that they banned you from the dating app? Is
that true? Yeah, they banned me. They banned me from Ryan.
I happened pretty quick after the article went out, But
I was like, okay, and so even with that considered,
you still think you still like, don't regret it at all,
just because now it's like, you know, I get to
be on Bumble or Tinder. You lost. I'm it is

a bummer, But I mean I wasn't really using it
that much anyway anymore. I was kind of like, I've
been on it for long enough, so at this point
you had to sacrifice, you know, what I did for
my Ryane membership. I guess is it really strange to
make a TikTok video and then all of a sudden,
like you're having like these news articles written about you.
Uh you know, sure enough, you're here on this podcast, Like,

has that been weird? It's been so weird. I really
did not to make news headlines like a has been.
Like I've had old people, like all my old friends
hitting me up like everyone, and I'm like, oh my gosh,
I mean even like Inside Edition and tried to call
my mom and she was like, no comment. So when

you said you you posted the video, because I don't
want to speak for you, obviously, but the way I'm
I'm hearing it, it makes it sound like you posted
the video and you didn't think much about it. It
wasn't like you're posting it to like, quote unquote expose anybody. Yeah. No,
I wasn't trying to expose them at all or anything.
I just kind of thought, literally since the ben after

girl trying to differ it, I was like, Okay, maybe
like this will get a few views like here and there,
But I did not expect the backlash of it at all,
like negative, negative backlash. Um. Yeah, I mean a lot
of people are like not very happy with me. But
I guess it comes with the price of posting back,
especially since it's such like a beloved TV character. But

when you say so, when you say people aren't happy
with you about it, what does that mean exactly? Like
how are how are they expressing their frustration? Just a
lot of like hate comments, negative calling me like, oh,
you're just exposing trying to get out you're at the
tea minutes the same, which I was like, that was
not my intention at all. Yeah, it's crazy. It's a

it's a polarizing conversation to say the least, and a
lot of people have different opinions. I mean, any hate comments,
those people should just I have no time for those people,
Like nobody should be You can have your opinions, and
you are very entitled to your opinion. But anytime you're
writing hateful comments like whether they agree with what you
did or didn't don't agree with you, like, you know,

there's no need for that. Um. A lot of comments,
a lot of hate comments, So I know, I know
what's going on. Um, exactly, I think they're the ones
just sitting on the screen board, you know, hating on
keyboard Warrior have there been Have there been any other
notable people that you've matched with then you don't have

like out or anything like that, But like, are there
any other crazy stories? Not anything too crazy? I mean,
obviously I've been like a lot of celebrities on there.
I mean when Ben Afflick was on there, I saw
him on there. But like I've seen a few other
celebrities been one like super crazy or anything like that.
A lot of just like pheographers stuff like that. So

I was on Riot years ago and I did not
know that you couldn't um like tell other people who
are on who's on Ryan, who's not on Riya? And
because you know, you have to, like we talked about
in the Pockets, you have to get approved, like there's
this whole thing with Riya. And I saw someone I
was like, oh my god, I can't believe this person's
on Riot. And I went to go screenshot and sent

it to a buddy of mine, and as soon as
I screenshot at it, it was like it was like
red alerts everywhere and saying like you if you you know,
you can't screenshot, you can't say that if you do
it again, you're gonna be kicked off the app and
also holy craps, like all right, learned my lesson? Never mind. Yeah,
they're really serious, no screenshots, nothing that's crazy, which I

guess I guess that's kind of what you sign up for.
But oh, do you have a boyfriend now or have
you been dating anyone now? I mean I'm dating around
a little bit like here, and they're seeing people more,
just like, has it been weird talking to someone that
you're interested in that's already like maybe seen your video
or like anything like that, Um, a little bit. I

mean they think it's more funny. I mean a lot
of guys I talked to about like kind of around
my age, so they all think it's kind of like
funny on the same page as me. So it's a
little weird but not too weird. They don't really care
how people message me on like other dating apps me like,
oh my god, I saw like your TikTok is growing
up like that. It's so crazy. They're kind of like

just just don't do the same thing for me. But
one of our producer's favorite favorite lines, Matt Perry said,
was do you always play with your hair like that?
Do you always heard with yours? Yes? Creepy, I guess.
But at the same time, it seemed pretty pretty harmless, right,
It was pretty harmless exactly. I thought it was just funny,
like but lie like everything like you do always play

with their hairs as much. I thought it was hilarious,
but that's to other people to not so when you
posted it, you thought it was going to be like
a funny video. Yeah, I'm for sure. I thought it
was gonna be really funny. It's funny. I think I
think you nail it around out. Yeah, I mean, I'm
not gonna lie. When I watched it, I thought it
was funny, But then I was reading a lot of

the people commenting saying it's creepy. And you know, someone
who's Matthew Perry's age shouldn't be matching with, you know,
a nineteen year old on a dating app. I don't know,
I have I have thoughts about it because I was.
I gave this example earlier. Dane Cook was one of
my favorite comedians growing up, and he's in his late
forties and he was dating someone who's nineteen or twenty
and they seemed pretty happy. One of our buddies is

forty who's dating a year old. I keep saying next
going to kill me for saying this over and over again.
But but it's just like the fact of the matter. Yeah,
there's nothing wrong with it. I don't think there's anything
wrong with it as long as like you're two consenting
adults and like you're you're happily in in a relationship. Um,
but it's become certainly a polarizing conversation. So I hope
you're doing well. Um, oh yes, I am, okay, good. Yeah.

I think it's fine for too consenting adults for sure.
I mean, obviously it was a little weird. I think
the weirdest thing was Handles being like, I'm as old
as your dad. I was like, okaya, that is where
kind of puts it into perspective a little bit. Yeah,
I was like, okay, well, kay, thanks so much for
joining us on the podcast today. So, so you're on TikTok.

Where else can people find you? Um? Instagram? Twitter? Um,
all my handles are just Kate Hailson. My TikTok is
the only one that's different, kiddy Nicole. So what do
you what do you usually post on TikTok? I just
post like random funny videos. I like to keep it
fine and um, just like that, I'm going to do

a few this week, writing the hills from my bosses.
Probably very cool. Make sure everybody listening follow Kate on TikTok,
on Instagram, all the social media apps. Kate, once again,
thank you so much for joining us. Kate Haroldson, Man,
I said your name the first time and I just
buschered it. Kate Haroldson, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you guys for having me. All right, welcome back
to help I suck at dating. Uh, that was interesting.
I didn't know where that conversation was going to go
with Kate because I've heard differing things. I heard that

like she did it to possibly expose older men. Um.
I heard that she thought it was just gonna be funny.
People saying the video is creepy, people saying that it's fine. Um,
so I mean, yeah, not to you know, Kate made
it pretty apparent that she thought it was gonna be funny.
She was hopping on the ben Affleck trend and she

didn't really see anything wrong with it. Um, and I
I tend to agree. I mean, she's comfortable with it, obviously,
It's just it's two people face timing, you know, and
so you can have opinions about age and and I'm
not saying that I disagree with you wholeheartedly, but I
think we should be able to have a conversation about
you know, um, you know, what's okay, what's not okay? Yeah,

I don't think. I don't think there's really anything wrong
with someone talking about something that happened, you know what
I mean. Like, it's not like she's like making something
up and like slandering Matthew Perry. It's just like she's like,
this is a funny thing that happened to me, you know,
I know it is interesting though, Like should you Yeah,

I don't know. It's tough because obviously I don't know.
I don't know. It's such a funny. It's just a
weird time. It's like, let's say in three years someone
comes out and they have pushed a FaceTime conversation with
you and then and you're being all weird and creepy.
How would you feel about that? I mean not good?

How would you feel? Yeah, I mean not good either.
I guess my point is it's like, if it's not
happening to you, it's easy to see the side of
like the person sharing their experience, But then if it
is happening to you're like, oh, why why don't you
just why don't you just keep that quiet? Let's just yeah,
why do you need to post that? Um? Yeah, all right,
well we we do have a listener email from anonymous,

our favorite listener, Nick Vile. He's been mentioning a lot
during this podcast. Um, but I did want to talk
about an SNL skit that that happened this past weekend.
So SNL was hosted by Elon Musk. Did you watch
any of it? No? Did you? I didn't watch No,
I didn't watch much of it. I watched a couple
of skits though. Alon Musk is an interesting human being
to me, but I don't know about his comedic skills.

I didn't want. But I mean, who the hell knows?
He's interesting. On Joe Rogan's podcast, I've watched that a
couple of times. Um, but Alon must hosted uh and
they did a skit about post quarantine social anxiety. Because listen,
this summer, it seems like, hopefully, knock on wood, we're
gonna be somewhat back to normal to a certain extent,

you know, they're talking about sporting events being full capacity,
concerts coming back. Mass mandates are being you know, uh,
they're getting rid of a lot of them in different
parts of the country. Like I'm in Rhode Island and
I think the mask mandate for outside ends later this month.
Now indoors, that's different. In private businesses can still dictate
whether you need to wear a mask or not. But

like social distancing capacities, that's all changing, like and changing
pretty rapidly. So SNL did a skit about post quarantine
conversations with people you know at parties and so on
and so forth, and it's until every conversation with people
you haven't seen since quarantine started, and like they talk
about like Alon Musk played a husband um who talked

about how he's getting divorced and he's losing his job.
It was a pretty interesting Like Kate McKinnon is a
party guard saying like did I just say I'm going
to dinner again? Should I give more details or should
I die? Like people just not knowing how to converse
with one another, saying the wrong things, not knowing what
to say. Do you think you're gonna have any post
quarantine social anxiety? Coming out of this thing, Dean. Um,

I don't think so personally, mostly because I don't really
I don't really have much of a social life anymore. Yeah,
Like going to Cobbo for ben bachelor party was like
the most obviously everyone I kind of had to take
a big backseat for COVID restrictions and all that kind
of stuff, But like that's the most I drank alcohol
and like probably sinceil like twenty seven. So I don't

really anticipate much like going out to the bars, you know,
seeing someone that you haven't seen in two years, haven't
really cared enough to keep up with, and then like
feigning interest in their life after you know, I think, um,
I think I'm gonna have zero social anxiety after this
thing is over, because it feels like so when we
were in Cabo, and you know, we were in a

house with like twenty guys or whatever it was, and
we were all tested beforehand, we got tested while we
were there, but so that creates like, you know that
that made me feel a lot more comfortable. A lot
of people were already vaccinated at this point, probably two
thirds of the house at least had their second dose
of vaccination. But I digress. Um. My point being is,
I think I'm just gonna kind of like fall right

back into the routine of things. I don't think I
would have any social anxiety. Like if this was last
June and I hadn't seen people for you know, three
months and was still you know, completely terrified of of
COVID and like leaving the house and wiping down every
single grocery I bought, then yeah, I think I would
have a lot of anxiety entering back into social norms.

But I think now, I think everybody's ready for it.
Everybody wants to get back to some sense of normalcy.
Everybody wants to feel safe, Like you know, I'm getting
my second dose of the vaccine this week, and you
know my parents are vaccinated, so that's given me a
lot of sense of comfort. Um, And I just think
that I'm going to fall right back into it. Like
I thought initially, I was like, Oh, when am I

ever going to feel comfortable being a crowded bar or
a crowded restaurant or concert or a sporting event. I
don't know now that like we're dipping our toe back in.
I don't think I'm gonna have issues with it now.
You know, I said a lot of stupid stuff before
the pandemic. I'm going to say a lot of stuff
stupid stuff after the pandemic. So that's different. That's just
like me being socially awkward. That's going to continue right

on through. But in terms of like any post quarantine weirdness,
I don't know, feeling pretty good about it, yeah, I think.
And my biggest thing too, is it's like the things
that I want to be doing anyways, I've more or
less being able to do, Like, you know, I can
still do like a big camping trip, climbing trip, skiing, skydiving,
like all that stuff that I normally did already. Like

that stuff hasn't really changed all that much because most
of it's already socially distanced anyway. So it's like, I
don't really foreseeing many issues coming from my side of things.
What's the one thing that you are uh looking forward
to the least coming back? Well, it's actually kind of
already started here in Los Angeles, but the traffic has

returned pretty fully. That sucks. I know that's kind of
like a silly thing to say, but like not stilly
at all. You uhould take me twenty five minutes to
drive up to the valley. Now it takes me an
hour every single time, So that really sucks. Uh. I
just I don't know, I don't really love how there's
been so much like drama around. It's like it's such

a divisive topic, you know, COVID and all and the vaccines. Now.
It's just like I'm just ready for that all to
be under the bridge at some point, you know. But
unfortunately I don't think that's you know, I just feel
like this pollar rization and division is just going to continue,
whether it's with COVID or a different topic. It's just anyway,
we don't have to go down that road. But I
agree with you. I want people to stop yelling at

each other. I will say that there are even like
some of my friends, uh the whole you know, way
less seriously than I think a lot of people would
have wanted. And there were times where it's like we
would have like a small gathering over at a house
or something like that, and you'd be like, yeah, my
roommate's COVID right now, and what are you doing here
if your roommate has COVID right now? We're like, yeah,

that's they'd be going to like these like fifty person
raids on the beach and it's like you see that
stuff and they're like promoting on Instagram and you're like,
that's just such a bad look in my opinion, you know,
like whether whether you believe it it's uh, you know,
as serious as it is, or it's not, whether you
think you're like immune to getting it, just like it's
not really a good look to just like be going
out and promoting all your carelessness in my opinion. So

I'm oh, absolutely, like people trust me. I I know
people who have been exposed to COVID and refused to
get tested, and it's like, are you insane? You can't
do that, Like you just you can't do that. You
can't you know. Anyhow, we when I got Caylin, I
got especially pist offs. I'll to share the story real

quick because after after we heard that this guy's roommate
had COVID, we were like planning on visiting Kalin's grandparents
like within the next two days. And we're like, well, dude,
you just like totally kind of ruined that whole situation
because like now we have to get these rapid tests
rapid tests aren't aren't cheap. They're like a hundred ten
bucks per rapid tests. So it's like, you know, you

they just essentially just added an extra step into us
get being able to go see Klan's grandparents and like, yeah, sure,
maybe we shouldn't have been there their first place before
that worried about it. But it's just one of those
things where it's like you kind of assume the people
that you're going to be around are like being equally
as responsible, but sometimes it's not the case. But I
don't know, like you said, the bass mandates are turning off.
I know that Aspen, Colorado just said you don't have

to wear a mask outside anymore as of like last week. Um,
but you have the indoor dining and all that kind
of stuff too. I think I remember seeing that indoor
dining and all that stuff is gonna return to a
occupancy under like you know, mask mandates and all that
kind of stuff too. So that's one thing I'm not
looking forward to. I do like the social distancing inside
at restaurants and not being on top of each other.

I'm going to severely miss that. I don't know, dude,
you just got to use open table. You gotta make reservations.
What is this your first ground? I've never even heard
of that at shocking. Anyhow, we do have one more
of What were you gonna say? I was gonna say,
do we want to bring Mark in to read this
anonymous email it for us? Well, of course we do.

The voice of God, please Mark graces with your president.
You said your mike is how are you not an
on air personality? I mean you just your voice sounds great,
your mic sounds great. You gotta face for radio. I'm
just kidding. You're very good looking man. Thanks Jered, You
guys are too appreciate. Are you ready for this? It's

out amous question for you. How would you handle it
if your partner and you do not see eye to
eye In the COVID vaccine, I've gotten it. He will
not consider it until there was additional information and research
on long term effects. We've been in a relationship a
year and a half and have had many respectful conversations
about this difference of opinion, but I'm still questioning if
our values are misaligned. This was not our first difference

of opinion on social political topics, but it is the
first time we really fought and argued because we have
completely opposite viewpoints. My question is am I overthinking this
difference of opinion or should I accept it as an
eye opener that our values may not be aligned. What
would you do in this situation when the rest of
the relationship is extremely solid, Idella, you take the reins

on the one. I mean, you have to continue having respects,
respectful conversations about it. Like I I am all for
people of different values and different opinions and specifically different
political associations dating because we cannot live in a war world.
I believe were you can only date someone who has

the same views in the world as you, because it's
just like then then we're I don't know, I feel
like that could really spiler out of control and become
a serious issue. So like, I love the idea of
people who have different opinions, who think differently, but can
like understand one another and still love each other, like
still being able to have a successful and happy marriage.
So you know, listen that you have to really, you know,

figure out what's important to you and what you prioritize
in a partner. Um, I would advise, like if you
got the vaccine and you want him to get the vaccine. Uh,
maybe try to have him listen with you to, like,
you know, a doctor that you guys both trust. Maybe
he could go to his doctor and say, hey, listen,

i'm thinking about take You know, I don't want to
take the vaccine. What are your thoughts on the vaccine?
So you can get more information from a trusted source
rather than you know, just watching a YouTube clip from
a scientist or doctor that you you don't know. UM,
So that would be my piece of advice. Try to
go to your primary doctor, somebody that's trustworthy and get
their opinion on whether he should take the vaccine or not. Well,

let's make it more personalized for you. Let's say you
want to get that you got the vaccine and actually
refused to get it. How you react to that exact scenario.
I would do exactly what I just told I would.
I would. I would say, listen, I think you should
you know, don't listen to me, you know, listen to
you know, your doctor, someone that you trust, uh, and
let them tell you what they think you should or

shouldn't do. UM. That would be my advice. That's what
I would do. Honestly, we're kind of we're not going
through this scenario. But but you know I got vaccinated.
Ashley has not gotten vaccinate yet because you know, she's
trying to get pregnant, and you know there's there's there's
more to think about when taking the vaccine if you're
trying to have a kid, specifically for women, if you

are already pregnant. Um. But the more research that she does,
the more comfortable she does, she she feels about take
in the vaccine. She's talked to her gun to college is,
she's talked to her doctors and they say that she
should be okay getting the vaccine. So she's gonna get
it now, but especially like not even that long ago,
like a month ago, she was like, I don't know,
I don't you know, there's there's just I'm trying to

figure out as much as I can. It is a
lot easier for me as a dude, because it's like, yeah,
I'll just take the vaccine. Doesn't feel like it's it's
hurting me in the least. Um. So everybody's in talent
to their own opinion about things. That's how I feel. UM,
So I would just say do your best, try not
to have huge arguments over it, you know, um, and
then just you know, he'll he'll do what he thinks

is the best for himself, and then you have to
figure out, you know, you have to do what's best
for you and the two of you. And it's it's
not easy. Yeah, I agree. I Uh, I mean, I'm
I'm obviously pro vaccine. I got vaccinated like a month ago,
maybe a little longer. I got the Jane j want
and done baby or they recalled it for the blood clots. Uh.
Fortunately no blood thoughts, uh you know that I received.

But but yeah, I mean I'm pretty fortunate, I guess
in that sense because Caylin and I have a pretty
equal and like similar understanding on all that kind of stuff,
so it hasn't been an issue in our relationship. And
she's obviously not trying to get pregnant, so you don't
have to take that into consideration. But yeah, I mean,
like Jared said, it's like, you know, having different beliefs,
it's kind of like required, like it's it's it's a

good thing to think different things. And I mean, granted,
there are certain beliefs that are bad, like you know, obviously,
like racist beliefs are bad like that type of stuff,
Like there are bad beliefs that to differ on because
like if you, if they think that, they probably think
a lot of other bad things too. But that's kind
of like the beauty and the spice of life is
to be able to disagree with people, have conversations about

with them about it. Um So yeah, I don't know.
I agree with what Jarred said. See medical professional, get
his opinion, and hopefully your boyfriend hearing that will take
that into consideration. I mean, there are probably doctors out
there that don't recommend getting it though, so hopefully the
one that she does take them two is the right
one to motivate them to get it. But I mean

about you, that's not a far I kind of agree.
I don't think this is a deal breaker personally. I
think it could be. I think if he if he
doesn't want to get it because he thinks Bill Gates
is putting micro chips inside of him, if he thinks
it's some weird random human on theory or something, then
yes he's loony and you need to get rid of him.
But if he just wants more information, I think you

let him get that more information. I think this will
work itself out in the long run. If this is
the only issue you guys have, I think you let
it play out. I don't think it's a big deal.
I agree. Mark is so good at menalizing and concising
his thoughts, while Diana and I are just like blab
it on for ten straight minutes about you know, Marks, like,
this is the way it is. I'm a father, I'm

a husband. I've been on this earth. How are you
I am? You don't look at day over thirty five,
my friend nine years on this earth. He's like, this
is how you do it. This is how you get
it done. This is what you're supposed to say. Moving on.
I have found that when there are disagreements over the
course of a relationship, if you if you really try

and aggressively persuade them, they're only going to dig in
their heels. Yeah, people are stubborn, but if you just
kind of hang back, people just kind of are going
to get where they're going to get in there have
to get on their own journey to get there. Well,
well put Mark, well put and on that note, you
know what, guys, I think it's time we get to
be on this podcast. We appreciate you tuning in. We

appreciate you listening. Mark. I want to say one thing
before you turn your video off. I'm looking forward to
seeing you in. I would say about three weeks after
Aaron Rodgers decides to gracefully sign with the different Broncos
and lead us to five consecutive Super Bowl championships that
we're not gonna talk about that. I just wanted to say,
I'm excited for it to happen. I think you can

get a little bit of excitement out of that too,
because you know you're gonna let the Broncos win a
bunch of Super Bowl So he'll be back in Green
Bay in the fall, I said today. May We'll see anyways, Jared,
thank you so much for co hosting this with us.
Big just final apologies to you guys for missing the deadline.

We're not our deadline, but usually we air over the
weekend and obviously we weren't able to do that this week.
But thanks for sticking with us anyways, because that's just
that's just great. Big thank you Kate Harrilson for joining us. Um,
what do you guys think about the Kate and matc
Terry thing? So if you. If you want to have
any thoughts on that, email us at I suck at
Dating at i heart media dot com. It's always good
to hear what you guys thinking. Thanks to anonymous Ben

Affleck and Bill Gates for just giving us to talk
about because content or knows we need it. We need it.
Is there anything else you want to add? Jared, I'm good, buddy.
I'll see you next week. Yeah, maybe we'll suck a
little bit less. Follow help by Suck at Dating on
I Heart Radio or wherever you listen to podcast
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