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October 24, 2022 44 mins

Dean is getting ready to pop a BIG question.. if he can find the ring! Dean and Jared are hanging out with Leah Block from Ben Higgins' season and we're hearing all about Dean's proposal plans (or lack thereof). 

Plus, Leah shares why she knows her own engagement might be coming soon, and how you can spot similar signs in your relationship! 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
How I Suck at Dating with de Nungler and Jared
Haven and I heard radio podcast What's going on? Everyone?
Welcome to an all new episode of Help I Suck
At Dating? Per Usual. It is Jared and Me here
joined well, not per usual, joined by Leah, but we

do a very special co host with us this week.
Leah Block. Ladies and gentlemen from season at twenty of
The Bachelor. I want to say you were on Ben season?
Is that right? Yes? Nice? And were there? Did you
do any spinoffs? I made a very very brave appearance
on Bachelor of Paradise three. Okay, gotcha. So we'll just

go ahead and xna the whole Paradise thing. But it's
good to see you. I haven't seen you in a while.
We used to bump into each other every so often
in Denver, but that's obviously kind of a thing in
the past at this point. So sad, so sad, barely ever.
I was there for the Broncos home up and that
was like the only time this year I've been back.
But you're still in Denver. Yeah, yes, Broncos fans or yeah,

Broncos contraty. Let's ride. Have you seen have you seen
Russell Wilson subway commercials. Yes, did you see him? Did
you see his newest one that just came out today? Oh?
I saw it. Oh my gosh. It's just trust me,
you don't want to I'll tell you what. So in
like all of my football group chats, everyone is always

dogging on him and clowning on him and so much,
so much, and it honestly just makes me makes me
like him more. It makes him more endearing to me.
I like it. I would like a lot more if
we were six and out instead of two and four.
I was about to say I love it when he's dominating,
but now that he all of a sudden, I don't know.
I mean, I can't imagine Russell Wilson's washed up. But

this is not a sports podcast, but I had to
bring that up because I know you guys are both Broncos.
But what about Tom Brady wash The man is like
halfway to a hundred. He finally has desserts his opportunity.
I'm feeling a Brady comeback, by the way, But who's
more famous? Do you think Sierra or Gizell? I think

Gizel Internationally, if you're asking about the world, Si is
probably more famous than the States. Maybe I really know,
they're both super famous. It's interesting though that those are
probably the two only two NFL players, Whether their wives
are more famous than they are famous and well off,
I'll tell you this right now, quick fact check. Sierra
thirty three million followers on Instagram. Just oh is more famous?

Oh right, right, she's younger. I got you, that's true.
No one follows old people on Instagram. It's a young
man's game now, all right, Well, sorry, you're right, Jared.
This is not a sports podcast, although we do. Yeah, well,
maybe maybe we can come back in a couple of
months when the Broncos are above five. That would be better.

But um, Lee, what have you been up to fill
listen on your life? I don't think have we ever
had you on this podcast? Oh my gosh, we'll welcome
hopefully we can make it. Yeah it is um yeah, no,
I so I'm in Denver. Um, I am actually working
on a big project right now. I'm opening up my

own practice med SPA. Oh my, yeah, you're anetician. Yeah,
I'm an esthetician and I am kind of entering out
on my own and opening up my own things. So
I've just been touring a bunch of locations the past
week and a half and just trying to find the
perfect spot before I opened my books again. So esthetician,

that's skincare right. Yes. Do you Are you close with
Ben's wife at All Jazz because she's an instetician as well.
I think yeah, yeah. I mean I wouldn't say we're
super close, but we're definitely friends. We've hung out, she's
we're both super supportive of each other careers. I talked
abou any once in a while. Um, she's so sweet.
I mean, she's like the sweetest human I've ever met. Yeah,

she's great. Have you always done um as a stetician work? No, Um,
I mean yes, on myself, I've always struggled with skin issues,
um my whole life, and so I always wanted to
help people because I have super sensitive skin and it's
always a passion of mine. Since I was in high school. Um,
I wanted to go to a stetition school, and of

course my parents were like, no, you have to go
to college. So I'm glad I did got my bachelor's degree,
but ended up actually during COVID. Finally, as horrible as
COVID was in the pandemic. Um, I was finally able
to enroll an Aestetian school during that time when I
was working from home, and um, yeah, it was a

horrible time for a lot of people, but it was
kind of a good blessing for me to be able
to have that time. And so I've only been do
a couple of years and uh so it's Jess. I
think we were in esteticition school at the same time
in different states. But yeah, I gotta say, I want
to take a moment and just give you a big

old pad on the back, because when COVID was going on,
you were going to esteticians school and following your dreams
and I was just playing ten hours a call of
duty every single day. I didn't have. I look back
very fondly on the pandemic in the sense where it
was like no responsibilities, no expectations, um, but no personal

growth for me either, as opposed to you, who now
you know you've you kind of used that as a
catapult to help you get into the thing that you're
I'm really interested in, which is fantastic, And congratulate congratulations
for that. Did you used to be in real estate?
Is my is what I remember No, okay, I that's
Lace who was also on my season. Well there's a

few Lauren. Um, she's also a real estate I was
working as an event planner for a few years. While
I was an event planner, and then I did a
lot of like social media marketing management for um, a
plastic surgeon in New York City. And that's honestly, when

I was living New York City and I was doing
that is when I was like, well, I really want
to be kind of in this industry in some way
or another. UM. That's when I when I moved back,
I was like, all right, I'm gonna do this. So
I said, you went back to school during COVID. How
long did it take you finally get certified? UM? So,
like the classes were on zoom and then we would

go into the school to do our like hands on trainings.
It's it's really nice. The school that I went to,
it's called s B M A. And I know a
lot of girls that have gone there um or or
in that program right now. UM. But it's really nice
because the hands on portion is really flexible. So it's

nice because if you're working a job, which I also
was working a job while I was in school. You
can decide when you want to come in. Um, you
want to do like a four hour interval or an
eight hour and you have to meet a certain requirement
for those hours. And so if you want to bust
it out and do it every single day, you can
get it done and really fast in a few months. UM.

That would be like completely full time if you didn't
have a job or anything. Um. And then some people
take some a year and a half. I was able
to get the program done in five months. And then
I interned at a med spa, and um worked at
another med spa, and now I'm starting my own thing. Well,

that's awesome. The reason I asked because Ashley is obsessed.
I don't care, and she loves med spas and she's
always wanted to be an institution. And so I'm curious
if she ever wanted to go and get certified, how
long it would take her. Um, you could easily do it. Yeah,
I agree. So maybe this is something down the line,
you know, just to add another layer of responsibility and

stress to our lives. So we also obviously know you
from the Bachelor Franchise dating podcast we I'm You are
with You are with your boyfriend Ryan, correct if I
remember correctly? Yes, Okay, So how long you has been
dating now? Yep, still my boyfriend. Um, we've been together

for four and a half years. Holy yeah, what's going
on to fiance stuff? Um, so it's happening. I'm sure
it's going to happen very soon. It probably would have
happened last year. But my dog and I were actually
like viciously attacked by another dog. My lip was split

in half. It was just a horrible thing, and I
ended up getting really bad PTSD and I was in
therapy once a week, and I was taking care of
her for months. I couldn't work at all, Like I
had to be with her twenty four hours a day. Um,
I like lived at the vet. And then I had
some health issues actually skin Um I saw actually Christina

Dean what's her last name? Shulman? Yeah, I saw her
um post about having perioral dermatitis. And I don't necessarily
have perioral, which is around the mouth, but I have
contact dermatitis like all over my face. And I could
pull the photo and show you this. It was crazy.
I couldn't leave the house. Very very similar to what
her photos showed UM it's a type of dermatitis UM.

It can be from allergens, it could be from contact
dermatitis UM basically like lotions make up things that you're
putting on your skin, and really the only way to
determine kind of what's causing it is to see a
dermatologist and get like a patch test done to see
if it's anything you're currently using or if it's airborne UM.
And I went an entire year going to I can't

even tell you how many doctors and different specialty doctors
and getting my blood drawn multiple times a week, and
finally I got on a shot. It's actually like an
injection that I give put in my stomach or my
arm every other week, and it is not fun and
I have a very high high pain tolerance UM. But
it basically, I mean, it's like life saving and saved

my life. And but basically, long story short, last year
was really hard. I wasn't see people. When you get engaged,
it's like everyone wants to be around you and whatever,
and it was just not a time, um for the
both of us. And so this year has been like
a complete one a d and it's awesome. So yeah,

We've had a great year. I'm looking forward to when
that happens. I know he's so so let me ask you.
You said that you're certain it's coming. How how can
you be so certain? Well, I may or may not
know that he may have asked my dad's blessing, so

your dad rated him out. Yeah, actually yeah, that was
actually my step mom. But it's okay. It made me
really happy and like just knowing that that step is
finally accomplished after this. That's why I knew I could
not tell Ashley's family till legitimately the day before we
left for Paradise when we got engaged, because I was like,

they're gonna they almost ruined. Actually they did a really
good job in the last day. They completely lied to
Ashley's face, to my surprise. But I don't know how
that long. How long that was gonna last? Oh? Man, No,
I know if if if Ryan tells my family or
his family, like when he's going to do it, there's
they'll ruin it. Like there's no chance, So he can't

he can't tell, like that'll be a secret until it
actually happens. I made the great mistake of losing Kalin's
engagement ring. So she at least at least friend hasn't
done that up. No, geez, was it ensure? No, it
wasn't insured. Shot. Wait a minute, up and vanished. Hold on,
wait a minute, how long? How have we not heard this?

How long ago did you lose it? Maybe like a
week or two ago? Dean lost the engagement ring? Ashley
is just but she walked into the room and she yeah,
Lia said she loves blocks on the She's opening up
her own spot. I know. Hold on, wait a minute, yeah,

wait back to what how when it wasn't a drawer,
wasn't our drunk junk drawer in our kitchen? And you know,
just hold on, did Dean? Did you just say that
you put the engagement ring you bought Kalin in the

junk draw in the kitchen and the junk drawer in
the kitchen. Yes, and it was it was safe. It
was there for a few months because it was just
the stone. I hadn't got gotten it mounted yet, and
I went to go get it to mount it, to
bring it to the jeweler to get mounted, and it
wasn't in there. And I asked Calin, I said, hey,

the stone is missing four and a half dot carrot
emerald cut diamond is just missing, just up and a half,
four and a half carrot emerald cut diamond ring just
up and vanished. And I think, like a carrot and
a half. I have to put a c Z in
there for now, babe. So yeah, So I called Calin over.

I said, hey, it's where is it? It's gone, and
she goes, well, I didn't move it. I would never
move it because I know it's your thing and I
wouldn't just move it without saying something. And I said, yeah, okay,
that probably makes sense. And then I was like, well,
I I've done a lot of like sitting and breathing
and meditating and like just trying to go back in

time in my head and see and I was in
the junk drawer in the kitchen, and I doesn't exist
in my memory. And we have a camera you're pulling
a Zach Galifanakis from Hangover to when she's with the
monster and he's trying to remember what happened the night before,
trying to access the parts of my brain that I
just normally can't access. Um didn't work, And so I
went into that we have a camera that is always

recording in our kitchen, and so I just went back
three weeks on the camera and watched it at like
a X speed to see if I was ever fiddling
around the junk drawer. Nothing. And so I just have
no idea where it is. I imagine it's in the
house somewhere, if it fell down the drawer, like in
the back, or you know what. I have not done

that yet, but immediately after this episode, I'm going to
do that. Why, I mean, okay, so she obviously knew
the stone was there because I'm thinking I'm in the
junk drawer all the time. Yeah, well, so what happened.
What happened was the point of a junk draw not
to put your four and a half carrot engage, She
meant stone. Yeah, well, so what happened because two pencils

and pens in there. She took it to New York
with her to get mounted, because I was like, here,
I got the stone, I want you to design the rinks.
I wanted to be what you love. So she took
it to New York with her. Thank you for saying that,
because there are a lot of guys out there they
just want to pick out whatever they want. It's like
you're not the one wearing this thing. If Brian were

to go and just like design something himself, which he
loves the metal smith and like create copper bracelets and
this and that, I'm like, absolutely not every single detail.
You can pick out the diamond, like, I want the
shape and everything, but like the way it looks, honey, please,
oh my gosh, what do you pick the tackiest thing
in the world. What do you mean the shape and everything?

Do you pick the shape as well? Leah? Yeah, so
I like what shape I want? You know, I chose
the shape, and I'm like, this is the range of
carrot size. I'd like whatever you can afford whatever you know,
you can get great, um, but I want like a
gold band, simple whatever, um that kind of thing. So

he can pick out the size of the care he
can be off the diamond with the clarity and all that, um,
but everything else is sent stout right. And I thought
I was being I thought I was being a nice,
you know, considerate guy by doing that. But then she
was in New York and she was like, yeah, I'm
walking to the Doueler right now, and I was like
out of town or something, and I was like, well,
you know what, actually I want, like I want you

to tell me what you want and then I want
to go do it that way. When I give it
to you, it's still at least somewhat of a surprise.
So she brought it back, put it back in the
junk drawer, and like I said, last week or two
weeks ago or whatever, once you go check and now
it's it's not there, but it might be behind. It
might be in the cabinet below, like it fell through
or something like. We was saying, that's you gotta let

it know. You gotta keep us updated. I mean, you
should honestly end this podcast right now, and Dean, you
need to tear that entire heart rust me. I have
I've done that that. Leah literally just said have you
checked behind? And he said, oh wait a minute, Um,
so that is your number one priority after this podcast ends.

But my assumption is that you didn't put in the
junc truer, so it's somewhere else. So this is what
I really think happened, was that I took it out.
Maybe like I don't remember ever getting in there and
taking it out, but this is what I imagine happened.
I took it out. I put it in a pair
of pants that I was wearing in the pocket, and
then I took the pants off somewhere in the house.

And then and then Caylen cleans. Caylen cleans everything, and
she moves my stuff all the time, right, Otherwise it
would just the house would always be a mess. And
I think that she moved the pants at the ring
that the stone was in, and now that it's just
it's just gone. Oh my, I'm having anxiety over here.

It could be in any one of your pants pocket
right now. I've looked. I've looked in all my pants pockets.
I might be in the garage somewhere. Um, but yeah,
morals story is, don't put your engagement rings in the juncture.
So I did have to go out and buy a
place holder ring for now. But it's not quite as

nice as the first one was. I mean, there's no
way this thing got accidentally thrown out, right, I mean,
maybe it wasn't. It was like it in a box.
Was just wasn't in a box? Are you wasn't in
a napkin? This funky guy away on Ashley, do you

know what Dean just said? He said it wasn't in
a box. It was in a napkin. Yeah. Ryan did
that with his air pods. For some reason, he had
to put his air pods in a napkin and he
ended up throwing away and ended up going hired trash
can like outside in the dumpster and found them at

the very bottom of a bag. Like god, but legitimately
my biggest fear diamond. Yeah, I just well, do you
remember what was it? Like a dunkin Donuts napkin? It
was just a regular white napkin. It looked like a
piece of trash. So you had something that looked like

a piece of trash in your kitchen junk draw and
you're curious what could have possibly I know, I said,
it's the Rhode Island school system that's failed me, um,
but she does make fun of me all the time
for it. And you're curious what happened to it? Dude?
It could be anywhere. It could it literally could be anywhere. Yeah,

I agree, I agree. I'm I'm hoping with all my
might that it's somewhere in the house and we're gonna
do it deep clean one day and like maybe a
couple of years and there it is found it. Um,
I would do the deep clean a little bit sooner
than a couple of years. I know. It sucks. It sucks,
but it is what it is, and we have to
make two with what we what we have, the new ring,

the new ring that I have. Um, I was just
planning on whenever we find the old one, just to
repurpose that into like a cool necklace or something. I
don't know, but yeah, we'll see, we'll see what happens.
You're still planning on proposing Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah exactly.
I don't. I don't want like contrarians to think that
you did this on purpose to try to get out

of the engagement, because now you're pulling a Dean you know. No,
that's not the case. I'm gonna say this very quietly,
but it's it'll happen, uh by at the time this
podcast airs, shut the up. Yeah maybe maybe maybe the
day after it airs. Well then we can't Yeah no,

I know, but we can't post this like the people
listening until know Dean that it's a done deal. Nobody
can hear us, right, it's our headphones. Yeah, okay, great, Ashley.
He just informed us that it's happening very soon, potentially
before this podcast airs. Okay, that's fantastic. Yeah, he's going

to give her like a popsicle ring, but really it's
the symbolism, right, That's all it is. Anyways, she knows,
she knows the ring is gone. Yeah, she knows. First
of all, Calin can't be mad. I mean, she knows
who she's married, you know, Like, come on, and she

was potentially an accomplice and losing it, so she doubly.
So now we're gonna blame Kalin for cleaning up Dean's
dirty clothes off the floor. Could's fault, but she could
have accidentally, like I would have grown a napkin away
in a drunk drawer. Come on, it's like nine percent
my fault. It's like, but yeah, yeah, I wasn't. I

wasn't planning on sharing that a little bit of information today,
But you guys got it out of me, Lea got
it out of me. Well, the thing is, we're gonna
take a quick break of Dean. We got to make
sure that this podcast is coordinated because if everything we
just talked about over the past three minutes gets aired
before something happens, that's not good. No, it will We're

gonna be out of cell phone reception for the next week.
So well that's exciting. Wow. Alright, cool, all right, let's
take a quick break and then we'll get into cemented
lens and maybe dive a little bit deeper into everything.
Right after this quick break, all right, welcome back to

help I suck at dating. Um. Obviously it's gonna be
pretty significant time in Dean's life right now, and uh,
let's not get too much into it because obviously we
don't know what's going to happen, and we don't want
anything to be spoiled. So let's just move on and

as somebody once said, time will tell. Uh, but let's
get into some Wait, do you have anything you want
to finish up saying? I was gonna say, it's in
It's not in any of our hands anymore. It's in
higher powers, if you will, Okay, continue, I'm very curious
what that means, and we will find out higher powers. Continue,

Just continue. You got some George Cluney, as you want
to share? I think? All right, well, we do have
a headline. Um, this has come from Stylist article. Uh,
Stylist magazine. George Cluney shares how marrying a mall so
late in his life has impacted their relationship. So In
a recent interview, the actor George Cluney admitted that the

long wait provide at him with the level of maturity
that makes him the best partner for a mall. I
hope I'm saying that correctly. Now the mall is forty four.
George Clutey is sixty one, and he says, when you're
sixty one, we agree on most things. As you get older,
you're kind of looking at things a little differently. And
it seems like finding love later in life has helped

the actor to prioritize what matters most. Quote. Because I
started so late, I'm not allowed to give advice to anyone.
I have to look at it as if I'm the
luckiest human alive and then just appreciate that. He also
shared that the experience of marrying later in life has
taught him to find all the things that him and
his wife have in common and not to worry about

the little things. His wife, Amal, wants to paint the
wall yellow, and if I was younger, George Cluney says,
I feel like that's a stupid color. And now you
know what you just go with it. I don't care.
Who cares if a wall is yellow. So my question
to you is, do you think George Cluney is making
a good point? What do you guys think are the
pros and cons to marrying at an older a I mean,
sixty one is old a decade okay, so okay, so

may Thank god Ashley's here because I don't know Gally pooh.
Did you guys know that George Queens may for ten
years whatever? Um? Yeah, I think he has a point.
But also, at the same time, when you're an adult,

and I mean growing adult, kids are out of the house,
you're an adult, you are pretty set in your ways.
It's going to take a lot to really change somebody
after that long. You know, it's a lot easier to
change when you're younger and you know you're still growing.
But when you're a certain way with certain things, whether

that's being O. C. D. Or whether that's how you
treat people or whatever, it is, like, it is, it's hard.
I've seen it in my own with my own family
and other people. It's it's very hard to change somebody
that old. But my dad, he's sixty seven, and I
think my step mom is like fifty, so it's it's
pretty close, not that much of an age difference, but

you know they got married, um, probably four years ago. Um,
and you know it's not perfect, but definitely you're you're
able to see like things that they just will not
change because they are who they are. I mean, what
about you guys, Like, would you do you think that
you could change who you are for somebody at that

age after you've been through your entire life. No, I'm
done changing. Yeah, I've over She Astley gets what she gets. No,
I agree with you, But you're you're definitely a lot
more malleable at a young age, like you can change
a lot more easily. Um. And also when you're older, you,

like you said, you know what you want and you
also are not going to play as many games as
you did when you were younger. Even from twenty five
to thirty five. It's a big difference, and I can't
imagine what the difference will be when you're sixty. Uh.
And I think that's that kind of allows you just
to kind of like get right to the nitty gritty
of it all instead of like wasting everyone's time because
you know what you want, you know things are going

to change as much, which is nice too. Um so, yeah,
I can see that. I hope that Klin can take
a page out of Clooney's book because I want to
paint some wall's yellow in our house and Kitlin doesn't
let me do those things, like a mustard yellow. Well,
I really want to paint. I really want to that's
a nice yellow. Yeah, a nice honey. I really want

to paint every door inner house a different color, but
Klin won't let me. So maybe one door in your house. Yeah,
I'm with you as well. Like if so say someone
comes over they're like, hey, I need to use the
restroom and you just be like, oh, it's the purple door,
or hey I'm tired, I want to go to bed,
and you're like, guest room, green door upstairs. How how
big do you plan on having your house be where

you have to color coordinate each room instead of just
pointing and saying it's right there. Well right now, let's see,
we have six doors in our house inside, and so
instead of saying what where to go or what door
to open, you can just say a color. You know,
stay in the room with the red door. You don't
want to go in that room to how many doors
do I have? Three, four, five, six, seven? Well, we're

clusing were including closet doors, No, just just doors? Okay,
I got seven, then I got seven if you're including
the garage eight. Seley has got the biggest house years old.
There's a to bring it back to, to bring it
back to sports real quick. There is this funny TikTok

series I've watched where it's, uh, how many games will
it take Russell Wilson to throw for as many touchdowns
as he has bathrooms in his house? And he's throwing
five touchdown passes and his house has twelve bathrooms, and
so he's not even halfway there. It's gonna be a
long him. Um. I think marrying later in life is great. Sure,

all the power to you because you know more, you want,
you more relaxed. But I think the caveat the downside
is kids because they have two kids. Yes, I know
they have twins. They were born in two thousand seventeen,
which means that George Clooney is the dad of two
five year old at the age of sixty one. That's
got to be tough. Of course, if you're a if

you're a multimillionaire billionaire actor. Yeah, sure, you're gonna have
kids whenever, and then you're fine, But it's how long
you're going to survive and be around for that kid's
life exactly. Say he dies when he's eighty, not saying
George like hopefully he lives far older than that, but
you know, eighties a good life. Then you're seeing you know,
you're only going to see your kids still, you're you know,

that's tough. Yeah, well, and I feel like the hard
thing about that too, is a lot of parents want
to be able to like throw the ball around with
their kid. It's a lot harder to do that when
you're eighty, you know. Yeah, And so that would be
that that's probably the biggest factors when marrying older in
life becomes more difficult because when you're having kids later

in life and then you're either you know, a parent
who isn't as young as it takes young as going
through right now, Like, holy, you know, I couldn't do
it much later in life if we're in our forties
taken care of an infant, or if you're Nick Cannon
and has I don't even know how many kids he
has with how many different women. He's got nicks. Nick's

got some weird He's got some weird quotes about kids too, right,
he says, like some weird things about having kids, like
like if he's able to be a great dad to
every single one of them and really spread the love equally,
then sure, but something tells me that that's impossible anyway.
Uh yeah, dude married later in life. Sure, but maybe

not like wait till you're fifty, you know, unless you don't.
I mean, he did kind of live the dream, like
he was an eligible bachelor until he was fifty and
then I was like, Okay, I guess I'll marry someone now.
And then marries a beautiful woman and then the house,
two kids, he has a private home. Where's his house?
Like Como? What he's saying, he's like the mayor of

Lake Como. It's pretty riveting stuff. I believe it. So
our next hot topic is Camilla. Camilla Cabello, I know

the name. She dishes on single life says she deleted
a dating app after only twenty four hours, So Cabele
is officially dishing on her dating life. Oh guys, so
so split with Sean Mendez nearly one year ago how
long were they dating Cabella and Shaw Mendez two years? God,
I love haw Ashley here. She's just like down baby.

I love it so During in October eighteenth appearance on
The Drew Barrymore Show, Kamila opened up about her single
error and what it's like to be dating again. How
do you go on a first? Of all, am I
the only one. I thing Sean Mendez a little overrated.
I got a good voice, I don't. I mean, when
I watched Kamila on that one show that she was on,

I knew because she was in that group. I can't
remember what the name was. Ashley probably knows what the
group she was in, Harmony fifth Harmony Harmony. I knew
immediately that she was going to go soul and be huge.
Her voice is just so unique and she's incredible. Um,
Sean Mendez, you know, I like that one Justin Bieber

song that he has. It's like a very short song.
It's really good. I just like I get like Harry
Styles obviously, well people think that like Sean Mendez is
in the same group as people like Justin Bieber in
Harry Styles, I think, I mean, I think gen Z
probably does. Yeah, I've always I always thought he was

like Harry Styles. I don't think. I don't think he's
quite achieved Bieber status. But yeah, Harry Style is getting
up there. Hair Styles is amazing, But Bibes was solo
from the get go. And just hold on, are we
saying that you think Justin Bieber is far ahead of
where Harry Styles is right now, well in his career.

I'm talking about the whole thing. Talent looks like just
like right now, Harry versus Justin, who do you got
talent is? They're both very talented. But Style, Harry Styles,
even if you had to like right encompassing everything talent,

I think looks charm um uh you know, uh what
else am I looking for? Just like the whole career,
the X factor? Like everything? Who you know. I'm a believer,
a believer. I think if you put Bieber in a
mall over here and Styles in them all over here,
quit pro quo, all things being equal, Beiber's mall would

be filled with more fans than Harry Styles mall. I agree.
So you both have Biber over Harry. Yeah, I mean
I don't like it, Harry. I love Harry, He's amazing,
But yeah, I agree, Just answer the questionally quickly. You
not that that that that No, you gotta have an opinion. Harry.

Right now in the glam Room, he's going Harry Yeah,
over life, O life yeah right now from everything No no, no,
but I mean like everything, the whole package, the career,
the talent, the looks. Right now everything justin Bieber is

far more successful as but but styles Harry is getting
into acting now. I just saw he came out with
the new movie too. Don't worry, darling, you saw it. No,
there was that one, and there's another one like Mr
Peabody or something. Yeah, he's really expanding his horizons. Anyway,
that was our rant that I can't believe how far

we went from Shawn Mendez. Um So, anyway, Camille opened up.
She was on the Drew Barrymore Show, and then she
revealed that she gave online dating a chance, but eventually
just scrapped the whole thing because people's quote intentions were
unclear when it came to her superstar status quo. I
was on a dating app for like twenty four hours

and then I left. The first guy that d end
me was an aspiring singer songwriter from Nashville. Well, of
course that's a clear red flag. And I was just like,
I feel weird because somebody could just be using me.
You don't know their intentions. Now, she previously admitted that
she wasn't really focused on dating. She also told the
Drew Barrymore, well not the Drew Barrymore, I mean she

is the Drew Barrymore. But she told Drew that she
prefers a different approach to finding love. Quote, when you
are just trying to make friends, you're gonna meet guys
that are vetted by your friends, which is amazing. Uh
And apparently that checks out since Kamila was best friends
with her ex Sean for a few years before they
started dating. Uh. Well, I mean obviously the question that

bears is like, do you know someone's intentions before you
start dating them when you meet him on a dating app?
I mean must have been Rya had to. Yeah, I
mean we all we all like Tinder gets a bad rap.
I feel like I've met so many people that have
ended up together from Tinder. Yeah, but you're hinging some

of the other ones, like no that have gotten married
and everything. But I yeah, bumble um. But yeah, I'm
sure she wasn't on any of those No. I mean,
she's definitely talking about Riya and that's probably why, because
the problem with Riya is that it's also a business app.
So this singer songwriter from Nashville, of course, was like, Holy,

here's my opportunity. I just need to get in you know,
life and style and then they'll name drop me and
then I'll just release my solo album about Camilla and
be set. And that's also something these people have to
worry about way more than the normal person like us, is, Yeah,
there are going to be people out there that use
you or want to use you, r hope to use

you because they're maga celebrities like of course, yeah yeah.
I mean when I was on, that's all I was
looking for was like, celebrities, what can help me help you? Yeah?
I hated when would reach out to me trying to
leverage my fame for their success, Like come on as
if I'm a real human being and treat me as such.
Um um No, I'll be honest, I don't really know

much about this this person. Um Camilla, I've never I've
never heard that name in my life. She sings some
songs that you'll know I just, uh, I don't know.
I just I think it's interesting. I didn't know that Sean.
I don't really know much about Sean Mendez either. Um.
I guess that just all that to say, Justin Bieber

is clearly the more iconic figure out of anyone around
right now. That's an interesting conversation I've because it would,
you know what, It reminds me a little bit, and
not to the extent if we're relating it back to sports,
it would be like the conversation of Brady versus Mahomes.
It's like you have someone who's been incredible over the
past couple of years, but not nearly the longevity or

the successful career that Brady is. So it's like, I
don't know anyway. Uh, you know that song Havanna None, no, no, none, No,
that's Camilla. Then yeah, it's Camilla bro I have heard
that song. I know that song along like she's got
some good, good hits out there. Havana has oh my gosh,

you guys, Havana and Senorita. Havanna has had one billion,
eight d ten million, seven hundred sixties thousand views and
Senora has two billion. Wow, what views? Listens on spot.
That's pretty crazy. I wonder. I guess I feel like

Latin X artists have a wider cast net than American
born artists because there's that those cultures love music, I think,
way more than than America does. And so I mean
I can see why. I I just not much into
the top four stuff, so I don't really listen to
that kind of music all that much. But I that's

a lot. Four billion streams across those two songs is
absolutely insane. So maybe she's bigger than Justin Bieber even too. Um,
they're close, let's settle down. But do you know how
much Deposito? I'll just go on YouTube. I know for
a fact Esposito is like one of the most Well,
this is a little tricky because the Desposito song the

Justin Bieber is actually a remix m okay, but the
Lewis Fonzie Despoto feature and Daddy Daddy Yankee before Bieber
got involved. Do you know how many views that has
on YouTube? How many? Eight billion? Holy crazy? Leah, what
was the song that you said at two billion streams? Um?

Camilla cabos uh Senorita? I don't okay? So okay, so
I just looked it up, so Senora it is. Okay,
that's crazy. So Senorita is the ninth most streamed song
in the history of song streaming. Oh my gosh, the

ninth most. That's crazy. The number one is Shape of
You by what is that cheering or something? Oh yeah,
yep and shared um. So that's I mean, that's crazy.
I wouldn't have expected Senerator to be numbered. I would like,
two billion is obviously a crazy amount, but the number one,
Shape of You has three billion, so it's pretty close.
And that's that's absolutely crazy that that is the number. Um.

First of all, can you guys see that, like the
sun is shining through I look like I have a
halo around me. Yeah, I feel like looking at me
in a weird lighting too, I'm like, oh, I feel
like I look quite angelic right now. But you want
to know something, You want to know something crazy before
we sign off, because I know we have to move on.
But Ashley was looking up our Halloween costumes on her
phone on her computer and we were talking about it,

and but I don't even know if we were like
that specific about the costume. Now on my phone on
Instagram and Facebook, I'm getting all. As for that exact costume,
I don't want to ruin it for Easton. I mean
it's not like it's not and it like Easton. Don't
get your hopes up. It's not like that cool. But
it does like you're there's a reason why I'm gonna

dress up as the karmel Corn Princess this year and
really impress Easton. Yeah, Leah, what are you dressing up?
Ass Um? You know I haven't what day is it? Wow,
I've got I've got eleven days to figure it out. Yeah,
plenty of if you're on a time crunch here, Um,
it's the first thing that comes to your head. Angelica

from the Rugrats. Oh, that's a good one. And then
Ryan could be Tommy Pickles. I love Tommy. Well, what
about what's the girl from Hey Hanold the blonde? Hell
go Pataki, hell goa. You could be Hell and he
could be and Arnold. Yeah I did that? Did that
costs him a couple of years ago, So you'd be
copying me, but I totally you have that. You can

send it to me. Yeah, I was. I was not
dressed up as Hell gu Um. I will be in
Glapa Ghost for Halloween this year, so I will not
be so I'll be celebrating privately, I guess on a
cruise trip. Um. But you guys, we gotta we gotta
call it quits here. I wish we could talk for
hours and hours about Camilla cabert O and Hey Arnold last,

but that's just not the time for that. We are
gonna call it quits here. We're going to keep Lee
around for the Thursday call our segment. Thank you guys
so much for listening to this week's episode of Help
I Suck at Dating? Um, Mom, Mom's the word, Jared, Lee,
I'm looking at you both, Okay. Thank you very much
for your discretion, and thank you to the listeners for

listening to this podcast. Be sure to follow Leah on
Instagram at leah Block. I think, um anything else before
we say goodbut skin care page is much better, speaking
of I was hoping you could give me a quick
assessment before we say how's My skin is looking much
better than when I saw it the other day. I
was like dean, oh, when I was hiking, and yeah,

I got an I got a bad little sunburn. I
just I don't believe in sunblock. I think sunblock is
a sham, and that's I got the pretty filter on. Um.
Think about think about what you're doing when you wear
some block real quick. You are protecting looking cancer. Let's
take it a step back even more. Let's think about

why we have this beautiful world around us and we
don't have some other fresh air. You see the beautiful trees.
The sun is. The sun has given us all of
these things, and now I'm blocking the sun from being
absorbed in my body. I'm sorry you, skin cancer. If
the sun has given me so much that if it
chooses to give me skin cancer, I will accept it

with open arms. And that is that is you to
a t Thank you guys for listening to this episode
of Help I Suck at Dating b shirted Tude on Thursday,
where maybe we'll suck just a little bit less. Follow
help by Suck at Dating on I Heart Radio or
wherever you listen to podcasts.
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