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October 17, 2022 28 mins

Ben and Ashley are live from Audrey's Coffee House and Lounge in Rhode Island and they're sitting down with Cassie Randolph! 

Hear everything that went down after the final rose on Colton's season and we get an update on her love life that you won't believe!!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
This is Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous in depth
Audrey's thank you so much for being here. You guys,
it means the world to us. Anybody here from outside
Rhode Island tonight. Wow. Uh. If you're here from Massachusetts,
give us a woo. Yeah. If you're here from Connecticut,

give us a lou. If you're here from another state,
give us a lou. Whoa over here Texas? You know
you're not here just for us? No they are. Yeah,
it's love birthday, thirtieth birthday. Happy birthday? Is it today? Oh?

My gosh, well, happy birthday. It means the world that
you've chosen to celebrate with us. And how cool of
a spot. How awesome is Audrey's is my first time here? Yeah,
it's really nice in here. Great coffee, so everybody who
is If you don't know why Ben keeps joking about
the coffee we serve his brand of coffee, Generous Coffee.

And I know that a lot of our listening audience
at home, the almost Famous audience, knows a little bit
about Generous Coffee. But I think this would be a
great time for you to remind them where you're you're
basically donating every time you drink a cup of Generous coffee. Yeah,
thank you for that. That's a big deal. Uh, well
big news. As of last week, Audrey's became Generous biggest

purchaser for any wholesale account. Yes, so this place is
rocking and rolling. It's very special to me because it's
given us momentum and encouragement behind the scenes that Generous
were very thankful for Audrey's were very thankful that Ashley
and Jared when they built this beautiful place said Generous
to the coffee company want to go with. So first off,

thank you to them, Thank you this place, thank you
for you, to you for coming in and getting coffee. So,
in short, Generous is a for profit company. We call
ourselves for purpose. We provide specialty grade coffee. So if
anybody leaves a Google review and says the coffee is
not good, you're lying. It is scientifically the best coffee

in the world, and it has made Jared think that
Duncan is less than That is a huge that deserves
an applause. We still love Duncan. We will have it
whenever we're out of this vicinity in Rhode Island. But like, wow,
it's a huge feat to say that Jared has a
new favorite brand of coffee. It means a lot to me.

So here's what how Generous works. Everybody Uh in the
on the ownership team, which there's two of us, we
have other jobs. Part of my job is talking for
a living, which is why I'm here tonight. We're able
to run this company in our free time and then
donate a d percent of the profits from each bag
of coffee sold two nonprofits around the world fighting injustice

facing human So she's right, every time you drink a
cup of coffee, some percentage of that usually tend to
fifteen percent is what we can give away. Uh, from
each bag of coffee sold goes to nonprofits. Now you
just to close here, you're like ten percent. That's a
percent of profits. That's ten to fifteen percent of revenue. Uh.

So we do have to pay for rent, gas oil,
all the things any other business has to pay for.
So allright, we keep our margins about fifteen percent. And
so thank you for buying Generous. You can buy it
online at Generous Coffee dot com. We need more subscribers.
You can get it delivered to your house. We're really
good at that. And uh, as my friend over here
is mentioning. Our decaf is uh decaffeated through a sugarcamee process,

so there's no chemicals at it. So if you're somebody
who sensitive the chemicals, the decaf is really good for
you, you you can get it here tonight. I see it
up on there. But yeah, super pumped about it. Audreys
has a really special place in my heart. I'm very
thankful to be here. Been looking forward to this for
a long time. We're gonna have a lot of fun.
We have some incredible guests, as Ashley mentioned, so let's
get started. All right, Well, let's get started with our

interview with Cassie. Cassie, have you ever been on our podcast?
I think a long time? Was it right after your finality?
I think? So? Okay? Here though, and I love I
love this place. Hi, everyone, she came far and wide
to be here. We're so grateful. She flew from Huntington Beach,
you know, just outside l A, to be here just

for two nights. She loves Rhode Island, guys. I know
everybody in Rhode Island loves to hear that somebody else
loves to say. But it is hard not to love
beautiful Ashley was my tour guide today. We took her.
They got married. We took her on the Ashley Jared
wedding tour. So she went to some of the mansions.
We had lunch of Newports, all that real quick. You

want to know how you know you're beautiful? Um, Cassie
is a story from her flight yesterday. Cassie decides to
leave her computer in her seat on the plane. Didn't
walk off the plane. Okay, she's walking off the plane
and she said it some angel walked up to her
and said, hey, weren't you sitting in seat? And she says,

I was. He goes, they're calling for you left your
computer on the plane. So if any of you ever
have a stranger recognize what seat you're sitting on in
a plane after you've gotten off the plane, I think
it was an angel, you know, but you've got something
going for you. It's never happened to me, but I
look forward to the day Ben's humble. I'm sure something
very similar has happened to him. Okay, So I also,

I don't know why I'm telling everybody your truck. This
girl came and she has two layovers tomorrow on the
way home. Who's never had two layovers. Me, Well, that's
because Ben travels every No one had two layovers. Actually,
I can't remember ever having two layovers. I've never had
two layovers. Okay, okay, Well, Cassie, since you were lost

on our show, it's a lot has happened in your life.
You now have a boyfriend brighton of two years. How
serious are things? It sounds pretty serious. I mean I
feel like time is just flown in the last two years.
I feel like everyone through that too. But I mean, yeah,
I guess we're serious. Do you think he's the one?

I feel like that's such a big question to ask,
but I mean I would I hope. So, Okay, I
think so. Do you think he's planning a proposal? I
feel like you have to ask this because we were
like on the Bachelor Life. Um, we have talked about proposals,
We have talked about rings. Um. I don't think I'm

supposed to know, right, am I supposed to know? You
can lots of different ways about this. I like the
surprise proposal and not really knowing anything about the ring
or the moment. But there's lots of couples. Yeah, I
just don't know how that works. I feel like he
wants me to be surprised. Do you want to be surprised?
I don't know how I feel about it. What kind

of diamond do you want? A very big one? What's
your favorite shape? See? This is what he keeps asking
me that I don't know? Does? He asked her sister.
I'm sorry, Ben, I'm just taking over. That's fine. How
do you decide to ring? I feel like it's such
a big decision, you know. So he's like, what shape

do you want? And I changed my mind? I always
hit everybody changes her mind. Whatever you get, you're gonna
like for a bit and you'll love it for what
it is. But then you're gonna be like, ah, I
like that shape, like Changile. The style is always changing,
but eventually your ring will go back into style. I'm fun.
You know. When I was proposing to my wife, I

asked her mom, so you just might want to give
the hint. Like your friends and family do know, and
they probably know you better than you know yourself. Sometimes
when it comes to what you'll like, so I asked,
term it is? It leads us to a great question.
Though obviously we are at least two years removed from
your time on the show, I would say and tell

me if I'm wrong, please, But you're a more private person,
Like you don't just love making headlines and being out
in the spotlight. Uh, you enjoy your life in Huntington
Beach and you enjoy the quietness of your life. Does
the time on the show now feel like a distant
memory to you? Do you feel like it was just
a chapter in a season or does it still feel

very relevant for the life you're living the day. That's
a good question. I don't know. I feel so. I
feel like I took a step back from being like
doing anything kind of for a while. So even being here,
I'm like, oh the nerves being up yourself and I
don't really leave my Huntington's bubble. I kind of just

you know, walk everywhere I go. But I think with Bachelor,
it'll always be a part are you know that we
all know would always kind of be a part of
who we are, And like I still love it, like
I would still be associated or like go on the
show and say hi to everyone and do little things

here and there. For sure. I just think things that
have happened over the last few years made me have
to kind of take a step back from things. So
it just kind of naturally happened. But I am a
very private person. I never considered myself a private person
until I see all you guys doing all these things,

and I'm like, am I a private person? I guess
I am. Well, how did a person like you, who
is a little bit more like into being in their
comfort zone go on The Bachelor? I don't, I don't know.

I did somebody sign you up? I love It's a
really weird story and I've told it before. I don't know.
But one day I woke up and I was like
twenty one, and I had had this vivid dream I
was on The Bachelor, and I was like, I had
never really watched it before. I think your season Ben

was one of the first Yeah, yeah, and then she's
twenty seven now, um, but I like googled it and
there was a casting call in my area, like ten
minutes from my house, and I was like, I'm just
gonna like go, I don't know what this is about.
I didn't even know how he got on the show

how soon after the dream that day, So then I
was what, it's really weird. But I didn't end up
being like next season, and he was a lot older
than me. And then it was Ari the next year
and he was also a lot older than me. And
then it just worked out. I don't know, I have
to be single and went on the show. And I

feel like I was very naive going into it. Um,
but so did you have a choice as to when
you got to go on? So the first year they
were like, we think you're too young. The second year,
I thought, we definitely think you're too young for a
right or ironically Nick is older than Ari, I think,
or the exact Samey was just really young, like I

was fresh out of college. Um. The next year when
it was Ari, I thought it was going to be
I thought it was gonna be Dean actually, and I
was like, Oh, it's gonna be deep you um. But
then they're like, Ari, do you want to go on?

I was like, you know, I just feel like it
wouldn't be genuine, you know. Uh So I said no.
But then they came back. Well, one of the one
of the things we never want to do on this
podcast is put people a weird position. But I'm gonna
try to dance that line very carefully tonight. So if
we can go back to then when you were told, Hey,

this is the season you're going to go on, this
is who the bachelor is going to be. Do you
remember being excited, uh, nervous. What were your emotions around it,
and if you could even walk us into the first
few weeks of the season, did you feel like, hey,
this could be something spectacular for me. His his name
was Colton. That was the name of the bachelor. I'll

say his name so she doesn't have to. Oh. No,
I was really excited. I remember, like a week before
I left, my brother and dad were at like this
football game randomly, and they saw him from far away.
They're like, oh, my batch Cassie. Um. I was super excited.
And the first few weeks, I mean, you guys know,

it's just a whirlwind, Like you don't even know where
you are half the time or what time of day
it is. Um. But I mean I was just very hopeful.
I think the entire time I remember your season. I
remember watching it vividly, uh, and knowing that there. I

guess most people in the audience probably that can remember
that time. We're thinking Cassie is gonna be there. Towards
the end, I remember even we're doing a podcast, and
like she's either going to be the next Bachelor, she's
gonna be there at the end of it. Obviously that
relationship ended up continuing past the show, and we're gonna
ask the question, uh, you know, then the headline started
to come out and you found out that Colton came

out as gay through these headlines? Correct, And I remember that, right?
How does that make you feel at the time? Um?
I feel like it's a very loaded question because I
I can't necessarily talk a lot about it. Um. You know,
I'm very happy that he, you know, is at peace

with himself, not carrying that burden anymore. Of course, it
was a very just over all hard time for me.
So I feel like there's just one thing after another
and I was just extremely overwhelmed just with everything going on.
Um so, yeah, it was really hard. You were with
your boyfriend at that time for over a year a

year ish, right, Yeah? How did he support you through that?
Did you try to not bring it up just because
it was a past relationship we had been so me
and Brian have been friends for like seven years now,
which is which is the way to start a relationship. Yeah,
um so yeah, we were friends for a long time
before we started dating like that last summer, um, kind

of unofficially, but we still count it as like we
were dating then. Um. And now he was very very
supportive just through everything. He's never been weird. If anything,
I feel like he I think he's just very defensive,
you know, or protective or kind of makes me talk
it out with him more than I would like to,

you know, Um, not in a bad way, in a
good way. Um. But it's just it's been really helpful
to have. I feel very lucky to have a good
support system for sure. That's I mean, I think that's
that's something to take note of too. You know, obviously
when you're on this show, public things happen, you know,
public breakups, uh, public marriages. Um, It's it's difficult, and

I think one of the things that just to say
there is kudos to him for being that strong support
to you, because sometimes it does feel very lonely and
it's confusing. And there's a thousand messages I remember talking
about on the podcast as well. But when when Laura
and I broke up, there was like a team Laura
and a team then, and nobody knows the real story
except us. That's the most annoying part. Yeah. And so

it's all out there and you're reading stuff and people
are publicizing stuff, but you're like, wait, I don't want
anybody to hate her. I don't want anybody to hate me.
You don't know what's going on, and so to have
that is very special. Yeah, when a Colton did come
out last year, did you did you hear rumblings that

it was going to happen? Did it completely catch you
off guard? Because I think even bet and I heard
rumblings that it was about to happen a day or
two before. I feel like people didn't talk to me
about things because I was so in a sensitive, like
fragile staying that I didn't hear anything. So I was

just completely caught off guard. Well, and that brings us
to today, obvious. So you're sitting here, You're back in public.
You've been in public if you you know, people can
see you in Huntington's Beach and wherever else you're traveling to.
How are you holding up today today? I'm doing great,
I'm fine. She's Grid Payball Um, Well, like, tell us

about your life today because you live with your boyfriend
hunting beach and you're like nice little safe space with
your cats, and um, we all knew that you were
studying speech pathology when you were on the Bachelor and
you graduated, and now how does how do you work
with that in your day to day life? Yeah? So,
I I don't know. Life is weird. Life just changes

all the time. I feel like I've been in this zone.
So I moved into my house like a year and
a half ago, and I feel like ever since then,
I've been like so settled, you know. So even coming here,
I'm like, how I'm really out of my comfort zone again.
But it's fun, Like I love doing these kind of things,
but I also love being feeling so stable and settled

at home, you know. Um. But back to speech therapy.
So I do speech therapy part time in a clinic.
I work from home. I do all my jobs from home,
so I literally don't have to leave or like in
an office at home via zoom. I have my own
little office space at home. Um, and that I have

been doing for a little over a year now. So
it's very It's a lot of commitment. I've feel like
it's only a few days a week, but it ends
up taking over. I have a great story about this,
and so I don't know if you remember this. My
wife is a massive fan of Cassie. She just really
enjoys her. And she's been able to be around just
a few people from the Bachelor franchise since we've gotten married. Um,

there's not a lot of people that she's been able
to meet. But we went to the same golf tournament together,
and uh, Jessica and Cassie were kind of it was
raining outside, I think that day, and so you're both like,
we're just gonna stay in the clubhouse and hang out.
And my wife at that time was starting her business
as an esthetician, and so she was very nervous too

to take too much time away from that. And you
were also in school at the time, and I remember
we walked into the clubhouse and both of you are
sitting in the corner on your computers, typing away. And
remember the conversation my wife and I had on the
way home is how impressive it was that you were
going through school studying getting your masters, your master's in
speech pathology, while at the same time at the peak

I mean, this is during the peak of all the
attention and all the Craze from the show. I think
I remember again, I could be dreaming stuff. It's been
a wild week that you've recently came out and said, hey,
that was a really hard time. Maybe you wouldn't have
gone and gotten your masters during that season of life.
Is that true? Yeah? I mean I stuck with it
because I had been pursuing it for so long, and

it was this thing that I just had to You know,
once you have it, you have it and no one
can take it away from you. So I knew, no
matter what I would that would be something I could
always rely on. But at the same time, you know,
when you I had no idea what Bachelor was gonna bring.
And it's crazy the opportunities that it does. Um. I mean,

I feel like now everyone kind of expects that go
into it, but I had. I mean, I went so naive.
But looking back sometimes I wonder should I have just
like taken hold of every opportunity instead of you know,
sitting on my computer through at home and doing school work. Um.
I mean, I know you can't ever go back and

do things differently, but it's just I question it sometimes.
But I love it as well, Like I would have
always finished it eventually. So I'm happy now looking back
that it's that I didn't suck with it, because I
find it very impressive, like incredibly impressive. And I only
meant to tell that story to show that you were
dedicated to this, you care about it, that yes, the

show was swirling around you and and you still said, no,
this is my dream. I'm really weirdly enjoy it though.
That's great. Like school though, like I enjoyed school have
in common. I remember we were at like a makeup
event for like channel or something, and she was like,
I have to go home because I have like homework

that needs to be submitted by midnight. Yeah, it was
so awesome. I love that it was always my excuse
to like stay home with a homebody. I like that
as well. Mm hmm. Okay, So speech pathology, I like,

I don't even know what that means. Can you explain
what speech to pathology is? Yes? Okay? Now in this okay,
so yes, man, I'm embarrassed now question. We have some
speech pathologists in the room. I'm like, do you guys
want to explain it? It's so hard. There's so many

things you can do with it, but essentially what it
is is just providing communication therapy in all different aspects
of communication to any kind of person. So like you
can work with little kids, you can work with adults, Um,
you can work with like autism, you can work with

people who have dementia or have had a stroke. Um,
you can even I know there's speech therapists out there
who give voice lessons or um, like accent work in
the accent field, whatever you call it. But there's just
so much it's fun. Okay, So if a kid had
a lisp, they would go to you too. Okay, all right,

that's that's a great clarification. I want to close out here, Cassie.
We do love having you up here with us. We
have a big night in front of us. Um, there's
obviously some contestants or one contestant I guess that's on
Bachelor Paradise right now that we're gonna talk to in
just a bit. Which leads me to my final question
for you actually might have more. I don't know, but

if you didn't meet your boyfriend, if you never met
him then you were single. Would have Paradise ever been
something you considered to do? Well? Obviously I'm with Brian
and I'm very happy. I feel like I was so awkward.
Are we gonna get married? I know, I like to

come out with rapid fire, um and just let you know.
If you're dating for two weeks with him asked, you
would have asked you, are you guys gonna get married?
Like that's not like he's very excited about marriage. She
loves sharing a lot. Um. Yeah. I mean if we
weren't together, I of course would have been like, oh,

that's fun. But you know, the contracts really heavy, so
that would have scared me away for sure. Contracts. But wait,
I have one more question that I know it's like
maybe boring to like the masses, but I find it
very interesting. You basically flipped your house. Yeah, it's so

isn't the biggest job ever. It has been. It's been
so much more work than I thought. Like when I
originally I bought my house, I was like, I'm gonna
d I y everything, I'm gonna do it in six months,
three months, and then you know, you start doing that
and it just does not work out how you had planned.
We moved. It's been so fun. Yeah, we've moved into

our house three months ago. I haven't even finished decorating.
It's so exhausting. Yeah, it is, and I feel like
I can't do anything else until the house is done,
so I could never do a flip job. This is
where I thank you Brighton, thank you my dad, thank
you my brother, because thankfully my family lives close so
they can help. But I definitely will like invite, you know,

my dad in landing over and be like, hey, are
you all three gonna be here at the same time,
might as well get this project done. And they're like,
never go to Cassie's house again. Yep. Fred my father
in law, he's around here somewhere and he knows that
I do that to him all the time. So it's like,
why don't you get a reugh a game down here
because I could really use the help with like rugs. Anyway,

I just want to end with one question with you
of your entire past. I guess it's been four years,
right since the beginning of your bachelor journey, doesn't what
has been the highlight? And I like one one specific moment,

if like a growing learning about yourself thing? Um? Oh sorry,
it's so hard. Sorry, I hate these questions. Um, guys,
I have no idea. I guess just the whole thing.
Is that a horrible answer, But I think it's just

been a really growing experience. Like you know, you're forced
to come out of your comfort zone and do things
you didn't ever realize it would be placed in front
of you. Um. I feel like I've grown into myself
a lot. I think if Bachelor never happened, I would
never be the person I am today. But it sounds corny,
but it's just so so true if you've been through

and I guess that's the same for everyone going through anything.
But um, I feel like it's made me more decisive,
more know what I want, and I think that's really
important because I struggled with that before a lot. That's beautiful. Well,
two last things before we send Cassie off here, just

to give a little praise to your sister. Um, we
saw some headlines. She landed a massive role. Do we
have any Yellowstone fans in here? Where's your hand? Wow?
You want me to say it? Okay? Um, okay, Yeah,
I'm very proud of her. She got she booked nineteen three,

which is the pre quill yellow Stone, which is that
I don't know what you call it company, it's the
next show after that. Yeah, yeah, so very excited for her.
And if I if I'm not wrong, I'm a massive
fan of Yellowstone Harrison Ford, isn't that right? Yeah? And
Mirn Yeah, Helen Mirren, isn't it Well, she's gone. I'm

so happy for like she's she deserves it. She's been
working so hard for like I don't know, five years,
pursuing this every single day, So she deserves it more
than anyone I know. Um, but Montana did steal her
from me for like a year. She's filming right now,
so make sure you check out the next sequel to three,

which Cassie's sister is gonna be in. We're telling the
story last night, and it sounds like she's just worked
very hard for this opportunity, and so we want to
celebrate her. Also, you're gonna meet Cassie and just a
little bit, she's gonna be out there hanging out, wandering around.
Cassie is one of the sweetest, kindest souls you're ever
gonna meet. This took a lot for her to come
out here and sit with us. Uh, so hang out.

It's gonna be a great night. We still have Jill
coming up as she's not gonna be up here just
talking your heads off for a bit. You can hear
from us all night long. Um, but be very sweet
to Cassie because she is one of the most special
people from this franchise. So thank you all. Cassie, thanks
for coming out. Followed the Benn and Ashley I Almost

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