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April 28, 2020 61 mins

Ben opens up about all the headlines going around about his marital bed and we clear up any confusion about what is (or isn’t) happening with Jess!

Ben and Ashley cover all the Bachelor hot topics. We break down the Tik Tok drama involving Madi, we try to figure out what’s going on with Matt James and we hear Ben and Ashley’s honest reactions to Clare’s scathing post about her contestants. 

Plus we recap all the drama on this week’s episode of “Listen to Your Heart” along with some inside info from Savannah about what went down between her and Brandon.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
This is the Benn and Ashley I Almost famous podcast
with IR Radio. We are energized, we are excited. It's
the almost in his podcast, I'm Ben, what up, ash Hi,
I'm good? How are you? I didn't ask if you're
okay or not. I was gonna ask you know what

I was gonna do, Ashley, why is it that you
want to go back home to Virginia for isolation? Because
I wanted to spend the time with my family. I
wasn't going to have anything else to do, so it
would be such a waste. I felt. If I wasn't
with my family, you and Jared might be producing the

best and most well produced TikTok content that there is
out there right now. That is such a nice compliment.
We are trying. How much time does it take you
in the course of it? Like I've always wondered this.
So we have the Tyler camerons of the world, and
you have the hand of browns uh, and we have

others in Batchelor Nation really kind of all over that
are feels like from an outsiders perspective perspective, Wow, they
must spend hours a day producing content. Ashley. Yeah, I
watch your content. I'm I'm always amazed at how well
it comes out. How long does it take you to
make something like that happen? And then, in the same right,

how long do you think it takes the Tyler Cameron's
of the world to do what he's doing. It probably
takes about the same amount of time we put. We
put a little more thought into it. But how many hours?
Like when how many hours of your bet? It's really
not that much. When we do those musical productions that
we did on Instagram, those take about an hour each,

maybe an hour to film and then an hour for
Jared to edit. But TikTok's they're pretty easy because the
editing is right there in the app, So maybe fifteen
minutes to film. And yeah, insane, really like, you guys
are really good at that. I'm impressed. And for a
little pop culture crazy people. We love pop culture, So

if we get to imitate our favorites, we love that. Yeah,
well it's fun to watch the content is being pushed
out like crazy right now. Well, hey, I guess we
should just probably jump into it, Ashley, A lot is
still happening. Embassadation. I don't know how. I don't get it,
Like it doesn't make any sense to me that we

can be in isolation, in quarantine, yet we have a
list of hot topics to still to discuss every week.
Oh yeah, it's it's unbelievable. Like, thank goodness that this
season continues off air because who knows, and we'll be
back in season. So thank you, Peter Weber season for
continuing to crank out the drama. Can I just say

something before we move on from TikTok it's gonna be
out blonde. No, I can't believe some of the cringe
content out there. And sure you can call Jared and
my content cringe, I suppose, but it's actually insane how
many likes and views a video that just is so

basic it gets Yeah, look at my content. My content
is about as basic as it gets. And it Jesse
and I go, hey, we should try this dance that
seems to be trending, and so we try it. We're like, oh,
we did it all right. Philip, which is her brother,
let's videotape it. And then he does, and then we

post it and we laugh about it like it's cringe e.
There's no science to it. Really, it's a whole new world.
It's a playground that I hope I play in for
a very short period of time. I don't know how
this uh, this sand box of fun ends. All I
know is right now, I'm trying my best to stay
up on it. I'm enjoying watching you guys has been

fun for me. I know. There's a lot of stuff
out there. Uh and and quite frankly, I guess that's
where we'll start Bachelor News. It's now time for Bachelor
News again. We're gonna give some updates that have happened
this week, uh kind of revolving around Bachelor Nation. Let's
take one break, Ashley. When we come back, we'll fill

everybody in and let's start with some uh and I
put up my air quotes content that is uh controversial.
Right now, we'll back first hot topic, the Bachelor's Peter Webber.

If you've forgotten, yes, he was your last Bachelor. Cheers
on girls that still like me? After drama with Xes,
Madison and Hannah and Ashley, what do we got going on? Okay,
so Maddie put a TikTok out there. There's a TikTok
out there that featured uh, Kelsey, Tammy and a couple

of the other girls from his season, and it was
captioned this video featuring women who are too good for
Peter l O L. So wow, right, this comes on
top of Um, Maddie going on Caitlin's podcast this week

and talking about how days before the thing with Kelly
and Peter came out, Peter actually reached out to Maddie
and then Peter fired back and said, Maddie, you know
that there's more to this story, hmm. And then in addition,

there's more shade as far as the TikTok goes. Somebody
asked in the comments section, where's Kelly in this video?
And she said, with our x L O L. So
the biggest scoop I got from Yeah Yeah, and the
biggest scoop you get from Caitlin's podcast shameless plug her

off the Vine is that they Maddie seems the most
irritated with Kelly UM, and not so much Peter because
you know, Peter and her ended because they just weren't
super compatible. But Kelly was her best friend in the
house and a girl that she even imagined being a
bridesmaid one day in her wedding. And of course, since

Peter and and Kelly have been seen out together. Since
that first viral picture, they have not spoken. You know,
I'm really it's this this whole like Peter thing right
now has intrigued us, right, it's called us once beginning.

I don't understand the Himelnes. Do you get the timelines
of how everything has gone down? Well? That was another
part of Caitlin's podcast. Um Maddie says that there is
some timeline issues that Peter doesn't seem very accurate with
when he was on that podcast row week, so basically

he was She was like, I feel like there's a
big chunk missing, and it seems like Kelly must have
been part of his life more predominantly than he led on.
And so I guess from all of you listening to that,
well yeah, I mean, Ashley, there's a lot of people

out there listening a lot of people out there, we know,
really good at investigating these things. How do we feel
about this? Right? Are we? Is this kind of like
an r situation where we go, hey, good for them,
they're happy, everybody's moving on, or are we sitting back
going there was some like weird stuff going on. I
don't think his viewers we've been able to see the

whole picture. There's obviously like more to the story or
are we just all going to move on right now?
I don't think we're moving on anytime soon, Okay, And
I I do believe Maddie has something when she says
that they must have been talking while he was still
talking to her pre finale um, because don't you remember

when Barbara wrote under Kelly's picture and I think it
was like the exact day of the Monday Night finale,
said something like I can't wait to lunch and shop
with you. So that alludes to the fact that Peter
must have had something semi romantic going along with Kelly
before he ended things with Matt. What a risky comment
if it really was kind of like a oh, I

don't realize what I'm doing kind of here, how much
trouble could that have gotten Peter into? If like that
comment ever was like legitimized to be something more than
what we took it as at the time, she was
just like, Hey, they want to connect and still be
friends and we don't really know why. We don't get it,
but like whatever, let them do their thing now. If
it does point to something happening before the finale, that

could have really blown up in the face of everybody.
Maybe it's too late to blow up now, but I'm sure.
But in my personal view of it, all seems like
there must have been something. And um, I think we'll
have to talk to Kelly. I mean, I don't think
we'll necessarily get honest answers from like the Peter Kelly

camp um about the timeline of their relationship. Peter was
on us saying that they damned a bit and they
ran into each other a bit in l A before
the finale. But I really want to know more about
the friendship break between Maddie and Kelly. It's uh, it
is a story that continues. We don't understand the whole

picture because we don't have the full picture, but actually,
thank you for filling us in with what we do have.
Next story, Hey, our next bachelorette Bachelor Nation is Claire Crawley.
Claire Crawley slammed, yes, slammed, for shading Bachelorette contestant Matt James.
And when I say slammed, the reaction to Claire has not,

by any means been positive. I prepped for this by
reading through comments today. Ashley, why is she being hated
on so much right now. It's very crazy. This is
it's insane to me, the fan reaction. But I feel
like Matt has been doing enough press that if I
were Bachelorette, I might possibly be a little irritated as well. Um,

I'm gonna read you guys some of the headlines that
kind of demonstrate how much Matt has put himself out
there over the past couple of weeks. Okay, so this
is from April one, and this is an exclusive with
Life and Style. Headline says Tyler Cameron's bff, Matt James
is sure that they'll connect with Hannah Brown after coronavirus

and the text the body of the paragraph says, Hannah
Brown and Tyler Cameron are sure to reconnect after spending
time together in quarantine amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The former
Bachelorette contestant BF Matt James exclusively tells Life and Style
it says, quote, we will all connect again eventually unquote.

The soon to be contestant on Claire Crawley season says
while promoting n EOU Fitnesses twelve Hour thon benefiting Operation
Food Fight on Instagram Live this Thursday. So we all
know that Matt is very involved with charity and that
is amazing. UM. So here it seems like he reached

out to Life and Style or they reached out to him,
and he felt like he wanted to take up the
opportunity to promote something that does good for others. So
I can't can't get on them for that. Another headline
says exclusive new Quarantine crew Tyler sees BFF Matt James

is quote happy for Peter Webber and Kelly's TikTok videos.
The more the merrier. The body of the paragraph says
Tyler Cameron's BFF Matt James is happy quote um for
Peter Webber and Kelly Flanagan. Um. He goes on to
say Matt thinks that the reality stars are amplifying a
positive message. He exclusively tells Life and Style again. I

can see Claire getting a little annoyed with the amount
of times that he's exclusively giving information to the entertainment magazines.
Last headline that I found was on April two. Headline
says Matt James is looking forward to meeting bachelor at
Claire Crawley post quarantine. Quote. I've been very patient. The

body of the paragraph reads, waiting for his love story.
Matt James is still eager to compete for Claire Crawley's
heart on season sixteen of The Bachelorette, despite the delay
in production caused by the coronavirus. Here's his quote. I've
been patient up until this point. There's a young woman
in Sacramento right now that I'm looking forward to meeting

once this stuff has all settled down. Uh. He goes
on to say, So, I'm hoping that I can be
patient a little bit longer and ride this thing out
and everyone's safe, and then we can get back to
our daily lives moving forward. Basically, after a couple exclusive
chats with entertainment magazines, I can see why Claire, an

old school bachelorette, somebody who wasn't around when the press
covered the Bachelor the way they do these days, a
time without TikTok and at a time without Instagram, how
she could be annoyed by the amounts that he is
speaking to the press before his season. I am somebody who,

you know, pretty notorious for taking advantage of every opportunity
that comes at me, So I can't can't fault him
for that, I'm like the queen of taking advantage of
what this franchise has given me and taking press ops.
But in my personal taste, if I were Clear's position,
seem this amount of press that he's done, seeing him
on Cameo um before his season, before coming onto my season,

it will leave a bad taste in my mouth. So
I get that she doesn't want her guys doing all
this press. Yeah, And I mean he's been out there.
You don't see that. So this is unprecedented in the
sense of we've never seen a contestant before even the
show has started airing, start to get on the press circuit. Now,

we also have never had a scenario where contestants have
been announced then there's been a delay and and and
they've also had a connection to to the press so easily.
Now I get it, Like, it's crazy to me that
all of this is happening right now. There's really no

rules for the shutdown and what's going on with COVID nineteen.
Here's my concern actually, and here's why I think we
should take this is Matt's been out there in the press.
He's been talking, he's he's been sharing things. You know,
I've seen the comments people are saying, oh, come on, Claire,
be nice to him. He's doing it for charity. I've
also seen the comments of this is ridiculous. Why is

he trying to get fame? Right now? Both sides okay,
we we don't even need to say whose side we're on.
The truth is this. Claire has now spoken out against
Matt very clearly said Hey, I'm not okay with this.
I don't like this. It doesn't make sense to me
on why you are out there doing cameos and press
before the season even starts. That shows that you're not

here for the right reasons. That is what she has
said on her tweet. If that is the case, how
can Matt James be on her season at any level?
If they already are doing this with each then just
he he can't. I just don't think it's a good
idea for him to to be honest. And then there's
the whole he created a cameo thing, and he created

a cameo. She calls him out on Twitter for creating
the cameo and doing press um and then what the
fans are coming out after her about is that the
cameo money is supposedly going towards charity. Well, actually it
is going towards charity, but he didn't make that clear

before getting on cameo, so he's he fired back, if
you want to use the dramatic language. He fires back
and on on Instagram story and says, I created a
cameo and the money is going to be going to
this charity. I'm doing it with this New York Giant. Well,
his friend who is a New or Giant, ends up

screenshot or you know, re gramming um Matt's post and says, well,
we never talked about this, but I'm down for the challenge.
All the donations will be going towards Robin Hood and
y C and Team nigu. Uh Okay. It just seems
like Matt got caught in sort of kind of a
sticky situation there because it seems like he never previously

announced that the cameos are going to charity. And I
don't think I think, and I think because he never
announced that the cameos are going to charity, that it's
totally fine that Claire express frustration over him having a
cameo and doing press and I know that Matt has
done so much wonderful work for charity alongside Tyler and

the ABC food tours. Um, And maybe if you're a
super fan, you could see that, like you would assume
that it was going to charity. But I think that
I think that Claire had every right to express frustration
over this. So I'm not saying I'm one team or
the other, but I am saying there's already enough tension
between these two they can't be on the show that

they can't be on the show together. He knows that
he'll get eliminated night one. He he has to know
that Claire is going to clarify him the way that
she is so notoriously known for doing. Why doesn't he
just wait until the following season and go and explore
relationship with somebody else? Yeah, I mean I think that's

the answer here is like, no matter what you think
or feel, it would be weird in a lot of
ways if they now start out the season together and
if he does make it past night one, we would
I think I would just feel odd about it if
it went with clear right now after they're like already
kind of like publicly um arguing, and I will say

this and Claire's defense, Uh, I don't know a lot
of the behind the Sword of Matt is a sensitive
time for this here for the right reasons kind of stuff. Right,
we just got off a Peter season where one of
the biggest issues that we had was where audiences and
contestants all admitted yet we weren't really there for the
right reasons, Like we were there to get the the

attention that the show brings. If we happen to end
up with Peter, great, but this is a lot more
of a focus on how can I get something out
of this? And it was a this could be my
love story being played out. For Claire, this is a
serious thing for her, like this is a big deal,
it's a huge opportunity. She's very excited to potentially find
her partner from this experience. And so I do get

where she is sensitive to the here for the right reasons, Uh,
chat and talk, because she is definitely gonna be there
for the right reasons. Claire wants to find her partner
in this. That's why she's saying yes to this. I though,
I do think though that before this whole thing starts,

especially during a time where there are no rules and
we don't have any clear your guidelines on what we
should and should not be doing. I think we all
have to walk through this with a little bit of
grace and understanding that if Matt James did this for charity,
and he's done these press outlets just because he's bored,
and he's doing all this other stuff not for attention
at all, which is what he's claiming, then we say,

all right, let's see how it goes. But I just
it's hard for me to imagine that being the case
right now. Now, Ben, why do you think the fans
are coming at Claire so hard for this? Also? I
want to say that Claire did tweet yesterday saying that
she was not pointing this at one specific person. She
was not coming just at Matt. And it backs up

because there were two other guys from her supposed cast
that signed up for CAMEO. One I don't have his name.
I saw it a couple of days ago before this
whole Matt thing came up. And then the other one
is Dale Moss, who is, if I believe, former NFL
athlete he makes yeah, he must be former. So like

it's not just Matt. She's concerned that she's not going
to find somebody out of this her for her fifth whirl. Yeah,
it's gonna be an interesting season, Ashley, and there is
a lot of pressure to it. I think it's one
of the reasons why we're both excited for it is
it feels like, hey, we need to either root for
Claire to find somebody or this is gonna be um

I said, I mean it's that a sad finish. If
she doesn't find somebody through this, it will hurt her
heart and our heart. Uh So, you know, like Matt
or not or support the people doing press or not?
We I am I will be in the corner of, Hey,
give Claire the best possible shot to have the one
group of people if if we just get it for

this season that are there for their love story, Like
just give that to her. Like, let's really weed out
the people that aren't there or could not be there
for the right reasons. Give Claire affair show because that's
the reason we're gonna be tuning in is to see
Claire extremely extremely happy in the end. Why um, why
are people reacting this way to Claire is? I mean,

I I think I think there's two reasons. One Matt
is relevant. Right now, we've seen more of Matt in
a sense than we have of Claire in years. I
think Matt, uh, I think Claire has kind of been hidden,
and I also think Claire is known, her personality is
known to be the one that definitely comes down hard

on people, uh during their time on the show. I mean,
she did it with Juan Pablo rightfully, so uh, she's
done it on Winter Games with I forget his name
at this Christian I think his name was at this point, Like,
she has been the one for, you know, to come
down hard on people. I think people might be going
Claire like walk into this being a little kinder, Like

you don't have to be the police of this show.
You're just the lead here, Like you don't have to
be police. You don't have to be the one that
jumps on everybody for any decision or thing they say.
Just let's let's get behind you here to find your
love story. But don't don't be hostile at the beginning,
Like you don't have to walk into this, Matt already,
I can see that. I can totally see people are

coming from there. I need to close on saying that.
I think it's still if Matt had made it so
obvious that it was for charity. I think people would
be able to say, like, okay, um, Claire, you definitely
jumped down his throat too soon. But it's obvious based
on the social media activity that he did not make

it clear that it was for charity. So I'm not
sure why people are just going to smack Claire before
ever raising an eyebrow to Matt. Yeah, now I'm with you. No,
I agree. I think I think there is I'm wondering
the same thing. And you know, especially for Matt's friend
to go, hey, we've never talked about this. You said
this is for charity that we're doing together, and you've

never brought this to my opinion, and to say that publicly, Uh,
it all feels weird. All I can say is, let's
take a step back. Realize it's the wild West right now.
There's a lot of laws not being um stuck to.
We're all trying to figure it out. But I just
to close, I just don't think Matt James can go
on clear season. It just doesn't make sense now at
this point unless we just want or doing it just

to have controversy, which doesn't feel healthy at all. Hey. Final, uh, well,
second to final, topic. H Tyler Cameron says he and
Hannah Brown are just starting off as friends and not
in a place to date right now. I mean, I
think the headline speaks for herself. Actually, anything to add here, No,
I was gonna say that's that's it. Uh. And lastly, yes,

according to Nick Viles podcast, Jessica and I are not
sharing rooms at this time. Uh shocker, I guess, uh
weird to have this uh as now a dinner conversation
for her family, my family and Jesse and I a
healthy conversation to have. I mean, this is something I've
never shied away from. It's it's you know, when it

comes to sex and talking about the boundaries that you
know I've set with my uh with my partner. It's
it's not something I want to hide. But it's also
weird to be talking about, so that it is true. Uh.
We Uh, we're excited about this decision. It's been the
healthiest decision for us. I think people are uh confused
about it or like going, what in the world's going

on here? It's the decision we made that we thought
was best for us as a couple to allow us
the healthiest relationship. Um. And we wanted to do that
because we knew that we had something special and we
wanted to do we wanted to do some things personally
to make sure that we were setting ourselves up for
the most success. And this is one of the decisions
we've made and it's been really good for us. It

might not be for everybody. I get it. I'm not
saying it should. All I know is that for Jessica
and I, um, it's been healthy and it's been great,
and we're really excited for what the future holds. I mean,
it's worked so far. We're happily engaged, having a great
time being engaged. Um. But yeah, that's that's the clarity there. Uh,
it was everywhere this week. Holy cow, nothing nothing is

more awkward than uh than having to call your your
future in laws being like, hey, I'm sorry. Well hey,
at least your future in laws are hearing that there's
nothing going on better than the opposite, right, Hey, Actually
that's the headlines of this week. We as we said,
we did have a lot, a lot to break down there.

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hear from you and to get some feedback, so please
rate us, review us. Actually, we'll take one more break
when we come back, we're gonna break down this week's
episode of Listen to Your Heart. We're back with another

week of The Bachelor Presents Listen to your Heart. Like
the show or not, it is The Bachelor Presents and
as a result, the Almost Famous podcast is gonna be
breaking it down now. This week's episode, we're gonna fly
through it because we do have a very special guest
who I'm very interested to talk to and I know
Ashley is as well. Uh, Savannah from the show will
be coming on after we break it down to discuss

everything Listen to Your Heart. But before we bring Savannah,
and we're gonna bring producer tore On, who is a
massive fan of The Bachelor Presents Listen to Your Heart.
She freaks out every week over the episodes. She can't
say enough great things about it. Her heart is in
it and she's listening Tori, how you doing? I can't

get enough of it? Then? UM, all right, so Ashley,
you're really good at breaking these down. I am not,
because I will say this from the top. I like
the contestants and I enjoy hearing their stories. I am
not a fan of this show, and I'll tell you why.

I don't know why I'm watching okay, and you guys
can maybe explain it to me. I don't know if
I'm really there for the love stories. It feels like
the love stories are kind of forced, like you need
to choose your partner now and and what you know,
and then love will come if you can sing together. Well,
here's the truth. I have dated people who can sing
really well, and I don't think me singing well had

anything to do with our success or failure at any moment.
So I'm gonna sit back. I'm gonna let you too
take it from here. I'll chime in when I can
prove to me on why I should be so invested
in this thing. Ben, Now that you give me such
like you make this show have so much depth, I
don't know if I can really give you an answer.

I think it's just entertainment. That's why you're watching. It's
just supposed to be entertaining story. Is that why you watch?
Is it entertaining to you? Or you in it? I'm
kind of in it. And I always got these character
developments where I mean, there's a there's Brie and Chris
and she was like previously in gig before and that
whole wedding it didn't happen, and now you're kind of

like rooting for that. I say, Brie and Chris seems
to be the only couple that I see getting out
of this show still as a couple. Wait, why not
Trevor and Jamie Um. I just feel like he's probably
gonna pull one of his usual things. He's not going
to be able to commit like um long distance, and
she's so young. I just feel like there's not a

stability there in their relationship. They have a really sweet,
like summer crush. I don't really know that they have
like what it takes to go to long haul. I'm
laughing at the fact that it sounds like you've known
Trevor for years, because you're like, he's gonna go do
the same thing it always does. Well, we know that
Trevor has a sketchy background. As we learned last week,
he has emotionally cheated in the past. I think there's

been multiple girls. It was definitely like a fleeting topic.
You know, they tease it up and then it was like, Oh,
I emotionally cheated, but I'm going to be here for you.
It's interesting to think about how that would have been
a way bigger narrative if this was on The Bachelor,
and that listen to your heart is allowing it to

be seen almost like you sympathize with him that he
was really struggling and didn't speak up in that relationship
and you must feel more connected to him the Jed
and that didn't help work well for him. You know,
it felt like that was the worst thing you could
have ever done. But with Trevor, you're really really are
kind of like, oh, I get it. You just you

wanted to leave her, but you didn't. Well. With Jed,
it was something that was currently supposedly still going on,
and then with Trevor, it seems like it's a relationship
in his past. That's the difference. Well, let cut in
here then, uh, let's break down this week's episode. Uh.
Tori do you mind staying on for that because I

have a feeling that my opinions. I mean, I'll be
as honest as possible and you, guys, I want you
to convince me otherwise. I was interested the first week,
questionable the second week, and at now the third week
hits and I'm like, I'm gonna keep watching because I'm
in it already, Like I'm I'm far because I have
a podcast, well, because I have a podcast. And it's

kind of like a bad season of the Bachelor or Bachelor.
It's like, you can't stop now, like I gotta see
if these things work out or not or got wins.
It's just I'm in it now, but I'm still not
convinced and I'm not sold on. I guess I'm not going.
Oh man, I can't wait till next week. And that's
typically how I judge good shows or not, like Ozark's

can't wait to watch it four episodes tomorrow night, listen
to your heart. Well, I can take a few weeks off. Anyways. Hey,
let's start here. We're gonna start with the very first
part of this episode. We'll run through it. Ashley. How
about you lead Tor and me through this it's gonna
be Brandon, uh is split between Julia and Savannah. Savanna

will be coming on in a second take it away. Yeah,
so you know, Brandon gave Savannah his rose, but then
kind of comes up to Julian says, hey, I wanted
her to stick around. I knew you'd be sticking around
because you'd be getting Sheridan's rose. And I just want
you to know that just because I gave her rose
doesn't mean that like I'm I'm stuck on her, like
this is gonna be a real relationship. I'm still feeling

things out between the two of you. Uh. Fast forward,
we see Brandon and Savannah pretty much couple up as
soon as Gabe pulls Savannah aside and she goes, nah,
it's not it's not gonna be. You can't can't go
forward with you. Um. But then so then you know,
Savannah's single and on the verge of leaving the house

because Chris Harrison says, you must couple up. The people
that you're gonna be with now are the people that
you're going to be performing with and going forward with
in this competition. Uh So, then all of a sudden,
Brandon quickly chooses Savannah, and Julia gets coupled up with
Sheridan by what seems like default, because she definitely seems

to have Brandon on the mind more than Sheridan. She
definitely like thinks that Sheridan is probably the better option.
He really loves her, really cares about her, or maybe
not love, but you know he's he's all in right,
He's the safe option, the sweet guy that you want
to be into. But you know that you are feeling
more pulled towards the bad boy in the situation, which

is probably Brandon. So let me put you off there then,
because I think there's a lot going on. Uh. We
were going to bring her on afterwards, but because this
starts out so much with the Savannah talk, let's just
bring Savannah in now. Yeah. Well, hey Savannah, it's great
to have you on. Thanks for coming on. Yeah, thanks

for having me at. Good to see you guys. So
we were just going over all the gossip of episode three.
I've listened to your heart. Gabe comes to you early
in the episode and says, hey, I'm into you, and
you were super honest with him and you're like, I'm
not really into you, leaving you with what you thought

was no options, but then all of a sudden, Brandon
comes around and says, yeah, like, uh, I want to
choose you over Julia, and he just keeps going back
and forth, back and forth. What what? What was your thoughts?
Why did you think that he had to quick turn
around because earlier in the morning he was telling Julia
that he wanted to explore that. Fast forward a couple

of hours and he was quote unquote committed to you, right.
I think episode three has been really interesting to watch
back because you have to remember that I only have
my perspective and what I've been told with my relationship
with Brandon, So I didn't know about the conversation before.
All I knew was when Brandon and I had our moment.

I've been saying, Hey, I want to do this with you.
I just trusted that and I was like, hey, it's
me and you. Um. He hadn't really mentioned too much
about the whole Julia situation, so at this point I'm
just like, hey, I've told you that I am kind
of uncertain of what this is and it's time to
go whatever I said, and he's like, We're going to

do this, and it's it's me and you. So I
thought that that was really solid. I didn't really realize
that there was another conversation that happened just before it. Okay,
but then you and Julia were also talking before the
couples were officially chosen, and she was telling you, yeah, um,

I'm still kind of set on Brandon, and You're like,
oh damn. I didn't know that that was still a thing.
So how do you think that you went from that
to being coupled up with Brandon? So I have to
remember back to all of it. Um. So I think
that conversation with Julia, she had just told me about

their conversations, and again I'm just like, hey, I'm I'm
doing this thing with Brandon, And that was really where
my mind was, um. And so I was a little
bit shocked whenever Julia had mentioned, um that there's conversations
going down between the two of them. But again, in
the height of the moment, I think Brandon had just
told me, Hey, we're gonna do this, and I believed

him and I trusted him and was like, Okay, it's
just it's me and you and we're just we're going
to do this thing. Um. And so in my mind
that was set and solid, and it was like everything
else is off the table and it's just me and
you got you. So then later in the episode, Julia
becomes such a drama queen and it's seemingly so jealous

of you. She keeps calling you out on not having
genuine feelings towards Brandon, saying that you were moving too
fast for somebody who normally says that they don't move
fast in a relationship. And she was like, I don't
have any failings or Brandon anymore. This is just an
issue that I'm having with you. What was going on?

It's a girl, don't lie to yourself. You keep going
back and forth. She's like, I'm still thinking about Brandon.
I have absolutely no feelings about Brandon. I still was
feeling like this is not right with Sheridan, and I
keep thinking about Brandon. And then it was like I
got nothing just issues with you, Savannah, right right. So
my my response to that is like, hey, if you

really don't have feelings for him, then this is this
conversation doesn't need to be happening. So it's kind of
reading between the lines of that of like, Okay, well,
I can tell that you're upset I can tell that
there are obviously feelings there. So I think in those conversations,
I'm like, what are we trying to get at because again,
like I've been trying to do my thing and I'm
staying out of all of your drama and all everything

that's going on there, and so um that it was
just it was frustrating to think that, Okay, you're handling
your relationship with Sheridan, and then you're feelings with Brandon.
You're telling me you don't have feelings for him and
almost speaking down about him, and that you know, at
the end of the day, I'm just like, whatever you
guys have dealt with, you're going to deal with it.
That's fine. But if somebody tells me that, hey, I'm

choosing you, I'm gonna take you at your word unless
you give me a reason to not trust you. Um
And at that point, when he had told me like, hey,
it's me and you, I forgot about the conversation with Juliet.
I'm like, Okay, that's done, that's settled, you've handled that.
We're moving forward from here. So then she was also like,
you're being disingenuous. But then she goes on that stage

at the end of the episode performs amazingly. It was
Sheridan apparently is like the best actress ever. Um so
who's being disingenuous? Now? I think, honestly, this is what
I believe. I really believe she was being authentically herself
in that conversation, because is I really think that she

couldn't figure it out. I mean, if you think about it,
it's like she put herself in this situation where she's like,
she goes on this amazing date with Sheridan, right, and
then immediately comes back when we see that when she
finds out the brand and I went on the date,
She's distraught and then leaves the room because she's so upset.
And so I think that Julia was just always in
this situation where she's being pulled into directions and I

don't know what was going on in her head, But
whenever we had that conversation, I think she actually was
like trying to figure out her stance here and maybe
trying to look for a problem with me to call
me out so that that clears up her feelings for Brandon.
I don't know where I fit into all of that,
but I think attacking my character was a little low um,

especially since, like I said, I'm like, I've only been
nice to you, Like I thought that we were friends.
I thought that we were good. So all of this
coming out and all this animosity and you're questioning me,
and it was just so dramatic. It was so incredibly dramatic,
And I'm like, okay, so do we have do we
have a resolve to this conversation? It was none. It
was more so just calling me out, to call me out,

to make me feel bad. I'm like, well, I'm not.
I don't because I know who I am and I
know what I'm here to do, and I know what
my relationship looks like. I don't know why that should
affect you. That's that's my my question coming out of
this is you know, Savannah, what do you think? And
this isn't like a we didn't bring you on to
talk about Julia, but there is a larger thing at

play here where your storyline with Julia affects so much
of this episode. What was her ideal outcome from having
that conversation with you? Like, right now, as we're fans
of the show, I'm confused on what Julia really wants.
Does she want Sheridan. Is she interested in pursuing that?
Is that really something real that She's like, I'm I'm

excited about Is it too? Have you leave? Like? Is
is her outcome to say, hey, Savannah, please walk out
that door because I just want this to be my territory?
Is it? Like? What what is she saying to you? Ben?
I don't, I don't know, and I think I'm with
you and wondering the same thing. And that's when I
sat down she started the conversation with I was going

to leave because of you. You would think that there
if it got if it was that intense and that
serious of an issue with me, that we would have
had a conversation. I would have had an inkling towards
there being a problem, And so that blindsided me. And
so I don't. I really don't know. And that's what
I asked her. I'm like, Okay, so what are we
trying to get at? Because typically if you have an issue,

you come to a person either saying, hey, you're behaving
in this way and I think it's hurting you. So
as a friend, maybe we go this direction, or there's
some sort of a resolve um to come at the
end of it, and so to me, I'm like, Okay,
we're bringing up your opinion of me that you're blatantly
telling me you think very poorly of me, But anything
I have to say in response to it, you have

no rebuttal to, and then just keep saying that I'm disingenuous.
So I think there's the issue of her and Sheridan,
then there's the issue of her and Brandon, and then
suddenly one with me. And at the end of the day,
I think if even if I would have walked out
the door, I don't know if that would have made
her decision any easier, any different. Um. But again, it's

not like I was trying to be this mean girl
walking in and all of our relationship, it was just like, Hey,
this is my journey, this is what I'm here to do,
and I have a connection with Brandon. I'm here to
find love. I'm here to partner with somebody in music
and love, and this is my person and thus far,
he's chosen me every single time publicly that we've seen.
So I'm just like, I can't help you. You and

Brandon seemed to actually have pretty good chemistry in the house.
Why do you feel like the judges didn't think it
translated to the stage. I think because first of all,
the song that we were given was very upbeat. So
if you look at all the other performances, there was
a lot of these like UM, very like slow, sultry
and very romantic songs. Then you look at our song

and it was more upbeat, it was more rocky, it
was more fun UM. And so something that Brandon and
I talked about going into the performance was, hey, um,
this one actually kind of captures the mood behind our
relationship better than anything, because we are fun loving, we're
outgoing or very like loud people, UM, and we just

like to have a good time, and so that actually
embodies our relationship really well. So going on to that stage,
we knew, hey, we have to do a really good
job above and beyond to be connected on that stage.
But it's also really important to us to engage the
crowd and to engage UM listeners to as performers. So
he and I had to get on the same page

before even going up on that stage and knowing that, hey,
we've been given a challenging song, so let's connect the
best that we can, but also show off the personality
UM of our relationship and that was just like fun. UM.
So I know that came back in the responses from
the judges of hey, how do you feel about each other?
How this and that until we are able to verbalize that.

But I think that our performance really did capture who
we were at that time, Like, as a couple, who
chooses the songs? We were given the songs? So do
you think that possibly certain songs are given to certain
couples and certain songs are given to other couples to
either propel you forward or make you fail. I think

that all the songs given we're just unique. I think
all of them are love songs, but they each had
unique twist to them, and so part of that challenge. UM.
Even going onto the show, it's like we know, we
know that we're going to be challenged in a lot
of ways, and one of those is the communication, um
with your partner and then figuring out how to knowing
that the judges are judging based on your connectivity and

based on your love. UM. I think any of the
songs had their own set of challenges, are just looked
a little bit differently. UM. And actually what the judges
said was something we said beforehand of Hey, they might
say this, but we have to be okay with knowing
that we put it all out there. Well, thank you
so much for coming on, Savannah. This is actually gave
so much clarity to our recap. I have one more question, Ben,

you have anything, Yeah, definitely, so Savannah, Um, how important
is it to have a connection musically, Uh, in a
romantic relationship? Oh my gosh. There musicians everything. It's I mean,
it's everything. I think if you're not a musician, it's
hard to understand. But there there is something that happens

whenever you really connect over your music, whether that is
like the same kind of music you like listening to.
But then it's so amplified whenever you're on stage and
you have to perform with someone, because it's like all
of your communication, all of your emotions, all your feelings,
everything you abdore about that person is amplified when they
open their mouth and they sound wonderful and you see

them move and operate in their element, and when you
are kind of in that same environment and you love
it so much, it's like you look at each other
and you're like, we're really doing this and I love that.
I'm doing it with you, and so it's huge. Give
us My final question for you before I actually finished
you up here, is um, what was it like being

in this experience? This is the first time ever for
this show. You're just explaining how important it is to
have that connection not only musically but also romantically m
in my life. Maybe because I'm not a musician, I've
never been given the opportunity to connect musically with somebody else.
That's what this whole show is. What was it like?

I mean, it was amazing, it really was. I think
that Listen to your Heart was really, um, such a
genius idea and that's why I committed to going onto
it because it's it's fifty percent music and it's fifty
percent love and UM, I think it's just electric whenever
you can walk into a room. I mean, we walked
into this mansion, right and we don't know anybody, and

having watched other Bachelor's show os and knowing how it
all goes down, it's mostly just relationship relationship. UM, and
this one was so cool because you're meeting all of
these amazing musicians, but then you're attracted to them, and
then you know that you have the opportunity to go
deeper with them through music. UM. And so it was amazing,
Like it was passionate. It was amazing, It was electric.

And I think everything that went on in that house
was genuine, Like everything that we see and everything we experienced,
like really happened. Um, all the years, all the laughter,
I mean everything, UM, and the fact that we all
just are passionate about music and passionate about each other
in relationships, it just amplifies it all. Thank you. And

the scenes from the next episode we see, uh, Julia
and Brandon together looks like they could be rekindling something.
Can you tease anything good? I'm just gonna have to
watch watch episode and forward to find out because there's
a lot. There's a lot, but you'll definitely have to watch. Okay, fine,

follow up question, would you ever see anything with Sheridan
if you guys did swap partners? Oh my gosh, listen
to your heart meet's wife swap. Can you imagine? Oh
my gosh, Sheridan and I are so I love him.
He and I are very close. UM, but I don't
I don't know. See, I was talking to someone the

other day about this, Um, Sheridan and I actually spent
so much time while we were filming because of everything
that now we know is going down with like Brandon
and Julia. But there was more times than not than
we would that we would find each other just sitting
there and he'd be strumming his guitar and I would
just be sitting there like, well, do you want to
sing a song? And so he and I actually bonded

so much, and I adore him. He's so talented, so
wonderful um and such an amazing guy. So never saying
another Sheridan, I just love him. He seems so sweet
from the show. He's definitely one of my favorite characters characters.
You all right, thank you so much, Savannah gret getting
to know you more. Yes, you as well, thank you

for having me. I appreciate it. Guys. Alright, Ben Tory,
let's get to the other topics of the episode besides
Savannah and Brandon and Julia, which did dominate the episode,

but we also need to talk about the fact that
the first day card went Tobecca and Danny and they
had absolutely no chemistry at all, and of course we're
eliminated at the end of the episode none. Poor guy
when she pushed away his face at the end. It

was it was just hard to watch, Tori, What did
you think? Well, you think that I don't know. People
are questioning like are they here for the right reasons?
But it really shows you you can't think your feelings.
So I'm kind of like a spect her for being
like I could act like I'm gonna kiss you and
really like you right now to stay, or I'm gonna
be kind of honest and know that I'm just not

that into you, and it's probably translated through the performance
and it is what it is. Yeah, right, And I
think it was obvious because those two hadn't been getting
no airtime. I was like, yeah, we're going to eliminate
them real quick. He's so cute though, who what you
think they're cute? He's so cute. Yeah, he's very very cute,
very sweet. Yeah. That's how I like to be explained.

When the girl goes, Ben, you're so cute, and the
girl next year goes, I mean he's He's like, yeah,
he's sweet. Okay, alright. Moving on day card number two
with Ryan and Natasha. I all you guys know, I
love Ryan, but I don't really feel any chemistry of
theirs until they're on stage. So I thought their date

was just like spark free. Don't get them, don't feel
any sort of like mental connection. But when they did
hit the stage, they're able to like sex it up.
You agree, Yeah, that performance was like captivating. Yeah, that
was a good performance to really talented people there. And
I agree with what the judges said that she just

blew him out of the water. But the thing was,
I think I think that he wasn't able to belt
he he wasn't really able to show all these got there, right?
Do you if you could predict this, who do you
think is more and like the other person? Like, who
do you think likes each other more? I think he's
more into her, she's more into him. I think that

he's like, Wow, I've never gotten a girl like this
Vava Boom before. And then I think she's like, he's
one of the most talented guys in the house and
I'm glad to be paired with him. Oh, so you
think it's equal. I think it might be in a
way equal. I don't think either of them from watching it,
I really don't think either of them would claim I'm
just putting word to their mouth. But I don't think
either of them would claim that they're going to have

like a marriage or romantic relationship after this. I think
they're like, this makes sense. We're into each other, we're
good partners, we like our time together. We're both pretty talented.
You're hot, I'm hot. Let's just make this thing happen. Agree. Agree?
Any other standout performances in your opinions? Because I got one, Uh,

Jamie and Trevor. Jamie and Trevor. That was cute, very cute.
I also don't think they're powerhouses vocally, but she said
that she's falling in love with him when she starts
seeing him on stage. She's like, I think I love
him when I see him performing on stage. Ben, I
feel like you think he's a player. I mean, I

just know I can't say that. As much as there,
it is weird to me that we skimmed over this
whole like emotional cheating things so quickly, Like I don't
know how that ended. I'm still confused on where we
we got there. And even if he was a player, musically,
I think they did well. I mean, he has that

thing on stage. I will say this Trevor, out of anybody,
had the most swagger on stage. He felt like he
had the most confidence. There was a moment where he
was singing and he like delivered a line and like
the perfect timing with a little smile, and it's like,
I get it now. I had never got it until now.
Player not he has something with him on stage. It

makes him work. I'm gonna say, I think it's Chris
and Bree. Is it that that I really think just
destroyed things. Chris is so good, he's so talented, so
much better than what they did on that date. I
thought after their date together, I was like, oh, this
is gonna be rough on stage and not at all,
so much better. I agree with what the what the
judges said, though it seemed like she didn't know how

to play to him and play to the audience at
the same time. Fair I mean, yeah, and I'm sure
that comes with Pratt This right, Tori, for sure? I
think that it's also I'm giggling just because I think
he's so much better than her. Okay, That's what I
was basically saying to So it's like it's hard to

watch it because you're almost like it's like, you know,
I just want him to be with an equal as
far as skill goes. She's very talented. It's just like
he's so amazing, He's so good. I was exactly on Bridges. Yeah.
I also have a soft spot for Matt and Ruby

Rudy Rudy. I love Rudy. She's so real, and they
were just cute, had nice chemistry. It just felt easy
breezy for me. You're right, that was a really good performance,
and I loved how Matt took a step back and
really let her just saying, I mean, obviously she's really good,
but you could see he wasn't trying to compete. It
wasn't like a Chris and bree where they weren't trying

to compete, but they just couldn't sync up. Like Matt
single handedly just took a step back and was like,
I'm just gonna strom the guitar and you sing girl. Now.
The couple that I was most surprised about their on
stage chemistry was Sheridan and Julia. I thought they killed it. Yes,
they sing a Backshop Boys song. Of course I'm gonna
like the Backshep Boys performance. But they were so amazing

and she really seemed into him, and I'm like, oh,
not only is this girl singer, she also maybe an actress.
That's interesting. I felt very different, really mm hmmm why.
I feel like she was almost trying to prove a
point so much to Savannah that she was like, I'm
just gonna give it my all the starden but like

she doesn't have anything to give. But it still just
like it did. But I didn't think that was like
a standout performance because it just felt very forced to
take me. Okay, all right, any comments about are amazing
judges this week? You know our friends Jojo Fletcher and
Jordan Rodgers and Kesha and Jason Mraz. I'm I mean,

I'm always a Jordan and Jojo fan. I think they're
both great. I love them and I love them as
a couple. They're really good on camera. Uh, they were
very spot on when it comes to analyzing connection. And
Jayson Murraz is one of my favorite artists of all time.
I mean, that guy has serenaded me through good and bad.

So I'm I'm honestly like I was, just I was
a huge fan of having them on there. You know what,
I made it better though? What if the Kesha and
Jason Murraz did a duet to to show them how
it's done. Hey, Ben, is it kind of weird that
Jojo and Lauren we're in the same episode. Yeah, I

was watching. I was like, oh man, this is this,
this is a power play for me. I'm watching them
like gosh thing and like not only am I like
not fully sold out on the show yet, but I
gotta watch it and see this like what a day?
Um No, it's fine. I mean, I uh, what are
you gonna do? It's it's where where This is part

of living in this world, right, Sometimes you just gotta
get back into it and see see them all over again.
You guys have all found your partner in life though,
so right for everyone, we're all doing good. But yes,
that's a that was a that was ironic. I cannot
believe that that's the way that played out. But it's
pretty funny. But you know what I was actually shocked

is like the Chris and Lauren thing, Like you didn't
see very much of it. I'm surprised that it was
so quickly, so quickly came and gone, like I thought
they would be around a little bit longer. And I
mean they should have like made sense for him too. Yeah,
you're right, all right to finalize the episode. Uh here
where the performances Matt and Ruby, Ashley, as I say,

these just given an A, B, C, D E or
the chemistry test. See how I added E in there.
I don't even mean to, it just happened. Yeah, overall performance,
chemistry and music. Uh, Matt and Ruby A to F.
I think A, Hey, Brian, Chris B plus he gets
an A. Becca and Danny, d WO Savannah and Brandon,

Savannah and Brandon and get a B. Julia and Sheridan A,
Natasha and Ryan, Jamie and Trevor. I'll go with an
A minus there. Well, Uh, Ashley, obviously you've seen the episode,
so this is easy for you. But Becca and Danny

were sent home at the end of the episode, leaving
the couples that were mentioned before outside of Beck and
Danny still at the house for next week. And next
week I mean, I guess, according to Savannah, is gonna
be a doozy. Well, hey, we've got a couple of
emails from people asking about this, and so I guess
there's no better time than now. Uh. Danielle wrote us

in with an email that says Ben bitches. During quarantine,
I was wondering in your episodes if we could get
some special quarantine edition of Ben Bitches, I think would
light in the road a separation right now. Thank you
all for variety, for providing some relief in this time.
I do have one. Now it's gonna be twisted a
little bit and moved around. It's not gonna be as

angry as the others because I'm'm in a very peaceful
state right now. I've done a lot of prayer, meditation,
counseling and quiet time during this time of my isolation.
Here's my problem, COVID nineteen. You have ruined something for me.
You have made me flustered, frustrating, and feeling more alone
than I ever had before. I spent most of my

life and knowing that a connection with others meant not
only emotional, spiritual, but also physical and COVID nineteen, you
have taken the physical away from my life, and I
don't like it. In fact, I'm mad, I'm angry, and
I'm bitching. I want to hug somebody, I want to
squeeze somebody. I want to look somebody out in the

eyes and tell them how much they matter to me.
And I want to get as close as humanly possible
without getting too awkward to them. I want to see
where their soul lies, and I believe it's in their heart.
I want to squeeze them tight and hold them until
they try to get away. I want to tell my
family I love them. I want to see my grandma,

give her a hug. You have lots of people you
can let that out on, though, like you can squeeze
your family and Jesse's family too, your ribs. But Ashley,
what about the grandparents? Yeah? I know that's really sad.
My Grandma's gonna be nineties seven in June, and it's like,

when do I get to see her? I feel so bad.
So here's my point to it all. I miss those
who are loved and at a distance right now. We
I know, as a people group, take it took for
granted for too long, how much we love those who
we haven't seen in a while. I'm bitching a day

at COVID Night Team because you've taken some physical intimacy
away from me and I don't like it. Well, Ashley,
that's all I got with that. I've been, Ben, I've been, Ashley.
I agreed, Ben, I would I would like a Ben
hug almost breaking my bones, Ben Hug Ashley, and I'll
be hugging you deep. Okay, bye. Follow the Benn and

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