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October 28, 2022 26 mins

A dinner. A reunion. And plenty of candy.

Written by Ben Bowlin, Nicholas Tecosky and Alexander Williams. Featuring the voices of Carter Rockwood, Clancy Brown, Nicholas Tecosky, Geoffrey Kennedy, Raphael Corkhill, Gina Rickicki, Joseph Whipp, Eve Gordon, Travis Burnett, and Chantha Somvilaysack.


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
M Thirteen Days of Halloween, Devil's Night, a production of
I Heart three D Audio, Blumhouse Television and Grimm and
Mild from Aaron Mackey. Headphones recommended. Listener discretion advised. Hey,

you there so much for distraction things? Hello? Thanks? Hello,
where do you freeze? Hands on your head? Now? Turn
around slowly? Well, well, well, I remember this little piss
app He's one of them we already had in the
patty wagon. I thought you could get away easy, did you. Well,

you're in a world of trouble. Now, what's your name? Boy?
This gets easier the sooner you start cooperating. Why don't
you tell us why you started that fire? And community center?
Church or the Revelation? What did you say to me?
It's the Church of the Revelation or it was church
or what? Now? And they didn't. I haven't done anything

all night. We try to get home. Save it, punk.
I'm gonna personally see them making your night in the
slam of the stuff of nightmares. Hey, everybody, look look
over here. It's me Max, the boy you're all after. Really,
that's that's him. That's him too. Just Hey, hey, I'm

getting away. Don't look now, I'm ready away, I'll get
this one. You get that one right right? No, you
said that, not that one, the other. This whole town

is gone with sirk. I'm never are gonna get home? Errole.
Where are you? What now? Max? Max? I know that voice? Max, Max,
Please keep your voice down. Max. It's me Okay, okay, please,

I don't know Mr Manx the candy man? Right? Hello?
What's Samantha Max? What are you doing out here? Are
you looking for somebody? No, I'm just trying to get
someone's looking for you. Erro, erro. You found him? Oh,
thank you, Mr Max. Max. Get in here, Come on

out of the page, errow. I was so worried about you.
I I wasn't sure i'd ever see you again. I
can't be too careful now, Why don't you explain to
me what on us you were doing out there on
tonight of all nights and looking like a timp. I

shall tell your parents I have half a mind. But
at least you're here with us now and you're safe.
Thank you, seriously, thank you so much for finding Arrow.
But I can't say what's you'll tell us if you
can't go back out? And there was the storming, the streets.
I think it's all right now, nonsense was all the
ghosts and the ghouls and the goblins and the golems?

What exactly lights out come? Now to the seller? And
I was a kid like you, nothing would have made
me happier than seeing the real life back of a
candy store. Mr Manx, I really appreciate it, but it's

been a horrible night. My parents, well, they're not going
to be happy with me. I know it's see dress
out there, trust me, I do, but I have to go.
I tell you what. Come down away from the street,
wait out the storm with the Manx family. And if

you still want to go home and dive you really.
Of course, in this town we all have to look
out for each other. Now, come on back. I imagine
you must be starving and we're just setting about dinner.
What's a candy store open to night of all nights
only invites tower. I'd already be locked up if it

weren't for old Arrow here. He seems certainly were coming.
Now minds the steps, ladies. It appears we have an
unexpected guest. Max. Say hello to Mrs Manx and our
girl Emily. Hello, Hello, Max, Emily say hello to Max doggy.

That's right, Emily. Do now, Max, sit down and make
yourself comfortable. I'll be I to back one, two, three?
Where'll all these doors go? Oh? All sorts of places.
This is one of the oldest buildings in town, you know, now,
sid Max? Dinners almost ready? Hi, Emily? What if you

got there? Dolly? Right? Very nice and they like your
calls to what are you supposed to be? Wow? That's right, Max.
She wanted me to make her up as a clown
of all things, sad eyes and a big red smile.

Isn't that just bizarre? I don't know, ma'am. I've seen
some stranger stuff tonight. What are you making for dinner? Oh?
All sorts of things. I've stewed licorice whips, made a
gum drop cast role with marshmallow cream, a soup of

salt water, taffy and baked peanut brittle, rolls with honey butter,
and of course the center of the feast, a massive
roast of caramel corn. That's a lot of candy, just
like you have at home, not just like I have
at home. Well, you're all skin and bones. We need

to fatten you up. Besides, it's best to stay down
here and quiet while those people outside get their jimmies out.
They're a nice light salad of candy corn and pixie
sugar and something sweet for your little dog too. Now

eat up. See you are always cook like this? Well, yes,
and no tonight something of a special you know, our
annual Halloween party party. It will begin soon enough. You're
the first guest. Who I mean, how many are you expecting? Oh?

Quite a few, I imagine it's something of a tradition
in these parts. And how will they get here with
the doors locked? Aren't you just full of questions? But
now I'm sure they'll be here any minute. Time to
get you ready? To be a good boy and come
on over to this cabinet here. Why do you have

so many maths? I'm no splendid. Aren't they go on?
Choose one for yourself? Um? That's sorry, Please I insist?
What do they only cover half the face? Well? The
best way to say it is very few people are
only one thing quickly now, max, before my house than returns.

He's very particular about these things. Go ahead, anyone will do?
How about this one? How ah? The owl of wise choice? Dolly,
Let's play Dolly, Mommy is busy right now, Darling, Max,
be your dear and humor her. Okay, well, I'm a

little old to play with dolls, But Dolly, play dolly. Okay, okay,
hello Dolly, I'm Max. Hello, Max? Are you along? Now?
You should be the only one who can hear me.
Just talk to the doll. My would a pretty dress

you have? Something is wrong, Max, I can hear you,
but I cannot see you. Tell me where you are
in the no describe it? Tell the dolly. Uh well, Dolly,
this sure is a nice candy store. I never knew

it had an underground cellar. What does it look like?
It sure is big, a huge stone table in the
kitchen and a fireplace. Lots of candy too, in so
many doors. I wonder where they all go. That is

not a seller, Max, Those are cateacombs. You need to leave.
I don't know which door leads out, and the ones
upstairs are all locked. You will have to bite your time. Then,
just act natural. I am looking for a way, and
you try to figure out what they are planning. Does

everyone wear a mask? Mrs Minx, your face it's so greenly,
what are you get it? Yes, my darling, which, Oh,
don't look so surprised, Max, go better to run a

candy store. You see, most people don't understand holy days
like these. They tell themselves they're dressing up, putting on
their little custom place. But what they're really doing they're
taking their masks off. And just once a year, my
husband and I get to do the same. You can

take your mask off to Emily. You're not a kid,
you're a monster. Ah. What a wonderful choice, a wonderful
bond choice. Max, What does he have a wheelbarrow full

of bodies? Now, Max, don't behold these are our guests,
and who do we have this? He is my dear
Here we have old Mr Dearborn, who grew fat from
the pennies he squeezed out of each and every farmer
who entered his bank. You might recognize him, Max, Your
parents certainly do a life of luxury. He lives with

the wisest foods and silken sheets. But it was never enough.
Red turned from the dirt where he was buried just
this past September, Mr Dearborn, you are a pig and
we don't have a shoot from the church. Who sang
loudest inquire and with all her public love of the

Christ was only happy, truly happy once in her life
when she finally drove her hand packed husband to his
grave and there to speak against another woman and innocent,
convicted of the crime. As I told her when she
bought the poison, we don't have a show. You are

a SnO And here we have a pair, Max, your
old friends from the farm. Let me see which fon
is Tony. Oh they're both Tonies. Life wasn't fair to

the Tonys med orphan isn't do you ever fund the Max?
Where do they deserved to die? Little boys are cold
by nature, pulling wings and flies, and believe me, there
are no strangers to stealing from babies and candy stores alike,
but their lives for cut short. Brtally So, Tony, you

are a mock, and you, Tony, you are a flying
There were, of course other people I've wanted to invite,
but these two seemed especially appropriate for such a festivocation.
You're crazy, what blow? Of course, hone? Max. Sit down

here will show you the rules as we go. It
will be, trust me, a real hoot. Sit down and
make sure your dog behaves or your parents will be
my next guest, please hurt anyone, Just let us go
hurt them if I say, hurts themselves, and if we wanders.

Hurt is the great human endeavor since the first ape
stood upright on two legs. All men and women do
me hurt each other and themselves, little by little, step
by step, until they find themselves in the dark. This
is just how we have a bit of fun along
the way. Now down, boy, you're going to see a

wonder something few of the living witness. Max. Think carefully. Now,
when he came back in, did he remember to lock
the door behind him? I don't think so. Then that
is your way out. But you need to wait. Do
not go until I tell you to. Maxwell, I said, sit,

here's your candy, dear, Oh, thank you, my love. Yeah,
a special confection, A secret, ancient recipe between us, Max,
This is my favorite candy. A kind of truth, you
would say. Now open up piglets. Oh yeah, you're here

to play a game, pig A very old game, one
I like to call second chances. Now you've had a
taste of the DA, haven't you not? Just yet? You
must play tell me this. Do you deserve a second

chance at paradise? Yeah? Man a man for a pain,
you'd say, face. I Well, but tell us, do you
deserve a brief? Nothing? There's nothing only Oh, there's so

much more than that. Would you like to see heaven?
Mr diab, do you believe you deserve to see it?
You're a farm help me? I imagine that's what maxis,
aaron setting you once upon a time? What do you think,

young owl, does this particular pig of all the pigs
in order the world go headlong into the Great Charnel House?
Or does he, despite all he's done, deserve a second child?
I don't it seems to be acting me pass tell
you what Mr dear want. Takes this knife and give

us a pound of flesh, a bite for every more
so you took from the mouth of those who trusted you.
Perhaps that will at all for all the misery you
boost upon the world. I'd start with the face. Trust me,
If you start with the arms, you're runner of steam.
What are be stinging? Now? And do that quickly. Once
you finish your candy, you'll be right back where you

came from, back into the Shall we move on? Oh yes,
let's have a snake mixed deer. Ah, well, every father

is his daughter's servant? Is he not open wide? Mrs Havisham,
this this horrid, surely no more bitter than wolf Spain.
But no, Havisham, I'd ask your husband. But a poor
man resides beyond my reach. Death by poison an old

method and a method of cowards. Do you believe you
deserve a second chance of paradise? You gossip, murderous adulter?
Why should you not be left? Was a dark? Your
men are all the same, Mr Minx, They called you
and call me still I am creating the light. I

never Mr Sunday, one mistake, that's all, one mistake, one
slip in all my years, that I should be concerned
to hell ask you? Yes, let's ask our share with

us your wisdom. Should the widow be fleel sada? Did
you really did you kill Mr haversham Shm? I did
in my own rundfast that I carried so long and
du dark. Yes, send that to the dark hold, for

we must be in a court next. You are our owl,
and therefore wise what do you say? Well? Is this?
Why are you doing this? Well? Since we cannot hear
from you, let's give widow have as from her own
chance to unhear all the terrible things she said in life. Here, snake,

take these scissors, dip deep within your ears, take your
tongue as well. Perhaps at the end you will have
earned a place in heaven. And now our mom our fly.

Let's have them played together as they not a day ago.
Once played a live bounds open. Boys, treat good things,
and I have a special piece of caterpilly each god
it hurts. Welcome back, boys, welcome. Do you know who

I am? You were in a king story town, you
were in the dark. I saw you, children, says the
all the things you hit lay game my young friends,
A game I quite adore, and you play my favorite.
Tell us and tell us too. Do you see that boy?
SE's easy. I'll crost the tape that's to kill with

the money he killed us? Do you believe this boy
deserves the second chance? Now, yes, you believe him. You
beat him, and that was your mistake. But that was
a single day. Tell us, what were you to do
in life? Had you live? It's going to be a
soldier who's going to save the world. At least, it's thought.

So I wasn't the smartest person, but I like drawing.
I drew a picture of a girl in town once
and gave it to her. She had the most beautiful smile.
I thought we were gonna get married. Moved west to California,
and I would pay her every day paint pictures of

our children, and we filled walls with pictures out hang
there long after hell's gone. Say Mark, I didn't kill
you though it wasn't me wasn't Max didn't see time
differently than you, and unlikely living the dead can never lie.

They know what they could have been. My fly, my more.
I pity you. Life's whipped away too soon before you
is a test? Can you forgive the boy here? The
boy who wronged you so he owes us? He should
have given us that saw book? Look, I'm sorry, okay,

I didn't mean to hurt anyone. You started it. I
didn't ask to be here. I didn't ask to anything
at all, just making enough money to save my home.
Take off him mask, then what show us? Show us
you're sorry? Max listened to me. That is not them.
It is a trick. I don't understand. You don't understand.

You don't understand what you did to us. It is
not real. Listen, you need to move closer to those
boys to take their masks off. Trust me. Okay, how
about this. I never meant to her anyone. I'm sorry.
Let me apologize here. What are you doing? Stay back

from something. Let's see who you really are underneath there
are You're ruining it. You're ruining it all. Got no faces?
These aren't even bodies. There puppets dying. Well now, Max,
if we're all revealing our two faces, I'll show you
mine too. Are you why? I'm one of those things

down there? Max? Down there in the dark, and soon
you will be too. Sick hows and all the talk. Now,
Max the door. Run as fast as you can. Max,
You'll never make it. I can't see. There's no light. Faster, faster?

What is this place? Just run, Bax, follow arrow and
he will lead you. I will find you. I'm coming
for you, Max, I'm coming for you. It's too small, then,
cl This this is an air duct and it's a

dead end. Besilo. I don't know where to go, Besilo, Besilo,
No No. Thirteen Days of Halloween Devil's Night starring Carter

Rockwood and Clancy Brown. Episode ten The Candy Store, written
by Ben Bolan, Nicolas Takowski and Alexander Williams. Editing and
sound design by Josh Thane, featuring the voices of Nicholas Takowski,
Jeffrey Kennedy, Raphael Corkill, Gina Rikiki, Joseph Whipp, Eve Gordon,

Travis Burnett, and Genta Zambu Lasak. Directed by Alexander Williams.
Script supervision by Nicolas Takowski. Casting by Sunday Bowling c
s A and Meg Mormon c s A. Production coordinator
Wayna Calderon. Production assistants Zoe Shay and Amber Ferris. Animal
recording by Ben James, closing theme by Rose Azerti. Loyalty

Freak Music dot Com record did at d G Entertainment
in Los Angeles, California, engineered by Gary Forbes and Jody Abbott.
Additional recording by SoundBite Inc. In Atlanta, Georgia. Engineered by
Chase Nixon, studio manager Kathy Roberts. Executive producers Aaron Mankey,

Noah Fineberg, Chris Dicky, Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams. Supervising
producers Trevor Young and Josh Stain. Producers Jesse Funk and
rima Il Kali Thirteen Days of Halloween was created by
Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams and is a production of
iHeart three D Audio, Blumhouse Television, and Grim and Mild

from Aaron Mankey. Learn more about the show at Grim
and Mild dot com, slash thirteen Days and find more
podcasts from iHeart Radio by visiting the i Heart Radio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows

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