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October 31, 2022 26 mins

A homecoming. A trial. And the end to a long journey. 

Written by Alexander Williams with additional material by Joe McCormick. Featuring the voices of Brian Bickerstaff, Angèle Masters, Lauren Vogelbaum, Geoffrey Kennedy, Gina Rickicki, Travis Burnett, Chantha Somvilaysack, Clayton Froning, Olivia Castanho, Vinny Balbo, Eve Gordon, Joe Hart, Stig Michael Eldred, Nicholas Tecosky, Raphael Corkhill, and Alexander Williams.


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
M Thirteen Days of Halloween Devil's Night, a production of
I Heeart three D audio, Blumhouse Television and Grimm and
Mild from Aaron Mackey headphones. Recommended Listener discretion advised. Zero

errow errow errow please zero from that? How kow? Zero?

Zero erro er? Stop? Get over here? Who were you thinking?
Why would you do that to me? Look, it's not
even real. It's just a scarecrow. Oh I'm sorry, boy.

I shouldn't have yelled about you. I was just worried
as all. But that's no excuse. You're just trying to
protect me. And he does look pretty intimidating, especially that mask. Well, boy,

they left without us. I don't know how long it
will be to walk back to town. At least we
found the road again. Okay, what is it boy? Any
other night, I'd say we asked for a ride, but
I don't know. We are wrote? We should be really careful.

Aren't you cold out here? Son? Are you lost? No? Well,
I was out working. We missed all right back to town.
Bad night to be out all alone. At least, that's
what they've been saying all over the radio. Oh, they
do tend to exaggerate which way you headed Bradbury. You're

pretty far out you want to lift, I don't want
if you bother. Well, it's no bother, not really heading
that way anyway. Oh hey, I get it. It's okay.
I'm not looking at trouble you at all. Just saw
you and your dog out here in the field. I

thought you could use little help if you'd rather walk it.
I understand you know the way. Yeah, yes, I thank you. Yes.
If it's no trouble, we'll have just on the other
side of town. We'll be there in no time. Hop
on in oh Arrow, Not again. I'm sorry, Mr. He's friendly,

he's just protective and doing a fine job of it.
Have to worry now, erro. I bet your parents are
worried sick about you. Yeah, I'm sure they won't be
too happy. Oh boy, you are shivering like a cartoon dog.

Well went up that glove box. There should be a
blanket in there. I'll crank up the heat. Thanks, thank you.
It's been a long night. Well it'll soon be over.
Just let me know when to turn Nuver five one
in a church. Another raging on the outskirts of Towth
A case of vandalism in the cemetery. What could only
be this? I do angry mob forming on main street

and several people adult and children. I've already been reported.
It's important to know what's going on in the outside world, yes,
but sometimes sometimes we all just need a little break
from it too. So just straight ahead then, yeah, yeah,
just on the other side of town. But you might

wat oh, oh, Void Race Street? Can do show? Do
you live in Bradbury? Nope, just passing through. They're glad
I happened by when I did. Oh, look the circus,
but that's a madhouse tonight. Hi, bet m This is

me on the left, the one with the steps to
the front door. Very good, well, young man. I'm sure
this isn't how you planned your night to go. You
might have missed the trick or treating or Halloween party
or what have you, but at least you made it
home safely. Yes, thank you, Mr. I really can't thank

you enough. And I hope we didn't fell up your
night either. It's a welcome diversion, small adventure to break
up the monotony. Um hm, I don't have much. The
bank's supposed to foreclothes on our house tomorrow but I
could spare a little, no, keep it. I wouldn't dream

of it. I'm just happy to help. Okay, Carol, thank
you again. I hope you enjoy the rest of your
trip where if you're going, Yes, it could be quite far.
Who's to say. But maybe I will be back this
way again sometime. I'll just wait for you to get

in the front door. Then. Okay, well, Errol, we're a
little late, but we made it. I hope they're not
too mad. Wrong door kid, All points bulletin. Be on

the look out for a twelve year old boy traveling
on foot accompanied by a white bull terrier, wanted in
connection with several crimes, suspected to be armed and an
that's him again? What you're running from? Song? You shouldn't

be here, boy, it isn't you have to play? Well?
Look at this, so we meet again? What a coincidence?
I could have sworn he left us for dead Tony,
but this worm just up and took off. What do
you think we should do to him? What do you
think we should do? What do you think we should do?

What do you think we should do? What do you
think we should do? What do you think we should do?
That oh, I know that you're lost again. Scram kid.

I ain't got no more space for you. But you
know how these things go, friend, Everything that sinks, most surface,
everything that rises. What are you doing out here? You're dead?

Got it dead on as fast as you can back.
You'll never make it. Don't stop. This is the good part.

Are you still there? I sir, please confirm if you're
still on the line, and I can connect to you
when ready. I'm here. Oh wonderful. I have to apologize.
We've had all kinds of trouble in the exchange this evening.
I'll repair crews are working over time to get it
all sorted out. I'm glad you're still with us. Now,

let's see. It looks like my switchboard may be mislabeled.
May I ask where you're calling from? I don't know.
I think I'm laws. Well, well, what's the last thing
you remember? I remember falling? I see, and then what happened?

I don't know. I don't think I made it, maybe
or maybe you're still falling? What should I do? M hmmm,
I don't know, but not to worry. I can connect
you with someone who does. He'll tell you exactly what
to do. In fact, he's been waiting to talk to

you for a long time. He has some important things
to tell you, Max. Are you ready to hear them? Wait?
I don't think I shall, please hope. I'll put you
right in touch. All right, Max? I know you, I

don't know you. You should Why I see your life
all at once? The asked the future like a picture
in a book. What about it? Do you know what
you are? Max? Do you realize what you do? You'll

do a favor and another and another and get nothing
in return. You'll show mercy to anyone, and they'll bite
you in the back. The old ladies at church might say,
where what a nice sweet boy is? But do you

know what everyone really thinks? You're what people call a sucker,
a mark your whole life, pathetic, weak, not a rat's
chalice of respect for yourself. But you're not weak, are you, Max?

Not anymore? They don't know it yet, but they will
because you. You will show them. See this boy now
armed with a weapon of vengeance, formed before the birth
of Starlight, A sucker no more now a man? No

not a man, now a god with a god's power.
From now on, when someone stands in your way. You
will not bow your head and step aside. You will
go through. You will go through, but no way out
but through, no way out but through no way out

but a room, no way, no way else, no way Max, Max,
what I said, you made it through, through through everything?

It is over? Over? What's over? Where? Am I you
a home? Max? Are is it real? I would say
so I was. It was also confusing. That has been
a long night, but you made it. Max. It's over.

It's finally over. That's a little I well, well, I
guess I should thank you. Oh, I mean, I know
I said I didn't want your help, but maybe maybe
it was a good thing that you were here after
all that last part you do not have to explain.

Who knows. Maybe you really did not need me, But
all the same, I am glad I was here. Should
you find yourself in trouble again, Max, No, you can
always call on me. But for now, I think you
ought to go see your parents. I am sure they

have been worried about you. Right, Okay, Errol, let's go
goodbye besilll besilll mhm really does go like he comes
out of nowhere. But I don't know, Boy, I think

maybe this time, he's really gone for good. Okay, boy,
here we go. I hope they're not too mad. Oh no,
something's not right. It is something's wrong about this. Mom, Mom?

What's wrong? Is he finally here? Just go up to
your room, close the door. I know that's not a
trick or treater. It wasn't my fault. I was. You
better get your graft in. Just go come on Arrow. No,
you don't in here, Max, You'll like it even less
if I had to come find you. Where were you?

I'm sorry? We meant to be back here before nightfall.
I asked where were you? We missed a ride and
your ran off and I had to go. Lookie, I'm
not going to ask you again. Boy, where were you
in the fields? The apple orchard? Apple orchard? It's late?

What were you doing way out there? We've all probably
had a long nice Maybe better to straighten it all
out in the middetting to the bottom of everything, right
the fuck? Now? Tell me Max? What were you doing
clear on the other side of town when you know
you were supposed to be home hours ago. Please? You're
scaring him. Good, he should be scared. You scared the

living ship out of us. Now, tell me what was
so luring about the fucking apple orchard in the middle
of the night. You weren't in the fucking apple orchard.
I was all night. Well we started, oh you started there,
but then you made your way into town to what

meet up with your little goblin friends? Terrorized this city?
What did you do? Max toilet paper a house, smash
a few shop windows, start a little fire, something worse,
something that hurts somebody. Please, I know, please, let's just
sort this out in enough out of you. Now. I'm

talking to my son, and he's going to tell me
everything that happened, starting from the beginning. I was in
the apple orchard working what Mr maine Or pays kids
to google and apples from his trees. I've been doing
it for a little over a month now, and not

just there, sometimes other farms, sometimes in town, washing cars,
running errands, whatever I can. Why didn't you tell us?
I didn't want you to be mad. I had to
skip school a few times, but I just wanted to
help to save the house used to the bank is
coming tomorrow or today, I guess, and I know the

mortgage is fifty dollars. I didn't think i'd have enough
but tonight I made enough to hold this over. The
rest is in my room so when the bank comes,
we can pay them. Who do you think you are?
I is my house. You come into my house with

what your donation, money, your charity? You think I can't
care for my own family? Stop it. You've got a
lot to learn, boy, and I'm gonna teach it to you.
Please stop it? Who is that? What have you done now? Boy?

I don't know who you think you are, but if
you're from the bank, that is enough. Out of you.
All the things a boy should fear you do not
even make the list. He's a little no you know
this man? You are so insignificant threat. I did not
even consider you. Do you even know? Know what your

son is capable of? His power is beyond your comprehension.
And what are you? You are nothing? There's a little story.
Boy has face trials you could not even imagine, slain
foods to which you could not stand a chance. And you,
a sad, bitter old man, dare to lay hands on him.

Tell me why I should not kill you? Now? Please? Please?
Says hello? Put him down. The He is just like
all the others. Max Ill Will you might be right,
But he's my dad. His intentions are evil, Max. But
this is my fight, not yours. Attacked you Max, It
is dangerous for you here alone. For me, it would

be so easy. I made it home. Now it's my turn.
That's well, this ends now, Max, Max? Who is this man? Wait?
Just wait dad? Max? Listen, you come with me in

half an hour? You mean now follow me? Max? No
more words, just walk here. I do not understand what
you want. Just stand here as you wish. I get

it now, I really do. What do you get? Max?
You've said it already. You exist because of me, it
would seem I do. In that case? Could I make
it so you don't exist? I was just trying to help.
You said that. You've said that all along, and you

did help sometimes. And now it's time to stop. This
is what's going to happen. You are going to stay
here and wait. No moving, no disappearing. This is where
you live now. I do not understand. That's okay, you

don't need to understand. Just listen. Will you come here
so I can look at your face? Okay? All night.
Everyone sees something different when they look at you, but
it really is just a mask. Max, waite, How will

they know if you need me again? If I want
to call on you, I'll know where to find you,
but I won't come on Arrow. Good morning, Bradberry, and

we start it's All Saints Day broadcast with a couple
of correction. In an effort to bring you information as
fast as we were receiving it, we made a few
oversights in reporting the events of last night, and for
that rare lapse and judgment this station and this reporter
in particular. Oh, each and every one of you, an apology.

Ninety There you go. That's all of it for this month, kid,
But you know we'll be back. We'll be ready, Arrow
will see you out on that humble note. We are
glad to have made it through the night here at
the station and are hoping that all of you out

there in radio land are still with us. Arrow, Come

on back, boy, good dog M M blindly M. Thirteen

Days of Halloween Devil's Night, starring Carter Rockwood and Clancy Brown.
Episode thirteen home written by Alexander Williams with additional material
by Joe McCormick, featuring the voices of Travis Burnett, Genta,
Sambi lasak An, Shell Masters Brian Bickerstaff, Gina Rickiki, Lauren Vogelbaum,

Noah Finberg, Olivia Castineau, Jeffrey Kennedy, Joe hart Stig, Michael Eldred,
Clayton Frowning, Clayton Ferris, Laura Shine, Raphael Corkill, Eve Gordon,
and Vinnie Belbo. Directed by Alexander Williams. Script supervision by
Nicolas Takoski. Casting by Sunday Bowling c s A and

Meg Mormon c s A. Production coordinator, Wayna Calderon. Production
assistants Zoe Shay and Amber Ferris. Animal recording by Ben James,
closing theme by Rose Azerti. Loyalty Freak Music dot Com
Recorded at d G Entertainment in Los Angeles, California. Engineered
by Gary Forbes and Jody Abbott. Additional recording by Wally's

Hideout in San Francisco, California. Engineered by Chris mcru SoundBite Inc.
In Atlanta, Georgia, Engineered by Chase Nixon, Studio manager Cathy
Roberts and Burnt Orange Sound In Sara Sota, Florida. Engineered
by Matt de Seer. Executive producers Aaron Manky, Noah Fineberg,

Chris Dicky, Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Trevor
Young and Josh Thane. Producers Jesse Funk and rema Il Kali.
Thirteen Days of Halloween was created by Matt Frederick and
Alexander Williams and is a production of iHeart three D Audio,
Blumhouse Television, and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mackey. Learn

more about the show at Grimm and Mild dot com,
slash thirteen Days and find more podcasts from I heart
Radio by visiting the i Heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts,
or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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