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October 19, 2023 43 mins

All new Residents proceed through Booking, including but not limited to: requisition of Personal Property, ██████████ and screening of medical/mental Health. Assessment results determine Resident Casework and Placement within the Facility. Note: Given ongoing Security Concerns, room changes may occur without notice per [P#20239§1.4].



Written by Alexander Williams. Starring Natalie Morales, Joseph Whipp, Jeff Bowser, Raphael Corkhill, Jay Jones, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Blaire Chandler, Alex Boling, Miguel Perez, Steve B. Green, Laura Schein, Erin Aster and Anna Homler. 



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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Thirteen Days of Halloween Tenants, a co production of iHeart
three D Audio Blumhouse Television and Grim and Mild from
Aaron Yankey. Headphones recommended. Listener discretion advised.

Speaker 2 (00:20):
Oh yeah, the.

Speaker 3 (00:37):
Oh shit? Okay, three minutes, plenty of time.

Speaker 4 (00:48):
You have three new messages.

Speaker 5 (00:50):
Okay, could be worse.

Speaker 6 (00:52):
Cofell yesterday to talk about my warranty. I talked to
a woman I think her name shouldn't be me and
no ed. We talked about my quarranty, did we?

Speaker 7 (01:11):
But I say I've had these questions.

Speaker 6 (01:16):
About my warranty.

Speaker 5 (01:18):
Jesus. I'll call back looking forward Friday.

Speaker 7 (01:22):
March twenty second, at seven thirty three pm.

Speaker 8 (01:26):
We understand your business is important to you, and that's
why it's important to protect it.

Speaker 5 (01:30):
Not my business is not important to me.

Speaker 7 (01:32):
No one likes to think about the.

Speaker 5 (01:33):
Unforeseen, literally impossible.

Speaker 7 (01:35):
But what if I told you you don't have.

Speaker 3 (01:37):
To today at six fifty seven am?

Speaker 5 (01:44):
Nikes? What did you call from a fallout shelter.

Speaker 7 (01:52):
And of messages?

Speaker 3 (01:54):
Okay, not too bad? Maybe this day won't be a
complete shit shell.

Speaker 9 (02:01):
Hi, do you work here?

Speaker 3 (02:03):
Well, my shirt matches the walls, so that's a good guess.
But actually we're not open for another.

Speaker 9 (02:12):
This will only take a second to I smell coffee.

Speaker 5 (02:17):
Yeah, that's for customers.

Speaker 7 (02:19):
How considerate.

Speaker 5 (02:21):
There's a little paper.

Speaker 9 (02:23):
Cups, no need, I brought my own.

Speaker 5 (02:26):
That's a giant thermos.

Speaker 7 (02:28):
We have a long drive.

Speaker 3 (02:31):
Okay, so what can I help you with?

Speaker 7 (02:36):
It's just you here.

Speaker 5 (02:40):
Like I said, we just opened.

Speaker 10 (02:43):
Sugar in the cabinet under right, So did you need assistance.

Speaker 7 (02:52):
Or well, not quite.

Speaker 9 (02:56):
I was just curious if your boss was in that.
See I have a return.

Speaker 3 (03:02):
A return, well we don't really take.

Speaker 9 (03:05):
Well, that's why I wanted to come in person, sort
of a special circumstance.

Speaker 2 (03:12):

Speaker 10 (03:14):
Well, I don't know exactly if when the manager will
be back in today, but you could come back another day.

Speaker 9 (03:21):
And oh, unfortunately I'm on a schedule. If you could
just take a look and tell me if I've got
a case, it would be a tremendous h.

Speaker 5 (03:28):
Okay, where is it in my car? Your car?

Speaker 9 (03:33):
Well, I couldn't carry it myself back.

Speaker 7 (03:38):
Why that's strong.

Speaker 5 (03:39):
Yeah, Columbian blend.

Speaker 9 (03:41):
Should be pretty easy for you. I'm parked right out front.

Speaker 5 (03:46):
Right sure?

Speaker 11 (03:49):
Why not?

Speaker 10 (03:53):
This is me the unmarked windowless murder van you're wicked.

Speaker 3 (04:03):
Hi, now.

Speaker 9 (04:09):
You better what.

Speaker 4 (04:24):
Hu j'es up?

Speaker 5 (04:27):
What is this place?

Speaker 8 (04:29):

Speaker 3 (04:30):
Why am I handcuffed? What am I doing here? Am
I under arrest?

Speaker 7 (04:33):

Speaker 3 (04:33):
What for?

Speaker 7 (04:34):
What did he say?

Speaker 5 (04:35):
Who are you people?

Speaker 6 (04:37):

Speaker 3 (04:37):
Why are you doing this?

Speaker 11 (04:40):

Speaker 5 (04:41):

Speaker 4 (04:41):
Let me go.

Speaker 5 (04:42):
I didn't do anything.

Speaker 2 (04:43):
Turn to the left.

Speaker 5 (04:44):
What am I doing here?

Speaker 7 (04:46):
Turn to the right.

Speaker 3 (04:47):
If I am under arrest, you have to tell me
what I'm charged with? Face me else this is unlawful imprisonment.

Speaker 7 (04:54):

Speaker 5 (04:55):
Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.

Speaker 3 (04:57):
Left hand, first finger, roll it over in the press
it down on the scanner.

Speaker 5 (05:01):
Weaight, what are we waiting.

Speaker 9 (05:05):
For the machine to match them up?

Speaker 5 (05:07):
Max them up with what? I've never been arrested for anything?

Speaker 9 (05:10):
Left hand, middle finger, roll it over in the ink,
Press it down on the scanner.

Speaker 5 (05:14):
Wait, this is going to take forever.

Speaker 12 (05:17):
We have the time requisition of resident alpha SAE one five,
six to zero.

Speaker 5 (05:23):
Inventory. What is happening to me?

Speaker 12 (05:26):
Inventory? One pair of black sunglasses, missing nosebies, A collection
of keys hung from what looks like a shoelace.

Speaker 5 (05:35):
I haven't done anything wrong.

Speaker 12 (05:36):
One lighter does not appear to work. One pack of
juicy fruits, coustrip fluff, credit card, debit card, photo ID,
keep on pro free sandwich.

Speaker 5 (05:44):
I need those loose bills and.

Speaker 12 (05:46):
Change totaling two twenty two fifty correction twenty two forty.

Speaker 9 (05:50):
That's a buzzing.

Speaker 5 (05:51):
Okay, so you're robbing me too?

Speaker 11 (05:52):
Is that it?

Speaker 12 (05:53):
One necklace imitation silver in the shape of a half moon,
waxing gibbus, one black jacket, cleather, one jacket, fox, leather pants,
denim ripped, one belt.

Speaker 3 (06:04):
One pair of black boots what I call.

Speaker 12 (06:06):
Combat boots, flannel overshirt, cotton T shirt, socks for zier underbands,
and that's you.

Speaker 5 (06:11):
Sign air.

Speaker 3 (06:13):
You can't take my property before you tell me what
I'm accused of. This is unlawful search and seizure.

Speaker 12 (06:18):
You may submit a petition to have these items returned
to you, but you have to sign for them first.

Speaker 5 (06:22):
Well, can I fill out that petition please?

Speaker 12 (06:24):
You'll have to visit the resident relations office.

Speaker 5 (06:27):
Okay, where is that? Not here?

Speaker 4 (06:31):
Temperate to a ninety six point six, A little.

Speaker 5 (06:34):
Low and after such a warm reception.

Speaker 4 (06:37):
Okay, see the light on the end of my pen.
Just follow it with your eyes. Keep your head still
to the left, to the.

Speaker 5 (06:45):
Right, tell me what I'm doing here?

Speaker 4 (06:49):
An optitude test first? Your vision good? Now, this may
be cold. Now, oh, just preaze is Oh? Tell me
where I am in the clinic. Cough the clinic where

no fluid in the lungs, no signor bronchitis? Good?

Speaker 5 (07:12):
No, say, I don't understand why no one will answer me. Ah?

Speaker 4 (07:17):
Good, Okay, now make a fist. Wow, your heart rate
is rather high. You're right handed?

Speaker 5 (07:26):
Left handed?

Speaker 4 (07:27):
Interest? Why smoke, drink? Take drugs?

Speaker 7 (07:32):

Speaker 5 (07:32):
I could use all the above right now.

Speaker 4 (07:34):
Any history of illness.

Speaker 5 (07:35):
I was feeling fine until Have.

Speaker 4 (07:37):
You been vaccinated for tetanus?

Speaker 5 (07:39):
Just tetanus?

Speaker 4 (07:40):
Probably time for a booster. Any history of rubella, rheumatism, mumps, measles, consumption?

Speaker 3 (07:45):
Do people still get that smallpox?

Speaker 4 (07:47):
Curvy scarlet fever?

Speaker 7 (07:48):

Speaker 5 (07:48):
Maybe playing Oregon trail.

Speaker 4 (07:50):
Migrains, blurred vision, associative thoughts, associative non psychoses, grass and
drum walking, corpse foll you dear, I've never even heard
of that. Have you ever fainted? When's the last time
you cried? How many sexual partners have you had?

Speaker 5 (08:04):
Okay, we're done here.

Speaker 4 (08:05):
That is just the first page of the questionnaire.

Speaker 8 (08:11):
Hello, ah, yes, yes, should be any minute now. Thank you.
You can wit in the hall perfectly. We don't expect
any excitement, do we. I buzz you when we're ready.

Speaker 11 (08:28):
I'll be right with you.

Speaker 8 (08:30):
Yes, yes, exactly this morning. Actually here with me now
in fact, will do?

Speaker 9 (08:35):
Will do?

Speaker 8 (08:36):

Speaker 13 (08:37):
Be seeing you?

Speaker 7 (08:38):

Speaker 8 (08:39):
Quite sorry about that, you know, always racing around to
catch up here. Okay, let's start at the beginning, shall we?
Siuri Rodriguez. No, I'm beg your pardoner.

Speaker 5 (08:54):
That is not my name.

Speaker 3 (08:55):
You're not I am Siuri martinez're.

Speaker 8 (09:00):
Definitely Rodriguez in our files. Well, we'll just call you
Siary then, Siary. I am aiden, your case worker. Should
you have any questions, I am to be your first
point here.

Speaker 5 (09:12):
Where is here?

Speaker 8 (09:14):
Well? This is my office. I know it's small, but
there are a lot of other cases and thus a
lot of other case workers.

Speaker 5 (09:20):
No, this place? Where am I?

Speaker 8 (09:23):
Why? This is the Pendleton, the Pendleton Rehabilitation Center. Why
are you saying you don't remember how you got here?

Speaker 4 (09:34):

Speaker 5 (09:34):
I remember being kidnapped.

Speaker 3 (09:36):
I'm asking why because it seems like you went looking
for Rodriguez but ended up with Martinez by mistake.

Speaker 8 (09:43):
In that case, Why do you think we wanted her.

Speaker 5 (09:47):
What how should I know? I guess because she committed
some crime?

Speaker 8 (09:51):
And what crime might that mean?

Speaker 5 (09:53):
How the fuck would I know that?

Speaker 8 (09:55):
Would you?

Speaker 5 (09:56):
What I mean?

Speaker 8 (09:58):
I keeped him on the desk, But such a small desk,
and with so many cases all open at once, and
each with more paperwork than the last, I need all
the space I can get just to try to keep
things organized. Would you like one?

Speaker 5 (10:12):

Speaker 8 (10:13):
Alrighty? You know they have lost some of their mintias,
so Sayuri Martinez Rodriguez.

Speaker 5 (10:24):
Martinez Garcia Algaras Cruz.

Speaker 8 (10:27):
Born Beaumont Hospital, May twenty second, nineteen eighty nine. Oh
that's one twenty three pm.

Speaker 5 (10:34):
I'm not sure.

Speaker 8 (10:36):
Mother of philosophy teacher, father at exoplanetology biologists.

Speaker 5 (10:40):
Well the other way around? How's that? Professor dad? Doctor mom?

Speaker 8 (10:46):
One point sixty three meters in heights.

Speaker 3 (10:49):
I'm more comfortable with Imperial fifty three kilogram size seven shoes.

Speaker 8 (10:54):
Didn't you notice that your new clothes fit perfectly the
first time you tried them on?

Speaker 3 (10:58):
You mean the jumpsuit and sandals. Yeah, like a bad dream.

Speaker 8 (11:01):
You broke your left arm in the sixth grade.

Speaker 5 (11:03):
Right arm eighth grade?

Speaker 8 (11:05):
Was that before or after you were suspended for smoking
in the girl's bathroom.

Speaker 5 (11:09):
Hey, h I think that was high school.

Speaker 8 (11:12):
Some thirty one credits accumulated in various higher learning programs,
no degrees? Is that correct?

Speaker 3 (11:18):
What's it to you?

Speaker 8 (11:19):
Your favorite cat was named spot Neck. At least if
the answers to your security questions can be trusted in
all your life, You've only left the United States once
to visit the Toronto Airport.

Speaker 7 (11:29):
You're allergic to.

Speaker 8 (11:30):
Pineapple, and you are the fourth owner of a nineteen
ninety six Chevy Corsica with one green fender, or you were.
My point sory is whatever you'd like to call yourself,
we already know far more than we could expect you
to tell us, and whatever contradictions you feel compelled to share,

it would be very difficult to surprise me.

Speaker 5 (11:55):
Okay, suppose you're wrong.

Speaker 3 (11:57):
Hope for the sake of argument, that these addictions are
not clerical errors but indicate something else. And what's that
That you've got the wrong guy?

Speaker 8 (12:07):
Well, then I'd say you have nothing to worry about.
The smallest, er, unfathomable as that is, would certainly be
rectified before the completion of your E ando, B and
O evaluation and observation.

Speaker 5 (12:20):
How long does that last until you.

Speaker 8 (12:22):
Are properly evaluated and observed? Needless to say, anyone who
had been improperly admitted and quartered as you are suggesting,
would be detected, have their intake records modified and amended,
and be summarily extricated from the facility.

Speaker 5 (12:38):
Has that ever happened before?

Speaker 8 (12:39):
Not to my knowledge.

Speaker 5 (12:41):
But if it did.

Speaker 3 (12:42):
If you locked someone up despite substantial evidence disputing their guilt,
wouldn't you be compelled to act upon it?

Speaker 5 (12:50):
Wouldn't your conscience?

Speaker 8 (12:52):
What you must understand is that each of us is
but a cog, a single functionary point in an intricate machine.
I am confined to the authority granted by the boundaries
of my position, with limited influence beyond the walls in
this room. I'm, in fact subject to the same unyielding
hierarchy to which you now find yourself bound. In fact,

in many ways, I am in a much lower position
than yourself. So there is no acting on one's conscience
as you suggest. There's simply scope.

Speaker 3 (13:30):
Okay, rapid fire around. Am I under arrest?

Speaker 8 (13:34):
We don't like to use that word.

Speaker 5 (13:35):
Can I leave of my own free will?

Speaker 7 (13:37):

Speaker 8 (13:38):
At this time.

Speaker 5 (13:38):
On what grounds are you holding me?

Speaker 8 (13:40):
The ground of the Pendleton rehability?

Speaker 5 (13:42):
What is my charge?

Speaker 8 (13:44):
None at this time?

Speaker 5 (13:45):
No charge. How can you detain me if there is
no charge under suspicion? Suspicion of what?

Speaker 8 (13:51):
Being dangerous?

Speaker 5 (13:53):
Dangerous? What the hell does that mean? Dangerous? How am
I dangerous? Do I seem dangerous to you? Do you
feel threatened?

Speaker 8 (14:01):
A little help in here?

Speaker 7 (14:02):
It's the problem.

Speaker 5 (14:03):
I don't know who you think I am, but you've
got the wrong person.

Speaker 3 (14:07):
I demand to be shown the evidence against me, she demands.
I demand to be read by Miranda Rights. I demand
to be given my phone call. I demand to speak
to a lawyer. I demand to see my files.

Speaker 8 (14:22):
Move wait a moment. First days are hard for everyone,
and I know it can seem like a lot right now,
but this can be a very nice place for you
if you let it. Crimes in Carill are going to
take you to your habitation. You'll end the day or
the night to settle in, and we'll try again tomorrow.

Do you.

Speaker 5 (15:13):
What about my phone call?

Speaker 13 (15:15):
What about it?

Speaker 11 (15:18):

Speaker 5 (15:19):
Come back here. You can't leave me like this. Hello, Hello.
They can't do this to me. They can't, and they
know they can't. I just need to show them that
I'm not who they think I am, That I am
who I say I am, And really it should be
easy because I am me. But how do I prove it?

How does anyone actually prove that they are who they
say they are? Who's that?

Speaker 11 (15:51):
I know?

Speaker 5 (15:51):
There's someone there. I can hear you in the next cell.
Mm hmm.

Speaker 7 (15:55):
Habitation what don't call themselves? Say? Habitations are simply rooms.

Speaker 3 (16:02):
I don't know what it looks like on your side
of the wall, but my eight foot cube has metal
bars for a door, a bed frame bolted to the floor,
shelf chains to the wall, and combination toilet sinc with
no seat.

Speaker 5 (16:14):
And no window.

Speaker 7 (16:16):
It also has a mirror.

Speaker 5 (16:17):
What's that supposed to mean?

Speaker 1 (16:19):

Speaker 7 (16:19):
It's clearly your first.

Speaker 3 (16:21):
Day, but you have to understand there's been a mistake.

Speaker 5 (16:23):
I really don't belong here.

Speaker 7 (16:25):
Listen. I've been living in this eight foot cube for
a long time, the one you currently occupy, seeing a
lot of visitors with a lot of sad stories. They come,
they go, and new ones come in their place. But
there has to be I'm not your Virgil Dante. I
learned this lesson hard and you'd be well off to
learn it sooner. The only way through this is to
be strong and keep to yourself. Don't make friends.

Speaker 5 (16:49):
So this is a prison, then what the pen?

Speaker 7 (16:52):
No, it's a rehabilitation center.

Speaker 5 (16:55):
Rehabilitation for what if you're here?

Speaker 7 (16:58):
There's a reason, even if you don't see it yet.

Speaker 5 (17:04):
How much more time do you have?

Speaker 7 (17:08):

Speaker 5 (17:09):

Speaker 7 (17:11):
Everyone in the Pendleton served a life sentence?

Speaker 8 (17:14):

Speaker 5 (17:15):
But why?

Speaker 7 (17:16):
The reason for your captivity may not be the thing
to focus on in a way, it doesn't matter.

Speaker 5 (17:23):
Then what does what you do next? I'm going to
get out?

Speaker 7 (17:29):
And how may I ask? Or are you going to
do that?

Speaker 3 (17:32):
I'll call my lawyer, your lawyer, Well, I'll find a lawyer,
and eddy lawyer who hears about my case is sure
to take it. I've been unlawfully imprisoned, my civil liberties
have been violated. We could take down the whole establishment.

Speaker 7 (17:51):
Okay, short of mounting a groundbreaking legal defense, what's your
backup plan?

Speaker 5 (17:59):

Speaker 7 (18:00):
Come again?

Speaker 5 (18:01):

Speaker 7 (18:03):
You don't have to whisper that word. Doesn't stoke much
fear around here, Lieutenant Grimes, Lieutenant Carrill for it. Resident,
Just letting you know I'm planning my next escape good luck.
You see anything dealing.

Speaker 5 (18:24):
Surely people try to escape.

Speaker 7 (18:26):
Generally they're caught, then punished by whatever the pen considers
a proportional response.

Speaker 5 (18:36):

Speaker 3 (18:37):
So whatever the goal of this inhumane experiment, the results
are arousing success.

Speaker 5 (18:43):
Everyone's spirits have been broken.

Speaker 7 (18:45):
No, not everyone. But in all my time here, I've
only known one who never gave in. In fact, it
was the fellow that used to have your room. Tell
me is his name still written on the wall.

Speaker 5 (19:00):
There's graffiti all over this place, but.

Speaker 7 (19:02):
Right above the door, carved into the stone. Covalis Caval,
a Frenchman, always on a plot, and that was the
word he used for it.

Speaker 5 (19:17):
What was he in for escaping?

Speaker 7 (19:20):

Speaker 11 (19:20):

Speaker 3 (19:21):
So this is not a prison, but it's where you
get sent when a prison can't hold you.

Speaker 7 (19:25):
Because I understand Caval did time in some of the
worst lockups known to humanity and managed to slip out
of every cage that held him until he reached the pin.

Speaker 5 (19:38):
Okay, but what was his crime in the first place?

Speaker 7 (19:41):
That's a great question.

Speaker 5 (19:45):
So did he ever escape?

Speaker 7 (19:48):

Speaker 5 (19:49):
How did he do it?

Speaker 7 (19:51):
You don't have to whisper everybody knows.

Speaker 3 (19:54):
By now, okay, fine, what did he do.

Speaker 7 (19:57):
He never stopped trying.

Speaker 5 (19:58):
But what did he try?

Speaker 11 (20:00):

Speaker 7 (20:00):
Just about everything under the sun.

Speaker 5 (20:02):
Okay, you're not really giving me much to work with here.

Speaker 7 (20:04):
What are you hoping for? Exactly instructions? I just the
first person you meet here will miraculously give you everything
you need to make a break.

Speaker 3 (20:14):
Okay, Look, I'm only just first of all, forget it,
forget what the idea of getting out?

Speaker 7 (20:20):
You're not, I'm not, none of us are.

Speaker 5 (20:23):
Well, you don't have to be mean about it.

Speaker 7 (20:28):
At this point, I've spent more time inside than out.

Speaker 5 (20:33):
I'm sorry.

Speaker 7 (20:34):
Well, don't be That's not your way to bear. My
point is what you've seen of the Pendleton is only
a fragment. It's a labyrinth designed to be disrienting as
a suppression technique. They say it's impossible to memorize, which
I believe. And you can't get out if you don't

know where you're going here. You can walk a straight
line and end up back where you started, retrace your
steps to somewhere you've never been before, passed through a door,
and immediately lose track of the other side.

Speaker 5 (21:11):
That's impossible.

Speaker 7 (21:12):
What does it matter? Oh?

Speaker 5 (21:14):
Do the laws of physics matter.

Speaker 7 (21:16):
As someone who was a physicist in a former life.
I've learned to separate the rules of the outside from
those inside the pen.

Speaker 5 (21:24):
Former life, were you also studying reincarnation?

Speaker 7 (21:28):
No building nuclear reactors?

Speaker 5 (21:31):
Oh so the.

Speaker 7 (21:32):
First thing to understand is the tricks that get you
out of other prisons don't work in the pen. But
he tried them all Caval Whatever you may be dreaming
up now, maybe his experience will dissuade you.

Speaker 5 (21:47):
Well, I'm all yours.

Speaker 7 (21:51):
Coval was the hell of a lock thick and it
didn't take much twisted hairpin, misshapen paper clip, rusty spoon.
Problem is this place is full of doors. Doors that
lead to car doors, full of doors that lead to
other car doors, full of other doors, doors, doors everywhere,

but hardly any windows.

Speaker 5 (22:14):
Isn't that a skylight up there?

Speaker 7 (22:16):
Aren't you? Observant? Look and tell me what you see.

Speaker 5 (22:20):
Nothing, It's dark.

Speaker 7 (22:22):
Exactly dead ends all of them. Govall was a cut purse.
A pickpocket could get his hands down anyone's trousers, but
it was always a crap shoot. Use handkerchiefs half done
to do lists on a good day, A couple of
bucks and some loose leaf smut on a really good day. Keys.

Govall found loose keys of every style, two sided, four sided,
padlocked skeleton, things that were clearly machine cut, others that
had to be hand forged. He tried each one by
one all around the pan, but never managed to turn
a single lock. Where do you start with that many keys?

By finding somewhere to hide them? Solid rock, all of
it cinder block on a cement slab didn't stop Kaval
from trying trying what to dig, usually with a spoon.
Maybe he smuggle set of nail clippers, at worst the
sharpened butt of his toothbrush. Cavall left half finished tunnels

all over the pendleton, some no bigger than a hole
to hide contraband others. Who knows. Most were discovered, but
I imagine there's a few around that they never managed
to fill in. Tell me in your room, is one
brick different than the others?

Speaker 5 (23:51):
Yes, it's got no graffiti. That was caval. His tunnels
ever lead to the outside.

Speaker 7 (24:02):
One very nearly did, went missing. A week before some
dumb ass Cohn on janitorial duty heard or rumble in
the ceiling and reported it to a supervisor.

Speaker 5 (24:13):
It was Caval.

Speaker 7 (24:14):
He'd been up in the air ducks, living off candy
bars and drinking collected condensation.

Speaker 5 (24:20):
I'm guessing he couldn't find an exit.

Speaker 7 (24:22):
Should have an intake right where air flows in from
the outside. Whether you can make it out or not
is another question. But Caval said he never caught a
speck of sunlight, which confirmed a bleak suspicion we'd long
held about the pen. It's a closed system, totally disconnected

from the outside world.

Speaker 5 (24:45):
Like no internet.

Speaker 7 (24:47):
Please phone maybe if you want to make an inside call.

Speaker 5 (24:51):
What about television?

Speaker 7 (24:53):
Closed circuit mail? You can write it, they'll screen it
and throw it away. Newspapers sides the occasional new resident.
Very little comes into the pen. Far less ever leaves.

Speaker 3 (25:07):
Doesn't anyone protests, demand fair treatment, petition the warden for
basic human rights.

Speaker 7 (25:13):
Oh, nobody talks to the warden. Nobody, not that I
know of, never even seen them. Caval would agree with you,
But what can you change when you hold none of
the power to fight from the inside. You have to
become one of the warders.

Speaker 5 (25:32):
I don't get it is that some kind of metaphor.

Speaker 7 (25:36):
Caval had been on a stint in the hole. No
one had seen him in a month. Then one day
it lights up. There's a new guard on the block,
tall and muscular with a full red beard. I didn't
think much of it until the guy called rolled wild
in a French accent.

Speaker 5 (25:58):
Wait wait, wait, wait, you're saying solitary.

Speaker 7 (26:01):
He faked some kind of injury, got the attending guard
alone in the cell, then knocked the bastard out, stole
his clothes, his keys, and detained them in a stead
Squez managed to access areas of the pen he'd never
seen before, but nothing special, locker room, lounge, the john,
and still he couldn't find an exit. By the next morning,

the jig was up and Gavall was back in solitary,
serving an extended sentence that.

Speaker 5 (26:30):
Is absolutely insane.

Speaker 7 (26:32):
Gutsy though, and then there was the gun gun fake
gun quittled with a spoon out of a block of
balts of wood. Pretty rough but convincing enough to hold
his caseworker hostage. Was going okay until he pretended to
cock him and broke the barrel in half.

Speaker 5 (26:53):
These seems to be getting more.

Speaker 7 (26:54):
And more desperate. Well, he also tried seduction. Don't no much.
He didn't like to talk about it, as I understand
he didn't discriminate, but beyond receiving a better portion lunch
tray or first choice for work detail. Like everything else,
easily aisons led only to dead ends.

Speaker 5 (27:16):
This is getting kind of sad.

Speaker 7 (27:18):
It gets sadder. There was his hunger strike lasted forty days,
ended with a feeding tube jammed down his throat, And
there were the fake illnesses castor oil in the eyes
to make them look infected. That type of thing ended
up getting him in more trouble than it was worth.

Speaker 5 (27:35):
Did he go blind?

Speaker 7 (27:37):
The eye healed up fine. But the doctor have you
met her?

Speaker 11 (27:41):

Speaker 7 (27:42):
She it is no joke, runs that infirmary like her
own personal laboratory with patients for guinea pigs. After too
many times crying wolf, she took a special interest in
caval developed a course of treatment just for him. What
do you mean, constant inva of examinations, courses of experimental drugs,

complete psychological remapping, in a word, brainwashing.

Speaker 5 (28:08):
Are you serious?

Speaker 7 (28:09):
The pen recognized him as a threat to neutralize it,
they needed to reprogram him. That's what he was here for.
That's what we're all here for.

Speaker 8 (28:20):

Speaker 7 (28:21):
Oh yes, they have many ways to do it, some
so subtle. You won't notice anything is happening. Others well
more forthright. But no matter what you think you can handle,
who you think you are, they will get to you
sooner or later, by hook or by crook, They get
to everyone. Cavall came to the conclusion that if there

was no way to slip out peacefully, the only alternative
would be to take the pen by force. And so,
one day, like every day, a few minutes before five,
the head lieutenant called dinner. Everyone lined up outside theirs,
even more promptly than usual, to the mess hall march,

but not a soul stirred on the double, the lieutenant barked.
Every resident held their place, and then the guards saw
what they were up against. Weapons one in the hands
of every con daggers fashioned from rusty spoons and plastic combs,

swords and spears made out of chair legs and mob handles,
padlocks and tube socks, swung his maces, shoelaces and electrical cords,
even tangles of floss stretched fists to fist like choke wire.
Hold your ranks, the lieutenant cried. To this day, people
argue about who broke the line first, but the guards
were outnumbered. Most fled, some were taken hostage. The doors

to the ward were barricaded at both sides, and in
a few short minutes the sea block belonged to the prisoners.

Speaker 5 (29:58):
Don't you mean residents?

Speaker 7 (30:00):
That's what I said, right. No one knows exactly how
the guards got back in, and I imagine it was
those damn doors. I don't know where or how, but
I believe they're secret doors all over this place, not
too good at letting anyone out, but for someone who

understands how they work, they can be used to get
into just about anywhere anywhere.

Speaker 5 (30:37):
What did they do?

Speaker 7 (30:39):
In the middle of the night, An army of armed
guards poured unto the floor. Seemed like they appeared from nowhere,
but I suspect they came in a few at a
time through different spots all over the block, dressed as
prisoners and masqueraded as part of the rebellion, taking up
residents and empty cells until they were sufficient in number,
and all at once, they took a decisive strike. As

far as I know, they didn't have any evidence against
caval but still the warden pegged him as the mastermind.
They hauled him off and threw him in solitary.

Speaker 5 (31:16):
How long was he there for that time?

Speaker 7 (31:19):
A year?

Speaker 5 (31:20):
Or was it too Jesus Christ?

Speaker 7 (31:22):
They wanted to make an example of him, and I'd
say it worked. Nothing like that has been attempted since.

Speaker 5 (31:29):
How was he when he got out?

Speaker 7 (31:32):
Skinnier paler the Red Beard was back. Took him a
while to get on his feet. The real problem, the
reason every plot failed, was they didn't have an exit strategy.
However far he got, he'd still be searching for a
way out, without knowing where it could be, even what

it would look like. The question becomes, how can the
guards navigate the pen but the cons can't? I don't
think the answer is intelligent, which led to a rumor
that the guards carry a map.

Speaker 5 (32:15):
A map? Wouldn't that make it too easy?

Speaker 7 (32:18):
I didn't believe it either until one day our master
pickpocket had got his hands on one. At least that's
what he thought it was.

Speaker 5 (32:26):
Did you see it?

Speaker 7 (32:27):
I did?

Speaker 5 (32:29):
What did it look like?

Speaker 7 (32:30):
Palm sized circular, a lightweight disc, like a big aluminum coin.
The content was a mess concentric circles and intersecting lines,
boxes and arrows, and squiggles and squares, superimposed with symbols
like invented hieroglyphics, and naturally there was no key. Honestly,

the image hardly seemed to resemble a map at all,
but Cavall became convinced he could use it to get
out the stone. Yeah, maybe he was onto.

Speaker 5 (33:06):
Something over my head, says the nuclear physicist.

Speaker 7 (33:10):
What he was planning, he never said, but I knew
he wouldn't hesitate if there was any chance for freedom.
The day he found that map would be his last.
That night, like any other, the cells were locked at
exactly seven. I laid in my bunk, still as a stone,
listening for any sign that caval was making his way.

But nothing. The clock chimed eight nine, ten eleven midnight,
and then it happened, a terrible sound, so loud it
shook the bars, and shrill, like the tearing of metal, hard,
like the breaking of stone. Suddenly the entire cell block

was flooded with light, not sickly fluorescence, soft blue daylight
so bright had burned my eyes. That skylight overhead that
no one could ever hope to reach, had burst wide open.

Speaker 5 (34:12):
But I thought you said it was midnight.

Speaker 7 (34:14):
Why I trust a thing like time? While I maintenance
crew welded the skylight shut from a scissor lift. Roll
was called. Of course, Covall was missing. The pen organized
a search, scoured every cell, office, car, door, conduit, a
dark corner they could think of, questioned each resident and

I imagine every guard and member of the staff too,
But no one knew anything. Even I didn't really except
I truly believed that he had made it.

Speaker 5 (34:45):
Wow, Wow, Where did he go?

Speaker 7 (34:51):
I don't know, none of us do.

Speaker 5 (34:55):
I wish I could ask him?

Speaker 7 (34:57):
You can try.

Speaker 5 (34:59):
What do you mean?

Speaker 7 (35:02):
Okay? If she comes with me for a walk, Bromuca,
where down to deep block? God would boom? You're going
to behave.

Speaker 11 (35:14):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 7 (35:24):
This way?

Speaker 5 (35:34):
So caval you mean to say he's still here?

Speaker 7 (35:39):
Twenty eight days? He made it on the outside before
they caught.

Speaker 5 (35:42):
Him, So he didn't escape.

Speaker 7 (35:45):
Long enough to see the lunar cycle, but not happily.

Speaker 5 (35:49):
Ever after, Where did they find him?

Speaker 7 (35:52):
I don't know, but I'm sure it wasn't in here?

Speaker 5 (35:56):
Well? What happened after they caught him?

Speaker 7 (35:58):
What happens to everyone who tries to escape? Down to
the dungeon? The dungeon solitary confinement.

Speaker 5 (36:06):
Oh oh, so you don't mean like an actual like.

Speaker 7 (36:09):
A literal due I do, okay?

Speaker 5 (36:13):
Is he still down there?

Speaker 7 (36:16):
No? Eventually they gave him a room in d the
Special Project's.

Speaker 5 (36:20):
Ward, and you never asked him how it worked or
what he saw I did.

Speaker 7 (36:26):
But maybe you'll have better luck.

Speaker 5 (36:39):
I'm sorry if it's okay, I wanted to ask you
a question. Is that okay? I wanted to ask uh?
When you escaped? What did you see? I'm sorry. I

don't speak French or the bass.

Speaker 9 (37:02):
But the block knock at the gods, stealer clothes, get
the key, get the map.

Speaker 7 (37:06):
But you can't read the map.

Speaker 9 (37:07):
You need to be able to read the map.

Speaker 7 (37:09):
If you can't read the map.

Speaker 9 (37:10):
You have to take the door without knowing where it goes.
If you take the door without knowing where it goes,
you want the.

Speaker 5 (37:14):
Way you'll go where he'll go.

Speaker 9 (37:16):
And when you get there, you wont know how to
get back, but they will.

Speaker 7 (37:19):
They will find you. Then they will bring you back.
But which one?

Speaker 9 (37:22):
Only one way up and many ways back? Always lead back,
always lead back?

Speaker 5 (37:25):
Is he always?

Speaker 9 (37:27):
How can I rest? If he's out there? How can
you go?

Speaker 14 (37:32):
If I'm in here.

Speaker 7 (37:34):
I am alone, but not alone.

Speaker 14 (37:36):
I will never be alone, just like he will never
be alone alone, but not alone alone but on cave.

Speaker 5 (37:42):
When you made it out, when you escaped. Can you
tell me anything, anything at all? How did you do it?
What did you see? Where did you think you were?
Anything would be helpful. Please.

Speaker 3 (37:55):
If I can't know why I'm here, at least I
need to know where here is.

Speaker 5 (38:01):
I know you you do. The people who talk, well,
I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Speaker 13 (38:10):

Speaker 9 (38:10):
Sure, I have been here a long time.

Speaker 5 (38:13):
I just got here today.

Speaker 9 (38:15):
So it seems so, it seems so, it seems so,
it seems so.

Speaker 7 (38:19):
It seems so.

Speaker 9 (38:20):
It seems so it seems Do you mean that what
it seems is not what it seems? So?

Speaker 5 (38:29):
Many? Wait?

Speaker 3 (38:30):
Do you mean you've seen someone else who looks like me?

Speaker 14 (38:35):
It seems that you, like me, are not alone, like
he is not alone, like he is not alone, Like
we are not alone, all of us, none of us,
not now, not there, never to be alone again. See
said to show you the way.

Speaker 7 (38:56):
Back, Like I said, navigating this place can be confusing.

Speaker 5 (39:12):
What happened to him?

Speaker 7 (39:14):
I don't know. In a way I don't want to know.
It's sad, but in here it really is better to
keep your expectations of other people low.

Speaker 13 (39:24):
Frip Rodriguez Martinez lights out in your habitations now, Jorge mused,
I'm under Filip, I'm full of them.

Speaker 7 (39:39):
You knew here, so I'll say it once. No talking.

Speaker 9 (39:46):
It's about going in with you, sweet dreams.

Speaker 7 (39:57):
Ten hours to a morning. The first night is the
longest hanging there.

Speaker 5 (40:03):
I thought you weren't going to be my Virgil.

Speaker 7 (40:05):
Keep your expectations low. I will too get through the
night sleep. If you can join me for breakfast in
the morning six am sharp, you'll meet people who will
tell you things I never could.

Speaker 5 (40:22):
Okay, thank you, good night Frip. Hour one hour, two hour,

three hour, four.

Speaker 11 (41:07):
Or five.

Speaker 5 (41:13):
Somebody's out there, mm hmmm.

Speaker 11 (41:19):
Hello, oh yeah, yeah, I got.

Speaker 3 (41:33):

Speaker 2 (41:33):
I say ma, Hi, Sid, what are.

Speaker 5 (41:39):
You doing here? Why are you barefoot?

Speaker 8 (41:51):

Speaker 2 (41:52):

Speaker 1 (42:02):
M Thirteen Days of Halloween Pennance starring Natalie Morales. Episode
one Detainment, written by Alexander Williams, editing and sound design
by Jesse Funk and rima Ilkayali, featuring the voices of
Joseph Whipp, Alex Bowling, Jeff Bauser, Raphael Corekil, Jay Jones,

Lauren Vogelbaum, Miguel Perez, Steve b Green, Laura Shine Blair,
Chandler Wilber Fitzgerald, and Anna Hammler. Directed by Alexander Williams.
Executive producers Aaron Mankey, Noah Feinberg, Chris Dicky, Matt Frederick
and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Trevor Young and Josh Thaine.

Producers Jesse funk rima Ilkayali, Noami Griffin, Chandler Mays, and
Cassby Bias. Script editing by Lauren Vogelbaum. Story consultants Ben
Bolan and Matthew Riddle, Cassie By, Sunday Bowling CSA, and
Meg Mormon CSA. Production coordinator Wayna Calderonz. Production assistants Jenna
Johnson and Winona Lowe. Theme music by Rose Aserti with

vocals by Anna Hummler, recorded at This Is Sound Design
Studios in Burbank, California. Engineered by Ross aeronaut Special thanks
to Romelia Osorio, Nathan Rule, Glenn Nishida, and Rob Mosca.
Thirteen Days of Halloween was created by Matt Frederick and
Alexander Williams. En is a production of iHeart Podcasts, Blumhouse

Television and Grimm and Mild from Aaron Makey. Learn more
about the show at Grimandmild dot com. Slash thirteen days
and find more podcasts from iHeartRadio by visiting the iHeartRadio app,
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Happy Halloween,
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