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October 28, 2023 23 mins

Visitors other than Immediate Family Entities shall be subject to Case Worker Approval at least three (3) weeks in advance of Visit. Resident is solely responsible for Visitor behavior adhering to the Rules and Regulations attached to the Visiting The Pendleton Supplement [P#7215§19-20].



Written by Carlos Foglia and Alexander Williams. Starring Natalie Morales, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Raphael Corkhill, Rachel Rosenbloom, Laura Schein, and Joseph Whipp.


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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Thirteen Days of Halloween Penance, a co production of iHeart
three D Audio Blumhouse Television and Grim and Mild from
Aaron Mankey Headphones recommended. Listener Discretion advised.

Speaker 2 (00:27):
What's the problem with the loose key? Finding what lock
it goes to? Not the cell door? I guess that

would have been too easy, And I suppose I would
have needed two of them, TV room, art room, weight room,
library and what's behind door number three? Nothing for me?

How about here?

Speaker 3 (01:16):

Speaker 2 (01:18):
Here, nope? This one, this one, nope, nope, nope, damn it.
I fire to try it. And here this seems hopeless. Wait,
which one of these was? Frips uh lounge? Hey buddy, Sorry,

I haven't seen the old timers here in a while.
We all have a fallen out.

Speaker 4 (01:52):
They're around, you know.

Speaker 2 (01:54):
I started working up in the machine shop.

Speaker 4 (01:57):
Was that before or f the explosion?

Speaker 2 (02:02):
M hmm, listen, Frip. When Cavalt collected all those keys,
did he ever find one that looked like this?

Speaker 4 (02:11):
It's under your hand.

Speaker 2 (02:13):
I don't want them to confiscate it. Can I pass
it to you?

Speaker 4 (02:15):
No? I saw it put it away.

Speaker 2 (02:19):
Did you recognize the shape.

Speaker 4 (02:21):
It looks more like a Swiss army knife.

Speaker 2 (02:24):
Any idea where it would go?

Speaker 4 (02:25):
Where'd you find it?

Speaker 2 (02:27):
I made it?

Speaker 4 (02:28):
Then I guess it wouldn't unlock anything.

Speaker 5 (02:34):
You know.

Speaker 2 (02:35):
I don't get you. One minute it seems like you
want to help me, the next you totally blow me off.
What is your angle?

Speaker 4 (02:44):
No angle except except what I don't want to see
you get hurt?

Speaker 2 (02:51):
Why would I be hurt.

Speaker 4 (02:53):
By getting your hopes up?

Speaker 2 (02:58):
Stupid worthless hunk chuck?

Speaker 6 (03:01):
That's initial?

Speaker 2 (03:02):
Yeah, I heard it too, Resident.

Speaker 5 (03:09):
Rodriguez, my name, Sorry, I was sleeping. Come on, let's
go go? Why m hmm, because I said so?

Speaker 2 (03:24):
Where are you taking me this time?

Speaker 6 (03:27):

Speaker 2 (03:29):
Why do you always think I'm gonna understand you?

Speaker 6 (03:33):

Speaker 2 (03:33):
Not in them?

Speaker 6 (03:34):
Look about robots?

Speaker 2 (03:35):
Okay, once more? Where are would you shut up and walk?
We're gonna be late? Like for what?

Speaker 3 (03:44):

Speaker 2 (03:47):
Who are they all talking to? Huh?

Speaker 6 (03:51):

Speaker 2 (03:53):
People in the band get visitors? How does that even
make any I sure you not? Twenty? Is that when
you put there? I need you to do something for Galina.

Speaker 3 (04:08):
I don't know how y'all from me, but but but
you know shaky pete. Okay, fine, you on unless I'm
I'm out. You understand, get me out.

Speaker 2 (04:21):
You need to call the government you haven't ready, Darling.
It reminded me of you. Oh peepes, we will start
a club.

Speaker 5 (04:28):
Kelly leads count together one billion, one one billion in two.

Speaker 6 (04:36):

Speaker 2 (04:37):
Okay now what wait? Okay, it's a visitor, isn't it.
I'm waiting for a visitor? Well who is it? Is
it my mom and dad, the governor with a pardon

or is it the whole most of this horrible fucking
prank show.

Speaker 6 (05:02):
I'm on.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
One, Alexander Talbot? Who who would be coming to visit me?
Or maybe they're here for Rodriguez? Also? Is that bowl
of fruit real? Looks like an apple? Smells like an apple?

How about this wall to wall snow white mirror? Mirror
my dead ass face in four K and more baggage
and lax, gotta brush my teeth the more no cameras.
Wait a minute, have I ever seen a camera here?

Oh my god, that's fucking delicious. That's not just a mirror.

Speaker 5 (06:11):
Is it?

Speaker 4 (06:15):

Speaker 6 (06:16):
This will do just fine, Thank you, Lieutenant Cristalio of
Lieutenant Sechs And hello, my dear siary, have you been
holding up step away? Not to worry, lieutenants, I'll be
fine with her. We have history. Uh, keep your distance,

you know, I'm not versed in the Heimlich, but if
you do, it's all that as American as that.

Speaker 2 (06:49):
What more could you possibly want from me? Why would
you even show up after what you did?

Speaker 6 (06:55):
I hardly did it alone. We all take our orders
from something.

Speaker 3 (07:00):
You have anything, siary.

Speaker 6 (07:02):
I'm surprised. Why the last time we.

Speaker 2 (07:05):
Talked, or was that before or after you drugged me?

Speaker 3 (07:09):
Well after when you threw.

Speaker 2 (07:10):
Me in a van, dragged me to this healthscape and
threw away the key.

Speaker 6 (07:14):
I meant the last time when we had such a
pleasant conversation about puzzles from ancient texts.

Speaker 3 (07:21):
No, we did it.

Speaker 6 (07:22):
Don't tell me you've forgotten, miss Rotriquez.

Speaker 2 (07:26):
Oh oh, I know, it's it's coming back to me now.

Speaker 6 (07:33):
Good. Shall we pick up when we left off last time? Well,
I you know, maybe we could actually Why didn't I
take it from the beginning?

Speaker 2 (07:42):
Yeah, yeah, it's been it's been kind of hectic lately,
so I could use a refresher.

Speaker 6 (07:48):
And, by the looks of it, some refreshment. Why don't
you go ahead and finish your apple?

Speaker 3 (07:57):
Are you sure?

Speaker 6 (07:58):
Always just don't choke. Wonderful now shall we? Let's yep,
last time I told you about my friend Miguel, Monguel,
Miguel de la Crouze.

Speaker 2 (08:15):
Ah, yeah, Moguel de la de la Cruz.

Speaker 6 (08:19):
Of course, Miguel just loves riddles, and I think I
almost had you stumped with the last one.

Speaker 2 (08:26):
Yeah, almost, What was it? Ah?

Speaker 6 (08:28):
Yes, I have seas without water, coasts without sand, towns
without people, and mountains without land. What am I?

Speaker 2 (08:38):
I am?

Speaker 3 (08:41):
Can Europe?

Speaker 6 (08:41):
I have seas without water, coasts without sand, towns without people,
and mountains without land.

Speaker 4 (08:49):
What am I? You do?

Speaker 6 (08:53):

Speaker 4 (08:54):

Speaker 2 (08:54):
Of course, it's just it's been a while and other
things have come into.

Speaker 6 (08:59):
The of course. Of course, your caseworker seems rather pleased
with your progress.

Speaker 7 (09:05):
You spoke to aiden affirmative and he helped clear this
additional meeting because he thinks you're progressing, progressing, But what
is progress really but having the tools to succeed and
to move forward in the.

Speaker 6 (09:21):
Hmm. I'm not sure how much time we've left in
our session, so perhaps we can circle back to Miguel
de la cuf Okay, remember how I told you about
Saint Monica.

Speaker 2 (09:33):

Speaker 6 (09:33):
Monica, The very namesake of that beach oasis on the
coast of Los Angeles, Santa Monica. Have you heard of it?

Speaker 2 (09:42):
Yes, of course I know Santa Monica, the peer, the
Ferris Wheel, muscle freakin Beach. Come on, do I know
Santa Monica?

Speaker 4 (09:50):

Speaker 6 (09:52):
Yes, Well, Monica, the patron Saint of Mothers, had a son, obviously,
Saint Augustine, though neither or he were saints. When he
was growing up, he was a capricious lad, perhaps owing
to the fact that his father was an infamous adulterer
and not the best role model. So Oggie clashed with
his mum rather frequently, rather frequently.

Speaker 2 (10:15):
I'm sorry, I'm trying to keep.

Speaker 6 (10:18):
We need to focus, Miss Rodriguez, my.

Speaker 2 (10:22):

Speaker 3 (10:23):
Please continue gratefully.

Speaker 6 (10:25):
So one day Monica and Oggie have a massive fight.
Things are said, probably not unlike kids rebelling today, But
instead of you're grounded and no Telly for the rest
of the week, it was more, how could you convert
to Manicheism? You're a traitor to our family, You're no
longer welcome in our home.

Speaker 2 (10:43):
What's Manicheism?

Speaker 6 (10:45):
A dead religion founded in the third century by the
Parthenian prophet What today we would call a branch of
gnosticism based in duality. It offered salvation through special knowledge
of radical truths, with the subtext of this world is
evil and we're all gonna die.

Speaker 2 (11:00):
What happened to them.

Speaker 6 (11:01):
Went the way of Besimax or beaper pages beat out
in the zeitgeist of newer, shinier, more gilded roby houses
of worship. But that's not important right now. What's important
is that Monica expelled Oggie, and afterwards things looked bleak
for a minute until.

Speaker 3 (11:22):
Until what.

Speaker 6 (11:24):
Until one day Monica had this epiphany, this vision, this
revelation of what. Some say God visited her. Others say
a priest convinced her to change her ways. Others say
that all the explanations are just ways to make it
seem like a man came in and showed her the way.

Speaker 2 (11:43):
Of course they do.

Speaker 6 (11:45):
But I think there's nothing more powerful than the love
a mother has for her child. Something you agreed with
last time, if I remember correctly.

Speaker 2 (11:54):
Sure, I mean it's up there.

Speaker 6 (11:57):
So Monica searched for to make amends and to dedicate
her life to him, hence her being.

Speaker 2 (12:04):
The mother of all saints, of mothers.

Speaker 6 (12:06):
Indeed, you're remembering, so she tracks him from Algeria into Italy,
finally finding him in Mila a mother and child reunion indeed,
to celebrate. They plan a trip to Rome, but before
they leave, they meet with Saint Ambrose, also not yet

a saint, but well on his way since he was
the Bishop of Milan, and probably in miracles to spare
at that point. But I digress. How's the apple?

Speaker 3 (12:34):
It's fine, good, good.

Speaker 6 (12:36):
Speaking of apples and hunger more generally, Oggie and Monica
meet with Saint Ambrose because apparently their trip is going
to land them in Rome on a Saturday. Okay, as
it turns out, back then, Saturday was a day of
fast in.

Speaker 2 (12:53):
Rome every Saturday, every Saturday, like a Shabbath, yes.

Speaker 6 (13:00):
But with even more restrictions and punishable by death. Darn
darn indeed, whereas in Milan they're not only dressed to
the nines, but they ate their heart outs on the weekend.
Abetha style, sorry, Vegas style.

Speaker 2 (13:15):
I know what Abiza is, of course you do. So
what did Ambrose say?

Speaker 6 (13:23):
I thought you'd never ask. He offered them some simple
words that have lasted over eighteen hundred years.

Speaker 2 (13:30):
Fuck it eat whenever.

Speaker 6 (13:31):
One wishes, but the answer was about as diplomatic and
non divisive as someone in his position could provide. He
said to them, when I am here in Milan, I
do not fast. But when I'm in Rome, I do
fast on Saturday, okay, not ringing any bells.

Speaker 2 (13:53):
When in Rome do as the Romans.

Speaker 6 (13:54):
Do precisely, you do, remember, kudos to ever punched the
line made it immortal.

Speaker 2 (14:01):
Wow, that's actually pretty interesting. But how does that apply
to my current situation?

Speaker 6 (14:07):
It applies, Miss Rodriguez, because I too think you're progressing
well here. There is a lot of attention, a lot
of eyes on your case. But it's time to take
things to the next level.

Speaker 2 (14:21):
What's the next level?

Speaker 3 (14:24):
Have you had a chance to think on the riddle
from earlier?

Speaker 6 (14:27):
Do you remember it?

Speaker 2 (14:31):
I have seas without water, coasts without.

Speaker 6 (14:34):
Sand, towns without people, oh.

Speaker 2 (14:37):
And mountains without land?

Speaker 6 (14:39):
Correct? What am I?

Speaker 2 (14:41):
Seas? Coasts, towns, mountains, You're a map?

Speaker 6 (14:51):
It's almost time time listen to me, Siary, one more
riddle before I'm gone gone. Just look at me and remember,
my friend, what's hidden initially will come clear in the end.

Speaker 3 (15:05):
What will I get cut?

Speaker 6 (15:07):
But I never bleed? What I have teeth, but I
do bite?

Speaker 3 (15:09):
Oh I know, no, don't what?

Speaker 2 (15:12):
Why not?

Speaker 3 (15:13):
What are you doing?

Speaker 5 (15:14):
It's okay, sir, please take a step back.

Speaker 6 (15:20):
Remember my friend hands out of your coat. I'm just
going to give him my cart.

Speaker 2 (15:25):
What what's going on, sir?

Speaker 6 (15:29):
Hand jesus a gun, I said, step.

Speaker 8 (15:32):
Away style Alexander care Siary, No, get him off me?

Speaker 6 (15:47):
Get awa?

Speaker 2 (15:50):
Why did you do that? What did he give you?

Speaker 5 (15:52):

Speaker 3 (15:53):
I don't know style?

Speaker 2 (15:55):
He walked over, he handed you something?

Speaker 5 (15:57):
No, no, what open your god damn hands, get.

Speaker 6 (16:04):
Me anything not just the.

Speaker 2 (16:14):
You know, take my keith, throw it back in a room.
I'll get somebody to clean this mess up.

Speaker 3 (16:23):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 6 (16:25):
One will rush.

Speaker 2 (16:28):
Huh dull But wait, I don't understand. Fuck me, dude,
got captain. Order to tell me a riddle that makes
no sense. There has to be more to it.

Speaker 6 (16:50):

Speaker 2 (16:51):
First riddle, map, what's a map?

Speaker 3 (16:54):

Speaker 5 (16:55):
This all?

Speaker 3 (16:55):
This is a map?

Speaker 2 (16:56):
Okay. Last riddle, I get cut but I don't bleed teeth,
but don't bite, easy, busy A key the key to
the map. Yeah, I've got a key, but I don't
know where it goes. Uh okay, okay. Middle riddle, Santa
Monica milan man a key ism. How do I even

spell that? Uh?

Speaker 3 (17:24):

Speaker 2 (17:24):
He said, so much weird shit. I wish I could
just forget it. Okay, just look at me and remember
my friend. His friend is his friend's name again? Um
something something with an m oh, he said, it's so

many damn times. Okay, mmmm me me, me, me gout,
make out. Miguel de la Cruz should have snagged another apple, Hey,
went in rom yes room. What's hidden initially will come

clear in the end. Roman numerals, Miguel's la Cruz isn't
a name, It's a number. Okay, md LCM is what
one hundred a thousand and d is? Up?

Speaker 4 (18:24):
It's twelve thirty?

Speaker 6 (18:26):
How did you I mean?

Speaker 4 (18:27):
It's after midnight? Shut up? And md LC isn't a
Roman numeral. It isn't not indianc.

Speaker 2 (18:41):
De la cruise cruise. It's across across. What in Spanish
cruise is across and across is an X M D
l X forrip. Please translate to Roman.

Speaker 4 (18:58):
One thousand, five hundred and.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
Fifty ten and what you just add the.

Speaker 4 (19:04):
Fifteen sixty side whatever it is?

Speaker 2 (19:08):
Fifteen sixty do you want to know?

Speaker 3 (19:13):

Speaker 2 (19:13):
Thanks, rip, Sorry, I woke you up. Good night? Fifteen
sixty fifteen sixty the year that. Could it be a
door code to way James Bond? Have you ever seen
a pin pad in this whole fucking medieval palace? I

bet it's just part of another fucking riddle. I'll have
to ask Talbot when I see him in Hell? Another
gay older And what have you got to show for it?
A meaningless code and a useless key. Well, if you're

not going to get me out, then why not make
it a thank you for the blank canvas coble. At
least you loved me something Si was here? Hello? Given
my luckt these days, it's entirely improbable. But could there

be something behind this brick? Easy? Now a little harder? Oh?
Why didn't I build a crow bar?

Speaker 6 (20:37):

Speaker 2 (20:41):
One of Cavell's secret compartments. Definitely not big enough to
climb through, but tied contraband, and of course it's empty.
Wait what's this?

Speaker 4 (21:07):
Jack Bob?

Speaker 1 (21:18):

Speaker 3 (21:19):
Yea yea Si.

Speaker 2 (21:32):
Yai Si.

Speaker 1 (21:35):
Thirteen Days of Halloween Pennance starring Natalie Morales, Episode ten Visitation,
written by Carlos Foglia and Alexander Williams editing and sound
design by Casby Bias, featuring the voices of Wilbur Fitzgerald,
Raphae l Corkil, Rachel Rosenbloom, Laura Shine, and Joseph Wibb.

Directed by Alexander Williams. Executive producers Aaron Mankey, Noah Feinberg,
Chris Dickey, Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Trevor
Young and Josh Thain. Producers Jesse funk Rima Ilkali, Noami Griffin,
Chandler Mays, and Casby Bias. Script editing by Lauren Vogelbaum,

Story consultants Ben Bolan and Matthew Riddle. Casting by Sunday
Bowling CSA and Meg Mormon CSA. Production coordinator Wayna Calderon,
Production assistants Jenna Johnson and Winona Lowe. Theme music by
Rose Azerti with vocals by Anna Hummler, recorded at This
Is Sound Design Studios in Burbank, California. Engineered by Ross

Aerono Special thanks to Romelia Osorio, Nathan Rule, Glenn Nishida,
and Rob Mosca. Thirteen Days of Halloween was created by
Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams and is a production of
iHeart Podcasts Blumhouse Television and Grimm and Mild from Aaron Makey.
Learn more about the show at Grimandmild dot com. Slash

thirteen days and find more podcasts from iHeartRadio by visiting
the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to
your favorite shows. Happy Halloween,
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